Great Natural Wonders of the World

Great Natural Wonders of the World

2002, Nature  -   53 Comments
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Great Natural Wonders of the WorldThe earth is indeed an extraordinary planet, and not just because of the almost infinitely variety of life that is supports, its very fabric - the land itself - is marvelously varied and impressive. In this program, we're going on a global journey in search of the greatest natural wonders of the world.

Long ago, the surface of the earth was born a fire. This was the raw material from which the face of our planet was created. Then over an immense length of time, the earth's crust was shaped and reshaped by the forces of nature.

Its' rocks have been carved by the powers of the elements, and by that great leveler, time itself. What we see around us today is the result of these unrelenting processes of natural erosion, a dramatic story of continuous change. The world we see now is the result of monumental changes that are barely detectable in our own brief lives.

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  1. Michelle

    I quit at 5 minutes in due to ridiculous advertisements. No thanks

    1. Chuck


  2. a5r3

    I love your narration Sir DA

  3. leigh

    More numbers than you'll ever hear in an hour! Awe-some!

  4. Jay Nguyen


  5. Jonathan JP Paulino

    Unfortunately; that is all we have left.

  6. barry4211

    This documetary is a good Watch

  7. Vandermoore

    As always, a very beautiful documentary from Attenborough and the BBC. Nice for those who wish to get to know of these wonders without spoiling too much of them for would be visitors.

    Also, while some do call the Americas one continent, it is not commonly done so. And though the North-America bit was almost exclusively about the USA, one could argue it was rightly so, as it does contain some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world, let alone the continent. Personally however, I thought Death Valley, while probably an amazing sight in person, does not lend itself so much to be captured on the screen, and its place could easily have been given to some Canadian or Central American wonder, although I have a hard time thinking of one.

    1. Carl Jodoin

      The Rockies.

    2. Joey Tyke

      Niagara Falls?

  8. Ben Caesar

    Great documentary.

  9. Marino Guerieri

    does everything have to be "astonishing"? :D i mean everything made by bbc :)

  10. mmiinnuu

    good one. it is an astonishing documentary. thanks to BBC.

  11. Jodie

    I love this program, another great film from the BBC! AND it featured Iguacu Falls! My favourite place in the entire world that so many people don't know about! X (Is the comment about South and North America being one contintent a joke =S?)

  12. Paul

    This is an awesome footage, glad to have found it here. Thanks.

  13. Rauan

    Thanks to BBC.Amazing and unforgettable sceneries of the Earth. David Attenborough - simply the best narrator.

  14. Carlos

    But Coyote, being the first segment North America, don't you think they talked too much about USA? I mean Canada and Mexico are also North America after all.

  15. Carlos

    Why is he saying that North-America and South-America are continents? they are ONE continent which is AMERICA.

    1. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

      Unnnnnhhhhhh........ Man. Ok. (big deep breath) siiiiiiiiigh...... And when you count your 7 continents ( you can use your fingers if you have to). Would you not include, in those 7 continents, both north america AND south america? Becuase if you think its one contient then i would assume that you also believe africa,asia, and europe are all the same continent called eurasfica. And obviously antartica is not to be considered a contienet, because who wants to go to that frozen wasteland. I usually don't use this childishly annoying phrase but..... DERP. =P

    2. Sarcastic_Drew

      "Why is he saying that North-America and South-America are continents? they are ONE continent which is AMERICA."

      Hahahahahha! omg. Thank you for that. I needed a good lol.

    3. Shaughn Xavier Alexis Clark

      It's 'The America's' America doesn't own the whole lot.

    4. Sarcastic_Drew

      You're lying.

    5. Shaughn Xavier Alexis Clark

      Clearly. Read up on your geography.

    6. Sarcastic_Drew

      "It's 'The America's' America doesn't own the whole lot."

      Read my comment again. You misinterpreted.

      A funny note: You stating: "***AMERICA*** doesn't own the whole lot" is ignorant unto itself, claiming the United States of America IS America, discrediting other "American" countries such as Mexico, Canada etc of any merit whatsoever. lol

    7. George

      It depends on the eductaion model of the country your are in. In India and most of Asia there are 7 Continents. Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Antartica. The Education model in South America teaches Six Continents. witn North and south America counted as one.

  16. Coyote03

    Really great documentary! I would love to go see Angel Falls, Ayer's Rock and well a lot of other sites also!

    lallu, the first 12-15 minutes were on North America, while I am Canadian, I thought they did a good job with the sites they chose. Australia's segment was just as long, each continents segment was proportional to the amount of interesting and unique features created by earth's erosion processes.

    To suggest that the BBC or BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION is being funded by the USA is an incredibly ignorant and fallacious statement! :)

  17. blue bird

    Wow great video,some beautiful places,waterfalls,moutains, everything,all very pretty!!

  18. Jesse

    The reason is obvious why they didn't go so quite in depth about the U.S.A. The U.S.A. is covered by so many different documentaries, the most famous one being National Parks-America's Best Idea. It was amazing to see the what the rest of the world has to offer. Most of places shown, I have never even heard of until now. Note, "Great Natural Wonders Of The World".

  19. lallu

    Good one, but a bit overly biased towards USA. I think they paid the bills.

  20. Ryan

    Gotta love this guys voice