Inside Planet Earth

Inside Planet Earth

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Inside Planet EarthIt's the ultimate voyage our world has to offer: a journey from the temperate surface of our world to the fiery core of the Earth.

With the aid of stunning visual effects, the unexplored interior of the Earth is split wide open, giving us an unbelievable view. From glowing seams of pure iron ore to sparkling diamond caverns to the magnetic field that keeps us safe from the lethal radiation of space... for now, this is the fantastical world we live in -- and never see.

From the heights of Mount Everest to the molten lava fields of Hawaii to the very core of our planet, the geologic forces that have changed the planet's face over the past 4.6 billion years are revealed.

With state-of-the-art effects and the latest scientific information, this is the story of striking meteorites, gigantic eruptions, the movement of continents and other geologic events that have shaped our amazing Earth.

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  1. The title of this 1998 documentary is "Amazing Earth", not "Inside Planet Earth".

  2. A new X-ray analysis of molten iron has revealed that the Earth’s inner core is 1,000 degrees hotter than previously thought.
    the temperature of the earths inner core is 6000 degrees kelvin just as hot as the suns surface, yea our little core is as hot as a star!. we have an inner sun. Those who believe in Hollow earth theory claim the core is an inner sun, now they have scientific proof on this. and since we know very little about the make up of the inner earth, which is based on theoryand seismic measurement and not fact. We haven't been able to probe the earth to go look for ourselves, or maybe Admiral Byrd could give us some clue about how it is down there :)

  3. I fall in love more and more everyday with this site and the people here.

  4. I would have enjoyed it more if the spanish subtitles had the option to be turned off.

  5. Sorry but the narrator made an error within the first 13 minutes. He said stalactites grow up from the ground and stalagmites down from the ceiling. It is just the opposite!
    I loved earth science when I was in school, and the way I was able to remember which was which, was by knowing the C IN STALACTITES WAS FOR CEILING, and the G IN STALAGMITES WAS FOR GROUND UP!
    whoever wrote the program should try and correct it.
    Cookie Falcone CNY

  6. Great documentary. Thanks

  7. Excellent doc, that help us to improve our knowledge about earth's core. Good graphics and research

  8. they cant even explain the cambrian explosion. Why dont we investigate real phenomenon that will help us instead of making excuses for human deprivation

  9. what did this experiment cost?
    with overunity it proves tesla was right. we never needed oil. Someone can control its distribution. So they hyptnotize us all. wheres the energy come from a magnet has? day or night indoor and outdoor. we live in an electric field. Gravitus is a word newton invented. He never said what it was. Werner von braun discovered gravity wasnt universal in 1958 with the explorer program, but chose not to say anything about it. We need to be independent of the energy monopolies. You breath the air freely so should you get energy free

  10. Re EZ2B12:- I almost feel sad for you Canadians, you live in one of the most beautiful parts of this world, on one of the biggest land masses and yet almost every Canadian I have ever spoken to seems ignorant to the world around them...You say that emissions and extraction of oil is harmless as you see nothing that is not manageable risks...Can I ask, what do you replace the oil in the ground with? Can you in all your knowledge, confirm to me that you know for a fact that all of this robbing of our worlds natural products by drilling deep into the core is not in any way, shape or form having a link to the fact that mega quakes are on the increase? I understand and realise that the actual number of quakes world wide is not increasing as geologists claim(although many people disagree) however the intensity of both mag and MMI is, and these big quakes are appearing on previously undiscovered fault lines....also don't disrespect me just because its your belief that we have reptilian brains that have that I say...if that were true why then do we still have reptiles etc walking on this planet with us? Why if we evolved did our entire species not evolve? Its not just damage to the planet either, its the way people are now focused on making more money at any cost, with no regard for human beings or our planet that will see the demise of mankind...just my belief..yes it is...can I see proof everyday worldwide that signs are beginning to show that this planet has had enough? yes...

    1. I know this is a month old but someone has to reply to this retardation. First off I'm Canadian and can say anyone from any country is ignorant to the world around them, its easy to make claims but backing them up isn't quite so.
      Secondly how did you come to the conclusion that earthquakes are increasing in magnitude? Sees the scientific community agree that the rates have remained quite constant, so you are unable to link the drilling of oil to greater magnitude of earthquakes since the magnitude has not been increasing.
      Next you make some comment about reptile brains and if we evolved why are there still reptiles. This is as easily answered as why are there still apes if we evolved from apes. Just look up ring species if you can't grasp a common ancestor giving rise to two or more different descendants.
      Lastly for once your correct! plenty of people are interested in intimidate financial gains over the benefit of mankind, but I also believe we have enough intelligent people to prevent us from our own destruction in the future. Even if civilization did collapse the human race would survive, yes the population would be far lower then now but we are an animal like any other and are excellent at adapting to survive.

    2. Are you stupid? None of your "facts" are straight. The mag of earthquakes has been reduced drastically. Your just a dumb ass who listens to every horror story you hear on the news. A couple years ago was the calmest year in earthquakes ever. Please don't insult other people's intelligence, by the lack of yours. No correlation can EVER, EVER be made between earthquakes and drilling, because just like THIS DOC SAID. THE DEEPEST DRILL HAS ONLY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE AT 7 MILES into our crust. Since our crust and anything in it has nothing to do with our mantle's or core's movement, you are wrong. And the undiscovered fault lines are due to new technology offering us digital, clearer, and better ways of looking at the ground beneath us. Not some sign we will die in 2012. And your evolutionary little spiel is almost hilarious. I go to church and practice religion and even can see the reason is why we haven't "evolved" is because evolution takes A LONG TIME, our current level on the evolutionary scale, is an inch on the miles of line our monkey ancestors have been evolving on, you could never be able to tell in your life time. My theory even goes one step further in saying, every time there is a pole reversal, the prolong expose to cosmic rays, triggers genetic mutations, giving future ancestors a jump in the evolutionary path. And there you go smart guy.

    3. Our monkey ancestors? Are you Kidding? When poles reverse there's an average 60 0r 70 years of prolonged exposure with no protective magnetic field--that's a valid concern.There YOU go smart guy! Ha!

    4. lol oh how little you know.

    5. I don't know where you're getting your information, but many Canadians feel that the oil extraction is extremely bad for the environment.

      Many Albertans also suffer from irreversible, debilitating and often deadly diseases as a result of environmental damage done by the oil sands extractions. These people have been battling with big oil companies since the 1970's (and probably before that).

      The Alberta Government is very active in quieting and quelling any exposition of this damage, including the indoctrination of children by teaching them in schools that the oil sands and these extractions are safe.

      It is very difficult to overcome misinformation, when the misinformation is coming from the standardized educational system.

      I'm not excusing the indoctrinated, but, this system of exploitation has been built from the top-down over generations. We're just experiencing the impact of it now. The impact is deadly.

      Its not wise to make sweeping generalizations about an entire populous of a country. We're not all a bunch of ignorant, grass chewing hill-billies who'll rape anything for a buck. Many of us care for the environment and live with reverence towards nature.

      What regard for human beings do you have by labelling them as ignorant, belittling them with half-baked arguments, sentimentalism, inferences, and absolutely no solutions? How do you intend on changing the minds of the people whom you've insulted? Any inroads you may have made is destroyed by your self-righteous, holier than thou attitude. If you're the kind of person who is to help ME defeat environment raping oil companies, please do us all a favour and stop talking!

  11. @Achems Razor

    Im not sure, but i think the reason for not seeing Hatemachine is because he got laid!! suddenly physics seems pointless hehehe....

  12. Read all the comments again, (LOL) where the h@ll is the Hate Machine?
    have not seen him around for quite awhile, need him to bring back some spice to TDF.

  13. Hahahah. I didn't watch the doc. I prefered to read all the comments. HaTeMaChInE and aliases ..too much fun.

  14. wow!!! A truly fascinating program. It had me glued to the screen. It had answered some of my questions, but raises others.

  15. Very nice documentary with beautiful images and a good story. However the narrator is utter, complete c@#$! Use your real voice ffs!

  16. I loved the Matrix, the movie or at least the first one. The film makers should have quit, I think, after they made the first one. I thought it was a good movie about enlightenment. I don't know what the other two movies were about.

    As for Mara, I am in a transition (again) of what the devil, Satan is. I remember first coming across the idea that Mara is part of the continuum of the Lord Buddha or whatever and that one cannot have one without the other. Some really wonderful things happened to me here in Korea, but they would not have happened if this really evil acting person did not interfere and give me a really awful time.

    As I said, I am in flux in my thinking about who or what is Mara. I have been here before and became convinced that Mara was a definite entity. Now, I am not so convinced. What I do know for sure is that you, Randy, is no Mara.

  17. Don't get defensive, there Lori!

    Uncle Randy knows the Bhuddah, "The Awakened One" While the world slept Siddartha woke up!

    (Just like jesus and NEO from "The Matrix" ho-hum...)

    I am Mara, the Prince is the Architect of my Soul!

    *Randy grins evilly*

  18. Randy, Prince Siddhartha wasn't the Buddha when he was meditating that time when Mara came and tried to tempt him. This was before he became enlightened. I did not think it was like Jesus in the wilderness though because Prince Siddhartha was not preparing himself for a ministry and execution, far from it. Once he found the middle path, the Buddha was not convinced he should teach others but became convinced to share the dharma.

    I have nothing against Jesus and in fact found his Sermon on the Mount a remarkable piece of literature that more Christians should become acquainted with. I am always surprised that many are not aware of it as I am surprised here of the Buddhists who don't know how to meditate. Oh well....

  19. Well, when Mara came to Prince Siddartha as he meditated beneath the tree, He tempted the Prince with many vices...

    (Much like jesus in the wilderness, right?)

    But you you are right, The Bhudahh said nothing to him and ignored the tempter. Even as Mara hurled great fire and armies against him...

    Prince Siddartha had a big brain... I would totally eat his brein...

  20. fsin, Buy the Way is a nice store that is all over the place that you can buy bulgogi. I remember a story in my anthropology classes in college that Eskimos have many names for snow. In Korea, there are many names for rice. I can't eat wheat and other related starches but I can eat rice. I love rice although I limit myself to starch because of weight issues. I have lost over 50 lbs since coming here.

  21. Randy, I am trying to remember what Prince Siddhartha said to Mara and I don't recall he said anything. I do know he said to his ego, "at last I have met you." That was in the movie.

  22. Well, you know what Prince Siddartha would say to Satan, don't you?

  23. thanks Lori...
    by the way love me some Bulgogi...

  24. thanks Lori...
    buy the way love me some Bulgogi...

  25. Well, there is a lot of churches here in South Korea, but there is a lot of Buddhist temples too. Buddha's birthday is a national holiday.

    From what I understand, this country was very Buddhist until the last Japanese invasion which the Buddhists here in Korea did not protest. It turned a lot of Koreans against them so Christian missionaries were encouraged to come.

    This country is technically still at war and the USA the only thing keeping North Korea from coming down here. Everyone here loves anything American.

  26. @Lori

    Sweetheart! I need a 45 step program!

    However, you know I do not believe in that stuff.

    Seriously, though, you didn't know that Druids are largely revered in England, as least as curiosities?

    Did you not know that Satanism and Hallowe'en are extremely popular in Japan and most of asia? (Not South Korea, the christiest place on Earth! Vomit...)

    I mean they play with it like a toy... which is fun... that's what I do, as well.

  27. Randy, I made a mistake. The Druids are now legal in the UK. It was in the Time Magazine I just got from Home Plus. I can get only two magazines in Korea in English, Newsweek and Time. You need a 13-step program.

  28. @LORI

    HAHAHAHA! Yes! Very good...

    Let Uncle Randy give you a kiss, come here...

  29. Randy, do you know the Koreans do not celebrate Halloween? It is a good thing I was not counting on dressing in a costume on the 31st. Another interesting news event is that Druids are not legal in the UK. Now, with those two events, I am not sure where the zombies come in, however there is a 12-step program for brain eaters located in your state. You might look into it.

  30. @EZ

    Again I say to you, you rock, hard!

    Jazz is a great American Art Form. Free form, improvisational, just mind expanding music!

    Can I get some of your brains for the eating? Come here for a second... I want to tell you something...

  31. fsin, Neal Adams has an interesting idea however what little I could find on the Internet does not give enough information, for me, to figure out his ideas in perspective to other ideas on this subject. Still, it seems intriguing.

  32. does anyone have any insight, on the expanding earth theory by neal adams... i

  33. hi guys u no earth is want to break.

  34. so we got 7.5 miles down, more than 12 Kms, amazing

  35. I love going through the comments in this site! sometimes I learn more from them than i do from the videos! great site!

  36. I really enjoyed this documentary about the planet earth and the world beneath our feet. It answered a lot of the questions that I had and posed other ones. It had some good interviews by scientists and some good special effects. Maybe we should call this planet, Goldilocks, because it is not too hot or too cold and has everything we need to sustain life at least for a while.

    As for the questions that it poses, they are interesting and maybe scary. I knew that the magnetic pole was reversing but not about the implications. I did not know about the North Atlantic problem. I also did not know that the core of the earth was cooling. I often wondered exactly what was the magnetic pole and I think this film explains it very well. Well, like us all, the Earth has issues.

    There are some repetition, but some viewers might need it. I think it is well worth viewing.

  37. @ blacev

    Oh, I misunderstood I suppose. It was not condescending though. I could not agree with you more about the pop science and learning about physics. I am currently taking my requiremenmts for a physics degree. I already have a degree in theology/history but curriculum has changed and I have to take some courses that are now requirements that were not when I got my first degrees. Plus I have to catch up on math, my favorite subject. Of course eventually we will actually get to the physics, cant wait. Wish me luck!! You should check out jazz man, you do not know what your missing.

  38. @ez2b12

    haha, sorry mabey i should not have used the jazz analogy, I think its great you can play jazz but i was really refering to the physics, you are clearly interested in physics, you should put your interest to practical benifit and get a book on the subject and not one of those pop science one like 'universe in a nutshell' by stephen hawking, the pop science ones can be fun to read but not very practical.

    sorry if that sounds condecending, i just think it would be a great benifit if more people got into learlning the formalities of physics.

    P.S. I don't really know much about jazz.

  39. @ blacev

    I do play jazz man. I play guitar and have since I was five years old. My dad started me out in blue grass if you can believe it. Don't get me wrong it is great type of music and very difficult to play, just not my style. But the very first time I heard Jango Rienhardt play i was hooked. I was just using that for an example. Good to meet another Jazz fan anytime though.

    @ Holy Wow

    Sorry man you are too late. I've decided not to hold discourse with idiots anymore. By the way "piss in... cheerios" very classy man, very classy. As far as spelling and grammar, if you have to have it perfect then do not bother reading my posts, or about 70 % of the others for that matter.

  40. "Is it possible that some of the mass that is lost in fusion is tranformed into the strong nuclear force that holds the nuclie of the newly created atom together? Thats really cool if that is so and truly shows that mass and energy are completely interchangable. In fact they are the same thing if you look at it a certain way."

    I would agree with you that mass and energy are the same thing based on einsteins equation.
    regarding the strong force idea, i wouln't be able to give an answer with any confidence, i don't know much about the strong forces, although it is always great fun to think about, the idea is not st**id just underdeveloped.

    Its more fun to play jazz than to listen to it and even more fun to play it well, but that takes time, patience and the right instructor.
    I hope your love for jazz will inspire you to play.

  41. hey there ez2b12.
    In general I read these to find out about the docs and if I should watch but I must say "holy wow"!! Dude buy a dictionary so you can look like its...'easy to be 12' you mental tick. Take your broken ego to some other site and piss in their cheerios.
    peace out.
    Buy the way whoever runs this site A++ and a big thank you for all your time and effort as I enjoy it a great deal. One of the best out there.

  42. @ blacev

    Thankyou so much for your detailed answer. No I had not really had my questioned answered, well i had but in a very brief and unfriendly manner. Most every one just wanted to tell me how stupid I must be. I am very uninformed about physics but I am very far from stupid. I even have people telling me that since I do not understand the details of fusing or splitting Iron that I had no right promoting science as it would lead people away from it. Thats like saying since you do not know how to play the sax you should not promote jazz. Any way thanks again your answer is very detailed and informative.

    Is it possible that some of the mass that is lost in fusion is tranformed into the strong nuclear force that holds the nuclie of the newly created atom together? Thats really cool if that is so and truly shows that mass and energy are completely interchangable. In fact they are the same thing if you look at it a certain way. I heard a qoute one time that said, "Today a young man... realized that all matter is merely energy condenced to a slow vibration." Its part of a stand up routine actually by Bill Hicks- (my favorite person/comedian of all time)

  43. @blackev:

    I was thinking the same thing, they like grasping at straws, don't tell @Charles B, though.

  44. just watched the rest of it, again facinating.
    more water in the earth than on its surface haha, creationists are gonna have a field day, they found noahs 'missing water'

  45. @ ez2b12

    not sure if you got your answer yet (no time to read all the comment)

    fusion is the process where light atom combine, this result in a release of energy, by the time you get up to iron, fusion no longer realeses energy and actually requires energy.

    fission is the process where heavy atoms break apart, this results in a release of energy, by the time you get down to iron, fission no longer realese energy and actually requires enery.

    naturally everything goes from an ordered state to a disordered state, in our case the convertion of mass to energy would result in a more disordered state.

    iron would be the most disordered piece of matter meaning that natuaraly iron would not undergo fusion or fission.

    it is important to note that when matter undergoes fission or fusion the product weighs less than the parts,.
    eg. two hydrogen weighing 1mass unit each combine (fusion) to produce helium, the helium does not weigh 2 mass units, it weighs less than 2, what happend to the mass?, it was converted to other forms of energy like light and heat (E=mc^2), and because light and heat are a more disordered form of energy these reactions will happen natuarly, untill you get to iron, getting bigger than iron will give you a product mass greater than the sum of the parts, getting smaller than iron will also give you a product mass greater than the sum of the parts, thus it all stops with iron.

    why do things naturally go from an ordered state to a disordered state?, my answer would be that time and the increase of disorder are the same thing.

    in a way the iron does know it needs to produce energy, if it is going foward in time it must increase its disorder not decrease it.

    i hope this answers your question.

    i am open to be corrected if all or any part of what i have said is incorrect.

    i hate the ps3 browser!!

  46. Yea! Success. That was a very good documentary.

  47. Ahhh! We got an error message! Bummer. We'll have to try again tomorrow. We got to the part where the Earths solid core is growing and we want to find out what that means! Panic in the streets? Should we well our safe little house in Manila and move to Yellowstone to enjoy the hotsprings? Life is full of questions. :-)

  48. @ Young

    I could not agree more, about the fact that humans tend to be overly dramatic and assume the worst. That's why i support the scientific method above all others, because I think it tries to cut through our primitive thought processes and actually get at the truth.

    The huge division between the haves and the have nots has made most Americans very suspiciouse of the establishment. Since most of us have been told that it is the big oil and gas companies that are truly pulling the strings and pushing the buttons we tend to see everything they do as bad for the environment and fueled by greed and corruption. I wonder just how true this really is sometimes.

    Don't get me wrong I do have an issue with the profits I here big companies like Exxon and BP make every quarter, well let me rephrase that. I have no problem with them making as much money as they can as long as they take care of thier responsibilities to the earth, after all it was this beautiful Earth that provided them with the means to make said profit and, more importantly, I have to live here.

    I also insist they take care of thier employees, if it is true that BP new that those poor souls could and very well probably would end up dead in the event of a fire and they decided to save money insted of protecting them- well they should hang for that. But I am no drill platform expert, in fact I know nothing about them at all. All I know is what the media told me so i have to wonder about that as well.

    Finally, I think they make enough profit to do all of the above and still invest in the future, by that I mean renewables. They make plenty to invest in this, take care of all thier responsibilities, and still make a nice profit for themselves- in my opinion that is. That said I wish we would all learn to take what we hear with a grain of salt when it comes to big oil and gas. We must remember that they are everyones favorite people to hate lately and in reality we could not survive without them.

    Does the company you work for take care of you guys pretty well? I mean safety wise as well as wages, I hope so. You perform a vital function for the operation of society. I will check the thread for the Gas Land doc and see what you thought later, nice talking to you man.

  49. ez2b12

    I work in the oil fields in Ft McMurray,Alberta, Canada. The oil is topical and mined. They extract Natural Gas from rigs off of the surrounding waters from my native Nova Scotia, although I haven't worked there personally, but I do know people who have and there hasn't been any complaints as of yet. Their have been lots of complaints about the water in Ft. McMurray, most have been proven false, but that could be by people being paid off, or on the other hand people who want to shut it down at all costs and won't accept their explanations. But nothing is happening like you described as in the film.

    There are different methods for extracting natural gas depending whether it is in land or not, whether it is topical or deep, which is most cost efficient compared to environmentally efficient and so forth. I haven't watched the documentary you recommended but I will today and let you know what I think of it. But as usually is the case, we as humans are drawn towards worst case scenarios and irrational fear which doesn't represent the real risk that's involved. And that leads to hysteria. Just keep that in mind when you learn anything. To use our rational thinking brain is to go against 100's of thousands of years of evolution of our reptilian instinctual brain.

  50. Thank you for explaining, young.

    Hope you can find the work you're looking for, whether in Norway (beautiful country!) or The Netherlands.
    I was in Bangor (Maine) this Februari, and I guess it's like the eastern coast of Canada. Love it in Maine -- especially in wintertime. But I've been there in summertime too -- and sailing the lakes was great.

    And U were forgiven already :)

  51. @ Young

    Have you watched "Gas lands"? Seems thier might be good reason for hysteria to me. I think the problems they are explaining in Gas Land are due to the methods they are using to extract the gas, but I do not know enough about the industry to say this is the only method for getting the gas out of the ground. If thier are other methods that do not cause these issues then I suppose the hysteria may be uncalled for. You probably know much more than I do seeing that you work in this industry. What method or methods are viable and which do you use where you presently work? Have you guys had anyone complain about contaminated water? The doc shows people igniting the water coming out of thier kitchen sink and in creeks, rivers, puddles, etc., etc..

  52. Oh and as for your Juice and Apple analogy your looking at it the wrong way. The oil inside the earth doesn't sustain the earth except from a purely structural level. As I said the only thing it would effect is us. It's not the "juice" of the earth.

  53. @rhea

    That's very interesting. I was actually pondering about going to work in either Norway or The Netherlands in that industry, seeing as it's what I do here in Canada. Oil leaving the earth wouldn't have a catastrophic effect on land from the perspective of the earths overall condition. But it can and does effect the towns and cities close by and the people who populate them. Not to the point of hysteria that we are closely approaching though. I grew up on the eastern coast of Canada where the coal industry was huge until about 50 years ago. And the surrounding towns are now feeling the effects of almost a century of mining. For example; My high school had to be demolished and abandoned because it was built above a mine shaft.

    Based on your initial statement I made the assumption that you were a tree hugging hysterical liberal hippy who didn't know the first thing about earth sciences and whose biggest fear was SUVs and plastic bags. That's why I called you a wingnut. Please don't take it personally :)

  54. @HaTe_MaChinE

    Thanks for the info, HM.
    I googled your area and I can see what you mean. Very strange. You live in a great and majestic part of America, btw.

    I know not much about gas-drilling, mining minerals and getting the oil out, and I never took a class in science. All I sometimes do, is wonder and ponder about the stuff thats in (and on) the Earth. I really dò think oil and gas, for instance, is there for a reason and not just for the take. There could be consequences.

    I'm a dutch lady. I live in the lowlands. Holland. We have gas-fields here too, and due to extracting natural gas we have minor (tiny) earthquakes now. Never had them before.

    (wikipedia) -- "If natural gas is extracted from a natural gas field the initial pressure (up to 60MPa (600 bar)) in the field will drop over the years. The gas pressure also supports the soil layers above the field. If the pressure drops, the soil pressure increases and this leads to subsidence at the ground level. Since exploration of the Slochteren (Netherlands) gas field started in the late 1960s the ground level over a 250 km² area has dropped with a current maximum of 30 cm." --

    We live beneath sea level already, and even scientists are getting worried. The Netherlands are only 200x400 km. Because sea-level is rising (global warming) the dikes that keep the sea out are getting an upgrade now.

    Back to the Earth and fluids. If one slowly extracts the juice from an apple it will crumple and die. The same with a tree and all other living stuff. My body will (after protesting) topple over (and the lights will go out) if they slowly but steadily drain me.

    Earth is huge, I know, but as I said, just wondering and pondering.

  55. amazing documentary! Well worth the watch. The graphics in this doc are fantastic and the computer graphics team should be proud.

  56. @rhea re: wingnut. If you have to ask, you are one.

  57. Accesible and informative.

  58. @rhea - " wonder what she, this living entity, ‘feels’ about all the liquid (oil) being drained from her body .."

    Probable about the same as a monkey popping a zit on its hind quarters.

    The amount of oil removed compared to the mass of the earth is very small.

    If you want to see some damage done I suggest you lookup the copper mine near Salt Lake City.

    Or if you want to see what natural gas drilling looks like I suggest you use google maps and zoom in east of Carlsbad New Mexico (my home town). Look for the weird white patterns on the brown landscape... those are all rigs (mostly natural gas but some oil)

    Look around 32.269136, -103.745613.

    I grew up hunting jack rabbits around these pumps.

  59. @ young

    I rest my case.

  60. rhea, google it. Oil is not needed by the earth for any kind of sustainability. It`s needed by us, that`s why we take it.

  61. Young -- can you explain 'wingnut'? I never heard the word before.

  62. @rhea

    I doubt she feels anything since over time that oil formed and in time she will find a way to incorporate that oil into a new paradigm. The earth was around before oil you wingnut.

  63. What a beautiful, mysterious and strong place Earth is -- and yet very vulnerable. I wonder what she, this living entity, 'feels' about all the liquid (oil) being drained from her body ..

  64. Duh !!! Sorry wrong user targeted for my comment,..

    please replace @Hate Machine with @ez2b12,... sorry HM, you are certainly a wiseman !!!

    The T at earth center is no where near hot enough, and the P is no where near large enough to fuse h-he,.. if it were we’d be a star, or maybe a transient brown dwarf

  65. @ hate Machine

    The T at earth center is no where near hot enough, and the P is no where near large enough to fuse h-he,.. if it were we'd be a star, or maybe a transient brown dwarf

    @Hate Machine !! Aren't you supposed to be the master of the physica principa ?

  66. Done is done Jesus.

  67. @ ez2b12

    Jesus christ man. Are you okay(mentally)? I suggest a quick check in to the hospital to run a psych eval. You have been flaming and writing essays on top with no relevant context.


  68. Funny, for someone so unintelligent and out of touch I sure managed to pull your chain. Dance monkey, dance! And what did you do, give us another entertaining round of bs. You are just as ignorant and backward as the people around here that cling to religion and predjudice. As far as your hillbilly interpretation of apologies and excuses its laughable. The definitions you present back up my point, not yours. Wether you like it or not apologizing for something is taking action to fix something you broke. You are capable of thinking outside of what you can touch, right? Well when you offend someone unjustly you break trust, civility, and your own self image. Often an apology fixes this right away. Sometimes it takes an apology plus the action of refraining from that particular offense for some time. But it always starts with taking responcebility for your actions by apologizing.

    That being said I have no need of your aporoval or validation you are simply not important. I have no need to get the better of someone so simple. For a man of action you sure are full of talk. Here is a action you should try some time for the sake of those that use this site and get tired of listening to you and everyone else fight- Say Goodbye. Then shut up just like I am doing now. Or does mister action just want to keep talking, sounds more like it to me.

  69. @ez2b12 - " I spend tons of time promoting science as a solution to social ills"

    And you didn't know that sustained fusion wont happen in the core of the earth?

    Please stop associating yourself with science. Especially in the south. You are giving them fuel. You are better off telling people you are a christian so they will form a bad opinion of christians. Use their hatred for you to benefit the progressive science by pretending to be one of them.

    excuse: A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.

    apology: An expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone.

    You cant even define English correctly.

    All the apologies in the world wont fix a problem(even if it is a problem you create). It takes a man of action to right the wrongs.

    All Im saying is that you are a man of excuses and apologies... try being a man of action. You will find less need for apologies if you actually do something about your screwups.

    If you break something dont cry about it and try to make people sympathize with you about how the world hates you... Just shut up and fix what you broke. No one likes a self centered cry baby. Especially people in the south.

  70. Hey, where's the love? Scratch that, this is exponentially more entertaining. Ez, eat your liver and move on.

  71. For some reason I'm gleeful with anticipation for HM's response.

  72. I am an Obama volunteer and supporter,a proactive athiest, and I spend tons of time promoting science as a solution to social ills- and I live in the south east US (the bible belt and home of the still active KKK) I am about as popular as old scratch (satan) himself around here. I get accused of being a devil worshiper about three times a week. Yeah that's right a "devil worshipper" even though I am a athiest. How can an athiest be a devil worshiper when they do not believe the devil exists? And to top it all off my x wife, whom I still think the world of and have a great relationship with, is black. To say the least i am not entering any popularity contests soon. No wonder I am disillusioned, after reading my own post it is kind of inevitable that i feel that way considering the circumstances.

    As far as actions versus excuses, you have a lot to learn my friend. An apology is taking ownership of your actions. An excuse is when you do not apologize and just make up or recite reasons for what you have done. It takes a big man to take action but, it takes an even bigger man to accept the resoncibility of those actions and admit his failures when neccessary. Now you can lie to yourself and say you have never done anything that warranted an apology, but it is just that - a lie. Everyone has at one time or another commited an act that warrants an apology, not to do so is shirking the responcibilities for your own actions. So being a man of action, as you claim to be , is not enough. George Bush was a man of action and so was Ted Bundy, two people place at about the same level. George gave us excuses, "They said they had WMD's" so did Ted, does this make them great men? Own up to what is yours and take the necessary steps to make it right, or you are just a boy in need of a lesson.

  73. Usually its "arrogant pr**k"... guess I can settle for a "self important fool".

    And you are 100% correct, I don't take apologizes. Its the easy way out. I don't give apologizes. Except in common courtesy. A man is his actions, not his excuses for his actions. So you continue to be blemished by your actions. Only new actions will polish away those blemishes. You have a lot of polishing to do.

    Its odd to me that your volunteer work leads you to people that insult you (youth work perhaps)... I build HUD homes (not 100% charity, I do get a nice tax break on all the supplies the farm donates) and as close to an insult I ever got was "hes tough but he gets the job done". Then again its not often that someone insults the person that just built them a home. Or maybe its just a different attitude here in the South West.

  74. Great Doco

  75. I'm glad i do not value your opinion or that could have hurt my feelings. Simple people resort to simple insults, something I deal with quite often in my line of work, or volunteer work I should say. That's fine though I still hold the same opinion of you as before, a self important fool. Most of my apology was not directed at you but those that had to witness my outburst. I would venture apologies to be an alien concept to you as you do not give or recieve them very well at all. No matter, I am proud to be disdained by the likes of you. Now continue with your childish insults and insinuations, they are quite entertaining. Dance monkey, dance!!

  76. You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; and just so, you learn to love by loving. All those who think to learn in any other way deceive themselves.

    - Saint Francis de Sales

  77. @ HM

    I love you to buddy

  78. @ez2b12 - "I was/am going through some rough stuff"

    When you are done washing the sand out of your vag, you can stop using this site as your emotional tampon. Its not my fault that you are quick to questions but slow to knowledge.

    Derr... Im sorry guys... my simple mind prevents me from controlling my emotions. I hope everyone likes me cause internet friends are the only friends i have left. Condescending people make me sad... since Im a little slow that sadness turns into anger... but dont worry Ill blame it on external forces "going through stuff". I hope every one petties me for my outburst... it truly is the only way i know of to get attention. But like they say... bad attention is better then no attention. Derr!

  79. @ hotice - Remember that stars and all the matter in galaxies consist of a small percent of the mass of the universe. Stars take up very little space or mass.

    Stars are pinpoints in a great ocean of space.

  80. nobody knows yet what is in the earth inside - its a pitty ;)

  81. @ Cosmic oneness

    What? Please elaborate. Are you really saying that most planets are hollow? What brought you to this conclusion? I mean we drill some pretty deep holes and as of yet have found no evidence that supports the earth being hollow. If the earth is hollow how do you explain volcanoes? Are you saying it is a hollow filled with liquid rock? I suppose this could be one way to look at it but the shell of that hollow is pretty thick, several thousand miles according to this doc. Then at the very center is another solid, the inner core. I hardly think we can call this a hollow planet.

  82. @ Achem

    I think that hotice was trying to say that thier are billions of stars, all of which fuse hydrogen into helium and helium into heavier elements. I know that you and HM are talking about the differnet types of places this could occurr stars, super novas, etc..,etc.. But to say that this only happens in a couple of places technically is incorrect. It only happens in a couple of types of naturally occurring environments would be more correct I suppose. Normally i would not split hairs like this but, its HM favorite past time so a dose of his own meds might do him some good.

    Again I would like to apologize for my poor performance last night. I was/am going through some rough stuff but it is no excuse for arguementative discourse or self indulgence. I spend a lot of time on this site so if toxic verbage begins to spill from my mouth it is bound to find its way to these threads. This is however a place of learning and productive discourse and I had no right to pollute it with my venom, my sincerist apologies to all it effected. Yes this includes you HM, my bad. I may disagree with your style of contribution but thier is no doubt that it is just that, a contribution. Thank you for your reply and I ask patients of you- please, I am a work in progress.

  83. @hotice:

    Well yes, there are few places in the universe to fuse hydrogen and heavier elements. there are several types of supernovas, one is a type 2 supernova, when the mass of the iron core exceeds 1.44 solar masses, a supernova will occur.

    No doubt that was what HM was referring to.

  84. Great Doc, Reading the comments made me feel better, love the argument guys....


  85. ... The Earth is Hollow like most Planets ... :)

  86. In regards to the Earth core cooling, which would leave earth to the same fate as Mars, perhaps it is life which truly serves the Earth. As energy from the sun is stored in the earth's crust and moves downward, would this not eventually lead to a cycle of the earth re-energizing it's core. Perhaps digging up fossil fuels and burning them into the atmosphere wasn't the best idea.

  87. Have to see all parts yet... really great informative and educative doc for all.

  88. great documentary I rally like it

  89. Probably one of the finest documentaries... Awesome and very informative. Thanks!

  90. Oh all right, I apologize Hatemachine. I just can't stand to fill like I am being a prick myself so I apologize. Now I am chilling for awhile, play nice while I am away yall.

  91. Thanks Achem but, I already have the answers I was seeking. I was talking about fusion of iron not hydrogen. What i managed to find out was that it takes much more temp and pressure to fuse iron than it does to fuse hydrogen, which as far as I know is not present in the core any way. So, not only does it not have enough gravity to create the right amount of pressure it also does not have enough heat present to fuse iron.

    As far as Hatemachine goes, oh well. I refuse to apologize to someone that has been so condescending and disagreeable in the past. Perhaps I jumped the gun but I had my reasons. When it comes to the person in question it has been my experience that it is pretty safe to assume he is being condscending or sarcastic.

    Besides I am really disillusioned right now with everything and everyone. It is all personal stuff but I feel it best that I refrain from commenting on this site until I get this worked out. Right now I can not give anyone the benefit of the doubt or be constructive.

    I am just plain tired man. I do tons of political activist type stuff- Writing for local papers, organizing protests and community action programs for the local college, volunteering for retirement homes and shelters, and until recently designing email scripting for the Obama camp. But I just can not see my way anymore. No one ever listens, no one cares. It is all about thier life and well being and they do not even care enough to try.

    Any way it is spilling over into all the facets of my life and really causing issues. So I am going to chill for awhile. No more commenting on every documentary and trying to get a civilized discourse that could possibly bring about some change going. Heck right now I can't even have a simple conversation regarding something that has no bearing on every day life or politics or anything that important. I mean who really cares if Hatemachine is or isn't condescending about this, its trivial really. But i got all steamed up and out of joint, mostly because i just do not like the guys way of commenting. So it is pretty apparent that i am in burn out mode right now. Sorry if I rocked the boat for anyone else.

  92. hm@ There are few places in the universe the can sustain enough heat and pressure to fuse hydrogen let alone heavier elements.

    i thought there are billions but hatemachine knows the sh*t so it must be just couple places:P

  93. @ez2b12:

    @Hate Machine was not being condescending in my books John.

    I will try to answer your question off the top of my head.
    Don't know if you are thinking of fusion or fission

    For fusion like in the Sun, the earth does not have enough gravity to start any type of fusion reactions, to convert hydrogen to helium.
    Fission reactions are a another thing entirely, in fission reactions you are causing a critical mass chain reaction of spitting the atom.
    In other words they basically use an atomic bomb to start a hydrogen bomb, but then they use heavy element like plutonium.

  94. @ shelby

    Yes Shelby in a round about way he did give me an answer. He suggested both that the temp and pressure was not enough and that I should do more research on fusion of heavier elements. My reply was that I had done the research he suggested but could not find the exacts I wanted, i.e. what temps and pressures are neccesary and what exactly are the temp and pressure at the center of the earth. A real answer would have been to say that iron, being one of the heavier elements, takes more temp and pressure to fuse than Hydrogen and Helium. You might even mention this is because of the very strong force that holds the nuclie of iron together, the strong nucler force. It is much more prevalent in iron than in lighter elements making both fusion and fission very difficult. Insted he questioned wether or not I was speculating about the temp of the core and reffered me to do more research. This seems a bit condecending to me. besides condecension is his favorite past time, stick around and you will see for yourself. He and I have butted heads before and the truth is I avoid him when possible, as I am about to do right now with both of you. Goodbye.
    Oh, if you did not notice i finally found the answers on my own. So how helpful was he again seeing that i had to go out and get the answers from others else where. I'd say not at all helpful, unless you call having someone question your ability to listen to a documentary and gain the facts within helpful. Or maybe he wasn't questioning my ability to listen but just saying that i made up the parameters of my question or assumed that the temp was high enough. Yes I am having a bad day Shelby but, it was so nice of you to try and brighten it up- NOT!

    I'm done with this for awhile at least, maybe I'll talk at you guys some day again but for now- I'm done. Too many dissapointing posts and condecending responces. Nothing is changing- nothing at all. I know that doesn't make sence to either of you but I'm talking about other things as well not just this small encounter. Maybe everyone is right. Maybe man is just evil from the get go and nothing is going to turn it around. Never mind, if you can't tell I'm not even talking to you or about this doc anymore so forget it.

  95. Great doc. watched up to 7, will watch rest tomorrow. Been to Carlsbad Caverns years back, fascinating place.

  96. @ez2b12 What? Are we having a bad day? I didn't notice anything condescending at all about HM's answer, and he did give you an answer. Did you not understand it?

  97. The doc says that the temp at the core is as hot or hotter than the surface of the sun. Perhaps this is misleading as I am not sure if fusion occurs at the surface or deep inside the star. However, I suggest you stop being such a condecending prick. I asked a question, did you answer? No, you simply threw my statement or inquiry back at me with a condecending tone. For your information I have tried to access the info you speak of. Problem was I couldn't find a simple break down that gives the exact temp and pressure needed to fuse iron nor any estimation of the exact temp of the core of the earth. The pressure was over a million atmospheres, is that enough? I don't know that's why I am asking. If this is below you then just ignore it, in my humble opinion your condecending post suggest it to be over your head. Most true scholars do not condecend and avoid by belittling questions, they answer them.
    I have a great time on this site and have met lots of very nice and intelligent people. Unfortunately all i have ever seen from you was bad attitude and condecension. You constantly attack what others say and act above the rest of us. So I have a suggestion, move on. I'm sure some where out on the web is a site full of pompas genuises just like you, you'll fit in nicely. Or do you prefer to stay here and just continue to act as if the rest of us never have an inspired thought or the intelligence to converse with you?
    So do you have an answwer to my question? If not kindly move along and let some one else help me. If so state it as if we were equalls, as you and i both know we are. And don't give me this arguement about how you want to defend science and get very passionate. It just doesn't fly man, I know people that love science and try and defend the facts. They are no were near as condecending and full of themselves as you. If you love science then be happy that someone is taking a genuine interest and has asked a seriouse question. After all thier are scientist that argue that a nuclear reaction is taking place at the center of our planet. I don't think they are right but it just goes to show that it is not a stupid question.

  98. @ez2b12 - "i do not understand is how nuclear fusion does not occur at the center of the earth"

    "Its hot enough-" Does the doc say its hot enough?

    I suggest you take a look at the combinations of heat and pressure it takes to fuse hydrogen into helium. Then the differences it takes to form heavier elements.

    There are few places in the universe the can sustain enough heat and pressure to fuse hydrogen let alone heavier elements.

  99. This was an outstanding documentary explaining the relationships of different parts of the earth for the survival of the planet. Great job!

  100. Great documentary, very informative and entertaining. What i do not understand is how nuclear fusion does not occur at the center of the earth. From what I can gather from research it has something to do with the fact that iron fusion does not yield energy but consumes it. This may be the case but still does not answer the question of why it does not take place. If the conditions are right it would happen, wether it produced or consumed energy is of no consequence to the reaction itself. In other words the core does not know it needs to produce energy, in fact it is losing energy as we speak. The solid core is growing as it loses heat energy according to this doc. So really the question still stands, if we have the right conditions for nuclear fusion why does it not occurr? Obviousely the conditions are not right for this to happen. My question is why? Its hot enough- the material is thier and available- so why no fusion?

  101. Only got as far as part 6, so far This documentary is really fascinating, I think some of the eyecandy is unnecessary but we all love a bit :)

  102. Great documentary! Thanks admin!