The Geopolitics of World War III

The Geopolitics of World War III

2014, Politics  -   95 Comments
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Storm Clouds Gathering, known for its unorthodox analysis of news, politics, and geopolitical issues through documentary video content, takes a look at how the American media portrayal of why Russia and Syria are being accused of global aggression might differ from what is really behind it all in The Geopolitics of World War III.

The filmmaker sets the stage for the subject matter by suggesting that the U.S. dollar is a unique currency for many reasons, though the reasons that matter most are not necessarily widely known. One fact often thought to be significant is its status as the world reserve currency since 1945, but the dollar's importance is much more dependent on the fact it of it having been the primary currency by which oil has been traded in the global marketplace since 1970. Oil makes the world go round in the present political landscape, for better or worse, so this in turn makes the U.S. dollar a very important cog in the global financial machine.

Prior to 1971, the U.S. dollar was bound to the gold standard - or at least that is what the world operated under the belief of. The filmmakers highlight that the International Monetary Fund reports that in 1966, foreign central banks and governments held 14 billion U.S. dollars. While the United States did have $13.2 billion in gold reserves, most of that was needed to cover domestic holdings and only $3.2 billion of it was available for foreign holdings. What that means is the U.S. was printing more money than it could cover, and inflation naturally ensued. To quell the fire, the Richard Nixon presidential administration took the dollar off the gold standard and made it a debt-based currency.

Through various political arrangements, the filmmakers suggest that the U.S. then tied the dollar to oil trade to keep its demand up, a system that remained in place at America's convenience until the year 2000 - right before 9/11, mind you - when Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein declared he was shifting their oil trade from the dollar to the euro. This is said to be the catalyst behind all the post-9/11 military action, not anti-terrorism efforts, and that these dollar-undermining decisions by foreign governments continue to shape the U.S. military agenda today in regards to policy against Russia and Syria.

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Not Me
1 month ago

Can someone tell me if this is worth watching? I don't care for neither anti-russia nor pro-russia propaganda, I'm only interested in nuanced and somewhat outsider views.

3 years ago

Can't put up with the stupid "music" running in the background of these documentaries

Ray Togtman
4 years ago

It is impossible to have an honest gold standard because, for there to be stable economic growth, the supply of gold must increase through discovery of more gold. That is why the discovery of huge amounts of gold in South Africa made possible the expansion of the British empire. Without a constantly expanding supply of gold a gold standard is inherently deflationary. There is nothing wrong with paper money as long as it cannot be counterfeited. So Qaddafi's desire for a gold backed dinar was misguided.

4 years ago

Not the first time I've heard/read that war has been used as a means to protect bankers fees coming in from currency exchange due to the oil trade, such as with Iraq.

Supposedly the reason Iran wasn't hit, was that the mullas decided they preferred the money they were getting by selling oil denominated in us dollars, to the possibility of being destroyed, if they allowed their oil bourse (trading house) they had built and completed, to go live.

Qaddafi, some years later, decided he would do it if Iran wouldn't. Bankster minion, the Council on Foreign Relations (which Dick Cheney was at the helm of at point prior to being vice president [you can watch him state that fact in a video]), through one of their minions in the State Dept, Hillary Clinton, arranged for the dirty work with the help of the usual suspects.

Make no mistake, the Clintons, the Bushes, Cheney, Kissinger, Obama, and many others all work for the same Bankster masters. That is why it is so comical for the clueless useful idiots to be screaming at "the evil republicans", and trying to get rid of Trump who is not actually part of the Bankster plan. Trump has and will go along with some of their plan in order to stay alive. However, he has opposed a great deal of it. The idiots should be thanking him.

Note that Hillary and several others had been trying to paint Russia as doing things worthy of war. It seems logical to be for the same reasons as the other recent wars. Why are we still in Afghanistan? Securing a pipeline route. For who? Not for us, but the world banksters will profit from it.

Is Putin the bad guy for wanting to be independent from the us dollar? No more than Qaddafi or Saddam.

And if they will go to war, sacrifice patriots and volunteers alike, not to mention those in the Twin Towers, to keep their oil currency exchange fees coming in, what would they do to those who have inventions that obsolete the need for oil as an energy source?

Stan Meyer stated he was poisoned minutes before he died at the time of meeting in a restaurant for a major deal for his technology. HIs tech converted water into hydrogen and oxygen inside his fuel injectors at a much lower energy input than output. His brother was behind a lot of the technical development could have easily carried on but he chose to live instead. So for those like a few I know who proclaim anyone would become a rich man if they had any such thing was possible, simply aren't thinking. Many other scientists have met an early demise. Other researchers that have stopped short of putting a turnkey product out for sale have plainly stated that they have been threatened. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that billions spent on oil and all associated with it, just can't be allowed, in the minds of those who own or profit hugely from it.

Nikola Tesla is still waiting for someone to reproduce some of his technology or similar and put it out there to save the world from the same JP Morgans that shut him down.

How to do so and stay alive? Give it away free by posting it online with reputable evidence that it works. There are those who claim that there are those that will pay you handsomely for doing so, since most inventors are not independently wealthy and need compensation, that needs to be investigated further. The sticky point is the reputable evidence. It would be difficult to know who to trust so best just to have a good video showing the operation, the input and output meters and showing that there are no hidden power cables, while exposing the details of the method, parts list, etc. Some have done a fairly good videos but without exposing the details of their method, such as the internal wiring and components. So then it really isn't useful to anyone to lower or truly be free, of your power bill, which at some point also free you of your fuel bill.

It will be the scoffers who haven't done their homework on this. Sadly the world is chock full of the lazy minded haters who think they know physics because they went to a govt and Rockefeller endowed indoctrination center called a school.

There is a reason why none of Tesla's later inventions are never mentioned in any of the textbooks which only note that he invented AC electricity. He later invented a much safer and universally adaptable type. Pulsed DC which can power both an incandescent and fluorescent bulb with a single wire. You can hold the end of that wire, hold the light bulb in your other hand, under water, if you like. The bulb will light and you will not be harmed. You can watch videos of those that have replicated. Just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

If you take away their money and power they hold over you, what need of war is there? Look on this website for "All Wars Are Banker Wars" and similar for more confirmation.

6 years ago

World economy would collapse if dollar would collapse.

6 years ago

If everyone that made a comment about this subject would actually think logically, they would realize that almost every nation wants to do what the U.S. has done! Be honest and then, maybe we could have an honest conversation! Yes, the U.S. has used it's power, afforded by it's ability to trade and barter with oil-backed currency called the petrodollar. But, ask any other financiers in other countries and their reps if they would love to have their currency be the one that the commodity oil is traded with and they would say "Hell Yes"! That is a fact and once you understand that, you have the reason as to why there are so many conflicts in this world. Once a nation has that power, they will do anything to keep it. So, complaining about how another country or, your own, does business, will not get the world to be fair! And if you think that this world runs on being fair, you are really too naive and don't understand how we will someday implode from our own greed! Greed is a sickness that kills people, both individually and collectively as a nation. Do you really think that there is enough resources to go around right now? Let alone 25 years from now? Yes, imho, we are doomed and have been from the start. There could be a solution to this mess. But, ALL nations would have to be willing to give to get stability and peace. We shouldn't keep feeding the greed monster! The more that we do, the more greedy everyone becomes. We can examine this subject from the macro or micro levels and it is basically the same! I want more than you have and will harm others to get it. It's the same old problem that mankind has had from the very beginning and until we figure out that no one wins if everyone takes more than their share, we will fight wars over material assets and make up absurd reasons for killing each other to get them. Before long, we will have to switch the commodity we use to hold sway over other nations to something else besides oil. When that happens (and it is to some degree now), we will do the same things that we do now! We may be able to bypass the actual wars with using starvation and deprivation as the sole tools to force other countries to 'bend' to our will. But, even that causes more wars and violence. There is NO end in sight as long as we are greedy and hateful humans, IMHO, and we show no signs of recovering from our sicknesses of greed, jealousy, and hatred of others, for whatever reasons!

6 years ago

This is so obviously biased it's absurd. Just go back and listen to the explanation of the Ukraine situation - it basically tows the Putin line and says nothing about their shady dealings and only examines the US - We're not saints, but the Russians aren't either, and this dude is a Russian apologist.

6 years ago

People are people. American, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, European, whatever. Every group of people (country) has its own culture-based issues (like Religion, mores, biases, egotism, etc.)...and there is good and evil in all men on top of this. The US is not immune to this, but is not the originator of the concept and is arguably far from the worst offender in these regards.

So, the rich and powerful will always seek to maintain and extend their wealth and power relative to others. At the same time, some rich/powerful people will seek to help the needy. Some non-rich/powerful will also choose the course they feel is "most moral, ethical or philanthropic" (up to and including the point of demanding it be done with other people's resources via political action, emotional blackmail or whatever). Welcome to the human race. We are who we are and that will not change...period. Only the names/races/locations of the players change.

It is quite true that empires always come and go. We MAY be living during the transfer from one to the next...or maybe not yet. One cannot effectively forecast people, let alone geopolitics across many nations. Therefore, I choose not to worry about it. The best I can do is play the cards I am dealt each day as effectively as I can FOR MY OWN family and self.

Fair disclosure: I'm American, a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine), an Atheist and consider myself generally Libertarian in political leanings.

Sidebar: Colin it was at least 30 years before planes were an effective bombing platform. Even then it took another 40 years (70 total) before most bombing was truly on-target. Prior to that it was simply "bombing a general area."

Sidebar 2: Mutually assured destruction has been quite effective at keeping the major powers from directly killing each other. It is been quite ineffective at impacting proxy wars and wars involving at least one non-power. (Frankly, no matter how many noon-power people get killed it is of no importance to propaganda and proxy location control value. That's just the way it is.) Non-powers attaining nukes is a much larger problem simply because they cannot be counted upon to act the way Powers have and by definition they have much less to lose from doing something stupid.

6 years ago

Don't waste your time debating folks. Empires come and go and we are currently witnessing a tectonic upheaval of the American"civilization" and all that it represents.
The answer to these problems you are debating has been around for millenia but only a few come to an understanding.
Regarding the USA's contribution to science, I would like to mention that the Wright brothers gave the world aviation at the turn of the 20th century and 10 years later aero planes were being used as an effective means to bomb the crap out of mankind. The US was responsible for the Atomic bomb and have since developed more sinister deterrents / threats to war except that now it's all backfired and everyone is pointing a loaded pistol at each other's head.
Nevertheless things as are what they are and there is nothing anyone can do to alter the future of mankind. But you as individuals have the power to now choose life or death. Get my drift?

6 years ago

Lenny, you are ignorant and blind. You should be advocating for those affected by the decisions made by our U.S. government. The good the U.S.A. does do does not make up for the bad. And we can't correct our mistakes until we face them. Denial is the only dog you know. So go somewhere else with the lies. They are stinking up HOPE.

John Connor
6 years ago

For those that had been wondering where the sources, links, and references to verify and confirm what this video said and claimed all of them can be found here on his website:

It's in the entire transcript of his video. He put all of the links in the transcript, you can click on them and it will be the reference source of where he got the information to
verify what he said.

Although anyone can challenge and try to debunk what he said but I don't think he's wrong about the Petrodollar, this system is indeed real and established and is the source of where all the conflicts are happening. Let's face it, all things that happen are motivated by money and resources. This is consistent across Iraq, Libya, and Iran, as all of them did indeed tried to abandon or had abandon the US dollar for their oil sales and trades which will pose a big problem long-term for the dollar. Similarly even Russia also have their own independent oil bourse in which they sell and trade their oil for other currencies instead of the dollar, and since they are the second largest oil exporter, this pose a huge threat and problem to the US dollar's value.

It is absolutely true that President Richard Nixon removed the dollar from the gold standard since 1971 I can assure you of it, there are multiple videos on youtube that verifies this,

I didn't believe his video completely until I found all of the links and sources he had provided for additional verification and confirmation of what he claimed and said in this video.

6 years ago

we saw saving private matt damon and believe we defeated the nazis, you ask any german or russian and they both say that ww2 saw russia vs germany as the real,actual fighting and tradegy of the war, germany lost 80% of troops and equipmt and russia about 25 million people to each other.

7 years ago

This is by no means proven to be the exact thruth as it is. But, seen the general track record, large parts of it are at least plausible. But that is not even the point.

The true merit of this short documentary film is to show that there is - if you actively look for it - a whole other point of view of what is happening in the world than what the mainstream media tell you in their 8 'o' clock news. And that you should always question yourself: "is what they are telling and how they are explaining it really true?" And then start digging into the subject. That is the only way of getting a real understanding of what's happening in the world today.

7 years ago

This was an excellent follow up to Brexit the movie it just seemed to all tie in neatly, especially with the presidential election campaigns, party conventions, the rhetoric, lies, misdirections, and rampant corruption at all levels of the bureaucracy , that are all in motion here at the moment.

7 years ago

I believe this video is an nothing except Justifying the Iran's treacherous acts against the he neighbouring States..

7 years ago

please pray for ignorance of disputes

8 years ago

It would get an easier review from me if it had identified itself clearly as speculative. Instead, it attempts to present itself as factual, when in reality, much of it is simply guessed at - and the fellow has yet to successfully predict anything. If anything, events since this was made have shown how spectacularly wrong he is on some of the centrepiece predictions he makes, e.g. energy. There is no oil shortage, and, if I may make a prediction of my own, never will be again - OPEC has learned that if it throttles supply to get prices up, they make shale and tarsands extraction (as well as fracking) viable, which increases supply. Their customers become competitors with overflowing fuel storage that they can't use quickly enough. So, that's not gonna happen again. Or at least not for a century or so, at which point oil will be about as relevant as coal is today.

Jihad Jane
8 years ago

An incredible movie. I hope it's not true. What about our kids?

Watched the GOP debate tonight it they all agreed we have to strengthen our military and keep a standing army of 500,000 troops. They for the most part were for tearing up the Iran treaty and increasing support for Israel. With what money? They will never change.
Vote Democrat (Bernie).

It's funny, at least the 5 O'clock audience was nil and the cameras didn't show it. LOLA

joe gill
8 years ago

I was blown away by this film. There's no denying the connections made to events of the past and present. I fear for my children and everyone else's.

8 years ago

Important positions in government are held by lackeys, put into office by the Real Rulers simply because the Real Rulers have incriminating evidence against them. Politicians, to continue to hold office, must pull favors and exact legislation as the financiers require, or risk their transgressions coming to light.

The Real Rulers have no one country. Using their money and influence they effectively buy elections by financing all the choices the general public have. You fight each other over whether republican or democrat is best, while they laugh their cufflinks off, knowing whichever you choose, you choose their man.

The system, democratic-republic, or representative government, is not as good as democracy, but it and the usual systems of checks and balances are adequate ways to govern. It is not so much the system that is the problem - the problem is that the system has been bought and taken over, infested if you will, with power-hungry vermin seeking to enslave all human kind. Through this infiltration, and through the usual subliminal devices the media, Hollywood, the press, etc., they have by bread (welfare) and circuses (internet) made the bulk of you fat and happy and for the most part oblivious to even obvious treachery (9-11, e.g.).

8 years ago

The next time you're out and somebody says something you know is wrong, speak up! He's not likely to punch you.
And don't let fear make you shuffle and mutter- stand your ground, even if you shake.

8 years ago

Everyone is wondering what we can do about it, can stop listening to CNN and FOX for a start, as everything they tell you is lies, lies and more lies.

Horst Manure
8 years ago

USA need s war and does not want any of them to end as it keep the ones in power, in power and military making war machines...the rest can make their own arrangements.

8 years ago

Very astute analysis. The part where Cheney, in 1994, lists all the reasons why Bush-41 didn't push forward to Baghdad during Iraq #1 is particularly revealing,

8 years ago

Hey people! Just b4 I go....
Thanks for some intelligent... banter (I don't think it qualifies as discourse).
What we do need everywhere is discourse - the power of ideas, the finding of solutions, not politics.
Is there a way of stopping this runaway train?
Even Our Owners know they went too far now, but what to do?
More important - what can we do for our own personal near future?

8 years ago

There is one good point about Nuclear War capability. It has stopped the Next World War To End Wars.....
However, the threat of imminent collapse of the whole world's economy is now very real. This will be a war on everybody's doorstep.

So far, there has not been a reasonable suggestion anywhere I've trawled as to how to stop what is happening.

This *IS* bigger than the insane "Tulip Bomb" which damaged the Dutch a century or so ago.

This is vastly bigger.

Kylneth said that it was like a dangerously stretched rubber band, but now it is more like a balloon full of gas that is still being filled and stretching faster than it can be leaked. The Tulip Bomb was only air and tiny - it was a local pop. This bang will be felt all over the world.

This is no time to be correcting anybody's English - or American, that's rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

8 years ago


It is not a Spanish word, not pronounced "crih-MAY-uh."

Russ Tul
8 years ago

This is a brillant documentary, many thanks for uploading it. It's a must to hear and see for all who are politially literate, for those who aspire to become politically savvy, and especiually for people, like myelf, who have children and grandchildren to worry about. "Full spectrum dominance" - this is the goal the 0.1%ers are pursuing. It is a product of total ignorance and bound to end in global catastrophe if we, the 99%ers, don't stop these lunatics.

8 years ago

The United Satans and the Evil Union has to be stopped by every peaceful means.

8 years ago

It is refreshing to see a short 'up to date' documentary on the geo-political events as of late. I do find it rather disturbing (reading comments below) just how much people wish to ignore the obvious, which is stated in this documentary. (by any other name, a rose is still a rose)

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

A bit short and somewhat tenuous links between news articles. Lots of conjectures that really can't be proven in any way. Could it be true, yes, could it be completely wrong, yes. You could swap many countries names in there and it would still ring true. Too vague to my liking and short on evidence to make me want to share it as the author begs.

D. B.
8 years ago

I am no fan of the US and it's foreign policy or the petro dollar, but this video sounds like anti-us propaganda.