How We Made Our Millions

How We Made Our Millions

2011, Economics  -   68 Comments
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Is the question that everyone wants an answer to. What is the secret to extraordinary success? Is it grit, is it determination, luck, or is it who you actually know? Peter Jones has been in business now for some thirty years and he can tell you that all successful entrepreneurs share a few unique qualities, certain traits that give them the upper hand. But what are they and can they be learned?

He's on a mission to find out what drives Britain's best entrepreneurs and uncover the human side that determines their success or failure. He wants them to reveal their individual recipes for success so he can discover just how they made their millions. Success in business isn't a fine science. Peter Jones has turned tiny startups into a multi-million pound companies but not all of his ventures have succeeded. Business is tough. But he always believed there are certain factors that can give us all a fighting chance. He's on a journey to get inside the minds of two of the country's top business people and he's hoping to discover the ways in which the most unlikely characters become multi-millionaires.

Peter will be spending time with Richard Reed, founder of a smoothie company with a 165 million pound turnover, and Michelle Mone, the self-made inspiration behind a multi-million pound lingerie business and who, according to the rich list, is worth 50 million pounds. Have they both followed the same blueprint to success or is it their difference that matters most?

Richard is leading a new wave of entrepreneurs who have embraced a business style pioneered in the US by companies like Google. He believes that if his employees feel at home they'll be extra productive. But despite opting for open collar Peter still felt overdressed. Richard has set up the fruit company in 1999 with fellow graduates and today he sells over two million bottles of smoothies a week.

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68 Comments / User Reviews

  1. JJ

    can you please be more sexist? Stop talking about women. You add nothing to this conversation.

  2. gorb

    population control methods can only happen if people believe it is nessary .

  3. BattoRem

    It is interesting to see the latest trends of society. The current one is somewhere between anti-corporations, anti-capitalism, or anti-rich people not sure which it is yet.

  4. Malfi

    This host is a socially inept ass wipe with a resting bitch face. Peter Jones should never be allowed in front of a camera again. I can't even finish it. He is so unpolished and irritating.

  5. cdnski12

    Paying Employees decent wages so they can live, eat, buy a house, car, send their children to decent universities ... does not enter a Billionaire's brain cells. Sam Walton has near destroyed small town North America (my hometown in S/W BC, Canada looks like a wasteland, after Wal Mart opened a store); but Americans and the NYSE loves Wal MArt. 99.98% of their goods come from China; which has a virtual "0" level of any form of Quality Control or Inspection. Fortunately the Chinese are rapidly polluting themselves to death and may end up poisoning millions of their citizens.

    1. hazdoc

      Aren't the Chinese importing most of other countries waste and recycling them?......

  6. Howdi

    Both of these people have "drive" in common, they have the up and go and they are marketers. Full on, that is they key in these two people that clearly differentiate them from common people..

  7. Shadowblur

    ....Now i view the second half of this documentary, he's
    still making the owners feel uncomfortable with the inappropriate questions,
    making the smoothie drink owner feel his efforts to relax people in his own
    way, like the 'swinging chair' as making him uncomfortable in chatting
    together, seems this interviewer is trying to find anything to make something
    outstanding, shocking etc, what is the problem of someone interviewing you in a
    swinging chair, can't someone have an imaginative thinking that people like to
    break out the norms, want to be different, people should think on it, think why
    chatting in a swinging chair might have benefits in a conversation.

    I always thought
    myself when watching these interviews of film stars, singers etc, that they are
    sat across from the interviewer with bright lights raining down on them, and
    deadly quietness surrounding them, that they are under investigation, isn’t
    it wonderful to do the interview while walking together or the alike, if possible,
    and in a quiet arranged area, how would you feel in chatting like that? I for
    one would welcome this. I wouldn’t feel in a ‘tight spot’ so to speak. This interviewer
    for me, is too picky, not a person of understanding, there’s a lot more I could
    say, but you got the picture of it all I think.

  8. Shadowblur

    ....The man asked too many personal
    questions, like asking the lingerie Scott bosses employee if her boss is ok,
    "What things you don't like about your boss?" and "When did you
    last sack someone?" etc, he's here to find out the secret of success not
    find internal conflicts of employees. Don’t see any concrete path of words of, “How
    did you make it?”

  9. Kansas Devil

    It seems most millionaires make their money by getting others to make them their money. Most millionaires don't actually make money by doing the actual work.

    1. hernandayoleary

      Now you know the secret of being a millionaire, drinking and "making deals" while you pay someone after they worked for free for 2 weeks to a month for you see.

      See take the old plantation owner. They paid sharecroppers at the end of the season. Yet for months they work without actual pay. But during the season the owner had sold literally millions of dollars worth of cotton. So he had that money. There is no way a single person could make $1 million farming not even today by themself with the top equipment. But if you hire a bunch of poor people to farm for "money" that isn't paid until 3 months down the road after you sell products, then what have you? 3 months of free labour that is sold off.

      The secret to getting rich is being able to get something where you make money without doing a centilla of work and it usually involves a large capital outlay. If you have a farm and have 10 workers they can make you money for 3 months, more than you could make alone.They can pick 10 times the fruit you can.

  10. MickeySpillane

    This documentary served no purpose at all except to make a film to sell to the BBC. As an MBA from a catholic university this show was totally worthless. If I were taking notes on this show, upon completion of the show, I would not have put pen to paper once.

    Usually you would start with a comparison of like companies with totally different levels of success.

    What did I expect to learn from a comparison of a company that sells a drink recipe, leases a copywritten name, handles advertising and holds someone's feet to the fire for quality control, maybe? They don't manufacture anything. I'm sure Coke handles the bottling and distribution, the heavy lifting; with a company that is an advertising company. That's where their money is. Just show the guy in Islamabad what you want and what's left is again, quality control, putting a copywritten label on the bras and handle advertising.

    Neither CEO invented anything, manufacture anything or require an exceptional business accume, technical skill or sense of international business. The two CEOs were just available.

    1. hernandayoleary

      Which is how most ceos are. Most of them are producing nothing of value. There are only a handful of companies manufacturing today, and most of them are in china. Even the new high tech solar industry is almost entirely chiense, which is why solindra failed

    2. BattoRem

      So you want us to go back to a manufacturing based economy?

    3. hernandayoleary

      Well if you produce nothing you cannot create jobs for millions. Not everyone can be a consultant. We were alot better off economically when we produced things than now with our "knowledge" economy which the chinese just steal. Even the Germans still manufacture alot and they are the best major european economy. The swiss are the best small economy and they still manufacture from watches to clocks to chocolate.

    4. BattoRem

      Interesting, I had no real opinion on the matter so I was just wondering your views. Hypothetical question. If America decided to become a manufacturing economy again, what industries would you have to specialize in. I know this is a very broad question with a million answers so I am sorry about that.

    5. hernandayoleary

      You specialize in industries where there is a large profit margin that require a fair degree of technical knowledge. Air craft is a good one, but bring back all those thing gone to india and china in the high tech end like smart phones, and you'd likely create some good middle class jobs. You'd need to diversify for a country as large as america.

      Another policy would be to open up the fed lending to the average man. Allow the average entrepreneur to get money from the fed, cut out the banks from lending, they are just a middle man who controls capital flows. Sure most of the businesses will fail, but you only need 1 in 100 to succeed to get a mega company.

  11. 1concept1

    Walter Mitty Anarchist - tong lasher from Hell - I really should change my Avatar to "Walter Mitty Anarchist" from 1concept1 -

    All most forgot what I was going to post - this is a good one -

    Back in the early 80's I had dinner with a Pakistani family, in their home - in Sacramento California - The wife was a US citizen - they had a home in the US and one in Pakistan - they were here for awhile -

    The wife had a very bad black eye - all the men sat in the main eating area and the woman brought us all our food - they were not permitted to talk to us - After we were all satisfied the women went into a side room and ate together!

    The husband was the owner of a 450 employee company that made soap from bulls heads or something like that -

    I forget the exact conversation and who was talking to who but the man the owner of the company said -

    "When our employees are late or their work is below what is accepted we beat them - there animals"

    There were about 3 or 4 young boys siting there with us - (they lucked out huh! they could have just as well been gals)!!

    Understand the deal here - these common folk - the employees knew no better - it was accepted in their culture for thousands of years - and when I think about it the same goes for the people doing the beating?

    The US Supreme Court proclaims the corp. "A Being"

    This is what happens when the money received becomes more important then the service rendered -

    To put money up to back money to make money for moneys sake undermines the very foundation it supports - (in time - in the overall economy) real service is the only true hedge against a falling dollar - in real time over a period of time -

    I heard somewhere there are two things that motivates one, "fear of loss or hope of unworked for gain".

    Taxing Labor and rewarding the stock market gambler with free money in real time will bring a nation to WAR! In a nekcuf heart beat when push comes to kcuf shove -

    Napoleon where are you -

    1. bringmeredwine

      I read that in Nigeria, some child brides have resorted to serving up meals laced with rat poison.

    2. 1concept1

      If I were a gal I would be livid -

      I know women can be a hand full - but there is no excuse for physical abuse Period!

  12. gaboora

    Success and insecurity are not mutually exclusive categories.

  13. revzef

    I haven't watched this yet, I admit. But regarding multi-billionaires: It is almost a foregone conclusion that to make that much money, you have to exploit people to the point of poverty, requisition land out from under indigenous peoples to take their resources, take any jobs your business produces and carry them overseas so you can pay even less overhead in countries that have no safety laws and minimum wages, pollute the earth by using your influence to lobby for laws that allow you to do it, and avoid paying your rightfully due taxes, forcing others to cover your expenses. If you follow this process, of course you will get rich. Call it determination and business savvy if you want, but if you call it the truth, it is crime, pure and simple. It is the way of the corporation, the way of the rich, the way of eternal growth without conscience. No individual needs or can even use billions of dollars in their lifetime, which makes them nothing other than sick hoarders. That kind of money always -- always comes out of the flesh and blood of other people, and, in the process, ruins the earth for this and future generations.

    1. gaboora

      Why don't you go and start an unsuccessful blog instead of commenting on a video that you haven't watched? You benefit from corporations every day. They make it possible for you to comment on here. So quit being a hypocrite, give up your computer, and go and live in the Yukon off the grid.

    2. revzef

      What do you know? Have you actually researched what I have said? I was making a statement about having obscene amounts of money at the expense of others. If I watch this movie, and it changes my mind, I'll take it back. But I don't think I'll have to: all I have to do is look at reality to see the truth.

    3. socratesuk

      Surely having a few billionaires here and there is a good thing. Its a small price to pay for progress? Microsoft? Twitter? Google? Facebook? Samsung? Apple? ***I agree its not a perfect system, and sometimes the people at the bottom don't always get a good deal i.e Chinese workers who put together iphones. (Tho apparently Apple is now thinking of "reshoring" back to the USA). Is this good news or bad news? It will bring about 2000 jobs?

    4. gaboora

      Like I said, if you practice what you believe, then you must give up your computer and go live like a hermit and leave commenting on videos to those of us who appreciate corporations.

    5. Pepe Alvarado

      What an absolutist you are. Speaking against corporations and using their products is as hypocrite as speaking against the US government while living in the USA. So if you're a corporation lover you don't use Wikipedia?

    6. socratesuk

      Go watch the doc!. Next you will be telling me you don't have a smartphone......or laptop, or trainers, or car, or flat, or house, or clothes or food in the fridge or a fridge or running water (All of which are provided by profit seeking companies) Come on corporations play a big role in our life's. Not always perfect, sometimes they tax dodge, but at LEAST WE GAIN SOMETHING IN THE LONG RUN. Like this laptop I am currently typing on......Large companies have brought a huge amount of progress to the world. With respect what have you ever invented? Any good ideas? Any patents pending?

    7. revzef

      Okay, I watched it.

      It did serve to qualify everything I said in my first comment.

      My favorite part is about giving to charity. The only reason anyone needs charity, is because corporations work so hard to pay so little for what they take from them.

      I challenge anyone to really look into where the money actually comes from, all the way down.

    8. socratesuk

      I agree that tax evasion is bad, it doesnt help that governments often make complex tax law either. But I dont think profit is a dirty word. Could we build a better system? I doubt it. Are current one has a huge amount of inequality, and a huge amount of waste and destruction. Think of how we went from VHS to DVDs to Blueray, great for consumers not so great for the environment. But it is a system that typically allows good ideas and inventions to flourish. Bill Gates doesnt owe the people of poor african countries malaria nets? Likewise he has spent billions on polio eradication in poorer countries? Only 4 days ago he said rich chinese people should give to charity more. I am not suggesting its a perfect world, and we forget how much progress humans have made in just the last few hundred years. Also some of the future projects the big companies are working on are really interesting. Drones that give out an internet connection, driverless cars, smart watches, free world class education, etc. Driverless cars will put taxi drivers out a job. But this is a good thing. Less car accidents, less hospital admissions, less stress for doctors, less traffic jams, and so on, and the price for all this? The guys at google get a bit richer.

    9. gaboora

      A lot of folks who feed on charity are lazy predators. And this includes many of those who run the charities, like Franklin Graham.

    10. revzef

      Lazy predators. That is the myth, isn't it? The true lazy predators are the idle rich, the life-of-leisure wealthy, who never work a day in their lives, but feed on other people(s) to the point of driving them into poverty. Then they say asinine things like that.

    11. 1concept1

      We all know about the toys and bells and whistles -

      We know company's make things useful and nifty -

      (that doesn't mean the profit from said company's is distributed correctly or honestly) -

      That being said, yes company's provide goods and services that we enjoy and need!

    12. Pepe Alvarado

      Yes, corporations have played a role in our lives, but they're not the exclusive means for technological advancement. People play a big role in corporations' lives, not the other way around. Gadgets are the inevitable result of curious minds sitting together wanting to understand something, wanting to create something, wanting to resolve something. Useful gadgets are made with one thing in mind, purpose. The use of the gadget alone is the motivation behind creating it...... ................................................................................................ The problem with corporations is the money value system. In a monetary economy you will have a bunch of sh!t created. Because the primordial reason for wanting to create and distribute most innovations, will be for money, for an imaginary construct. That's when we end up with disposable objects, cheaply crafted gadgets designed to have a quick expiration date, sneakers being brainwashed in you because they're the "latest trend", or cellphones being replaced for minute improvements

    13. socratesuk

      Some fair points, but nothing is going to change for the moment, only when we start to run low on oil and minerals will the system possibly be changed. That said my trainers, car, laptop and phone are still working after roughly 5 years each which is kind of impressive. Totally agree that the mobile phone market is a con. I will eventually get myself a smartphone, but I dont really need one tbh.

    14. Pepe Alvarado

      It could change if more people focused their energy on it. Though it does seem a lot of people are too comfy and happy as is.

    15. bringmeredwine

      Multi billionaires make me uncomfortable, too. It just doesn't seem right to have so much. To lay off hundreds of workers but still enjoy their lavish compounds and entertain at outrageous expense. I totally get it.
      Nor am I willing to crawl off into a hand made hovel and wear a recycled sack cloth. Not yet!

    16. revzef

      Yes, I find it interesting that when one person criticizes that very point about the excess and greed, others immediately dive in to defend them as the saviors of technological civilization, saying that if not for them we would have nothing.
      They allow no gray area, no in-between.
      There is no reason why wealth cannot be distributed more fairly.
      I am not talking about some form of communism (so feared by Americans that they allow the corporations to run over them unchecked). I am talking about paying workers a living wage for their work, for instance, or paying the extra money for factory safety and health care. Or how about just paying a fair share of taxes?
      These things are summarily denied to the people who actually do all the work that makes these people rich.
      The ratio of income between the average corporate CEO and workers has shifted astronomically just in the past 20 years or so, to the point of utterly obscene.
      This is a finite system. That wealth has to come from somewhere. They live under the delusion that somehow they have created their wealth, when actually, they have taken it away from others. It has to come from somewhere. People refuse to acknowledge that fact.
      To own a company where you make millions per year, while your employees remain in poverty, is nothing other than pure unadulterated greed.
      And then to use your money to manipulate the stock market in your favor with these split-second transactions upon which no fees or taxes are paid is criminal. Is this what is great about America, as the doc intimates?
      The truth is that company owners and corporate CEOs would still be just as filthy rich as they are now, compared to the rest of us, if they are fair to the people who do their work for them, if they pay their taxes, and if they act responsibly to the environment.

    17. socratesuk

      CEO pay is excessive in some industries. I am in favour or increasing wages at the bottom, and this is a job the government can do by increasing minimum wages. The problem is wage increases often hurt small business, so we maybe need several types of minimum wage. Amazon is apparently close to launching a drone service.....which is incredible. Yet the conditions at the distribution centers is terrible. I am assuming they will eventually automate a lot of the distribution in the future.

    18. revzef

      I think this happens because no matter how much money one of these "driven to success" people make, it is never enough. Now that the earth is practically stripped of everything she has to give, the only place to get those extra pennies for that unending "growth" is out of the mouths of the working people. There is nothing left. It is a black hole situation and it cannot endure. These wealthy have to find their conscience soon, or they will self-destruct and take the world with them.

    19. socratesuk

      Branson seems to be keen on splace exploration, and a lot of African countries are sitting on valuable minerals. So I think we might see a big boom in Africa, and hopefully this wealth will be shared, probably be a few civil wars getting rid of corrupt presidents etc. There does need to discussions about population size and introducing laws in some countries to reduce birth rates. I think we will probably see less new companies, and companies like Google and Amazon will become very large. Samsung and Google will push more into smart glasses, and wearable tech.

    20. revzef

      That is the issue in Africa. The wealth is NEVER shared. The people are driven off their land and the corrupt local politicians are paid to sell their people into debt, by forcing them to pay for the infrastructure that enables these corporations to take the valuable minerals, and in the end, exact ALL of the possible profits, while the people of the land, who are actually the rightful owners, receive nothing in exchange, but still have to pay back the debt.
      And that is why you see all those pictures of naked children with distended bellies, covered with flies, starving in cracked mud fields with no support but for the NGOs who pretend to help them while paving the way for new uprisings by local war lords, which cause Americans to demand military intervention, which removes the rest of the people from the land and places them in intercity ghettos, making room for the corporations to expand their mineral extraction. And on it goes; the cycle won't stop until Africa is a dead rock.
      But a few people will have lovely lavish lifestyles.

    21. socratesuk

      As wealth slowly trickles down people usually demand more rights. We will see. People can always overthrow their corrupt governments, some African countries are not short of weapons, sadly tho local miltias and warlords grab their own wealth in the process. African countries also suffer from a poor legal framework and corruption on a large scale. Sadly countries rich in minerals are typically non-democratic. But there is hope, minerals eventually run out!!. Its like Saudi Arabia when the oil runs out its in big trouble......its government is already spending a lot on the ever growing population to keep it pleased. We might eventually see more of a united states of africa, which would help trade and end a lot of pointless conflict, it would also help landlocked countries export goods easier. Sadly at the moment progress has been pretty slow. But China has been pumping a lot of money into some African countries, now we just need better functioning democracy, more open borders,and so on. Also presidents of African countries need to take a pay cut. Maybe pay local workers a bit more, and companies that profit from minerals should be forced to use a percentage of profits on local projects. Like schools. (This way corrupt government officials cant take a percentage)

    22. brooksie

      SPOT on. Why is this not obvious to everyone? Especially the 'NGOs that pretend to help' bit. Well written...I'm glad someone understands.

    23. Pepe Alvarado

      Exactly, it's in the goals of the game. If the end goal is Money(numbers) you can count forever. There is always more to be had, there's no such thing as "extra" credit.

  14. Horst Manure

    Hope your partner does not decide he/she wants a all born ok and don't decide to top you for a quick quid..some fool does not sues you once they sees you are getting on..the feds dont raise rates or create a depression...and so on it goes

  15. NX2

    It's more of a psychological profiling of two examples rather than a search for a formula for extraordinary success. And as this documentary presents it, a form of self doubt seems to be the main driving force (damn, i must be born to become a billionaire). Not sure if it would be wise to generalise this. But an interesting watch non the less.
    Anyway, if you're looking for a success formula, we already have Napoleon Hill.

    1. Michaelyn Erickson

      Not to mention that one factor of success, it seems, is to get caught up in the middle of a media scandal or a giant corporate war. (Innocents' big competitor who almost destroyed them was Pepsi, it's not as if that had anything to do with Coke choosing to invest.)

    2. NX2

      Ah that's why he said he would choose for Coke. I didn't quite get that part.

  16. bringmeredwine

    I have an ex brother in law who is a millionaire.
    He grew up in poverty, abuse and dysfunction.
    Dropped out of school in grade 9 because he hated it.
    A driven man of boundless energy, he is extremely entrepreneurial and unafraid of failure.
    Has failed and triumphed many times over.
    Ingratiates himself to those with power who are useful to him.
    Never stops learning new things and trying them out.
    He is ruthless in business, cutthroat, in fact; but always loyal, loving and generous to his family.
    I wouldn't want to be his adversary.

    1. sonibvc

      Can you give me an example of being ruthless/cut-throat?

    2. bringmeredwine

      Yes. He leaves behind trails of ex business partners, bends the law to suit his purposes, and moved one business to the States so he could get away with practices that are frowned on here, in Canada.
      Two partners were eventually charged, but he always comes clean, some how.
      If you met him though, he seems like a terrific friendly guy, and his employees love him.
      He sends them on all expenses paid vacations when they prove very useful to him.
      Edit: Then they all lose their jobs when he sells out and moves onto the next venture.

    3. sonibvc

      Ok. I have done that a few times and here are the results: It always comes back to me! For example, some of these partners ended up at a firm that was going to buy my firm. I did not know that, they did not know that. When it become clear their firm pulled out and a lost money because I had to sell for a lot less to another firm. This is just one example. Every time it comes back to me, without fail!!! Your brother in law must be either very lucky or there is something you don't know!

    4. bringmeredwine

      He is extremely intelligent and calculating.
      His mind never stops. I swear he never sleeps, either.
      He's tried to retire a couple of times now but gets bored fast, then starts something else up.
      I'm no longer part of that family, so I don't know what he's doing now.

  17. Mark Filby

    I can not even bring myself to watch this. "Success" is really suck Cess!

    1. socratesuk

      Success is usually regarded as a good thing. Its easy to be against people that are rich. But most of the big brands in our homes have wealthy CEO's or owners at the top. Its a small price to pay for progress.

    2. bringmeredwine

      I can't help but equate too much success with excess.
      ie: monopolies, high prices, pollution.
      Of course, success can be of benefit to society:)

    3. socratesuk

      Fair point. Governments do sometimes need to step in.

    4. Pepe Alvarado

      Governments won't step in, they're in bed with big business. Lobbying and other corrupt payments prevent government from doing so. It's a system inherently corrupt

  18. Janeen Clark

    the secret is being a predator to your fellow man. psychological manipulation. dominiation. make them subservient. it takes a real sick and twisted mind no compassion and as ignorant as a 12 year old with anger problems. oh yeah dont forget top sacrifice anything with real value like human relationships , teaching children and enjoying mother nature.

    1. 1concept1

      I can not allow that conscious state of being - it serves no purpose what so ever -

      at a much younger age I spent about a year in the street homeless - during this period i defragged sociopath cultural implants form i don't know how many thousands of years -

      desolation will traumatize you but the acceptance of desolation will set you free -

      The mind set I'm listening to is the overall foundation to "The Human Condition" - (of which I constantly have to redirect and redefine the conduit of my thinking) -

      Like a farmer who must clear the field of all elements not conducive to healthy germination - One must rid the skull of non-spiritually productive thinking -

      collectively our focus is on false dogma and false ideology -

      You like numbers - freedom is throwing it to the numbers -

      I will be willing to bet that the fact that you too cast a shadow gives you the some total of all the power you are not willing to relinquish -

    2. socratesuk

      Wow 22 likes.... Have I missed something here?
      Business is a messy thing sometimes. The Chinese guarded the secret of how silk was made for a long time. I think having a few millionaires/billionaires here and there isn't a bad thing, as at least SOME of them produce something of value in the process. I.E Facebook, Twitter, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple. Its a shame that ultimately we still have to dangle carrots in front of people to get things done, but that seems to be human nature. The solution is to maybe tax some industries more. So people that make their wealth in rents, financial gambling, should be taxed at around 75%. Where as tech companies, and pharmaceutical companies should be only taxed at around 10%.

    3. 1concept1

      I don't believe we should tax labor - (social security yes - one receives a lot more then they anti up)?

    4. socratesuk

      Thanks for the post. I meant taxing companies rather than people. Sorry for any confusion.

    5. Pepe Alvarado

      Taxing companies more will probably only tighten the noose around small enterprise's necks. Tax evasion goes through other countries, so generally huge multinationals are the only ones able to do so. Taxing companies in the US by law wouldn't change a thing if the central offices of Mac are in Holland.

    6. AntiTheist666

      Wow, Congrats, that’s a great way to start a sentence! But O my Dear Dear Socratesuk, what tragedy, what greekishness, what delicious irony in your screenname. Do you think the importance of a comment is based on its applause, is its value based on a chorus of approval? So yeah man I think you missed something MASSIVE here! @Janneen Clark is entirely right, though I think she was being generous when she said as ignorant as 12 year old. She also forgot to add that eating your children sometimes helps. Business is just an expression of power my friend and we all exert it in our own peculiar way. I don’t think your tax plan would be that effective as many big corps are experts in tax evasion and it’s just a small part of the MASSIVELY corrupt economy.

      There’s a bunch of us decadents - about 1% of pop. having drinks later - I hear the hemlock is delicious and all that we deserve, come join us, for Socrates has been ill for a long time, only Death can be a Doctor now.

    7. socratesuk

      What an interesting post. Business is just an expression of power? Is it? It feeds us, clothes us, brings us medicines, builds homes for us, creates jobs for us and so on. Do you have any solutions? The tax evasion issue is a fair point and needs to be fixed by more transparent banking, simplier tax codes and laws, and a minimum international corporation tax needs to be brought in as well. My original point is that having a handful of billionaires is sometimes not a terrible thing. There are a lot of cases where wealthy people in middle eastern countries and former soviet countries have made their billions in questionable ways. Most typically dont come from an innovation background either. Google are working on some great projects like driverless cars. This is progress right? We all stand to gain something in the long run.

    8. AntiTheist666

      Thanks Socratesuk, your post was not only interesting but had a wow factor that I couldn’t resist. Yeah loosely speaking business is an expression of power. Business- like Love, is War, and you don’t win wars by not making your presence felt. I should tell you that I am a huge fan of Nietzsche and try to promote his views where I think it’s worth it. This is what he calls the will to power and is the main motivation behind humankind.

      I can tell you from many years experience in business that includes tiny independents and huge multi nationals that is indeed a war out there. At times a deadly, deceitful, dirty and cutthroat war. @Janeen Clark’s comment summed this up wonderfully - thus all the likes. It’s why you were so surprised that interested me. I used the word greekish to emphasise the competitive/war like nature of business and the words tragedy and hemlock to illustrate how rampant consumerism is poisoning all of us as well as the planet.

      I couldn’t agree more about greater transparency but this alone will achieve little, a bit like putting a band-aid on a body ravaged by deadly disease. This is progress you ask. I don’t think so, far from it, but I’m a bit of contrary nihilist and could tell you quite the opposite on another occasion. Solutions? Who knows, I would rather say that there are alternatives worth trying, like

      Eat the Rich

      Mmmm tasty, the rarer the better, in my mouth these words mean we ingest them, we digest them, we absorb them, we excrete them, we become them and they become us - we recognise this great big steaming pile of humanity for what it is. It’s not them or us that’s the problem here, it’s our Ideals/Idols that we slavishly worship.

      If Wealth is Power is a truism, and the gap the between the rich and poor keeps widening at an alarming rate, how long before it becomes untenable within a fair and reasonable community?