It Can't Happen Here!

It Can't Happen Here!

2013, Society  -   71 Comments
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There are many perfect examples in our recent history which undoubtedly show that dictatorial regimes impose subjection, blackmail, servitude, intimidation, abuse, persecution and execution upon innocent people. However, many Americans are strongly convinced and assuredly assert that such a thing could never happen in the United States. But is this just desirous reasoning?

Or, is there something essentially disparate about the United States that makes it resistant to the despotic abuse that has afflicted every other considerable empire in history? The primary step in scrutinizing the assertion that it can't happen here is to recognize and describe what "IT" is. Many people have distorted, almost comic-book-type, impression of dictatorship.

In the real world autocracy has always crept in under the pretense of safeguarding the nation, defending the people, and establishing law and order. A dictator, in order to acquire and hold power, must demand the support of the people. An effective oppressor cannot publicly display malevolence and desire for power but must design his approach so as to persuade the people that his goals are righteous, that he wants honesty and fairness to abound, and that the most desirable way to make that true is to give him or her dominance and authority.

Tyrannical governments develop by abusing people's fears - economic uncertainty, crime, foreign aggressors and so on and persuading the people that the quick-fix is for a political leader to be legally given absolute jurisdiction so he can shield the people from the wickedness of the world. This is always the pattern out of which autocracy is born.

No matter how cruel or bloodthirsty regime becomes those in charge will persist to claim noble intentions and will dictate that an extreme government powers are required to protect the people and to create justice and order. Every time mankind has taken a step away from democracy and towards autocracy it was done in the name of defending the country and the people.

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  1. John Chan

    In the real world of nowadays, every time mankind has taken a step away from liberty, equality, justice and towards autocracy it was done in the name of defending the democracy, freedom and human rights by the West.

  2. Sandra

    Oh, America is too busy killing people around the world, especially guarding our extrication of oil in Middle Eastern countries, to be bothered about turning the military's guns on armed American citizens. The photos of Obama were in abundant view in the sinister insinuations that the American government was about to subdue its citizens. Now I have a lot of problems with Guantanamo Bay where Muslims are detained for decades without trial. America is no model of democracy by any means, but, so far, its better than all the other forms of government. When the oil starts to runs out in a few decades, all bets are off.

  3. Urban dweller

    To have the type of freedom we all want would require a collective mental shift ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE. That's not likely to happen in our life time or as the present day specie of mankind. Either we will continue to destroy (most likely), shift mentally (in another 2000 years), an intervention from an alien species, or the advent of Super AI.

  4. Urban dweller

    I always know a message is from the alt. right when they consistently point to President Obama. As though he and he alone is to blame for the mess and "old boy network" he inherited and had to deal with in the American government.

    1. Margaret t

      Obama was in office when the citizens united ruling came out, and failed to protest. The president and or Congress can protest a SCOTUS case if they feel it goes against the Constitution which it does for sure.

  5. Urban dweller

    This has already happened in the United's called slavery and jim crow laws. And guess what? MOST Americans (whites) did nothing about it.
    Being Black in the United States has been and continues to be like the Jews in Nazi Germany who had to wear yellow bands with the Star of David around their arms. With Blacks the color of their skin serves as those bands! So now it's not just Black Americans but all those who are not making more than several million dollars a year. In America it's all about money, i.e. POWER!

  6. Ron lemons

    how can I buy the DVDs

  7. john smith

    Please, when you make this films don't talk over the on screen captions.Just have silence.
    It's annoying, as it's difficult to read the text and listen to your voice at the same time.

  8. WoW

    It already basically did in the US. NATIVE AMERICANS, guys. They were slaughtered.

  9. Steve

    Wow what a bunch of moronic comments. This clown has never read the 2nd amendment with well regulated militias. In addition the fantasy of a peaceful separation of the south? Really fort sumner was peaceful. Hey Waco was just a bunch of peaceful pedophiles right.... Dude you have totally bought the conspiracy industry's line. Fox News has done its job well.

  10. bb!

    I grew up in a small closed christian cult within the US. I left at 18, sensing that something was not right. It took me many years to realize how brainwashed I was there. And then I started to realize that everyone "out here" - while not evil as we'd been taught - were living under the same delusions I had been living in, despite the differences in definition. I have childhood friends still living there I am unable to contact, but even if i could, I'm not sure i'd tell them to leave. The re-acclimation is really difficult, and leaving the comfy brainwashed state is very hard work and requires much bitter reflection. ...The literature on the difficulties leaving a cult, ptsd, denial, and on the tendencies within a cult, and their leaders, etc., it can all be transposed to the national level, certainly in places like Belarus or N Korea, and this awesome (if sometimes redundant) documentary makes it obvious that we. too. could benefit from learning about how cults work, and why leaving is so difficult.

  11. mycial

    AWESOME, this documentary explains it all. Sadly, so much information to digest if your not aware of these oppression issues then you won't believe anything. I no longer have hope for the two legged dumbed down sheeple. From cradle to the grave they have US OUR OWNERS. We OBEY except GMO FOODS FLOUIRDE IN OUR WATER AIR & FOOD. We except the CHEMTRAILS VIDEO RECORDING & AUDIO RECORDING everywhere we go. Email text phone recordings all in the name of keeping us safe. OUR OWNERS HAVE US FAT & LAZY JUST WAITING TO BE HURDED INTO THE FEMA CAMPS. Take care peace & much love.

  12. Peter Wilson

    This documentary presents the most pressing issues facing individuals today. Many of the commenters are confused about the following. "I don't like it" is a valid opinion. "I don't like it" is not a valid counter-argument.

  13. MediaOps

    This is just another deceptive load of far-right Tea Party paranoia masquerading as a super-patriotic warning about the imaginary threat that Democrats are somehow going to take away the 320 MILLION guns in America & throw conservatives into FEMA concentration camps & swallow the keys.

    Your first clue that this is a bogus documentary, designed to persuade rather than inform, is the ominous soundtrack, typical of this kind of PR film. No legitimate documentary designed to inform would use this devious 'negative ad' technique.

    The narrator starts off sounding reasonable, warning about tyrants who use fear to persuade people to give up their rights. But before long he is doing exactly what he warned about: using fear to persuade the audience that democratic representative government is the enemy and that "we the people" need to shut it down & get rid of public funding for education, Medicare, Social Security, etc. The standard right-wing rant.

    These films are produced by conservative PR firms & contractors & financed by groups like the NRA & the Heritage Foundation. I know, because I used to work in TV production, and often did PR spots. Working closely with PR contractors was a real education into the kinds of methods & techniques used in PR to influence & manipulate public opinion.

    Top Documentary Films should not distribute these ersatz 'documentaries', since they're not really documentaries at all.

    1. Manfruss

      Yet the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I agree with you, about this flick..... however, I do question those in power all the time.

      For example, if public schools systems are so good, why to politicians put their kids into private school? Seems like a double standard. Maybe they should be mandated to use the public systems they oversee? hhmmmm......

      How can I even trust the US governments foreign policy, which has a record of offing democratically elected officials in other countries, and supporting a dictator into power? If I can't trust that, how can I trust anything about it??

      I don't trust this documentary, however, he's absolutely correct on how open societies become closed.

    2. Peter Wilson

      "I don't trust this documentary..." for the following reasons: ????
      'He is wrong when he asserts....'
      'His proposals are wrong. For example...'

    3. Manfruss

      It's a documentary, and someone's point of view, put through a lens. A filter to present their world view. I want more information before I just say: "Yeah! This is IT!". Therefore, I don't trust it, and I look deeper.

    4. me

      Your last statement sound very fascist. Ban all ideas I disagree with! You must be a Dumbassocrat. You are the very type of person that will continue to bring this nation down.

    5. Peter Wilson

      So anyway, what are some inaccuracies in the film? And how do you define "right-wing"? He simply suggests that "government" folks should not violate actual humans' individual rights. Is that "right-wing"?

  14. noboundryman

    Simple minded childish right wing conspiracy theorist lunacy. The fear of erosion of freedom is real, but the solution isn't to destroy government. It's to educate people, so they can take control of their own government. The people of the United States have every advantage as a result of our industrial, agricultural, military expansion, and indeed our constitution. Sadly however people spend more time vegetating on beer, weed, NASCAR, NFL, NHL,NBA, Baseball, Dancing With the Stars, Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo, eating Cheetos cheesy puffs, and porn than they do learning about the realities of congress, the state legislatures, the environment, and science. The people of the U.S. have for the most part abdicated their authority, and responsibility to participate in governance by sheer slovenliness, and childish shirking of adult responsibilities. They feel somehow that all those other people, the smart people, the hard working responsible people ,will take care of everything. That all goes great until you find out they've been securing everything for themselves, and not you.

    1. johnBas5

      There is a pac to get and keep money out of politics. That would be one way to taking back control of the government to the people.
      The pac is called WOLF PAC.

    2. Manfruss

      that's a tough bid though. Corruption will just go under ground...... rather than the mixture of above ground and underground we have right now.

      "No seriously, take a four week vacation in my home in the Bahama's ..... just sign along here for that arms deal. I'll throw in weekly dinners at the Ritz for you wife and yourself. Company will pick up the tab."

    3. noboundryman

      I had hopes that the constitutional convention would be the answer to getting rid of the abomination, of (citizens united), and the utterly insane concept, that corporations are people. Some day soon, with any luck at all, it may well be. People must remember however, (congress) has all the power out there, "all of it" , right this minute. True only if they act as a (majority) together, on any issue of their choice. The constitution, gives that power to them. They can even override a presidential veto. Why won't they cooperate, hmmmm???

      Just like the (event horizon) of a black hole in space, the temptations of corruption, and expediency, draw members of congress beyond the edge of despicable, into the oblivion sewer of Washington slime, and sleaze. The current pack of jackals In the lunatic fringe fascist (Republican-Tea-bagger clan), and the (treasonous blue dog prostitutes), have decided, that their encampment, their gravy train is more important than who rules the roost. In other words, as long a the fun, and games continue, as long as the oil flows, and the cash keeps coming in, none of them give a rats a$$ who calls the shots, or who shoots who. Like electrons they take the path of least resistance, straight to the Koch brothers cash. Want to find the Koch cash? Just look for the oil slick

      Congress has all the power they need, right this second ,to call a vote, to outlaw (large secret donations)

      "period", outlaw (secret donations) of any kind, outlaw (corporate donations), outlaw (any donation that doesn't come from individuals), outlaw particularly (donations who's origin could reasonably be traced to a foreign source). It's just that simple. Congress has the power to change the rule in an instant, to rid the system of the corruption, and profligate spending, abandonment of the middle class, and the poor, to stop the insane ongoing bank robbery (inside job). They can stop the looting of the treasury, by oligarchs, and (international criminal banking, and commodities cartels). Congress could put a stop to it, in a flash of a second. They could recognize the largest elephant that has ever been in any room, the disgusting treasonous, dangerous imbalance of wealth in this country, where the top 1/10th of 1% controls more cash, and assets, than the bottom 90%. They could do all that, with a simple powerful bill in an instant. They won't do it, because they are the mouth of the leach, the proboscis of the mosquito, the rat in the granary, the thieves in the night. They are the bastards who are holding the door open for the thieves to enter the vault, and clean out the treasury. Despite the corruption on both sides, you'll hear Bernie Sanders get specific on the causes, the perpetrators, and the solutions, Alan Grayson, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and more than a few other Democrats, but never never, never from Republicans, and certainly not from the [ (Joseph Gerbils school of Broadcasting) / (Fox Lose News) ]. The slime, and status quo insipid excuses, the self serving betrayals, and the dodging of issues by the establishment boot lickers ,is enough to gag a maggot.

    4. mycial

      Absolutely a great comment, they have us right where they want us dumbed down & lazy. Full of their poisons.

    5. noboundryman

      If every woman, every black person, every brown person, every minimum wage worker, every person who suffered the trillions of dollars in losses because of the right wing criminal cartel bank robbery in 2008 got off their asses, and went to the polls, even if you have to walk to the state capitol to buy an ID, the political landscape would utterly transform over night.

      If that happened, if every single (eligible voter) over 18, voted in every single election, all the time, things would drastically change for the better. It's because people believe their vote doesn't matter, that we are in such a Republican mess.

      The billionaire fascist thugs like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and that slimy piece of "fromunda" cheese from down under Rupert Murdoch with their 24/7 fascist propaganda have convinced enough people that their vote doesn't matter, all to their filthy thieving advantage. If your vote didn't count, and count big time why would they have spent $9 billion dollars on the last election? Why are Republicans and their Tea bagger fascist spawn trying to disenfranchise these same voters, college students, minorities all across the south of "raceland".

      We have had a disgraceful lack of participation in the last 40 years, because silly twits buy into that crap. If everyone voted, went to city council meetings, or talked directly to their legislators, and congressman, or heaven forbid actually run for office once in a while, or at least tried to educate themselves on what's going on, the fascist Republicans, and their mutant Satanic spawn Tea baggers wouldn't be able to get away with the bulls*it they do. You can't just sit on your as=*s, and expect people are going to look out for you. They will forget about you, and cover their own sorry a*ses at your expense. You must vote. You must participate, no matter how frustrating, no matter how boring, no matter how scary, no matter how sickening, because when you don't, you can bet your sweet a*ses there will be A Republican Tea bagger fascist ready to steal your lunch money and bang your poodle while your not lookin.

    6. k w wilkison

      There is much truth in what you say. Typical American voters are allowed to remain clueless by the powers that be. I would not suggest weed is one of the devices used to remain clueless as that is not legal in this "free" country of ours. It is clear to me from the information put forth in the documentary that Republicans and Democrats both share in the responsibility for what is happening to our constitutional rights.
      When was the last time you ever observed anyone on a cell phone who had a clue what was going on around them?

  15. farbertwo

    let's try targeted boycotting.

  16. Doobie Wa

    Wow, that's a negative light on ol' Abe.

  17. Lastviewer

    I ain't no US citizen but I feel thast it went a bit overboard with Lincoln. A fews true things but if he was shot, it got be because he didn't complied with the expections of the crooked mind.
    They all get shot in do time in the US.

    In the end, that docu simply state what US citizen are living through is the exact same faith as all human being on earth.
    Only the intensity or the means differ a little.
    When 90% of a nation is fed up with the 10%, that 10% may well have arms; late or soon that 10% will fall.
    It's only a matter of how many had enough.
    And history tells us that the 10% rarely realise, when it got to stop.
    Wont be in the next coming year.
    I hope.

  18. jimmy smith

    Why is it that when ever I hear words like the four horsemen ,ArmageddonT-5 Thunderbird,and days end,it calls to mind rolex watches and twrists in sleazy motel rooms.The only significant negative change that has occurred is in the last 5,000 years is industrialization,weapons of mass destruction and private and state owned properity,

  19. Kansas Devil

    All it takes is enough people willing to abdicate their responsibility to another, to allow dictatorship to creep in.
    And the US is full of people who want to hand over that job to someone else so they have more time for other things.

  20. CapnCanard

    There is a lot to agree with in this film. But he does come across strong as Libertarian, almost like a Tea Party member. The film does point out that any state can become a tyrannical fascist, authoritarian state. In other words, any state can become an Authoritarian tyranny and most will. I believe the true problem is 'Authority' and the best answer is Anarchism. But honestly, I don't see any system capable of avoiding the inevitable careening collapse into tyranny. Having laws against any such collapse is quaint, cute, and just an excuse to make new laws to counter a constitution that would seek to avoid tyranny. whatever the government, but by and large I agree that nearly every governmental ideology can become Authoritarian and tyrannical.

    1. tim

      I like your summary and agree that government by it's nature is parasitic and with rare exceptions devours the populace it claims to serve and the speed of which seems to be the only difference between different forms of government.
      I imagine that the founding fathers today would be labeled Libertarian and almost like a tea party member.
      I left the U,S. in 1999 because I could no longer morally stand to pay tax to a government that perpetuated acts like the siege at Ruby Ridge and Waco not to mention the incalculable harm it's hypocritical policies and wars have caused, and things certainly have not gotten better. I found this doc exceptionally pertinent and not at all over the top as many would claim. Things can look even clearer from a distance. Cheers

  21. Hussain Fahmy

    There are groups of misguided people who strongly believe that out of Chaos comes Order.

  22. Fabien L

    Ok, he doesn't want the US Federal government to regulate education, healthcare, food, retirement plans, air travel, trains, cars, alcool, tobacco, drugs, firearms, explosives, gambling, electronic communications, etc. because that wasn't specifically written in the constitution. Some of these things didn't even exist when the constitution was put in place.

    Then if the Federal government can't regulate these things, who will? Would you trust the airlines, car companies, tobacco companies and alcool distillers to auto regulate themselves? If zero country wide regulation is the only way to avoid tyranny, get ready for chaotic freedom.

    Where are the Republicans pictures at 33:50?!?! The patriot act wasn't originally pushed down the throat of the American people by Clinton, Obama or Biden.

    1. CapnCanard

      I agree. These collectivist issues of education, the commons, healthcare would all be far easier to manage and make available to all members of a nation/society. Same with transportation, energy ultilities, water works(commons), clean air, and perhaps most importantly: BANKING AND FINANCE. I believe that Banking/Finance is at the very heart of the what is causing our current collapse from the height of international power.

    2. johnBas5

      Sounds reasonable.
      You mean socialising these things, right?

    3. CapnCanard

      well, like public banking for example. Like the Bank of North Dakota. It is a reasonable start, but I won't hold my breath.

      And in terms of socializing things, I prefer to call it public ownership/responsibility to remove the criminal element amongst Banksters that we've witnessed in 2007-08.

    4. Fabien L

      Moving responsibilities from the Federal Government to the State Government or local government is not the panacea many believe it is. States, counties and cities can be as greedy, corrupt and incompetent as the Feds. Even charities can become bad, there is no perfect administration, people will remain people.

      Recently in Quebec, the Liberal provincial government came up with a law that forbid group assembly in the streets to try to stop the students manifestations. Faced with adversity, governments will do anything to remain in power so individual liberties are only good as long as society functions as they desire it to behave.

    5. CapnCanard

      yeah, but local authorities are far easier to deal with, in that local authorities tend to be neighbors and if they do a half ass job then they are likely to hear about it for quite some time. And Libertarianism, like any form of government, is not a panacea either but far better than our plutocratic/oligarchic elitist corporatacracy.

    6. Fabien L

      Few thing governments should do : Get rid of lobbyists, limit contributions to a fixed amount and make them 100% transparent, provide equal campaign financing to any candidate that can gather the necessary signatures and impose serious jail sentences to anyone that doesn't respect the rules. In democracies, the current system principle is alright but the principle has been too badly denatured by money.

    7. johnBas5

      Local authorities are also easier to bribe and pressured from higher up or criminals with money.

    8. CapnCanard

      Yes, in our system, a system that uses a corrupt monetary system. Money is power. That mean accumulation of money, property and more things is rewarded with more political power and is worshipped in the media. How about letting farmers, food producers, doctors and engineers have more power than bankers? How would that change bribery? corruption? conspiracy? collusion? complacency? crime?

    9. henrymart81

      Healthcare is not a right. It's a waste of taxpayer money in order to keep deadbeats alive.

    10. CapnCanard

      Living and breathing are not a rights. Rights are abstractions, illusions and fabrications. You can blame it on the Magna Carta, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, blah blah blah.

      By believing as you do then possibly you may view that the Holocaust was not a crime? or Pol Pot was a kind and gentle humanitarian? or Stalin was misjudged? etc etc etc

      I presume that perhaps you may have gotten sucked into the worship of money, the power of MONEY, and believe that the Government has no "right" to take/tax what the Government has issued and printed. Despite the fact that money doesn't exist until Government declares it legal tender and has a current value based on trade. Without these gov't laws, policies, regulations there is NO MONEY. And then there is no taxation either, nor police, nor public roads, schools, fire departments, hospitals, parks, etc, etc, etc.

      It is a conundrum that we all must learn to live with, or alternatively, you can start your own personal revolution. (Not that I am necessarily against revolution, but be careful what you wish for...) BTW, I believe that all doctors should treat the sick and injured regardless of the sick person's ability to pay. Doctors should be required to take a solemn oath, more important than governments and money, to care for the sick. However, I say that none of it is necessary to live. None of it is an absolute "right", it just depends on the kind of world you want to live in.

    11. Jules

      Very good comment. I don't want to live in the world of henrymart81 where people who can't afford healthcare are all lumped into the same box and labelled "deadbeats".
      That shows a total lack of empathy on his part for saying such a thing.
      There was an article a few weeks back on Alternet which discussed how the more comfortable and rich SOME people became, the more they lacked empathy for the less fortunate.
      I'm lucky to live in Australia with universal health care to all, similar to Canada.
      We also have social security safety nets in place which according to research, ends up stimulating an economy rather than costing the government. It's funded by taxes which you indirectly end up getting back.
      It says a lot about a society that look after the poor. America has over 50% working poor who can't make ends meet and lose their homes from no fault of their own. They want to work but can't find a job. Employment benefits cut off after 9-12 months and then what happens to them? They live off food stamps.

    12. Jules

      Didn't mean to imply in my comment above that 50% of Americans lose their homes. I meant some end up losing them because their employment benefits were cut yet they still hadn't found work.
      I was trying to make a point to Henrymart81 who implied people who can't afford healthcare are deadbeats.
      There are not enough jobs for the number of people needing them.

    13. Jules

      If you're going to make a statement like that, you need to say why healthcare isn't right and what constitutes a deadbeat.
      Is it someone who has lost their job and can't find another one, therefore can't pay for health insurance now?
      I've worked my entire life, owned my own businesses and paid a lot of taxes.
      Then I got cancer. Am I a deadbeat? If I can't afford to pay my insurance does that mean I deserve to die?
      You can't label everyone the same. Yeah sure there are lazy people out there but your logic seems faulty.
      Lucky for me I don't live in the US and I can "afford" to get sick.

    14. John Doherty

      Wouldnt one much rather live a fulfilling and prosperous life in N Korea, Iran, China, S Arabia among others, where the right to critise the Govt is enshrined in the equivalent of free speech, especially if you are a woman

    15. henrymart81

      Yes they'd regulate themselves. If for example airlines keep crashing then people will stop buying tickets for them. We don't need centralized authorities to manage things for us. People are waking up to this fact which is why the federal government is grasping at straws in an effort to stay relevant.

      Also I've voted in 4 presidential elections and I've never voted for the candidate who went on to win. If the 2016 election has Clinton or Christie, I won't vote for either one of them.

    16. Fabien L

      Great plan, for example, everybody would die of lung cancer because cigarettes would still be good for you because no federal authority would have done the necessary research that proves it's lethal... I wouldn't want to live in that country where planes could fall off the sky because some CEO decided a few mandatory inspections aren't that necessary because he wants to turn up a bigger profit that semester or where cars don't get recalled because it's only a few that can blow up when they get rear ended.

    17. Nexus

      BP was more less regulating themselves in the Gulf, how did that work out?

      Also, the federal government is doing the job it's being paid to do by its corporate sponsors.

      The problem isn't government, it's who controls the government. They're are the same people who are doing everything they can to undermine our faith in government. Because once the government is gone, the rest of us are screwed

  23. Norman Van Rooy

    Listen to this guys (the writer/narrator) absolutist statements. He vilifies Lincoln thoroughly. Makes broad sweeping generalities. Being a media guy for a long time I am sensitive to propaganda whether it comes from from politicians, the media of any kind, and or the various religions. This film touches on many good points, but alas has given its heart to stirring up the viewers emotions...a tempest in a teapot.

  24. Richard Masters

    Haven't you been paying attention? It's already here. this isn't the '30s with blackshirts and truncheons. The world has evolved, and tyranny has evolved along with it. The people pulling the levers are ever so much more subtle these days. They control 99% of the news media, so they control what's discussed and what's NOT. They frame the dialog, and they substitute propaganda for news. Meanwhile, They erode legal protections which workers have bled and died for and keep most of the population in severe economic uncertainty. People are so distracted with the struggle just to get by that they have no stomach for resistance. Whistleblowers are "traitors" and spies, and are either in exile or in jail. The NSA snoops on everything you do or say. Get out of line, and you can be labeled a terrorist, which instantly strips you of your civil rights. Those gun nuts who have been stockpiling weapons and ammunition to fight guv'mint tyranny are a day late and a dollar short. Game over.

    1. CapnCanard

      You may be right, and I agree. This doc was a bit too over the top as ideally the Federal Government should be the final arbiter in most situations. The writer/creator/narrator is overly focused on individual rights and liberties. I want those liberties as well, but where do my liberties end and your freedom from my liberties begin, so to speak. The government in this regard is usually the most onerous, but corporate power or criminal actions can and do negatively impact individuals as well. I use Franklin's statement regarding "those who give up individual liberty for more security deserve neither individual liberty nor security."

      I am of the opinion that the USA is on the precipice between Corporate Authoritarianism as opposed to what is left of our declining Representational Democratic Republic. The Terrorism label is convenient for the state when pursuing so-called terrorists, or indefinitely imprisoning alleged terrorists. The only thing keeping us free is the thin line, really it's just a razor's edge, between complete innocence, and the allegation of simply being labeled a terrorist.

  25. Janeen Clark

    tyranny begins at the psychological thought level "internal conversation" where a person thinks of them self as a "good" guy and another person or group is the "bad" guy . once established the "good" guy can do any horrific think to the "bad" guy . this is called punishment. anytime any punishment is used on any level even just calling a person an a**hole this internal dialog thought process of using an enemy image is taking place. no one every killed or hurt or tortured someone else thinking to themselves "i am the bad guy, he is the good guy" this entire process is taught by society in every way possible so that people or groups in power can dominate and control the population .meanwhile the population dominates and controls within itself as well because this demented incorrect ignorant way of thinking has been beaten into their head since birth to the point where this sick process can repeat over and over.
    in order to evolve beyond this nonsense, we would need to educate children (teach them accurate information not factory line school systems) that the use of reward and punishment and ideas of enemy imagery are only tools of domination and the least intelligent option to choose in any situation. children (and adults in society) need to be taught that domination tactics and socio-pathic tendencies are a demented brain and internal thought process. this first step can go along way to begin to stop humanity from its current course of extinction.
    imagine if each cell in your body fought each other and tried to dominate the system. imagine if the cells in a tree leaf chose domination. we can look at any living system and realize that it is only diseased living system that cells dominate inside an organism.
    these are facts that are inarguable not opinions. yet how many famous scientists in the spotlight bring these points up? are scientists or anyone else supposed to be critically thinking? what only critically think the topics that society puts its stamp of approval on? from where im sitting governement, money systems, jobs, work and even parenting in some cases where domination is used, is a replica of religion in that we dont question if they are valid based on science and the real world. to every atheist that feels a need to critically think religion , do you not know that money , government and false positions of authority are each a religion as well?

  26. spidermongo

    @DanCoutney.I think and hope that the 1% of 1% of the shot callers realize if they don,t change their wicked ways their necks will eventually be in a noose like the rest of ours is now.

  27. Dan Courtney

    Libertarian nonsense.

    1. Janeen Clark

      those 2 words are called compartmentalization. it just shows that your blurting out your thoughts without thinking about them and your not scaling them in order on how valid they are.

  28. ediemeowgwick

    Wow. Pro south RACIST slavery supporting documentary. Thinks the confederacy was an admirable thing. What a horrible person.

  29. ediemeowgwick

    Waaaa waaaa waaaaa. If there is ever civil conflict in the U.S. the worse thing that could happen to the world is right wing/christian/white/tea party/nut jobs are the only ones that are armed. I encourage all leftists to push for extremely tough gun laws to take guns away from those who make frequent threats to the government (i.e. crazy right wing nut jobs). Then I also encourage all leftists to purchase massive amounts of weapons, learn how to use them, and store them underground in hidden places all over.

    That is the only possible good outcome if there is ever civil conflict in the U.S.

    That is all right wing/christian/white/tea party/nut jobs have their guns confiscated in advance (most of them are paranoid conspiracy nuts, it shouldn't be hard to have most them committed with a few changes to the law).

    And leftists get armed so we can take out the few right wingers who slip through the net.

    Otherwise the world becomes a fascist corporate plutocracy.

    Governance isn't the problem. Rich people and those that support their goal to concentrate their wealth through capitalism are.

    Who wrote the FEMA camp law REX 84? OLIVER NORTH. Who did he write it for? REAGAN. Why? To lock up LEFTISTS in concentration camps for opposing his corporatists murder spree in Latin America.

    You created the FEMA camps right wingers to stop our dissent. We will use them to eliminate you instead. You started it for the most evil of reasons. To prevent our rightful and righteous dissent against your murder for corporate profit. This is why we will rig the game so that we win.

    1. ediemeowgwick

      God I hope the NSA understands satire. Right guys?

    2. Nut Job

      I doubt it. Satire is a far to advanced form of communication.

  30. ediemeowgwick

    I have no problem with guns being taken away from right wing anti government nuts. I don't want to ban guns. I just think only people who aren't idiots should be allowed to own them. Thankfully they can't take away our (the leftists) weapons. Our hearts. We will win in the end. Right wingers/tea partiers in the dust bin of history.

    1. Guest

      I happily left the democratic party and my "liberal" values behind about a year ago. Mostly because I sounded just like this guy above. An elitist douche who feels so intellectually/morally superior that they should retain rights that are taken away from inferior people because their values are different.

      That's what the party has become, and I find it more appalling than "the other side". Truthfully, it's been nice developing my own morals and opinions rather than having them spoon fed to me by talking heads. And I couldn't have done it without top docs for opening my mind to new ideas and challenging my old beliefs.

    2. pwndecaf

      It sounds just as bad from the right, although they have GOD on their side, which gives them EXTRA authority.

      Enjoy your dinner with Bill O'Reilly and his kind. "SHUT UP!!!"

    3. henrymart81

      I want it to be mandatory for everyone to be armed.

  31. Janeen Clark

    all governments are tyranny . all laws and police are tyranny. the use of money barter or trade is tyranny.the use of prisons and jail is tyranny. jobs and work for money is tyranny.public and private schools are tyranny. the use of authority and hence punishment in any way is tyranny.people are only taught otherwise none of the above institutions and practices are scientifically verified or critically thought about based on the real world they are all mind games to control.
    what kind of free society would need a peice of paper to TELL them how free they are ,even if that piece of paper was followed and respected a free society would have no form of punishment, no form of subservience no form of authority. the humanity of earth functions at the psychological level of a 6 year old spoiled child. lets hope we can at least mature to adolescence before we go extinct from disgusting psychological games.

  32. farbertwo

    It might be too late, what means by which do we have to make change? voting and protesting are no good, I think targeted boycotts are the only thing left.

    1. Sha

      Right on - if that goes with true self-empowerment.

    2. farbertwo

      nice idea, self-empowerment, kind of a dream really, but a good point to aim for.