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2009, Environment  -   40 Comments
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HomeThe film, produced by the brilliant and ecology-minded French director Luc Besson, is the work of acclaimed aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose cinematography, covering landscapes in 54 countries, provides a journey you'll never be able to experience anywhere else. Bertrand's views of Earth from above are so powerfully exquisite they will bring you to tears.

Nut, along with its enthralling images, the film delivers alarming statistics about climate change and how quickly it is transforming our beautiful planet into a place that will be uninhabitable. Glenn Close does a beautiful job with the English language narration, Salma Hayek voices the Spanish version and other ecology-minded actors contribute the French and other language editions. They're all available online.

The documentary is intended to spur you to sustainable behavior, and ends with some instruction about how you can help conserve our Home.

Besson told me that the reason they named the film Home, although it's actually extra-terrestrial in its point of view, is because "the word 'home' has the same meaning in all cultures, all languages. It is a place that people of all ages--even little kids--can identify and love. It is central to their sense of themselves. Earth is the only 'home' we have, so we must care for it that way."

This is a must see film, especially for kids. Well, and parents, too. And, yes, any and everyone who thinks about what the future holds for our species and all the others that share our Home.

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  1. Jianjun Tang

    This movie should be made available to all school kids. Caring for our planet is everyone's responsibility.

  2. DustUp

    Blah blah blah. The indoctrinated BS never ends. When all those who live in countries who don't really need population control but want to force it on me anyway (the west), when they lead by example and off themselves to save the planet, I will then consider them to be true to their cause and less hypocritical. Keep in mind this indoctrination paid for by those who own the media, el governmente, the corporations, i.e. the banksters, have been promoting this population reduction theme for decades in spite of the fact that many of the western countries birth rates barely keep up with the death rates, some don't.

    Now if we had sane govt we wouldn't be paying welfare mothers to have a bunch of kids. That simple lack of handing them the means is what is insane.

    As for Asia and Africa? What are you going to do? Tell ME I need to limit my family to 0.71 children and that will fix the ACTUAL problem where the ACTUAL problem is?

    Sure, yes, quit polluting, quit making planned obsolescence crap. However, now I know why no congress person will do anything about GeoEngineering/Chemtrails, GMO frankenfood, and Billy Weasel Gates favorite way to off people (corrupted vaccines and GMO). They want you dead.

    Problem is THEY ARE KILLING THE PLANET via CHEMTRAILS. That is a much more serious problem than ANY other. And where is the mention?

    1. Jonas

      You had some rally great points there, until you had some not so great points.

  3. Ashok Revanna

    #PratikRaut, exactly what the movie was explaining, and you are already at it.? It is not a bollywood movie to make a sequel for your f**king entertainment, it is a message sent across to the people after carefully putting things together from information by historians, archealogists, scientists, etc for us to get an idea about happening to our planet earth. Please understand there will be no sequel or a second chance for the destruction happening to our one and only HOME to be in! Good luck, minimise your fossil fuel demand for travel, energy and other personal 'wants', because earth has been devised itself for meeting the needs not wants!

  4. Pratik Raut

    Home (2015) movie : It is too awesome movie, me and my friends are waiting for it's sequel/2nd part and hindi dubbed too. Please make it's sequel and it's Hindi dubbing too.

  5. Mike

    I really feel this can change the world. But my brain says different.

  6. Huda

    The best documentary I have ever seen. Amazingly beautiful. I will see it again.

  7. coryn

    Truly an awesome film, just unbelievable shots..... Don't miss this one.

    I'm not optimistic regarding the human's ability to save himself, or the planet. Something over 7 billion people now, growing exponentially (ever faster), and soon to outstrip the natural resources required for sustained life. But so what, it's not like it matters, does it? We're all stumbling around wondering why we're here in the first place. It is a mixed bag as they say.

    Or, perhaps once we fill the planet with our warm bodies, we'll be harvested.....

  8. Ilona Randall

    This is an amazingly beautiful documentary, the filming is spectacular and the message powerful.

    I think thought the solution is more complex than just having less children or something like that. There's so much intertwining factors to take into account that really, we need a total social change to really make ourselves living on this planet sustainable.

    Our current greedy, super consumerist society reinforce this sort of destructive behaviour and many people think it's time for a change of values. Think critically, watch documentaries, lectures, read and decide what is the best for Earth and ourselves, as a whole.

    I personally support a resource based economy idea as the solution but I'm sure some will disagree with the solution... The important part is for our thinking to change and recognise that it's not an issue that we can just patch up with our current socio-economic system, which treats the planet as infinite.

  9. kh

    why is the video now private on youtube? What happened to it being free?

  10. Nimmernumbnuts

    If you can get past all the evolution bull & one world garbage it is a pretty good watch....it does have some great cinematography!

    1. Nwttp

      yea, it should have mentioned the Flying Spaghetti Monster at least once.

  11. noconman

    heaven help us all.....

  12. brianrose87

    Excellent documentary.

    Wonderfully composed. Beautiful soundtrack. Fluid pace. Both entertaining, and profoundly revealing.

    I should mention, I'm exceptionally critical and find that many documentaries use hyperbole and emotional rhetoric to win audiences. This documentary is genuine, and reveals truth through facts stated without subjective demeanor.

    1. ??????? ??????????

      This is very well said! Truth is in your every word as well as inside every 1/24 second of the documentary

  13. Sherman Monro

    Absolutely great film for content, photography, video, and selection of tunes. However, the music a little too loud in some parts when the words are spoken --- it becomes like a torture at times because you want to listen to words and focus, but music is pain on the***.

    Altogether, very awakening and inspiring film. Before watching this movie my eyes were open but now they are wider open.

    We are really in a mess and if we don’t stop the Greed, selfishness, and Consumerist Culture today, perhaps, we will definitely be extinct 60 to 100 years from now.

    This requires complete change in attitude and actions in 80% of the Earth population. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to convince those potato-heads who are the decision makers and key-holders. This applies to the whole world particularly US and China. Our way of life isn’t sustainable and we must either make a U-turn NOW or perish soon.

    It’s so frustrating to see Greed and Stupidity of few is costing the extinction of life on this immaculate and intricate planet. This planet can provide for all its inhabitants if the resources are used wisely through compassion, cooperation, and collaboration rather than pulling gone on each other.

    Unfortunately, US has given a BAD model to other countries --- Consumerist Culture. Now, although the party for even Americans is nearly over, others like China and India want to join the party! This puts even more strain on resources and expedites the process of extinction. Other problem is no body has a long term vision and most of those key-holders only think about next weekend! They probably say to themselves,” who cares, I am gone before that day…”

  14. wpsmithjr

    The key is not the Zeitgeist movement. Although I applaud them for trying to find something to change the world we live in. The key is liberty. Freedom FROM government. Who causes the wars? Governments. Who allows corporations to steal our wealth and pollute our land? Governments. Who kills people by the millions? Governments. Especially big, monolithic centralized governments.

    My grandparents grew up during the Great Depression. They had plenty of money, but they lived in a modest 2-BR home, rarely went anywhere except in to town to get supplies. They had a big garden, chickens, a cow, cherry and apple trees, a fig tree, grave vines.... you get the idea. They canned food for the winter. They threw NOTHING away... because even popsicle sticks are fun to play with if you're a little kid. Sure, they went to the grocery store to get meat and other staples, but they could've stayed right there forever, living off the land. The whole extended family would come by after work, usually 10-20 people, and eat dinner at their house. Aunts, uncles, cousins. Family was very important.

    I had the best time growing up there. People cared about one another. People helped each other out... and nobody depended on the government for ANYTHING. Churches, charities, communities and LOCAL government... the smaller and more local the better... are the way to solve individual problems. Not kings, dictators, prime ministers or presidents. The further the government gets away from the people, the more corrupt it becomes... and the harder it is to fix it.

  15. Matthew Smith

    Indeed, over population. Anyone who does not agree has clearly not given much attention to our species. And for people going on aout "greed", stop using your vehicle, or burning oil to heat your home. Stop taking 20+ minute showers and using gallon after gallon of precious water, etc. Then you can make such comments. It sickens me that people can e so arrogant, so hypocritcal aout such things. As if they themselves do not contriute. Have you not paid attention to this video? The asic, fundamental message here: We are ALL connected in some form or another. Everything on this earth. Yet it is the human need to push the boundaries. To extract as much as we possily can, and then move on to the next plot of land.

    On one hand I am very much pleased with our species. On the other, I am asolutely disgusted with it. Well, more so the developed nations. We have such short attention spans. Had we not lost that intelligence we had long ago, we'd not e in this mess. Tell me, who is more developed... the farmers who do what they can with what they have, or the ones who take the resources for granted? I say its high time we get put in our place. We need a worldwide disaster, of epic proportion.I hate to sound so negative, but its a fact. We have forgotten what it is like ot truly struggle for life.

  16. Kumamori

    I'm not a fan of these type of documents, but I give it credit for representing the big picture in a proper light. That what it is about. For someone that is already aware of the most of this stuff, most of this document may be an anxious thing to watch. I already knew those things and waited anxiously what solutions they had to offer, glad I did. Solar panels were, sadly, the only solution they offered I see valid.

    Wind power, sea wave power, vegetarism aren't the ultimate solutions if there's any credibility to the latest science. They say that wind and wave are forces that don't renew indefinitely even though they do renew over time. If you think of solar energy though, that if something ought to be renewable, right?
    When it comes to vegetarism, eating a balanced diet of various meats and vegetables is the best choise in terms of your health and nature's health. What we as humans, as animals consider a waste coming out of our bodies is a nutrition to plants. Fleshly being's dead carcass is also a valid source of many nutrients, especially nitrogen that helps plants to grow, for them.

    Find out about farming with nature, not against it. Farming without tilling. Permaculture. Whatever you call it. If you find it valuable and have the money, time and will, do something about it. Buy a good book of it and donate it to your local library. Share the knowledge. Support those natural farmers or go do that kind of farming yourself. Ask the organisations that provide aid to third world, to take advantage of those farming and graywater utilizing methods. Talk about it to your politicians that are in charge of agriculture.
    This system can make things grow in both desert and northern arid hemisphere, where technology of man alone fails. Union of technology and nature, solar panel and permaculture, sensitive species and greenhouse to protect them, will prevail if used. Do not give up.

  17. in_SANE

    The best doc i have ever seen so far, in terms of visuals, music, pattern of narration and the intensity, theme, message thrown out through it and for the fact that they presented solutions and not just stopped posing problems. Great job!!

  18. in_SANE

    The best Doc i have ever seen in terms of visuals, narration, music, theme, message and the fact that they presented the solutions rather than just posing the question!!!!kudos

  19. linda

    I don't like the idea of someone telling me that I can only have one child, and that I have to tie my tubes after. The monetary system is the problem. Giant industrial corporations ripping the earth of its resources is the problem. There is enough land and possibly (ocean) for everyone, its the exploitation and the greed that needs to stop.

    1. Nwttp

      I don't like that there must be laws in place to protect any land that could naturally support me, basically because there are way too many dumb people that don't give a damn and ruin all they touch, either for the sake of convenience, or just not being able to think for themselves. You could be the smartest person in the world, but i bet if you have five kids at least one of them will fall under that category.

      You could call me selfish, I guess, for wanting to have some nature left without it being infected with a sea of people, but what do you call it when people have eight kids? Any reason for that was left far back in history. A lot of people have kid after kid just because they like to see little them's running around, about as selfish as you can be in my opinion.

      As of now there might be enough land for all of us, but considering the population will double in another fifty years or so, that will not be true much longer. Not to mention, the only reason a population this large is even possible is thanks to fossil fuels. Having kid after kid will just add to the death toll when mass agriculture is no longer viable.

      I agree with you though, I don't like anyone telling me anything really, and if people would think a bit more, have one or two kids, and call it a life that would be great, but that doesn't happen. The poorest, least educated people have a ton of kids, and it is nothing but a strain on the entire planet. A question I have always asked myself, why bring children into a horrible situation? Does it make people feel like less of a failure?

      More recently in history we seem to have found it necessary to create laws to protect us from stupid people, and they from them selves. Pretty ridiculous I know, and not always for the best in my opinion, but if i can't even use fireworks in my state, to celebrate a freedom long ago lost, then I sure as hell wouldn't mind being told I can only have one or two kids in order to save the planet.

    2. illy

      Totally agree with your post. Personally I'm not going to have any child of my own (perhaps adopt) and I can understand why people don't like being told what to do but if it's for the better of the future... Why not?

      We are already told not to do some things (laws), so how is that different, anyway? Sometimes decisions have to be made for greater good, not just for what we want and for the now. Some things are just too important.

      Plus, one child is already hard enough to take care of, why do people want so many of them? I'd really like to know some explanation other than "because I wanted more" or "I've always wanted x number of kids"... Surely you must think of it more rationally (so many factors, psychology, money, ability-as a parent, impact on world etc.)

      Well, you know what they say "no one will blame you... but your children." Think about it people!

    3. Sam Haslam

      Linda, your post is so absolutely on the money (for want of a better expression), I couldn't even envisage it better, let alone put it into so many words. Seriously, well said.

    4. bumpercrop

      Don't like the one child policy? Maybe you prefer starvation and disease generated from overpopulation instead? Women on this planet need to get a grip on the breeding. It's not just unconsciousness male energy raping the planet, it is also women who won't use their being for anything other than a sentimental human breeding factory. Yes, I said it, and it needs to be said.

    5. snchrnct

      You're partially right and partially wrong in my opinion. I understand your frustration and I agree with you on the fact that big corporations play a big (most of the time negative) role here on earth, and I'm not trying to downplay the bad influence of companies such as Monsanto. However, it's us, the consumers, that for the largest part determine whether this destruction and exploitation continues or not.

      We also need to be aware of what and how much we consume on a daily basis, and where it comes from. We can for example stimulate the local economy and communities more by buying local foods etc, thus lowering the need and dependency on oil and big corporations.

      Furthermore, we can educate the people around us, not by focusing too much on negativity, but rather the power that we actually have to change it all if we really want to. It is really easy to put ourselves as victims in the middle of it all, and to point fingers at the so called "evil forces" (banks, governments, big corporations etc). But in the end, what we see around us is all a reflection of us as human beings on this planet. We together bare this responsibility.

      So if we really want to make a change, then we should start with ourselves first and our direct environment. We should take a look at the man in the mirror, just like Michael Jackson wisely sang, in order to spread those positive vibes to our surroundings. Only then would we truly be able to change directions as a species. :)

  20. Hambone Littletail

    I'm with Crow. This documentary -- which I have placed as my NUMBER ONE "favorite" video of all time on my Youtube channel, Humptydumptytribe -- brings "home" the message as strongly as any I have ever seen the OBVIOUS fact that the ONLY way to reverse the problems illustrated in this video is to DRASTICALLY reduce our birth rate on this planet... and I am not talking about "zero population growth," I am talking about a 90 percent reduction in this planet's population. Changing our out-of-control consumption patterns is the close number-two priority of our species (ala the zeitgeist movement), but without lowering the total number of consumers, any savings in that department will be null and void eventually. If you want to see what Planet Earth will look like in about 100 years at the rate we are going, check out the photos of Easter Island, and you will be peeking into this planet's future.

  21. CuriosityKilledTheCat

    This movie is a visual feast for the eyes. Especially if you get the HD version of it and hook it up to a widescreen HD tv. I tell some of my friends it's a bit enviroscare but watch it for the beauty of the film. Those that did watch it enjoyed the visuals, if not the audio of it.

  22. supertramp

    @crow. what has you so convinced we need to control birth rates? surely we just need to drastically change the way we live on the planet. please do investigate thougherally "the zeitgeist movement".

  23. supertramp

    this is a beautiful doc. despite it telling us some truths we may not like to hear at times. if anyone is keen on looking for real solutions may i suggest they look into "the venus project" which is advocated by "the zeitgeist movement". i imagine many who enjoy watching this type of thing will already know of the 2 groups, and they are groups dedicated to the cause of solving all earthly problems from war to poverty, renewable enrgy to building society to irradicate crime. its very stimulating and can definetly be accomplished, if enough people want it.

  24. Crow

    When the narrartor askes, “Why didn't they react in time?” in reference to the Rapa Nui of Easter Island, the answer should be evident. It is the same reason why we as a world population are not reacting. When the answer is population control, sadly, human beings just do not want to hear it or understand.The individuals that do are not numerous enough to have an effect on the world as a whole. Unless the population is lessened by limiting births, our population as a whole will go the way of the Rapa Nui, and nature will thin out our numbers as we as a culture will not.

  25. Sunshine Coast real estate

    The documentary is intended to spur you to sustainable behavior, and ends with some instruction about how you can help conserve our Home.One of the best documentaries I’ve ever watched. It shows the beauty of the world, its destruction and in the end, it gives some hope by showing some alternatives and the right path to find solutions…..................

  26. Karol

    Amazing documentary. A must see. It opens your eyes.

  27. Mutt

    Recommended for anyone. Powerful visuals.

  28. Michael

    This movie is a "must see". HOME is stunningly shot and illuminates the madness of an unsustainable consumer driven culture hell bent on destroying their environs for "profits", and ultimately jeopardising their very survival. HOME is beautiful and tragic.

  29. Vlatko

    Click the link provided above the video @dominic.

  30. dominic

    I would like to watch it but it's saying it's blocked in this country. Are you serious?!

  31. Sarachan

    One of the best documentaries I've ever watched. It shows the beauty of the world, its destruction and in the end, it gives some hope by showing some alternatives and the right path to find solutions...

  32. Ussaili

    A sad yet beautiful journey through, amazing diverse scenery