The Insect Apocalypse

The Insect Apocalypse

2019, Nature  -   12 Comments
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Insects aren't given the respect they deserve. Some may regard them as annoyances, or might overlook them altogether, but the members of the insect population play an essential role in the comforts and ultimate survival of the human species. In short: we disrespect them at our peril. Produced by the DW Documentary series, The Insect Apocalypse examines the dramatic population decline among insects in recent decades, and what it spells for the future of life on Earth.

Just how severe is this population crisis? The world's insect populations have suffered profound declines of up to 75%, and many species may become extinct in the coming decades. Bumblebees, butterflies, and moths are among the most vulnerable.

The lion's share of the blame lies with us. On no uncertain terms, the film makes it clear that man's footprint has taken its toll on the natural order.

Through a series of studies featured in the film, we can witness this stark reality at work. Chemicals, widespread deforestation, water and land pollution, and climate change are the main culprits.

In one segment, we learn how harmful pesticides affect the heart rate of bees as they search for food, and result in disorientation, sluggishness and death. According to the film, this has proven especially disastrous for wild bees, as they are crucial in the pollination of our plants, fruits and vegetables.

Insects represent the first level of our food chain, and we also rely on them to perform nature's dirty work. They're the cycle of life that powers our ecosystem. Every insect has its own crucial function, and the depth of their contributions is not yet fully known. Their survival also ensures the vitality of our birds, frogs, fish and other amphibious life.

Throughout the film, a panel of entomologists testifies to the various benefits of maintaining a thriving insect population, and demonstrates the steps that must be taken to curb this progressive epidemic. Some are even harvesting their own subspecies.

The Insect Apocalypse is an engaging and informative look at an epidemic with far-reaching consequences we cannot yet fully comprehend, and the role we all can play in combating it.

Directed by: Torsten Mehltretter

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  1. sharon CheriBomArt

    Not available. Too 😞

  2. Syd


  3. Enough With It

    If i had a dollar for all the "OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE MOVIES" here, i would be set for life

  4. A. Hunter

    ...smh, no mention of emf. Past time to wake up and feel the wifi, which exposes all biological life to radiation. There's also the pulsed radiation emanating 24/7 from your smart meters. 5G is adding onto an already overburdened environment. Remember this...5G is meant for the IOT, Internet of THINGS, NOT BEINGS. A smart home is an unhealthy home. Get off the "smart plantation."

    1. me

      its hard to admit/recognize another problem when there are so many problems. a human factors issue #874445. without stopping my commitment to nature, i've grown to accept that humanity is simply screwed.

  5. JJ

    I'm guessing this is available on DVD or online somewhere in HD. Any idea where I can find a better copy?

    1. me

      i'd contact the author first, then use a 3rd party app to 'convert youtube to mp4.'


    Hate how they have to kill bugs to save bugs.

    1. me

      i found myself thinking the same thing. i'll settle with "they probably know best."

  7. Deva Luna

    Without insects, we can't exist. But please name one species that would miss humans if we were gone.

    1. me

      i think you're onto something, just maybe not something that can be brought to fruition.

  8. Troy Snell

    You've obviously never been to Louisiana.