The Girl Who Became Three Boys

The Girl Who Became Three Boys

2012, Conspiracy  -   13 Comments
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A profoundly unusual true crime tale, The Girl Who Became Three Boys wallows in themes of deceit, betrayal and sexual confusion. Elements of the story play like absurd tabloid fodder, but the underlying pathology behind these crimes create a deeper and more resonant portrait.

At the center of this story is Gemma Barker. In 2009, when she was just 18, she befriended two girls who were both younger - Jessica and Alice. By all outside appearances, the three-way friendship seemed perfectly normal in spite of their slight age differences. But things soon got weird.

Gemma assumed the fictionalized identities of three boys, and employed them to seduce her two under-aged friends. The anonymity of social media made it possible for her to perpetuate and embellish these personalities; make contact with her prey, deepen her connection with them, and create a vital online existence that was merely smoke and mirrors.

Both relationships evolved from online platforms to face-to-face encounters. Neither girl suspected that they were being seduced and deceived by their mutual friend. Gemma gained their acceptance by assuming disguises, and distinct personalities which were devised to appeal to each girlќs interests. Even the writing style of her texts was believably altered from one personality to the next.

Eventually, Gemma's charade was uncovered, and resulted in a 30-month prison sentence for fraud and assault.

Throughout the film, the two victims (one of which is cloaked in darkness to protect to her true identity) detail every jaw-dropping twist and turn of their courtships. The experience has left both angered and saddened at their betrayal, and questioning the depths of their gullibility. Additional insights are provided by other classmates who grew close to the "real" Gemma during this time, as well as reporters who followed the aftermath of her unusual crimes with baited breath. Through it all, there is Gemma, a figure who only grows more enigmatic the more you learn of her.

Part salacious, part tragic, and always fascinating, The Girl Who Became Three Boys is essential viewing for fans who enjoy their true crime stories with more than a touch of the bizarre.

Directed by: Norman Hull

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Greg

    So according to the one girl at the start it's all Facebook's fault.
    That kind of logical thinking may explain why she was so easily conned.

  2. Dave

    What a badly produced film! Gave up after 15 minutes.

  3. Donna

    This is ? sh*t. Either these girls are really stupid, or extremely gullible! You can clearly see this is one in the same person how stupid are these girls?

  4. Delois Richardson

    Sex trafficking is so out of control and one never hears of it very often. This political scene in Washington DC is so out of control. people speak of slavery as in past tense,ie African Americans oppressed before and still after the civil war. Well most Americans are not aware that this "great country of ours" still engages in and collects taxes and profits from human trafficking. Now as it has been offered up as a tax loophole for citizens to increase their said benefits, but to my knowledge the where and the how are not explained. Most would not think to be concerned thinking that the government wouldn't use crime land mentality to profit and let good Americans unknowingly invest in such a travesty?surly not!!!!! Well come to find out in some districts it has been common place for over a hundred years. I find this so horrible and to coin the phrase " America was built on the backs of good Americans" to make sense now! To find that women and children and children are used as trade embargo leverage. To get a better oil price or appease a tyrannical dictator. I feel that the Hitler Jewish atrocious were barely a small tip of an ever growing iceberg and embarrassment to say the least! What are we as a " civilization" coming to ??? These are CRIMES against HUMANITY and should have repercussions, they are all responsable, and all knowingly profit or stand by in knowing. Don't think it won't happen to your family it's only a Matter of time. We the People need to stand together instead of hating one another remember a house divided falls so the keep up segregated to an extent. There is only one Race and that my family is the human Race!!!! If nothing is done or change doesn't occur we will be in a civil war and ruled by the Dark government which is already growing out of control. This is a huge team of all the gangs in the U.S. yes all colors are now one unit of Crime and corruption. Please email me I want to hear from you.oh by the way.... Notice all the growing amount of pediphiles in the community with little or no prison time for tapering and killing our children and women and boys please make this a subject in your town halls asap!!!!!

    1. AmYLeE

      What THE HELL does all of this have to do with the documentry!? Yes, ALL of those things are AWFUL, but it all has absolutely NOTHING to do with these teenagers' stories and what they went through 🤷‍♀️ This wasn't even IN the United States, and NO ONE was a victim of sex-trafficking in the story.....maybe try to stay on topic if you wish to be taken seriously.....?

  5. Mark Gaboury

    Things were less complicated before the internet came along.

  6. Poet Lariat

    After 7 minutes gave up because I couldn't parse what was being said through the accents.

    Sorry. sounds like a great tale

    1. AmYLeE

      Seriously???? 🙈

    2. Intergeri

      I'm intrigued to why you didn't switch the subtitles on??

  7. Kelly Davis

    I'm still not understanding how they didn't realize that these were the same people?

  8. Jack Farrell

    Somewhat difficult to fully understand with the heavy accent.

    1. Intergeri

      There are subtitles available.

  9. Charles Deetz

    Reminder of when we were young and unaware of sex, relationships, or people tricking you.