A Survivor's Guide To Plane Crashes

A Survivor's Guide To Plane Crashes

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A Survivor's Guide To Plane CrashesEvery day across the world, more than 3 million people catch a plane.

Yet despite it being the safest form of travel, many of us are terrified of flying and what we fear most is crashing and dying.

Most people believe that if they're in a plane crash their time is up, in fact the truth is surprisingly different.

Over 90% of plane crashes have survivors and there are many things you can do to increase your chances of staying alive.

The producers of this documentary have spoken to aviation safety experts, crash investigators as well as plane crash survivors - and put together the 'ultimate survivors guide to plane crashes'.

Over 90% of plane crashes have survivors. This documentary is a survivor’s guide to how to survive a plane crash – no matter how bad. There are strategies you can take to increase your odds of your very survival.

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Mr M
3 years ago

It's a malfunction of the AI autopilot that is scary.
See "Qantas Flight 72" documentary.

5 years ago

I agree...What's wrong with walking walker :)
I thought flying backwards sounded great but what about take off lol

7 years ago

I think my habit of watching plane crashes documentaries has made me not wanting to ever join a flight. soo scared to sit in a flight. wondering how to ever outside my country.

7 years ago

THAT is a great, great idea! and it's a common sense solution, too.

and for those get-sick people, give them the option to face forward.
better yet, rotating seats!

7 years ago

ok, so planes are reliable. true, they are meticulously maintained and have a great safety record. the problem is, and it's a big one, is that if you're unfortunate enough to be in one, chances are, you WILL die. horrifically, i might add. because it won't be quick. sheer, like 10++, terror for a minute or 2, then squish.
if i have an accident in a car, there's a good chance it'll be survivable. and it's usually instant - over b4 you know it.
THAT'S what scares me - the virtual guarantee of death.

11 years ago

Don't assume the crash position....assume the f*kng worst! :)

12 years ago

@smugg better sick than dead

12 years ago

I hate flying, I get all dissy and I freak out and start crying...

12 years ago

I don't get the fears of flying. Been doing about at least twice-a-year since the age of 6. Because of the simple fact that you're IN THE AIR, planes are meticulously designed and built to not fall from the sky. And they're thoroughly tested as well. They don't just slap shit together and let you walk on without any foresight toward your life.

12 years ago

travelling backwards makes me sick.

12 years ago

ENGEERS, PLEASE, REVERSE PASSANGER SEATS on cars, airplanes, busses, etc., and reduce the rate of injuries in accidents multiple times.

13 years ago

very good doc, the tips at the end are worth remembering

13 years ago

survival tip #1:

get off the plane before it crashes & take the bus, instead.

if you need to go over water, take a boat, but watch the boat survival video first.