ISIS: On the Frontline

ISIS: On the Frontline

2015, Military and War  -   51 Comments
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In the past several years, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has forcefully taken a stronghold in regions throughout the Middle East, and the prominence of their singular brand of terror continues to expand on a daily basis. Few of the world's inhabitants have been immune to frequent news reports of the mass killings, savage beheadings and other acts of blood curdling horror perpetrated by this much feared terrorist organization.

The frightening and timely new documentary ISIS: On the Frontline, produced by Ahlulbayt TV, places us at the epicenter of this ever-evolving cancer, and follows the brave Iraqi citizens who have dared to stand united in their defiance of ISIS.

"There is no doubt that when ISIS tried to take over certain parts of Iraq, their aim was to seize the whole country regardless of the religion followed," attests Sayed Ammar Al-Hakim, the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, during the course of the film. According to the testimony of Al-Hakim and others, ISIS militants have shown no favoritism to any particular religion or sect, and have indiscriminately massacred anyone who stands in opposition to their rule. In response to this threat, average Iraqi citizens have been encouraged to enlist in the military to defend their position within their homeland.

The motivations behind these defensive strategies are affirmed by an inside look into just a few of the atrocities committed by ISIS on Iraqi soil. The film's chief witness to these atrocities is Thaher Abdel Kareem, the survivor of a haunting and vicious kidnapping at the hands of the terrorist group.

For viewers who have considered the threat of ISIS only from the outsider's perspective driven by western media outlets, ISIS: On the Frontline offers a valuable portrait of the war being waged on the inside. The challenges faced by those who chose to combat this brutalizing threat are vast, and much blood will be shed before an end is reached. But the drive to defend against the ISIS threat speaks to the very foundations of humanity itself.

"The war is not between the Shia and the Sunni," says interview subject and Iraqi politician Redha Jawad Taki. "This is a war between savages and civilized people."

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  1. GT

    This definitely looks like a fake propaganda documentary.After watching a lot of documentaries and following news reports I feel a lot of the participants in this video are actors and don't actually make any sense.

  2. Philip

    More one sided propaganda "documentaries". The Shia are just as bad as the U.S isis. We all forget the torture of Sunnis with electric drill holes all over the body&head. I could go on.......

  3. Wayne

    The Wests orchestrated invasion of the Middle East has much to answer for and its ring leaders need to be hauled before the Hague to answer for crimes against humanity. The muslims themselves need to take a collective stand against groups like IS, it needs to be loud and public. It will help to dispel the notion that Islam is a violent ideology.

  4. theinternetisfullofnuts

    DigiWongaDude: What a relief to hear truly intelligent ideas expressed here without venom on the internet! Most people sound kind of dangerous and I rarely comment. Thank you for all the references to some interesting resources. I am often baffled by the swiftly moving tsunami of technology and the absence of boundaries for its ethical usage evolving at the same pace. What can normal everyday people do? As a mother, I worry about the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. I would love to research your concepts further. Take Care!

  5. Classified

    The west may have started it but they weren't the only ones there was also Pakistan and Saudi Arabia at the time they didn't know that the army they were training would end up being a world threat. And now that they have realized the mistake the world is fighting back even Pakistan Saudi Arabia and the west the reason America helped them was because during the time of the soviet empire they were taking over these places and America noticed how when they got into jihadist territory the jihadists managed to keep fighting and keep them out so they saw an opportunity to counter the sockets they took it

  6. Kyle

    Short and sweet. ISIS. Is funded by the Americans! How ? And why ?
    Once it controls the whole of Iraq it can go and drill for oil where ever and when ever and they'll control the prices !!
    Oh well that's just a lie !!!
    Example : Sierre Leon blood diamonds. You have first world countries hiring these men to over throw government and cause unrest. That's when first world countries move in take the raw diamonds. And sell it for millions in our stores .

  7. jimmy

    islam ..... what did (islam) profit muhammad said or teach or brought to human race that mosses and jesus forgot to say and tech???
    think about it...... really !!!! what ??
    Didn't mosses and jesus said enough about god and all the good things and the bad things,, what to do and what not to do....???
    GO READ the quran in english ..... wow everything good in it was already mentioned before by jesus and mosses ..and the rest , ....... wow .......
    No wonder when u watch CNN its all bloody bad.....
    WAKE UP....

    RELIGION IS men made to bring order and control .......

  8. mauricemojo

    As much as i feel sorry for these people,until they stop following an ideology that preaches hate towards non muslims,they will always be in conflict

  9. DigiWongaDude

    Allow me a controversial connecting of the dots? This is where I have to start, and it will come together at the end...

    ...Ray Kurzweil's book "The Singularity Is Near":
    Quite simply technology is growing at an exponential rate (on a growth curve eventually heading straight up over little to no time). What this predicts is something profound: we will know (suggests Kurzweil) we have reached what can be considered as the point of singularity when technological growth is unfathomable from one year to the next. (As opposed to it taking a few generations for us to fall out of the loop and be unable to keep up with the changes around us).

    Hold that thought.

    ...Adam Curtis' 2015 Documentary "Bitter Lake", a fantastic accompaniment to this documentary, once it gets going. (opening lines):
    "Increasingly, we live in a world where nothing makes any sense. Events come and go like waves of a fever, leaving us confused and uncertain. Those in power tell stories to help us make sense of the complexities of reality, but those stories are increasingly unconvincing and hollow".

    Bitter Lake is an original personal take, by Curtis, on the "conservative and backward looking 'Wahhabism' [ISIS] as the dominating influence of post invasion Iraq" (his words).

    ...Personally I found it difficult to see our technological progress reaching the singularity as Kurzweil explained it (not uncommon), but I did recall this monster, and it's plagued me ever since: Technological progress is limited (slowed down) by the social acceptance of it (usually when a suitable price point is met). This is, generally, what stops the singularity approaching. Generally is the operative word here, because although it applies to us (the public), it does not apply to the military or government or university research. Those institutions are free to embrace the singularity unhindered by social acceptance. THIS is how the singularity can arrive, leaving us scratching our heads.

    I believe that, through the secrecy of intelligence agencies, the military industrial complex and international affairs, we are indeed facing the singularity, as Kurzweil and Curtis have been clear to point out: with many unexpected, unforeseen outcomes.

    The results are that the singularity has brought (and is bringing) about a divergence in human development: technological progression (those who can keep up) vs. ideological digression (those who reject this form of progress outright). This is my opinion, my controversial point, and it's two heads of the same monster, born out of 9/11 and understandably baffling to nearly all of us. We are kept busy, monitored and pacified with technological 'toys' (by comparison).

    As we drive this 'progress' evermore forward, I believe we will see this divergence (my word for it) widen and it's consequences deepen far beyond the likes of ISIS - it's coming for us too (hence the whistle blower leaks of recent years). The price we pay, perhaps, for allowing those in power, unchecked, to fly too close to the sun.

    Please do comment.

    1. Pete

      Can i give my opinion!
      Your post here is absolutely fantastic, great insight and why I have so much respect for you. You clearly see the tecnological progress, how we are kept in the dark, the potential of escalating problems, etc - I agree with you on all this completely. I couldn't even begin to comment on this issue any where near your level, but have the same thoughts, possibly with a more suspicious mind of why the likes of ISIS exist.
      Compliment over, now I want to challenge your last paragraph - although I agree completely with that too, that's where we differ on our opinions for the future.
      I won't go to into that in this discussion, but you know what I mean, that can surely be the only solution or what will the consequences be?
      And yet there are many other issues with just as bad consequences!
      Your last sentence, the price we pay... the only answer is take away their power, how - mass awareness, nothing else can or will make a difference
      In regards to the singularity you bring up, imagine what the likes of ISIS could do in a few more decades if our societies don't change course soon, and what would happen in response!
      The world is becoming much more frightening, if it's not bad enough already - that's why I believe in the direction I talk about.

    2. DigiWongaDude

      Hi Pete, glad you found this one (was hoping you might stumble across it). There's plenty of cannon fodder here for sure. We very likely agree on much, but it's the use of power and modern technology as a combination that causes me great concern. Hence the proposed solutions (of some) don't suit me at all, since technology plays a pivotal role (and at the helm of) those solutions, leading inevitably right back here - in my honest humble opinion, though I'm well aware you'd argue that.

      I don't have the answers, at this stage. I'm not anti technology (not at all), in fact it's only because of my connections with it that I'm able to take the stance that I do. I've yet to see or hear of anything that can affect real change, again, at this stage.

      Take away their power?

      Be sure to check out Virtual Revolution (part 3 "The cost of free") and swiftly follow that with Horizon's "Inside the Dark Web" (here on TDF)... it really does put sooo much of all the themes we've been discussing for the last few weeks in to perspective on just how big an uphill climb we are facing. Things have just gone too far, and to me it's like a runaway train. Sorry for the pessimism :)

    3. Pete

      Don't apologise for the pessimism, I am a master for that!
      Not aware of these, but will check them out.
      As much as I know my belief can't change, I am always open to a different perspective - will they address environmental conditioning though? Will come back to you when I get around to those docs.
      And my respect just went up another notch with regards to your modesty.


    what is ISIS and who is ISIS let's be honest even the meaning of ISIS

    1. Fabien L

      Would you prefer they used ad-Dawlat al-Islāmiyah?

    2. badconduct

      It's the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They're Syrian and Iraqi nationals trying to build a state using Islamic Law. They generally go by IS now, just the Islamic State.

      Any other questions, I'm sure you can Google it.

  11. Marlene

    The voluntary army are truly amazing.

  12. LostHearts

    Geez, stop with the conspiracy theories already. First off, things would have been quite different if Bush went after Afghanistan (where a huge number of ISIS members come from) when 9/ll occurred instead of using it as his long wanted excuse to go after Saddam. If we recognize that any religion has the ability to spark insane thinking and actions, we would start to understand their mindset in terms of how irrational the human mind can become.

    There has been conflict in this area for at least 2000 years or more and it will continue, no matter what. It will get worse when the petroleum based, archaic internal combustion engine goes extinct (should have happened decades ago) and those countries will have nothing to sell but sand.

    1. trueplace

      If not for Bush and his still un-prosecuted crimes, there would be no "ISIS." Or destroyed countries/infrastructures and frightened, horrified and displaced citizens of those countries.. True, middle easterners have virtually always been in wars, conflicts, etc., but modern times brought a hint of relative civility and stabilization to the region except for Palestine. Israel has made their lives literal Hell on earth, but that's yet another story. I dare presume today's Iraqis would chose Saddam, evil and all, over what's happened upon America's arrival.

    2. LostHearts

      Oh yes, Bush (and his handlers) were certainly unpunished and lying criminals. About Saddam--you are right in that many did long for the days when he was at the helm. It is just that the concept of one strong leader as opposed to a "democratically elected" elite is supposed to be anathema in our modern world.

      I remember one woman widowed by 9/11. In a TV interview, she was angry and puzzled why Bush did not go after Afghanistan, but chose Saddam instead. The former country conceived of and harbored extremist terrorist groups. It would have been the logical thing to do. But the top echelon had other ideas and goals.

      The Blair-Bush memo should have been enough to have both men accused of treason and imprisoned for a long, long time. It is a sad fact that when I bring it up most people are clueless and have never heard about it, yet IMO it is a treasonous document. Great going, MSM.

    3. Fabien L

      The end of the combustion engine will certainly reduce demand for petrol but I'd like to remind you that plastics, synthetic rubbers and detergents wouldn't exist without petrol.

    4. LostHearts

      True, but it would still greatly reduce the dependence on petrol as fuel. Prospects certainly look dim for those areas once the move away from the dirty, smell and archaic engines is complete.

    5. Fabien L

      Indeed though they have lots of available territory to produce solar and wind energy, are strategically located to export it to Europe, Asia and Africa and certainly have the capital to get large projects going.

      Also it doesn't make a big difference in term of dirtiness if the energy used in the new transportation system was produced using fossil fuels at central energy plants.

  13. pixman55

    The World "Needs" an Enemy to keep their military programs running. If Peace broke out the Public would demand reducing Money going to the Military. The Companies that Make weapons would lay off staff the Shareholders would lose money. The USA Needs huge amounts of Oil tto keep their Tanks and Humvees running. and the B52 bombers in the air 24/7 .Unemployment would go up without the Huge Military Bases and Army,Navy,Airforce,marines.Etc This is why the USA is supplying Both sides in wars as that keeps weapons and ammunition being used So while "Fighting ISIS the USA ,UK,Saudi Arabia also give them Supplies .the GreenScreen Productions of Beheadings has Stopped i wonder Why? they Chose Aid workers Helping the Poor instead of Military people. (Apart from the Pilot from Jordan) the hit a variety of Nationalities including Japan who had No interest in Fighting the War.

  14. Sportsbruh

    I've YET to see the FACES of ISIS soldiers; have you? We get these face covered shrills that are being paid by US/Israel/Europe; This is nothing but a backdoor into Syria;

    Here's a question? Why don't you get out of THEIR land and leave them ALONE? But of course you can't they have SOMETHING you covet; Don't they?

    This makes you the thief/thug/terrorist/infidel/aggressor/pillager/slaver/Barbarian

    Fall on your SWORD like all nations in the past; greedy psychopaths are going to get SHOOK by Earth; She cannot stand the VIRUS called Westernized Greed

    1. Kadi

      ahahaha KOEKOEK, are you okay mate? You think its all one big consipiracy and everything the fault of the west and nobody to blame for things elsewhere in the world? ahahah call the doctor mate

  15. trueplace

    Regardless of who or what "created" these monsters, they are an affront to human sensibilities. There are zero justifications for their savagery. The only remedy now, is for them to be utterly, completely wiped off the face of the earth. That they are rapidly expanding their influence is not something the world is ignorant of. Regional countries must take much more aggressive action now, or pay in much horror in the not too distant future.

    1. Fabien L

      I don't quite understand Turkey remaining on the sideline, are they profiting from ISIS actions somehow?

    2. trueplace

      I've heard this, but I don't have the facts to confirm it. But there is much more Turkey and others could be doing to thwart ISIS. But then again, Turkey isn't being invaded by ISIS... interesting.

    3. Kadi

      Yes they are profiting from ISIS, because ISIS is fighting against the Kurds. Turkey hates the Kurdish people because they want independence (Hypocritical that they hate the kurdish because they want independence but they support the palestinians because they want independence) Anyway the Kurdish people fought a long and bloody uprising against the Turks but the Turks dont want to give them their own country. So Turkey is happy now that ISIS is killing Kurds. Yes its that sick :)

    4. Fabien L

      Sounds like a very flawed short term view, at some point ISIS will turn to Turkey as their plan is for worldwide domination of their doctrine.

    5. DigiWongaDude

      "Sibel Edmonds Documentary - Kill The Messenger" (if you know her story jump to 35:20) and get to the juicy bit. Turkey is well protected. I suggest, therefore, ISIS will not turn to Turkey. It's in a US-Turkey-Israel strategic triangle that has seen Turkey receive billions in US weapons contracts (in the 90's). Not to mention that it's also now a member of NATO. This is the story Sibel Edmonds was gagged for, and the rabbit warren goes very deep...

      I think when you combine the above full story with the astounding PBS Frontline United States of Secrets (2014) [3hrs] Youtube: "DZwcOQRjsAQ" you find that mistakes of the past weren't mistakes at all, that there is a vast curtain of secrecy with tentacles all over the western world, and far from learning from those so called mistakes, it's very much business as usual. We have little to no idea about the real bigger picture, about what is going on right now, and what is around the corner with ISIS.

    6. trueplace

      If Islam were to emulate the Kurds, the middle east would suddenly become a positive force in the world. They are valiantly fighting off ISIS and for the most part, on their own and without any logistics support from those who should be thanking their lucky stars for the Kurds heroic determination to save their province; And thereby significantly weakening ISIS. But where are the weapons and other needed supplies and equipment? In the hands of ISIS, compliments of the USA.

    7. a_no_n

      I'd guess for the same reason that Europe stood on the sidelines when Russia invaded Ukraine...Or when Germany started Annexing it's neighbours, or when Charles the Bald bought off the vikings...Because if we keep our heads down maybe things will sort themselves out.

    8. crash2parties

      War can be expensive - yet profitable for some. Without that motivation, why would any self-respecting Capitalist nation get involved? Turkey is currently enjoying an expanding economy; getting involved in a war could change that.

  16. whats up

    u must know when u take faith.... and that holyshit literally word of god ....what going to happen and its best example in 21 st century

  17. whats up

    its not whole CIA fault and don't blame whole western for everything....
    its also problem of these religious ideologies who not even we can challenged or questioned becoz they r holy and 100 % right .....
    saudis (majority of muslims) sees communist as GODLESS AND against there faith (which is old system ideology based on 7 century )
    and USA against communist so both fought against russia one by military and diplomacy and other use there faith jihad to fight against russia.......but when war is over these jihadis never properly integrated with there own people or society as they preaching extremism and spreading there ideologies ......and it turn out to be disaster rather than solution as it is increasing every day by day .......
    and unless they reform there religion it will become more worse

  18. whats up

    its not whole CIA fault and don't blame whole western for everything....
    its also problem of these religious ideologies who not even we can challenged or questioned becoz they r holy and 100 % right .....
    saudis (majority of muslims in saudi arabia ) sees communist as GODLESS AND against there faith (which is old system ideology based on 7 century )
    and USA against communist so both fought against russia one by military and diplomacy and other use there faith jihad to fight against russia but when war is over these jihadis never properly integrated with there own people or society as they preaching extremism and
    spreading there ideologies ......and it turn out to be disaster rather than solution as it is increasing every day by day .......
    and unless they reform there religion it will become more worse

  19. whats up

    u must know when u take faith and that holy s*it literally word of god ....what going to happen ......
    its not whole CIA fault and don't blame whole western for everything....
    its also problem of these religious ideologies who not even we can challenged or questioned becoz they r holy and 100 % right .....
    saudis (majority of muslims) sees communist as GODLESS AND against there faith (which is old system ideology based on 7 century )
    and USA against communist so both fought against russia one by military and diplomacy and other use there faith jihad to fight against russia.......but when war is over these jihadis never properly integrated with there own people or society as they preaching extremism and spreading there ideologies ......and it turn out to be disaster rather than solution as it is increasing every day by day .......
    and unless they reform there religion it will become more worse

    1. a_no_n

      "Saudis (majority of muslims)"

      Saudi has a population of 29 million people in total.

      meanwhile next door in India there are 176 million people who identify as Muslim.

    2. crash2parties

      But...but...that's not nearly as incendiary.

    3. whats up

      I mean out of there 100 % population in saudi arabia the way muslims in india is minority ab8 18 % of total population of india

    4. Aditya Rajan

      excuse me India is not next door to Saudi Arabia but in fact thousands of miles away, it is as distant from Saudi Arabia as Europe is

    5. a_no_n

      If you read the comment again, you'll see i'm refering to the fact that Saudies are not the majority of Muslims because there are more in India.

      The distance between the two isn't even relevant to the discussion.

    6. Aditya Rajan

      It is not that I misunderstood the point of your statement, it is that as an Indian I have noted how many people with little knowledge of India, its culture or history tend to associate it with the middle east and this is an incorrect association, there are muslims in India but they were all converted in the past from Hinduism, ethnically, culturally and religiously, the middle east and India are entirely different and distinct. In fact the middle east shares more in common in these fields with europe than it does with India as Christianity and Islam are closely related but Hinduism is entirely unrelated. Genetically, studies have shown that middle eastern people are far closer to europeans than they are to Indians, in fact Indians are equidistant to europeans/middle easterners and East asians. Your comment "next door in India" seemed to imply that you believed that India to be associated with the middle east, geographically close to Saudi Arabia or even a part of the middle east, I responded simply to make you aware that this is not true (in case you believed this). I am sorry if I have offended you in any way.

    7. a_no_n

      Fair enough, i'd forgotten about the "next door" part.

    8. TGOBP

      Actually, Indonesia is the country with the largest population of Muslims. The Saudis' don't even make it into the top 10.

  20. Drummerboy

    This film is as many propaganda films and controled lies by the media. ISIS is a creation of the USA CIA's working for the propagation of wars around the world . After all war is money. And the richest millitary companies that are feeding these war are controling the media and they are getting richer by the minute.

    1. Fabien L

      And the CIA is the successor to the OSS that was created during World War 2 so it's all Hitler's fault. But then Hitler emerged because of the bad deal Germany had after the First world war so it's England and France's fault.

      How far should one go back to find a fault for the current savage actions of people? That's like saying, that man is a murderer because his parents didn't take good care of him. Sure, it didn't help but it's not the parents that pulled the trigger.

    2. Eddy

      Maybe Drummerboy is inferring that ISIS is actively under CIA control? Thats what I got from his post-

    3. Fabien L

      I am sure that's what he meant. Yet, I can't attribute every actions of every member of ISIS to the CIA. Nuts that kill everybody in a village because they have a different religion are not acting under the CIA's direct command. They are just insane fanatics.

    4. Eddy

      I think most would/should agree - Nuts that kill everybody in a village because they have a different religion... are insane fanatics. I think attributing EVERY action of EVERY member of ISIS to the CIA is quite far-fetched. However, it does seem that instability creates a market for weapons and opens backdoors for political change - which may be desirable to US interests and possibly attributed to CIA influence.