Girt by Beards

Girt by BeardsThe World Beard and Mustache Championships is a bi-annual event that was established in 1990. Competitors from around the globe compete in what has been dubbed the Olympics of professional beard growing.

The Beards are a South Australian band that exclusively write and perform songs about the importance of having a beard.

In 2009, The Beards (and two fellow bearded Aussies) travel to Anchorage, Alaska, to perform at and compete in the World Beard and Mustache Championships as the first-ever Australian team.

A fun-spirited documentary about one of the world's most obscure bands at one of the world's most obscure events. As they celebrate everything bearded, discover a strange city and perform in front of their dream audience. A truly revealing and entertaining look at the real characters behind The Beards.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 23 minutes)

Ratings: 7.61/10 from 23 users.

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  1. Chazza

    I enjoyed this , such a pleasure to watch a group of Aussie Men fly to Alaska for a beard competition. All in good humour , thank you.

  2. Raptor jones

    Santa at 10:24 (part two)

  3. toddy

    Definitely some serious beards here. They have put me to shame. just kidding, I have always been proud of my mustache and goatee, otherwise it would have been shaved off by now. I am thinking why so few of the presidents of the USA have had facial hair of some kind. Is their some rule against it?

  4. punkcontrol

    Please God, put an end to the Amish worship in youth culture.
    Smite these Hasidic hipsters.

    Please, I beg you. Strike down Vice magazine.
    This abomination has to stop.

  5. Jocasta DeVilleneuve

    I do love their song " if your dad hasnt got a beard you have two mums." makes me proud to be an aussie.

  6. KsDevil

    Something men can really enjoy. Beard comradre. I think all men should have beards and wear them proudly. No sir, society isn't going to turn them men into hairless females.

    1. Savage Henry

      I agree...long live the beard! One of these days, a woman will explain to me what it is about guys who wax their chests.

  7. Achems_Razor

    Women's catagory for moustaches??...Pubic hair however... might fly, Hmm?

  8. Imightberiding

    A rather sexist competition. Where was the women's category for mustaches?

    1. Matticus Arelius

      its called southern europe...

  9. Fecioru Florin

    By Odin's beard! This was fun to watch, thank you.

  10. BeardHero420

    Now those are some serious beards!

  11. hpthoroughbreds

    fun fun fun fun fun!!!!!!!

  12. Daryl Walters

    Still laughing now! As a proud South Australian living in Adelaide, I have to say the Beards Rock!!! Lol!

  13. Eniki520

    ahahahahahaha that was awesome i have to grown mines out for a few years if i want to stand a chance against some of those.

  14. Jane Haydon

    I had a good laugh, ta!!! You have to give some of those chaps credit for the beauty of thier beards. My fave uncles had those long moustaches that have to be twisted and waxed so hence my soft spot for beards.

  15. Guest

    A similar contest could become the biggest event in Pakistan.

    1. Brandon Schultz

      You are truly prolific

    2. Guest

      I don't think many people got it! Hololol

    3. Daryl Walters

      Hehehe, I thought your comment was very witty!

  16. Daniel

    Well this is ridiculous.

  17. Guest

    He says: Bring on the moose...we got one here on TDF!

    1. Yavanna

      Careful! Sarah Palin might decide to come shoot and skin you!

    2. Guest

      I don't think @Py is ready for the gun of Sarah...after being coughed on by Lewis... (not the funny Jerry). We all have a different style.
      It's all a wave sometimes we serve and sometimes we get served and the "meal" doesn't always taste
      The more one is here, the more one looks like a target...see Psinet...he loves to hunt with a pixel gun.

    3. Yavanna

      @azilda I think we might be having colloquial issues. Over here Moose has another meaning. I thought you were being jokingly self depreciating ......

    4. Guest

      In the land of moose, a moose is a moose! Almost ran over one on the highway a while back.

      Me? some would think i do the other way around! lololol

    5. guywithjob

      student of life? .....get a job and stop letting the government you probably hate be your surrogate parents

    6. Guest

      Some people work for 30yrs straight at a job they hate expecting to retire in old age and have fun at last.
      I have prefered to work at many differents jobs and spread my retirement in bits throughout, so far it has been possible and believe me, i have had fun and adventure and it's not over until it's over.
      Sorry you feel bothered by me, and just so you know hatred is not something i feel...ever. Everything/everyone in life has two sides, something i always remind myself of.

    7. pusspussbangbang0555

      Right on Azilda, I am 50 now and have interspersed hard jobs ( building labourer,road tarmacer,fat refiner) with periods of idleness, and artistic forays( mariachi guitarist,theatre technicien...) Live it now!! Because when retirement comes,your health may prevent you from enjoying it( I have severe sciatica, it curtails my physical endevours)

    8. jon sturgis

      It must be nice to have life so well mastered that you can give advice to people you don't even know on how they should live theirs.........