How to Survive a Disaster?

How to Survive a Disaster?When disaster strikes who lives and who dies is not purely a matter of luck.

In every disaster, from those people face once in a lifetime, to those they face every day, there are things that can be done to increase the chances of getting out alive.

Horizon has gathered a team of leading experts to produce the ultimate guide to disaster survival.

Through controversial experiments, computer simulations and analysis of hundreds of survivor testimonies from plane crashes to ferry disasters and even 9/11, they will reveal what happens in the mind in the moment of crisis and how the human brain can be programmed for survival.

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  1. dustin

    Great film. Loved the guy with the smoke hood, I have a backpack next to my bed with a flashlight, clothes, food, and tools ready to go if the need be as it will most likely happen at night.

  2. Vincen
  3. Vincen

    Very informative and lots of good food for thought. Join your local CERT team get some decent training and be prepared for both yourself, family and community.

  4. Karen
  5. Karen

    Self confidence fluctuates, so if you are having an off day that means you probably won't be in the 12% that survive.

  6. ChristPuncher
  7. ChristPuncher

    Self confidence means very little, when something as powerful as adrenaline starts rushing through your veins. Watching docu's like this can give you the illusion of self confidence. but unless you practice methods such as these on a regular basis, like in military training, or like in martial arts enough for it to become muscle memory, then you have very little chance of being one of the said 12%. One things for sure...if you know for certain you dont wanna die in a disaster, and if you believe its coming in your life time, get out from under that desk job...cause pencil pushers and intellectuals will be the first to go! even if you have yourself an expensive gym membership, chances are you are living too soft of a life to survive disaster!

  8. cg
  9. cg

    in an emergency adrenaline will fuel your brain and body if you have thought about emergency situations before, if you have not thought of such situations then it will serve to fuel your panic. panic is the body's instinctive survival mode, but its unreliable. i started cpr on my son before remembering to call 911. didn't make any difference in the end, but knowing cpr bypassed calling emergency services in my brain. better to know what to do than to wait. when every second counts, help is just minutes away.

  10. danny
  11. danny

    very good doc, worth a watch

  12. Bailey
  13. Bailey

    Self confidence is not meaningless, it comes from training or practice. Practice/experience in any field of endeavor brings confidence. So practice things you want confidence in. And Karen, confidence can be there with, however if there is an "off" day, that means concentration/focus has been allowed to waver. Practice concentration exercises. Check out the School of Metaphysics Windyville, MO to learn more about concentration, visualization, intuition so that you can survive and even thrive.

  14. l4l
  15. l4l

    good doc, it's all about self confidence

  16. Andrew C
  17. Andrew C

    I liked it. Self confidence is remaining calm and knowing there are always solutions.

  18. Svenne
  19. Svenne

    I don't believe that the self-confidence is meant to be understood as i had a good day today so now I'm more capable of surviving, i think what they meant by it was that you have confidence in your own survival skills, confidence of knowing what to do... if your days been s@#$ or been jolly good doesn't make a difference... its the way you have trained your brain and body to react in certain situations.

    I have tried my self to rethink and rethink a possible scenario which i thought might occur... and surprise when it actually happened, i did exactly what i had prepared for without even blinking.. first afterwards i thought wow... i did exactly what i had to do there and came out on top because i had planned my moves.

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