Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

2008, Science  -   92 Comments
Ratings: 8.15/10 from 169 users.

Journey to the Edge of the UniverseNational Geographic presents the first accurate non-stop voyage from Earth to the edge of the Universe using a single, unbroken shot through the use of spectacular CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) technology.

Building on images taken from the Hubble telescope, Journey to the Edge of the Universe explores the science and history behind the distant celestial bodies in the solar system.

This spectacular, epic voyage across the cosmos, takes us from the Earth, past the Moon and our neighboring planets, out of our Solar System, to the nearest stars, nebulae and galaxies and beyond - right to the edge of the Universe itself.

When you finish this video, you will walk away from it with an awareness that you never had before, of the unseen astronomically massive universe that we float around on like a spec of dust in the ocean.

This video takes you on a journey through the universe as if you are watching a Sci Fi adventure. Yet you constantly have to remind yourself that what you're seeing is really out there.

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92 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Khalid

    I never seen such a wonderful documentary.

  2. Richard L Shepherd

    One of the best space documentary ever made.

  3. MG

    The commentary in this documentary is amazing. Lovely doc

  4. atish kamble

    Realy watch this documentry

  5. Roma Stewart

    Just as amazing as this film is, the scope, depth and sincerity of the comments are just as amazing.

  6. robert

    good video, although filled with assumptions and theories presented as fact (with a mix true science (testable/repeatable/viewable) ). In some parts is comical but overall an interesting perception of how it all began.

  7. shivam bijoria

    Very top class documentary or movie clip,had me glued to the seat.

  8. Jay Abe

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Not enough words can describe the miracle that life is. From the infinite small to the infinite big. There is a whole universe in every cell of our body, just like we are part of a bigger cell, in a bigger entity. Suddenly you realize how all this mundane life we lead and all the wars and hate on our planet seem so useless and infinitely small in the bigger picture.

  9. Immer Gonzalez

    does anyone know where is can find the soundtrack that appears when the white dwarf is shown, i love that piece

  10. larryflls62

    Awesome. The mystery of creation, life, death and rebirth.

  11. Sarah Stuve

    I found this after smoking weed one night by accident and it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen. It never lost my attention whatsoever. I've watched it five times in total (sober), I love it and show as many friends as I can.

  12. Muhammad Hamza Sattar

    You guys should watch "Through the Wormhole","The Universe" and Look up documentaries done by Stephen Hawking

  13. Peter Richardson

    This is probably the greatest documentaries I;ve ever seen though I can't watch it unless it's Sean Pertwee's narration

  14. Charles-Philippe Bowles

    I love this documentary. Not for the science but the sense of adventure by being guided by Sean Pertwee (I preferred him to Awec Bawdwin) through a visually stunning universe. Anyone know of other docs like this one since now I pretty much know it off by heart?

    1. robmanwiller

      Baldwin is an over-rated New York thug actor and hothead.

  15. Mark

    A great documentary. Some minor grammer inconsistances, but definately one of the best around!

    1. Rob G


      A critic without the foundations is nullified.

  16. . n

    if this, if that. at least science makes more sense then what your bible says...which was written by man. you have no concept of big bang THEORY. there is no bible theory because you go by what your fellow man has written hundreds of years ago and take it as fact because like most zombie m*rons can't/don't think for your self. your asking dumb questions.... "Consider this when there is a huracane, or tornado, do these events make a car, or airplane from that event?" making an analogy with 6th grade concept doesn't help your point. If you want to make a point find someone who has at least average to above average intelligence then have them write it. Problem with you m*rons is you talk with your emotional intellect which you know is the dumb part of your brain....and if you don't know go find a book.

  17. feba59

    If the univere was created by a big bang. Then how do you explain planatery bodies going in oposite direction from one another, If the universe started with an explosion, one would expect that all matter-energy should have been propelled radially from the explosion center—consistent with the principle of angular momentum.But this does not occur! The Bible plainly teaches that the entire universe, including the earth with its various “kinds” of biological organisms, came into being during the six, literal days of the creation week (Genesis 1; Exodus 20:11). The big bang theory postulates eons of time. If the earth is actually millions of years old, you would have mountains of dinosour bones everwhere, you would have far more salt in the oceans. There is so much evidence to prove that we human beings did not evolve from rocks. Let alone from a big bang. Consider this when there is a huracane, or tornado, do these events make a car, or airplane from that event? Its sad how so many americans do not use there mind to think, research, useing critical thinking! I would sugest, reading the: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

    1. Achems_Razor

      Dumbing down is right if you believe that the earth is 6000 years old, do you do much reading besides all that bible told me so gunk?

      Funny religee's!


    Great Doc . i have seen it many times, but this is the first time i have heard the American naration.....OMG ..his he a zombie!!!!..flat no emotion , listen the the english will make your hairs stand on end. Sean Pertwee he brings this doc to life

  19. boblawblaw

    Just spoke to Rick Scatatorium. He disagrees with this vid. He confided in me that the universe is 4,000 years old and the sun revolves around the Earth. That liberal Romney told me that the universe is 6,000 years old, and that the Earth revolves around him. Who should I believe?

  20. Joe forgione

    hey guys just wanting to say something about the universe being infinite well technically no its not infinite but it is expanding, if im not mistaken, faster than the speed of light and the fastest we can go is 99% of the speed of light in theory, therefore we would never be able to reach the edge nothing can so technically wouldnt that be inifinite?

    sorry if this post makes no sense im very stoned:)

    1. JHarbour

      Hi Joe, your logic is sound.
      To us the universe will appear infinite as we'll never reach it's edge.
      But I think people get confused to the reason why it's expanding.

      The same amount of matter is here today as there was 13.6bln years ago. it's just getting spread out. The theory at the moment is that dark energy is winning the battle over dark matter.

  21. Raptor jones

    Type something lamenting mankind here, something half-way pretentious trying to sound intelligent yet at the same time expressing personal hopes others will read it or even care.... Oh yeah and wasn’t Baldwin cheesy?!

  22. Shiloh1

    Pretty good but mis-named. I think of the edge of the universe as the outer rim of the sphere or disc, not the Big Bang point. Nevertheless, a very good prime for children who have thoughts of what is out there and why.

    It still doesn't answer the question of where the universe is expanding or where it is going, or in other words, what is outside of where the expansion point is now. Of course, nobody now can definitively that any better than what was before the Big Bang. The show was still worth watching.

    Does anybody know why the Big Bang is not a sphere instead of a relatively flat disc as most science seems to conclude. Seems to me, it should be a sphere. Science says the universe is approximately 13.7 million years old. I thought that was based on looking back in time and through pulsars and other techniques recognizing how far everthing has traveled. However, if the universe is expanding as some science thinks, how do you really know the diameter of the universe? I look forward to someone enlightening me.

    Also, if pi is an ever increaing smaller number by virtue of its endless digits, does that mean the circle or sphere is also an ever increasingly smaller area or volume. And, if so, does that mean the expansion of the universe is also overcoming this conumdrum over the vast period of time?

    The speed of light being exact has also boggled my mind. I guess yo just accept it is what it is, that is, very interesting. Nevertheless, if you can't go any faster then the speed of light, the laws of science didn't intend for us to go very far. Doh.

  23. BlueZone


  24. ashbytim

    I may be biased but I preferred this documentary with the British narration that was used when it screened in the U.K. Still an excellent programme (show) though.

  25. Greg Smith

    This should be titled "Journey to the Edge of Time".
    Didn't they really make a journey to the "center" of the universe???

  26. zaphodity

    Definately one for the stoners. Crank up the bong, turn out the lights and set it to full screen Scotty.

  27. Sami Ullah

    Just, made me Cry !!!

  28. jdav221

    It will soon become known to all that god is actually extraterrestrials visiting this planet. Science is fact and always has been, and religion is slowly fading away. I was once a devout christian, but I finally opened my eyes and my mind to the truth.

    They are here and have been here for thousands, perhaps millions of years. Religion has become nothing more than a tool, a method of brainwashing, another way to control and manipulate the population.

    The universe is an inconceivably big place that we have just begun to explore.

    1. Richard MacKay

      Crazy much?

  29. lexus108

    Oh another thing the big BANG theory does have a lot of evidence to back it up, like the expansion of the universe and the anti matter(already created in vacuum). And well yes we all know God created everything and change his mind a lot over the last million years( or 6000 years).

  30. Gary V

    A very good doc, I really enjoyed this one, not bad CGI.

  31. Dutch Major

    the big band still remains a theory which science has often found contradictions to it.

    Either way the big band was a scape goat theory to silence religion, while failing to answer how the universe begun...just pointed out a "segment" in universal history of infinity and said a "big bang occured here at this point...sometime during infinity".

    The universe existed pre-big bang, the big bang only try's to explain how planets etc formed...there is no evidence to sugest they never existed previously.

    the big bang...could purely represent 1 "small" event in the a tree sprouting within the jungle...the tree aint the universe, just apart of something bigger...which the big bang seems to try encompass creation in its entirety of the universe within its limited frame.

    rather idiotic considering we have not explored perhaps even .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % of the universe or it possible infinity...which the big bang just pails to live up to and ends up just being a grain of sand in our galaxy in comaprison.

    1. lexus108

      Actually is the Big Bang not the Big band, Big bands only created great music and singers.

    2. Rob Klaers

      Not sure if you're aware of this, but a 'theory' is a concept backed by evidence. The problem lies when people confuse the word 'hypothesis' with 'theory'. A hypothesis is conjecture used to explain something, ie an idea which has not been tested. A theory is the next step. It's when conjecture has been tested, in some cases many times over. From theory then there is LAW... So simply put.. Newton first had a hypothesis. Then he had a theory, then he had his Laws of Gravity. In relation to the Big Bang Theory, there's plenty of evidence to back it up-- hence why the idea is still around.

      Just so we're clear on the definitions...

      Hypothesis - A statement that explains or makes generalizations about a set of facts or principles, usually forming a basis for possible experiments to confirm its viability.

      Theory - A systematically organized body of knowledge applicable in a relatively wide variety of circumstances, especially a system of assumptions, accepted principles, and rules of procedure devised to analyze, predict, or otherwise explain the nature or behavior of a specified set of phenomena.

      Law - a general principle, formula, or rule describing a phenomenon in mathematics, science, philosophy, etc: the laws of thermodynamics

    3. samuel Guardalabene

      Your definitions are accurate but veer off from the main point of the previous comment. If the Big Bang theory is proved to be true, great! But what then? Or; what before? The universal questions of 'why, 'when, 'how, etc. will never be answered by men. Recall that infinity is the concept of everything that was, is, and will be; but it is not often associated with what was not, is not, and won't be; which can also be associated with the concept of infinity. Perhaps this theory will become a fact (law). But do not overlook the fact that the Big Bang theory (if proven) will only find a beginning to the existence of something, for the concept of infinity (and the universe) will never be grasped within the confines of human conception.

    4. ChicagoRevo Godzilla

      The Big Bang is not a definite proof of the beginning of the Universe still. So stop sounding like you know what are you talking about and get your facts straight Pendejo!

  32. khortoom

    Isn't it a strange thing the universe has a starting point ? the big bang? has anybody wondered why does it have a starting point? what's the point of a start? and WHAT triggered the start button?!!! Common sense tells me whatever has a starting point is a product/result of something else... it's just a simple cause and effect idea... Like... how long did that infinitely dense point of singularity WAIT in its own state before SOMETHING HAPPENED and triggered a CHANGE?!!! I know... the multiverse, parallel worlds, and so on, but that doesn't satisfy me:)

    1. Rob Klaers

      Our Big Bang was just one of many before it. Just like a kid sitting playing a game on his PSP.. The game ends, then he restarts it to play again.

    2. Tyler Melville

      If you watch "Through the Wormhole" there is an episode which has theories about how our universe began. I'm quite fond of the theory that there are multiple universes and ours was created when two parallel universes impacted and created another membrane.

  33. Nathan Nicklas

    The only problem with this is that they explain the universe to be small and dense before the big bang, this is a common misconception most people have. The universe is infinite and has always been infinite, the big bang happened everywhere at the same time in a infinitely big universe. If it wasent infinite in the beginning what would it expand into? Just thought i would share that. Overall, this movie was amazing, I would just have that slight tweak.

    1. uluk

      It is your opinion! However, the science is not based on mine or yours or others opinion. It is a strong theory that the universe is not infinite. There is an edge of it. It is expanding continously, starting from the Bing Bang (from the center of the beginning).
      And also, don't forget: There is a system (order) in the chaos.

    2. uluk

      It is your opinion! However, the science is not based on mine or yours or others opinion. It is a strong theory that the universe is not infinite. There is an edge of it. It is expanding continously, starting from the Bing Bang (from the center of the beginning).
      And also, don't forget: There is a system (order) in the chaos.

    3. Rob Klaers

      I've seen it said that the universe is indeed finite. Though, like a gold fish grows to fit the container it's in, so does the universe. Only in this case the very expansion defines the 'container'. As the universe grows, so do the boundaries.

  34. Guest

    Hum....if Kubrick was alive to do a remake of Space Odessey and the previous moon landing he would have the perfect shots or are those real? lol

  35. Guest

    Rewatch this: at minute 2:50 until minute 3:00 you can see the face of an old man just a bit up and right above the moon, it is as if he is talking.
    Weird and alien! lolololol

  36. Guest

    Re-watched again, always a mind blowing doc!

  37. khortoom

    Dear Vlatko, thnx again for all your huge efforts... Can we universe and cosmos freaks have a "separate category" in the docu listing? guess we all find it hard to sort out space related docs through science category...

  38. khortoom

    BTW, dear Vlatko, I as a universe freak, have a lotta hard time finding cosmos related docs coz' they're not categorized separately, is it possible to have a separate category concerning Cosmos (or Space, Universe)? paleeeeeeeeeeeeez??? :)

  39. khortoom

    Believe it or not I watch this thing on HD whenever I'm bored, I've recently watched it before going to sleep :) guess I might have watched it some 20-30 times... I think the CGI is "as close as it can get in this era" to what our "current understanding of reality is".

    1. zinzinzibidi

      Do you have a habit to watch "universe documanteries" before the sleep like me?

    2. oQ

      universe documentaries are an excellent springboard into the other dimension of our each and very own self

  40. ktraylor3

    Such a beautiful journey. If you wish to continue learning about the creation of our universe, as well as what great adventures are in store for us , you might want to check out The Urantia Book (it is all over the Internet).

  41. Vladimir Petkovic

    5ooo degrees where how did they measure it!??

    1. Anthony Pirtle

      They simply measure the intensity of the light and the mass of the star and physics does the rest.

  42. haddi

    it is a nice movie but we need it a hight quality... please

    anyone please

    1. khortoom

      haddi the HD one I downloaded via torrent is around 1,6 Gigabytes... you can't upload that on youtube and have NGC erase it in a weak:)

  43. infinity

    the universe is a: never endind line, at the end of an unreachable point, at the end of a never ending line e.g. 8

  44. Dominic

    Blown away with this documentry and won't tire of watching.

  45. Stu Taylor

    This documentary is mind boggling......
    It should leave you in awe, as the constant stream of visuals without cut aways is mesmerising as you try to grasp the cosmos. The best documentary, I have ever seen on this subject, and any other subject for that matter. This is a must see for every human on the planet in their lifetime. Guiding one with to ponder the scale and wonders of the universe, and ultimately seeing 'The bigger picture' of what our very existence is.

  46. hipponaks

    The problem with most North-American, and some British, documentaries is that the narrator is overly dramatic. It ruins this documentary as well. There's no need for trying to make the documentary more dramatic by adding comments like "Life couldn't survive on this hostile planet! ..or could it?? maybe underneath the surface??? maybe one day we could drill a hole there and high five the aliens?!?!"
    They should talk like normal people. Tell us the latest knowledge of scientists and move on. Facinating subject anyhow..

  47. Mike

    Very good documentary, I enjoyed watching. Although I would probably call it "journey to the centre of the universe" though, as the edge would be in the other direction, yes?

    1. Anthony Pirtle

      No. Every direction is toward the center. Every direction is toward the big bang. The further back we look in any direction, the smaller and younger the universe becomes. So at the edge of the visible universe in any direction what we see is the first light escaping 300,000 years after the big bang. The edge is a point, not in space, but in spacetime.

  48. James Conner

    Very good graphics and the narration was awesome.

  49. Tru4Ya

    Guided meditation meets space documentary. I love it. I was so there.

  50. Miau

    Wow. I don't want to come back to Earth anymore :D So beautiful!

  51. elmer gunos

    I like the part when Jesus Christ created the earth,

  52. Peter

    Narrator sounds like one of the voice actors from the Fable series lol. Good doc though.

  53. Alan de la cruz

    thank you guys for posted this Masterful and Amazing.. For Me Have Been A Beautiful Journey and one of the best Documantary ever...Great job geographic team

  54. avidseeker

    Mentak health warning: DO NOT watch this if you are high..especially not on fullscreen.. It gets a little overwhelming and slightly terrifying.
    Great doco overall i loved it, although i feel incredibly insignificant right about now.. like an ant trying to comprehend Texas. Both in sheer size and powerful weirdness.

  55. seb

    P.P. summed it up perfectly. Beautiful doc, thanks a lot Vlatko

  56. Geoffrey

    I wished they maked this docu around 2010 because we know more right now. Its so awesome. It make me doubt in my non-believe in god.

  57. P.P.

    Very nice doc - good entertainment, many thanks V!

    The doc, however, seems to jump into conclusions and presents selectively theories regarding phenomena in space...

    e.g. Gliese 581 c, which, according to the doc may host life - to quote some science dudes on wiki: "The super-Earth Gl 581c is clearly outside the habitable zone, since it is too close to the star [..] if there was any water there then it was lost when the red dwarf was a strong X-ray and EUV emitter, it could have surface temperatures ranging from 700 K to 1000 K (430 to 730 °C), like Venus today."

    Then again, please show me a doc that does a better job in squeezing the universe into a one and a half hour doc. :D

    All and all, well worth checking out!

  58. TonyBeauX

    This is like the best program on the universe ever. It's exploratory in nature and full of beautiful visuals. It's the perfect bed time story.

  59. VicZula

    Masterful! I am even more in awe about my existence and in turn this whole amazing Universe. Thanks to the National Geographic team for this amazing journey. Their effort is truly 1st Class. GOTTA SEE THIS ONE!

  60. Cait

    There is something very meditative about this. I enjoyed the simplistic overview it gives of the universe. Its great if you want to just drift off in pure wonder.

    if you want full on facts and intellectual discussion tho, you might want to watch something else. This one is very light hearted.

    Perfect thing to watch before drifting off to sleep :)

  61. abdrwing

    The best universe documentary I've ever seen so far.

  62. Ghaith

    Amazing Documentary!!
    lots of information, n' well organized!
    one of the best, a must see video.

  63. nik morling.

    love it.

  64. Malcolm1

    One of the best. Highly recommended.

  65. Catalin

    Thank you, Vlatko. You already know who you are and why you are doing this, so I shall not be waisting reader's time. I wish I had more friends like you. Thank you for being yourself, and for making it public.

  66. john

    they pretty much skipped over uranus. :( why!!!!?

  67. daniel

    Awesome doc!! must see!!!

  68. kl;

    goood good this got me all wet to play spore ;)

  69. nino

    liked the graphics but whats with all the fear, monsters and dread... I miss the wonder and amazment that Carl Sagan Brought to dialogue. Its so dramatic, its silly. Just my opinion.

  70. hudson

    watch this then watch the documentary series Wonders of the Solar System by the BBC. Both go hand in hand. This provides a more exciting fast paced visual representation of the universe and really allows your imagination to soar, but for factual info it is a little thin. on the other hand, Wonders of the Solar system gives a very scientific explination of different aspects of our world and the surrounding planets

  71. Bridgette

    What a spectacular sequence of visuals! It takes you so far away from reality, that you begin to question this very moment and whether we exist in on of the black holes or in a parallel universe. I definitely recommend watching this, especially to those who are interested in astronomy, physics and/or philosophy. Watching it definitely makes you think and question our whole existence: what was before us and what may lay ahead...This truly is an amazing journey!

  72. Holly

    really really good documentary. I am obsessed with universe documentaries too. thank you :-)

  73. carlos1234

    i love Universe documanteries and this one didnt disapoint, very interesting full of information and never got boring.