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KakaramFrom the author: I plunged myself (heart, body and soul) into the Amazon jungle I feared so much. I drank with the shamans as much of their sacred beverage, ayahuasca, as I could get my hands on... trying to reach my subconscious, trying to understand the Universe, trying to heal myself.

Desperately trying to forget the corruption, the greed, the swarms of stinging, biting insects, the avalanches, and rattletrap, smoky buses. Not to mention the kidnapping.

Kakaram combines images of the rain forest with humorous animated sequences and interviews with best-selling author John Perkins, internationally acclaimed painter and healer Pablo Amaringo, as well as a host of shamans, healers, derelicts and anyone else who would stand in front of the microphone.

From the streets of Quito to the jungle trails of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the movie follows the film-maker in her quixotic quest to find untouched indigenous communities.

Kakaram chronicles both her inner and outer journeys as her original vision and plans evolve in surprising and fascinating ways.

Directed by: Donia Mili

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Guest

    I was tempted to stop it many times, but kept on going. In the end i realized that, if this woman had been a friend, i would quite possibly have congratulated her on going all the way.
    Some projects even though not grand to others may feel like huge battles to ourself.

  2. firefly88

    why i cant play this doc.every time i click the play button the screen just keep on it because of my loc.?this is the second time...

  3. jbriggs_87

    this movie sucks a** dont waste your time

  4. PeSO821

    I think the strength of this documentary is exactly in its amateur approach. Yes it is a bit slow and not so easy to watch as some professional production, but worth the effort.
    She goes around films almost random things that happens to her, and just explains as they are. She does not have a strong idea that she wants to convey, but rather searches for it.
    In the end I don’t think she discovers anything profound. But that is exactly why I think this is excellent. It is a food for thought.
    Try to approach it without preconceived ideas. Especially about indigenous people living some kind of perfect union with nature, and how everything corrupt came from west.
    As she says somewhere in between: there are good and bad people on both sides.

    I wish there would be legal DMT classes: somebody to prepare you for it, see if you are ready and then guide you through the journey. It could be a new profession: “modern shaman” :)
    Only thousands of years ago or even much less - everybody on this planet was living in “magic” tribal societies. It means most of humans ever to be born, lived like that.

  5. knowledgeizpower

    She mentioned that this was her first film project geez...What I gathered is that she was really out to experiment with taking ayahuasca, and she ended up learning so much more in her journey through that region and culture. She ended up conquering some of her fears..If one has an open mind and not be so judgemental in the different ways that others express themselves you might enjoy this one it actually was pretty good....Peace

  6. Guest

    I remember her saying that this was her second documentary attempt... i may be wrong and won't go through the whole thing to confirm. Just sayng.

  7. knowledgeizpower

    Lol Hi Az how have you been!

  8. Guest

    hanging in there, not watching much these last few days...busy with a project. I think making a documentary would be a real interesting venture.
    I had an idea but it is not in the making yet.

  9. Guest

    Do you have the camera for the doc?

  10. Guest

    no, i am looking for the man's hand attached to it. lolol

  11. Guest

    Oh, I see.

  12. Dave Bliss

    This woman should be in a mental facility, a total wacko.

  13. David Foster

    Spoiled little rich brat with her own personal camera crew flies to the Amazon to bitch about oil companies while puking on psychoactive plants.. Some people have all the fun!!

  14. Brian Tracy

    really good film

  15. Rocky Racoon

    How about interviewing all the Haitian people in Montreal who helped with the Quake not a dime in Aid money has gone to the Haitian Government do they know that? How do they feel about that? You might find more info at Global Research it is also in Montreal.

  16. Guest

    I think your idea is great and would quite possibly make a good controversial documentary. If i was to make a doc, i would prefer to chose to depict a positive aspect of life and leave the fight, no matter how necessary the fight is, to people who have it in their heart.
    There are so many inequalities, injustices, so much opression out there, i don't think i would want to surround my life with those subjects for a two year straight run.

  17. Nat Rico Suave Culwell

    She sounds like a psychopath.

  18. ojibwa

    how come these shamans are so powerful and yet they can't get all these intrusive companies off their lands?

    What crap. Who paid for this anyway? Advertising ayahuasca! Pathethic.

  19. asif

    ufffff! how much shee speaks.....
    definitely effect of

  20. Don Kanis

    A very informative, delightful and entertaining film. Very good for her first film. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  21. cisamrita

    Amazing film and the it was really terrific and delightful film. Thanks for sharing this with us..Keep posting and sharing such experiences with us.

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