Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy

Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy

2011, Biography  -   46 Comments
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Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar HippyBroadly considered a brand that inspires fervor and defines cool consumerism, Apple has become one of the biggest corporations in the world, fueled by game-changing products that tap into modern desires.

Its leader, Steve Jobs, was a long-haired college dropout with infinite ambition, and an inspirational perfectionist with a bully's temper.

A man of contradictions, he fused a Californian counterculture attitude and a mastery of the art of hype with explosive advances in computer technology.

Insiders including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the chairman who ousted Jobs from the company he founded, and Jobs' chief of software, tell extraordinary stories of the rise, fall and rise again of Apple with Steve Jobs at its helm.

With Stephen Fry, world wide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and branding guru Rita Clifton, Evan Davis decodes the formula that took Apple from suburban garage to global supremacy.

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46 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Sridhar

    How can I download this videos

  2. Nilufar Begum

    I love top documentary films but cannot enjoy the films from Bangladesh for two reasons-(1) We don't have youtube now. The present Govt. has banned it. (2) Our systems are too weak. There is too much of buffering and sometimes the black box does not come at all. I am profoundly sad for this deprivation.

  3. Aj Haggerty

    apple just makes expensive toys.

  4. Lynnette Danna

    Beautiful story-telling. Thank-you.

  5. Morgan

    I so wanted one of those purple ones, but they were really expensive and I couldn't afford it at the time. so I had to settle for the cheaper HP. I still love the design of the Apples but still to this day I can't afford them, so I settle for the cheaper ones. If they brought the prices down maybe one day I will be able to get one. But time will tell I guess. RIP Steve in the garden of serenity and light were you found peace.

  6. Firewalkerbbq

    When is anyone going to say the TRUTH, Weed is GOOD! Come on, it opens your mind and expands your universe, its the ultimate creative enhancer. Come on people, the Einstein of our generation is a pot smoker and drug user, wake up an smell the weed..Open your mind, you may learn something or come up with the IPOD

  7. kompikos

    I am a Windows user and have been since my first computer, almost 15 years ago. I had never used or touched anything from Apple until 4 years ago when the person I worked for brought an iMac in the office an after that became obsessed with almost everything that had a logo of a bitten apple on it. Couldn't understand it at all, until earlier this year I bought for the first time in my life an iPhone. Now I can clearly see what Steve Jobs, Apple and this documentary is all about. I understand why I feel the way I feel by having and using an iPhone for example. This man was a genius. R.I.P.

  8. Remco Gerritsen

    Good docu, good man.

    As far as I can say. Apple is a designer product. You don't pay twice as much for the products because you need it. No you buy it because you want it, because otherwise you're just an outcast.

    Greetings from a Windows user.

    1. Osmar

      We pay twice as much for a simple reason, because the products are tenth as much better..

  9. mayariana

    I am really sad about this video. I am Colombo-Canadian. I live en Bogotá, Colombia, I was watching the video. I am an Apple Woman, I have my IMAC, MY IPHONE 4S, MY Apple laptop...I JUST LOVE APPLE..... and now I try to watch the final part of the video and the page says:" This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."......please guys what happen with you !!!! Thanks....

  10. johtempest

    yeah, sure... he realized the worst nightmare of George Orwell, even if Apple claimed to fight against the big brother... "...why 1984 wont be like 1984!", bull****!, the 2011 is even worse than 1984, with his damned Cloud and closed source code!!
    I do agree with Mr. Stallmann! Jobs was only a billionaire, with no other vision than... money. If in USA that is good, for the rest of the world that is just cr*p. I do respect Mr Wozniack, who in fact gave up pretty early because Jobs was a big time ***hole!!

  11. Abjective

    Credit to steve for for having a huge input on creating the first realistic home computer "Apple". Even though he had a great technical expert Wozniak to help him a great deal to begin with. The obvious mistake Jobs made was to employ that coke head and leave him in charge of Apple company which ultimately voted him out his own brand. Thats got to be a big phycological knockout. And am not talking about LSD trips. Even though he did say taking LSD was one of the most important things in his life. Now whos to say junkies are a waste to society.

    I would say Jobs is great at reinvention rather than innovation or invention. But like most products made for the comsumer, it relies heavily on marketing. Thats what shifts products in huge numbers quite rapidly. For example the IPad is nothing new. There has been plenty of technology of similar types for several years before the launch of IPad. Basically its about hype, and theres plenty of people out there that will fall for the advertising campaign. Its just another Iphone but a little bigger. Touchscreen technology like PDAs have been around for some time now. I still prefer to a typical laptop. The advantage over IPad is you can close shut the screen thus protecting your fragile screen. while IPad is vulnerable to cracked screens as its open. And thats one of the most expensive parts to repair or replace.

    The documentary failed to mention his father came from Syria and Steve is actually Syrian as well as American. Theres actually a good reason for it. As the American comsumer will most likely to stop buying his products knowing that he is actually Syrian. Typical American mentality because Syria is a muslim country, thats enough to put these obese Americans from his products. The Americans do believe their own hype. Anyway RIP Steve Jobs.

    1. rljp

      Steve had the gift to see what worked for everyday people. It was and is not hype. If you use a Mac after using a PC for years like me you see how simple things are. When you download a file on a PC where the heck does it go? To some file named hze33444 in program files called downloads. In a Mac all files downloaded go to a download folder. ALL FILES. To change the language on a Mac you click a flag at the top of your desktop and you get a language for the country of the flag. You don't have to go to my computer and then another 4 steps. He saw how to make things simple and was an ahole to people who did not get this vision and translate it to reality.

      Some will say he was motivated by money but he had a desire to give people what they wanted. That brought him money. And it was no easy task. He came up with the ipod and then the record labels had to be sold to. It was no cake walk. It was a lot of hard work.

      He will be studied as a case in business schools forever. And so it should be.

    2. Branefart

      I have a Windows 7 desktop that blows my girl friends Mac OS X Lion out of the water in every possible a computer can. And I have lots of options, lots and lots and lots of options. I can do this and do that or if I like I can add this or add that, sadly her Mac doesn't allow her to do anything of the sort. I swear it thinks people are stupid!

    3. rljp

      and how long did it take Microsoft to get to that point?

    4. Branefart

      Just because you can't remember where you save things isn't a good enough excuse to diss an entire operating system :)

    5. rljp

      MSFT chooses where to save them. And how many years did it take MSFT to make it so you could do this and do that whatever that means. I did not dis an entire system. I am saying Mac OS is more user friendly.

    6. jrr0385

      Viewed from a more general business and marketing point of view, Steve realized a potential negative for any high-tec product category was its lack of ease of use. Also, in any industry, taking somethng to a mass market required 3 key values: low (lower) price, great utility and something easy to learn/adapt. I'm sure Steve was very aware of both those things and used "ease of use" as a key competitive strength for Apple.

    7. Judy Mosher

      I have a PC and all of my downloaded files go to a download folder, although I can choose for them to go to a specific folder if I want. Otherwise, they are in the download folder.

  12. Brantly Murphy

    Great. But, it's just a computer.

  13. Earthwinger

    All this talk that Jobbs was some sort of techo-hippy just doesn't wash when you consider all the abuses of the overseas workers that assemble all these pretty little gadgets. But hey, I guess if it's not on your doorstep where you can actually see it, then it doesn't really count. And then there's issues like resource depletion and built in redundancy to consider.

    All things considered, I'm not really feeling much of a hippy vibe from Jobbs/Apple at all.

    1. Guest

      I think all that must come from his simply having had long hair at one time while living in the San Fran area, probably so designated by the aging remnants of Tricky D*ck's Great Silent Majority, or something. Anyway...yeah! As long as the results show up in their bank accounts, that's the only bottom line that matters, right? It's just superior intelligence and the Supreme God Capitalism, and anyone who gainsays it is clearly just envious of his betters... Who in their right mind doesn't want their life to revolve around consuming and competition? To shirk this modern mandate is just the DEFINITION of insanity!

      I don't mind buying things, within limits...and I don't have any problem with people getting rich, per se. But, really, where are driven people like Jobs going to be in the (not too distant?) future, when they are unable to quite go about business as usual, which is ALL about funneling money to the top, without a shred of concern for any genuinely altruistic goals whatsoever, with no worries about the destiny of the planet and even less about the workers they employ? (I'm so tired of all this planned obsolescence, too, Moore's Law be d*mned.) Where are the gifted people who are going to save the planet from this INFESTATION of unrestrained capitalism? Where are the Ministers of Moderation? Where are the Fords and Gates who are smart enough to figure out how to devise and use technology within the planet's ability to support it?

      Where are these brilliant people in this system?

      Where are the INVESTORS to support their work, when they show up?

      It's up to us, isn't it? Until a truly paradigm shift occurs (and stays) in the people and their attitudes, the laws will not change; until the laws do, the capitalists will not. By fair means or foul, I'm convinced the world created by rampant greed had better go down soon, by the stroke of a pen, or in flames. But NO ONE can tell me that affordable electric cars cannot be mass-produced RIGHT NOW. NO ONE can tell me solar energy and wind power cannot be economically harvested RIGHT NOW. NO ONE can convince the masses that radical change is needed RIGHT NOW. Let some muthaphukas sock away 20 billion each for achievements like this, and I'll be honored to hoe all their gardens!

      What are the only things that keep such things from occurring RIGHT NOW?

      Greed and complicity.

      Jobs, whose intelligence I respected (even though I've never bought ANY of his products), IS a great example of the kind of person we need from here on in, albeit with a "slight tweaking" of his methods, goals, and motivations.

    2. Davey

      You are awesome.

    3. Guest

      Well, thank you, but really I'm just very, very p*ssed, and starting to get a lot better informed about how dire some of the numbers are. We're sitting on a knife-edge here, and we're gonna get cut pretty badly if we don't SERIOUSLY get off our asses soon. With the political will and financial backing, very intelligent people like Jobs could really help truly revolutionize life on this limited planet in ways not even dreamed of, given the proper motivation for their brains and ambition, which obviously too often is primarily about wealth accumulation, or even just simple job creating, and therefore short-sighted.

  14. Guest

    It's as if Steve Jobbs did not invent the potato but he thought of the way to make the french fries. But Hippy?....not a trace of that unless we redefine it for him.

    1. Guest

      The problem with Steve Jobs is that he invented a new way to make french fries every 10-12 months.
      We don't really need this.

    2. Guest

      from French Fries to a million ways to make Poutine...lololol

      I have been without a connection for the last month...makes me realize how much i enjoy having my morning coffee with my computer. I come to the library instead where there are thousands of books of all kinds....haven't picked one in a month. I promise i won't leave the library today without a book in hand.

    3. Guest

      What was the name of that book we were talking about a month or two ago that you said was on your bucket list now? It's on the tip of my tongue...

    4. Guest

      let me pull on that....starts with a b c d e f....

    5. Guest

      Perhaps just a little TOO comprehensive a Memory Palace!

    6. Guest

      Now here is coincidence working magic....someone just layed Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnack next to me and should read this, it's great.
      Hum...I like the tree on the cover...i open the book at random and the words: Giacomo Puccini are under my finger.

    7. Guest

      Was it 'A Beautiful Mind'? The one about John Nash?

    8. Guest

      nailed on....i remember now...
      may be i go home with 2 books...BINGO!
      edit: looks like you followed the suggested letters a b from az

    9. Guest

      ...the suggested letters a b

      Lolol! Apparently I sure did.

      ...I like the tree on the cover...i open the book at random and

      Interesting day it's shaping up to be! :)

    10. Guest

      La boheme...kind of how i have been called a few many times.
      and the fact that i was discussing this with you ...a musician...smack on! interesting day!
      Got both books...going to my temporary home...with a nice view of the lake...and the second and third episodes of The Fabric of the Cosmos streamed on my computer(cheating).

    11. Guest

      That was one you recommended to me and I still haven't got round to reading it yet, I have about 4 more to do before I get there, too many guests stealing my peace !

    12. Guest

      Eek! where have your antlers gone ? Is that really you ? :)

    13. Guest

      Py goes from moose antlers, to banana in the pants, to father on a boat with his son.
      not sure which one is most

    14. Guest

      Starting to think this man is a shape shifter or at least as good as Holmes when it comes to disguises :)

    15. Guest

      Yeah, that's me with my littlest about 18 months ago, when I was back down in S. Carolina for a visit.

    16. Guest

      What a beauty he is, I do love mini people :) You paint yourself older than you look, marks out of ten ? I'd give you ......

  15. View

    the ultimate hypocrite Buddhist - feeding on people's desire - oh what sticky karma we create when our walk opposes our talk.

  16. maadonna

    what a man! what a genius! we have so much to be thankful for..

  17. Christian Tintin Johansson

    Some people never change, and some do...
    He might have been a hippie in his 20's but the "hippie" part the last two decades was just a good act.

    He wanted everything to be strictly controlled by him and him alone. Nothing could stray from the path that HE decided. Does that sound like a loose and nice guy?

    Well, he succeded with Apple anyway so he can be proud of being a good businessman.

    1. Michael Marquis

      what? "hippies" can't have control over what they've built? this business was his canvas; and you can't compromise your art for cordiality.

  18. Nathan Daniel

    Hell yeah, Pink Floyd's Echoes as the backing music!