Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

2016, Biography  -   9 Comments
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Volumes have been written about the life and work of Walt Disney, but little attention has been given to his formidable skills as a futurist. Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow is an informative and attractively produced new documentary that focuses on Disney's commitment to innovation, his groundbreaking successes in movie houses and theme parks, and how his endeavors ultimately informed arenas as diverse as transportation and urban planning.

The film is a love letter to Disney, though it's not in any way directly endorsed by or affiliated with his corporation. It acts quickly in dispelling many of the negative accounts and rumors which have grown around his legend over the years, including his reported overbearing nature and his perception of women and minorities in the workplace. Featured are commentaries with an assembly of distinguished researchers, and several artists who worked closely with Disney throughout his meteoric career. They all attest to his charm, approachability, leadership abilities, inclusiveness, creativity and foresight.

From his creation of Mickey Mouse to his full embrace of sound technologies with the release of Steamboat Willie to his emergence as a theme park pioneer, we learn the path Disney took to capture the imagination of billions. He encountered countless challenges, set-backs and cynics along the way, but such is the case when you make it your mission to explore uncharted territories.

Disney was motivated at times by a strong sense of social responsibility. With EPCOT, he set out to celebrate the technologies of tomorrow, and create an environment where families could share in a comforting experience of enchantment. The dream project, which was initiated in the drawing board phase during his life but not completed until after his death, was born out of his response to rapidly deteriorating city life in communities across the United States.

The totality of Disney's legacy is enormous. He was a titan of the entertainment industry and an icon of unparalleled stature the world over. An ambitious birth to death portrait, Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow does an admirable job of bringing to light the high-points of his career, and many lesser-known anecdotes and adventures along the way.

Directed by: Christian Moran

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Edward Smith
8 months ago

Great story. Very inspiring.

Hans van der Veen
10 months ago

I look all over the internet when this documentary was made. No one knows!

Maitre Corbeau
2 years ago

Excellent documentary. It really taps into the visionary ideas, mindset and avant-garde personality of Walt Disney. Had he lived longer, it would have been very interested to see what he would have achieved further.

Chris Connolly
6 years ago

Walt Disney was one of the very few people that rose to the top of his game & remained a true gentleman. A dreamer who was surrounded by fellow dreamers & people who made his ideas come to fruition. We need more people like him in the world today. Fantastic documentary..

6 years ago

The best doc I've seen of Walt Disney he is truly on of the true icons of American history and someone to aspire to

7 years ago

Walt Disney was the very definition of "bigger than life." Truly, I was 10-12 years old before it finally occurred to me that he was actually a real person. I admire many of the deep thinkers and political leaders throughout history, but most I admire people who are intelligent, creative, energetic and who work hard to achieve a better future for all of humanity. In other words, people who are exactly like Walt Disney.

7 years ago

Well worth watching

7 years ago

Pretty interesting documentary. Talk about making something out of nothing and never letting your dream fade.

Dave Mani
7 years ago

The best documentary on Walt Disney I have had the priviledge to view. It really centers on Walt's accomplishments, and how they were created from his vision. Werner Von Braun stated that Walt was the smartest man he ever met, and after seeing this, you'll understand why. I learned some things about Disney's creativity I never stereo sound, surround sound, multi track recording, all this in the 40's...full stereo TV in the 50's...
superbly well done, with running commentary from a few of his closest working