Menace in Disguise

Menace in Disguise

2017, Politics  -   62 Comments
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Iran's standing on the world stage, and in its relationship to the United States in particular, is the focus of the documentary Menace in Disguise, a searing and informative portrait of the single largest supporter of global terrorism.

The country has grabbed headlines in recent years for its consistent unpredictability, and for the US-led Iran nuclear deal which was drafted in 2015. That deal has proven controversial and inflammatory in several prominent circles. Current President Donald Trump calls it the worst deal he has ever witnessed. Others feel that it merely represents a brief reprieve from the inevitable, and question whether Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei can ultimately be trusted to adhere to its demands. The film offers a panel of experts, including former United Nations ambassadors and other foreign relations specialists, who provide a thought-provoking analysis of the deal's potential shortcomings.

The filmmakers insist that with or without a deal, Iran's desire to increase their nuclear capabilities is unquestionable, and creates a growing sense of instability in the Middle East and around the world. In many instances detailed in the film, the country has chosen to expand their sphere of influence by supporting the heinous actions of terrorist franchises such as Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. The film also explores the distressing phenomenon of ISIS, a scourge which has suspiciously left the country undisturbed during their ongoing reign of terror. Why has Iran been immune to the world's most prominent terrorist organization? In the words of one of the film's interview subjects, the country "has done a masterful job of exporting extremism, but they don't allow it at home."

Meanwhile, Iran continues to mount bold provocations against the United States, and critics claim they've been empowered to do so in the absence of meaningful retaliation. The film's recounting of the relationship between these two countries is one of its most intriguing points of interest. Heralded as the greatest of allies by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, they are now embroiled in an increasingly volatile exchange that could lead to catastrophic consequences for many regions of the world.

Menace in Disguise weaves a frightening and relevant narrative.

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2 years ago

Pure rubbish. The worst garbage I ever watched. My tolerance was only 7 minutes. So Iran is building ICBMs to attack us here, in the US? Oh My God.
And how this doc got 7.09 star rating again?

Bob Sinclair
2 years ago

My God! This documentary is pure propaganda in Leni Riefenstahl style! The makers of this should be ashamed. The portrayal of Iran is the same that American ‘mainstream media’ use with every country America covets, and wants to steal resources from, and then illegally attacks in wars of aggression. What happened and why in 1979 is not even explained. How did Shah Reza Pahlavi become a ‘king’ is a country that had a democratically elected leader going back to Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953? This is utter drivel and just another example of how so many parts of American media work to maintain their empire of violence and murder of innocents across the worlds. Utterly shameful stuff!

3 years ago

Where did you get all this bull-sh*t. Get your facts together before you open the trap. This documentary is base on lies, not on facts. You can dupe some Americans last times but can not dupe them this time again. But who knows since people like you (neocon) think Americans are a bunch of dopes that can be duped into believing anything.
Iran is a Shia country. They do not support sunni torrorist groups like al-queda, the taliban or isis, but guess who does.

Isis-Sunni---Al Queda-Sunni--- 911 Terrorist-Sunni--- Saudi Arabia-Sunni--- Wake up America!!! And who is radicalizing Muslims in the US and in Europe? Yes. It is the Sunni Isis and the Sunni Al Queda--Wake up America!!! Who is the real enemy - the Sunni or the Shia?

The hypocricy of this administration. Where did the 9/11 terrorist come from? Yes. They came from Saudi Arabia (Sunni Country). But Saudi Arabia is not on the list of countries that can not travel to the USA. Scary isn’t it.

The neocon are back. Trump is being manipulated by them.
Bolton is one of them. Take out the war drums, we have to dupe the dopes in America Again. Next stop is Iran. The military industrial complex needs to feed on our federal budget (tax revenues) Remember Iraq.(In the Trillions)

Bill Farley
4 years ago

The day after 9/11 I was watching CNN and was aghast when an American citizen being interviewed made the following remarkable statement, "Why are they doing this to us? What have we done to them?"
As a Canadian, I cannot believe the lack of knowledge displayed by the average American citizen who seems to believe all the bull s*** put out by government and government think tanks. This documentary is a shining example. Pure crap!

4 years ago

Iran is the biggest supporter of global terrorism?!
Who supported and funded Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS?
Who is the biggest Ally of Saudi Arabia, which beheads ppl just for speaking out?
Who dropped nuclear Bombs in cities and burned a whole country to the ground?
Who Supports Israel, who kills Journalists and medics and children in broad daylight?

Iran? no! it's the USA
The USA is the biggest supporter of Global Terrorism in the world.

4 years ago

Unfortunately every country has a few too many of the type which should be looking much closer to the bottom of a basket having felt a tickle at the back of their neck from a guillotine. A few too many of those have spent time at or near the highest office in the usa, iran, saudi arabia, israel, ussr, china, uk, france, germany, several asian and african countries, and others.

When do the sane people of any country want war, if they know the truth? ...which is the first casualty, before any war even begins. Of all the problems the world is purported to face, none compares to that of the lying vermin who seek power and advantage over others.

Michael Winkler
4 years ago

As an American who fought in Afghanistan alongside our "secret" Iranian Allies who at the time helped us by fighting along us and funding the Northern Alliance that helped us take the Taliban down. This is the worst piece of propaganda I have seen in many years. Additionally, do the morons who created this document not see the irony in having a former Saudi Arabian ambassador from the U.S. accusing Iran of funding every terrorist group known to man and he did not even say a bloody word about the Saudi connections to 9/11 and the Wahhabi extremists which come out of that rat hole of a country? While I live in Europe, I have travelled and worked extensively in the Middle East and continue to do so to this day.

I am no fan of the Iranian Mullah's that control the country of Iran, however these are Shiite Muslims and they despise the Sunni-lead Arab world which has greater ties to terrorism than Iran has ever had. I have been to Iran 3 times in my life, once when I was 6 years old while my Dad was working as a consultant for Texaco that was involved in oil exploration in the country in the mid-70's, and I have been there two times in the past 6 years, and what most people do not realize is Iran has the largest number of woman who are medical doctors or have PhDs compared to ANY country in the Middle East.

Woman can actually drive, vote, go to school and while the society is not perfect just go to Saudi Arabia and see how these backwards camel herders, regardless of how many of them are wealthy sheiks, they are one of the most backwards Middle Eastern countries I've ever been too, don't even get me started on how Saudi men treat their many wives, household slaves from Bangladesh and Indonesia but also the weekly state-sponsored executions of simple victimless crimes. I assume they cannot say anything negative about Saudi Arabia and their complicity in supporting very right-wing Islamic terrorists groups such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood, etc... Seemingly the sole purpose of this "documentary" I would argue is setting up a big straw-man argument for toppling Iran's government. Notice how they always refer to our enemies such as Iran as "Regimes" even though they do hold elections there and while they might not be the most democratic, I can't really say the U.S. is really that much better with its one party, the Republicrats!!! No real choices in good ole "freedom-loven U.S.A." when it comes to elections there???

In sum, this "documentary" smells just like all the propaganda that was shoved down our throats for the second gulf war in Iraq however if this is yet another staging ground preparing people mentally for yet another illegal war in the Middle East, I promise you that if the U.S. decides to take on Iran, they are sadly misguided. First China and Russia will not stand for it and they will arm the hell out of Iran to defeat us. Secondly Iran is way more prepared for such an invasion. Third and most importantly, with our military shaken and demoralized from 20 years of unnecessary wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I am not sure the American people and certainly not our young military men and women will be ready to jump on such a fool-hearten and dangerous undertaking. Notice you cannot leave any comments on these bonehead's YouTube website? What a joke of a documentary as it is probably funded by the Heritage foundation or Cato institute. Apologies for my long rant, this just irritates the hell out of me.

4 years ago

This is propaganda by all means

4 years ago

Pure propaganda. Israel and Saudi Arabia are the real cancers in the region.

4 years ago

Thanks for all the Leftist, socialist comments below, I now trust - even more - the contents of the film. Soros hire you to comment here? Trolls!

4 years ago

What an absolute load of american propaganda bullsh*t, do you expect anyone to believe this cr*p.
Yo need to look at your friends the Saudis,you know those guys you sell all the arms to.

5 years ago

Obvious lies that anyone with even a elementary knowledge of the area can see through. Operates with impunity? are you sure you are not talking about Israel? Supported the 9/11 bombers? Really? Surely you mean Saudi Arabia here. what a bunch of bull.

5 years ago

Surely Saudi Arabia is the largest supporter of global terrorism???

5 years ago

Which "international filmmakers" made this propaganda movie? I cant find a name of a single one of them . Can anyone help with some names?

5 years ago

This is just ridiculous, majority of 9/11 attackers are Saudi citizens the real sponsor of terror. funny how the subtitles are in Arabic. Why has coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq not been mentioned? Whitewashed american history.

J edward
5 years ago

My faith in humanity is restored by these comments.

Jerry Kays
5 years ago

PPBS ... Pure Propaganda Bull Shite ...

paul james
5 years ago

lost my faith in the stars rating

5 years ago

This movie is just a propaganda and full of lies. As an ex expatriate Iranian living in exile I hate the GOV of Iran. But everyone knows that Iranian regime is the enemy of ISIS. On the other hand, Saudi regime is not any better than Iranian regime and everyone know they are the founders and supporters of ISIS. Next time you try to make a bull**** movie of lies hire a better director.

5 years ago


David Florida
5 years ago

This is a propaganda media... They are talking about International Law when it comes to Iran, however, there are dozens and dozens of violation by Israel and yet no peep out of any news organization.. This is a pure Bull**** report..

5 years ago

It seems to me the description here in the video has been greatly misplaced.
Is it possible that whoever did the research for the video mistook Saudi Arabia with Iran?

5 years ago

I literally felt physically ill after two minutes of watching this video. I agree almost all of the written comments above. This documentary is intended to sway the minds of the public and attempt to justify another (unnecessary, and costly) war. It saddens me to think that there are people out there that still eat this rubbish up. Sleep-walkers is what I call them. Blinded by the false knowledge (half-truths) of a tailored educational system, government manipulated news, and narrow-minded attitudes of many societies. When you think "money is the route of all evil", it becomes pretty easy to understand, without having to do research, a lot of the torment, corruption, manipulation, and silencing that goes on.

5 years ago

Within the first 5 minutes of this doco you can see its full of false information, full of cr*p.
go educate yourself before making a doco.

5 years ago

Appalling propaganda by the warmongering scum that has hijacked the USA & its people

Pamela Mac Neil
5 years ago

Another propaganda mouth piece for th U.S. corporate/military elite.

5 years ago

Propaganda rubbish...... spare the BS!...... dont need to watch to know its utter BS from the description.

Tom Miller
6 years ago

If I read "informative portrait of the single largest supporter of global terrorism" in the first sentence of the description I don't need to watch this documentary, I don't even need to read the full description to know that this is going to be pure propaganda. I assume there is no word about Saudi Arabias ISIS support and wait Israel was never attacked by ISIS as well.

6 years ago

Normally I am very patient with biased documentaries just to see the other side of a picture. But this was outrageous. Thankfully, most of the comments were very realistic and showed that you cannot fool all the people all the time.

6 years ago

IRAN is not a support of 'global terrorism', it is the American global terrorism especially in the Middle East that they are against. Bravo to them to be brave enough to stand up against the world's biggest terrorist, the Americans. Look at the North Korean situation now. The North Koreans has no quarrels with any countries but the Japanese and the Americans. The reason is because, during the WW2, the Japanese Imperial army wholesale massacre their civilians. During the Korean war, the American army also carried out indiscriminate massacre of their civilians. Now they want to make sure it will not happen again and probably would like some kind of revenge against these 2 powers. North Korean has no 'beef' against any other countries and it is best we leave it to the Japanese and the Americans to 'fight' this out themselves.

6 years ago

Steven Corningstone, thanks for the correction. It should be "superpower's" only rather than "global superpower's" as the term superpower itself indicates power projection capacity on global scale. By "so called", I mean to indicate the superpower's true military and economic potential, which is very doubtful.

Steven Corningstone.
6 years ago

Somsubhra, I'm sorry I couldn't get past "so called global superpower's."

6 years ago

Terrible. I could only stand 5 minutes of this cr*p. I think the people are moving beyond the LIE. Time for new ones eh.

6 years ago

Total American crap..tired of American silly propaganda which now whole world is seems to realize. Stop watching mainstream media like FOX, CNN, this is one of the channels spreads biased America first, others second attitude. Its time they stop this non-sense before it gets too late.

6 years ago

I managed to tolerate this trash for 20 minutes. It's nothing more than a propaganda film made in opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal with the US. I turned it off after realizing the film was using experts from discredited organizations like the American Heritage Institute. None of the "expert's" statements was supported by factual data.

6 years ago

those who think this documentary gives them truthful information and those even who made this documentary dont know a little bit about the basic ideology of Shia and Sunni Islam and what are the origins of ISIS and Iran Islamic Revolution and why middle eastern countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia are enemies. this is very clear that ISIS origins and ideologies is not even a bit same to the Irans Ideology and Philosophy. Iran is already the biggest country fighting with them (ISIS) in the region on the ground field.
ask why ISIS doesnt attack Saudi Arabia :))

6 years ago

there are some excellent comments here.

Paul Appleby
6 years ago

Agit prop rubbish

6 years ago

As others have commented, this presentation merely puts forth a tendentious anti-Iranian perspective due to the agenda of the filmmaker(s). That Iran is so committed to a Shiite Muslim religious viewpoint automatically puts it at odds with those identified with the Sunni perspective, most violently espoused by ISIS. In fact, they've been involved in Iraq for precisely that reason. And if they opposed Israel and are allied with Hezbollah, it's because of Israel's past interventions in Lebanon. The inchoate pro Democratic and pro Western elements in Iran will quite conceivably evolve into an irresistably stronger force probably in ten years which the hard liners(exemplified by the Revolutionary Guard) will be less able to stop.

6 years ago

Only fools believed this one sided documentaries.
Let me repeat Ingo comments...very very good one...

'Besides the Iran-Iraq War in the '80s, it has not waged war against any other country, whereas the list of US military invasions makes you wonder, who really is a global terrorist?'
and the answer is AMERICA....

6 years ago

Appalling drivel!
Constant spew of half truths half fabrications.
Only brain dead (about 1.5 billion) will believe.

6 years ago

Nobody is fooled by this appalling propaganda. It is the USA who is the #1 terrorist on the planet. USA's interventions in the Middle East have only created more mayhem and misery.

6 years ago

People dont like to watch the truth. They like to be fooled by the mainstream media.. this movie shows nothing but the absolute truth about the iranian danger.

Paulo Haro
6 years ago

Disgusting bushtit! Propaganda for justifying another American war. Why you don’t acknowledge first your responsibilities is destabilizing the region since 1951 when you interfered a democratic government in order to protect Exxon and Shell oil private interests?

William James
6 years ago

It's encouraging to see that most posters understand the bias of this doc. Congratuatlaions!

6 years ago

Iran ?? the one Reason for all Violence in Middle East god save world from iran

6 years ago

Amazing film? Thumbs down!

Besides the Iran-Iraq War in the '80s, it has not waged war against any other country, whereas the list of US military invasions makes you wonder, who really is a global terrorist?

Johnson T
6 years ago

Amazing film! Thumbs up!

6 years ago

Thank you all very much for the wonderful comments/insights. It's breath of fresh air to finally see people who use their common sense and not their emotions and speak of the truth. Speaking of the truth at the time of global deceit and oppression is the way of martyrs.

Couple of things that I respectfully disagree with Ed. Those are the issue of sectarian wars and bad religion. First, the sectarian war is another tool for politicians and superpowers to use as methods of divide and conquer in many nations. Otherwise, we can see throughout the history people of different sects and faiths have lived harmoniously for centuries such as in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Rwanda, India and many other countries. Even, Jews flourished and lived safely amongst the Muslim communities than any other religious groups. ISIS is the terrorist group that was created by the senator John McCain and his Zionist masters to be portrayed as Muslim Extremists who kill only Muslims. Life is sacred in the sight of God and NOBODY to take another person’s life unjustly. God Grant life and He Takes life. In the Holy Quran God Says, “If you take a life is like you have taken the life of humanity and if you save a life is like you have saved the lives of the humanity”. This is so profound. That means, if one kills a person, one has killed that person and all his/her offspring and if one saves a life, one has saved all his/her offspring.

Secondly, religion is good if all the followers of different religion follow the fundamental of the faith. Because, religions fundamentally are good and encourages the followers to do good and to be good. The problem usually arises from misinterpretation of the fundamental commandments and/or believes and from misguided leaders who use the platforms to brainwash the masses for their own personal and evil agendas.

Unfortunately, many people tend to listen and believe what these leaders are saying thru the loud voice of the media and make the wrong judgments about others without a complete knowledge and facts. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. “ Holy Bible, Luke 6:37

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true. It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. - “Mark Twain”

They call it Conspiracy Theory. Conspiracy is a theory, so long as it is an idea or notion but when it becomes factual then it becomes real, actual and fact.
May God Help us and have Mercy on all us. Amen

6 years ago

This is a very one sided documentary.