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Google MeIt all started when I Googled my name said Killeen of his movie. And who in today's day and age hasn't engaged in just such an activity in a moment of idle webbing. The difference here that the filmmaker actually followed up on his findings by not only contacting his namesakes but also traveling to whatever remote location called for to meet and interview the subjects of his search, even discovering (and verifying through genetic testing) a long-lost cousin.

Jim Killeen the filmmaker in Los Angeles found, among others, Jim Killeen the priest in Cobh, Ireland, Jim Killeen the retired cop in New York, Jim Killeen the CEO in Melbourne, Australia and Jim Killeen the sexual swinger in Denver. Google Me has not only been given the search engine's blessing, but even features Google's VP of Engineering, Douglas Merrill, in an insightful interview voicing his sentiments on the subject.

Whether an effort to defeat the innumerable self-imposed social barriers erected since the advent of the Internet or out of sheer and simple curiosity, the result is nevertheless telling and enormously entertaining - as well as a provoking commentary on today's society and how technology has transformed our lives.

Due to the premise of the film, Jim Killeen is likely to become a household name. By employing the single yet powerfully intimate common denominator of a person's name, Google Me succeeds in exploring the philosophical subject of identity itself as well as the underlying human conditions that unite us all.

Directed by: Jim Killeen

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  1. abale

    why is this not available in my country ?!?!?!?!? faqin youtube is getting 1984 doctor evil style on ?

  2. Lynda Spence

    I think you will find Dave Gorman did this years ago!!


    I can't express how much I disliked this documentary. I probably wouldn't even refer to it as a documentary, more like a self-satisfying ego trip by a man with about as much depth as a stainless steel urinal. It actually made me a little angry that I had wasted my time watching something with absolutely NO EDUCATIONAL VALUE, MORAL COMPASS OR PURPOSE. I was also a little disappointed that Top Docs. actually included it in their listings.

    Make of it what you will but I sincerely don't believe that this even qualifies as documentary as it doesn't seem to document anything of any worth to anybody but this guy and the only worth he finds in it is to make himself feel a bit better.


      I haven't watched it by that comment about the urinal is priceless.

  4. Chris Makin

    "It all started when I decided to rip off Dave Gorman.."

    Fixed that for ya.

    1. Helen Elder

      was going to write the same haha

  5. Clara Ines Aaron


  6. Aaylsworth

    I found Jim Killeen to be a bit abrasive and the doc pretty borrrring....

  7. Nadia Constantino

    loved it! A bit slow to start with and then, brilliant!

  8. Jake

    Wonderful movie, very refreshing and even though some people did it before, this was just a new version closer to our era so two thumbs up Jim you did very great. And regarding those comments about him being a scientologist...Who cares? I hates all darn religions equally including mine, but that doesn't change that the idea was great, the movie was well done and they all seems to have had quite a happy time. Wasn't it the message in all this... people are in general quite good.

  9. Jallal Hariri


  10. flying_solo

    I have not watched this one yet, I'm about to hit the play button. But since someone mentioned Dave Gorman this does sound like his two most known projects rolled into one. So check out The Dave Gorman Collection and Dave Gormans Googlewhack Adventure if you can. Especially the first one is hilarious. In fact... screw this doc I am off to watch that thing again hehe.

  11. so.necessary

    Great documentary. Very Inspiring

  12. rawkidd

    This was highly entertaining. I really enjoyed it. Especially the part where all the Killeens check-in at that hotel in Killeen, TX.

    Jim Killeen, very well done.

  13. thekingbeyondthegate

    That Swedish girl in Scotland... my days SHE was hot.

  14. ???????? ????????

    Elysia is hot!

  15. dfdfdf

    When they were listing religions and the main dude said "Scientology" I facepalmed. Wtf.

  16. Blondie Clee

    What an enjoyable 97 minutes........this was just a good documentary to watch........thanks for sending my way

  17. Samuel

    Didnt some english guy do this First? Dave galman I think

  18. Ahmad

    I taught for a second, should I make a 'facebook version' of this ?

    Facebook Me

    Ahmad :)

    to be or not to be...

  19. Chris Townsend

    Wow! This is a really good movie! I hope Jim Killeen comes to my Chocolate Shoppe someday!

  20. Jeffrey

    Motivated me to try a similar research project. How long was this completed in,and who funded it. Overall an intresting topic.

  21. Jo McKay

    Thank YOU! I Highly Recommend taking the 96 minutes to watch this film. Watch in full screen, and stream to your TV if you can... very touching, inspirational, human, honest and professionally put together. This is REAL reality entertainment, smartly managed... Bravo to all the Jim Killeen's for your courage and your kindness. I SHARED this link with my friends on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, have to add - a film doesn't have to be the FIRST to be a great idea and produce an excellent result, 2nd, I appreciated the end take questions as well; we are not all the same, do not have to be all the same, to enjoy and honor one another. WELL DONE

  22. Chris Q

    This is ok but it is a remake / rip off of a bbc comedy from about 8 years ago with a guy called Dave Gorman, check it out if you can find it, Dave Gorman was challenged to find 50 of his namesakes from around the world, it is hilarious,

  23. Dromato

    I can't remember exactly, but I saw a documentary with a guy doing the exact same thing, pretty sure it was pre-Google. His name was Alan something, and he ended up having a big dinner with a dozen or so other Alan somethings.

  24. B

    Pretty decent, , interesting concept, though I felt the tone was a little self indulgent IMHO.

  25. April

    this link does not work , says its a private film and that i have to add someone to users friend list .

  26. Karen

    The other Jim Killeens that turned the meeting/interview down sure missed out on a good once in a life time experience. Boo on them. Jim created alot of happiness for a lot of people, perhaps his true purpose.

  27. WaDe

    thats what i was thinking, dave gorman mucho better then this in my opinion.

  28. Panos

    Isnt this just a bit too similar to 'Are You Dave Gorman?' and 'Dave Gorman's Googlewhack adventure?' Or was this done first?

  29. Barbara Rosales

    Jim Killeen a story well worth remembering.It would be such a blessing if each person fould it possible to make a trip like this.The differences overlooked the likenesses imbraced. A wonderful experience to witness. Thank you for sharing this warm caring story.

  30. Sarah

    St.Louis Jim was my least favorite. He seems to be faking something. I was disappointed to see Jim is a scientologist.

  31. kittypaws

    Good...all except the Bush part....St. Louis Jim was my favorite...aah and New York Jim haha

  32. crhsitina

    why do you guys bash it for scientology, its no more crazy than all the other religions

  33. charlie

    sponsored by the church of scientology but still a great documentary

  34. julymorning

    I love the father Killeen. little and pink. I just feel so good to see his face with grace and peace. when he hangs out with other guys. he was so open mind even though he is a priest.
    Jim should be happy that they're related.

  35. Tyler

    I was also disappointed that he was a scientologist. Otherwise this was a very enjoyable and thought-provoking movie.

  36. jan geirnaert

    looks cool. funny how in the "social" internet movies about the individual ME are a hit.

  37. Mike

    This Jim (the one making the movie) guy is really likeable. Pretty good concept for a movie

  38. Tim

    I can understand why he's a Scientologist, since he thinks psychiatry is terrible, but I don't know why anyone would ever join that cult knowing all the other crazy shit they believe.

    Interesting documentary though. I Googled my name, but I only found myself. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet with my name.

  39. me

    If he has reached OT 9 in scientology, he is now able to leave his body and travel to other planets with his Thetan soul...of course in reality he is just another sucker.

  40. Graham

    Very interesting documentary. I found it incredible he found a relative! Although my heart sank a bit when they were going through what religion each guy was and the Director said he was a Scientologist....