Hope for Colombia

Hope for ColombiaThe Film follows the 10 day Grace Pilgrimage through and around the Colombian capital Bogota in November 2010.

It is a portrait of two projects - Tamera, a peace research center in Portugal which organized the pilgrimage, and the Colombian peace community San José de Apartadó.

It follows the leaders and participants of the two projects as well as the international participants from Israel, Palestine, Germany and other countries and shows the coming together of the two communities.

It follows their encounters with other peace activists and groups in the city of Bogota, shanty towns and remote areas, and with government officials to create a network of protection for the peace community in Colombia and to show a possible path toward a global culture of peace in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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3 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Andrea Serrano

    its ColOmbia people, not ColUmbia

  2. fonbindelhofas

    Heh, its just that peace rally will never solve anything... :( real sad for Columbia folks:( hard to wach

  3. Sertsis

    This is probably the first time that I've been first to comment, so here goes.
    I thought that this was a well done doc., it's not a side of Columbia that you see often enough.
    Maybe it's just me, but I've been seeing Daryl Hannah everywhere just lately. Recently she was arrested at some rally, earlier today I saw her wishing David Suzuki a happy 75th birthday and I could swear that was her in the closing credits of this doc. I know it was her in those first two instances, but was that her at the end of this doc?,... somebody let me know.