How a Dreamer Changed the World

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This is a profile on late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a technological visionary who overcame numerous setbacks on his path to success. This short documentary features interviews with several of Jobs' colleagues and business associates who recount the adversities faced, and his ultimate triumph as a computer pioneer.

A longhaired dreamer described by friends as a traditional "hippie," Jobs dropped out of Reed College and travelled before returning to his childhood home in the Bay Area of California. It was upon his return that he presented his concept of a personal computer to his friend and future business partner, Steve Wozniak. Together they designed the Apple I, setting in motion a turn of events that would impact the future of technology for decades to come.

Tracing the evolution of the early model Apples and their groundbreaking features from color graphics to the mouse, the would-be turning point for Jobs and company came in 1984 with the debut of the Macintosh. Revolutionary in its user-friendly interface, the Macintosh paved the way for personal computers still in use today; however, the initial launch didn't translate immediately into profit, causing many on the Apple Board of Directors to question Jobs' leadership at the company and delivering a hit to his reputation.

Ultimately ejected from Apple, Jobs created a new company, NEXT, with the continued ambition to create a world-changing computer. It was during this time that Jobs turned his attention to operating systems instead of hardware, focused on his personal life, and undertook a new venture in entertainment with the purchase of Pixar Animation, an investment that made Jobs a billionaire thanks to the success of their first feature film, Toy Story.

In the ten years that had passed since Jobs' ousting from Apple the company had suffered greatly, often failing to compete with Windows. Having a renewed interest in Apple, Jobs sold NEXT to the company and returned as interim CEO. In an unprecedented move, Jobs secured an investment from competitor Bill Gates in order to revitalize the Mac brand with the debut of the candy-colored iMac desktops and clamshell laptops that paved the way for the personal technology still in use today, from the iPod to the iPhone.

Representing Jobs as an incorrigible salesman and charismatic public figure, this edition of GAME CHANGERS provides a succinct overview of his life's work.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. DustUp

    That is not to say the Europeans are any less propagandized and dumbed down these days.

  2. DustUp

    Did the world change due to Mr. Jobs and Mr. Gates? Not in a way that is any more significant than any other prominent business person. Someone is always going to make improvements to the original innovators, which they were not. If nobody else here it would likely have been the Japanese.

    People forget the first true personal computer which was a kit you soldered yourself called the Altair, by neither of them. Jobs and Gates were no Edison nor Tesla who actually did change the world and made it a brighter place, especially at night. Gates rise came from buying a Disc Operating System(DOS) from someone else for cheap and selling it to IBM for a lot. Wow all hail buying low and selling high; never heard of that before as a way a company remains in existence. Both made great gains by stealing other's ideas. As far as inexpensive and true multi tasking operating system, the Amiga computer out did both Apple and IBM PCs and held 60 percent of the market in Europe until they went belly up for some reason. I would say the reason is theft of their ideas, incorporated into IBM style and Apple computers but unknown to me if that was the whole story. Shows the power of schools, media, and marketing to dumb down the amerikans, which unfortunately I have to deal with such propagandized amerikans far too often, since being born and live here. The main difference? The intentional choice to not watch mind numbing TV since the age of consent, knowing full well it was not helping anyone any more than getting toasted on booze after work and possibly worse depending on the usage of each. I've used more different PCs than I can remember their names. Many who owned an Amiga realize that they did with 4MB of memory, what the rest did with 2-4GB of this era. I can only imagine that Gates had large investments in hardware companies like Intel or motherboard makers because he certainly was in the biz of selling new hardware required to run his unnecessarily megabloated software. Yes a 4MB not GB Amiga could run and edit video.

    In disagreement with definition of "wise" from @Munawar. Intelligence is no match for wisdom. You can meet all sorts of intelligent people who are unwise. A wise person changes their ways upon discovery they have been doing wrong things. Far too many intelligent people like Gates amplify the error of their ways with age and bloated ego. That is not wisdom. In his case it is evil. Now he spreads death by investing in Monsanto and donating their killer seeds to locales in the world who are unwise to accept.

    On the other hand it could be claimed that Wozniak needed Jobs just as others needed marketers or financiers. Nothing gets sold if there isn't the type of person who comes along that can convince people to spend the money they worked for, on something besides what they already know. What the bummer is, these product peddlers seem to get most all the credit these days. Is that how Wozniak wanted it, to stay out of the lime light? Don't know. However, it does seem like the media is fascinated with the marketer types, possibly because the reporters are too lazy or ignorant to be able to pull a decent interview out of the true innovator types. Lazy seems the apt reason. I have seen Wozniak speak in some documentary somewhere. He spoke just fine. If he was in this docu, it shows that I didn't watch it. Much has come out about them long ago.

  3. Nap

    Like him or not,there is no denying Steve Jobs was extremely gifted, quick, innovative, intuitive...... A true genius is able to see what others don't. What he saw, and then have created, changed our world. Thank you Steve Jobs and thank you for thinking differently.

  4. D.larke

    The count of silicon valley , YES we was all those negative things y our all screaming,but that just makes him human ... disgusting I know ,flaws and all .please hate him, as you do yourselves

  5. Teh BuG

    Wozniak was everything for apple. all jerbs did was put it in a sleek white box and sell it to ret**ded yuppies.

    one star.

  6. veverk

    Sorry, the guy was a corporate thug. Why anyone would idolise this i*iot is beyond me.

  7. Munawar Memon

    It is beyond any single genius to remould this world to any body's heart desire. Wise people have done more harm to human kind than good ! These wise buddies crop up here and there, and leave behind tools that are used by mad people. Mankind have succeded in creating debutants who make their appearances as builders and destroyers .The predicament is that the world have been infested with a flux of problems so much that those who have been bent on destruction don't know when to stop and those who have building know not where to begin ?

  8. Sacco Svd

    What about a docu about the real genius, Wozniak.

  9. Tarquin Mahoney

    Once upon a time a megalomaniac decided all the good ideas were his,
    and so it came to be that he took everyone else to court when they said that; whilst he was very helpful in developing the good ideas sometimes they werent actually "his" to keep.

    Nevertheless the megalomaniac carried on being what he was and ruled the minds of many young, impressionable and financially misguided shiny thing purchasers who still worship his now rotting (or vaporised?) corpse to this day grasping the memory of him by using his sacred holy white computer devices that contain special jobs juice or something and chanting his magic special fruits name...
    Carrying the symbol of a half eaten apple as a sigil of his brilliance, the bite representing the egregious profits of his organisation and how this is just better.
    (you can tell by the way they are white and slightly shinier of course from the wondrous glistening magical jobs jism that has been impregnated into them).

    This story all came about basically all because he was mates with Billy "adenoid monobeing" gates, steve "stevey?" wozniak and was jealous of their megalomania and wisdom respectively.

    Oh, there was something about another chap who designed the wheel scroll thingy on the ipod who was cleverer than any of them in any case but didnt get paid quite as much but no-one cares about him.
    All hail the mighty half eaten apple and the memory of a grinning lunatic in a turtle neck.
    The end.

    1. a_no_n

      lol Jobs jism, that made me chuckle

    2. sunson

      hahaha brilliant!

  10. a_no_n

    surely it should be "How a dreamer stole the ideas that changed the world."
    although i didn't realise it was still Bill Gates' money which funded apples rise...kinda makes you wonder what Jobs actually did to deserve his fame because the more I find out about him the less deserving he seems to be of his reputation as a "game changer".

    between Wozniak and Gates, Jobs didn't really do anything except take all the credit.

    1. pwndecaf

      The ideas and realization of the Graphical User Interface and the mouse came from Xerox PARC. They have a good story to tell.

  11. pwndecaf


  12. John Summers

    Cant stand the guy, I wont watch it.