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KymaticaEvolution is a term to define only one organism and that's the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that's the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there's this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction...

When you think the end is near, the apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed, it is not they, it is you that brought this about, and for a very good reason. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it's tell you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.

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7 months ago

Wow!!! l thought that was the bast documentary l have ever seen. l got so much out of it and so much resonated as true, possible, and worth further thought. l am a Christian, with love and compassion for all, am struggling with mental and physical illnesses, an RN, a believer in the power of prayer and universal consciousness. I am going to join the site and I hope this is also in book form so I can revisit so many of the brilliant ideas. l didn’t agree with everything but l am open to trying new ways of thinking, feeling and being. Well done! Thank you film makers; the whole world needs to see this.

1 year ago

If you feature a far-right white nationalist who is also an anti-vax and the husband of an antisemitic conspiracy theorist then think about the credibility of this "documentary".

This film is nothing other than that lovely wedding case whose core happened to be hollow or made of styrofoam.
Music - such a waste using those amazing tracks for this useless production.

2 years ago

absolute eye opening, DEEP documentary! wow!

2 years ago

where can I find the sources of information used in the film?

cay jens joost thorgrimson
4 years ago

kymatics have no masters
if some body tryes to tell u different they are not kymatic in any way

5 years ago

why do people still go on about science as if its the "truth" which is so arrogant everything else has to be measured and proved by it or what is being said must be rubbish. The popular science now is just as restrictive and narrow-minded as any cultlike religion. There is far more to the universe than what science has decided there is. It seems that "knowledge" is understood as "facts" or information. There are other forms of knowledge.

5 years ago

Common sense is not common for common people, why should you denied someone information. As he stated information is information the only thing is to apply the the left brain and do smallest research.

6 years ago

to all you negative critics if u actually listened to the films he states that you shouldnt just believe what he talks about and do your own research . even if he did make mistakes on facts which i dont believe he did or follows this or that ,he is still getting the message out there so people will wake up an look into it an find there own answers they believe its negative sheep like yourselves that keep people enslaved think you can produce something half as good as bens work ? lets see it then ,stop waisting yours an everyone elses time and energy with ya negetive bullshit an bring somethin to the table that you think might help people not keep them doubting everything peace.............

7 years ago

This film of monolithic importance totally reflects my own philosophy and thoughts on the well. If you are a thinking person and/or with general knowledge of some of the great religions, philosophies and ancient teachings - this film really ties everything together giving you a clearer interpretation of what the mystics were talking about, in every tradition.

7 years ago

Spiritual development is a big deal to me but this kinda stuff... is useless in that regard. Not necessarily bad or stupid. Just not useful.

To sum it up:
Ooh seven frequencies, seven notes on the scale, Seven chakras! OMG Seven! Seven the thriller movie, murder, murder has 2 syllabels, 7 - 2 is 5. 5! 5 fingers and toes, toes, toe missile, bombs, war, WW, WW2, aliens. Uuuhh.. 5!!! What's 5? 5 doughnuts for breakfast, breakfast, breakfast cereal, cereals, corn, rice, wheat, agriculture, crop circles, aliens! OMG my coffee is cold, cold, cold weather, north pole, climate change, chemtrails, ALIENS!!!

7 years ago

Interesting the amount of dialogue this film created. Must touch a nerve here and there. At the end of the day "Be still and know".

Gabriel Forbes
9 years ago

I think the purpose of this "documentary" is not about giving information with true 100% factual stuff, as it's impossible to know that any information in all the documentaries is 100% true. There is always a goal behind everything humans do, therefore we can't express objectivity.

My impression is that the goal of this video is more to talk about our conception of life, reality and human behavior. It's not about taking sides, it's about questioning ourselves outside of what we call society, forget what we learned just now, erase for a moment the inner encyclopedia we write about our personal world so far, and start anew. Redefine what we think and make choices. What do I believe? Why do I believe it?

That's what I retain about documentaries. Not the music, the narrator's voice or the montage, those are only mediums. "we are killing the messenger" like he said. Being convinced about the message is not the goal. The goal is to accumulate knowledge and filter what we agree with so we can evolve as a conscience not limited by our physical needs and perception.

"Let everything be your Bible", what I understand about that is not to turn away from information, even if you think it's b.s, since in the end, when you redefine yourself, you make the choice to keep that information or not.

Black Scholar
9 years ago

Kymatica is one of the BEST Documentaries ever created. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

9 years ago

Truth is important for us to have meaningful life; if we live in an illusion created by a few to control us, our life is meaningless because we are not making decisions for ourselves. They made us believe that we do, but the decisions have already been made for all of us to fit their agenda. Search for truth about the world we live in is the first step for being a free thinker. This type of documentary work is instrumental to our quest for truth, growth, and freedom. Thank you.

9 years ago

What a load of utter tripe., shame I won't get that 80 minutes of my life back. A total bunch of pseudo science, new age type nonsense that does nothing but annoy and frustrate with its crazy claims. Its like an opinionated (and wrong) 6th formers media studies documentary. The bonkers conspiracy theoritsts may like it but anyone living in the real world will find it a joke. I actually feel embarrassed I watched it all.

9 years ago

I didnt quite get the point of this doco.. And felt a bit frustrated at the end. All the street philosophy posturing as deep obsevance on the processes of life and the poor (conscious and/or subconscious) choices we humans make. A lot of docos have this format with the sobre drone voice narating on top of a montage of relevant pictures and footage and a repetitive misterious soundrack to add gravity, but this was a mishmash of everything and nothing, without any real wisdom to offer. At least for me that is..

9 years ago

Great documentary. A must see which makes you think, especially if you have a good sense of moral. Though I don't agree on all the points and also I am not sure if there is a conspiracy to ensure the propagation of greed with commodities from 15th century. But one thing is for sure, greed is one of the main driving force in the modern world. Also it has become difficult for truth (if it exist) to have its day with all the bureaucracy and secrecy surrounding it.

But I feel we have blindly given the burden of the society to it's leader we elect and wash our hands at the issues we face rather than to take responsibilities. It feels like, its an easy escape route which is build into the system. Where the alternative is a huge climb and even a greater insurmountable task for the tipping point to be achieved to resolve any of key issues we face today.

I think that the key message of this documentary is the solution for the problems we face and it is no easy task to achieve it. Hence the point of this documentary is to spread this though, a message to look for a solution.

Also I am not sure on why is this labelled as mystery documentary? This should be in either society or philosophy category as the contents of this doco clearly relates to either one.

9 years ago

I, at one point, liked this "documentary", but have come to realize what a load of fecal matter it is. We as humans do not get to pick when we evolve, this movie does nothing but push, with some force, the New Age agenda. It vehemently advocates the ideology of monism, and looks to indoctrinate individuals into the New Age world view. While there is some good information that can be taken from this film, its main premise, that human beings suck, and because we suck our negative energy screws everything up, is utter non-sense. This type of useless fodder does nothing but confuse people, yet gives them the feeling that they have just had an epiphany. If you really want to wake up, stop relegating all your logic and reason to the realm of postmodern thought, where nothing is absolute, and everything is considered in relation to (often times) some unrelated subject. Life is not relative, there is such thing as absolute truth, this is what gives life meaning, modernist thought processes is where logic and reason should reside. Ignore any part of this film that does not expose how the ruling class elite have subjugated the majority of humanity. In the end this film advocates exactly what it preaches against, a one world system, where all is one, and we live in harmony. This is a tool that the elite uses to get you to accept their coming New World Order.

9 years ago

I have not heard such a load of bull **** in a single hour for a long time. Thanks for the reminder!

9 years ago

great documentary :)

9 years ago

actually that 95% brain things isnt true at all. just some old rumor

9 years ago

Dear Global Friends,

Today's morality in human beings has dropped extremely beyond recognition. Moral education is being separated from academic education. They should be inseparable. One must not be without the other, or else it is like NO education at all, is just like bubbles in the air, or to be worst, is like stepping back into the primitive ages of uncivilisation.

In fact, once upon a time, we all came from pure strong light energy. But due to our immoralities of greed, egoism, selfishness, lust and with strong attachment to this mundane world's illusive attractions, our strong light energy became weak and turned into so-called " soul "

Inorder, to return back to our original lost Eternal Pure-Land or Paradise, the messengers of the compassionate Supreme Almighty, through centuries had and still have come down to Earth to advise the worldly people to follow the Law of Nature or the Universal Law of Morality in building up or to strengthen our weak soul into powerful and pure light energy which can take us back to our eternal Pure-Land. But human beings choose to disbelieve and seem to go against the law of nature every now and then, by misinterpreting and misleading the Almighty's Holy Moral teachings., one claiming to be the superior or more correct than the others.

So, the wise just advises those who have the affinity to believe in these phrases......

" From light to darkness,
From darkness to light,
From light to light,
From darkness to darkness "

For those who have the affinity may get its deep meaning
to know the way "HOME" in Eternity.

Thank you for the sharing. Love to all beings

9 years ago

Dear Global Friends,

Yes, nearly more than 95 % of our brain potential is not fully
developed. In spiritual understanding, this 95% or more are covered by the immoralities of greed of all sorts, egoism, selfishness, jealousy, anger, hatred, discrimination, dishonesty, lies, falsehood, lust, craving too tightly for tangible and intangible issues of power, fame, love, happiness, sufferings, wealth, family, glamour and all worldly temptations and desires.

9 years ago

brilliant work !!! never confuse intelligence with education.

people must be taught how to think not what to think, the ones who know how to think will understand this, the ones who know what to think have no room for new information therefore will reject it.

why do you look for solutions outside yourself? don't you see the message? this film was filled with paths to solutions starting from yourself to humanity to the whole world.

its not about the miss-spelling or how imperfect or perfect this documentary was put together. be grateful someone has made it, for you and i, for everyone. Even to spark a light inside you it would have served its purpose.

it hurts me to see so much ignorance.

fenixrising1972 .
9 years ago

i just see a whole movie about problems with no suggestions for solutions

9 years ago

This is pointless manure.

Mark Talmont
10 years ago

This guy need to watch the one about Monsanto. Is the RoundUp stuff that kills the soil, pesticides causing mass beehive deaths, FrankenFish, plants that won't let you save the seeds.....all part of "evolution"? I want to see him lead a swim party off Fukushima.

Fae Daemon
10 years ago

Follow your own do not even take this documentary as an absolute truth. Interesting compilation of randomness I will have to look into some of the things he said. Of course some just made me raise my eyebrow at what he was saying.

10 years ago

oversimplified, often inaccurate, misinterpreted and poorly followed trough bundles of information designed to suspend critical reason rather than provoke it. If you don´t take it to seriously though, makes some valid points, however lost in the mess..

10 years ago

@theAnomaly... Ah what's the matter...something challenged your reality? Excellent documentary for people of the new age.

10 years ago

I certainly do not agree with all of it (your name is a corporation ??) however I believe we are evolving into deliberate creation ; we begin to understand that we are not victims of it all but makers of how it unfolds. We can be our own light and do not have to suffer our own thoughts, they are just a tool.

More and more of us know that. This evolution process is on its way.

10 years ago

Due to the documentary shown it shows how controversial people can be.
" Let the mind explore, let the mind be, do not limit yourself due to others limited minds."

10 years ago

Pseudoscience at it best.

10 years ago

This "documentary" is a laughable mess of confusion, poor logic, misinterpretation of medicine, physics (quantum mechanics) and cosmology, and rampant egocentrism.

10 years ago

Simply amazing. I would have to say that the majority of the comments posted here were inspired by false egos, and only serve to prove the accuracy of this brilliant film. Kind of ironic, I think. Lol!

10 years ago

All the quotes by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who is a dentist and publishes his so-called "scientific papers" in non-peer-reviewed journals, left me wondering how many of the other quotes were of the same low standard.

Additionally the lack of understanding of the systems of other countries; I am thinking of direct democratic, parlieamentary governement (which many people have no idea does not include England), and the mish-mash of pseudo-science, makes this video a waste of time!

10 years ago

Oh Gosh...this was a snore fest! I tried and tried to give it a chance but I kept nodding off. Even counter acted my 5-hr energy drink. At least I know how to put the kids to sleep now. Have them watch 5 minutes they'll be out cold!! T

10 years ago

I found the comments regarding human willingness to believe in almost anything to prevent awareness of our own individual shadow to be healing in its revelation.We project what we can not admit. We choose
not to take responsibility to do the dirty work of self-observation, so politicians and religious organizations do the work instead. Notice the results anyone?

I am often stunned by the obvious.

10 years ago


to Matty C and company, this doc is very abstract. it's the kind of thing you realize on your own, not in a book, or in a class, or on tv. not even on the internet. What they are talking about is within yourself to discover You don't need proof, you feel it!

10 years ago

Anyone who has done some deep thinking will understand this documentary. My opinion is that the creators of this doc did their best to explain in English something that is unexplained. Put simply "Consciousness is the universe observing it's self"! For what reason, nobody knows.

10 years ago

At the 3:50 mark, the narrator refers to fetal hair as "laguna." Seriously??? The proper term is lanugo. I will watch the rest of the docu to look for more glaringly obvious and laughable errors. I'm sure there will be plenty more after this one!

seamus watson
10 years ago

Another doc telling us we are stupid and useless. No point fighting back because it's all our own fault. Go lose your identity and be a drone.

10 years ago

The question is not does conciousness exist, but if higher conciousness does exist, why do humans insist it would be concerned about our realm of being? Herein lies the greatest human conceit and the main danger of religion. As long as we think we are going to be saved, through the force
of our thoughts, we do not take necessary steps to solve our own problems
and contribute to solving the serious problems facing our species survival.
People sitting around meditating, praying,chanting,affirming,filling themselves with good vibes...Ideology does not matter, behavior does.
join your local enviromental group.

10 years ago

Odd that some parts of this video repeat itself with no prompting to do so. Was that done on purpose?

Aj Haggerty
10 years ago

the world 100% tells you what is wrong with you but in no way at all whatsoever tells anybody ever how to "fix" it.

10 years ago

Hurray! No cgi dome villages, star trek replicators or bullet trains to the rescue! Great doc.

The presidential bloodline stuff was half baked and distracting, as was some of the ancient civilization stuff, but otherwise virtually devoid of cringe-inducing dumb bullsh1t. A very clear comment on our current predicament.

10 years ago

This doc is so good so far. I'm only half way through, but if they get to the end without mentioning 3D printers or geothermal energy or any of that other bullsh1t that the Zeitgeist movement loves so dearly, I'll be so impressed.

10 years ago

What the fork?

10 years ago

Dear Global Friends,
All the 5 great messengers of the Supreme Almighty are holding hands together in Heaven as ONE, by already spreading Universal Love and moral teachings in sharing and caring together as a civilised moral human being, but due to the ignorant of many disciples, cultivators and followers who still create differences, segregations, hatreds, jealousy, conflicts and even wars. Will the wise still follow the immoral foolish ones ? If not, then all lead an example of a FULL Stop.

10 years ago

Dear Global Friends,
The Great Dao or the Almighty Nature covers the whole spectrum of the Universe, be they living and non-living beings.

Religions are just moral teachings that are imparted to all human beings
to get their weak souls purified in moral cultivation inorder to get enlightened in returning to their original lost eternal Pureland. From this Pureland there is no right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral, etc, etc, totally no yin or yang or dualism and relativism. Purely eternal land of Paradise and happiness.

Believe it or not, let it be. Let one's wisdom decide.