From the Earth to the Moon
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From the Earth to the Moon

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From the Earth to the MoonOriginally aired on HBO and directed by Apollo 13 star and space enthusiast Tom Hanks, among others, From the Earth to the Moon explores the ups and downs of space travel, beginning with President Kennedy's famous speech before Congress on May 25, 1961, and chronicling the journey to putting the first man on the moon.

This highly acclaimed, Emmy-nominated, 12-episode series is available in a six-tape VHS set and a four-disc DVD set.

When I saw this miniseries I thought about getting it because I will watch anything that has to do with space. But when I saw it was made by Tom Hanks and Ron Howard I said "I am definitely getting this!"

I got it and love it! It really makes you feel like you were there and makes you wish you saw the real thing.

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  1. Michael Bakk

    We at the Calgary Space Workers Society would like to get the dvds if anyone knows where or how. We would pay for them to if we had to

    1. Trappp

      It's been two years, any luck? If not, let me know. I have the DVD's that I've converted to mp4's, I'd consider helping you guys out.

  2. Pythus

    america 20 years from now = u gotta watch everything with spanish subtitles

  3. jack1952

    To expand on the tsunami conspiracy - The U.S. has an earthquake machine. They are responsible for the earthquake in Haiti. A researcher in the Silicon Valley accidentally set off the '89 San Francisco quake (the one that so thoughtlessly interrupted the World Series). They have strategically been using this machine ever since. I just learned this from a "truther".

    1. House Of Pleasure

      Awhaha… eartquake machine?!… You’re crazy so is your “truther”. Is 1952 your birth year?

    2. Jack1952

      I laughed too. It can't be true. The American government would never interrupt the World Series. I wish 1952 was my IQ.

  4. Pete

    Wow. That's deep Porter. But entirely undeserved and over the top. Was anyone even fighting? Mr Lu Natic, you're a funny man.

  5. Porter

    please tell me why,a person has the right to attack another person based on their personal belief and opinion? why must one religion be 'better' than another, one opinion better than another? why does skin colour matter? It doesnt matter, the only person who should care about their own beliefs is that person.Are we all not the same people? do we not all have arms, legs, fingers, toes? Are we not all human beings? of one race? i tire of seeing my fellow man behave like in this self serving way, please, there is to much baseless war and killing and hatred and violence to be wasting time on attacking each other facelessly on a comments board over a documentry. Please. Have pride in your race...the Human Race.

  6. lordy1time

    Mr. Lu Natic. Are you stupid or arrogant i cant tell

  7. Caleb

    You forgot bigfoot...

    It was entertaining to watch :)

  8. Mr. Lu Natic

    Excellent doc. I have no doubt that...

    The moon landings were a hoax.

    A UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

    AIDS is a man-made disease.

    Elvis isn't dead.

    Global warming is a hoax.

    Jim Morrison is alive and well.

    Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone.

    Princess Diana was killed on purpose.

    Reptilian humanoids control all of us (except me).

    Shakespeare didn't write all those plays.

    The US military was responsible for 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

    The government was involved in 9/11.

    The holocaust never happened.

    UFO's have been infiltrating our civilization for decades and everyone (except me) is an alien.

    Hey, no one's gonna tell what to think (or how to think), especially the big bad government.

  9. pete b

    Excellent doc. although i highly doubt man has ever visited the moon.