How We Made Our Millions

How We Made Our Millions

2011, Economics  -   69 Comments
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Is the question that everyone wants an answer to. What is the secret to extraordinary success? Is it grit, is it determination, luck, or is it who you actually know? Peter Jones has been in business now for some thirty years and he can tell you that all successful entrepreneurs share a few unique qualities, certain traits that give them the upper hand. But what are they and can they be learned?

He's on a mission to find out what drives Britain's best entrepreneurs and uncover the human side that determines their success or failure. He wants them to reveal their individual recipes for success so he can discover just how they made their millions. Success in business isn't a fine science. Peter Jones has turned tiny startups into a multi-million pound companies but not all of his ventures have succeeded. Business is tough. But he always believed there are certain factors that can give us all a fighting chance. He's on a journey to get inside the minds of two of the country's top business people and he's hoping to discover the ways in which the most unlikely characters become multi-millionaires.

Peter will be spending time with Richard Reed, founder of a smoothie company with a 165 million pound turnover, and Michelle Mone, the self-made inspiration behind a multi-million pound lingerie business and who, according to the rich list, is worth 50 million pounds. Have they both followed the same blueprint to success or is it their difference that matters most?

Richard is leading a new wave of entrepreneurs who have embraced a business style pioneered in the US by companies like Google. He believes that if his employees feel at home they'll be extra productive. But despite opting for open collar Peter still felt overdressed. Richard has set up the fruit company in 1999 with fellow graduates and today he sells over two million bottles of smoothies a week.

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Svend Tveskaeg
3 months ago

The main common trait with these people - "entrepeneurs" - is that they are prepared to lie more than the average person. First and foremost to themselves, and then to the rest of the world.

5 years ago

can you please be more sexist? Stop talking about women. You add nothing to this conversation.

6 years ago

population control methods can only happen if people believe it is nessary .

9 years ago

It is interesting to see the latest trends of society. The current one is somewhere between anti-corporations, anti-capitalism, or anti-rich people not sure which it is yet.

9 years ago

This host is a socially inept ass wipe with a resting bitch face. Peter Jones should never be allowed in front of a camera again. I can't even finish it. He is so unpolished and irritating.

9 years ago

Paying Employees decent wages so they can live, eat, buy a house, car, send their children to decent universities ... does not enter a Billionaire's brain cells. Sam Walton has near destroyed small town North America (my hometown in S/W BC, Canada looks like a wasteland, after Wal Mart opened a store); but Americans and the NYSE loves Wal MArt. 99.98% of their goods come from China; which has a virtual "0" level of any form of Quality Control or Inspection. Fortunately the Chinese are rapidly polluting themselves to death and may end up poisoning millions of their citizens.

9 years ago

Both of these people have "drive" in common, they have the up and go and they are marketers. Full on, that is they key in these two people that clearly differentiate them from common people..

9 years ago

....Now i view the second half of this documentary, he's
still making the owners feel uncomfortable with the inappropriate questions,
making the smoothie drink owner feel his efforts to relax people in his own
way, like the 'swinging chair' as making him uncomfortable in chatting
together, seems this interviewer is trying to find anything to make something
outstanding, shocking etc, what is the problem of someone interviewing you in a
swinging chair, can't someone have an imaginative thinking that people like to
break out the norms, want to be different, people should think on it, think why
chatting in a swinging chair might have benefits in a conversation.

I always thought
myself when watching these interviews of film stars, singers etc, that they are
sat across from the interviewer with bright lights raining down on them, and
deadly quietness surrounding them, that they are under investigation, isn’t
it wonderful to do the interview while walking together or the alike, if possible,
and in a quiet arranged area, how would you feel in chatting like that? I for
one would welcome this. I wouldn’t feel in a ‘tight spot’ so to speak. This interviewer
for me, is too picky, not a person of understanding, there’s a lot more I could
say, but you got the picture of it all I think.

9 years ago

....The man asked too many personal
questions, like asking the lingerie Scott bosses employee if her boss is ok,
"What things you don't like about your boss?" and "When did you
last sack someone?" etc, he's here to find out the secret of success not
find internal conflicts of employees. Don’t see any concrete path of words of, “How
did you make it?”

Kansas Devil
9 years ago

It seems most millionaires make their money by getting others to make them their money. Most millionaires don't actually make money by doing the actual work.

9 years ago

This documentary served no purpose at all except to make a film to sell to the BBC. As an MBA from a catholic university this show was totally worthless. If I were taking notes on this show, upon completion of the show, I would not have put pen to paper once.

Usually you would start with a comparison of like companies with totally different levels of success.

What did I expect to learn from a comparison of a company that sells a drink recipe, leases a copywritten name, handles advertising and holds someone's feet to the fire for quality control, maybe? They don't manufacture anything. I'm sure Coke handles the bottling and distribution, the heavy lifting; with a company that is an advertising company. That's where their money is. Just show the guy in Islamabad what you want and what's left is again, quality control, putting a copywritten label on the bras and handle advertising.

Neither CEO invented anything, manufacture anything or require an exceptional business accume, technical skill or sense of international business. The two CEOs were just available.

9 years ago

Walter Mitty Anarchist - tong lasher from Hell - I really should change my Avatar to "Walter Mitty Anarchist" from 1concept1 -

All most forgot what I was going to post - this is a good one -

Back in the early 80's I had dinner with a Pakistani family, in their home - in Sacramento California - The wife was a US citizen - they had a home in the US and one in Pakistan - they were here for awhile -

The wife had a very bad black eye - all the men sat in the main eating area and the woman brought us all our food - they were not permitted to talk to us - After we were all satisfied the women went into a side room and ate together!

The husband was the owner of a 450 employee company that made soap from bulls heads or something like that -

I forget the exact conversation and who was talking to who but the man the owner of the company said -

"When our employees are late or their work is below what is accepted we beat them - there animals"

There were about 3 or 4 young boys siting there with us - (they lucked out huh! they could have just as well been gals)!!

Understand the deal here - these common folk - the employees knew no better - it was accepted in their culture for thousands of years - and when I think about it the same goes for the people doing the beating?

The US Supreme Court proclaims the corp. "A Being"

This is what happens when the money received becomes more important then the service rendered -

To put money up to back money to make money for moneys sake undermines the very foundation it supports - (in time - in the overall economy) real service is the only true hedge against a falling dollar - in real time over a period of time -

I heard somewhere there are two things that motivates one, "fear of loss or hope of unworked for gain".

Taxing Labor and rewarding the stock market gambler with free money in real time will bring a nation to WAR! In a nekcuf heart beat when push comes to kcuf shove -

Napoleon where are you -

9 years ago

Success and insecurity are not mutually exclusive categories.

9 years ago

I haven't watched this yet, I admit. But regarding multi-billionaires: It is almost a foregone conclusion that to make that much money, you have to exploit people to the point of poverty, requisition land out from under indigenous peoples to take their resources, take any jobs your business produces and carry them overseas so you can pay even less overhead in countries that have no safety laws and minimum wages, pollute the earth by using your influence to lobby for laws that allow you to do it, and avoid paying your rightfully due taxes, forcing others to cover your expenses. If you follow this process, of course you will get rich. Call it determination and business savvy if you want, but if you call it the truth, it is crime, pure and simple. It is the way of the corporation, the way of the rich, the way of eternal growth without conscience. No individual needs or can even use billions of dollars in their lifetime, which makes them nothing other than sick hoarders. That kind of money always -- always comes out of the flesh and blood of other people, and, in the process, ruins the earth for this and future generations.

Horst Manure
9 years ago

Hope your partner does not decide he/she wants a all born ok and don't decide to top you for a quick quid..some fool does not sues you once they sees you are getting on..the feds dont raise rates or create a depression...and so on it goes

9 years ago

It's more of a psychological profiling of two examples rather than a search for a formula for extraordinary success. And as this documentary presents it, a form of self doubt seems to be the main driving force (damn, i must be born to become a billionaire). Not sure if it would be wise to generalise this. But an interesting watch non the less.
Anyway, if you're looking for a success formula, we already have Napoleon Hill.

9 years ago

I have an ex brother in law who is a millionaire.
He grew up in poverty, abuse and dysfunction.
Dropped out of school in grade 9 because he hated it.
A driven man of boundless energy, he is extremely entrepreneurial and unafraid of failure.
Has failed and triumphed many times over.
Ingratiates himself to those with power who are useful to him.
Never stops learning new things and trying them out.
He is ruthless in business, cutthroat, in fact; but always loyal, loving and generous to his family.
I wouldn't want to be his adversary.

Mark Filby
9 years ago

I can not even bring myself to watch this. "Success" is really suck Cess!

Janeen Clark
9 years ago

the secret is being a predator to your fellow man. psychological manipulation. dominiation. make them subservient. it takes a real sick and twisted mind no compassion and as ignorant as a 12 year old with anger problems. oh yeah dont forget top sacrifice anything with real value like human relationships , teaching children and enjoying mother nature.