Leonardo: The Man Behind The Shroud?

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Leonardo: The Man Behind The Shroud?The Shroud of Turin: sacred Christian relic or clever fake? If it was created, it must have been by someone with extraordinary skills. The evidence points to one man, one of the greatest geniuses who has ever lived. Was Leonardo da Vinci the man behind the Shroud of Turin?

Worshiped by millions as the authentic burial cloth of Jesus, the Shroud of Turin is one of the most sacred and controversial relics of the Christian world. The image of Christ, believers say, was burned into the cloth fibers by the intense heat of resurrection. Behind the Cathedral that holds the Shroud, the Library of Palazzo Reale contains the self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.

What is the link between these two remarkable images?

This extraordinary film will weave together different threads of this puzzle. It explains the enormous significance of the Shroud, and the controversy over its authenticity that has raged in recent years following attempts at scientific study. And it asks the question: if it is a fake, who on earth would have had the ability to create it? - for the image on the Shroud is no ordinary painting.

Experts on the Shroud, on renaissance art, image analysis, forensic science, and crucifixion argue how this strange and mysterious image might have been created - or how it could not have been. Was it created photographically, in a camera obscura, was the image burnt on by pressing the cloth against a heated sculpture? Was it indeed painted, using a very sophisticated technique? Every method suggested points to the fact that the artist would have needed unique talents, and the film demonstrates that these talents were exhibited by one individual: Leonardo da Vinci - inventor, visionary, scientist, anatomist, artist and heretic.

Leonardo had not only the means to create the Shroud, he also had the motive. His was a life of facing challenges, of discovering the unknown, of pushing the boundaries... and of devising riddles and practical jokes. He also despised the excesses of the Catholic church - though he moved among the upper reaches of its hierarchy. Indeed, he was close to the Pope himself, through whom he was familiar with the Savoy royal family. And it was the Savoys who, significantly, owned the Shroud at the time a Papal blessing gave it its aura of authenticity.

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    Amir Bengali
  1. Amir Bengali

    Good Documentart...

  2. Tamara Beryl Latham
  3. Tamara Beryl Latham


    It has been scientifically proven both the Sudarium and the Shroud covered the body of Jesus. Both have AB- blood type and the blood wounds on both cloths line up exactly.

    Let it be known the Sudarium has been in Oviedo, Spain since the 8th Century, so the Shroud should date, at least, to that age. The fact that it didn't proved the Carbon 14 date was incorrect. The scientists now state the Carbon 14 date was wrong.

    DaVinci would have to have been the greatest magician that ever lived to have painted something that was introduced centuries before he was even born. For if he painted the Shroud, then he would have had to also have painted the Sudarium.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.



  4. coyote03
  5. coyote03

    Ridiculous is right Tamara! The claims you make (both cloths covered the body of Jesus) have not been scientifically proven, I'm not sure you even grasp what scientific proof is! Even if the cloth is much older then Renaissance period, that in no way confirms the blood on it is Jesus'. There is no scientific or historic proof that Jesus ever even existed, while historical figures like Julius Caesar can be confirmed and corroborated, Jesus cannot, there is as much proof that Hercules existed. It is also very easy to prove that a cloth being put over someone's face would not produce an exact likeness of that face as is seen on the shroud or sudarium, but rather the face would be far more distorted. Why is the shroud so important? Does it provide proof that Jesus was resurrected from the dead or was somehow divine?

    So you don't believe DaVinci could've created the shroud, but you do believe Jesus rose from the dead, floated up to the sky and disappeared? Well, resurrection can't be based on physical evidence, because resurrection is a physical impossibility. Only religious FAITH can sustain such a belief. Faith is all that backs up your ideas about Jesus.

    It sounds like you stand for something Tamara, but it also sounds like you'll fall for anything that satisfies your religious needs.

  6. Tamara
  7. Tamara

    Firstly, the image on the Shroud looks nothing like DaVinci. Notice the long narrow nose.

    How do you explain the "sign in the sky," taken by the Chandra telescope entitled "Hand of God." This image is from 1700 years ago.

    Now print out the Chandra telescope image and print out the facial image of the Shroud of Turin and compare closely. There is no doubt these are one and the same person. Notice the red "crown of stars" around the head of the Chandra image, which correlates to the "crown of thorns" on the Shroud image.

    Have you looked recently at all the new data from Scientists on the Shroud which states it probably does date to the time of Jesus. Take a look at the official Shroud of Turin website and you will note all the recent scientific tests that were done.

    With respect to falling for anything, I certainly don't fall for DaVinci creating the image when he lived after the Shroud and Sudarium were in existence.

    Sorry, I'm not drinking your Jim Jones Kool-Aid.



  8. David
  9. David

    I see the Bible bashers are you in force.

    Ahh, ignorance at its finest.

  10. Liquid
  11. Liquid

    Clips dont show up for me, any ideas on how to fix it?
    it like there not there, will try again tomoz i guess

  12. Ventliane
  13. Ventliane

    Yes, the Savoy family paid Leonardo to do it, Pope Leo X (born de Medici) gave his blessing. Isabella d'Este of Mantua ( cousin of both the Savoy and de Medici) sister of Beatrice d'Este of Milan (wife of Ludovico il Moro, patron of Leonardo for The Last Supper) was the mastermind behind it. Italian author Vittoria Haziel has proof of how Leonardo made the Turin Shroud. But it is not a a self portrait of Leonardo.

  14. Angel
  15. Angel

    Impossible, Derek!

    Isabel Piczek, a Particle Physicist, just proved my original theory that Jesus' body gave off so much radiation (light) that His image was imprinted on the Shroud.

    You may want to check out her "Event Horizon."

    One of the things she found scientifically is what I have stated all along, with respect to Jesus' image being imprinted on the Shroud at the time of resurrection, when His body emitted intense radiation (light).

    copyrights Pau 2-098-293 June 17, 1996
    Pau 3-141-023 August 13, 2007

    Trinity (3 separate or interchangeable entities under one Godhead)

    E = mc2
    where E = Energy,God (Father)
    m = mass, Jesus Christ (Son)
    c = speed of light, Holy Spirit (Mother)

    Plus, DaVinci was not around in the 8th century. The Sudarium was the head covering of Jesus and has been in Oviedo, Spain since the 8th century. All the blood spots on the Sudarium line up exactly with the Shroud of Turin, and both contain AB blood type.

    Although mistakes were made in the Carbon dating of the Shroud, the head covering was part of the burial cloth of Christ and has been around since the 700s in Spain. The Shroud should have dated, at least, to the 700s. DaVinci was not even born then.

    How is one able to paint the Shroud prior to being born? Now that's magic!



  16. tumuch
  17. tumuch

    Tamara..,.you are an idiot. The cloth si the correct age...but it was etched and proven to be by photographic means ...a sigle glass lense on silver oxide that was poured on the cloth.THATS BEEN PROVEN....also the diminesions are NOT of any person but they do match 3 different images. The head IS davinici as is mona lisa's head.....the front and backs are different hights on the cloth....HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU THINK HAD A DIFFERENT HEIGHT FRONT AND BACK? HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE A TINY HEAD AND AN ELONGATED BODY?/ Wake up you fools.....the savoy familiy made millions form this hoax. The first shroud was proven as a fake and was a painting...it dissapeared after savoys bought it....and then suddently many years later this new one appears..NICE!

  18. Angel
  19. Angel

    There is no reply button next to the comment made below by "tumuch." Yet, I will reply here to "tumuch's" comment.

    Firstly, personal attacks are indicative of a person who does not follow the teachings of Jesus. The probability that you are either an atheist, agnostic or just do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah, is fairly high.

    With respect to the head and elongated body image, Elizabeth Piczek, a Particle Physicist, has clearly shown the distortion of the image was the result of an "Event Horizon."

    This is the same comment made on Michael Burch's website.
    Are you Michael?



  20. James Naish
  21. James Naish

    Tamara, with all due respect, when you say that the "scientists now state that the C-14 date was wrong", can you please cite a reference to a peer-reviewed paper published either in a scientific journal or at a well-respected scientific conference? Don't have that, you can't back up your claim.

    Also, even if both the Shroud and the Sudarium had AB blood on (again, references?), you would not have proof that the blood on the two cloths was from the same person, let alone that it was from Jesus. On average, about 5% of the human population has an AB blood type - that's quite a large sample. So, to jump from a common blood type on two separate cloths to an inaccurate C-14 date is quite a big leap.

    That said, it seems to me that they need to do quite a lot of dot-connecting to arrive at the conclusion that Leo dunnit. The big question for me is this: given that Leonardo was a master of anatomy and took great pride in his study of the human body, is it conceivable that he would take so little care in creating the shroud as to overlook the various anatomical inaccuracies mentioned at the start of this documentary? Seems unlikely.

  22. James Naish
  23. James Naish

    I'm sorry Tamara, but lulz. You pick any time of any day and look at the sky and you're bound to find a cloud that looks like something recognisable. You could do the same for any arbitrary arrangement of patches of colour. You've surely done the Rorschach test at some point?

    Repeat this enough times with enough people, and sooner or later one of them is bound to see the face of Jesus, the hand of God, or some other religious image in what, in essence, is a randomly shaped blob.

    I saw an article in the local paper a year or so ago about a man who found the face of Jesus in his watermelon.

    So out of all of the hundreds of billions of photographs and images you could have considered, you managed to find one that you consider to correspond closely to the Shroud of Turin. This is neither a surprise, nor spectacular. It's just a coincidence. Only this, and nothing more.

  24. James Naish
  25. James Naish

    If you're going to criticise someone else for being an i***t, it would be nice if you at least made the effort to spell correctly and get your grammar correct.

    I have to say, it doesn't sound like you've put any of your own independent thought into this post beyond what you've learnt from this documentary.

    In any case, there are serious holes in the Da Vinci hypothesis. It's not a hypothesis that most of the scientific community takes too seriously, and when you look at the anatomical limitations of the image on the Shroud and compare that to Da Vinci's anatomical research, do you really think that such a master would get so lazy as to get the size of the head wrong?

    To me, the Shroud image looks like your average, run-of-the-mill, medieval statue of a saint; not remotely on a par with Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, for example.

  26. James Naish
  27. James Naish

    So only non-Christians are guilty of ad hominem?

    As for Piczek's theory - it's another example of a leap of reasoning that you just don't need to make to explain the phenomena you have in front of you.

    Her argument, in essence, is that the image on the shroud shows no signs of compression of the muscles, and that the shroud does not show the distortion that you would expect if the shroud were tightly wrapped around a person.

    You have to conclude, therefore, that the shroud was not wrapped around a body, and that the body was suspended in the air some how, with the back and front of the shroud stretched tight above and below the body.

    Piczek concludes from this that there can have been no gravity inside the shroud, and that the whole lot must have been suspended in the air.

    A far more likely conclusion than the temporary suspension of all normal laws of physics inside a cave in Jerusalem would be something like the following: a statue or sculpture is created and suspended in the air using, for example, a clamp; a frame is created to stretch the cloth tight above and below the sculpture; an appropriate technique is then used to transfer an image of the statue onto the shroud based on this set-up.

    There is no need to introduce exciting physical phenomena to explain what is, in essence, a somewhat unremarkable artefact.

  28. James Naish
  29. James Naish

    It's also worth noting that while Piczek does have a small number of peer-reviewed publications, these focus on specific technical analyses of the shroud. The scientific community has never accepted any publication of her event horizon theory.

  30. William Wallace
  31. William Wallace

    Y u no upload it in full movie!

  32. Kath
  33. Kath

    It's certainly interesting to speculate about his involvement, although I'm not sure that saying Leonardo COULD have done it really constitutes evidence. As they said, they have nothing to connect it with him personally.

    That said I fully believe it to be a painting because it is just not that realistic. The figure is stylised. People are always going on about how marvellous the realism and detail are and I just don't see it.

    I also think the fact that the image is flat and not wrapped is hugely telling. No distortion at all? No mess? No folds as it draped over him? It is as though the undertakers suspended the shroud above christ just to make sure they got a clear image...

  34. David Hlynsky
  35. David Hlynsky

    I am a photographer and artist with experience in a wide variety of image making technologies. I once made my own photo print emulsions and I can testify that my images were crude… much like what I see in images of the shroud.

    I have always been fascinated by this theory primarily because the shroud looks so much like a large negative made with a poor lens and a long exposure. I have also been fascinated that even as optics and photo-sensitive materials have been known for thousands of years, that it is only 200 years ago that the "first" photograph was made. It wouldn't surprise me at all that a Renaissance artist/scientist might have made primitive photographic images as novelties or hoaxes. It also doesn't surprise me that these crude images weren't presented as historic breakthroughs or competition to the masterful oil and fresco paintings of the day. A magician would want to keep a secret until it was ready for profit. Keeping the secret after the photo/shroud was made is also not surprising. There are many proprietary reasons to misdirect the paying audience.

    To say that the nose is a proximity, radiation bur and the lack of coloration under the chin (where the shroud was not in holy contact with Jesus's body) does not convince me of anything. Light emanating from a soft overhead skylight over many hours or days would so the same thing… make a highlight down the nose and a shadow under the chin.

    In the end though I think it's foolish to think that believers and non believers will ever switch sides. A true test might be to see if the stains contained immaculate conception DNA (without Joseph's DNA). The mitochondrial DNA would be Mary's and we could find potential living relatives. The male DNA would be from God (assuming He had DNA and was male).

    Getting a true sample of God's DNA?… there's got to be pretty penny in that. We could then clone God a few million times and solve the problems of the planet.

    But if the shroud contained no blood? Or if the blood contained lamb DNA? Or if God's blood was Italian. Or… or… I'll stop now. The blood tests will probably not happen because to express such doubt is irreverent.

    Moral behaviour and compassion are a better measure of faith and charity anyhow. The souvenirs won't fix the world.

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