Inside Iranian Cinema

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Between their Nuclear programs and president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disdain for diplomacy, Iran posses a legitimate threat to the rest of the world.

Despite all this, or perhaps because of it, Iranian filmmakers are among most prolific and influential in the world today. Their government's influence over the film industry is unlike any other.

In 1978, cinemas were burned to the ground after images of American decadence were shown on screen. The medium itself was outlawed until the Ayatollah Khamenei saw a film he liked, the cinemas were reopened, and the industry grew again.

Today, this revitalized passion for film has Iran making a major impact on the world. The country's cultural, national, and individual diversity is on view, in celluloid.

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  1. Sharon Marlowe

    The description is absurd. Ahmadinejad never had a disdain for diplomacy. Iran is not a danger to the world. The nuclear question is nothing more than the propaganda of Western Imperialism. Should I watch this based on the description?

  2. in_SANE

    Yes you should watch, cos it has nothing to do with that part of the description. For me it was a pleasant watch!

  3. ninjastyle

    Japanese, then Korean, now maybe Iranian movies will push the bar up another knotch. Hollywood is a dyeing beast tbh. Did you guys see Troll Hunter or REC. Epic films imho

  4. Pemba Sherpa

    Iran posses a legitimate threatto the rest of the world? What threat is that och who is claiming that? Poor little innocent rest of the world....

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