Is Anybody Out There?

Is Anybody Out There?

2015, Science  -   27 Comments
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Our first contact with extraterrestrial life might be just around the corner. The stimulating documentary Is Anybody Out There? explores the stepping stones in space exploration that brought us to this point, and the mounting evidence that suggests that life does exist within the far reaches of our solar system.

The film asks the fundamental questions that has transfixed humans for centuries, and enforces these speculations with concrete science devised from the likes of NASA, Carl Sagan and the SETI Institute, an organization whose sole purpose is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe.

"Life beyond this planet is quite plausible," says one SETI representative featured in the film. A rich history of unveiled clues and startling revelations has led the scientific community as a whole to this same consensus.

The filmmakers lay out the evidence supporting this conclusion, which includes the mysterious Wow! Signal received in 1977 which emanated from the distant constellation of Sagittarius, and the Kepler spacecraft's findings in 2009 of thousands of Earth-like planets where the conditions for life was a possibility. Of course, one of the leading is based in common sense and humility: within the vastness of a 14 billion years old universe, how can we assume that the only sentient life forms are inhabiting the Earth?

As demonstrated during the course of the film, today's technology is unprecedented in its detection capability. In recent years, we've gained the ability to explore and interpret findings in the deepest regions of space with greater accuracy than ever before.

When might we encounter extraterrestrial beings, and what form might they take? Will the tools and technologies they employ prove vastly evolved from our own? The SETI scientists outline a myriad of possibilities, including one that casts an alien species in the guise of a super computer.

Is Anybody Out There? is complimented by appealing animations, easily digestible narration, and a panel of expert guests who offer tremendously valuable insights. It's a film that swims in the kind of big ideas that capture the imagination, inspire landmark innovations, and offer hope for a future of unknown potential.

Directed by: Ruth Chao

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27 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Mick Web

    Never going to happen. The universe is simply wallpaper. Cool stuff tho.

  2. Mick Web

    Never gonna happen. The universe is just wallpaper.

  3. Reagan Patwari

    Music is loud

  4. Reagan Patwari

    I love 👽

  5. John Smith

    WoW, thats smart, the founder of SETI just said he is infact searching for messages from machines, well whst do you think happeened to the biology who made these machines you wish to contact.

  6. John Smith

    what do you think would have happened if 250 years ago, England recieved such a message from the Aboriginals in Australia. ill tell you, there would be no more aboriginals. why we so dumb

  7. Tejas

    Thanks for such fascinating documentary.....

  8. Blackadder

    I wouldnt blame aliens from outter space that didnt want to contact us because the first thing the Governments, and people, would do is shoot at them,and if they can come to Earth and yet we dont know where they are then obviously they are the superior beings and should open or arms to them as they know much more than we do, however they probably know all this and look at us as primitive beings, which we are, as we seem to enjoy watching our our species kill each other, on film, and we call this entertainment, and pay good money to dos, are we enlightened... I think not.

    1. Ezra wells

      Shoot or not shoot,i know one thing,
      the united states will be the last nation to pull a trigger.
      Its called personal interests

    2. Samuel Smith

      The people will not just shoot the aliens, they'll do a dissection of it to see what's inside.

  9. Ed

    We're the aliens on this planet...

  10. Joe

    Look up Roeswell,San Antonio, New Mexico, Sandia New Mexico. ET crash landings. This documentary doesn’t say or show anything.

    1. William Askew

      You mean it shows only reality and things we have proof for.

  11. User 1

    You think the aliens we eventually meet are going to buy our version of how the universe was created? You know, with god and all that stuff.

    1. amalgamated durables

      haha, a very amusing point.
      although it would be refreshing to see the resulting fundamental changes to religion and science.

    2. William Askew

      Not my version. only the deluded believe that. Let's just hope if they do land they will be able to differentiate between the two and only "death ray" the god botherer's.

  12. Paul

    I am not going to watch this video as it is a literal stab in the dark. Besides if there is intellect life, extraterrestrial beings and micro-organism they sure in hell would not want us to find them given the stuff up human sapiens have made to this planet and life on earth.

  13. Roma

    Good Jinn of the Mosques
    Parallell Dimensions of Time

  14. Crimsonwolf

    Watch the full length professional films by Jamie Fox if you want some answers to the question "Is anyone out there?". Two terrific films (on YouTube and elsewhere) are:
    "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw". A third one is on the way.

  15. EZE60

    There's a mainstream science perception narrative that puts on blinders to another side of the "alien" story. It feels like the scientific mainstream is looking for a strict and antiseptic laboratory confirmation to the idea of alien contact.
    Scientists such as Shostak are very rigidly fixed on how this discovery and occurrence will come about. He is a staunch opponent of the other alien contact narrative that's been occurring right under our noses; this narrative isn't as antiseptically scientific like the likes of Shostak would like. But it has been happening consistently throughout the 20th and 21st century; and it has been pretty much confirmed by the Department of Defense to be a real phenomena that so far has not yielded any believable earthly explanation.
    Why is SETI, Shostak and the scientific orthodoxy in the mainstream ignoring and maligning this phenomena? Because of its strict and linear perception and confirmation process and inability to adapting to a more "outside the box" range of evidence pertaining to the alien contact matter, has the mainstream scientific community failed us in acknowledging the possibility that the "aliens" might have already arrived?

    1. GunnarInLA

      ...excellent post

    2. William Askew

      It hasn't been confirmed by any such department. a video was released that we have no idea of what it is. The DoD did not come out and claim anything. We have zero proof of any aliens on this planet. If you believe otherwise you are only believing what you want to believe in which case you are guilty of confirmation bias and that is no way to operate in reality. I would love the uFO stories to be true but until they make real contact dont tell me how the "scientific community failed us" when all that means is they don't tell you what you want to hear.

  16. Trina

    I haven't seen any of these recent films but to make a statement like "our first contact with extraterrestrials is right around the corner "is ridiculous. I did a radio documentary on This in 1977. Some of These films may be way behind the times because contact was made thousands of years ago

    1. William Askew

      Trina. Really? where when how? show the proof

  17. D.L.Blonkerward

    Might, maybe, what if....
    Hooray for vague and inconclusive science documentaries! They're everywhere...

    1. EZE60

      Yes they are. Unfortunately, the Shostak mold of scientists are so conservatively transfixed with certainty, they mortally fear theorizing, hypothesizing and speculating even if it's acceptably human and intelligently arrived at. Given that science has been often wrong even after universally confirming certain past findings, this defensive and insulated idea of maligning all phenomena unless they are blessed by the sacred process of science is arrogance at its zenith.

  18. user5684651

    okay stuff