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KymaticaEvolution is a term to define only one organism and that's the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that's the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there's this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction...

When you think the end is near, the apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed, it is not they, it is you that brought this about, and for a very good reason. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it's tell you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.

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  1. Wow!!! l thought that was the bast documentary l have ever seen. l got so much out of it and so much resonated as true, possible, and worth further thought. l am a Christian, with love and compassion for all, am struggling with mental and physical illnesses, an RN, a believer in the power of prayer and universal consciousness. I am going to join the site and I hope this is also in book form so I can revisit so many of the brilliant ideas. l didn’t agree with everything but l am open to trying new ways of thinking, feeling and being. Well done! Thank you film makers; the whole world needs to see this.

  2. If you feature a far-right white nationalist who is also an anti-vax and the husband of an antisemitic conspiracy theorist then think about the credibility of this "documentary".

    This film is nothing other than that lovely wedding case whose core happened to be hollow or made of styrofoam.
    Music - such a waste using those amazing tracks for this useless production.

  3. absolute eye opening, DEEP documentary! wow!

  4. where can I find the sources of information used in the film?

  5. kymatics have no masters
    if some body tryes to tell u different they are not kymatic in any way

  6. why do people still go on about science as if its the "truth" which is so arrogant everything else has to be measured and proved by it or what is being said must be rubbish. The popular science now is just as restrictive and narrow-minded as any cultlike religion. There is far more to the universe than what science has decided there is. It seems that "knowledge" is understood as "facts" or information. There are other forms of knowledge.

    1. no science is not the ansver its the question and if u had any idea about sience its very fitting to the true meaning of kymatics what u say is just the prof that u dont know any thing about science

    2. I couldn’t have expressed this any better. Thank you so much 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  7. Common sense is not common for common people, why should you denied someone information. As he stated information is information the only thing is to apply the the left brain and do smallest research.

  8. to all you negative critics if u actually listened to the films he states that you shouldnt just believe what he talks about and do your own research . even if he did make mistakes on facts which i dont believe he did or follows this or that ,he is still getting the message out there so people will wake up an look into it an find there own answers they believe its negative sheep like yourselves that keep people enslaved think you can produce something half as good as bens work ? lets see it then ,stop waisting yours an everyone elses time and energy with ya negetive bullshit an bring somethin to the table that you think might help people not keep them doubting everything peace.............

    1. Thank you. [see that I'm a little late joining your party - guess that was so I could appreciate it.... cheers bgc

  9. This film of monolithic importance totally reflects my own philosophy and thoughts on the well. If you are a thinking person and/or with general knowledge of some of the great religions, philosophies and ancient teachings - this film really ties everything together giving you a clearer interpretation of what the mystics were talking about, in every tradition.

    1. Well said Fabio. And thank you Ben.

  10. Spiritual development is a big deal to me but this kinda stuff... is useless in that regard. Not necessarily bad or stupid. Just not useful.

    To sum it up:
    Ooh seven frequencies, seven notes on the scale, Seven chakras! OMG Seven! Seven the thriller movie, murder, murder has 2 syllabels, 7 - 2 is 5. 5! 5 fingers and toes, toes, toe missile, bombs, war, WW, WW2, aliens. Uuuhh.. 5!!! What's 5? 5 doughnuts for breakfast, breakfast, breakfast cereal, cereals, corn, rice, wheat, agriculture, crop circles, aliens! OMG my coffee is cold, cold, cold weather, north pole, climate change, chemtrails, ALIENS!!!

    1. Peace and love ♥️ hope you change the way u look at life. Its withing you!!

    2. You just made the point this movie very delicately tries to put across. You can't handle the Truth. What a strange thing to bitch about given that the maker of the movie is gifting us. Go buy some Coca-Cola and sit with your phone and get lost.

    3. I would suggest to you that you are mistaking the subject of the documentary, which is about our lack of spiritual growth. You seem to be closed to the concepts in the movie. That's a shame.

  11. Interesting the amount of dialogue this film created. Must touch a nerve here and there. At the end of the day "Be still and know".

  12. I think the purpose of this "documentary" is not about giving information with true 100% factual stuff, as it's impossible to know that any information in all the documentaries is 100% true. There is always a goal behind everything humans do, therefore we can't express objectivity.

    My impression is that the goal of this video is more to talk about our conception of life, reality and human behavior. It's not about taking sides, it's about questioning ourselves outside of what we call society, forget what we learned just now, erase for a moment the inner encyclopedia we write about our personal world so far, and start anew. Redefine what we think and make choices. What do I believe? Why do I believe it?

    That's what I retain about documentaries. Not the music, the narrator's voice or the montage, those are only mediums. "we are killing the messenger" like he said. Being convinced about the message is not the goal. The goal is to accumulate knowledge and filter what we agree with so we can evolve as a conscience not limited by our physical needs and perception.

    "Let everything be your Bible", what I understand about that is not to turn away from information, even if you think it's b.s, since in the end, when you redefine yourself, you make the choice to keep that information or not.

  13. Kymatica is one of the BEST Documentaries ever created. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

    1. Yes, I also feel "Best" captures it, though I don't know if I would have agreed at an earlier time in my personal evolution. Now, it simply resonates so beautifully...

  14. Truth is important for us to have meaningful life; if we live in an illusion created by a few to control us, our life is meaningless because we are not making decisions for ourselves. They made us believe that we do, but the decisions have already been made for all of us to fit their agenda. Search for truth about the world we live in is the first step for being a free thinker. This type of documentary work is instrumental to our quest for truth, growth, and freedom. Thank you.

  15. What a load of utter tripe., shame I won't get that 80 minutes of my life back. A total bunch of pseudo science, new age type nonsense that does nothing but annoy and frustrate with its crazy claims. Its like an opinionated (and wrong) 6th formers media studies documentary. The bonkers conspiracy theoritsts may like it but anyone living in the real world will find it a joke. I actually feel embarrassed I watched it all.

  16. I didnt quite get the point of this doco.. And felt a bit frustrated at the end. All the street philosophy posturing as deep obsevance on the processes of life and the poor (conscious and/or subconscious) choices we humans make. A lot of docos have this format with the sobre drone voice narating on top of a montage of relevant pictures and footage and a repetitive misterious soundrack to add gravity, but this was a mishmash of everything and nothing, without any real wisdom to offer. At least for me that is..

  17. Great documentary. A must see which makes you think, especially if you have a good sense of moral. Though I don't agree on all the points and also I am not sure if there is a conspiracy to ensure the propagation of greed with commodities from 15th century. But one thing is for sure, greed is one of the main driving force in the modern world. Also it has become difficult for truth (if it exist) to have its day with all the bureaucracy and secrecy surrounding it.

    But I feel we have blindly given the burden of the society to it's leader we elect and wash our hands at the issues we face rather than to take responsibilities. It feels like, its an easy escape route which is build into the system. Where the alternative is a huge climb and even a greater insurmountable task for the tipping point to be achieved to resolve any of key issues we face today.

    I think that the key message of this documentary is the solution for the problems we face and it is no easy task to achieve it. Hence the point of this documentary is to spread this though, a message to look for a solution.

    Also I am not sure on why is this labelled as mystery documentary? This should be in either society or philosophy category as the contents of this doco clearly relates to either one.

    1. The premise that societies constituents are to blame for the problems we face is non-sense. Because we live within the construct of a society that is propagated by the leaders we "elect" many get drawn into the bull**** that the current corrupt system. I contend that this is because they don't have the access to the information showing what is actually wrong, and instead have become indoctrinated through decades of well executed propaganda efforts.... But, I believe if people actually knew what was going on, and what alternative options were available they would become advocates for meaningful changes to take place. I contend that the blame lies squarely with those "elected" individuals who seek to ostensibly mislead the masses to perpetuate ideologies that further their own interests and more importantly, and often coinciding with, the interests of perpetuating the ideology of neo-imperialism, which is used as the vehicle to accomplish whatever they desire. To these leaders, the blatant corruption is a means to an end, and in their mind the means always justify the ends. Citizens are merely an inconvenience for them to manage through the aforementioned propaganda efforts. A telling film that documents this is "The Power Principle". <= Highly recommended

    2. you are in the trap. Sorry !!

  18. I, at one point, liked this "documentary", but have come to realize what a load of fecal matter it is. We as humans do not get to pick when we evolve, this movie does nothing but push, with some force, the New Age agenda. It vehemently advocates the ideology of monism, and looks to indoctrinate individuals into the New Age world view. While there is some good information that can be taken from this film, its main premise, that human beings suck, and because we suck our negative energy screws everything up, is utter non-sense. This type of useless fodder does nothing but confuse people, yet gives them the feeling that they have just had an epiphany. If you really want to wake up, stop relegating all your logic and reason to the realm of postmodern thought, where nothing is absolute, and everything is considered in relation to (often times) some unrelated subject. Life is not relative, there is such thing as absolute truth, this is what gives life meaning, modernist thought processes is where logic and reason should reside. Ignore any part of this film that does not expose how the ruling class elite have subjugated the majority of humanity. In the end this film advocates exactly what it preaches against, a one world system, where all is one, and we live in harmony. This is a tool that the elite uses to get you to accept their coming New World Order.

  19. I have not heard such a load of bull **** in a single hour for a long time. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. great documentary :)

  21. actually that 95% brain things isnt true at all. just some old rumor

  22. Dear Global Friends,

    Today's morality in human beings has dropped extremely beyond recognition. Moral education is being separated from academic education. They should be inseparable. One must not be without the other, or else it is like NO education at all, is just like bubbles in the air, or to be worst, is like stepping back into the primitive ages of uncivilisation.

    In fact, once upon a time, we all came from pure strong light energy. But due to our immoralities of greed, egoism, selfishness, lust and with strong attachment to this mundane world's illusive attractions, our strong light energy became weak and turned into so-called " soul "

    Inorder, to return back to our original lost Eternal Pure-Land or Paradise, the messengers of the compassionate Supreme Almighty, through centuries had and still have come down to Earth to advise the worldly people to follow the Law of Nature or the Universal Law of Morality in building up or to strengthen our weak soul into powerful and pure light energy which can take us back to our eternal Pure-Land. But human beings choose to disbelieve and seem to go against the law of nature every now and then, by misinterpreting and misleading the Almighty's Holy Moral teachings., one claiming to be the superior or more correct than the others.

    So, the wise just advises those who have the affinity to believe in these phrases......

    " From light to darkness,
    From darkness to light,
    From light to light,
    From darkness to darkness "

    For those who have the affinity may get its deep meaning
    to know the way "HOME" in Eternity.

    Thank you for the sharing. Love to all beings

  23. Dear Global Friends,

    Yes, nearly more than 95 % of our brain potential is not fully
    developed. In spiritual understanding, this 95% or more are covered by the immoralities of greed of all sorts, egoism, selfishness, jealousy, anger, hatred, discrimination, dishonesty, lies, falsehood, lust, craving too tightly for tangible and intangible issues of power, fame, love, happiness, sufferings, wealth, family, glamour and all worldly temptations and desires.

    1. You are so wrong. First of all if it's a potential how can it be developed the same time... potential is what leads to a development. How its gonna develop is not one way possibility but countless. and humans often use to divide them in two super simple categories... Good and Bad... It is Subjective with different values for the individuals. I could put many examples but I am sleepy and i cant express fluently in english especially right now...but... Good and Bad in their details have no constand-in-time values even for you, why should it have in their bigger generic notion? Good and bad and all these "immortalities" you mentioned are human reactions/feelings wtv being by a cause and for a cause.. sometimes are not even consious decisions but more nerve like reflexes. That's how a living organism evolves through time. It Develops on what for him is good in the given circumstances(enviroment and inputs). And the circumstances are different for everyone. Opening your mind is not about noticing the big pictures but also inner-self diving in the details. The potential of the brain is 100 percent always. That's our let's say "empty" canvas (different for everyone...maybe the material,the colour,the texture wtv) and is 1X1 is 100% empty and that is out space for development. If it was 0.5X0.5 doesnt mean now is 50%. We again have 100% empty space->our potential. What lines we gonna draw and how the progressively drawings on the paper gonna look and the density of the shades, is like trying to know the detailed history and the path of every particle in the universe. We Don't.

    2. Dear Friend,
      It does not mean what you cannot see or understand it won't exist. Knowledge is limitless, especially in spiritual. The mind of a mundane world's knowledge is limited to comprehend the Unlimited of the Universe and beyond, even our internal organ systems and the trillion cells.

      There are many simple things in this world that are beyond our discussion....e.g.

      1.Which comes first, the chick or the egg ?

      2. Who teach the infant to develop until its full matured size ?

      3. When the infant comes out from its mother's womb, who teach the infant to cry ? And why is this symptom
      occurs similar to all infants of various different nationalities as well as the natives ?

      4. After some months, who teach the infant to cry, crawl and walk.

      Sorry, these are one of the few examples which intelligence people or geniuses have limited knowledge to explain, and give an excuse, named NATURE.

      By the way, what your equation in any explanations comes from the law of yin and yang or the binary code of 0 and 1. All things need to equate in a balanced state and goes back to ONE. They are either in relative, opposite or in complement as a whole.

      Thank you for the sharing.

    3. Dear Humble forest,

      My humble opinion is that:

      Nothing is beyond our discussion. That is the reason we people discuss. All the Animals discuss (have communication and exchange information) for "basic" things for the purpose of mating, food, territorial protection (and other amazing things we see in nature) but we use and try to develop the communication as a toolbox for higher more complex task and needs. We try to understand our understanding, mind, ourselfs, our enviroment etc; actually all things that have to do with our senses and our consiousness; because these are the mediums in which as entities we act. Like a lion knows well his territory(food, rivals,water etc) and have been developed how to act in his territory; human understood that he is part of the universe and part of the macro-scale cosmos. Knowing these new territories then and only then he can interact with them. I want to say that there are no limits without that to mean we will know everything. Cause while we as organisms evolve in progression the same time the universe/cosmos evolves as an organism. A kind of example is like living in one type of cell in a simple small organism that has few types of cells... we see the cell as our cosmos trying to comprehend all its movement writting down mathematical formulas and theories and while trying to link all our estimations together and stuff these simple organism becomes a human... that doesn't mean we cant eventually understand its functions we are just "out" of synchronization...

    4. on the points 1,2,3....

      1.A kind of a prehistoric ancestor of the chicken born the egg.

      2.The infant carries the code on how to develop after the fertilization of the egg cell and sperm cell.

      3. That's how the organism reacts

    5. Dear Friend,

      A wrong or incorrect maybe in the present, but in the future it maybe correct. So there is no definition for wrong or right in what is potentiality of a person.. It takes a right person, right place and right time to discover it.

      In the past, when a person said that a metal boat can float in the sea, or a metal bird may fly in the sky or metal horse may run on land People then would say that one is crazy. Nothing is crazy about, the "potential" of a person is just like a "software" in a computer without which the computer won't function when one requires.

      My friend, if you find my sharing messages are ridiculous, then let it be. There is nothing to brag about who is better in higher knowledge.

      Thank you for the sharing.

  24. brilliant work !!! never confuse intelligence with education.

    people must be taught how to think not what to think, the ones who know how to think will understand this, the ones who know what to think have no room for new information therefore will reject it.

    why do you look for solutions outside yourself? don't you see the message? this film was filled with paths to solutions starting from yourself to humanity to the whole world.

    its not about the miss-spelling or how imperfect or perfect this documentary was put together. be grateful someone has made it, for you and i, for everyone. Even to spark a light inside you it would have served its purpose.

    it hurts me to see so much ignorance.

  25. i just see a whole movie about problems with no suggestions for solutions

    1. I think what the solutions might be is for humans to realize our own egos and evolve into a whole new and better species. One simple way is to make choices in our everyday life on what feels right to us and to not project our own fears onto others that we love and care for...

  26. This is pointless manure.

  27. This guy need to watch the one about Monsanto. Is the RoundUp stuff that kills the soil, pesticides causing mass beehive deaths, FrankenFish, plants that won't let you save the seeds.....all part of "evolution"? I want to see him lead a swim party off Fukushima.

  28. Follow your own do not even take this documentary as an absolute truth. Interesting compilation of randomness I will have to look into some of the things he said. Of course some just made me raise my eyebrow at what he was saying.

  29. oversimplified, often inaccurate, misinterpreted and poorly followed trough bundles of information designed to suspend critical reason rather than provoke it. If you don´t take it to seriously though, makes some valid points, however lost in the mess..

  30. @theAnomaly... Ah what's the matter...something challenged your reality? Excellent documentary for people of the new age.

  31. I certainly do not agree with all of it (your name is a corporation ??) however I believe we are evolving into deliberate creation ; we begin to understand that we are not victims of it all but makers of how it unfolds. We can be our own light and do not have to suffer our own thoughts, they are just a tool.

    More and more of us know that. This evolution process is on its way.

  32. Due to the documentary shown it shows how controversial people can be.
    " Let the mind explore, let the mind be, do not limit yourself due to others limited minds."

  33. Pseudoscience at it best.

  34. This "documentary" is a laughable mess of confusion, poor logic, misinterpretation of medicine, physics (quantum mechanics) and cosmology, and rampant egocentrism.

  35. Simply amazing. I would have to say that the majority of the comments posted here were inspired by false egos, and only serve to prove the accuracy of this brilliant film. Kind of ironic, I think. Lol!

    1. Lmao. Couldn't agree more.

  36. All the quotes by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who is a dentist and publishes his so-called "scientific papers" in non-peer-reviewed journals, left me wondering how many of the other quotes were of the same low standard.

    Additionally the lack of understanding of the systems of other countries; I am thinking of direct democratic, parlieamentary governement (which many people have no idea does not include England), and the mish-mash of pseudo-science, makes this video a waste of time!

    1. Barry Fell, the guy who was in the video given credit for discovering old transpcripts of ancent european language in America, dating back 2500 years ago, he's a marine biologist.
      That gives him as much credibility in the archology field as the guy who picks up my garbage once a week imo.

  37. Oh Gosh...this was a snore fest! I tried and tried to give it a chance but I kept nodding off. Even counter acted my 5-hr energy drink. At least I know how to put the kids to sleep now. Have them watch 5 minutes they'll be out cold!! T

  38. I found the comments regarding human willingness to believe in almost anything to prevent awareness of our own individual shadow to be healing in its revelation.We project what we can not admit. We choose
    not to take responsibility to do the dirty work of self-observation, so politicians and religious organizations do the work instead. Notice the results anyone?

    I am often stunned by the obvious.

  39. ps

    to Matty C and company, this doc is very abstract. it's the kind of thing you realize on your own, not in a book, or in a class, or on tv. not even on the internet. What they are talking about is within yourself to discover You don't need proof, you feel it!

  40. Anyone who has done some deep thinking will understand this documentary. My opinion is that the creators of this doc did their best to explain in English something that is unexplained. Put simply "Consciousness is the universe observing it's self"! For what reason, nobody knows.

    1. How can they explain something that is yet unexplained in any language?
      That's like a high school students who flukes in math tring to explain how to calculate the moon's orbit around the earth using calculus!

  41. At the 3:50 mark, the narrator refers to fetal hair as "laguna." Seriously??? The proper term is lanugo. I will watch the rest of the docu to look for more glaringly obvious and laughable errors. I'm sure there will be plenty more after this one!

  42. Another doc telling us we are stupid and useless. No point fighting back because it's all our own fault. Go lose your identity and be a drone.

  43. The question is not does conciousness exist, but if higher conciousness does exist, why do humans insist it would be concerned about our realm of being? Herein lies the greatest human conceit and the main danger of religion. As long as we think we are going to be saved, through the force
    of our thoughts, we do not take necessary steps to solve our own problems
    and contribute to solving the serious problems facing our species survival.
    People sitting around meditating, praying,chanting,affirming,filling themselves with good vibes...Ideology does not matter, behavior does.
    join your local enviromental group.

    1. The first law of Hermetics is “All is mind”. Behavior is the manifestation of ideological identity and social rankings. I think more thought and exploration should occur before implementation solutions.

  44. Odd that some parts of this video repeat itself with no prompting to do so. Was that done on purpose?

  45. the world 100% tells you what is wrong with you but in no way at all whatsoever tells anybody ever how to "fix" it.

    1. The film did. Look within yourselves for answers. Try meditation, the real meditation that takes years of contemplation, not the superficial ones that western world is into.

    2. Is contemplation meditation? :)

    3. Isn't contemplation, contemplation...?

  46. Hurray! No cgi dome villages, star trek replicators or bullet trains to the rescue! Great doc.

    The presidential bloodline stuff was half baked and distracting, as was some of the ancient civilization stuff, but otherwise virtually devoid of cringe-inducing dumb bullsh1t. A very clear comment on our current predicament.

  47. This doc is so good so far. I'm only half way through, but if they get to the end without mentioning 3D printers or geothermal energy or any of that other bullsh1t that the Zeitgeist movement loves so dearly, I'll be so impressed.

  48. What the fork?

  49. Dear Global Friends,
    All the 5 great messengers of the Supreme Almighty are holding hands together in Heaven as ONE, by already spreading Universal Love and moral teachings in sharing and caring together as a civilised moral human being, but due to the ignorant of many disciples, cultivators and followers who still create differences, segregations, hatreds, jealousy, conflicts and even wars. Will the wise still follow the immoral foolish ones ? If not, then all lead an example of a FULL Stop.

    1. @humbleforest:

      What are you talking about in your posts? ring your little spirit bells somewhere else or talk about the doc only. No la,la, land stuff allowed.

  50. Dear Global Friends,
    The Great Dao or the Almighty Nature covers the whole spectrum of the Universe, be they living and non-living beings.

    Religions are just moral teachings that are imparted to all human beings
    to get their weak souls purified in moral cultivation inorder to get enlightened in returning to their original lost eternal Pureland. From this Pureland there is no right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral, etc, etc, totally no yin or yang or dualism and relativism. Purely eternal land of Paradise and happiness.

    Believe it or not, let it be. Let one's wisdom decide.

  51. Dear Global Friends,
    The only way to get rid of our "SELF" ego is the morality of SELF-LESSNESS in humbleness, simplicity, fairness, indiscriminate love with a generous heart.

  52. Science is evil man... proof is such a stupid concept for sure bro yeah man pass the blunt

  53. OK that's awesome

  54. This is one of the better films on this topic that i have ever seen. I think this is on point. Its not easy to articulate this information in a manner for people to understand, especially when people always think they know everything when really they know nothing in the big scheme of it all.

  55. I found the film to be valid in my opinion, and it's amusing to see the reactive comments about it. My input? If you're ready to receive the information, there'll be no questions. If you're not ready to receive the information, there won't be enough answers. Gain control of your mind, and then perhaps you'll be able to decide something!!! If this comment offends your sensibilities, you're not in control of your mind!!!

  56. Thought provoking..

  57. Plato and Socrates would murder this kid.

    1. Great use of ad hominem! Nobody with a brain is going to believe what you said, because those with a brain actually take the time to watch every bit and are able to follow it perfectly...Plato and Socrates would cry watching'd know why if you took the time to interpret it as a whole, rather than some hippy talk.

    2. Let me get this right, you believe this movie? Lets lay some facts down.

    3. if you think this is a matter of belief than you obviously didn't watch and fully interpret want me to lay down facts? his definition of an organism is correct, therefore the universe IS an organism, nothing to debate there...and everything gives off electromagnetic energy, our aura has a radius of 8 feet...since we are electromagnetic beings(as is everything, including matter) and since electromagnetic energy can be affected by other electromagnetic fields, there's no doubt that my aura can affect my environment....we see this everyday by meeting people that give us bad vibes, we just like to think it's our own intuition that gives us information on people....but people do give off vibes, REAL vibes, not something interpreted in the minds of others, but a physical cause for you not liking them.

    4. and also, plato believed that the entire universe was endowed with a soul....keyword ENDOWED... he uses that word cause at his time if he just said straight up that the universe is a conscious entity, other people would kill him because that would imply the universe to be the highest the universe was GIVEN a you see, this shouldn't impede on any previous belief... let me guess, you stopped before you can even get into it just cause it starts off on religion?

    5. the only thing i found wrong about this was the part on law...yeah, bs, if anyone truly believes that then you go and try to not pay taxes, see what happens....however, there ARE ways around paying your debts though, like becoming exempt from levy...the treasury will pay your debts, i heard that anyone can just say those 3 magical words and your debt vanishes, but i'm certain that it's something you'd have to qualify probably have to be an immigrant i imagine.....but the whole thing amount merritime-admiralty law is correct, the words and the procedures of law do carry heavy symbolic's a way of showing the judge and jury that you are complying, if you know your stuff and you are innocent, then you could refuse to go on the stand and they couldn't do anything but threaten to hold you for contempt in court, just keep it up and eventually they will be tired of you after the 100th try, they can't force you up there unless you've killed someone, cause then in that case it requires police escort up the stands.

    6. Obviously you know absolutely nothing about the law.

      You are never required to testify against yourself - this is a basic point of law. You can, however, be compelled to take the stand as a witness. They won't manhandle you up there if you don't want to go, since your testimony wouldn't be reliable; they'll just find you in contempt and toss you in jail.

      The whole "admiralty law" BS is some crap cooked up by right wing cons and sold, like snake oil, to their willing dupes.

      As put by a judge in a ruling against a fellow named Dennis Larry Meads (OPCA refers to "Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments"):

      "The bluntly idiotic substance of Mr. Mead’s argument explains the unnecessarily complicated manner in which it was presented. OPCA arguments are never sold to their customers as simple ideas, but instead are byzantine schemes which more closely resemble the plot of a dark fantasy novel than anything else. Latin maxims and powerful sounding language are often used. Documents are often ornamented with many strange marking and seals. Litigants engage in peculiar, ritual?like in court conduct. All these features appear necessary for gurus to market OPCA schemes to their often desperate, ill?informed, mentally disturbed, or legally abusive customers. This is crucial to understand the non-substance of any OPCA concept or strategy. The story and process of a OPCA scheme is not intended to impress or convince the Courts, but rather to impress the guru’s customer."

  58. What a powerful insight to our existance and manifestation. We are the world we live in! Creating right conditions is the foundation to self development.

  59. so true Takaboby.

  60. Reading the comments below, it crossed my mind that the systems of control have done the job of keeping the majority of the human race in complete ignorance.

    1. I know right, even on a website with so much information.

  61. Our existence is someone else's nothingness.

    1. that's a fascinating way to see it! i never considered that standpoint!!

  62. finally! took me two days to finish this doc! not because i didn't like but because i didnt have time.. Before i head out I spent some quality time using youtube shaman meditation and holly molly my day went super awesome..
    I felt clear.. and I could see through people I mean i could feel their energy..
    now in addition to praying to Allah and his prophet mohamed I will meditate more often..
    great doc

    1. lol this is one of the greatest comments I have read yet!

  63. Brilliant documentary!!!

  64. "Life is not the opposite of death. Death is the opposite of birth. Life is eternal."

    1. Wow,i really like that!(Death is the opposite of birth),i hope i remember that,i am in total agreement..

    2. death is eternal too btw

  65. Religion is a story.
    This documentary is excellent.

    Dont worry, if you dont believe in this document, no one is going to send you anywhere to be burnt till eternity.

    Awareness is the key.

  66. The concept of the universe showing us what we need to see to evolve is a difficult thing to grasp, although I do believe it. This is a great documentary giving you the basic understanding of consciousness and providing you with good advice if you seek it.

    1. Hello

      As long as you see the difference between "belief" and "understanding"... If you believe in something you either do not have enough information to formulate your own opinion or you do not fully understand it but decide accept it without further evaluation. Both cases have their own risks.

      All the best!

  67. Erm, I like the moral behind this but otherwise it's more of the same drivel which relies on repetition and brainwashing to get across a simple message which doesn't need to be one and a half hours long. I feel cheated of precious time in my life that I could have been out interacting with the great wide world. And as for the 'evidence' and sources that come in this pile of bore-fest, look them up. A qualified opinion, no matter how expert - is still the lowest form of evidence. Look up the pyramidal hierachy of evidence. Most of these experts are only giving an opinion not backed much elsewhere apart from the conspiracy train that they're already part of. I could tell you a lot of you unschooled lot in relation to physiotherapy about physiotherapy, it being my area of expertise. But it wouldn't mean I'm right - In this manner it's easier to have the wool pulled over your eyes.

    Again, I like the message and ethos that is trying to be conveyed but pretentious hippy wannabes and conspiracy nuts don't do themselves any favours and they alienate those who could be open to 'enlightenment' but who are currently sitting on the fence and who could swing either way. By coming out with such ridiculous notions, lies and misinformed evidence the moderate but open thinkers will be pushed away from these movements by fear of association with a bunch of incredulous crackpots. We're all talking belief here. Don't sully the term evidence or your own cause by trying to add credibility to arguments with preposturous 'facts' that are simply both absurd and insulting. You can garner more support with ideas and sharing ideals and beliefs and publishing them as so. To present these as fact - you'll only derail your train.

    All in all though, a pretty tedious video. I could have had a wank and still had time for something constructive with my day.

    Peace out.

    1. What are you still trying to achieve??? You feel cheated of precious time, yet you may not realise that there is nothing else than the present. The time you spent watching this movie is gone yet you still grinding your gears over it. Perhaps if you let it go and move on...

      All the best!

    2. If you skip to the last ten minutes you can hear that hippy sum up the whole film. He also contradicts himself and basically tells you not to bother watching. lol
      Also, to give a sample of the science in the film. in the last ten minutes they describe cells "Choosing" or "Deciding" to evolve.
      I am truly sorry I bothered watching. Please save yourself the trouble. If you must, watch the last ten minutes or so.

    3. he is saying consciousness did it, the driving force in all things, yeah that..

      consciousness is a field of energy not an isolated thing within living things' minds.. russians did much research concerning consciousness and such..

    4. i have to agree - it was deceptively attractive in the beginning but it didn't take long for for the old 'aw, come on..' to start to emerge from the deep side of the self. How - to begin with - can a guy like this have created such a story alone ? where are the film credits ? who are his sources ? Too easy to fall into cynicism from the things he says.

    5. What about the time you invested writing this post?

    6. Ego driven existence. Nothing else.

    7. My one goal in this lifetime is to completely stop hating people like you. Now go wank, then sit on the fence, and allow a sharp picket to have its way with you.

  68. "the mind is like a parachute it works better when its open"

    not my quote someone else's

    1. I love reading the posts on these types of videos. great minds at work.

  69. this movie is about false ego our biggest enemy. when he said "...whats wrong with you" he meant the ego. Its in you and in order to find higher self you have to defeat your ego.

  70. i take those two comments back, as i believe these brothers are thinking very deep, and very correctly, i might add. my previous comments were reacting to the statement made about there were no illuminati or elites causing all the problems in the world, which there is and they are, but this is the symptom of the problem, which is US and our psychoses, which the stewart brothers point out.

    1. So I assume after watching you understood lol...This was good though I liked it personally...I liked your good advice...Peace

  71. the makers of this film, the stewart brothers, are more than likely being funded by an organization tied to the great tax exempt foundations like the rockefeller, carnegie, and ford foundations. read the book "foundations" by rene wormser to understand more fully.

    1. hahahaha, or maybe not

  72. more bs, just like peter joseph and his zeitgeist. the system wants to take us away from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. study the Bible and have a personal relationship with the Father, pray often.

  73. more bs, just like peter joseph!

  74. Brilliant documentary, I will need to find the truth for myself but this has possibly set me on that path. I have been "independant" for a long time, I am mainly anti social and I believe I became "neurotic" as it is said in this doco, as I question my feelings and look inside and all that. But I am still an infant, and my life will probably be insignificant, but who knows, i'm definantly not just one of the masses. Hopefully I can learn more, and then maybe join a shaman cult and spiritually tip the balance or something lol. I want to see the world change, I hate western culture, I dont have the dream of owning fast cars and making little babies. There are bigger issues and things to worry about. The abuse and fear and exploitation, all of it surrounding us but collectively denied. We need to harmonize with this earth, we are an extension of evolution, to fight the earth is to fight ourselves!

    1. You do realize humans 10 000 lived in a lot more fear than we do today? And almost every species we humans haven't decided is worth protecting from other species, are living in almost constant fear?
      How's that truthfinding process going btw?

  75. worth watching

  76. People are WAKING UP. JOIN OCCUPY WASHINGTON, EVIL AND CORRUPTION! Let's all push for great changes.

  77. Many people will have a different perspective on this video an many others of this type, but the choice is always left up to that person about what he or she thinks about the subject and if any of the subject-matter applies or dose not applies to their comprehension or understanding, it's good to have an open mind an the learning continues.

    1. How very convenient for the 1% at the top who actualy do control well over half of the world's wealth. It is like being told to deny being a slave to a slave hey your not a slave you just think you are and as a result of your faulty thinking you are a slave and only you can abolish your slavehood-without paying any regards to the institution of slavery. I wont' watch this film based on the political upshot of the excerpt from the film in the description.

    2. i feel exactly the same way about "The Secret"

    3. Thank you I feel the exact same way about the choices One has to make for the self. It is good to be open minded to different things everyone has free will to do as one thinks....Peace

  78. The only thing that is, is now, and I believe, but where's the source without our ivory towers? and say it isn't .. My God....and say it is...for fractal simulation of nature,is a consciousness and im aware! ..........A mind Threatening

  79. How can we people belive in God, if we dont even belive in ourselves.

  80. So the hippy love days of the 60's did what exactly? Did they prolong the current situation or have no effect at all? If what this reports to be true, why haven't all the prayers solved the return of Christ or made our leaders more humane?

    1. you haven't finished your research I see... that's okay though, there is still plenty of time. Christ never left. He has always been here. It is true that he is the 'son' of God - God being all consciousness, all infinity - as that is who created him, but he is also the actual Sun. Christianity stole it's entire belief system from Paganism and changed a few things around, and in the Bible changed all the heavenly bodies people use to worship into human figures. a great channel for you to look into is MrAstrology on yt. he explains everything, and i mean everything. he also gives examples, and points out where you can find the information to confirm yourself. at the end of his lectures your like 'wow, how did i not see all this before?'

  81. i love you

  82. This was a wonderful documentary. It illustrates in clear language something that I have been thinking about for most of this year: the climate of crisis, or shall I say, the artificial climate of crisis & fear constantly fueled by media, politics, and our trusty corporations. Our recent financial issues in Washington DC being a perfect example.
    And who says people are dumbed down lately? The speakers in this film were all brilliant! I especially loved the guy who said one should ask, "Why are you denying or accepting anything based on the suggestion of another person?" That is wisdom worth more than gold that we can all put to use.
    This is one of the coolest documentaries I have seen on TDF yet.

    Thank You Vlatko!

  83. so many comments from so many real ppl, guess the search for all of us continues....ever closer xx

  84. Good, I am sure this is one of the D.S.N files

  85. Nothing but another documentary that very cunningly and slyly plays on our arrogance and selfishness, and more information to separate the human family...

  86. wonderful Documentary, highly recommended, I wish that everyone that I knew would watch this and learn to think for themselves.

    1. so you're saying you just learned to think for yourself? Gooooood Jooooob. Now go back to working like a dog, eating McDonalds, Listening to Garth Brooks, and watching FOX News.

    2. Well that was an intelligent analysis of someone you dont know. Injecting politics into this only shows your ignorance and bigotry. Im assuming your not American, since those are the same tired insults we have always heard. You also forgot mickey mouse.

  87. I don't understand why this doesn't say anything about who made this documentary...

    1. because they're clever ;) their identity is irrelevant, it s happenning everywhere...... see it for yourSELF.........i don't know why....really....but i lke it better this way. x

    2. They have this thing now days called google where you type anything you want to know. try typing "Kymatica Creator" in the search engine known as google. You will find Ben Stewart created Kymatica. He also created "Esoteric Agenda" wich is 2 hours long and some argue is more informative, complicated and closer to the truth than Kymatica.

  88. Wow, intellectual diarrhoea at its finest. Was Deepak Choprah in any way involved in this?

  89. We have some cultural evolution birthing pains to go through...

  90. Great documentary, most of this already known. but the public chooses to be ignorant, so they won't become an outcast in society.
    " to most ignorance is bliss, and to some knowledge is power"

  91. I have a poem for you-
    Smooth little douchebags tripping your 'shrooms,
    Plagiarizing facts, ideas, and views.

    1. You call THAT a poem?

    2. You call yourself a godman?

    3. seriously man, maybe 'pome' writing is not for you, you must wage your war against shroom trippin' douchebags by other means :)

    4. Nice. I had multiple stanzas, but the moderators didn't think I was moderate enough. I assume 'pome' is an anagram. I have a couple for you- I am pric V medi Dog. Or, Do me V i dig mi crap.

    5. Nice. I had multiple stanzas, but the moderators didn't think I was moderate enough. I assume 'pome' is an anagram. I have a couple for you- i am pric V medi Dog / Do me V i dig mi cra p.

  92. Excellent, well written, well presented and quite entertaining.

    1. what? his poem?.....just jokin

    2. Awesome. Thanks for the memo about the joke part.

  93. On another note..

    Also notice the music....brainwave entrainment. Now take that and couple it with the calm monotone voice....and you have the perfect setup for hypnosis. I think the possibility of hypnotic suggestion being used in this video is very high. Sort of to "help" people accept the ideas within.

    1. are the ideas negative or positive? The means to the end is important, whether they use hypnosis as their tool or not, people will only wake up at their own pace...everyone is where they are and we cannot change that fact...if this documentary wakes up at least one person, then their goal has been accomplished...again, do you think the message is positive or negative?? In my opinion, and everyone is entitled to everyone elses opinion, I cannot say that this message is negative, what I can say is that it is anarchic, but then again, anarchy is better than slavery...

    2. ok, give me one example of a doc that doesn't have an indoctrinating message. This hipnotic stuff you talk about is true but it s everywhere! it's an inherent part of documentary making. maybe exagerated somewhat in this one. What's the difference between meditating and being hipnotized........ 'who' is hipnotizing you, is the difference, and that changes the message, the journey, the lesson.
      now, knowing this, there is also the fact that you can not be hipnotized against your wil. You can destroy one's self, that's it. i stop making the case for this doc.... hope you had/have a good day. Take care.

  94. WAY too many assumptions. It seemed to me that about every third sentence contained an assumption that was not grounded in fact or theory. Interesting idea though.

  95. I liked it! I wouldn't call it a documentary though.

  96. Anyone know if there's a citation/source list for this docu? I need to do some hunting.

    1. I've done my final project , grade paper on this subject at TexasA&M in 1999-2000. I can tell you, everything in this film is completely true I'm a social-cultural anthropologist, involved with human rights issues, and living in many countries. Whta is presented here is truth. Sad is hurts those who don't wan to stop believeing in Santa Claus...

    2. Christmas was held at the time Saturnalia was by Constantine, to make it easier to force Christianity on the Roman Empire....

  97. Jason here's some books you'll like:
    Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck
    The Archaic Revival by Terrence Mckenna
    The Scared Mushroom and the Cross
    The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavlatsky(?) p.h.d.
    Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Malchzidek(?)


    ||||||||| KNOW THY ENEMY ||||||||

    1. love your comment, except for one thing...there is no them, there is no enemy...we create our reality, therefore, we are our own enemies as long as we believe that the enemy exists....duality? he explains it pretty well in this opinion piece...i have read all the books you have mentioned (except for any books from the dalai lama and huner thompson), and what is important is that I made my own conclusion from my research...if you believe in the devil, the devil will exist for you, if you believe in angels, angels will exist for you, if you believe in spirits, they will exist for you....if you believe in hell, it will exist for you...

      be mindful of your thoughts...

    2. well said. :)

  98. I just have one thing to say to all watchers: Don't blindly follow every doc just because they are seductive in it's form. History proved that all those smooth talkers are mostly mad people. They always seduce people with nice talk but reality is something really different (Marx, Mussolini, Pol Pot). Also anyone care to say WTF with those GWBush bloodlines i so laughed but correct me if i'm wrong.

  99. Amazing!!! I'm not sure if everything in this docu is truth, but I feel it like truth.

  100. thx for let me see this. very good documentary. HAIL SATAN.

  101. powerfull docu, it sure trips some wires in my thinktank.
    though it is still some ppl talking and trying to make you think this or that, the same way as the mainstream media does, i like this concept even if it werent true, its a nice and positive view of things.

    cheers, mike

  102. What a bunch of noodle heads

    1. wtf is a noodle head? and why bother commenting? if you have nothing to say, dont say anything at all..if you are going to take precious time out of ur busy day to comment, at least explain why r have that opinion?? useless and unproductive...


  104. LOL
    you can see that people who WATCH documentaries
    are more intelligent that those watching nonsense in youtube
    just read this comments and go to any youtube random page and see

  105. Re: Animal cruelty comments above

    I'd just like to add that it would be like saying that you should be more worried about people who are against wife or child beaters than about wife or child beaters. That's not right. Among other things, I also thought the violent imagery of the animals was unnecessary. Apart from that, and as I said above, there were some interesting concepts. Cheers.

    1. That's not what he's saying at all... The point is not that you should be 'worried about people who are against wife or child beaters more than about wife or child beaters'.. Say you met a man who kicks puppies in the street when he walks by them, and you said to that man, 'That's awful, what you do! It makes me sick! You should be tortured, even put to death for it!"
      The moment the mind turns to retribution or punishment, the cycle of violence is allowed to continue; and here in a worse form, as it has now become a conscious decision to do violence.
      The assumption is that the puppy-kicker is kicking puppies NOT out of conscious will to do harm, because he is detached from the Universal Consciousness and does not see his error..

  106. @davidjuly

    If this isn't the place for it, then I'll be stymied finding a better one.
    Glad you could get a chuckle, I hate to leave humor out of anything that could use it.

  107. @Joe

    Alright, now I gotcha. Well I just don't think that this is the place for it. I will add, though, that some of the wise comments on here do make me laugh out loud. That comes with age, I guess. Have fun.

  108. @davidjuly

    Alright, now I do feel guilty. This feels like banging a bag full of kittens against a pile of scrap metal.

  109. @davidjuly

    Now you seem to think that my feathers are ruffled. That's funny. And the idea that my long responses are some kind of sign that there is something wrong with me is also funny. That seems like saying that using big words are beneath any respectable person. I happen to enjoy engaging people in debate when bored and stoned. Absurd isn't it? How contemptible.

    I have not defended anything but the active pursuit of being comprehensible. You, however, are defending gibbery style oinkery what don't make no sense at all.

  110. @David N.
    said "Self-righteous youth make me gag."

    LOL! I agree. Don't ever get your life advice from anyone under 30.

    1. hahahaha, that is the most egotistiscal, false comment i have seen on here so far...dont get ur advice from anyone under 30? where is the logic in that? do you some how happen to know every single human being under 30 on the planet? if you do, bravo!

  111. @Joe

    OMG What is wrong with you, Joe? This is a "comments" section, not a university lecture hall. Did you not realize that? I left a comment or two. Why are you so defensive? Now let's move on, and have a nice day. Cheers.

  112. @davidjuly

    And don't worry, I don't take offense to other people thinking harmless thoughts. Leave that to groups of people who band together and force their opinions on everyone around them.

  113. @davidjuly

    "You sound as though perhaps you’re struggling with some guilt of your own, Joe. Possible?"
    There, you did it again. You don't seem to understand the concept that ad hominum is not a valid approach to any sort of attempt at reasoning. It just won't get through your head.
    I clearly stated no opinion of any sort. I simply note that you attempt to support your stance by claiming the person in question is of negligent moral character. I am trying to put this clearly as possible. The only concrete details included in your posts are that do not agree with him and 2.I sound like him, or resemble his speech patterns. Neither of those details are concrete, they are commentary. Then you go on to use these duds as support for your ad hominum attack.

    The english language is not relative. Words and the sentences they are used in imply specific ideas. When I say you are using ad hominum, I am not stating opinion. I am stating a verifiable fact. Your arguments are founded on ad hominum and have no basis in truth or it's discovery. The idea that saying something unprovable, such as an assertion of guilt, would be valid in argument is unscrupulous.

    I give you no opinions of my own on violence, so you decide to fill in the blanks with uninformed fiction.

    Just say something coherent and someone will take you seriously.

  114. @mcfloppydisk
    said "This just gave me a headache."


  115. @Joe

    You sound like the man being filmed. I also said, "… a way to cope with his guilt I bet under the guise of some ‘superior’ grasp of human understanding." You sound as though perhaps you're struggling with some guilt of your own, Joe. Possible? Look, I'm sorry if you took offense to what I said, but I still agree with what another viewer said above: "I disagree that (in regards to the vile animal cruelty) that the ones to worry about are people who react with anger when they see that…. I’m more worried about people who feel nothing, shrug it off when they see that. Shows there way out of contact with their higher/true self." Cheers.

  116. @davidjuly
    ad hominum
    [ad hom-uh-nuhm ?nem, ahd-]

    — adj , — adv
    1.directed against a person rather than against his arguments
    2.based on or appealing to emotion rather than reason

    example: "I do not believe in animal torture or human torture, as that guy was saying, and think that he must have beaten quite a few dogs and cats in his life in order to come up with that."

    Anything else you want to include in your reasoning-quiver of argument-arrows? Maybe want to string the bow a little tighter, add some more cogency to your potency? Don a nice leather wrist-guard to protect yourself when your volley snaps back and thwaps you on the wrist? Theres always room for more tools in shed, just trying to help you out.
    No argument here, shooter.

  117. some interesting concepts, thanks, but i do not agree with what the guy being filmed was saying at that part about animal cruelty. i do not believe in animal torture or human torture, as that guy was saying, and think that he must have beaten quite a few dogs and cats in his life in order to come up with that, a way to cope with his guilt i bet under the guise of some 'superior' grasp of human understanding. gross!

  118. excellent

  119. Dear Vitaloverdose, if you think this narrator is pushing his opinion on us or wanting us to accept it all as fact, then you might want to have another look at 1:17:41-1:19:00.


    It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. ~ Epictetus ~

    Take care

  120. This just gave me a headache.

  121. I really liked this doc, its a real "I" opener. Funny though, he neglected to mention that the surname Stewart is part of the 13 bloodlines he like to refer too. Interesting aye? King James the first of England name was James Stewart. President James Buchanan was one of his descendants. Also interesting to point out is that the name Buchanan literally means house of Cainnan, IE, Israel.

  122. Thanks hopecat, I try to get these things right as much as possible and welcome corrections when they are offered politely. As for your comment on religion and sin, I am confused. For one, religion usually denotes a cohesive system of dogmatic beliefs, such as the existence and definition of sin. Without religion, what you call sin I call immoral action. For the record, I think morals are not dictated by religious institutions but by our very survival instinct extrapolated through time, group dynamics, and mutual interest. In any case, claiming this video is somehow religious, I would counter by pointing out the clear and often cited concern that no one has the answers, kind of nullifying anything someone would say if they were touting some kind of religious scree. Just because someone says things like 'believe' and talks about metaphysical concepts that doesn't mean they are selling religion.

  123. Joe: it's anthropoGENIC global warming that is the newest religious fad, not anthropomorphic. medieval warm period anyone? anyone?

  124. great, more religions quackery, just what we need. after the intro, the first line is, "the earth IS BELIEVED to have...." complete religion. then it goes on to talk about how humanity is such an incongruent life form relative to all other species. um, that's because of sin. yeah, you deny it, and that's your prerogative, but sin is the missing link between human beings and the animal kingdom. animals don't sin, we do. this film is one tiny cell among trillions in yet another religious system to blind humanity to the truth.

    as a critic i am offended that such an overused word like "hate" is used to describe my (i thought it was healthy) skepticism towards, well, everything, especially something everybody who claims to be a skeptic clings to with a minimum of skepticism (like religious believers, incidentally). anger, maybe. i'm not angry right now, but nonsense has a tendency to anger me, so, get back to me tomorrow, which, apparently, we MUST shed our "learned" tendencies to believe hypnotical religious figures to attain....

    another learned tendency, hooray for us. religion strikes again!

  125. Frank Zappa meet's Stephen Hawking

  126. I have watched this film many times.I dont have any other words to describe it other than informative and beautiful.When i see all the hate and anger in the critics and see the love and admiration in the non critics it just rienforces all the things ive learned over the years.For the religious folks all i have to say is research your history and origins.I myself grew up in the lutheran church i am now an agnostic but would refer to myself as being open to everything and closed to nothing.When u look at the history of religion and i recomend Bart Ehrman or Christopher Hitchens , you will find enlightenment and maybe even peace in the fact that there is no god in heaven counting our good deeds and bad deeds.I beleive we are all a part of something bigger i just dont by into all the theology of religion or the proponents of it.One more thing Jesus was a jew not a christian , he never planned to start a church but he had a beautiful message of love and peace and acceptance we as a whole need to hear his words instead of the words of Paul who is a theologian who can not no the word of god anymore than i do.
    Love and peace and understanding to all.

  127. Enlightening. Although I found some of ideas difficult to accept at once, I also found a simple test of the basic truth this movie conveys: that my life is a part of life of the Universe. If I open myself, I mean start thinking and feeling that I am not limited by boundaries of my physical body, the skin, and admit that I am connected with Earth and with entire Universe - I start feeling energy, warmth in my body as well as joy, happiness and peace.

  128. Brother Son: They must be confronted!
    But with bitter anger and hostility, as I sometimes feel, is a trap into bitter anger and hostility. Our reaction should be to change away from fear, what’s to fear? Tyrants? Corruption? Death? Nope... Maybe if we can reconnect and listen to what we are supposed to do from the source that is within us all the right answer will come and it will be pervasive to all those around us. If we hate another man it is unlikely that we can influence them and help them.

    We cannot fear a tyrant, we cannot fear enslavement. Stop the fear and hostility within ourselves and naturally you will help others do the same.

  129. Caring inspiring humans within this set of powerful messages who care about what shoud be brought forth- have done a great job in doing so. To now let go of some old well learned lessons and welcome in these new understandings is the next awaiting achievement we must all do together as a human race.

  130. The only problem I had with this was in the first few minutes when he says "when you think there's some controlling elite leading the planet to destruction... it is not they, but you that brought this about". Well, perhaps they did rise to power because of our own weaknesses, but, at this point, no amount of working on/evolving ourself is going to make the evil rulers become benevolent. They must be confronted. I don't think big pharma is going to stop selling drugs that they know will kill people (and suppressing info about natural alternatives) just because I get in touch with my true self. So, when we see evil in the world, we don't need to be perfect before we take action against it. And while you may believe that even the most evil person can eventually be healed and become a good person, we can't wait around for that to happen while they are destroying our planet and the soul of humanity by their various control systems. Other than that, really appreciated your work. Very well done!

  131. Extraordinary!

    This took most, if not all, of the strange stuff I've seen in mystery documentaries and among other categories and just put it all together in a plausible, natural and deep way.

  132. WOW ! Ya really hit a homer with this one. I'm glad I watched and LISTENED to so many other before this one, because it made everything else make more sense or no sense, if ya know what I mean. Thank you so much,

  133. For those of you who seem to either despise, discredit, or misunderstand this documentary, there is one thing to keep in mind. Just as you may disregard the philisophical aspects of this video, there are others, like myself, who will disregard the scientific aspects of other videos. For science, afterall, is a man-made concept -with flaws and short-comings. There is nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING that can explain EVERYTHING. To limit yourself to only science as a means of explaining the mysteries of this universe is to limit yourself to knowledge and growth altogether.

    Throughout the history of humanity people have been learning and growing through trial and error. Imagine if the "science" of earlier centuries was never questioned -then there would never be any progress. And as long as there is error in this day and age then there is still room for further progress. Who is to say that we are on the right track? If you do not know all the answers, then you cannot dismiss all the possibilities... You would be surprised at what today's myths prove to be tomorrow's truths...

  134. always be positive, aware, understanding, patient, true, no negativity ever. there is no reason to be negative ever (and by ever i mean ever. even in the most extreme cases you can only be understanding if you are truly positive). be positive always smile be happy it will come back to you its never to late to forgive or be forgiven. true peace will come from true understanding.

  135. 21st November 2010

    This documentary is made for people like me. I don't recommend anybody to watch it at all. :)

    I didn't finish watching in one sitting because there are too much information to be processed with arguments more than agreements. I take a break whenever the dialogue in my brain is more overwhelming than the speech from the narrator.
    Talking about the speech from the narrator, I sensed that the narrator's soothing voice has come out from a meditative state that would induce the listeners to absorb and agree almost everything he said. Also, if you had already watched it before, may I bring to your attention the background humming of unpaused 'mmmm'. I believed that it is intentionally underlayed. This humming is a resemblance of the 'om' mantra. It is said to have a quality to help meditators 'focus' on their meditation.

    My visual receptor is not spared too. The images used are alternates of psychedelic patterns, emotionally disturbing historical scenes and thought provoking philosophies interchanging at an intended time slot. I felt my mood is unrest and never settling much to the contribution of trying to digest these alternating scenes in my thought.

    I am not afraid to admit that I wept silently when at 1:18:15, this guy said, "There is no such thing as good information or bad information. It's the matter of what we do with it."

    In one word to sum it all, this documetary is the most direct brainwashing tool I've come across so far, to make me unlearn my own life experience.

    I shall end my comment to rather confess that I am insane than arguing that I am right. So, watch this documentary at your own risk.

  136. Dreadragon-
    Good for you, living your beliefs!

  137. Incidentally, also included in The Ringing Cedars books are very specific, pragmatic steps that can be taken to begin the path back to sharing ancient understanding and it all begins by merely starting to grow your own food! And it makes absolutely no difference what environment you currently live in, even a couple of edible plants on a window sill can begin to transform Earth back to the original garden of Eden. We've been purposely distanced from having communication with our food and as a result, it has NO CLUE what it's even feeding!

    It's that simple! Our food needs to 'sample' our waste through biological material exchange that is facilitated by the comparatively instantaneous evolution cycles of common bacteria. It is those most basic forms of life that complete the communication chain that allows CO-EVOLUTION of both consumer and provider.

    I'm personally on my 2nd year of a community permaculture garden development project in a vacant inner-city lot in Rochester, NY that has reinforced everything 'promised' in the books... and I'm disabled, so if I can do this, EVERYONE can!


  138. To anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of how our co-consciousness has been manipulated and why, I STRONGLY suggest reading The Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books detailing the lives of a group of people who claim to be direct descendants of an ancient Vedic tribe that 'spawned' the original 6 high priests who masterminded the self-imposed slavery of man through all of the methods mentioned in this and the Zeitgeist films.

    I also recommend watching one of the widely available video presentations by Ian Xel Lundgold on understanding the stages of the Mayan calendar and how it is working EXACTLY in sync with world events to this very moment in time.

    I can't express how thrilled this docu made me feel to know there are other out there REMEMBERING all this stuff... this isn't new knowledge by any stretch, because there really IS NO NEW KNOWLEDGE, it's always been there, we've merely forgotten how to access it.


  139. WOW,This Doc made me think more than any I have viewed...ever!

  140. great stuff from ben stewart. i like how he always emphasizes in his interviews for everyone to do their own research and find truth for yourself.

  141. And yes, I know that the Oswald point clashes with my stated definition of conspiracy. I trust you all can see my point and make little leaps of assumption, just like when you walk down stairs without staring at your feet.

  142. Wow, the "skeptics" of this movie are some serious headcases. If you couldn't tell that this movie was a meditation on consciousness and freedom as opposed as some sort of hyper-factual tyrade, then you probably need to stick to the discovery channel. Incoherent? Really? That claim would mean you did not understand the links between subjects covered. If I could follow it, why couldn't you?

    Pseudoscience? You mean like clinical psychology? Anthropomorphic global warming? Pharmacology? Any kind of speculation on nature and reality you don't like you can call pseudoscience. New Age tripe? Do you even know what New Age entails? Most actual New Agers are UFO/Magic/sex cult types. He mentions chakras and energy, but that doesn't make him new age, not even a little.

    If you actually watch the movie, it is very clear that Stewart is not asking to be taken as some kind of authority. He is pretty explicit about his plea that the viewers just ask themselves a few hypothetical questions and stop blaming the world around them for their own inner turmoil.

    And, for the last time, calling something conspiracy theory in no way discredits it. Saying religious fanatics somehow baffled NORAD for 80 minutes on 9/11 with box cutters is a conspiracy theory. Saying that Oswald fire 3 accurate shots in 6 seconds with a bolt action rifle is a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy means two or more people carrying out nefarious actions, whether in secret or not. Since we can't actually know any plot for a fact without have explicit first hand knowledge or evidence, all we can do is make educated guesses, or theories.

    Trying to shout down this guy with "science" clearly misses the point, and ignoring the message because itinvolves a few "conspiracy theories" is throwing the baby out with the arguably satisfactory bathwater.

  143. Many interesting things and as many incorrect or misleading ones probably.
    We cannot believe everything we hear or read even if they're comforting to believe. This doc is pretty full on with new age pseudo-scientific (and outdated), freudian and jungian terminilogy all wrapped up together in one massive doc. Contains many outdated concepts, unsubstantiated claims (collective unconscious etc), and conclusions. Mythology and esoterica trying trying to sound scientific and factual. Still, a great substrate for further research of any of the hundreds of topics raised.

    Thanks for your efforts!!

    Check out the TTC lectures on mp3's by the Professor Daniel Robinson called: 'Great Ideas in Psychology' & 'Great Ideas in Philosophy'

    The genealogy stuff seems silly to me (Imay be wrong but Im assuming) what proof is there for all this stuff he regurgitates? Burkes Peerage? heheh I am not saying wealth and power do not get passed down through the generations, they do..but we are all also very closely related.

    To the film-maker I would say. Make your message more succinct and rooted in fact.and, again. thanks for your efforts

  144. So much information it feels like I have been on a trip.

  145. Kymatica is the Truth! We all have the ability to seek truth by means of knowledge of the Self. We are all ONE Collective Unit functioning seperately...Why? What are we running so fast from? Ourselves? Now you see how foolish this is.

  146. Regardless of whether this video is derived from ancient teachings or knowledge gleaned from connecting observed events, I want to thank Wa Varh for pointing out that the information here is worth entertaining. Thank you.

  147. This vid is giving exactly the same teachings as all ancient Mysterieschools did in the past. And the modern Mysteryschools do it now....So please pay attention to what this young man has to say to all of he asks us to!

  148. plasticpoetpopstar

    Really? Mr. Maxwell and others did not invent consciousness, they identified it for himself. The truth was always there. I think it is beneficial to re-state the truth. Some people get a message from Classical Music, others from Punk. It's the same message. Robin Williams said, .."a@@#$%&* do vex me!" Should he stop stealing Shakespeare's legacy? No.

  149. everything in this has been stolen from jordan maxwell and
    stop stealing his legacy.

  150. Dear Amazing,
    Astute observation the "heads up asses" comment. You probed deeply and came up to enlighten us. Thank you so much for your positive direction. You have watched this movie and have come away repelled. That's the first stage of awareness.. We are all with you....

    you go boy!

  151. judging by these comments, i must say that most peoples heads are so far up their own arses, they couldnt see the truth even if it hit them square in the keesters.

    thank you for creating this movie. i shall take with me that which it taught me.

  152. Great Documentary !!!! love it , always good inf !

  153. some real truth here as a theosophy student I have been questioning much of my early religious learning. This open documentary confirms all I have been studying brilliant stuff.

  154. This documentary touches upon the "forbidden" topics of our world.. The topics that nobody wants to discuss, the topics that science puts on the back-burner, because no real answer is ever proven that can satisfy the masses..and you're quick to be labeled a quack, insane, delusional, or lost in pursuit of such studies.. along with the conspiracy theories that may be intriguing but never proven as well..
    The basic premiss of this documentary is sound, and he advances his thesis quite eloquently. Too many on this page are quick to judge and exalt their position and scrutinize his.. Which is a perfect example of human action/reaction that he was talking about throughout the film. Though I seriously doubt many skeptics have conducted as much research as is packed into this documentary.. For those who think watching this is a waste of time.. well.. interest was sparked, you were searching, and you ended up here for some reason.. and perhaps your thirst for knowledge will one day be quenched.. but its up to you do interpret the information.. just as the narrator said.. Namaste

  155. sorry for my bad english in some parts! :)

  156. You have an axe, and you were told to cut 10 trees per day. you are able to do it on the first day, the second day you would be cutting 7 trees, and the third day you won't be able to cut 2 trees... why is that? you forgot to sharpen the axe...

    our minds are not capable of dealing with all the information we receive from the world in the modern age... there are so many stories... cinema... crazy catching colors everywhere, problem here, another there, chaos all around, television, subliminal messages, tv news telling us stories about fake terrorism and s@#$! this all lead to catastrophes in our psyche, we need to grow, sort of speak, "Stewart" here was talking about growing and protection... that's precisely the same here with our minds, we are alert all the time, we need to break FREE from all this...

    What I call meditation, is being tested over and over again by many universities and laboratories in different parts of the world. why is that? the best meditators in the world can attain certain "states of mind" and feelings of relaxation and regeneration if you want... scientists have reported that the use of meditation is associated with increased longevity and reduction, reduction of high blood pressure, reduced anxiety and reduction of serum cholesterol level, reduction of substance abuse (highly addictive drugs mainly), treatment of post-traumatic stress syndrome in Vietnam veterans and blood cortisol levels initially brought on by stress, without forgetting the feelings of timelessness and spacelessness...

  157. "sleep is unconscious meditation, while meditation is unconscious sleep", i never really understood what this really meant until i tried it. i'm a meditator - not a monk nor a Buddhist nor some freak hairy dude living in the jungle... i'm an artist, a musician and a composer. i'm not talking here about something interesting i bumped into nor about a little article i read, i'm talking about my own experiences with meditation. since i was young i was fascinated about the idea of where Creativity and thoughts come from, how come you start with a simple idea in your head and then end up with a painting or a song which can catch the attention of every observer... i simply found a way to catch more ideas more simply than ever before...

  158. when you practice what you call meditation, you will see that like watching a interesting movie or suppressing yourself you will have some temporary quiet to thought, but then you see what happens and is the activity of thought active? are you watching, looking, observing the world around you day to day, and what is thought doing, have you achieved that quietness? introspection, understanding through all of that, or has the excitement of trying something new, hearing something new which will come to pass as well distracted you from the finding out is there such a thing as the eternal

  159. vesperium do it then? meditate, practice and see what happens? what happens to thought, when you say that, is the self saying to everyone go and meditate, so then it implies something which is premeditated; the word premeditated has nothing to do with meditation at all and on the contrary the word implies something deliberate; which is I'm going to learn how to meditate and put together some formula to achieve this result(end)my meditation and so it is still the function of thought, memory, so why learn to meditate at all cause what one has achieved is no different than the means and essentially the general purpose sought for meditation is to quiet the mind, which implies to quiet the mind from activity of thought, or transcend the self as some may call it which is a bunch of Asiatic imagination...

  160. Introspection is the key. i really think that each and every one of us has to listen to what a "Buddhist" has to say to us in our global age of technology.

    Perception: First of all, we are not aware of the way our OWN perception shapes our OWN outer world... In fact come and think about it, we are not experiencing the outer world directly. All we experience is an electrical neuro-biological waves or signals interpreted by our brain in order to give us a glimpse of what's "out there".

    Endlessness: We are living in pure endlessness. A complicated holographic manifestation of our inner Self. We have multiverses, we are like an atom in a grain of sand on an endless beach.

    Impermanence: We are Impermanent, so is everything we perceive in our five sences. In brief, fear of death must be conquered.

    It's a brute fact we can't escape, and have to accept throughout our lives. We can't predict when we are going to die, but we are sure that it will happen eventually.

    Causality: We can't understand it in a million years. And this drives us mad. We are living in a continuum of causes and effects without even realizing or getting an idea of what causes what. Which came first? The chicken or egg? What shapes your reality? your conscious will or you controlled subconsciousness? How can you be sure?

    There was a creation myth in India, Ishvara created the world, so they worshiped "It". The Buddhists came, they said: [Well that's a big thing to do... create a cosmos... pretty nice :) BUT! The "Cause" of Ishvara would be greater than Ishvara Itself, let's worship the "Cause" of Ishvara... but then there's the cause of the cause of the cause of the cause... and you'll never reach the end of it... and it's not even worth a try because you're not gonna make it...].

    I.e.: Take for example yourself at this very moment as you read this. If you were told to write the "Cause" of why you're here, what made you to get to this very place at this particular time, you'd be writing for centuries, you may say you drove here in your car, or your parents met and got married and then you were born, maybe it's because of the Big Bang... or the creation of the universe... you would be tracing and chasing ideas for hundreds maybe thousand of years... And you can't get the first cause... Yet another example of endlessness...

    They simply knew it... Meditation is the key of the Self... Through detaching one's "Self" from the desires of the "self" or the ego, through deep meditation practices, introspection, analysis of the "Self", understanding and fixing our own perceptions in life... Nothing more, nothing less... I hope that Ben would be documenting this subject in his own freaky way! because there are many aspects and myths about meditation the people are ignorant of, or still remain hidden from them...

    Finally, just remember one thing: When you are fully aware of "The moment" - without questioning its cause or future effects - you are centered. This becomes your "Sacred Moment".

    Full support!

  161. "i yem what i yem and that's all that i yem".

  162. "The subconscious mind is what man is while the conscious mind is only what man knows"

  163. K, 'i' really want to share something... It also turns into somewhat of a challenge.
    When I think about my past... When i reflect on what i was doing, what i was embodying, the way i may or may not have affected people. I start to believe that i am merely a set of ideas being put into action at any given time. The changing of these ideas cause a whole different set of reactions, which are actions set in motion by my own will. My will is responding to a privatly perceived projection. it is basing its response on the current protocol of operation (the ideas).

    We can call this protocol 'mindset, it is what you have learned.

    Your mindset seems to be what you're doing or being at any given moment. It is our internalized process. It is what we know.

    Are you being your self or not during this process.
    Are you merely being or doing what you know at the time?
    Or even just being.

    DOES THIS "SELF" exist... OR does it change at will?

    Is it just YOU in a robotic sense, when you learn something. Is it like addition?

    You can add knowledge, Or forget and subtract knowledge? Is this how moldable 'self' is, or is it just your set of knowledge. YOUR EGO?
    Self being some fairy tale idea about the large grand level of mind that appears in this gray area of uncertainty.
    Is it merely another idea of grandeur that seems to be?
    When you forget all those counter-intuitive methods of doing things do you become your true self?
    How exactly do we experience this self if that's not the answer?
    Is the realization of 'ego' just the proper utilization of ego?
    Does the self exist or is it alongside the ego as just another idea?
    Another method of operation, if you will.
    Please do enlighten me about all this, i crave others viewpoint. Be critical please.

  164. PS.your never to young to change what you think is wrong in this world.By the sounds of it you have given up and thats a shame my friend,a damn shame..

  165. I presume your comment i received via email is awaiting approval but i will reply before hand.The fact that you even have the balls to mention this clown and s.hawkins in the same sentance and then try an put yourself and the work you do on par with physicist and what they contribute to our understsanding of the bigger picture tells me all i need to know about your innerself, i thought for a minute we had a good debate going on here but now i know im wasting my time.I think il stick to the rim of the ass hole as you most kindly put it..good bye and enjoy your view..Ad hominems included for your goodself...

  166. AMEN JAAK

  167. i to encourage debate and logical arguments on any subject that any two people disagree on,but first that debate must have at least some factual basis to it but i just cant find it in this dcocumentry.The truth be told i have had more stimuli reading your response and trying to asnwer you with at least form of answer of my own,so keep up the good work trying to teach the young bucks a thing or two hope they listen..PS i live in ireland where it rains most days and that beach sounds mighty nice so enjoy my friend..

  168. I don't think he is insulting, just a bit young to be a pontiff, I'll grant you that. I do however encourage this type of deportment in younger minds. I do not take it personally. Mostly I think people in general are talking to themselves or about themselves, even when they use third person pronouns. I live at a world class surfing beach. The young bucks round here have fairly strong opinions on a myriad of subjects. I encourage investigation and tout the scientific method to those that can hear when they listen. This approach has enjoyed surprising results, a tempering of ideas and clarification of hypothesis for the diatribes I'm subjected to by these young cretins.

  169. yes i have heard it and to be honest do you not think the maker of this film insults people who reject what he says because he comes ascross as the the alpha, the omega,listen to me i know all the answers type of guy,there is no substance to this documnentry that my friend is why i must comment on the maker of said doc.

  170. Celticwarrior? Really?
    Have you hear of ad hominem? In your case, this is an argument that is against the person, not the substance. Using this argument typically reveals one of two things about it's user: either he does not know what to say but feels compelled to say something, (usually negative) or he is ignorant of the subject and so he makes remarks about the messenger. Your last blog used a logical fallacy. Since you feel the need to belittle the producer of this thoughtful film there must be some seed in it that vibrated a chord in your psyche. I would think long and hard about what that means for you. Perhaps there is hope after all.

  171. @sonny corbi as a war veteran do you realy believe that all wars are fought and started because of mans inner hatred of himself as this guy claims?do you believe the guys you were fighting against on reflection thought the same or were they fighting because the elite people of this world have people like you to fight there wars while they sit at home in their palaces and big white houses and send off young ignorant kids to die in the name of freedom or more power. there is no basis for anything in this documentry,i must admit it must have taken a lot of thought and effoft to link all this stuff together but take a step back and reflect.enstein work his whole adult life trying to work out the reason and solution as to why we are hear and it nearly drove him crazy and yet this punk of a kid things his knows all the answers.nothing but bs and a good laugh..

  172. Thank you i'll consider that next time i don't want to rewrite this whole thing over again.

  173. Celticwarrior i am sixty seven years young and i mean young. I have been a visual artist my whole life. This young man is an artist and has an understanding that Steven Hawkins doesn't understand and doesn't know he doesn't know! The artist is the architect the physicst, (bad spelling), theoretical or otherwise is the engineer. There is one life Celticwarrior that mannafest many forms.

    The same force that runs your air conditioner runs your stereo, same force different form. The same life force that keeps the tree alive, "LIFE FORCE" is the same "LIFE FORCE" that keeps you alive. That's your first clue. In visual art it's not hand eye coordination it's hand spirit. Picasso said he went to the university for four years to learn to paint like Leonardo Da Vinci but it took him a life time to learn to paint like a child.

    Celticwarrior instead of throughing out ugly meaningless words about this young man why not come out here with us on the circumference instead of living your entire life in the boosum of ass holes rot. It's chilly out here but THE VIEW IS F@#$%^& AWESOME.

  174. ok i have stopped laughing now so i will try and and wright my comment.i have never heard so much bs and down right crazyness in all my life.what rock did this guy crawl out from underneath,he goes on like that we humans are the only living things to have evolved on this earth and to claim that he has all the answers this is nothing but pseudosceince and new age dogma.i mean please come on people his claims about chanting some languages that make candles burn brighter was just to much,this documentry should be in the comedy section.let the real sceintests do the work on explaning the inner workings of the universe and how and why we are here and keep this pseudoscience for the crazys.

  175. Putting all the conspiracy stuff aside, this dude (or group of people that he represents) proposes an interesting theory that tries to incorporate philosophical ideas of Nietzsche and other thinkers, discoveries of modern and ancient science, etc. A lot of his claims are arguable and hard to prove, but this was a nice effort to put everything into the perspective… This movie is a nice brain stimulator..

  176. And a healthy "symbiosis to you too" Nameless- great to meet you
    in this realm.(Wholistic thinking) Is"nt it interesting that life, as
    we percieve it, becomes so much more cloudy when we look at it through someone elses eyes. I saw the production to be an exercise
    in allowance to visualize it through my inner ONE. with extreme
    emphasis on MY inner ONE.

  177. Whether or not this is considered true to society, this movie is beautiful at the fact that it creates discussion and opens up thoughts that we do not think about in our every day lives. I don't believe that listening to this could possibly hurt anyone nor taint who you are, there is no harm in having an open mind.

  178. A religion based on a man-made definition of what an organism is. One big irony. And to use religion and science (both are theories) to validate it. Very comical indeed.

  179. Watched the film as suggested by a friend. Nearly every topic covered has been pondered by yours truly a some point. You get your intellectual curiosity going at a certain point, and as the years pile up you cover a lot of the same ground as everyone else. You eventually realize that there are a lot of seekers out there fascinated by the same theories, and none of the answers are very satisfying. The historical buddha is supposed to have said, "Be a lamp unto thyself," which is an essential message of this film. One critique I have would be that, while the buddha attained enlightenment prior to imparting his teachings, it's clear this filmmaker is still grappling with a quagmire of questions. Presenting a bundle of loose ends as enlightening does not strike a pleasant note with me. I would have appreciated a more intellectually honest delivery and really didn't need to see the animal abuse footage (my dog died today). Did anyone else get a sort of transhumanism thread from the talk about Earth as an organism? This had me considering that the reproductive act figures strongly into the definition of an organism, which may put the impetus on human beings to help seed a new planet somewhere with life. I'm wishy washy on transhumanism...normally very leary of it in light of current attitudes and trends.

  180. It would seem, based on the logic of the comments made in this interesting video, that the producer is not applying either for your approval or rejection but simply stating what his perceptions are about his experience of life on this earth. I'm not a true believer, I'm an artist. I use black as well as light. I found that when I closed my mind to something it created a sort of psychic rift in my consciousness, a boundary. I'm 58 now and it's taken years to break myself from this unsettling and out of balance habit. Jason, there's always more work to be done. The ego is a mighty adversary.

  181. Leave the young man alone he speaks truth. His informaton is a grave,(pun intended), alert. At age 67, and a war vet, i have lived long enough to witness the damage the money punk has done to this world. Esoteric Madman in my opinion you wouldn't make a pimple on this youg mans ass. If your going to make such ugly statements should you not also have the balls to post your name. You seem to know a lot about party porn and jacking of, did you read this in a book? My guess is if your IQ were two points lower you would be plant life.

  182. Great documentary - very similar style to Zeitgeist. I like it.

  183. How insulting to be informed about the cosmos and the origin of life by a internet porn-masturbating Zeitgeist-kid.
    Get a job kid and stick to what you know best; raping passed out girls at parties. What a joke!

  184. Great! More complaining and no methodology to fix it! Let me summarize it for you, "Humans are parasites" how do you fix it? "understand that you are a parasite" Then what? "don't be a parasite" Not that easy, Einstein. Self-righteous youth make me gag. I can't even begin to poke holes in everything this documentary says and promotes.

  185. If you have made it this far, I'd be surprised (and if you're reading, more so) ... Filming himself, Jason DID distract me; I was thinking I'd like to show this to someone and then WHAM, the narrator, who even before I saw him, makes me think of a college course nailed and aced by the best student in the class, both genius and arrogant - this young man speaking as if he were Zarathustra preaching a quasi-selfless-self rhetoric. This was the only thing I was sad about in the film because it adds fervor for some to discredit him, HOWEVER, the message built into this one is simple and is abound in every religion. Love. In one statement at the end of the film asks you to research and not to BELIEVE him ... which is not so of a lot of his skeptics. Given that, the reason why I was sad was people just won't get it, don't give them a way out, which to me was the only lack of vision (but as you say, he's young, he's allowed mistakes).

    As to everything he says being presented as fact, no... it makes me want to research and if at the end, my research comes to some conclusion, as his claim about the president's bloodline- then ... that STILL doesn't allow me throw away his message... because something IS wrong with the whole world. We ARE in a state of denial about this AND through the course of my tiny little life we have witnessed all of this at the hands of those in fear and those who follow the fear mongers. I thought Katrina was bad now the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico... (we could be here all day).

    Reading the posts on this video actually even PROVED his statement about those who spoke positively about the film against, others who spoke negatively. The positive (even those with a dash of cynicism) still sound more grounded than the people who blatantly said he's wrong. These ARE not facts. There was someone who credited George Washington and Abe Lincoln as GREAT presidents. I'd like to throw out a quote of Napoleon, who was a wicked man in the end with great quotes,"history is a set of lies agreed upon". I did a paper on Lincoln in college, researching his involvement in the Civil war and documents gathered from very critical sources and at the end, I walked out not praising Lincoln as I'd been programmed to do...

    ... but at the end of the paper I did write, what is better the man or the myth. The myth of Abe is not the same man who lived... this film holds the same intrigue to me. I was never repelled by the commentary but compelled.. compelled to write this, to research more and to smile, because someone had drawn similar conclusions to mine, but had new tid-bits for me to research. At the end of the day, that's exactly what the message is - "free your mind, here are some things to think about on your quest. Oh and I hope you figure it out, because I am you."

    I'd urge people on here to remember negativity begets negativity, and positivity does the same. If you don't like or have an adherence to what he says, instead of typing how much you didn't like him, give us some reference so we can further investigate. If you like it, likewise.

    As to my research of Lincoln.. I like the myth, very Paul Bunyan. Great film.

  186. reminds me of the unjustified dot connecting done by joseph campbell. a confusion of fact, fiction, myth, fantasy, fringe conspiracy theorizing and most importantly a spiritually immature lack of understanding of human nature.

  187. @ Kymatica:

    I agree with you vehemently. After awhile, I just stopped reading the non-sense altogether.

    The irony is, for every attempt made here to prove the documentary wrong, they all ended up proving it right, with every single keystroke.

    I swear, there are times that I'm totally embarrassed to be a human being.

    Still, this documentary was excellent. Not without its flaws, but even with the flaws, its flawless. I'm glad a ran across it, and have forwarded it out to everyone I know.

    Hopefully humanity will get it right at some point, for all our sakes. >:-I

  188. Most of the comments on this page are profoundly ignorant and disgusting. This is exactly what this documentary is talking about. Humans are the most ignorant vial creatures nature has ever created on this planet.

  189. When you listen, you learn
    When you speak, you teach
    speak what you hear
    be careful of what you teach.

  190. @ That guy
    Trust me its obviouse by your condecending and cock sure tone that you are 15. Thier are some truths in this film and some out right speculation. I don't believe you can prove the science at the begginning about harmonic frequencies admitted by the earth controlling our emotions. Binaural frequencies can induce ccertain brain wave patterns that cause physical and mental effects but, they do not control our emotions. I would imagine that the net effect on the human psyche is pretty small. Then again research shows that when certain electro magnetic fields are introduced to a certaiin region of the brain they cause the subject to feel thier is someone or something present. Still it does not follow that the electro magnetic fields that the earth naturally produces have this effect. No one has done this research, i.e. placing a subject in measurable naturally occurring fields and examining the effects, so it is not proven. I do not believe you can prove that thier is a certain blood line that has willingly and with malice of for thought conspired to oppress us all. I could go on and on but, why should I. Even if all that was said is not neccessarily true, some good still came from it I think. it may get people to look at themselves and see thier own short comings. I live in the US. Her every one is always complaining that we have no more great politicians and that every one in office is out of touch and crooked. Well if all we do is run to the mini mall and play video games, if we have no sence of morality and ethics, if we continue to value money and power above love and acceptance, we will just produce more inapt, crooked, self promoting politicians, as they do come from the public. So if we all start with ourselves in a few years maybe we could have another George Washington or Abe Lincoln, just a little more up to date of course. Don't be so quick to jump behind somehting that resonates with your own thoughts. This movie was definetly designed to have impact on you, the narrators voice, the sound effects, the back ground and all the qoutes where carefully picked and used to the maximum effect. People have been doing it for as long as this medium has been available, using certain tones and images to create a state of mind in the viewer that makes them more accepting of the info you are presenting. Zeitgeist does the same thing with an even starker effect, it really grabs you and makes you feel all mystical as if you where ready to recieve some devine truth and then smack, they hit you with what they want to sell.I am not saying thier is no truth to it, but you have to be careful. It is always good to start with yourself, including when you are trying to dispell myths.

  191. Everyone is entitled to their own perspective and opinions, often based on age and personal experience, and it is good when we find something to expand our horizons and "open our eyes" but it will not have that effect for everyone. As a production it does not have a strong narrative nor structure. That can either be a good or bad thing, depending upon your perspective.

  192. This documentary is a real eye opener.....and to you people who claim the video is composed of a random assortment of ideas and connections you have no reason to assert this....try reaserching it yourself......and by the way thats coming from a 15 year old boy

  193. @ chief, thank you,I never asked for this but I am coming to terms with it. it is a good path I would like to see where it takes me. peace and happiness to you.

  194. funny how this video is 1:23.56 long or 83 minutes and 56 seconds or 11.11 ;)

  195. @ R..Leon

    It is truly an awakening to new possibilities of being; resonating like a fire in the center of your being. It has power to change those who are not close minded. Welcome to the growing embers of humaness.

  196. I never knew about this untill today. I could'nt identify what is going through me in the best way possible.I never heard of this word Kymatica, but its the closest thing that I am experiencing,not all of it, but's been hard for me to explain but this is close. I guess one would call it an awakening. A deep compassion for people I don't know and the world around me. An inner warth that radiates from the center of the chest outward to the rest of my is quite empowering,a subsidence of fear, freedom but a different kind of freedom.Simply love.

  197. Keyouse,
    what would be the point if we didn't argue?
    to be entertained and move on?
    a film like this doesn't stir up such thoughts for no reason, i believe it healthy to have your opinions voiced and then challenged.
    THAT, actually seems to be the point of this film.
    Reasons do exist for a purposeful thinker, what are your reasons?
    Maybe I am ignorant of a "no discussion rule" here on TDF.
    But, I hope to be without ignorance... for good reasons of course. goooood gooood reason.

  198. I think the most ignorant part of all of this is not what is in the video, whether it is right or wrong, but the 285 posts on here of you guys arguing.

  199. i still feel that some kind of summary at the start may have helped. it just seemed to meander for me... is this, therefore, what is referred to as the "art doco" style or did i just invent that?

  200. Not an instructional video, but funny how many commenters assume it must be. This is philosophy bundled in visual and auditory stimuli, AKA "art".

    Watch, listen and contemplate in your head. Then go about life. The film has had whatever impact it had on you, and that was the point. Nothing to argue. This was not a discussion.

  201. Need facts? Gotta' work for them.

  202. lacked continuity and cohesion between the various sections. Felt like the makers werent quite sure what they were trying to say so they threw lots of images out and unsubstantiated facts instead. definitely more art than doco.

  203. Dear Hachey (aka arrogant druggie kid), brought a smile to my face XD

  204. Stormie we aren't hostile, violent, and argumentative... We are as we choose to be.
    The above quote of Alberts takes the cake.
    We are delusional on different 'wave lengths' he's saying.
    We be operatin' at different frequencies, dawg. just kidding.
    Kymatica sort of breaks down a few walls for you and allows you to consider a new perspective, like zeitgeist may or may not have.
    Like the writings of Nietzsche or one of the other 'dead philosophers' may have, Buddhism... or like THE HOLY BIBLE may have.
    Before such a defined morality existed "on record" we were a beast influenced only by past experience, we are now recognizing that the capacity to detach ourselves from an emotional situation should be common sense seeing as it may potentially benefit bigger and better workings.
    In this sense as much as this film breaks down a wall or mental structure, it puts up a nice new shiny one that could potentially allow us to thrive on a new plateau...
    collectively, as a whole that is.
    go forth and remain conscious of all decisions based on your new-found self knowledge.
    answer me that one because i haven't been taught, i suppose at one point in history we as a human race will have to choose between doing good for us, or doing good for all.... hmmmmmmm, do we do good for all by doing good for ourselves... or do we do good for ourselves by doing good for all...
    I believe the chaos is too complex to be rationalized as an absolute.
    it all comes back to absolute moderation which can never really be absolute. forever considering the new circumstance that lie before us in regards to what!!!
    each other, ourselves, the planet, the animals, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    arrogant druggie kid OUT.

  205. i just finished watching this doc. and there are currently 278 comments of different people from different perspectives arguing about the accuracy of the information included in the film, which kind of disgusts me. im all for itelligent debate and everything, but even if you dont believe the main point of the film, you cant deny that we are a hostile, violent, and argumentative society, and that we are incrediably hateful, and then go on to aggresively debate the other 200 people who watched the film. or worse yet watch the first 6 minutes and then go on the attack.

    good film, loved it, and i will likely watch it several more times in order to compensate for my wavering attention span lol. i would recoomend this documentary to anyone and will be texting a couple of friends to tell them about it momentarily. this movie makes me want to go live in the woods even more so than i already want to =) except i live in michigan...burr.
    peace and love to all mmmwah!

  206. phenomenal!

  207. Like Zeitgeist, I think this is a nice artistic work, which plays on your emotions really well. It's a bit unfortunate they have to lie so much to achieve the desired effect.

  208. the amount of comments here, being for or against is without importance, made the documentary succesfull.
    The only thing it basically said was be critical of society and look at yourself before you judge others.
    Being critical is not only of what exists around you but just as much of this doc.

  209. What is the point of this? What is this documentary for? Is this even a docu? Such misleading arguments! What does the producer want to happen? what message do they want to convey?

    This thing is very misleading! what a waste of time?!

  210. The closer one comes to truly understanding something, the more difficult it becomes to criticise it.

  211. How this guy can just through about random "facts" is beyond me.

    It's an interesting concept. But you can't just randomly say shit to match your theories.

    And to say that cancer is caused by loosing your relationship with nature and choose some wrong path is a insult to anyone who has ever lost a loved one to cancer.

    maybe the narator will find that out someday


  212. Quite a synthesis of myriad ideas and facts. The esoteric philosophy is quite apparent but it made for an interesting doc.

  213. Perhaps someone who these folks don't see as a 'druggie' or 'arrogant kid' can drive the point home...?

    "A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive."
    -- Albert Einstein

    Tell me how many joints made his decisions for him...
    Open your eyes.

    1. Einstein was a good socialist I always read the comments prior to watching a film I was not going to watch this one and probably won't now as it appears to be steeped in Solipsism.

    2. dude this film was amazing. you should really watch it. i loved it. whats the worst that can happen you wont like it?.. if you do decide to watch it try watching the esoteric agenda first kymatica is the sequel to that! enjoy this eye opener!.

  214. What a huge waste of time... The Secret II

  215. or are you all going to fool yourselves and say you are all among the few that dont, which one must be sooo unaware of each other to not see and therefore lack in understanding of something totally different, something pure to itself, something that stands out

  216. well said Joe aubit, this is really the question we are faced with, there are so many contradictions, there are so many experts on the universe and many subjects and their view points contradict each other, but the solutions to our problems we have not overcome, yet alone begin to understand in great depth, but we still remain at the superficial level and from that we seek to go around it, cause a mind that has not understood itself will not understand anything beyond itself actually, not intellectually its just not capable, one must see the limitation in place, the narrowness of it all and look at the world which we are not indifferent to, the world we are take part in and when we are faced with the fact of ourselves, our carelessness, lack of understanding, our part in it all then what do we do? see what you do, what is your reactions to my comment, can you relate or are you above it all, perhaps with the law, or the divine power which makes you something else, an individual, which you can always say you are, but to see your part in all of this is that which when understood must be of something totally different, naturally cause most of us are caught up in differentiating ourselves and when looked at collectively is there are difference?

  217. Jesus Christ, is the Alpha, and the Omega.

    You will see.

  218. After reading some of the comments from some of the more solidly programed people who feel they understand the nature of the rules created in this world, I wonder what it would take for them to understand our world. After having it all laid out for them they still resist the truth about the world many of us have supported. If we have as an intention to be better today then we were yesterday and carry the improvements forward into the future we must be prepared to know better. Ego can be blinding and this is so sad too bad but true.

  219. The lineage stuff about all presidents is something i am not able to digest. Barak Obama related to winston churchill ... thats hilarious.... Also i wonder how no one was related to hitler in any way

  220. It's information..use your own mind to decide...for yourself..
    making one THINK,QUESTION is always good..

  221. i felt my i.q. jump after watching kymatica.

    i bow to the stewart brothers, who've replaced the wachowski brothers (matrix) for me.

  222. this was bad. it contradicts itself, it doesn't support the majority of its claims, and the claims that do have sources other then stewart's mind are mostly from ridiculous eccentrics. however, i must applaud his ability to make absurd connections between ridiculous conspiracy theories.
    summary: worthless. don't waste your time.

  223. Kiddies. God is death, nothing more. Religion is all about immortality and escaping this inevitability. Looks like a new pseudo cult religion to me. The best thing I ever seen is some old Korean Zen Buddhist who's mediation dwelt on the "Don't know mind". That is all you can say about the ultimate questions of life and death. Don't know!. Live in the here and now and kiss your ass goodbye :)

  224. if you have anything to say o feel that doesnt incoporate your natural humbled self than you shouldnt have anything correct to say at all

    im sorry if your ego is mad at me for telling the truth

    but if you are really questioning this statement then you should sit in a dark corner for as long as it takes to realize who your real self is once again, just the same as you did as a child.

  225. Those flashing lights to the left of the screen are annoying! You don't need them for dramatic effect!

  226. "Interesting thoughts?" "Insights," "...made me think"

    Are people being serious???

    The lights are on, but nobody seems to be at home...

  227. Ambitious project that must have taken a few resources and a while to put together - probably be embarrassing for him when he grows up (not to mention the added NYC Film Fest prize reference er, what?) ... but fun to watch as well as read the ridicule on here while I sit on the couch before returning to my wage slavery tomorrow (I certainly haven't made a documentary) ... Get some popcorn and laugh your way through it, some of the graphics are nice & the tone of the whole thing is mesmerising - especially if you like going to sleep to the sound of background noise.

  228. Unbelievable rubbish! The fact that people are buying this is sad, and speaks volumes of today's educational systems.

    In the very beginning it starts out by stating that oxygen accumulated in the "early days" of the earth, thus making way for organic matter. This is just nonsense! The movie than goes on and on making the strangest mix of myth/theory/science to state its "theory". It takes things way out of context (Nietzsche would cringe at the use of his quote!!!), and there are many, many, factual errors.

    That said, if you enjoy far out conspiracy-theory style "documentaries" for the fun of watching them (like you can have fun watching Fox "News"), than this movie is nice. I recommend watching it under the influence and with a friend. It makes for a good laugh. Cheers!

  229. This 'documentary' is having a lot of viewers, which means the subject is interesting to a lot of people. Again, as I said before, I believe this is a personal view - therefore I am thankfully to the author. More and different opinions are more than welcome.

    Though, I am stating that the majoraty of the comments are from americans - and this my point: please open your mind, dear fellas, the world is MORE than the USA. Avoid imposing your way of think and respect all cultures and learn something too - you're the state-of-the-art country of the world - please give a good example, and made us all proud of you. (in the way, try to avoid wars - it's bad...)
    Hope no one is offended by my comment - believe me, I love and admire americans; I only want you to grow better, ok? :)

  230. @ Curious
    So this film maker has made a film that is immune to criticism because if you put the film down you are just proving his point. That is genius. You're either with us or against us.
    Perhaps you need to change your way of thinking by checking(from reliable sources) the information presented in this film - I'll start you off - Redemption theory. Redemption theory is a conspiracy theory invented by a far right fringe(Posse Comitatus movement) in the US in the 80s. It states that when the US government abandoned the gold standard it used its citizens as collateral to obtain loans and that the birth certificate is a certificate of ownership or negotiable instrument. The theory states you (as the natural person, not the 'straw man' the government has created)can therefore step outside the system(for the purpose of avoiding taxes which is why this 'theory' was invented). It also contains a lot of hokum about Admiralty law. Does any of this ring a bell with you? That's right, early on in the film, the film maker presents this known conspiracy theory as a fact. I could go through the whole film like this.
    Now I'm not asking you to believe me, but neither should you believe what this guy says because he's made a film. What I'm asking is you investigate the facts. Open your mind.

  231. @Druidia
    Hotchpotch is an alternate spelling of hodgepodge. If you don't trust me you could always look up a dictionary.

  232. I knew most of this and am pleased other know too. Belief is one of the worst things we can do, because, to believe means you don't know cause if you knew you would not have to believe cause you would know. Question everything by asking is this true. We don't have a health care systems in the world because if we did it would maintain health. What we have are sick care system which profit form sickness. We don't have justice systems we have penal systems. We don't have education, we have managed information. And the most powerful weapon used against us is the weapon of mass distraction. Our media is the most powerful weapon ever created. And don't forget, plausible denial-ability. The truth about us is in what we do not what we say. We can all see the truth if we look.

  233. ...Just to all the nay-sayers,
    Its obviously not up your alley of interest and calling this guy a druggie or totally putting this film down is just proving his point. You are all afraid to change your way of thinking which is not an easy thing to do. So go ahead resist; we all don't really care, but the fact that you took time out to watch the movie then had more time to slam it on a blog?! Maybe you all should find something your interested in and invest your time in that.

    ..but find it quickly because there isn't much time.

  234. my bigest strength of understand this was my vast knowledge of relgions and the author brought never heard sotries on the table....where is the proof

  235. this is too brain washed the ignorance with facts that had be twisted like tordado..How can you say the Britsih royalfamily are decednt of propht Mohammed(saw)
    the about rubbish he spoke about christinty too was great....

    very poor indeed

  236. Usually I approve personal perspectives - which is how I classify this documentary. So be it! Thanks any way - much to consider...

    But google "Spiral Dynamics" if you want to understand your mind's evolution.

    Then, if you still need to know "where are we going to?" see Michio Kaku, and it's Future of Civilization. Just tube it

    Hope it's helpfull


  237. To site owner: You didn't approve my last comment. I guess calling a person "untrustworthy" because he -supposedly- mispelled a word is okay; but calling out this idiocy is not.

    I am really sick of people picking sides while they should instead be objective. I know because I had a documentary site of my own (before I sold).

  238. Wow how selfish can a person get? I think I got an answer through this docu.

  239. Yeah, you can trust a guy who doesn't know how to spell "hodgepodge"!

  240. This is not a documentary film by any stretch of the definition. It is instead a hotchpotch of random information and conspiracy theory thrown together(badly) and packaged as fact. Or perhaps my Chakras are out of alignment. Unadulterated cr*p from start to finish.

  241. the comments here are great.

    "Well the mirror for me was cloudy and seemed to be covered in shit"

    "I loved the mirror, it had a beautiful image and reflected and expressed a lot of truth"

    "If what i saw in the mirror was truth then i prefer to keep looking at the lie"

    "I am truth"

    People. This movie is part of social and artistic evolution. It can be said with full certainty that when one becomes completely aware and concious of the true nature of evolution then they are truly directing and orchestrating it.

    What in this existance is NOT evolving?

    ev·o·lu·tion (v-lshn, v-)
    1. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

    Ok so EVERYTHING we see is changing. EVERYTHING. "Better" is not science. Better is opinion. So essentially everything is in a state of evolution.. which would mean the thing that is made up of everything (God, the universe, reality) is evolving.

    Someone here said evolution does not apply to the individual. Well.. not sure if you understand the meaning of evolution. Cleary EVERYONE is evolving. When you completely completely and totally aware of your biological evolution you will surely be in complete control of it.

    What you see is a matter of where you are looking. So if you've seen this film it was because you were looking at it. Why were you looking at it? By mistake? Take responsibility for what you are doing. When you don't you are being actively ignorant. What you consume and tune into shapes who you are.

    The maker of this movie has put together some revelations that everyone who watches it can or may have already participated in.

    The next step of the evolution, from awakening to the blame, to realizing freedom has to be actively participating in your evolution. No information will take you to the next step. Look inside. turn off the external info.

  242. What a load of bollocks.
    New age woo mixed with conspiracy nonsense

  243. I watched and blogged, albeit a short, somewhat confused, but after reading your comments above, I may need to re-watch it, or at the least, parts of it.

  244. I didn't know Barrack Obama was George Bush's blood relative.

    PS: This should be filed as conspiracy and not mystery

  245. The negative comments on here show nothing but a lack of understanding, lack of research and a closed mind.
    This film is an overview, an eye opener to make you think and investigate more.
    Having researched a lot into fields that this film just touches on, I know there is a lot of substance to what is shown here.
    And to say the producers of this film are new age, young and none of it is there work? WAKE UP.
    To compile an overview on such a huge topic which is still being explored is absolutely amazing.
    I imagine most of the people leaving negative comments are religous, scientists, atheists (the new scientific religion) etc who have closed their minds due to belief in their cause.

  246. The Gurdjieff influenced parts are great, the conspiracy parts well result of false personality you might say.

  247. i think this movie is pretty good.... i think it's really funny to see the comments here, with a lot of personal attacks on the narrator/filmmaker.... for example, what difference does it make if he's 20 or 60 years old? isn't it kind of ignorant to think that one cannot learn anything from a person who is their own age or younger than themselves? i think also a lot of people start watching this film with alot of prejudice, and after 10 minutes they feel they have enough "ammo" to shoot down the whole project from a "rational" or "logic" or "scientific" angle, and it seems like the intention of this film really passes them by...

    the problem i have with this film is that a lot of the concepts and terminology is kind of new-age or eastern-philosophy-inspired.... things like self, chakras, brahman and such just give people a bad vibe i think. also statements like this leads to that, and that leads to immorality, and immorality leads to blabla.... this is pretty vague, i mean what is moral and what is immoral... but he states in the end of the film that all information is neither good nor bad, it's just information, and that nobody has the authority to tell other people what is true or false, so i don't think he's trying to postulate any guidelines, beliefsystem, claims of truth or anything of the sort...

    i think this movie brings up a lot of interesting issues and i hope it gets people thinking.

    one thing i think is really funny is when people say, "this guy is talking about evolution, he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about, evolution is about genes and so on..."
    molecular biologists was claiming genes was the name of the game for half a century, now it turns out only 3% of our DNA is involved with genes and proteinsynthesis.. it is speculated that the remaining 97% has to do with bioacoustics and bioelectric signaling and stuff....
    the fact of the matter is, we don't know what the hell dna is doing most of the time....
    for example, dna is emitting and receiving fotons all the time... what purpose could that have?

    i just think people should have an open mind about this stuff... nobody here is telling you what to believe... nobody is telling you what are ultimate facts and what not, it's in fact the opposite...

    we are human beings, each one of us is an entire complex universe in and of ourselves, and we have our own consciousness and subconsciousness to govern this universe, and no single external entity should dictate anything...

    or something like that....

    but what could i know about anything, im an idiot:)

  248. I won't go on watching this after 6 mins.

    He is throwing all these concepts at you that just don't hold together. He then tells us if we don't understand it, it is because our language limits us. So, he gives as an example, that if we are trubled in understanding his talk where he talks about earth being a conscious organism, it is because we are limited by language. Then he defines "organism". Well, how convenient... he just smoothly moves on with his talk about the conscious organism. The troublesome part is "consciousness" part but he just skips.

    In only 6 minutes there are already many examples of such jumping around with concepts and numbers.

    "3.4, 5.7, 14.5 etc... frequencies corresponding to chakras." Is everyone supposed to be knowledgable about the terminology. I vaguely know what a chakra is (had some yoga lessons earlier).

    This thing can only make people who already believe in some escape through abandonment of self school of thought more convinced that they are right. It is rubbish to my ears and the filmmaker doesn't care to talk to "me".

    I am very inclined to agree that everything is in some state of flux and the universe is a living organism of some sort but the filmmaker here himself tries to take force by comparing human body to other livelihood while he already is not happy with antrophormism. This kind of argumentation (machine gunning concepts, premises, assumptions and invalid deductions on the way) culdn't work on someone who a at least had Logic 101.

  249. Yes,the whole universe is telling something, but we are not awake to listen to it... we miss everything because we are more knowledgeable than intelligent.

    This Documentary, Voted Best Scientific Documentary in The 2009 New York Film Festival.

  250. so why you commenting? oh ya.....cause thats what this page is for, comments. get over it. you that shocked that people have opinions? geez

  251. Why are you all commenting with you're opinions Who cares whether you think its true or false. Keep it to yourself I'm sure every person who watches this can think for themselves,And take what they want from it..

  252. Just WoW. Truly mind opening documentary.

    Good Luck.

  253. jules...thank you...great comment. people that dont like this kinda stuff dont like anything.

  254. I have found that most things/ideas contained herein this film to be true... through direct experience with myself. Those who are calling pseudo science or fantasy are obviously completely out of touch with their own true inner nature and selves. That's a shame, though everyone in their own time and way will also come to these same conclusions for we are but one person/god/dog and realization is at hand. I personally choose life.

    have a nice day :)

  255. i really liked this one.

  256. Man...I agree with Dave and others....some people need a slap to wake them from their negative cycle of drivel!! Why don't you people lock yourselves in a room and beat yourselves to death and be done with it. So you don't what. Do you have to come on these sites and blow your pathetic horns just to feed your pitiful egos? You are the reason why positive affirmations are so important. Nasty pieces of work. If you don't like it...don't watch it. Simple.

  257. Dwayne Sheffield
    March 13th, 2010 at 02:21
    Excellent piece of infornation!!
    Thanks to all involved in its research and production.

    Dwayne Sheffield

  258. What a load of cr^p, mixing myths from different places and make it sound like fact, they should stick with making fantasy movie instead of documentary.

  259. LOL what a crock. I was cringing until I got to the part at 4:52 when he mentioned Energy Meridians and Ley Lines as factual, at which point I turned the film off.

    Wake up guys... this is not fact or science, its some dude's speculation (and rather silly at that). Just because it sounds cool or interesting, or you want it to be true does not make it any less a load of bull****.

  260. I tried to watch this. I could not stomach the entire thing. It's almost all pseudoscience.

  261. Excellent! Everyone on Earth should watch this!

  262. being a skeptic i would like to give better ideas n motivation rather than condemning their mistakes or negative points.... criticism gives chance to enhance ur capabilites n to grow u up more! and there should not be any monument against a critic :P

  263. the only thing i can see is....some peoples never heard of that before and they find it they are ready to replace their previous thinking with this new one...and they will replace this new way of thinking in a near future for another one.....thats how human seems to be...if you are replacing your way of thinking(remember this old way been took from someone else already) by another second hand way ,are you thinking for yourself? or just replacing ideas with some greater ideas(it seems greater at first but you will replace it no doubts).

  264. coschaos -
    Amen to that. "Strive on - no one every erected a monument to a critic."

  265. Great, great documentary. I'd like to slap some of the people giving stupid comments here.

  266. atleast this guy is doing something rather than sitting on his ass being a skeptic.... he's young! positive n nagitive points are always there...

  267. Excellent piece of infornation!!
    Thanks to all involved in its research and production.

    Dwayne Sheffield

  268. I thought this was a great documentary.

    But it does frustate me to see so many skeptics that are unable to absorb, filter then re-assemble what is being said into a new outlook.

    I could sit back and try to intellectualize every idea and award them on their merits. But enjoying the feeling of what a new idea gives to me is what I would prefer to do.

    I think 'nameless' comment is probably the most constructive i have seen on here.

  269. If film proves one thing, it's that hippies are still with us.

  270. I am in a ranty mood so here it goesl
    I couldn't watch all of this film. There wwere parts in the beginning that were intriguing but that feeling was quickly destroyed by the whole rebel without a cuase motif. Noone has pointed out that his whole, if you dont believe my tryth it's because your false ego wont let you is along the same lines as many other religous doctrines. For example christians claim the bible is the complete truth because it comes from god and any evidnece otherwise is a lie. Islam makes simmilar claims. I alos odn't see why shammans are on scuh a pedestal. I did know a guy who was very experinced in drugs, did some shrooms and now he thinks hes a shaman. Does it mean he' is more attuned than us?

    Drugs can be a mind opener. But if you are goin to call your film a documentary, documnet some facts, make a rational argument and open it to criticism. The truth does exist and exists whetehre there is any being on the planet that knows it or not. Just because I belive what I believe is true doesn'y mean it must be so. But you can't just believe what you want and say if someone else wants to beleive something else is true and hold it valid.

    I had suchs a world view, ie a pervception of cosmos well before my 20s and dont think im special. also the filmaker has many people believing these idea are his own, and they are not, which is plageurism , which is bad documnatry making as well as bad journalism.

    if you are truly devoted to truth, then seek it. Don't just accept the rebelious ramblings of a youngster. And to answer a question of an earlier poster, and to ocuter a point made, a lot of brothcertificates and other credentials have info in all caps due to the old computer systems they are made on, and are kept so for compatability. The 1st systems in palce did not have lower case letters, but I'd guess most poeple here are too young to remember those days

    Also quit whining when people criticise the film and ideas. THAT is how you find truth. By rigorous reason and proof. Not just what is in your heart. I had in my heart my ex was faithfull. Felt it on a mystical shamanistic level. It was completely untrue. So beware people and use your brains, left and right side.

    Also about money, is not the filmaker selling his work? and noone seemed to respond to the guy who pointed out that the flim was not voted best scientific doc of 2009 at the nyc film festival. If you want to accept the ideas of a liar, there re plenty out there to choose from.

    Many people long before this have noticed to understand and change the world, one must look inward

  271. To AmericanStudent:

    Yes, "believe & feel what we want" is Freedom. I think truth can always be proven even if it can't be proven immediately. Often truth is covered, omitted, truth bothers, it's a nuisance for those who have no use for it.
    It's easy to realize that what Ben believes and feels is the truth since it's coming from his heart. Truth comes from the heart, doesn't it ?
    Now being extremely intelligent, talented (i read some of his lyrics), passionate, young and good looking (no i'm not gay you morons) how is it that he's not more in the spot light ? Doesn't he realize he would have an incredible amount of people not just in the US but around the world that would listen and follow him ?
    I don't think he wants to walk up to the white house or any one else for that matter with an M-16 and shoot everybody down to change the world for peace for one. So what other alternative does he have and he would prefer ? He's Neo.

  272. To Pat:

    Do some research buddy. There is a lot of rhetoric in the film but also a lot of truth.

  273. To Bluesmanwalking:

    I agree with the majority of what you wrote. I also believe that Ben Stewart (someone I did a rock show with in Harrisburg, PA and the co-creator and narrator of Kymatica and Esoteric Agenda) has some valid points. I just think we are all entitled to believe and feel what we want and that the truth can always be questioned.

  274. Let's just say that in 2012 nothing as happened. Now all these claims are proven false, yes ?
    Or will we ear that it's actually happening but we can't see it like today we can't see it.
    So would this answer / reason be perpetual, yes ?

    Remember 1984, 1999, 2000, now 2012. Now don't get me wrong, i'm the first that would love to see the end of all the pain and what have you on this planet. But these people whom are still alive today of course, whom try to spread this philosophy, ideology, thought or certainty, do they realize that if it as not happened that maybe they were simply wrong, that maybe they do not have a gift. i have a feeling that this "change", "awakening", wishful thinking comes around every so often. I mean you can put this out there for a million years and maybe one day it does happened, but they wouldn't be able to say "we knew it" "we told you so" it would be like playing the lottery for a million years with the same number, you are bound to win it at some time. Also i was curious about how they live in this world we all live in. Do they work like anyone of us ? Pay taxes on items and at the end of the year ? do they wear leather belts, shoes ? Do they charge and how much to come over and make a lecture if you will ? You know it's very easy to live off someone else's money and preach. i think it's called a con. i'm not saying on even insinuating that these people are con artist.

    i simply thinking if a missionary approach would not be more efficient, number of the masses do play a large role in changes. The "Church of Esotology" maybe. A few rock stars, actors, whatever.

    No seriously, a political party, the "Freedom" party or even the "Kymatica" party. Here in Canada we have like a "Green" party, so if i don't like any of the other parties proposed to me election year, i can always vote "Green". The worst that could happen if they would win would be that we can only use bicycles for transportation during those 4 years in power.

    I'm saying that preaching is not way, cult like is not the way, church like is not the way, running around naked is not the way, but a serious political party that believes in the best for the people. Debating with the other parties. A party that would be in every country on this planet. A world revolution in the corporate and political backyard !

    I'd vote for you.


  275. This reminds me of a bad conspiracy movie or "the secret". Provide a mechanism for any of the connections you make or stop wasting peoples time. find something informative people, there are other good docs on here

  276. i thought he was pretty clear it was the individual that was to blame...not the shapeshifting reptiles. in fact i thought that was kinda the POINT. i dont beleive a lot of this doc. cause i WANT to....but because to me its painfully clear that people need to re evaluate their relatioship with nature and grow past this phase of our species' problems. the next major evolution will be one of the mind.

  277. @Gwenyth
    of course the narrator says don't shoot the messenger... he IS the messenger, and therefore has a vested interest in not being shot for the crazy shit he presents as truth!

    and, if he really had truth on his side, you wouldnt need to have "contemplated what he was actually saying, divorced from his clumsy framing of his points".
    a real argument should not require the recipient to take an abstract, impressionistic point of view. it should stand on the weight of the evidence that was presented, in this case, zero.

    i understand why people WANT to believe this. they are emotionally unsatisfied with life, and feel happier when they think a shadowy group of shapeshifting reptiles are to blame for their failures.
    either that, or they have lived such a life of privilege and ease that they lust after the idea of having invisible enemies around every corner.

  278. So, I was all set to write a scathing commentary on this doc, debunking the weak science postulated from the start, and pointing out sizable holes in the author's knowledge. And continuing on to rail against some of the less fortunate connections/concepts espoused. I do really wish the new age would drop the male centric idea that Yin/Yang = female/male.

    However, a line midway struck me. The idea of killing the messenger, and missing the message. So I stopped and contemplated what he was actually saying, divorced from his clumsy framing of his points. And the underlying message itself is powerful. And I think it is quite important.

    The doc itself was pretty disjointed, and had some weak points. There likely are better frameworks to tell the same ideology. But none immediately come to mind. So, all in all, I would say the film is worth watching, and thinking on.

  279. The video says that "you may take notice that your name is in full caps on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE" (28:56) "Capitus Diminutio Maximus". Not everyone has their name in full capital letters on their birth certificate, that is a confirmed fact. I have a sister and a friend who do not have their names in full caps on their birth certificate. I don't know why some people have their name in full caps, while others don't, however.I have seen both examples on birth certificates. Perhaps somebody could explain that to me. It doesn't make much sense that a government would trade some people's names, while ignoring others. But perhaps there is a reason.

  280. sunny1-
    You read my mind! Cue the Monty Python hermit sketch...

  281. eric do you live alone in a cave?

  282. the thing with being logical of whatever is that one can be logical in war time, but war itself is illogical, so what is beyond that, that makes use of logic?

  283. I don't want to get caught up in discussing k he is dead, it is finished; but that is the thing about truth, not verbally,what you are doing is recognizing and that is exactly what we must part with; you are not talking with K anymore or reading words from his books, I don't even want to hear of him anymore; it is a total stagnation to understanding of what is; what must one admit? that verbal acknowledgment has no meaning to me, which is really something you are concerned with, why bring up k, then he is just your authority on the reference of what you are trying to say, which is a contradiction, which is that one says it is his idea, word and all of a sudden one speaks of it, and that is parroting, there is no parroting beyond the word, that is so obvious, the logic is there, do you see it beyond that and then use the word, phrase however you like when there is actual meaning, that is the freedom of it, you are denying this, afraid to use the word, so the fear is there the authority is there which go together and you a missing the point, you must be free of authority first, me fortunately it has always been like that and there is no going back so please do not bother me with these discussions on K, question everything of no incentive, no one holds the answer, those that say they do well you know who they are?

  284. Eric,
    I meant no disrespect. But I began reading Krishnamurti in my twenties, almost 30 years ago. I am very familiar with his teachings, and what you have said is almost verbatim from those. Therefore I am glad that you have finally "come out" and admitted your exposure to "K." I likewise am not dismissing the validity of those teachings, whether their source is K or someone else. But since you are familiar with him, you should know that the LAST thing he wanted was people parroting his words; he took great pains to ensure that his teachings stood on their own, without interpretation. So I am happy to know that you do not accept K as an authority.

    So, I agree with you, we must question all authority, even K's. Like the Buddha, he encouraged that - "see for yourself, don't take my word for it." In the decades since reading K's books, I have tried to practice that, with varying levels of success. Sometimes, I believe, I am TOO skeptical, and dismiss something without sufficient investigation. One of my favorite quotes is "There are two ways to slide easily through life - one is to believe everything, and the other to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking." For an example of the latter, I used to belong to a Unitarian Universalist church. Lovely people, but they loved to analyze, argue, refute (a generalization of course). They were mostly concerned with what they were "against."

    Now, I'm sure K would even have difficulty with that quote, because he was very dismissive of the pedestal on which we've placed the role of thought in our lives. But there are other ways of feeling, perceiving, that may not involve thought. But lest I get too metaphysical, I'll just leave it at that.

    I believe we are on the same wavelength, but let me ask you this - in your "independent" experience since reading K's teachings, where has that experience diverged from those teachings?

  285. HIPPIES!!!! :O

  286. I'm sorry I don't want to get caught up in correcting what you have to say, it just not possible that something can mean something individually for each person, that would be one heck of a misunderstanding and totally opposing what language is, the problem we are faced with is that words become forgotten which is what you are saying, which is absolutely right; but the meaning is just another set of words; I don't want to negate words, but can we use a word and stick to it not adding all these things and making our own meanings, that is when we get caught up in what you think and what i think or opinion, so the whole of mankind is where me and you are, and I don't want to debate ones opinions or philosophies, but my friend lets get to truth of it, the core of our problems, not make it so complex as the world is becoming more and more in that direction a very suitable place for more problems; words are fine as they are when they have a place, but when we are substituting the words, than we are not really learning, the teachings have left and we attach our own meanings, interpreting, adding, theorizing, ideologies according to our experience and that is just a headache I don't want;

  287. Dear Sunny1,

    In a recent comment you said "I...wanted to point out that whenever a person says they know who the authority is then they become the expert on authority. None of us are authorities on anything, we are all learning through individual experiences and can only talk about what we have seen on our journey." Well, I think my point is similar. We bear witness to what we have seen, and my witness is to Jesus Christ. And yes, as you note, epistemology is part of what drives this conversation. Some maintain that the only way we can know anything is through our five senses. It is my belief that we can also come to know through revelation from God. The "sense" we use to discern that meaning is sometimes referred to as the eye or ear of the heart.

    There is an earlier comment you made replying to "Thoughts" that I would like to come back to. It got under my skin a bit. In some ways I agreed with it. But then again, I see some things a differently.

    For instance you said in that comment, "The biblical Jesus did not come to nag us about our sinfulness but came to show us how to be more loving." I want to endorse the implied idea that it is what Jesus himself really taught that matters, and that this trumps what we say. And I think your are right about the importance of love. But I tend to see "nagging us about our sinfulness," and "showing us how to be more loving" as coming at the same thing in different ways. Jesus was once asked "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied:
    " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Mattew 22:36-40) I think the case could be made that failure to love defines sinfulness. "Nagging" is a loaded word, though. Can we ever overdo challenging people to be more loving? In all fairness, I would concede that the answer is yes, but not all that easily. That is a toughie, and requires some wisdom.

    You seem to say that harping on people's failures undermines their self esteem, which they rightly resent. Not necessarily. Not if it is done in the right context. In the wrong context, yes, that is destructive. In the right context, it can be constructive. You said, "Studies have demonstrated that if you treat people as being capable they will be capable. I've seen this in my work with street kids.....Telling them they are capable and worth loving helps them to become empowered, creative, and loving." Pointing out people's sinfulness does not necessarily disempower them. I will try to explain.

    I was struck by the comments made about the coaches of outstanding Olympic athletes. More than once I heard that these coaches were relentless in pointing out every tiny little mistake to these outstanding athletes. Interestingly enough, these athletes have confidence in spades. They actually think they have a chance at a gold medal! How can that be, if the coaches are nagging about them about their every skating "sin?"

    I think it goes something like this. These people are humble enough to know that they are not perfect athletes. And so they go looking for coaches whom they highly respect, who are tops in their field. Usually, they are outstanding retired athletes in their own specialties. And the very fact that these coaches take them on is a tremendous confidence builder. Believe me, none of those coaches will take me on as a contender in any winter sport! And every criticism, every correction from the coach reinforces this idea: "You have potential." There is no point coaching anyone who lacks potential! Whenever we want to learn, we look for those whom we think know more about the subject than we do, and in the right context welcome their corrections. As I understand it, the context in which Jesus challenges us is overwhelming positive.....God's love for us.

    Lastly, let me give you a reaction to your opening sentence of that comment. You wrote, "I must say one of the things that really turn(s) me off about Christians is their need to constantly expound the sinful nature of humanity." O.K. Lets grant that we don't always get it right. My apology for all of us. Most of us Christians are not, by any means, Olympic caliber coaches on what it means to be a good person. Most of us are local yokels doing the best we can, and quickly want to refer everybody to Jesus himself for coaching.

    Nevertheless, that comment of yours does not seem quite fair. In the first place, it generalizes. It lumps all Christians together and asserts that we constantly do this.

    In the second place, this seems to target Christians as if though they are the only ones who do this. But in fact, using your explanation of sinfulness as mistakeness, isn't that constantly going on, even here on this forum? We are constantly pointing out what we consider the mistakeness of the other commentators, aren't we?

    Let me, I hope gently, turn the tables on you, so that you can walk in my shoes a bit. With that very sentence, aren't you expounding on the sinfulness, or at least mistakeness, of a sub category of humanity that call themselves Christians? Let me paraphrase you. What if I said: "I must say one of the things that really turns me off about non-Christians is their need to expound the sinful nature of Christians (or the church.)" What would your reaction be? Would you feel unfairly picked on by my statement? Would you argue that expounding on the mistakeness of Christians is a good thing?

  288. I have considered some of your statements Eric.

    1. Just because I said I agreed with you in no way implies that I consider you my authority. I agreed because your statement was congruent with my experiences and thoughts. Agreement with anyone does not imply that they are suddenly your leader. I may vehemently disagree with other things they say.

    2. There are great thinkers (Plato et al) who have proposed that there is some static model of truth. That the goal is to reach this ultimate truth...but really is this so? Others have proposed different ideas. How does one decide? Guess we all figure it out ourselves. Look how fluid life is and how a persons truth changes according to circumstances.

    3. Intellectualizing and memorizing another persons teachings means nothing unless the teachings are experienced and become the truth for the seeker. The most valuable are the ones that create love, kindness, compassion etc in the seeker and then the seeker can offer them to others; everyone can benefit and grow (if they choose). The ones who receive must also experience the teachings or the teachings are useless to them. Experience in this sense means gaining insight, rarely, through a mystical revelation, mainly, through actions and work in everday restraining oneself from stealing or harming another even though the desire is there. Over time if a person has chosen to commit to being honest and kind then this will manifest...but the idea to do this had to start somewhere, usually from a teacher.

    4. Words represent ideas. They are imperfect tools because they do not adequately convey what the speaker is trying to express. This is why throughout society there is the use of metaphor and symbology. As time passes word meanings become obscure and subject to redefinition by a culturally differentiated mindset. Words also have different meanings between groups or individuals. The same words can mean something different to each person. Some people get so caught up in hairsplitting and the intricacies of words that they miss the overall message.

  289. you see the problem we are faced with is that those who read krishnamurti or recognize as you are doing Druidia, is that you are not really listening, and when one says the truth is not yours then perhaps if you understand that deeply, then it is not merely a quote or something you restate; I used to read his books and I do my own investigation even before that constantly, he was never my authority, unlike the one you are speaking for, defending as if it is something of his; I used to go to some of the forums that discuss Krishnamurti and what many say is Krishnamurti said this, he quoted this and so on, so maybe you can take a look at that instead, and not be so concerned with who? Im sure that any sane, caring human being that understands what it means to be spoken for would rather want be forgotten then have some disciples or whatever walking around becoming an authority on the teachings as if they belong to someone, it is of no wonder that the man said no one ever listened to me, they think they do, and that is a fact, if you respect not the kind of respect to the authority or the aged then you as a serious human being must listen to the whole thing carefully, to what is being said completely, but you (probably) like most have that image of him and with that image is the authority, what they say and it all becomes what they say, not what is, which is what is taking place, so you may be crippling any observation of yourself beyond that; which is really the teachings, which is ourselves which no one can own, so forgive me maybe I ought to use some different words, Ill try for you Druidia but this is all very clear for me

  290. Ok..I see dualism in all comments.
    That's exactly what evolving is all about.

  291. OK eric, you can stop quoting Krishnamurti directly...people, if you're interested in what eric has to say, just read Krishnamurti's books.

  292. The truth as a fundamental principle means something static, of thought, knowledge, a base, therefore something referenced, and so therefore you cant have a building, church, temple when it comes to truth and so inevitably when you see this completely, then you may ask what a religious mind really is, but you must live totally differently, sacredly with in yourself

  293. lets clear it up, A word is an image,symbol, a description, not the described, just as this web language makes what you see; but this must be understood not intellectually or verbally, do you see it? I'm not basing what an authority is on your words, therefore in this sense it is not necessary for you to explain your meaning,but can one see this actually? what an authority implies, with regard to anything?

    the I that says I know, the doctor, or the educated man and so on and why we make authorities of the politicians, or whoever? Do you think that it might have to be cause we are not responsible, we have a socialistic mind? that even in our thinking it must be somebody else or of the point of view of someone else? Do you see the mess the authority makes, in the world or the authority one makes of them-self, I stick to it that there cant be any kind of freedom when there is an authority, Free will, implies action,So what is action? if ones action is prompted, by thought, my education, knowledge than that knowledge education has a hold on me, my choice, my decisions from which I base all of that, so Is it possible that I do not base anything, or create a infrastructure psychologically at all which prompts any kind of action, a structure which becomes an authority on something, or over it?

    So that I can see clearly, and such action must be in relationship with what is, for ex my friend; someone asked me what are you going to do when you get there; have you ever wondered why plans don't work out, why in life there is change, and we deny that the moment we plan any action with regard to movement,living, not architectural and so on that is something else; life is constant movement, so you have to be aware, attentive, and any instance of thought, ones planing it is gone, can you live like that?

    that does not imply missing a path, but pathless, not a wandering carelessly, on the contrary to be completely aware, attentive is the highest sensitivity and then there can be care, love and in such a sense action which is right; action which is insensitive is destructive, robotic, filled with ones own desires of greatness, selfishness and so there cant be relationship, love, but a prompting, pursuit of a result which is of thought, the beginning is the end; one can never be an authority on truth, in fact authority denies truth, the media; so you see this is not something i Came up with anyone can see this themselves, and unless the mind is free of any authority, all authority even the one you may make of Eric so that there can be truth which is not yours or mine are we together on this?

  294. Well Eric either I did not grasp your full meaning or did not explain my meaning more fully.
    Generally words are what are used to express an opinion or support for an idea so they are not just empty words.

    When I say none of us are authorities I mean that we are all still learning and so can't claim complete knowledge in order to influence others because we believe we have found all of the answers.

    We can have authority wereby we have belief in ourselves and our abilities this then would make us able to follow our own inner promptings.

    I think there is an authority higher than me and I can connect with this through experience and within myself that knows what is true. So can everyone. Ultimatley there would be no separation between the source, myself, or others.

    Whether I live here alone or with others I still have a choice of which path to follow that best expresses how I relate to the world. I can choose to be kind or I can choose to be unkind. Whatever energy I put out or take in is my choice. But I must be responsible and accountable for my choices. This is free will. Predestination or predeterminism would be counterproductive to human growth.
    In relationships it is important to consider compassion, kindness, generousity of course but people also need relationshps with themselves and cannot give these if they don't give them to themselves.
    So am I correct in understanding that you are stating the philosophy of "Yes to everyting"? If so I understand this to mean accept everything for what it is, make no judgements about its value (good or bad) but be prepared to change some things if they harm others or prevent their spiritual journeys. There is always discernment and that involves choice, choice implies free will.

  295. you see that is the point we have reached where the truth is not something you agree with me on, those are just words; when you say none of us are authorities, you are placing the authority as something else, separating, and I say I don't want an authority in any sense, or assertion of ideologies; the individual is not possible to live in a world where there must be relationship,you are not living here by yourself, and in that sense you are not free to what ever you want that would be harmful to your neighbor, careless and neglectful; only if your action is with regard to relationship can it be right, in harmony if you want call it that but as long as we on this together it makes no difference; will can never be free, because any action which is of self or thought has no relationship with what is; action which is of the self, of calculation, thought is of the past and cant possibly be in relationship with the living, it is only now, when there is looking, awareness, attention, perception there can be relationship and then thought, knowledge can possibly be used properly without destruction or pollution as it is, not just the smoke in the air; Id rather you disagree but not cling to something else as an explanation; you see one must learn, not because I say so, or a particular group of people,or an individual, but because learning is the education which brings one out,en light en, and there can be no enlighten me, you must be your own light which all authority prevents even the one you make of yourself, or of the doctor, or scientist, or philosopher the moment you are caught in the game of accept and reject, which is a really complex game that makes chess easy to master; so to find what is means to learn is to begin, not one after the other, wont make 2 when it comes that

  296. Thank you Joe V for your gentlemanly reply. I apologize if my comment seemed aggressive, I was not attacking your beliefs but wanted to point out that whenever a person says they know who the authority is then they become the expert on authority. None of us are authorities on anything, we are all learning through individual experiences and can only talk about what we have seen on our journey.

    I don't see a problem with following a path or a way that someone else has found to be beneficial. I have no problem with the teachings of Jesus and I think it is good that you have found a way that works for you.

    I agree with Eric that putting any belief on a pedestal leads to disillusionment because we live in a system of duality so there is always another way of viewing something.

    I don't agree that there is only one path (in the sense of expression not fundamental truths) We can learn from one another and it is neat how even the tiniest comment we make can become a revelation to another.
    I like the analogy of the hand being like the spiritual journey. There are five fingers yet they all reach the palm.

    I also agree with Eric that we are individuals with free will and need to follow our own inner promptings. No one can change us, we have to do our own work. The only thing someone else can do is offer the fruits of their experiences the rest is up to the individual. I think one of todays problems for people is the loss of connection we have with ourselves. When we connect with ourself we touch the divine.

    As for truth, what is truth? How do we know it is truth? There is a whole section of philosophy called Epistemology that examines this topic. It will change one's thinking and reality (blow one's mind). As we are now it seems that faith is the one thing that keeps us going. What is faith?

    I wish everyone enlightenment.

  297. disagreement is merely having a point of view, or opinion, knowledge which is accepted and whenever you have something you hold on to it will inevitably oppose something else, in which sense you have become an authority, might I say on something you haven't even thought of, at least if it is your sincere thought on something or an idea, not something one calls theirs, then perhaps one can say I disagree and be honest about it;
    and there can be no guide to honesty or truth but only the guide can come in between if you allow it, then you are just a follower, you are not your own guide from which you see clearly and a part of being honest is clarity, i don't ever want to put belief in someone else cause they will destroy my clarity, my honesty, something you must find out for yourself, and so you see if you understand this deeply, then in no way would you ever cling to anything outer, it is only a mind which will accept anything, not question, investigate, that will lie, gossip, propaganda, that is all a part of the same action which most people continue cause naturally that is what the world has become, and it had to in that way to come to this, how else, the world is you, not some man making decisions in the office or some discrete location which you pass you blame to and so in such a sense one can never be honest, responsible with what is happening and so one is always thinking outside yourself, but if you turn that in then naturally what you are is capable of honesty; if you lie and you see that fact of this than that seeing is the clarity from which one observes the false, the true, not if someone makes me admit, than that is just another lie which one commits to

  298. Thanks for your thoughtful responses.

    For the record, while I disagree with much of what Mr. Stewart says, there are lots of things I agree with him about. Among the things I agree with is that communication is hard. It is hard to formulate our ideas clearly, and hard sometimes to understand the point others are making.

    Rather than try to react to each of the replies to my comments, let me try a different approach.

    When our children were small, one of the things we would Christmas I believe....was have treasure hunts for the kids. We would hide goodies all over the house for them to find. Some were easier to find than others. From time to time, we would help them along by saying....warmer, warmer....or colder, colder... Sounds familiar I'm sure. We could assist the kids on the treasure hunt because we knew where they were...we put them there!

    Think of nuggets of truth as treasures to be discovered.

    Question: Is there anyone who doesn't have to go looking for the nuggets of truth, who knows where they are because he put them there? I would answer yes, Jesus.

    Next question: Does Jesus give us any guidance? Is there any way that he says "warmer" or "colder?" I would answer "Yes, through his Word, the Bible, and his Holy Spirit."

    What I was trying to convey earlier is that we humans all, as one of you noted, make mistakes. We find some truth treasures, but overlook others. Mr. Stewart makes mistakes. All of us discussing things on this forum make mistakes. And it seems logical to say that the Shamans, being human, make mistakes. I hope that makes my earlier comment clearer.

    It is my belief that Jesus, being God, is not caught up in imperfection, making mistakes like the rest of us. He knows where he put all the truth treasures in the first place. He gives us the Bible as a perfect guide to where the truth treasures are.

    Do I always understand where Jesus is trying to lead me, into what truths he is trying to guide me? I'm sure I don't. I believe, though, that since he is perfect, the communication problem is on my end, not his.

    Could I be mistaken about my beliefs about God, Jesus, and the Bible? Absolutely. All of us could be mistaken about any of our beliefs. One of the points I want to underscore is that I believe all of us live by faith, that we cannot prove that what we believe is true. (I do believe we can try to demonstrate that what we believe is reasonable.)

    Just because we grasp the truth imperfectly, and may differ on what we believe the truth about a host of topics is, that does not mean that there is no truth. I believe, to give a very small example, that 12 + 12 = 24. Just because many kids over the years may have come up with a host of wrong answers to various mathematical problems, I believe that there are right answers. So too, even though we may disagree on all kinds of questions about what is true or false, what is good or bad, that doesn't mean that there is no truth or goodness. Some people are more reliable guides than others, but all imperfect. Our best hope of getting close to the truth is to follow the guidance of One who is not imperfect like the rest of us. I believe Jesus is that One.

  299. If this docu wasnt so extremely boring it would actually be a good joke. I dont know where to begin.
    All I can say is: If you want to understand science then start by studying science. And if you want to understand philosophy and religion go to the sources. Then come back and watch this stupidity - if you can stand it.

  300. good one sunny1, this presents us with a contradiction cause the religious people which become the authority over their god actually are psychologically denying their god, division; which you can see why there are so many of those problems with religious people, popes, taking matters into their hands, this is a great thing to understand about all authority which assumes the same role nonetheless, and to me these are not religious people at all, a great sadness passes me that there are so many of them around

  301. Joe V: You want Mr Stewart to accept the authority that you obey. You have decided that Jesus is the authority to follow and want everyone else to follow as well therefore you are now the authority on authority.
    You have the right to follow whomever you like but so does Mr. Stewart and everyone else on this planet. He happens to have found Shamans that he finds credible and you've found Jesus whom you find credible...Free will in action...and Mr Stewart can recommend whomever he likes it is his movie and his concept...You are free to make your own movie.

  302. All pure conjecture. Not worth watching if you follow any of the tenets of scientific method.

  303. wiggs -
    Yes, an excellent comment. I'm sure you've heard the saying "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Even well-intentioned people that enter a position of power often abuse it for political means, or to maintain their power. These are the people that can harm us the most and we have the most to lose by trusting them.

  304. Thoughts "“For thousands of years we have been fighting the symptoms of an illness and not the root cause.” Unfortunately, he did not identify the true root cause of our troubles, which is that “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

    Since you prefer to use biblical references I am using the same. The Bible clearly states that "The LOVE of money is the ROOT of all evil" 1 Timothy 6:10
    I think Kymatica definitely discussed this root cause of problems in our society. There are many references to the negative outcomes of the pursuits of money and possesions. In fact I think this is one of the doc's central themes.

    With no offence intended to you, Thoughts, or Christianity in general, I must say one of the things that really turn me off about Christians is their need to constantly expound the sinful nature of humanity. The biblical Jesus did not come to nag us about our sinfulness but came to show us how to be more loving. Yes, in the Bible Jesus made references to the human state being "sinful" but did not harp on this until no one had any self esteem left. Also, to be sinful is not "sinful" but the word actually refers to the idea that humans make mistakes, that humans do not possess omnipotence. So humans make mistakes, learn and move on. Don't start wearing a horsehair shirt. Hearing how sinful humnanity is on a continuous basis just disempowers people. Studies have demonstrated that if you treat people as being capable they will be capable. I've seen this in my work with street kids. Telling them how sinful they are only keeps them on the streets. Telling them they are capable and worth loving helps them to become empowered, creative, and loving.

    In reference to your statement that we are not gods: the bibilical Jesus stated: I have said Yea are gods; and all of you are children of the most High John 10:34.

    Joe V. I can't agree with you about needing a saviour. No amount of reliance on an outside source ever changes anyone. Anytime a person changes it is because they chose to change. Yes it helps to have a belief in something greater than yourself to give strength, wisdom, and a path to follow. Each person is given the authority (by "God" if you wish) to decide for themself where they will go, it is called free will.

    If a human used another human for their own purposes and pleasure we'd label them as sociopathic. What is a "God" who supposedly does this?

  305. and as far as what authority is ok to trust or about not trusting the ones that keep us under their thumb and think about trusting the ones with little or no power. dont trust strong man authority. trust wisdome authority. easy.

  306. people who talk of gods cretion of people shouldnt even bother with this film. seriosly. go convert some heathens or something. people over think this. just cause a guy made a film doesnt mean his words are so important that you need to take time out of your life to debunk them. i enjoy this doc., even though i dont agree with it all. if everyoe would drop the word 'god' and replace it with the words 'the universe' relgion would make a lot more sense. god didnt create anything. the natural universe did. of wich we are a part. so. i am he, you are he, we are he, lets all be this together.

  307. I just finished watching the Kymatica documentary and read some of the comments. I find myself agreeing with many of the negative comments. However, rather than using these as a jumping-off point, I will just share some of my own reactions, in no particular order:

    1) Quote: "You are a natural human person, not governed by anything but your own consciousness." In other words, everyone does what is right in his own eyes. This is basic anarchism; laws don't apply to you. However, the apostle Paul who lived under a wicked tyrannical Roman government, wrote in Romans 13:1-3: "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." This does not mean that we blindly obey evil laws; in Acts 4:18-20, Peter and John are hauled into court for proclaiming Christ's resurrection from the dead: "Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John replied, 'Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God's sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."

    2) I cringe when the film speaks of our divinity. No, we are not gods, nor are we GOD. We are creatures created by God for his purposes and pleasure. Another quote: "Who we are beneath the job titles, etc . . . we don't know." Maybe the speaker in the film doesn't know; maybe many people out there don't know, but I KNOW I AM A CHILD OF GOD. I have a Father who loves me and will never leave me.

    3) I found all the talk of electro-magnetic energy and collective consciousness to be very impersonal and dehumanizing. I found myself thinking, so what? I sure couldn't relate to all that abstract stuff.

    4) I have come across many of these ideas in other places. There isn't anything new here, just a rehashing of many pagan ideas that have been around for centuries. The author also seems to have a conspiracy mindset.

    5) I did agree with this statement: "For thousands of years we have been fighting the symptoms of an illness and not the root cause." Unfortunately, he did not identify the true root cause of our troubles, which is that "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23 Toward the end of the film, the young narrator tells us to "make a conscious decision to what we feel is right every single day, that's what I believe to be divinity . . ." However, the great tragedy of man's fall into sin is that there is NO WAY we can make right decisions every day. The film cried out for an answer to this. The answer does not lie in collective consciousness, or electro-magnetic resonances. We know that the only answer to man's dilemma was provided once for all by Jesus becoming human and suffering our punishment for sin.

    6) I found the mention of angels interesting because I have just started leading a Bible study on angels. Did you know that the Bible mentions angels over 300 times? Our theme verse is Hebrews 1:14: "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those [that means us] who will inherit salvation?"

    7) I'll just conclude with a few short verses from I Thessalonians 5:21-24:
    "Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil. May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it."

  308. Joe V. -
    Finally, a well thought-out critique of the film, not some out-of-hand dismissal with no thought given to the ideas presented and ad hominem attacks on the filmmaker. Thanks!

    I agree with you that Mr. Stewart recommends turning to outside authorities OTHER than the ones that most people have trusted (the bankers, the government etc.), but never does he say "throw all your trust to these shamans." If I may be presumptuous and get inside his head I believe he is saying that there are other ways of thinking and acting in the world, not just following the undermentioned authority figures w/o question. This is a mistake many critiques on this page have made - that suggestions that we look elsewhere for "guidance" means that the "guidance" should be taken as gospel truth (ahem). The film points out alternatives and opens them up for the audience to ponder - this is its main intent.

    Now, using your same logic, why should I trust the authority of the Bible? You have given no compelling evidence why I should abdicate my authority as a thinking human being to another authority. If you are just suggesting, fine, that is simply what the film does.

    But here is where I take serious issue, with your paragraph: "My consciousness is just as good, or more accurately, just as bad as the next person’s. And I suppose that the Shamans are no better off than anybody else either. So there is not only no hope of freedom down the road Mr. Stewart points, but there is also no hope of truth down that road." Can you measure the level of "good" and "bad" in consciousness, yours or anybody elses? You "suppose" the Shamans are "no better off" than anybody else? How do you measure "better off"? Then, to top off these unmeasurable, highly subjective statements, you conclude that there is no hope of truth in that road???? Wow, show me some proof, or it's all just speculation and opinion. The same thing that so many have accused the filmmaker of.

    Bottom line - don't give us "conclusions on the truth" unless you can back it up with something measurable. If you want to say "these are my ideas, for which I have no demonstrable proof," I'm fine with that. I'll give you a hearing, weigh it seriously, use what I think is valuable and wise, and toss the rest...just like I did with this film.

  309. On the one hand, a major theme here seems to be that we should accept no authority outside ourselves, and then only that authority within ourselves Mr. Stewart calls the true ego. The huge irony I see in this piece is that Mr. Stewart clearly loves outside authority. At one point he refers to someone as a "leading authority," and he cites quotations from one authority after another. The heart of this piece, I think, deals with the question "Whose authority do I in fact trust." Mr. Stewart clearly wants me to accept the authorities HE has deemed trustworthy. For example, if I hear him correctly, he has a fascination with Shamans, who function in what he calls "elder cultures." It seems he has deemed those authorities as reliable guides. Note though, not ALL Shamans, just certain ones that he has decided are the "true Shamans." So we see that Mr. Stewart is acting as an authority on authorities.

    To use other language, the heart of this piece is about where we place our "faith," whose authority and whose wisdom we put our trust in. And here, if we follow Mr. Stewart's lead, we get hopelessly enmeshed. My consciousness is just as good, or more accurately, just as bad as the next person's. And I suppose that the Shamans are no better off than anybody else either. So there is not only no hope of freedom down the road Mr. Stewart points, but there is also no hope of truth down that road.

    I believe we can only grasp truth if it is revealed to us. This is what I understand the Bible to be, not merely the ruminations of fallible minds, but the revelation of truth from God himself concerning Jesus who is "The way, the truth, and the life." (John 14:6) So which prophet shall I be guided by? Mr. Stewart's Shamans? Mr. Stewart's pantheon of authorities? Mr. Stewart? Or Jesus' Word and Spirit? I recommend Jesus.

    Mr. Stewart says, I believe, that it is very hard to free ourselves. I would go further. It is impossible to free ourselves. Mr. Stewart says we need no outside savior. Of course we do. If there is no savior, there is no hope. I feel sad for Benjamin, he sounds so depressed and hopeless. Understandably. Unless there is a God outside ourselves who can save us, we have no hope. I believe that our hope is to be set free from bondage through Jesus Christ. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:36) Or again, "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." (2 Corinthians 3:17)

    Here is the good news that I believe: The freedom Mr. Stewart is looking for can be found through faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior.

    Joe V

  310. Nonsense! He draws absurd conclusions without providing the slightest piece of evidence, and performs silly word associations using dictionary definitions, all the while claiming that language has become corrupted. These kids are taking some interesting ideas and and making a silly attempt to pass them off as truth.

  311. I got so teary eyed watching. Great, great doc <3

  312. Hi Josh,

    Try to google My Big TOE by author Tom Campbell.


  313. Hi Josh,

    The Gaia Theory by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis
    or look on net under Gaia Principle
    or go to site: Hippie Museum---has some interesting stuff...

    Also spend time with nature and make a personal connection for yourself.
    Good luck on your quest.


  314. Does anyone know of any literature written on the topics talked about in the film, like the earths consciousness and what not?

  315. Thanks Wildwind! I like your comments too.
    This is an interesting discussion to follow, a microcosm of the world. Gives a good view of individuality and the things that divide people (unfortunately sometimes violently). I think unity can be achieved not just through agreement but also by accepting that each person will see things differently, unity through diversity ... celebrate it! Acceptance is a part of love but as in everything in life there is discernment...what is acceptable, when is it ok to correct myself or others, what makes something not for me I think first I must be aware of my own strengths and weaknessess then I'm less likely to try to convert others to my ideas due to an over inflated sense of self righteousness...when an idea or action prevents another person from finding their true self then I think it is unacceptable, I think the 10 commandments, Buddhist teachings, and many other moral codes give good guidance, they pretty much all try to convey the same message:love your neighbor as yourself and love something higher than yourself.
    A univeral truth is more than a logical thought it touches you in that inexplicable place inside that gives you security, peace, and a willingness to let others be themselves. This is one reason why I think it's so important to "know thyself".
    I think that sometimes people become so rigid and staunch about their beliefs due to fear because really deep down they don't believe in them as much as they think they do. To have anyone express a different opinion is a threat to their security and so the fight is on...

  316. Sounds like the guy just have too much free time.

  317. What is wrong with me and how do I fix it?

  318. beautiful i applaud his documentary has reflected my beliefs it has merely confirmed all that was known and expanded futher iv realized ( no hindsight bias)that my struggles have been just me accepting true self , good to know your on the right path
    much love
    p.s. Book suggestion: Power vs Force by David Hawkins

  319. Incredibly acurate, transforming and full of wisdom.

  320. Nice one.. so your mind is like an open book according to this doc?? can u feel me omfg lol

  321. Writing between the lines is nice.. I see your suggestions - they aren´t all that nice - , but I´ll end this debate right here. It was never constructive and isn´t now.

  322. well you are right if you are supposing that you have to go and join a church to find out,which implies experience; but can one observe,look? unfortunately we are not together on this; if you want to argue yourself then carry on, which you are doing aren't you? To make an image of somebody is a sure way to hippocrasy, so don't make one of make one of me please,
    we can all learn in these web like discourses about ourselves, reactions, emotions, but not when the conversation is pointed at the other, we can all see how humans can come to hate that which they have never even seen and kill each other; the conflict is inner, if I did have any it could never be about you

  323. So because conflict is inevitable, being polite doesn´t matter? I think you got something seriously wrong. And you are also wrong about the fact that you think that people should find out everything for themselves.
    So.. Everything I don´t argee on I should keep quiet about until I get my own experience on the subject? Whoa! Talking about a weird point of view! That means that I can´t think that Scientology, Jehovas widnesess or Christianity is a bit far out, and that i can´t allign what I think about institutions like these and what they obviously are, because I aparantly don´t know what they are??
    I can´t say that I think gay men are gross doing what they are doing (I respect gay people, but i still think that gay sex is gross) before i tried having sex with a man, and the realize; no, I was right I think this is gross. But now I have the right to say it because I found out for my self? Get out of here!

    You can make up your mind about alot of things that you haven´t tried, or made any first hand experiences with. What I use for this is a very special tool.. A secret tool.. Ok, I´ll let you in on it. It called REASONING and with it you can come a long way.

    I don´t know what you do for living. Unless you are a shrink og anything like that, I will just have to ask you something. On what basis are you trying to analyze me as a person? It sounds like I have alot of issues - in your opinion.. Hmmm.. Look into yourself first. You getting hostile is a good sign that something is up with you, - not me.

    Polite or not.

  324. no are you reading? that approach takes time; don't theories at all, maybe you have seen that already or are you stuck to whatever it is that you must get out? either way what is being said find out for yourself, not from the point of view of the documentary obviously, or any point of view, you are just arguing yourself that way aren't you? me I don't deal in theories or hocus pocus or proving them wrong, that is a totally different thing, I suggest you first get over whatever is troubling you and get on the boat: don't be offended conflict essentially is a movement away, it happens in all argument, polite or not

  325. Well. Let´s all just lean back and accept everything as fact then. Critisism would then be wrong, though there is no wrong?!

    Does everything have to be proven wrong? Would it be a valid theory if I told you that i have a boogeyman under my bed, and ever time anyone looks for him, then he turns invisible. His existence could never be proven wrong, but does that mean that my theory is right?

  326. dont make it so complex for yourself ssickpie,not that i support this video but what is being said is (desire) is that this should not stop you from finding out for yourself, is that correct desire? for example one has an idea about something, love, the world, peace or whatever, and one has another idea, so we oppose each other, but what is the truth of it, what is love, war, peace, actually? we cant disagree there cant we? you see in science they say somebodies mistakes or theories which are invalidated lead to something else, but this approach takes lifetimes and some scientists spend years to disprove it, but is it possible to begin anew? not with the conclusion, or recognition

  327. What you are saying is constructive and very positive thinking, and I respect that Desiree,. I just see documentaries here and there that really have to be met with critisizm. Not to mock the authors, but because the message sometimes is so twisted, or even false, that it is respectless to present to people who would accept the message as being true, just because it was a "good" documentary. Best comparance to the above would without question - IMO - be Zeitgeist 1 and 2... The first chapter of the first movie is completely false, thus you have to question other thing being presentet in the film. The spirit of an Atlantic entity is presentet through a medium in the secound film. This gives good reason to question the contents of the first film, if you didn´t do that already.

    I´m sorry if I´m all wrong about the film Kymatica, but the mere presentation of the film, during the first minute reminded me too much about Zeitgeist... I just couldn´t continue watching. I might be missing out. So be it.

  328. To be honest, everyone who is spending time to comment with intense criticism needs to just relax. Seriously. It is someones beliefs and he made something out of it. Its put up in case anyone shares the same beliefs and if you dont, then just take it as a movie you just watched and move on. Who are any of you to think that what you say about this documentary matters. What i say about it doesn't truly matter either. Seems like we are always wanting to point out the bad, just relax and enjoy different ideas without having to know who from and how they came about. Maybe get inspired from ONE line throughout the whole doc and do something. All I have to say is these guys did more than the majority do to get their beliefs out. It definitely looks like it worked because it got all of you to start talking about it.

  329. This is new-age b******* and should not be in the science section of documentaries.

  330. 1 minute.. That all the time I spend on this. Images in chaotic surroundings, with brainwashing like sounds and a monotone narrator with a hint of apathy in his voice...

    Nah. I´m gone...

  331. Amazing information

  332. First off let me just say how ironic the video is made for self-awareness but yet comments made by others with egos big enough to fight off the very reason the video was made for.

    Second, people continuously mention how Kymatica does not subscribe to their beliefs but yet they see fit to find refuge in another one's belief, how self serving.

    Clearly he's stating do your own research and find the information for yourself but then you wouldn't really know since your ego blocked every good point that was said.

    When you stop acting like sheep that's when we'll all move forward. I for one follow no one whether religion, govt, or any isms created by a particular group because it is when people try to convert others into their own beliefs the system goes to hell in a basket or two with CONFLICTS.

    Bottom line, no one has the authority but you to choose what you believe in and that is what I took from this great documentary.

  333. This is the closest thing you'll get to the truth concerning our present situation here on planet earth. (Clear and accurate). Just like the lactose-intolerant cells changed in order to survive. Human kind will have to make the same choice in order to survive in the ending of the year of 2010.

  334. absolutely this video is not something to accept as is, but is the consciousness universal at all? What is the makeup of consciousness? This brings us into the question of what Am I, you? I cant be individual can I? That may just be an idea which is a part of my consciousness,conditioning which many share in the USA, which in old meaning meant indivisible, but we all can see what it has become; and being that I am a part of a society collectively why is it that we continue to separate ourselves? Am I a part of the consciousness, or is the whole of my consciousness a part of my being and seeing as it has become, can there be anything different in content, which implies change, something the consciousness seems to be incapable alone, all theories aside, this is a enormous field to go into forgive me if I am short but its just not possible online, I hope that you go into it

  335. I have just got to the part about Jung. WHAT?!? Carl jung did not discover there is such a thing as collective unconscious, he suggested it. Shared mythology = yes, Collective mind = seriously debatable.

  336. There are definitely a few valid points in here, but there are also some damagingly large leaps of logic and unwarranted assumptions. The first three or four minutes are good; the whole being present in the part, and the interaction of organisms, and the outlining of the general foundation of "Buddhist theology". However can anyone explain logically how an ancient scribe managed to describe clearly in their texts the collision of planets in prehistoric times – millions or billions of years previous to their existence?

  337. Eric,

    Iam merely reitterating other comments here which state that these theories are not proven fact.I'm agreeing that this is so. On saying that you have followed up on and eloquently explained the difficulty of relying souly on facts in a subject that may not have the tangibitly seen in other siences. I personaly have had a somewhat 'mystical experience' back in 1999 aged 19. So the idea of a universal consciousness has been at two points in my life been a tangible reality. This idea of universal consciousness is the point that most interests me. I'm still very sceptical about conspiracy theories involving hidden agenders ect.

  338. isn't it very simple to understand that not everything is matter, and when we talk about facts, generally it is implied something tangible; beliefs are also based on a tangible platform, experience, or ideology or whatever, but can you actually see the fact of your belief and get on with it already, the consciousness is you, we, the conditioning, and you cant read that in any book, or see it in a video or have psychologist point at it on map, but if you question everything that that understanding can be beyond ones experience,education, which is something man has not touched upon and then there can be truth; but most of us cant go on without knowing, there must be something we can touch and as a result we have limited ourselves to the senses, and seek proof; knowledge is limited that is a fact

  339. Definitely an eye opener! I highy recommend this documentary.

  340. Oh and just add. Im far from convinced about this hole ''Bloodline hidden agenda''. I wonder if this theory, that i have seen in other like docs is added for a bit of 21st Century drama!!?? Still i shall keep an open mind on that point.

  341. Interestesting stuff. But still a collection of mere speculations. Again its down to whether the points in this film match your own inner belief system or whether they are strong enough to dislondge the ones you currently hold.All in all there are no proven facts in this documentry, but from a personal point of view a lot that is said here reaffirm some of my own beliefs i have through my experiences and intuitions. Meeting all information with an open mind is key to finding the truth. I dont agree with all points and speculative conclusions raised in this film. But agree with is clear overall message. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP TO OUR TRUE NATURE AND FACE OURSELVES AS BEING ''HOLE'' AND ''ONE'', INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COLLECTIVE. ITS TIME TO RELEARN AND ASK OURSELVES WHAT IS REALLY REAL. TIME REACH NEW HEIGHTS OF CONCIOUSNESS COLLECTIVELY. For those interested i can recommend reading Carl Jungs '' Undiscovered self''.

  342. To say Im free is a trick or to say that you are not is silly, if that really is so, than why don't you find out what is it that makes you conditioned? not what it means to be conditioned according to some definition, or psychological interpretation, or Krishnamurti;
    you see if I was really aware of my conditioning than, i must also see the narrowness of all of that, I don't want to be in this condition it would be insanity, this is not a state I want to continue in, If I am aware that I am conditioned as an American or spiritualist or Canadian then I don't want any part of that, conformity; I can say well I like this conditioning it suits me and continue, I like the alcohol, the wars, sexual perversions, the poisoned food, corrupt politics, or I am rich and I don't have to worry about those things, I get my daily pleasures, I don't have to worry about money or that my neighborhood will have toxins in its water or pollution in the area, in which I come to neglect, or become careless of, but instead I will fall in love get married, have kids and all the ideal things, which is also a part of my conditioning, in fact I may never love my wife, and I may divorce and abuse my kids, cause that may also be a part of my conditioning, my contradiction and I may go to a psychologist who is also conditioned according to his background and he will say I have some disorder, I may go to my friend and he may say go see a psychologist, so who can I trust?

  343. Indeed, the Gospel of Thomas says:
    Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you
    bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is
    within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

  344. Druidia,

    Absolutely right, It seems as though; The moment we forget to practice Love, our dark side creep up on us and whether we are aware or, it's projected onto others. It's paramount to focus on the "feeling of Love" for personal well being and general well being. It is impossible to know what is in our subconscious (which drives us to do everything), which changes all the time. It is only through the practice that we send that message to prevail and eventually act upon without reason. The shamans knew this I'm sure.

    The amount of damage that we can do to others by hating, is proven to damage others also. You see the moment you hate, even with good reason, you start damaging and attracting yourself to every known human health, science and faith related weaknesses. Stress and anger changes your body and brings about illness. You weaken yourself by sending out negative feelings and people notice this. Ever notice how you can tell that someone is a little "off" before you get to know them? Only to find out for sure that, hey, it's true. The medical community is has barely scatched the surface on this.

    Christianity speaks of forgiveness, even for unforgivable crimes...I think that if one can't forgive they end up damaging themselves worse than the perceived harm they seem to think they are placing on the person deserving of this. It makes perfect sense that this would end up ruin you because your thoughts and actions reflect the one that's hurt and it is said that "Hurt People hurt People"! You see the start of this helpless cycle here. The moment someone truly forgives the wrong-doer, they brake that cycle and it frees them to pursue other causes with real strenght and undeniable focus.

    The ones who are free, you know that your secret to this is Love.

  345. Humans Unite!

  346. Eric,
    Hell no, I am not free of my conditioning. I wonder if there are any people who are free. Check out J. Krishnamurti - he claimed to be free, but most "non-devotees" would argue with that. And I am no Krishnamurti. By the way, he's the guy quoted at the beginning of Zeitgeist Addendum.

    I guess this unconditioned state IS just an idea until one can somehow reach that state. Or, can one approach it by degrees, through the practice of letting go of opinions, judgments? It's a hard question...

  347. Reyas,
    If one asked, I think the majority of people would agree that love and respect are keys to progression of mankind. However, the trick is putting those things into practice on a personal level. Few of us recognize (or acknowledge) that we each have a "dark side" or "shadow self" (Jung?). If one cannot recognize this, then obviously one cannot learn to treat it properly (e.g., like the shamans or the trance dances in many indigenous cultures).

    The result is that we project our dark side on others...hence, the division into "good" and "evil." The "evil others" must be suppressed or stamped out. This kind of thinking has been reenacted throughout human history, on bigger and bigger scales with the development of technology.

    Yes, look at the comments on this forum for evidence of this lack of openness to the doc's ideas...dismissal out of hand w/o any investigation, out of pure prejudice or ignorance. One of the sayings I've tried to follow is: "There are two ways to slide easily through life - one is to believe everything, the other to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking."

  348. Extremely thought provoking.

    Those who doubt the integrity of the information should do more research.

    See, for instance what the powers in Europe are creating. They plan something like communist China for our grandchildren. Look at the excerpts of the fur trade to see what kind of mentality that can foster - a distancing from that which makes us dvinely human.

    Only 1 point where I would disagree, eventually, I believe, technology could save us. Already we have this fabulous tool of learning right here in our laps and I recommend anyone needing an up-lift to look at TEDtalks for the latest world saving/improving invention or idea.

    If we do not wake up and start living conciously, we are lost as a civilisation, possibly as a species and certainly as dieties.

    my sincere love to all of us.

  349. assiots

  350. Druidia, I meant that it is impossible to know the truth and that no one can say we "nailed it". I think we both mean the same thing...

    I also meant that this should not stop us from piecing ideas, knowledge, science and multi-disciplinary findings into a "temporary truth" and compounding it. The problem here is cross-referencing everything we know so far, and how limited it is, still. The most important thing is to Love and Respect everyone, especially the one that you can't and if that catches on, then I can assure you that these "Truths" we are looking for will unfold right before our eyes.

    Ben touches on a little bit of everything, sort of like the many "best of" from a sitcom but there is no real answer. In a way we can say that he tried to piece things together but the pieces are still missing.

    I bet that if you asked him; What the biggest obstacle/s when it comes to making these kinds of Docs? He would say Time, disputed proof and predisposed ideas.

  351. not free in the sense of escaping,or resisting,or struggling, but it is my conditioning

  352. Dear druidia, are you free of this conditioning? Dont you think logically that being that I am aware of my conditioning, and that mankind, me, is so terribly conditioned, that being free of it Id be alone on this wouldn't I, not in the sense of loneliness; but I don't depend on anybody and how could I, he is so conditioned, I must care for that human being, not out purpose; one must see to it that he is free of this conditioning; that is if I am free of it first otherwise it just becomes an idea

  353. "The purpose of every person born with a conscience is to Love one another and help one another coexist in peace." How do you know that you "nailed this"?

    Sorry, had to be the devil's advocate. Not that I disagree with you. Quite the contrary. I agree that we are all conditioned by our environment, our parents, our society. Very few escape this conditioning. And those few don't tend to teach much.

    So, we're left to our own devices. Kinda like trying to find a black cat in the dark. Scary stuff, this place.

  354. Every single one of you prove that "All any of us know is that we know nothing" including Benjamin. Everything that we rebut and accept is based on the limitations of our lives aquired through books, ideas and other information hubs that may be watered down and downright wrong. To get to the point, 80 years in a lifetime is far too less for anyone of us to ingest and make sense of every TRUTH and cross reference and come to a uniform conclusion and universal acceptance as TRUTH (after achieving this within us). Who will know if we nailed it??? The purpose of every person born with a conscience is to Love one another and help one another coexist in peace. The current world situation seems to make this similar to swimming against the current. In this case, we focus and eliminate anything that hinders the truest expression of love within us and spread that to others. The point is to let the bad apples wither away and focus on yourself and the good you can bring in the 80 odd years you leave behind, look what Ghandi did! He got most of India to follow his way... Crazier things could happen.

  355. good work thanks 4 postin these mind openin doc.

  356. uh, he's right JokerzReality, artificial is the correct spelling, not "artifical".

    anyways, i wouldnt expect the guy that made this "documentary" to check spelling. or facts.

    a new age regurgitation of debunked occult practices packaged within the rag-tag patchwork of illogical conspiracy.

    frankly im disappointed there wernt any shape-shifting reptiles.

  357. LOL... I hope you're joking Beenjammin

  358. Don't trust people who can't spell "artificial"-(30:08)

  359. I can see now, that although i believe a little in all this, i still have a strong ego. hehe, Gotta work on that!!!!

  360. Hmm.... It deleted some of my word.
    In this section:
    "They can’t how different langauge can be from country to country, one word in english can mean 3 different words in dansih"
    It should have been:
    "They can’t produce a better arguement and have to attack your spelling, they don't know how different langauge can be from country to country, one word in english can mean 3 different words in dansih. But in their lack of intelligence they can't see that, they only see what their heroes tell them"

  361. Science isn't a search for truth anymore. It's more a search for evidence which support materialism, everything else is considered invalid no matter how strong the evidence is for it.

    People who try to back their claims up by scientific studies are rather arrogant about their ignorance. They will tell you that science has proved darwinian evolution to be a fact, Newtons gravity theory is a fact, and so on. Now evolution is a fact, no doubt in my mind anyway. But the materialistik darwinian evolution isn't, far from it, if it is, what's the evidence then???

    And i don't claim that Newtons gravity theory isn't true, just that there is some serious flaws. Scientist had to come up with the theory of Dark Matter for it to work.

    This Documentary gives you some new and fresh viewpoints, which could explain a lot. But because it doesn't support our scientist present faith in materialism, some people become stupid and narrow minded because their hero's are fools, they had a good education!! Yeah, in a very flawed education system.

    The people they are following isn't even that bright today. Where is the next, Einstein, Jung, Freud, Bohr, Newton and so on. We get presented some material in most schools as they were fact, they don't show us all the other possibilities but only the most popular theories from a materialist viewpoint.

    "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." Albert Einstein

    Oh, and sorry if my spelling isn't perfect, you can correct it if you don't have an better arguement. My english doesn't have to be perfect for me to prove my intelligence, if you think so, then try to spell a few words on my main language, which is danish. Every language is different, especially in the order you put your words, so people who try to correct your spelling and grammar in a discussion about being bright is really a sign of the lowest form of intelligence. They can't how different langauge can be from country to country, one word in english can mean 3 different words in dansih.

    Gret documentary, keep them coming. Open our eyes, and don't mind the brainwashed people, who only believe in the authority of the system. But don't be a shamed about that, most of the German people were also blind in their faith of Hitler and his system, science, religion, education, politics, etc. He also had it all.

    I know i'm suppose to give love, but in order to do that, my mind have to be clean, and now it is. I said what i needed too (Hopefully)

    Happy New Year To Everybody.

  362. ditto beth

    you really hit that one

  363. Oh My God! Just stumbled across this site and I must say it is amazing. Whoever made it, Thank You kind Sir or Madam! This documentary, well what can I say. I didnt understand like 90% of it, really complicated subject matter, quite intense. It will be interesting to note a Napolean quote: ' History is lies agreed upon' which could explain the doc maker mentioning suppression of origins of some ancient civilizations. I dont understand why some people would have issues with the age of the person who made this, I mean if he is like in his 20's, omg total respect, that kind of view of the world at that age, something incredible really. Its also nice to see this kind of documentaries being made daring to give us an alternative view-point of our world. The ego thing is also very interesting, guy ritchie made a whole movie 'The Revolver' around this subject matter - Watch it very interesting my best quote from it being 'The greatest con he ever pulled, is making you believe he is you'- I am thinking now that is to do with false ego vs your real self. Am thinking the doc maker guy might not be a christian but might be like a kabbalist abit like guy ritchie....

  364. Fenrirr: ...Like your comment about being inspired in your mind but in reality, dealing with difficult people/situations is a lot more complicated...guess this is where self examination and being willing to be responsible for your own actions manifests... Esteban: as I see it the ego is part of this process, the ego is an important component of our psyche but it seems that the world is overrun with egos gone wild...the more one understands their own ego and works on correction (when needed) the more healthy the ego I understand this is the way to becoming whole...ignoring or denying your ego is repressive and non healthy... discussion is a good way to understand has been said before, "admitting there is a problem [or not] is the first major step"... Interesting, thought provoking comments everyone...thanks
    Vlatko, wonderful site, really enjoy this discussion....Many Thanks

    1. Thanks @sunny1.

  365. Brilliant! Loved it. But again east has been largely ignored. Only west is not the world!
    The whole essence of the docu is already summarized in Indian philosophy Vedanta where it says "Everything is one" . Atman(True Self) = Brahman(Universal Self).
    Though it accepts the existence of duality but that's only at material level. Once you realize your true self, you can the break the illusion and see everything as one. Positive/negative, atman/brahman, yin/yang all are two faces of the same coin!

  366. His message is true and pure.
    Look into yourself before judging others.
    I agree with him that there's something horribly wrong with how we live today, we live by regulations we don't want though we imposed it on ourselves.

    The info he brought up wasn't really structured or had a point (especially the stuff about languages).

    Doesn't change anything about his point though!

    From now on I'll try not to be so judgemental, but I learned by now that being inspired by a movie sitting in your chair is different than being confronted with asswads on a bus.

  367. whats wrong with dream world , jokerz?

  368. what is the self? why is it that we are so concerned with ourselves? is there such a thing as the artificial ego? is there a relationship between, the ego and the self? is there such a thing as looking inside yourself? What is, that which looks in, and is there an outside at all? and does a division exist? what is it that has separated itself? And can there be awareness of oneself, no division, or that which introspects? Is there a division between the world and what we are?

    what is society?what is the makeup of society? is there a separation between the self, the I, and society? what has formed society? what is knowledge? what is education? and what does it mean to be educated in society? What is Conditioning?

    What are words? what is thinking, is there any thinking which is not of thought? what is thought?

  369. Of this film I can definitely say I respect Ben's hard work to put it together.

    For my own part, I would simply be thankful that he chose to convey his ideas. Most importantly in saying that there really is no good or bad info but how we choose to perceive it as well as to remind me to always strive to understand my own nature.

    I can also say that I didn't see the animal cruelty part of this documentary coming. In truth, I've always avoided watching those sorts of clips and videos out of cowardice and the selfish desire to maintain my current diet and lifestyle. He's right though... must always face own nature and understand it in order to be better for it.

    Truly, THANK YOU for this site Vlatko!!!

  370. I'd be inclined tell the creator of this clipshow not to quit his day job, but I doubt he has one.

  371. ianwelling,

    I do not agree. The message of this movie is not: do not kill. The message is : take responsebility for yourself, not others.
    Like said in this movie; these people are very conscious of what they are doing and taking this self-hate to another level.
    You cannot invade someone else his live because you think it is not right. This person has to find out by himself.
    That's the tricky part of this thing. You cannot force people to do right. You can show them though; by being just, fair and right, taking responsebility for only yourself.
    Don't get me wrong I'm a vegetarian and activist but I only inform people.

  372. It demonstrates stereotypical thinking to dismiss the author simply because of his age. Wisdom isn't confined to older people. I dismiss those who dismiss him for age, because of their ignorance, and dare I say, EGO?

    The ideas presented in this film could use some better tying together and background sourcing, but this is hard to do in a short documentary. If you want more info, do the research. I know that it's hard for people to think beyond black and white, because it takes work and critical thinking. This is what is so lacking in our world today. We don't question authority.

    Oh well, maybe a new start is what is needed. 2012 anyone?

  373. This entire discussion shows everyone's ego in play. I don't understand where everyone is getting the entitlement to conclude any point in this video is factual or not. Your ego is scared of being told new information because you're always told what is right and wrong. Watch the documentary with no knowledge bias and you'll see that the concepts and theology in this video directly reflect what is going on in our society today.

    Very evident from everyone's comments.

  374. Stupid and dangerous is fanatical ignorance paired with guns.

  375. "This video lost a lot of credibility when Benajmin Steward states that the English monarch descends from Prophet Muhammad pbhu." "Lol comonnn dude are you serious"...
    Why not do your own research and find it or is it not? Do you have knowledge that gives you the power to say pbhu? I don't have any to the affirmative either but not going to make a judgement just because it seems fantastic...

    Did you ever notice how when scientists are "proving" something (ie evolution or how the universe was formed, or whatever) they have explainations galore backed with facts, figures, supporting evidence, etc... everything is meticulously explained until they can't explain something then suddenly "it" was an accident or happened by chance...I laugh everytime they do that.
    The movie The Ninth Configuration has a great answer ... Col Vincent Kane: "In order for life to have appeared spontaneously on earth, there first had to be hundreds of millions of protein molecules of the ninth configuration. But given the size of the planet Earth, do you know how long it would have taken for just one of these protein molecules to appear entirely by chance? Roughly ten to the two hundred and forty-third power billions of years. And I find that far, far more fantastic than simply believing in God."

  376. "Another bullshit documentary mixing science with mysticism: it’s stupid and therefore dangerous"

    Does that mean that you are dangerous too??

  377. This video lost a lot of credibility when Benjamin Steward states that the English monarchy descends from Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

    LoL comonnn dude are you serious.

    1. It is truth! Everyone knows that !

  378. Another bullshit documentary mixing science with mysticism: it's stupid and therefore dangerous

  379. For all of you who are bashing this film, take a step to the side and open your minds a bit. First off, age has NOTHING to do with where one stands with their inner knowledge. You can find yourself in a number of ways, at any given time in your life. In fact some may never find the higher consciousness that some are able to, which is why some of you all may be upset about this film. Maybe because you cannot even create your own path in life because you are too self centered and egotistical? OPEN YOUR MINDS PEOPLE!

    You don't have to take anything from this video as fact, find out everything on your own. This video was not made out to be "made of factual info" but just to broaden the aspects surrounding life all together. Go now, on your own personal spiritual journey and you will find out the answers for yourself! Watch these kind of documentaries for entertainment purposes and that's it. Period.

    Point made. Goodbye.

  380. I loved this film until he blatantly misrepresented animal rights people and those who are against cruelty to animals. There are extreme animal rights groups, however their main goal is to "liberate the suffering of animals through means of property damage, without the harming of any living being, animal or human"
    Its a contradiction of everything he speaks of if he assumes that property damage equates violence.

  381. Isn't there a quote somewhere stating that the truth is first criticized, then attacked, then condemned, then destroyed? And only after the death of the messenger, is he regarded as a saint... Something like that.

    Thank you for the film. I loved how although you shared your beliefs and feelings, you emphasized to take any and all information you receive with an open mind and heart, and determine whether it is true or not for yourself.

    As for the bickering under the comments, I think many of you are just full of baloney. There is no point trying to convince anyone of anything- in fact, it will just push that person further away from your beliefs. Just live your life, and people will see and feel your peace and resolve- and will see the truth if they want to.

  382. I agree that Jung did not "discover" the collective unconscious. There is nothing to discover, he theorized that it exists. He demonstrated it's plausibility the same way physists explain neutrinos etc--through observable effects. Poor word choice.

  383. Hi,

    A good argument or a differing point of view does not need to insult or make digs at another person. Come on people lets engage in some perspective sharing and some discussion without the digs.
    Tim, I agree that if you look at Kymatica as a factual documentary there are a lot of dubious connections. However, if you look at it as a reflection of the amount of information we are bombarded with and then start putting what happens to come to mind together it will sound like this narration. Also, I thought this sounded like a stream of consciousness where one thought flows into another, something like the writing of James Joyce et al.
    This piece is also neat to just watch and let it take your mind to its own stream.
    There are some thought provoking everyone needs to think for themselves and not bow to laws or lifestyles just because someone says so. Yes there are some laws that societies need to function but aren't you getting tired of having a law, rule, or protocol for nearly everything you do? Maybe I'm too optomistic but I think most people will try to do the right thing by being themselves and not being part of the sheeple herd...they are a lot more interesting.
    Anyway I find this doc has quite a bit of food for thought and discussion.
    Happy trails all...

  384. JOkerz, since you seem to be so much brighter than me, what exactly is the message that I'm not understanding? Also, before you insult my intelligence, please learn the difference between "you're" and "your" and "to" and "too".

  385. Tim, You're not very bright, are you? You don't see that you have too use you're right brain combined with you're logical left brain, in order too understand the message. Keep on living in you're dreamworld. Where everything has too be explained too you, like sex has too be explained too a child.

  386. Also, wow. Lots of connections made between mostly unrelated ideas. Vibrations and chakras, Tiamat and Lucifer, mysticism and quantum physics. And astropsychology? It's like someone just took every mystic idea from every major religion and mythos and combined them into an incoherent mess. Vibrations are a masculine force and matter is a feminine force? A good documentary focuses on ideas and explains them, even provides some context and evidence. This documentary tries to cover way too much information and makes way too many claims. I had to pause every few seconds because the narrator would make some claim and then move on to another without explaining his previous claim. Some of these claims are just untrue. Some of them are fringe beliefs. A lot of them are beliefs borrowed from Eastern religions. And the whole section about laws and how they only apply to people in the "law society" and not the rest of us is just untrue. laws apply to everyone living in a given territory. If you live in the U.S. for example, U.S. federal laws DO apply to you, and for a good reason. Try living in a large society without those laws and see what happens.
    Oh, and Jung didn't discover the collective unconscious, he came up with an idea of it. There's no evidence that it actually exists, nor is there evidence that the universe is conscious. These are beliefs, not facts.

  387. Evolution is not "a term to define only one organism."

  388. HI Darky,

    It sounds like you lived in a fascist dictatorship not a socialist I said I live in a socialist country and I know it is not perfect but I don't mind sharing my money with other citizens through gov't programs like universal medical care that is available to all people...I like having a social welfare safety net so that those who need help can have it...I wouldn't like to drive by staving, unhealthy children in my big gas eating Hummer on my way to some feast prepared on the backs of the poor because my country ran on "survival of the fittest, capitalist" thought...certainly there are those who like to take advantage (as in all systems) but most people don't and among those who do are the ones who have other larger issues...We have access to all your capitalistic, moralless, propaganda movies in our socialist country that add nothing to people's happiness, I went to college so can most people, anyone who wants to spend money on a car can, our stores are full of healthy food, we have free elections all the time at all levels of seems the more we become "americanized" capitalists the more regular people suffer here...
    comparing socialism with gas chambers is propagandist imagery at its finest, Joseph Goebbels would be proud (good doc on this site)...also what does Chernobyl have to do with socialism? (Chernobyl was in a communist country) plus didn't 3 Mile Island happen in a so called "democratic" country?????...I will add that both of these were nuclear accidents that occured due to system malfunctions (science problems) not due to political ideologies...
    The reason political systems have different names is because they are different...I don't know where your information comes from but you did not live in a socialist country that is for sure...I suggest reading up on the terms and learn what they seem like an awfully angry person, perhaps there is a better way for you to deal with your troubles rather than telling people with opinions that differ from yours to stfu.
    Perhaps watching Krymatica with an open and honest mind will help you...Blessings to you Darky.
    PS Confucious[paraphrased]: He who runs out of knowledgeable, reasoned thought first: strikes first.

  389. Dear sunny1, I LIVED in a real socialist country and you have no idea what so ever what you're talking about.
    No free elections (the goal was to have real communism one day), empty stores, little to eat (main dish bread, milk and potatoes), no right to go to college as we were not party members, public transport couple of times a day in a big city, propaganda instead news, ban on "capitalistic" music and movies, ridiculous health care, not everyone was allowed to possess a car and so on, and so on... I could go on for hours, so, dear sunny, stfu.

    Your question is like asking what was so wrong with Chernobyl or the gas chambers. Well, everything! You don't seem to know what you are talking about at all.

    Though, there might be one plausible explanation for your socialist dreams. As long as you live on social welfare, you'll simply adore socialism, where the "the working class" pays the bills for all those lazy leeches, unwilling to work for themselves.

  390. To immediately shoot down this film without first contemplating its message (the point) is ludicrous. True, he doesn't properly substantiate his claims. Yes, the film is flawed. But to immediately focus upon these errors and not contemplate what he is saying is to substantiate the very point he is making. The point is, dissenters, that you, and only you, have the power to make yourself happy, to make yourself fail or succeed. We, as humans, allow people to convince us that we shouldn't, or we can't succeed, that we can't be happy. As soon as we stop allowing this to happen, as soon as we stand up and say, 'Actually, yes, I can'... it is then that we find we were right; we can. By throwing away what he says as rubbish is to deny this, and you show only that you are unwilling to listen, you are unwilling to face the problems within yourself, you are unwilling to be helped. And anyone can tell you that only those who are willing to help themselves can be helped by others. I am not saying that this man's thoughts should be taken as gospel. And I think he wouldn't want you to either. We must each do our own thinking, and come to our own conclusions; this gives them meaning. But do not, please, for your own sake, do not refuse to listen to his ideas, however challenging, expansive, or seemingly far-fetched. You might discover that you regret it.

  391. WOW! Amazing thoughts! This really makes me think...I like the introspective's like listening to an internal dialogue...I think it would be a wonderful exercise to do my own stream of consciousness dialogue piecing together information I've accumulated to discover what I really believe about my Self and the world around me...It would be neat if many people did this and then shared their experiences...I found it very straight forward and didn't get the sense that it was preachy as some viewers thought...I think it's great that a young person has put in the effort to think of these matters, in fact I've met many young people who do try to put thought into their lives, I'm happy to see this...
    Of course there are a lot of young (and older) people who appear to be totally unaware of themselves and what's happening around them...I did a mini experiment in the mall where I decided to walk in a straight line from one end to the other, it was amazing how many people would walk into me not even realizing I was there, more disturbing is how many didn't even say anything to me-it seeemed like they were unwilling to come out of their daze or even shells...

    Another example of lack of inner/outer awareness that I've observed is the number of people who wear Che Gueverra T-shirts etc whom I've approached that had very little idea of what his ideas or philosophy were about not mention not really knowing much about him (biographically) appears that the "coolness or inness" of wearing his image supercedes his message...of course pehaps Che G is appealing to people in an unconcious way, the need for another strong revolutionary male figure to combat the sick world we percieve today...
    My dad always told us that everything begins and ends with the Self and it is only really making sense now that I'm older...It's great to see others who also espouse this...for now I'll continue with my journey and wish everyone well on theirs...Jesus and many other wise beings told us not to fear-this in my opinion is the biggest hurdle on the journey to the true Self...Namaste

  392. Jerome (Oct 2):

    I live in a Socialist country (Canada), Britian, Sweden, Denmark are socialist countries too! What is it that frightens you about our socialism? Is sharing too much for all those opponents of socialism? We aren't any more gov't controlled than the US, in fact in some ways less so...

  393. Hi John, You may want to check out the works of Joeseph Campbell. It may provide some enlightenment on this topic for you.

  394. Can someone please explain to me what he meant saying by saying a Water World planet crashed into the earth? Does this explain the arrival of the prophet Kevin Costner to our planet? and Satan is Dennis Hopper? (I'm being funny)

    I am really tired, and will watch this movie again tomorrow, unless society has scared me into not doing so. Ever have that feeling like you spend too much time on the internet?

  395. Ok i didnt like this film, and only watched about 45min - an hour of it. I was expecting some deep insight on philosophy, but it ended up being more a discussion about language, to me. Like taking the definition of the word organism, and then correlating that (and the principles of cellular activity) to the universe to state that the universe is an organism. to me, that's a pretty basic concept that has been raised countless times by people comparing the similarities between cellular activity and galaxies/solar systems. Then there was a ton of zeitgeist like dissection of different cultural myths (including the bible) and how you can interpret them to all mean the same thing. again, extremely overplayed and subjective. wouldn't recommend this.

  396. Did anyone know the author of music in esoteric agenda (part 3 on youtube).
    The film? Better than "4th of July"...
    Mental game... a good inspired me to look the other solutions and it was doing good to my aesthetic senses.
    What the flood of those kind of info emblem to us we'll see soon.

  397. Interesting video until he started ranting on about his anarchistic, anti-capitalism theories... Don't like it here? Try living in one of these Socialist countries, trust me you will be back ;) It seems that author is anti everything, but doesn't appear to have any reasonable alternative... Waste of an interesting beginning...

  398. The problem with this interesting speculation--that it is the universe that is evolving, through us--is that it is pure hypothesis. I am currently studying Lacan, who argues that there is no self (my larger study), that the self is merely a construct of the symbolic order. This notion of a universal self is comforting, no doubt, for some, but how do the authors propose to substantiate the theory? Slavoj Zizek's idea of "Bartleby politics" is similar, but neither does he get beyond postulation--that is, how Bartleby will survive in the "real" world having refused to play the game. "How" do we realise our "true" selves? Unless the authors can offer evidence for their thesis, beyond a conflation (synchronicity) of historical events, the whole elaborate confabulation (apparently) can only be deemed to be yet another sophisticated exegetical exercise. And while Jung may be, arguably, in tune with the overall tenor, Nietzche, among others, certainly is not. This looks, at first glance, like a cunning mosaic of ancient lore. Having said that, there is enough here to warrant calling in the mythbusters.

  399. Indeed a marvelous documentary combined with superb narration, best graphic and elegant manner of providing complex information!!

  400. All of these comments for and against this video, are what is being described in the synopsis above the video screen. Everyone calling this bull shit, everyone supporting this video, in one way or another when it comes down to it, forming your, and our opinions about what is covered, how it's presented, if we think it's valid, all of these steps at a base level are in fact steps that take place in evolution. Whether this idea is "bought" or not on an individual level, I don't think that's what matters, what matters is the actual process of viewing, digesting what is presented, and as a "whole of humanity" using this information to progress as a society.

    That is what I believe is the important part that should be taken from this. As humans in this particular time, with the "finding, and conclusions" we have today in regards to our history, earths history, the galaxies history, and the universe. We all can pretty positively pull from science how we "evolved" to this point in time (I say we, I am including the universe as a whole), but there still is an unknown, What Started It, you or I say "God", others say we are nothing more than what makes us up, meaning our planets in this galaxy, combining with the universe, are just like the atoms, electrons, molecules, up to DNA, cells, and so on that make us up. So if effect we could be a booger on the end of someone's finger, but we cant tell, cause it's too big to see.... I'm not saying that's right or wrong, it's not my place, and unless any of you have substantial undeniable proof, it's not your place to call bull shit, or raise someone in the air and proclaim them God, it's not your place either. That's what should be looked at and talked about, how is ti justified to tell someone they are wrong, have a stupid thought, or reason, when you have NO MORE PROOF of whats going on than they do??? So skeptics, and supporters alike sit down and shut-up!! You are all annoying, none of you know, no one does! You all can talk till your face turns red, the fact is, your wasting your breath, so chill the F out, and enjoy what you have, and strive for what you desire, because when it comes down to it, whatever the frak is going on, none of us really have that long of time here, in this body, around who we know and love at this exact point in time, so just enjoy the ride...... But that's just my thoughts ;0) Dirka, Dirka!!

  401. hewr, there is no realism to your thought process, or your ideologies

  402. thank you.............. we need more true knowledge doc's like this.... changing consciousness one mind at a time. A change in consciousness is coming to a city near u December 21st 2012.

  403. This documentary was entertaining and thought provoking. I especially enjoyed the parts that speak about false ego and projection. It reminded me to do some reflecting and "soul searching".

    That being said, I do disagree with some of the points that the author made. At one point the author talks about laws and implies that driver licenses shouldn't be required (he also mentions building permits and others). Although I don't agree with all laws, such laws as requiring drivers license MAKE SENSE and are not detrimental in any way. In fact without licensing people to drive you run into much bigger issues such as unsafe drivers, more crashes and other indirectly related consequences.

    The author also mentions at one point that ALL court cases settle a balance and have a monetary value and that once the monetary balance is paid the case is closed. This to me sounds false, because not all court cases are monetary based, such as court cases involving custody, unless the author is considering a child monetary. The same goes for cases dealing with murder or other crimes that have no monetary balance to settle.

    One other implied opinion that I disagree with is that money is a source of many of the issues that the author outlines. Money creates incentive for many people and although I do agree that there are negative consequences that are unavoidable with such a system the author fails to mention an alternative that might work better.

    At one point the author states that competition leads to fear and greed, greed leads to deceit and so on. Although this is partially true (competition CAN lead to these things) the author fails to mention that competition can also lead to innovation... Without competition Apple would have never created their Ipod, Microsoft would have never created Windows, and Google would probably be non-existent. Competition ensures constant improvement of everything around us, making life easier and more convenient for us all.

    Even though my opinion doesn't match the authors completely, I do agree with the general message which is to look within and understand you and to find your own inner demons and deal with them. I think if we all did that there would be much less conflict between people.


  404. Bullshit
    Does not deal with reality and may sound euphonic to some, but there is no realism in this.

  405. who am i really to make a comment on this film...just the punk with the highlighter.

  406. Overall, I was a little disappointed. Far too speculative to really be considered a philosophical paradigm, and a lot of the things he said just made him sound quite stupid (for example, Jung did not "discover" the collective unconscious, he only theorized it). However, I have to say that this film does outline many of my own philosophies, and I agree with the general message. I'd like to see more of this type of thing, but maybe with a little more objective analysis.

    I also thought his cameo was a little weird. It made the film seem that much more ameteur.

  407. I like the overall message he’s giving, being open minded and trying to live an ego free life is a great idea. I did find his cameo appearance a little odd, as if he’s talking to himself facing a mirror in front of the camera, so in a way he seems to be feeding his own ego a little. But hey, whatever, overall I really like his message. I think the words “according to me” and “in my opinion” should be used a little more however. He researched like crazy so a lot of his ideas come from facts, but they’re still his ideas extended from the facts, so he shouldn’t voice them as absolute truth. In my opinion.

  408. Vitaloverdose - ageism is old.

  409. The author made an error in his attempt to link wild conspiracies with his message. A message by the way which is very interesting and one that I come to my own similar conclusions about.
    This is hardly a distraction campaign... a distraction from what exactly?

    The author does have a slightly arrogant approach (even though he believes in it strongly) I would recommend that little more humility is present in the film. When I first started on my own spiritual journey a few years back when I was your age I too was a tad more arrogant.

    You get more bees with honey then vinegar. If your true goal is to spread your message you must understand that conscious shifts take time to engineer and require an openness to change. Evoking feelings of Hostility will not win over people.
    Keep spreading the word brother! Only through knowledge can we overcome our future.

  410. I like the part about myths... makes somehow sense. But this ideas are nothing has all been long written down, in eastern and islamic philosophy and mysticism, adobted by some western writers and introduced to the West...

  411. =============================================================

    Unlike i hear from time to time, for critizizing this movie you don't have to be a religious fundamentalist of any sort.

    I for myself consider me to be an atheist and i have heavy problems with the nonsense and hocus-pocus promoted in this so called "documentary" and its predecessor.

    The fact that frightens me is, that these "New-Age"-Agenda propaganda movies are widely accepted without ANY criticism whatsoever.

    Plus they receive an attention that most educational and scientific contributions can only dream of...

    (Sorry for me bad eenglish 4 i is from planet pluto xD)


  412. If something thrives on your fears it is "documentaries" like this. Hypocrisy.

  413. The visual material was very inspiring, Loved how well it conveyed the message.

    I'm not in a position to judge the information given in the film, but I did enjoy it immensely, it came across as if they took great care to bring their message forth in a the politest and humblest way possible and I really appreciated that. The abstractness of the message, or atleast how I interpreted it, has a certain charm to it, whether or not it is based on facts, or how esoteric as it may come across.

    bilarduin mentions: " order to tell us a stupid banality: look inside yourself!"

    I might just be an oddball, but that just sounds like how you experienced this film, we've all been slapped across the face with similar conditioning by the government (maybe not in the US, I wouldn't know) which do make it seem like a "stupid" banality, but you'd really have to ignore the nuances of the film to conclude that all the information was given to tell you you should be looking inside yourself, it shouldn't be too hard to imagine that the esoteric value is relevant to our lives in a countless amount of ways, that's how philosphy and art works, why should this film be excluded from that kind of thinking?

  414. I think this doc relates various ideas incoherently. Do not agree with the "logic" of it. It is controversial.
    As Socrates said, anything controversial is not the truth; truth has no exceptions.
    The linkages drawn trouble, not the ideas themselves. (E.g. A looks like B, and B looks like C, then A looks like C!?! Seen from which side? In what way? Inconsistent logic!)

  415. "i am that" by nisargadatta maharaj or "be as you are" by ramana maharshi

  416. Well said CmCf , you just nailed it down. I also tried to put the same message , somewhere in the earlier comments in this section but I guess you have elaborated that message a little too clearly than mine. Its indeed amazing to find people commenting negatively about this documentary and at times even personal attacks on the film maker. Someone even made pre determined conclusion about this guy based on his age (How much ego can damage the thinking).

    Like I said earlier , this documentary is a work of art with science and metaphysics blended together with a bit of history to make the viewer ask the right questions to themselves.

    To those who has challenged the scientific facts in this documentary , should know that the website of Ben Stewart - has a complete reference section for the kymatica series. One can start to investigate the source of information from there but it will take sometime before someone clearly gets a hang of the esoteric knowledge.

  417. In this world there is alot of BS, the trick is to sort through it and divine what truth you can from it. I truly believe that anyone who engages in this in an open and honest way will come to a more enlightened view of their existence and purpose.

    I for one found this doc to be enlightening as I have with many of the docs on this site. (Just for one sec let me diverge here and thank Vlatko for this awesome site! Not only does it provide a great repository of knowledge but it provides people with a venue to debate and disscuss the most important issues facing this planet right now. So thanks Big V!)

    I think the loss of shamanistic ways of life is one of the great tradgedies of human history. After watching this and a few other docs an interesting notion has popped into my mind; Perhaps the shamanistic cultures are the direct link to our common past? One could also posit that there has been a systemic eradication of shamanistic cultures throughout history. One could even look upon the history of civilization and see a conflict between shamanistic culture which espouses harmony with nature and the "civilized" way which seems to try to dominate nature and shape it to our will. It would have been interesting to see how society would have developed under shamanistic cultures. Hopefully they would have abandoned human sacrifice;)

    Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to idealize the shamanistic way of life, it has/had it's problems but it also has/had it's truths. I don't agree with everything espoused by christians and buddhists but I can see some of the wisdom contained therein. Although Bertrand Russell would argue that religion contains this wisdom by virtue of us creating it and those traits being inherent to the human themselves not by virtue of the religion itself.(Like I said it's ALL BS) He contends that religion has done more harm than good for human society and I am inclined to agree with him, however as the eradication of religion does not seem likly at the present time we must satisfy ourselves with extracting what wisdom we can from it.

    What strikes me most about the comments is how upset people get when others find some degree of truth or enlightenment in a "documentary" like this (I think a better word for this type of film might be "presentation"). It seems that most of the people who are "for" this presentation have gleaned some amount of insight into themselves and their interaction with the other "selves" of this world. They have sifted through it and figured out what is true for them.

    Those "against" it say that it is all wrong and that there is no truth to be divined. I wonder, is this because to accept as true any part of this film would be to so contrary to your world view that your ego would not allow it. Please do not take this as an attack I merely find it an interesting point as one of the predominant themes of the film is the inability to challenge our preconceived notions of what reality is, is what prevents us from achieving humanity's full potiential.

    I would implore you to watch this one more time and to try and be completely open minded and really hear what is being said. Again I am not saying that this is 100% fact, but it's worth a listen.

    There are alot of "Facts" that we take as facts that aren't in fact, facts. Science is evolving and many things that in the near past were accepted as fact were eventually proven untrue. Really to say that anything is "True" or fact even something that seems incontrovertible such as 2+2=4 is misguided. Have you heard the one about the geologist, the engineer and the physicist. They were each asked what is the answer to 2+2. The geologist answers somewhere from 3 to 5, the engineer says precisly 4 and the physicist answers "What would you like it to be." On that note I've said enough....for now.

  418. This documentary sounds good on the service, but its really amateurish. it really sounds like a group of under-grad kids trying to be "heard", just like zeitgeist. listen closely intelligent ones. they are talking in circles....

  419. The F^cked up world conditions today are definitely trying to tell us something - that our selfishness & artificiality cause it all.........

  420. well, sillycat, nomen est omen.

    compared to this slideshow branding itself documentary michael moore is a peter jackson-like genius even though MM can be a crackpot himself.

    how can you possibly state the film wasnt attacking religion like zeitgeist does when it devotes a quarter of its screening time pointing out that abrahamic religions are a mix of messianic folklore and mideastern mythology??
    plus the filmmakers say smth along the way that organized religions have perverted the natural dualistic state of things (isnt that what kymatica represents) to the extent that one is evil and the other intrinsically good. which was in their opinion not correct.

    and darling, don't get too teary-eyed when people of reason on here comment that the experts and research they present to "prove" such esoteric bollocks like lamarckism and shamanism has been refuted long ago or is simply against existing natural laws.

    right at the beginning the narrator says evolution was a process of the self, but not the individual self. rather the self was the universe and all the problems in the world were a sign of us, i.e. everything, evolving (huh?!) and we shouldnt put blame on s-one else for those problems be-cause (and here comes the funniest part) it was all for the benefit of the whole.
    that's like saying the 98% of all living species that appeared and were extinct at some point in history should be happy they're gone cos otherwise there wouldn't be the 2% that are there now. firstly, that's quite arrogant and secondly, that's not an accurate description of evolution. the 2% are there due to natural selection which is only guided by selection pressures not by a common will or intentional force.

    okay to set the record straight, there are some acceptable statements in the film like that we should focus more on our mental capacities than on trivial things or the FED critique. but come on, that's hardly worth the rest of the 80 minute drivel.

  421. Great documentary. It doesnt try to destroy religion like zeigeist. And the people that try to criticize this, go watch your shitty michael moore bullshit films

  422. does the narrator at 1h19m40s actually state that evolution is nothin but a break of fundamental laws of physics and of the universe..though he just subtitutes the word law with 'habit'; that has to be the worst definition of the term evolution i've ever come across.

    yeah genes do not dictate our actions like when we fall in love with s'one but they rather interact with their environment. expose yerself to UV or beta radiation and you'll likely develop cancer. that's not a new finding dr. lipton.

    that "documentary" is a collection of platitudes, distorted presentations of scientific knowledge and flat-out esoteric horseshit. the first and last 10 minutes are a particular drivel.

    the toddler at the end says smth like "don't let yourself be told what's true or not (like with the bible). then you're not free and divine as you woulda been in shamanism blablabla":
    well thanks for pointing out, brainiac, that blind faith in someone else's statements may not be too good for you or society. but there's things we can regard as definitely true like 2+2=4, or the earth is round or inflation can devalue money. the bush doctrine and the bell curve are not settled truths.
    so at some point we argue about things and scutinize them -along the way a million people take a certain stance, another mill take an opposing stance- and in the best case a consensus is reached that represents the truth as close as possible. striving for that is not divine but humanistic.
    bringing in the supernatural here is a total non sequitur.

    oh and cut the bioelectric fields bollocks the next time please. you're sounding like morpheus from matrix I.

    p.s. yep, the federal reserve is a fraudulent organization with no accountability. run for office and change that, y'don't need to point out the hollowness of materialism. btw. go tell that a starving african family.

  423. I think this was a fantastic documentary, however it just touches the surface of ideas and philosophies. It doesnt and cant give you all the information and as he states it is just information. What you do with it is your choice but have an open mind.

    With regards to the admiralty and maritime law, i came across this a while ago and it does fit in nicely with the documentary if you understand the basic concepts. As we are under meritime law we are not considered Natural beings therefore as natural beings our basic rightshave been taken away. The only laws that should exist are common law. No harm, loss or damage to others. For more information about this look up Robert Menard ( and John Harris ( They go into great detail how we have been conned into a world of commerce and our true rights as living souls have been stripped from us.

    Peace all and think free

  424. You talk a lot with too much pride. Lucifer was the bringer of light, Christianity stole all the pagan holidays, which are ruled by the stars. The ego is something to be developed and embraced in this life. Satan came from the planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn, which in the tarot is symbolized by the devil. The sun rules Leo, which is very bound to the ego, and the gratification of the ego is symbolized by the tarot card the sun. Lucifer or Satan, was made into a bad character by the Christian church which wanted to take power and knowledge away from people.

    some of this is interesting yet youre trying to sum up the whole world which u just cant do. i feel like u dont really know exactly what ur talking about, youre young and u havnt read enough.

  425. Not a bad doco, the Key point being that the selfish, Artificial ego is the root problem of all human evils, I agree.
    Probably why this film is getting attacked people don't want to hear about that..... cos at a subconscious & conscious level that is what they think they are.

    Ben, I disagree that ( in regards to the vile animal cruelty in asia) that the ones to worry about are people who react with anger when they see that...... I'm more worried about people who feel nothing, shrug it off when they see that.
    Shows there way out of contact with there higher/true self.

  426. I was fortunate to meet Ben. He is working on another film. He came to Colorado to get started on it. He was our guest.

    We watched his movies in the park...and I was struck by two very basic ideas:

    Ben is a young man.

    The film is a depiction of his evolution of consciousness. (It's his work.)

    Kymatica is, in my opinion, more art film than documentary. Those genres are hard to distinguish, as art serves to document one's thoughtful, emotive, internal, personal evolution; to express and share it. I think that's what is going on here.

    I am with you, onthespot, in hoping for continued success in Ben's film future. In the 3 days he stayed with us, a thought recurred: did I have all that insight at the age of 26? No.
    I look forward to knowing Ben through his films for a long time to come.

  427. The documentary served its purpose, and that is to look at things from a different angle. Look in the mirror for the solution, and not external sources!

    Reading the comments section on here is horrifying. Someone attacked the narrator for being "twenty something" years old, another one called him emo, and a "dope smoker".

    This comments section goes to show how people are here to shoot the messenger, and ignore the message. They feed into the pettiness, that causes humanity's flaws. They want a knight in shining armor like Bill Cooper or Alex Jones to save them, but then when someone like that comes along, then they label those perceived leaders as operatives for some hidden agenda. All this does is manifest a lose-lose situation, and for some people, self-hate and defeatist attitudes is comforting.

    I hope Ben Stewart makes more films.

  428. This documentary is awesome. I totally agree that the Earth is a living organism and that what I do to it, I do to myself.

    Thank you and great job!

  429. this documentary is one of my favorites.

    i always believe in the SELF, from my point of view, we humans must live and help eachother, working together to better the world.

    the problem is that people dont know themself anymore our society and our beliefs comes from :
    politics, coorporations, religions, monetary system and even TV.

    but our believes must come from our inside, and conscience. then the world and humans could maybe unite. i can continue but is not the point.... anyways GREAT DOCUMENTARY !

    Some people just dont understand it yet ! is too profound and people are too closed minded to thing beyong their
    current beliefs !! so they dont see the logic of life !

  430. Readings that are truly mind opening :
    The Biology of Transcendance by Joseph Chilton Pearce, a MUST
    Anything by Krishnamurti, his writings on education are pure beauty
    Wake-up by Charles Tart, another MUST
    On Creativity and Consciousness by David Bohm, one of the most enlightened scientists of late XXth century
    To Have or TO Be by Erich Fromm, a great starting point
    People are so ill informed of the scope and depth of cultural indoctrination/conditioning, it is sad, especially given the information presently available on the human subconscious. Far too many people have become lasy, they're sound asleep, turned into zomby like biological robots, unaware of how they're daily manipulated.

  431. I'm a little torn about this documentary. I think the information in it is really interesting and something that evokes a lot of thought, but I can't help but notice how similar it is to Zeitgeist...any connection with the exception of the information? Also, the producer interviews himself a lot. I agree with most of what he says, but the self-interviews are weird and aren't super credible in an opinion based documentary.

  432. Well, those who are frustrated with the film may have bigger problems than anything a simple little movie could solve. Get real, the film is not your god or your answer to all of life's problems. On the contrary, this film is for those who are ready for another level of understanding. Those who don't understand will just be frustrated at their failure to comprehend, and the sad part is that this information isn't all that sophisticated. I presume that the film-maker just meant to shake us up out of our self-absorbed complacency and acceptance of a conformity based on politics, personal ideologies, and local economics.

  433. An excellent documentery and good food for thought. Already one can see in the comments above that two types are at work.

  434. I have never seen before a greater mess of half mistakes-half nonsens, throwing to you from the so deep-voice-oh-what-a-hot-gyu-I-am narator, as he flyes from an issue to another, trying to confuse you.
    I am an orthodox Greek, doubting about everything, including beliefes and deliveance of course, so I know these since ever, from the originals.
    Please friends, before you comment negative about this movie, make one simple thing:
    a small, the smallest, research.

  435. woo springbreak!

  436. complete waste of time. I want my money back

  437. perception is everything, you are nothing without it,
    hes very right in that our conciousness needs to evolve, we are still programmed to be hunter gatherers yet we live in a world that we have changed to such a fundamental extent that our old genetic and behavioural predispositions are useless and irrational, anyone who cannot see the truth in this movie beyond the way it is expressed has no soul and cares nothing for the future of the species or the planet.
    i cant believe the negative comments that films like this generate, it is an inoffensive hippy bit of nonsense with a golden seam of truth throughout it- that humanity needs to change or we will destroy ourselves, great film.
    the ego of the dissenters of this movie prove his point entirely and maybe his science isnt too accurate but his point is solid,
    they put an electrical charge into a live mans pineal gland once- guess what? he thought he met god!

  438. don't feel answering to that.

    still -/5

  439. Then say nothing.

  440. -/5

    got nothing to say to this kind of "documentary".

  441. A pretty good documentary. Is it true? Is it real? Yes. Your "self" or consciousness is the only thing that is "real?" or maybe not. You are the beginning and the end. And you are responsible. And you can experiment with these techniques, but it will require that you be aware. Let me reccomend a book by Lynne McTaggart, called "The Field". Her book may be a easier way for more people to understand it all. Intention is your path. Intention could be called prayer and the results are subtle. but cam also life changing. Be aware of your person, practice being aware of your body's reactions to food, exercise, anger, etc and then you can gain some control over your intention and the way that reality manifests within your life. When you affect and effect your life you will influence the larger reality. It takes practice. We are all just motes of dust riding on a light beam.

  442. why just not enjoy the movie and all other positive and clever things of it rather than arguing about this film? You don't like it? well maybe you don't like the fact there is one universal cosmos and we all are part of it.. Then why do you want make comments here? However, great film which can rich our mind.

  443. Wow that was a waste of time. The first 5 minutes actually contained some science the rest was just a bunch or rambling. Don't bother watching there is no shred of scientific evidence to 99% of the claims. I love the resonance of the pineal gland bit. If we referenced what those throughout history believed our varying organs were responsible for we would still be drilling holes in our head to relieve the bad humor and practicing blood letting.

    Don't waster your time watch a real documentary.

  444. Its rather like when you conquer your ego , then perhaps you can start asking the right questions about the universe because then you start understanding things in a different way altogether. Its just like the number 6 appears to be 9 when looked from a different point of observation.

    I cant comment on upto what extent the inner ego of the maker of this documentary has he conquered since I dont know him personally, however the questions that are raised are very profound and indeed thought provoking. Its irrelevant whether these questions came from a stack of joints or shamanic mystic rituals or by sheer luck. The bottomline is - watching this documentary makes you think. Those who think will act - those who not will just react which is quite evident everywhere.

  445. Sooooooo....I'm supposed to believe this emo dude with the earring has figured out the workings of the entire universe and completely conquered his inner ego? He sounds like he just smoked around 6 joints and won't shut up.

  446. Hi everyone,
    I have watched this documentary over and over to get an actual grasp of it. I did a little amount of research to validate the information though I must add that not all of them seemed to verifiable but most of them do include highly esoteric "facts" much depleted systematically through out our history. Though most of the things mentioned in this documentary are open to interpretations (which the maker Ben Stewart exactly wants) however I would place a small conclusion that would sum up the perceptions in a nutshell.

    1. There will be the ones who can continuously connect themselves to whatever that is been said in the documentary. Thats because , the fundamental concepts are quite true when we speak of interconnectedness. Call it any religion,cult or spiritual guru anyone who has actually studied and closely observed the message that every religion or enlightened spirit has tried to give is about how this whole world is a one single being sharing the same infinite consciousness.This is perhaps only comprehensible when we are shred off from our conditioning and start creating a harmony with the skeptic left brain and optimist right brain.

    2. There will be the ones who will immediately react to this documentary by taking bits and pieces of the documentary and and start creating conclusions on a whole (right from claiming to debunk the pieces of information to involving personal remarks to the maker). Thats because primarily they are left brainers and most of them would be good in logic and know the rules. However most of them would absolutely be in disharmony with their right brain which knows the exceptions and able to see the big picture. One quote I must add here

    What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires -- desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.
    Bertrand Russell

    This documentary hardly tries to impose any agenda or belief system in you. Neither does it claims to have debunked the mainstream history. Its just another way of seeing and understanding the reality we live in. But the overall message it tries to send is very simple and quite "logical" ( the left brainers can comprehend the logic over here only if their right brain understood what the puzzle is) !

    - The world outside we see is just a reflection of who we are inside.

  447. Hey Jason, I was around your age when I first read 1984 by George Orwell. It's kinda eeire how spot on he was. Animal farm is also worth a look. Also try the Tao of Pooh by Ben Hoff.

  448. Try reading anything by Gore Vidal.

  449. hey glad i got to this documentary....i am only 16 and i already know what to do to improve my life, but i want to know some books that may help me with my conscious, and awakening and all this awesome documentary talks about! thanks!

  450. wow.....just wow.
    Definetily a mind opener.

  451. Wow, loved it. Love the colors and screen hz to. there needs be more documentary's with that technique.

  452. I liked it, I'll take it with a pinch of salt like i do with most things.

    I'm curious - do you think the reason we don't like people that have our bad trates (the ones we are unconscious of) are ultimately close to our own gene pool and there for undesirable to mix genes to carry on the spices?

    random, thought i know.

    Ultimately i think he's got the desired affect as it challenges you to question who you are both in yourself and in the society you live in.

  453. Total confusion. Physics, psychology, biology, politics and history and irrelevant pictures are put in a metaphysic blender in order to tell us a stupid banality: look inside yourself! It is nothing more than a postmodern rumination of esoteric nonsense. A waste of time.

  454. I checked out another video where this same guy was talking about doing Ayahusca or whatever you call it(too lazy to google it)

    I don't trust druggies

  455. so beautiful.

  456. OMG who says that this is a great documetrary, is just plain stupid...The begining is good,however when they talk about stuff like drivers licence and why are we using it... that is just a new wawe of flower power idealistic zero brainer bullcrap. I cannot even say that this is a theory, except the earth and the universe as a living being - BTW that is the only thing that does make sense in this "documentary". The baseline is - they put together some good ideas and mixed them so they look pretty, as a stupid but pretty type. So this is a perfect video for lazy people, they usualy like to stay at home and complain why things are not going anywhere for them. Rules and laws are MADE BY PEOPLE for PEOPLE! cause WE DESERVE IT!! Otherwise we wouldn't have survived so long... wich BTW would have been bettef for EARTH after all.

  457. I agree totally peter. He never said that this was fact, he presented it as fact, but also said that it's all information. There's no good or bad information, just information. Take it like you wan't to.

    This film is a masterpiece. He present to you what he have found out through his research(Excatly the same conclusion i have made of mine research) You don't have to take his information as facts, do your own research. But don't discredit the messenger, if you don't listen to the message.

    What is the message? The message basicly is, that you should look inside yourself, in order to change what you don't like in others. Psychology 101: The reason you don't like other people sometimes, can always be linked back to your own subconscious and which parts of you that you either suppress or don't want to recognize, because that's a part of you that you either don't like or haven't developed yet, and probably feel a unconscious jealousy about this fact.

    Get to know yourself, and try to grow from what you learn, know your fears and overcome them, know your values and question whether they are there to help you grow or to stop you learning about yourself. The defence mechanism from immature people who are to afraid to discover sides about themself through personal growth, is typically ridicule, cynism, exaggerated skepticism, jealousy, hate, fear, etc. All ways to block yourself from learning the truth of you heart.

  458. Yea i agree its not completely his own original ideas. But i did find it a nice bringing together of many different researchers and concepts. Cherry Picking; maybe. But over all an interesting ideal.

    It wasn't scattered. It all relates to the the Self, The whole and the interaction of the two. everything fit.

    I also agree that freedom in a shamanic and mayan/aztec sense is not what almost anyone are even close to considering. But being more aware of the planet in which we are all connected and not taking any opinion as fact is a great conclusion to this film. The film basically told you dont believe it, research it. Use it as a starting point. A great concept, I saw we do it!

  459. uh, if this kid read anything about evolution he'd know that it doesnt take place on the scale of the individual, or self. It takes place on a genetic level, so self means nothing, its about particular genes surviving. GG do a LITTLE research before you make a doc.

  460. Yeah, this doco has its good points and bad points.

    The good: interesting quotes here and there, some interesting speculations, liked the inteview with the doctor part - it was interesting...

    The bad: very scattered, mixed in a lot conspiracies for no reason - outside that that's what the author thinks and he feels like he uncovered some loop hole, the "sheep" (meaning the general population or the audience) don't quite see - but he does... ahem.
    Leaving aside the arrogance of this twenty something year old though, those side tracks like identity/ admiral law/ name changes and so on, really, only detracted from the point which he was making.

    Last, and perhaps most important, he should define what his definition of freedom and its use in a good society is supposed to look like. Is he really serious that we should be returning to a shaman/ Aztec way of life? is that really freedom? happiness? why exactly?
    Otherwise it just feels like "a rebel without a cause"... i.e. he wants to rebel against the leaders, but with no alternative in sight and no explanation why anarchy is better for humanity vs democracy.

    Good attempt though. Future docos should insert more humility and a balanced perspective. Drop 'the oracle' type of naration too ;-)


  462. I agree Vitaloverdose,

    It mixed other peoples work with mysticism and the producers personal agenda. Incoherent, and degrading of others work.

    Who's paying this guy.

  463. RE: "A Crystalization of amazing truths!
    Esoteric teachings and ancient wisdoms! "

    - Just because someone manages to find links between otherwise unrelated events and facts doesn't make them true.

    Im not a skeptic on these subjects but this is rubbish. For a start the guy isn't suggesting how things may be hes insisting his version of life is fact. Based on what? a few clever ideas strung together from 1000's of years of speculation on a subject we are no closer to understanding now than when the first guy claimed he knew something that no one else did.
    Also how old is this guy? if he's as young as he sounds then this is not his research its his speculation based on stuff he's read about and if this is the case he has no right insisting that what he's saying is fact.
    Just because the guy has manged to come up with a story that sounds agreeable to you its no reason to believe what he is saying. Remember facts can allways be proven, if he cant prove what hes saying he has no right presenting his story as a fact.

  464. thank you for getting the message i have carried out more.

  465. Very nice, fresh (at least to me). So these shaman tribes that preceded our current state of leadership, did they have leaders? Were the shaman of the tribe not spiritual leaders for the others? If so, why do they need to exist in a time/period when people are in tune with themselves and their environment. Do people need a leader, or does their metaphysical inner compass, when properly aligned, act as leader in one for all? Or is it something consolidating, like a different harmonic scale individualized through our atomic/subatomic/magnetic spin offering new insights that all must be accounted for, to hear all options, before making decisions.

  466. This is Way up there in the Best movies list amoungst Esoteric Agenda, The Zeitgeist collection, Michael Tsarion - Architects of Control!

    What a remarkable movie. A Crystalization of amazing truths!
    Esoteric teachings and ancient wisdoms!

    GOD I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!

  467. This is a great documentary. Hey Elizabeth Kennedy, the narrator is the same guy from Esoteric Agenda, but the Zeitgeist films have a different narrator. Namaste.

  468. A very good documentary

  469. Thank you so much for perfection....

  470. the narrator sounds like the same guy in Zeitgeist and the Esoteric Agenda...

  471. Whew! This was like an incision into the dead part of my brain. An open mind is not just a cliché. Thank you.

  472. Thank you. This documentary reflects my core beliefs and philosophy about our universe ! Great is a small word to describe such insight!

  473. a must see.


  474. How can I buy Kymatica on DVD or VHS ?