The Holloway Files

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Natalee Holloway disappeared on Aruba in 2005 and was never found. In this new documentary, two curious journalists try to discover what happened to her. They acquired the entire police files of the case and they show several likely sequences of events of that night and who may have been accountable for Natalee's disappearance.

Natalee Holloway was in the Dutch Caribbean on a school class excursion. She had just graduated from high school and together with her friends she was just having a good time. On the 29th of May, they went to the casino at the Holiday Inn, where they were staying.

They were drinking alcohol and after a while they went to a place called Carlos 'n Charlies. Before going to Carlos 'n Charlies they had met Joran van der Sloot at the casino table and had asked him to come along.

Joran accepted the invitation and went there together with the Kalpoe brothers. They partied there until closing time and then they went cruising in the car. Natalee insisted to get into the car and according to eyewitnesses, she yelled 'yoo-hoo Aruba', and they drove off to the beach.

The controversy is: Did Joran leave Natalee on the beach or not? The police gathered clues indicating other whereabouts and even other suspects. Joran was taken into custody twice in the Natalee Holloway case. The second detention came after a case revision by the Dutch police. It was never disclosed why Joran was arrested again, but in the police files we find some of the answers... new data about what happened that night.

There are multiple witnesses who negate Joran's statement. But if Joran was not on the beach, where did he go? In one of his many police questionings, he gave a hint. He unexpectedly stated that he took Natalee to his apartment.

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  1. bringmeredwine

    I used to follow Natalee's story, but that was a very long time ago.
    It can't possibly be a coincidence that 2 young women who have crossed paths with Joran died.
    I don't hold any hope that Natalee's murderer will ever be held accountable..
    Not at this point with all that's gone on already. 10 people have already been arrested in this case, then let go.
    It's a tragedy that Stephany Flores was murdered because this guy was free to go to Peru and do as he pleased!
    P.S. The boys Joran partied with; who hunted females to bag 10 minutes of selfish sexual gratification; then video taped these conquests; are despicable.

    I edited this comment because Vincent Verweij pointed out to me that Paulus Van Der Sloot (Joran's father) died in 2010.
    Here in Canada, back in 2005, news media gave me the impression that Paulus Van Der Sloot was a wealthy lawyer with political connections.
    I wrongly assumed he was still alive and could easily pay for all of Joran's legal representation.
    I hadn't kept up with any developments after the first few months. (like how he'd gone broke after his 2nd lawsuit against his government).
    So now I'll shut up!


    The whole case was handled in a very sloppy way I' wonder the police and the justice system still in the stoneage they had a suspect who fled to Colombia and they failed to combine the case like they want this guy get away such an lame ***holes

  4. CapnCanard
  5. CapnCanard

    Joran is the killer. I always though he had to potential to make it big as POS. But about this clown, DJ Diablo, aka Steve? That guy is a piece of work as well. I guess strange garbage washes up on beach down in Aruba.

  6. bringmeredwine
  7. bringmeredwine

    Thank you for bringing up Columbia-I hadn't realised he left a trail there, too.

  8. A MFM
  9. A MFM

    Boycott Aruba until they reopen the case.

  10. Terry "OldFox" Seale
  11. Terry "OldFox" Seale

    The TV reporter claims to have "acquired the entire police files on the case" but how does he know? The prosecutor wouldn't talk about it with him, so he didn't get HER files. Police files are not public records. They are full of raw snippets of intelligence, bad reports, and secret data, and who knows what embarrassing or revealing information may have been REMOVED from the files.

    The English narrator sounds more like a gameshow host or a pitchman than a journalist, and why does he make statements of past events in the PRESENT tense. The journalism here is about as sloppy and incompetent as the police work. It's just a commercial to sell his book.

  12. Richard Neva
  13. Richard Neva

    This film started me on a trail that led me to the book, Portrait Of A Monster by Liza Pulitzer and Cole Thompson and I got the film on Amazon Justice For Natalee Holloway, quite good but I am still not satisfied as to what exactly happened to Natalee, so sad!

  14. Richard Neva
  15. Richard Neva

    Good idea!

  16. Mahi Tuna
  17. Mahi Tuna

    when people travel to a foreign country they are at the mercy of the hosts countries police and laws and procedures . Many of these policies come to be a huge surprise to those caught up in them. a friend who was a blond girl was picked up by the police in a south american country, she was sitting having coffee, she was hustled off to the police station and held in custody, why? she at the time had no idea. it turned out the leader of the country had a son who had a girlfriend who was blond and they broke up and she fled. word went out to police to detain any blond women for questioning, sonny boy wanted his girlfriend back. her rights? none. she left the country and ended her vacation.

  18. Tomas lorino
  19. Tomas lorino

    It really bothers because i have daughter who graduated high school three years and now attends the same university that miss holliway was to go. It never happened because her life was cut way to short by some thug punk who was spoiled and did as he pleased never fearing the law. The sad part is another life was taken because this monster was allowed to kill again while he should have been jailed. I cant help but say as a father i probably would have hunted this creep down and he would have mysteriously dissapeared. Sometimes we have to really seek justice ourselves. God has his ways of healing our hearts over time we offen want answers that dont come or we dont see but they come trust me no trust god they come. I could go on but it really hurts to think about ten years have passed and no real answers but i tell u this if this monster ends up in jefferson co jail in bham al for exstortion charges from mrs holliway yes it ll be 28 years from now and il probably have passed on but if i ever run into this punk he s going to answer this ole mans questions. All i can say is may god have mercy on him because i wont. God bless u mrs holliway.

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