The Last Duel

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The Last DuelAfter quarreling over a bank loan, two men took part in the last fatal duel staged on Scottish soil. BBC News's James Landale retraces the steps of his ancestor, who made that final challenge.

On 23 August 1826, two men met at dawn in a field just outside Kirkcaldy in southern Fife. Only one walked away alive. One was David Landale, a linen merchant and pillar of the community. The other was George Morgan, a soldier-turned-banker with a fiery temper.

The pair had quarreled over a bank loan, an argument that had led the banker to spread rumors about his client's creditworthiness. The merchant had in turn taken his accounts elsewhere and written a stiff letter of complaint to the Bank of Scotland headquarters in Edinburgh.

And that is where it would have stayed had not Morgan's temper got the better of him one morning when he struck Landale about the head with an umbrella in Kirkcaldy High Street.

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  1. arwen

    suprisingly delightful! i could not wait to find out how thing turned out! a really fun way to learn about the last duel in scotland

  2. Charles B.
  3. Charles B.

    Riviting! Really quite good.

  4. michael
  5. michael

    What a great story! "Providence ordained it" indeed!

  6. Chuck
  7. Chuck

    I was glued to the screen watching this story. Linen merchant and pillar of the community David Landale was so angry and upset at Bank of Scotland agent George Morgan's erroneous credit reporting and subsequent actions that he challenged the banker to a duel.

    Morgan's misleading reporting of Landale's finances is no different than what the three major credit bureaus do to honest, productive consumers today.

    Bring back the duel!

  8. adilrye
  9. adilrye

    Surprisingly entertaining. Loved seeing this final duel, the last gasp of a Medieval tradition in Britain.

  10. S de Vere
  11. S de Vere

    The book The Last Duel by Eric Jager used here with this video is not the same story. The book deals with a duel in Medieval France hundreds of years earlier. Sloppy and misleading to say the least

  12. albi
  13. albi

    Irony that their descendants marry and the families create a trading company. Fact stranger then fiction.

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