These Streets Are Watching

These Streets Are Watching

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These Streets Are WatchingHowever, if nothing else, cop watch can and will and does inform citizens of their rights as citizens. Informs citizens of what is proper police conduct and what is improper police conduct. Informs citizens of what you can do to protect yourself in case you get in any type of predicament with the police.

The Streets are Watching is a 50 minute video that takes a fresh look at police accountability through the eyes of three communities; Denver, Cincinnati and Berkeley. Independent filmmaker, Jacob Crawford, weaves three cities responses to police brutality into a single tale of community empowerment and direct action.

Within an amazing collection of footage that portrays police conduct and misconduct, the film conveys basic legal concepts that can provide practical help to groups and individuals seeking a clearer understanding of their rights when dealing with police. The film is divided into sections that explain our basic rights, tactics for documenting police activity and ideas for further action and organizing.

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  1. True American 1st

    Here in the city I live in you video tap police your phone comes up confiscated or broken, and possibly arrested for interfering or disorderly conduct. I remember just a year or so ago the police wasn't acting professionally during call to a fight. 9 people were videoing, and all their phones were taken, some broken, and some went to jail.

  2. Jane

    Speak as if you passed sixth grade. "Be Cool"? How about you be professional and, using your oh so favorite word, be transparent, Copstalkers.?

  3. Jane

    I agree with Bodd. And I certainly dont fall for the bs from this "civil rights attorney." What I saw in this clip were a bunch of poorly trained people who dont know how ti interview, whose judgement is questionable and whose bias is unmistakable. Their language alone: repulsive, childish and churlish. This organization can probably be traced to many in the liberal left who are interested not in the truth but in what THEY think is the truth. Do they understand why cops use certain minimally painful techniques to avoid using much more painful methods. Oh and by the way, Copwatch: who/what organization funds it? What is your tax status? Does your organization pay taxes? If not, why? Do your "volunteers" sign releases in the event they get injured because they interfered with a police encounter?How many hrs of training do its "volunteers" receive? Are background checks done on its "volunteers" (after all, you claim you will provide "evidence" in court); and, are the all so important Copstalkers subjected to intermittent urine and blood testing? Where can members of the public examine your official documents, including tax returns, amt of donations received, copies of training materials and results of background checks, as well as minutes of your meetings? Also, those official yellow vests you like to wear? In many countries, those vests are similar to what police wear. Who you gonna' call if someone who cant understand English decides to settle a grudge? I find Copstalkers to be just a bit too confident, a bit too entitled. And should you get yourself in trouble, dude, dont worry, plan on coughing up about 200,000 for that "altruistic"attorney to defend you.

  4. Eva jane

    The derogatory, repetitive complaints written by some regarding officers doing their jobs (no, not those who commit crimes; and just so you know, "police brutality" is not a crime. It is a slogan, meant to lump all police actions into one and it is used to manipulate all you people who misquote the Constitution and spend your time videotaping police. What, you dont have jobs? I pity these cops who must hear "I got it all on video!!!" 100x per day. Just so you know, I am white, middle aged, slender, outspoken. Have been pulled over probably 6x, made to walk backwards and been handcuffed (there had been a robbery in the area). Yes, it is legal for cops to stop you and ask you your name (read case law, particularly that of thr liberal SC). Yes, they can lawfully detain you. Start bashing your own head into the ground and screaming "don't hurt me" just makes you look silly. Yes, I have been racially profiled. Everyday. After all, I am white, a woman, a Christian, pro police, pro military, pro USA, and anti fascist techniques such as civil war concocted and carried about by our federal government, by our community organizer in chief. No one respects slogans, generalizations, people who can only screech 2 word defamations. People DO respect...and think about well researched, cogent, rational FACTS. Please, those of you who do not fall into this latter group, start with showing respect for yourselves, the police, and others. There are plenty of countries it sure seems you'd be happier in. Why not go to them and watch what happens when you spit on a cop, use foul language, spew out inaccurate laws. Go ahead. You'll come back--assuming they allow you to--kissing the soil of the USA and with new perspectives on 99.999% of police. Don't act like petulant children; you are adults and sometimes you just gotta' restrain yourself instead of making a mockery out of true protest--most of which you have never seen.+

  5. jung badgett

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  7. James Rodgers

    I understand the need for Copwatch in some places as there are places that have high levels of arrests, police brutality and illegal searches (i.e. in New York City, 48% of police stops were conducted on African-Americans whilst African Americans contribute only 15% of the population of New York City indicating an innate racial bias of police officers in NYC), however saying that "the more of you there are the weaker the police are" is a totally unfair statement. The police are there to 'Protect & Serve', they are there to defend the general public and protect them (& their property) from harm. I agree that U.S. police officers have a tremendously bad track record with unlawful arrests & searches but, if there is no trust or willingness to let them do their job then how can any justice, whether it be for victim or offender, ever be achieved. MOST arrests are not violent, however when police are in situations that are not one-on-one we must remember that we as citizens outweigh them hugely! It is easy to be outnumbered, out-gunned and very easy for a situation to go from stable to critical. The police are the first arm of the legislature and are by far the smallest in number throughout the entire judicial system, who, everyday, have the very real aspect of being injured or killed just doing their jobs. So, when thinking that Copwatch can be a blanket system to aid in the rights of the community, we must also remember that their jobs are not easy, every situation is different, we may not know what the police know and that they are only there to protect us.

    1. Peaceful Streets

      Actually, the cops are not there to protect and serve. The cops have repeatedly taken the position that they have no duty to protect, and the courts have agreed with them. That's why they have the right to kill you and get away with it - claiming they were "scared", and why they have the right to turn a blind eye to your being raped or murdered. But sure, keep perpetuating the false notion that cops are here to protect and serve, that will do wonders for the unarmed teenagers who talk to cops thinking that they are talking to their protectors, right before the cops execute them.

    2. piqo

      Peaceful Streets is completely correct. Even in my small christian town which has a very low crime rate it seems that the police abuse their power even more with absolutely no justification.
      "It is easy to be outnumbered, out-gunned and very easy for a situation to go from stable to critical." (I hope you never have to experience that the other way around because many many people have)

    3. chance

      Wrong, the supreme court decided in 2006 that police officers are in no way responsible to protect a citizen. Police exist to protect the elite, their property and politicians and to generate revenue for the state. Police brutality/misconduct is NOT isolated events, they are happening every day all across the country. The poor and disenfranchised are waiting for you to wake up, are children are being murdered.

  8. ThePhilhw

    great stuff.
    watch the *******.................
    From a Brit in Thailand.

  9. Guest

    Bizarre! Coze since the so-called "Patriot Act", civic rights in the USA were abolished? No Heabea Corpus as wel as for the rest?

    To every civil rigth right legal item, there's patriot act one that conteract it?
    It must be that the docu dates back to earlier times.

    Anyway, I wouldn't set a foot on the USA territory.
    I didn't been there for decades. It's a dangerous place.
    The police services need to take extreme measures up to a point where...
    Where they dissiminsate what they're supposed to anhilate.

    The average common peoples over there would be safer in rural regions even though it may be much harder to make a living.
    Imagine if there woundn't be no cameras, it would be close to "Inquisition"!

    & hop to another docu.


  10. who_me_yeah_you

    ROFLMAO! @ 10:10 Samuel L Jackson. He was ready for a a beatdown and somebody ruined his workout.

  11. uh-huh

    Once, at my job, I was sitting against the building on my break, when a cop car zoomed into the parking lot with no lights or siren, nearly hitting a van with an elderly couple inside. The cop just stopped where he was, exited, and ran into the store. He left the old lady to fall out of the van onto the ground. I went over as I thought she was having a heart attack, and told her I'd take her inside to speak to the manager.

    The cop was in a big hurry to reach the store because..... ..... ..... a 7 year old tried to pocket a Snickers bar.

    I felt bad for the kid, who was crying hysterically, for being yelled at by the officer on how she could be "thrown in jail" over 85 cents (of course, no one would be).

    I interrupted to bring attention to the old lady whose van he almost t-boned. I found it far more important than my Wal-Mart manager feeling the need to call police over a child grabbing candy while her mother wasn't looking, anyway. The woman was enraged, and began yelling at this officer over his audacity, to which he replied - and I'm QUOTING:

    "When I'm in my squad car, I will drive where I want, when I want, at whatever speed I feel like driving at. Now I'm telling you to leave this store."

    I enjoy docs like this, that help inform citizens of their rights and spread insight on how people are in reality, and what you can and need to do to keep it from repeating. However, there's a problem in how few people are open to watching them, or receiving the right message.

    Every day on regular websites I see more videos on the actions of police and people, to just plain people vs. people, caught on tape by far more bystanders that just love the drama and enjoy laughing about it. For them, the idea is not to bring attention to an epidemic of brutality, unprofessionalism, and ignorance on the part of individuals with no understanding of their rights or what they choose to accept in behavior from others. The idea instead is to get it uploaded to youtube and other sites as fast as possible so others may be entertained and their own popularity ratings will go up on the site.

    Sure, the vids are all labeled with caps and made to make the poster sound outraged at what they've filmed, but it's an eye-catching headline only, with no one giving useful feedback and no revolts or group plans going into effect. The Patriot Act, airport security, Nevada, Wall Street, Wisconsin, right down to regular cops - it's fodder for complaints and catchy vid clips. Never actions.

    The best thing I think anyone can do on their own is try to learn from these docs, keep abreast on world happenings and current laws, and just stand up for themselves as best they can. Cuz as it stands, the injustices themselves are never gonna be changed.

  12. Joshua

    What a great video. I love the cops but the folks in this video seemed to Ass#####. Why do they have to be on a power trip. I'm go to look into starting copwatch in Oregon.

    1. Peaceful Streets

      Why do you love cops? Do you love them because they are overpaid on confiscated tax dollars? or because they have immunity for their crimes? or because they kill homeless people and minorities and get away with it? Or because they generate revenue for local municipalities by enforcing victimless crime statutes?

  13. aaangie

    @Cool E Beans. Sorry I didn't make my question clearer, I meant, how many times has it successfully been used in court?

  14. Cool E Beans

    Note to aaangie: only every time that evidence is presented in court.

  15. Cool E Beans

    Aparently you don't understand how Copwatch works. First you find a private citizen (it could even be you) who has a video camera, a blank tape and a charged battery. Next you become friends with this person (or if it is you, find a friend) and keep the camera with you and videotape any police encounter you come upon. Having a clipboard and taking names and notes is also recommended.

    CONGRATULATIONS you now have Copwatch in your neighborhood. You do not have to belong to Copwatch to do this you only need to be a neighbor with a camera and hopefully a friend or two or ten or a hundred.

    Now go and protect your rights.

  16. aaangie

    this was really good, and as i live in the uk, could someone tell me how often this evidence has been used in court against the police?

  17. Erica

    This cop watch system needs to be in place in every state because about every cop that I have encountered have been like the ones depicted in this video and being silent only makes the cops act out more and treat people in a worser way. The St. Louis police department is very known for brutality and the news and chief city hall every part of the city covers up their dirty work its very sad to watch that people abuse their positions its a form of terrorism. people need to learn there rights if not their human rights their godly ones and know they don't have to put up with the injustice.

  18. Chris

    Interesting organization. Cops can be corrupt just like everyone else. I have seen some real "bullies" and I have seen some good ones. I am glad that more people are recording audio/video when being pulled over and when seeing other people being pulled over. The judge always will side with the cop unless the other person has evidence. KEEP THEM IN CHECK!

  19. MIchael22541

    Pasadena! try Long Beach, Signal hill, Torrence, the only reason LAPD slow down was due to Rodney king tape, but they are still up their games. One group you do not have to worry about is the Sheriff they are know for shooting first and asking questions later if needed.

  20. Rick

    I have applied "Freeman-on-the-land" concepts three times now and won every time. They can't wait to get me out of the court room.Ask yourself why is that? This last time, they violated my rights so badly that I aim to sue them in a common law jurisdiction court. I will win, you wait and see. The police are here to protect and serve us, not the corporations. Learn how to exercise your rights in common law jurisdiction. It will start us back on the right path. The more of us who do it, the better it is for all of us. I have also been sworn in as a "Peace Officer" by my neighbors [ I live in Canada ]Just wait until you see how much power a peace officer has..especially over policy enforcers. It works people. Check out user/keiththompsonmusic on youtube. He does it right on video.

  21. acab

    why is this filed under conspiracy?

  22. Eli Webber

    what i gathered from this Doc. is, there teaching you how you have certain constitutional rights. and there informing us as citizens of this country. On how we assert are rights.and that we have a right to monitor the same police that are there to protect us as citizens under that constitution.Its our duty as citizen,s of this country,to see that our right,s are not violated by anyone and that esp. includes the police.

    If your someone who thinks the police have the right to do whatever they want then your community is in big trouble.because police that are not monitored will violate your rights at every opp. you won,t know this unless it happens to you personally or you go out and witness it yourself .plus the fact you won,t unless it does affect you or someone close to you, say a family member or friend.

    its happening everywhere in this country .and the only people who will report it is these people doing a very good service to there comm. such as cop watch .i commend them .very good Doc.any one out there thinking its one sided is a m@#$%. this was filmed in a grassroots org. and i think they did a very good job of being inform. and showing proof of what a few people can do to change things in there comm. good job ...

  23. StallionHorse

    Charles Manson is definitely out of his mind, but the one phrase where he seems to touch base with reality is his elegantly simple phrase which also serves as almost a declarative command: "Death to Pigs". And before you all start screaming, read some Orwell, like...for many of the low-IQ, especially Christian members, you may want to start with Animal Farm. It's a fictional story, so you'll be familiar with its allegorical, fantasy nature, so perhaps you'll kinda crack the code and 'get it'. Then perhaps move on to 1984 and we're on our way. Then perhaps delve into some *gasp* scientific territory and watch the doc here (actually there are a few, a couple full-length ones and then others with references to them or including footage) where they examine people giving what they believe to be electric shocks to people, even after hearing violent screaming in the next room followed by sudden silence...all because of following orders. Add a badge and some power, and you've got a heady brew and a bunch of meatheads (not speaking of all pigs that way; there are some good ones out there, ya just have to look a bit harder) ready to crack some skulls and dehumanize their fellow countrymen. Shame on you, and shame on us for letting it happen under our watch. People need to speak up, not be so afraid...get out of your comfort zone and start calling it out. Express wanna argue? Great, perhaps we'll find some truth that way, as long as we follow rules of logic, reason, and treat each other with respect and decency. That's where all great knowledge has come from. As for me? I'm only a horse, but I'm staying the hell away from them cops, man. I feel bad for my brothers and sisters who got drafted into carrying these apes in blue into combat zones with evil people like civil rights marchers, feminists, and other such dangerous people with such insane ideas - equality? LOLZ|

  24. Heyzeus

    It takes a special kind of almost like us person to even want to be in law enforc..., law exploitation.

  25. Heyzeus

    I'm so sick of opinions like Bodd's. I DON'T want police around until I need them. That is the f****** job they agreed to be paid for. It's the most I expect. NOTHING MORE.

  26. BeepBeepImaJeep

    if you think you have to leave the country to see real violations of human rights, you're badly mistaken.

  27. Bodd

    I strongly feel that its wrong to assume police are always nerveous and cautious becuase they are violating citizens human rights. I think i better assumtion is that they are nerveous and cautious becuase they are dealing with potentially dangerous/life threatening situations for us (The public) on a daily basis.

    If theses "police watch" bitches feel so stongly about stopping police brutality and human rights violations then they should invest in plane tickets and go to england/ireland/india/china/anywhere in africa to see real violations of human rights.

    Nobody wants police around until they need them .

    1. wpsmithjr

      Just to point a few things out you...

      I'm a delivery driver. I have the 6th most dangerous job in America. Right behind commercial fisherman, construction worker, farmer, and others. Guess where police officers are... #10. The tenth most dangerous job... nowhere near #1. Sure, they risk their lives every day, but you don't hear that about the construction worker or the farmer. Only about the police officer... because they are out their "risking their lives". Do this for me... think about the fisherman that risked his life next time you go to a seafood restaurant. Think about the construction worker next time you walk into a building.

      Their job is nowhere near as dangerous as people make it out to be. They are the ones with the guns and the clubs, remember?

      And as far as protection goes... other than just providing their presence, cops don't usually stop crimes from happening. If they aren't around, and most times they aren't, crimes still occur. The huge majority of the people they arrest are perpetrating victimless crimes like drug possession or simply being somewhere that the cop doesn't want them.

  28. Andrew

    I fail at editing!

  29. Andrew

    This is nothing more than a Michael Moore one sided story. Not to say there isn't a problem with certain police persons/procedures, just please try not to form your opinions from a one sided persons' documentary.

    1. wpsmithjr

      It's not a one sided story. It's a documentary about Cop Watch. Nowhere did they say that all cops are bad... or that we don't need cops.

      A lot of cities have corrupt police. Some cops are good cops... some bad. (Just like some citizens are good and some bad.)

      The police have the legal monopoly on force. If there were no Cop Watch then the cops could get away with murder... literally... and they have. In many cities.

      Just as a side note: They've been taking away all our rights with the Patriot Act and other legislation, but you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than you are to be killed by a terrorist.

  30. Mario Hankton

    Very informative. The people who made this film are a great example of people who care to make a tangible difference. There are so many untold and unnecessary abuses within the just us system.

  31. Willie D.

    I live in Waco TX, and the police here are not unlike the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. Know your rights and don't take any thing from them, especially when you don't have to.

  32. eddie

    we need cops. but we need them to work within a certain frame & not abuse the power we have granted them. great doc. keep copwatch going!

  33. Paddy Irishman

    Cops in Ireland don't have guns so the pussies won't tackle armed gangs instead they take out their frustration on teens and normal people enjoying a few drinks I personally been beaten with phone books so I don't bruise cops r crooked the problem is global wud love to have cop watch here to portray the shambles that is the Irish police force

  34. dbjohn

    Never trust a cop. Good flick.

  35. Spiller of beans

    If Copwatch comes to Pasadena Ca. and films on Woodbury rd. west of Lake ave and east of Arroyo ave. they will see some of the most racial profiling EVER to take place in the history of mankind!!!! .And the sad thing is that's only one street about 2 miles long!!!! So sad.. But what is really sad is the fact that if you live or work in Pasadena and "try" and assert your rights you most likely will be murdered or framed by the corrupt Pasadena Gang Task Force.. Google them there wicked!!!! PLEASE help us!!!!!!!!!