Interview with a Cannibal (Armin Meiwes)

Interview with a Cannibal (Armin Meiwes)

2007, Crime  -   17 Comments
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His name is Armin Meiwes, a seemingly mild-mannered computer technician from Germany. To the world at large, however, his infamous crimes have earned him a more devilish moniker: The Cannibal of Rotenburg. Calling upon extensive archived video footage and a rare on-camera interview with Meiwes himself, the provocative documentary Interview with a Cannibal explores one of the most bizarre and sensational crimes in recent recorded history.

The case against Meiwes was complicated by the victim's complete willingness to serve as the subject of his savagery. The cannibal-in-waiting posted an advertisement on a website calling for an adult male who would volunteer for slaughter and consumption. After a short time, an engineer by the name of Bernd J├╝rgen Armando Brandes agreed. Meiwes captured every step of the gruesome act on videotape in its entirety. He sliced, stored and froze portions of Brandes' body, and commenced to feeding upon him for a period of months.

The filmmakers catch up with Meiwes in prison where he is currently serving a life sentence. They speak of his childhood, which was marked by the devastations of abandonment, a domineering mother, an isolated "outsider" status amongst his peers, a twisted sexual development, and a growing fascination with the notion of killing and eating a boy. These desires were sexualized in nature, and contingent upon the victim's complete agreement to participate.

As the film delves deeper into the narrative of his life, viewers are clued in to a series of revelations which are by turns surprising and horrific. There were several defining moments on his journey that may have led him in a more stable and productive existence as evidenced by his solid military service record and short-lived flirtation with marriage. But with the death of his mother, and the failed promise of other intimate relationships, he turned to the internet and found a thriving underworld of cannibal fetishists. This discovery precipitated the final stage of his psychological freefall, and made it possible for him to realize his darkest fantasies.

Not for the faint of heart, Interview with a Cannibal is a fascinating journey into the psychology of a monster, and a must-see for true crime buffs.


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3 years ago

To be fair I think he isnt that bad of a guy, and to add on he made sure he had the victims concent so tecnicly he had the right to eat those people but he also did do it to boys who did not agree so there's that

6 years ago

The true German "culture" in full display... animals eating animals...

Miss erie
6 years ago

This was really interesting.i dont think he's a bad guy,i think the 8 yr sentence was fair and he should get a lot of therapy.prison is not where he should be, especially for life.

6 years ago

It's weird how likable he is. He just seems like a nice guy. But if anything, I think this proves that no matter what your weird fetish is, there is someone out there with a complementary one.

6 years ago

Similar to Jeffrey Dunham case

7 years ago

ppl got SO sick & had to go through therapy. what about slashing other lives then humans? do these ppl don't get sick in & out? do these ppl dont get cruel & insane? just watch humans slashing animals & see just the same violance. time to a change.

7 years ago

Weiner snitzel?
What a sad story of conflicted, delusional, troubled humans. I shouldn't be joking about this, but what are you supposed to say after you watch this? They both in hindsight really should have gotten help that they needed. Nobody wins here!

7 years ago

Glad I'm a strict vegetarian.... This only strengthens my resolve haha. In all honesty, I pity both of those men. Even though I am disgusted by Meiwes, I feel sorry for him.

7 years ago

THEY BOTH WERE MENTALLY ILL!!! I am glad he's in jail for life!

Lesley bird
7 years ago

Even if it is consensual it is illegal You only have to see how many people are charged with assisted suicide The people they assist are in full agreement in fact they ask for help. Killing someone is wrong

7 years ago

He was exposed to this as a child. He's not an animal. Its his preference. I don't judge him..

7 years ago

I appreciate that they didn't really portray him as inherently evil. I really liked the interviews with his friends and neighbors.

7 years ago

Man if there's anything that would get you to eat less and loss weight, this is it!

Usually I'm snacking while I'm watching vids. NOT this time!

Pat Wade
7 years ago

Oh, ah, hmmmmm. Well, I guess everyone has to have some kind of hobbie.

7 years ago

meh, he's not a criminal. it was consensual.