Journey to 10,000 BC

Journey to 10,000 BC

2008, Science  -   93 Comments
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Journey to 10,000 BC10,000 B.C. was a time of cataclysmic change on Earth. Extreme climactic fluctuations hurled the planet into a minor ice age; mega-fauna like the saber-toothed tiger and woolly mammoth were suddenly becoming extinct; and early humans began to inhabit North America.

Cold and hungry, their fragile communities undertook perilous hunting expeditions. The slaughter of a single mammoth, weighing nearly ten tons, could be the difference between survival and death.

JOURNEY TO 10,000 B.C. brings this unique and thrilling period to life, and investigates the geologic and climate changes that scientists are just beginning to understand.

In a major forensic investigation, History visits early human archaeological sites to uncover fossilized bones, ancient dwellings, and stone weapons, and uses state-of-the-art CGI to recreate the treacherous mammoth hunts and the devastating impact of a comet colliding with Earth.

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  1. truth

    okay... for everybody that keeps asking why the paleo-indians look like white people i think it has something to do with the clovus theory at the end where they say the technology matches south france and north spain and try to prove that they could have migrated over... u made me ruin the part of the doc to say that im surprised no one made the connection. no, i'm not a white i'm asian but i wasn't offended and (puzzled but figured it out at the end)...don't u guys get it?

  2. the555hit

    i watched 25 minutes of this pignorance (read humanignorance) posed as 'history', 'science' whatever and i have to go. The victor blatantly rewriting history again, except here it's not Hollywood wankers behind the rotoscope but some purportedly 'serious' 'educative' concern. abyssmal horseshite. So far i've heard in this doc infinitesimally little or nothing as to the true origin of these 'indians' or their historic waves of migration across the Bering strait. To neglect such fascinating information amounts to disinformation and this combines with the way the makers have contrived to portray these immigrant asians as apple pie regular-featured caucasians, basically, with Claudia Schiffer hair reinforcing the subliminal ad that all white america wants to suck up and burp on like a supersize shitshake ---- that the US has always been essentially white so nobody has to tax their pretty auburn head about who they took the land off and by what means. I'm not saying that victorious peoples have to spend their entire future in sack cloth and ashes in memory of the cruelly vanquished, just that in their histories they should show respect through faithful representation not lies posed alongside science. The attempts to hide fact under kitschy propaganda as per this schlock doc just accent the true hideous shame they do in fact feel at their violence laden history.

    1. Dangdude

      Jrws try the same dogma. They are now making torahs not "finding" them

  3. chris

    i sure appreciate the comments. reading them before i choose a doc to watch really is helpful in avoioding the most terrible of them...

  4. Enook

    Paloeindians???, they're saying the first people here where from India? Europeans need to stop calling these people Indians!!! Like calling the Inuit "Eskamos" .Asians would have been the first people not europeans.

    1. Epicurus

      im going to be a jerk and point out that indians are

      but you are right. paleoasians would be more accurate.

    2. Enook

      Interesting. I have never received a response to any of these Documentary sights. I have a Masters degree in Physical Anthropology from the UNiversity of New Brunswick.I do enjoy all information on early humans, even bad information because it challenges us to think for ourselves. The thing is that these early people would be referred to from the time period they lived in or their development of technology not their continental origin, . Paleolithic humans or Neolithic humans. Today the physiology of Asians and Natives from the Americas is quite different as can be seen from their skeletal make up. We cannot use the modern context of continent names to identify people because what we know of the continents today was different in these early periods. Anyway, I have only recently stumbled upon this site and enjoy it very much and am glad we live in a period where information is so readily available, when I was young I remember wishing I could access some kind of video information library.Thanks for sharing your time in the operation of this site!!Rob Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: Journey to 10,000 BC

    3. Epicurus

      you are absolutely right. (i am currently doing an undergrad in anthropology and my biological anthropology class is the most trying [mainly the genetics part]). Paleolithic humans or neolithic would be correct, and much better than paleoindians.

      where did you go to school? im at the university of Toronto.

      hope you comment more. there are so many amazing documentaries on this site. and im sure you would be useful for me come exam

  5. Joshua Samuel George Sweetman

    the paloindians dont really look like native indians, more like white guys in cave men outfits

  6. Snoik

    END OF THE ICE AGE: in other words, it'd been snow for ages, then it thawed. The bible doesn't mention snow, so creationists stfu, your augument is invalid!

    1. Douglas Ives

      The Bible mentions snow in the book of Job which was probably written about the time of the "Ice Age" around 2000 BC.

    2. Mark Casper

      The bible does not mention penis, so I wonder if it even existed back then. by the way, the ice age is said to have happened over 40, 000 years ago. not 2,000. just a small error which needs correcting

  7. Snoik

    This should annoy the hell out of those creationist f--kwits. Noah didn't have a mammoth on board.

  8. fifi_trrixibelle

    An OK doco if you like hamburger docos with lashings of mayo, ie for people with unsophisticated taste in scolarship. Please lose the awful CGI, cartoon might be better. Interesting to begin with but so many factual inaccuracies though. Columbian Mammoth is NOT the largest land animal since the dinosaurs, quick wiki search can tell you Paraceratherium (giant rhino known by a coupla scientific names) was nearly twice the size at nearly 20 tons. And whats with the white paleo-indians? They would have looked like the modern Innuit surely? And they would never have large fires- not enough wood. Please make a doco that is for grown-ups not four year old....

  9. Anthony Pirtle

    For the first time, humans entered the continent? Humans had been around in N and S america for thousands of years at this point.

  10. Zap

    When completely blundering a geographical fact such as The Grand Banks being in "Nova Scotia",well that was the last straw, I had to turn it off... And even suggesting the first people were from France specifically is laughable....

  11. Sunshine

    The term saber toothed tiger is misleading.It was in fact a saber toothed cat.The animal in question was not closely related to tigers.

  12. Simon Snotface

    Whoever funded this doc must be regreting it now. Mammoths were not the largest land mammals after dinosaurs. See Indricotherium. 20 tons! After a couple more mistakes I couldn't watch this joke of a documentary any further.

  13. drharmonica

    Bah. This flick on the intellectual level of 12 year olds. it should run on the cartoon channel.

  14. drharmonica

    Why are the people in this movie made to look like Caucasian Europeans? This is wrong Their racial features would and should have been Asiatic. White Caucasians people didn't colonize the Americas. Asians did.

    1. truth

      cuz the doc examines the theory that the "clovus culture" they keep talking are people who migrated from southern france northern spain...

  15. Keith


    Thanks much. I will check that out, and I discovered that to be true in my searches. Since you asked, I have finished the first draft and am slogging through the revision and talking to a modest but quality publisher who is interested. In all, things are farther along then I imagined they would be by February 2011.

    To all interested in the (largely lost) wisdom of native peoples who live close to the earth and who pass practical and spiritual wisdom down for millenia, I am reading a really fantastic book right now called Grandfather, by Tom Brown. Tom Brown is a survivalist who has written many books and has a school. Grandfather is the story of his mentor, an Apache man who essentially wandered the Americas for decades. Amazing story. It is astonishing the depth of wisdom and knowledge that modern western folks have lost or missed.

  16. Jo McKay

    Excellent Film, thank you. Very difficult to make these kind of documentaries, as we have barely begun to analyse the archaeologic evidence in North America, and every 'find' adds to or changes the story - I do love the stories. For ex. recent finds keep added to the age of aboriginal people in North America, and suggesting 'we' came from several original Asian & European locations, a number of different times, but perhaps as early as 40,000 years ago.
    More docs like this one could lead to regular 'popcorn' nights, :), thanks for that @Connie.
    @Vlatko LMHO ... your music vid was 'very' illuminating :) . I checked, and see you still do not have a 'donate' option - so okay, guess we have to buy a Film from the store now and then...
    @ Keith, let us know when the book comes together. Online maps I have learned are difficult to come by (huge file size and development costs), but I have found some good ones re: Geoscapes Maps, Archaeological Maps of North America, and from Geologic or geo science web sites as well. Much good luck.

  17. R-Tard

    Quote from end of first section:

    "They hunt the largest animal on earth since the dinosaur: The Mammoth..."

    This is bulls**t, and like many similar documentaries the whole thing is riddled with stupid errors, mistakes and wayward speculation.

    Just for the record, Paraceratherium was the largest land mammal to have lived, weighed around 20 tonnes, most mammoth species were in fact quite small, around the same size as the Asian elephant..

    Take anything you hear from the r@#$%&*% narrator on this doc with a pinch of salt..

    1. phelanrocks

      ""largest animal on earth since the dinosaur""
      Paraceratherium was 14 million bc (dinosaur?????)
      This doc is about 10,000 bc

  18. Achems Razor


    Ha,Ha, great link! (ROFLOLTSDMC)!!

  19. Connie

    @ Keith, I guess you might be right :-) However if you stick around long enough and are observant you will get to Know Vlatko by his actions,If you read between the lines and watch how he deals with others you will see his heart and wisdom shine thru brilliantly. He is a fair and just man.
    He is dedicated to his friends and goes way out of the way for anyone.
    He is not afraid to stand up for himself or others.
    I know if i ask something of him for the goodness of others Then it is done before I ask.
    He is wise and humerous. and I sometimes think of him setting back and watching his children play in the field that he created and always watching and making sure we are playing nice.
    I am glad you asked about him Keith. It makes me step back and realize That although I have learned enough to respect , admire and love him for who he is. I somehow never think he would want to communicate or play with us in the field as we do with each other.
    I have wondered more myself but never asked. You are wise to just come out and ask. The DAH ! is on me not you. You were smart to ask.
    I'll be listening when you get the answers:-)

  20. Keith

    However...still don't know where he is and what he's all about other than that he's all about documentaries! :)

  21. Keith

    Doh! Thanks Connie.

  22. Connie

    @ Keith

    go to top of page and click on the tap that say's ( ABOUT )

    Vlatko has an intro. written there :-)

  23. Keith

    ditto to coyote03. Despite the wildly varying belief systems and the obnoxious vitriolic talking point spouters from every side, the good stuff here keeps flowing. While I wish there was a bit more tolerance and dialogue instead of fangs-out debate, I am grateful for the forum Vlatko has the way, who is Vlatko? Just curious my friend. Where are you and what are you all about? Keep up the good work.

  24. coyote03

    @ Vlatko

    Maybe you could put the 'Donate' button in the Store section :)

    This site has changed my life in an incredible way, I'm so thirsty for knowledge it's gotten crazy! I can't stop watching documentaries and I know lots of others on this site are the same way. We're all incredibly grateful and appreciative of your hard-work!

  25. Andrew C


    Donate button is the new way of making money. Internet 2.5 is all about social marketing and giving away content for free. The consumer is then given the choice to donate to maintain the cause. You would be surprised how much more could be added. If you have a special section for donors, maybe a full forum? Maybe a "sneak peak" into upcoming documentaries? I wouldn't limit anything you have right now. Allow full access to no paying users, however allowing users to support you and this site with a small donation would be good.

  26. Connie

    @ Vlatko

    I don't know Vlatko I think Henry is right. And it is written centuries ago that a man should get paid for his labor.
    I think Henry's right and if you feel more comfortable perhaps you can add the button by user requests.
    I would second Henry's motion.

    You make it too easy to take advantage of your labor even if we dont mean to.

    For myself a fast simple pay on line thing with any amount donation would be the cats meow. I am guilty of many times doing nothing if I can't do it big. But in reality even if everyone only pitched in a dollar for every Doc they enjoyed would make a big difference in your world.

    I wish you would consider it. You are valuable to us and we would like to show our appreciation.

    We could not enjoy all these full length Doc's if we had to search to find them. You said it yourself you dont have time to enjoy them.
    You have shown your kindness and generosity to us in so many ways. Now let us choose to give back.:-)

  27. Henry

    Vlatko!!! Add a Donate button!!! You have many supportive fans. I myself will Support you with $20 if you add a donate button. You deserve some compensation for all your hard work and you shouldn't have to pay for the site all by yourself. After all, we probably get to enjoy the site more than you.

    1. Vlatko

      You're right @Henry. You do enjoy the site more than me. I rarely watch the documentaries since I don't have enough time anymore. Updating, moderating comments , answering emails, maintaining etc. takes a lot of my time.

      The site is self sustainable. It earns enough from the ads. Donate button will generate some money but that looks a little bit lame to me. Maybe it's just me but that's the way I feel.

  28. Reasons Voice

    @Coyote: Yea The clovis comet was mentioned on another doco here on tdf. The postulated theory is that the comet slammed into the ice sheet itself which was over a mile deep and therefore no impact crater. I too tent to believe this theory due to the extinction record and the geoligical evidence of sudden melt.

  29. Connie

    Hear no EVil
    See no Evil
    Speak No Evil

    been too busy to do otherwise LOL :-)

    Hi gang! hope your having a good day !

  30. coyote03

    haha I know ez, it was a really nice and polite exchange of thoughts and kind words on this thread, that did make it a bit harder for me to write what I did :( Hardwork's post just drove me to that breaking point (even though his point isn't really that bad), I try and keep the fangs at bay but I'm not all that great with self-control sometimes as you can see :)

    really cool post Andrew, is the "Clovis Comet" a comet that smashed into the massive ice sheets of the ice age and that's why we have no impact crater? Can't remember if it was this documentary or not, but I briefly heard someone mention that idea, I'll check out the link :D

  31. ez2b12

    @ Andrew

    Why is sea level higher now than at the time this doc attempts to explain? They said this took place after an ice age so i am assuming that it wasn't the ice that had lowered the sea level. Was it that the ice age was ending but not all of the ice had yet melted? This may seem like a stupid question but I didn't have time to finish watching this and I have never studied pre-history. I am a western civics buff and have a degree in theology/history. I'm pretty sure what i said is correct but I just thought I should ask someone that apparently knows about this stuff more than I.

  32. ez2b12

    Careful Coyote we almost had a whole thread with no fangs, play nice. Then again you are a coyote so I suppose fangs are to be expected. Thats a joke by the way, you know coyotes and fangs- get it? O.k. I never said it was a good joke. Laugh anyway you'll feel better.

  33. keith

    Thank you Connie, and thank you so much Andrew. I think I have seen those and am in search of something bigger and more detailed. I'm sure someone has created such a thing but whether it's online is another question. Also I agree with you entirely about underwater exploration. I hadn't really thought about it with this particular doc but you're so right. In general my posture towards that kind of thing is, why not? might as well entertain all possibilities and theories until proven wrong. However the scientific community often seems to treat anything new or differing to established understandings as guilty of psuedo scholarship until proven true...even though nearly ever major discovery in every major field (even religion) has come about by the misfits who entertain ideas outside of what's excepted.

  34. Andrew C

    Good video, though one key concept is missing. Underwater exploration. How could any documentary about the transition between the ice age and the modern inter-glacial period be complete without examining the millions of square kilometers of coastline that is now submerged under nearly 400 feet of sea water?

    Graham Hancock may be way off base, but he brings up a very valid point. If we are to truly understand our history we must look to the very same place our modern civilization exists, the coast.

  35. Coyote03

    HARDWORK, it takes a lot of work to be that ignorant! This is a recreation, it isn't real video from 10,000 years ago, in that respect you are correct, the video is 'fake'. I think Reasons Voice already made an incredibly sound and irrefutable point against your illogical statement, but still, nature leaves evidence in all kinds of ways, not just as verbal cues from humans. We know the bonneville salt-flats used to be a low-land sea, we know the Grand Canyon was carved out by the Colorado river through natural erosion processes, we know that giant reptiles called Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for millions of years, how do we know this even though no humans were around to witness it? Scientific Evidence! it's also far less corruptible and far more effective then the human word alone!

  36. Keith

    I must say, i agree. It is a lovely and refreshing thing to see a page full of comments without random fangs coming out. I enjoyed this documentary and I too wish we could recapture that simplicity. I've become more and more interested in paleo living so to speak, making useful things from natural found objects. I'm also writing a fantasy novel set in an imagined prehistorical time with the idea of an apparently "primitive" people who were actually the keepers of great knowledge, the stuff that really matters but is now lost, etc. These documentaries are fantastic inspiration for the nuts and bolts of a story like that, helping me get in the head space of day to day life, etc.

    Does anyone know of a place online where I can find a really good map of the earth during approximately this period? 13,000 years ago? I have done various searches with mixed results.

    Thanks. Hope you are all well.

  37. Reasons Voice

    @Hardwork: Question, if someone were to break into your home and rob you blind while noone was home but were stupid enough to leave both fingerprint and DNA evidence would the crime have happened? Your argument is like the old "if a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around does it make a sound?". Yes it does sound waves exist weter picked up by the human ear or not. So just as you would have the right to se the man who robbed your home put to justice and recoup your damages, ancient civilizations did exist and we can postulate on their circumstances based uppon physical evidence alone.


    so fake.

    how else can it be a dramatization that represents what actually happened without some sort of factual testimony by real people that lived during that time.

    hell... most people can't remember five minutes ago lest alone 10,000 years ago.

    regardless of what bones and rocks they study.

  39. Achems Razor


    It is called..."Trinity and Beyond: The Atom Bomb Movie" here on TDF.

  40. Connie

    @ Reasons voice

    Thanks a bunch I will look for it.

  41. Reasons Voice

    @connie I believe it is named Ice Age Columbus. Page 2 of science section.

  42. Benjinator3000

    @Vlatko i'v been looking for a atomic bomb doc, but i cant find any on here. would be nice!

  43. Connie

    @ Reason whats the other Doc on TDF ? when U can wuill you tell me the name . No hurry right now.

    Dont let the boss catch ya. LOL or better yet email him/her send em' this TDF site lol

    1. Vlatko

      Thank you all guys. I'm glad you enjoy the site. I really appreciate that.

  44. Reasons Voice

    Lol, I'm at work too but will be following up on this and exploring all that Vlatko has posted on the subject. When I have time I will post some links to text sites on the subject that are particularly interesting. Hope that the site overseers will let them through. Happy hunting on the subject to all who have interest in it.

  45. Reasons Voice

    Nicola Tesla is one of my favorite inventors of all time!
    A true genious on an epic scale. Wether it was thru altruism or just plain being too busy with further discovery he pattented and published so few of his discoveries.

    @connie there is another doc on here detailing the transition of Europeans to the new world centered around the spear points and genetic markers. It is more a cinematic doc. but well worth the watching.

  46. Connie

    @ reasons voice WOW! you guys have a lot of knowledge on this alreeady. this is an area I never thought of studying. This film is waking me this and you guys added. I am really interested and can't wait to settle down from work and deeply watch the film and make notes and add what you guys are saying.

    Awesome new realm to study. I too hope to catch up and see more of these Docs.

  47. Reasons Voice

    Dutchess county here. Havw spent lots of time in both Catskills and Adirondaks ;ove it out there in the woods. As to my knowledge of the ancient Americans I only have what I have managed to find on the net and in libraries. True maybe it could be considdered allot but then most of the history is yet to be understood. There were large nations in central and south America of course but they only comprised a small fraction of the population of two whole continents. Much of the groups were either nomadic or seminomadic in natuer and had only oral tradition to pass on history and knowledge. That being the case much of it has been lost. Things like this spear point are just recent discoveries and yet to be followed up on in detail. The conception the the "new world" has only been inhabited by man for a short time has led to little to no exploration into it's past. Along with this new teory involving Europeans there is evidence of Polynesian influence by way of Easter Island. And in Chile not far from the Nazca lines stone and mudbrick structuers that "may be as old as the pyramids of Giza" We have barely scratched the surface of the deep and rich history of the American continents.

  48. Connie

    @ Si Pod, Pleased to meet you !
    I'm making fresh popcorn come watch the docs here on TDF with us and join in on the converstaion.

  49. si-pod

    Hi guys i LOVE this site been watchhing stuff on here so long and ive never read the comments!! Nice one people.

    carry on :)


  50. Connie

    @ Trippinrob

    WOW I don't know what I did to get such honors but Thank you and you very welcome.

    Oh wait I know... You must of somehow got some of that Popcorn. Hmmm I better make a fresh batch. :-)

  51. Trippinrob

    o Vlatko
    Guy, this site is wild, for years i searched for docs the old way of googling stuff. Well anyways I've been reading comments from you and other regulars, and you people are seriously good people...
    Well anyways I'm 32 and from Canada, trying to figure out how to build a magnetic motor, and have watched anything to do with Tesla and his work, you do have some here.
    Long story short, I met people at li-ion Motors who are trying there hand at electric cars which is good, I presented them with the idea and they know about it, but it was like looking at a deer stuck in the head lights of a car.
    I live in Calgary Canada, HQ's for all the oil company's in my country, (I find it scary here, I'm from Toronto) the streets are nearly paved in gold here and this idea of the magnetic motor needs to be more promoted. I'm trying to build something, youtube is a joke when it comes to showing the every day man how to build it.

    CAN YOU HELP ME GUY....!!!!
    and those other guys like connie, Hate machine, Achems Razor

    P.S This is a copy and paste post, cool enough doc, i also like the pyramid code, can they be linked together to show something( I don't know what, but something maybe). I also like Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement, there's problems with everything, we need this magnetic motor guys... Have a great weekend.

  52. Connie

    @ Reasons voice, oops but I am in the middle of working so my response might be very very slow. and of coarse we have to keep it in context of the Documantery.

    It would be great to add what you know about these people.

  53. Connie

    @ reasons Voice WOW ! I want hear more about all you said. I am I live in Upstate NY at the foot hills of the adirondacks.
    Born and raised here in Oneida County

  54. Reasons Voice

    Yes a really great documentary. I am a huge fan of what I call "Ancient American History" When I was a kid growing up in the Hudson Valley in NY I was lucky enough to have found a few clovis points. Also when in high school visited a dig in a peet field nearby where a full mamoth was discovered. I have to say that the native culture that arose from these nomads may be one of the greatest of all. The simplicity of their way of life would be like an ice cold beer to my parched modern life. To think that these peoples are related to those that created the nazca lines and the Miya, Aztec, and Inca societies just to name the most known is awesome. If at any time a time machine were to be invented I would immediately take a lifes supply of #2 pencils and go back to ancient America to capture more knowledge about it for the world. There could never be enough on this subject for me.

    PS. I still have those arrowheads :))

  55. Connie

    @ I may have my down days, But boring I am Not :-)

  56. Achems Razor


    I do not know, you will probably keep me busy. (LOL)

  57. Druidia

    What a pleasant comment thread, for a change. Nice group, you are!

  58. Connie

    @ Achems OK! OK! :-) So I wrote it on a stick ems and placed it on my computer screen so I wont forget its "Vlatko"
    without the S.

    Dang ! i wonder what kinda trouble i will get into in 5 more years :-)

  59. Achems Razor

    Ah, excuse me people, it is "Vlatko" not "Vlatsko"

    Your welcome, Vlatko, (LOL)

  60. ed

    @ Connie

    I thought it was great! cant believe they can make the stone so sharp without ruining it. I didn't have a bowl of popcorn, though I did have noodles! And I wouldn't mind a recliner either

  61. Connie

    Yeah ! dont trust my spelling. My bi focals drive me insane and I do not ck my writing as I should either. I am usually working while listening to the docs behind the screen then writing too.

    Hey! you want a lot dont you? :-)

  62. ez2b12

    Deal, you guys should've elbowed me. I fell asleep in the middle, I'm exhausted from being up with me Dad for the last three days. Guess I'll rewind and start over, this is a great doc. Vlatsko ( I thought it was Vlatko for some reason) I like leather, brown to be exact. I enjoy the fart noises it makes when i move around, easily entertained thats me.

  63. Connie

    @ Ed

    @ "Little Tommy Cruise"

    OOps forgive my manners,

    So guys what do you think? Do/Did yous like the film

    Tommy I heard Vlatsko is getting us all brand new Recliners equipt with heat/vibrater massage and computer hand held features.

    Hey guys maybe the more we bring others here to watch films, maybe the faster Vlatsko can get us our new recliners :-)
    Lets help spread the word.

  64. Connie

    @ Hi Benginator, hmmm smelled that Popcorn hugh????? :-)

    Hi @ Reasons Voice

    I am enjoying this film too. I can't help it I always fall asleep when I sit down. Eventually I see the whole doc.This is another good one isn't it?

  65. Connie

    @ Capricious what do you mean by "fugging you tube"

    Is the film cutting in and out?" When that happens to me I found a way to fix that. I fast forward the film to the end and let it start all over. Like I do with a cassette tape it straigthens it out.

    But sometimes it will act busy if I do it too much and then I cant get back on that film until I get out of it comepletely and out of it completely so that my computer isnt still running on the site. Then I go back in again and bingo the bugs are gone.And it will work like new again.

  66. Reasons Voice

    Well fell asleep while watching last night. Not from boredome but just exhaustion finnished up just now. Great doc. The Animation in the begining was a bit rough but by the end it was much better. Perhapse they got more funding as they went along and people saw what they were producing. Regardless Vlatko I hope you can get more like this.

  67. Benjinator3000

    I dont comment much in here but im a regular visitor. just got home from a party and im down for a bowl of popcorn to. It is nice to see everyone getting along.After all this is one of my favorite websites. thanks vlatko!!! ok im gonna start watching this now, will comment i love techno!!!!!

  68. capricious

    Can't play.. fugging youtube.

  69. Connie

    @ Erie 666

    Where are u ? We miss you !

    @ Skye where are you also?

  70. BobbyD

    Very cool, love these kinds of docs.

  71. Connie

    @ Ez2b12
    uh, uh, uh, Did you wash your hands! Oh Ok!
    and theres no stinky feet in here silly thats the Grated cheese on Achemms popcorn.
    Now watch your manners we have a new guest :-)

    Hi,Viking Welcome to TDF Grab a bowl of popcorn with us.
    After the Documenery is over, perhaps you will tell us what you thought of it.

    Did you see the Documentery list tab up above on page? There are tons of great Docs and more everyday.

    ON the tab that says Browse Docs. they are the newest Docs. and those are the ones that are most recently being commented on.
    Hope you enjoy the show and dont forget to bring your friends next time.
    Also Thanks for the kind words, and I am glad your first impression was good. However we are just like any normal family here. we laugh had , play hard , and yeah we have a good wrestle/box match too but we are real and that makes us family.
    Again Welcome!

  72. ez2b12

    @ Connie

    Pass the bowl please, and scooch over. How much have I missed, oh just getting started- alright. Whos feet are stinking, smells like cheese curls in here.

  73. viking

    :) This is literally the first time I have browsed a comment section and everybody is happy and not dogging the video they watched or each other over silly nonsense.

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    I was very happy to see the 5 comments here being happy and playful, or just nice in general. I'm looking forward to watching this one and hope all of you enjoyed it as well! Keep "playing nice" with each other! This is good to see for the soul. :)

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  74. Reasons Voice

    Excellent!! Lot's of good theory and reasoning with the possible European migration preclovis. Would have like to see some allusion to the south American theory as well. They have found structures in the far south that would appear to predate Clovis era. The human population of the Americas may well be far far older that we to date have credited. Thanks Vlatko this is great stuff.

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