Live Long Die Young

Live Long Die Young

2016, Health  -   8 Comments
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In research facilities across the globe, scientists have found a way to extend the life span of a typical laboratory mouse by up to 50%. Could the same result be made possible for humans? Live Long Die Young, produced by the Australia-based ABCTV Catalyst series, explores this intriguing proposition.

Which factors ultimately determine our longevity? The answer will likely surprise you, as current revelations in the science of aging fly in the face of much of what we've been told for decades. As illustrated in the film, researchers have conducted extensive studies on people who have reached or exceeded a hundred years of age. Each of these subjects differs in regards to lifestyle choices, and diet and exercise routines. In the end, a lifelong smoker or someone who rarely exercises may well defy common medical expectations and live to a ripe old age. Some are even afflicted with extremely rare diseases, but seem to remain protected from the most common causes of death. But how?

According to the experts interviewed in the film, the secret likely lies in their cellular code. Right now, they are hard at work trying to detect common variants in their DNA signatures which may help to explain why some push far past the average life expectancy of a westernized human while others do not. The same realm of research is being performed on animals as well. Collectively, their data may unlock of a new evolution in disease prevention.

Near the conclusion of the film, host Anja Taylor undergoes a five-day fast which may deliver profound life-enhancing and age-defying benefits. Consisting of soups, teas and extremely small portions, the plan is based on a series of laboratory experiments which have increased the life span of mice by 11%, and decreased their incidents of disease and inflammation. The effects of the fast on insulin and glucose production, weight loss and white blood cell counts are fascinating.

Fun and informative, Live Long Die Young makes the case for an area of study that implicates every living creature in the world. We will all die, but the tools to do so gracefully and without disease could well be within our reach.

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  1. Jeroen

    Some years ago I fasted for 10 days. The only thing I took was a 2 liter mixture of maple syrup with water, lemon juice and a tiny bit of cayenne pepper. The first few days were hard, after that it was easy.

    Besides the positive effects on my body, it amazed me how much time I was used to spend on food and eating. We are busy with food all day long; buying, preparing, cleaning, planning, thinking, etc.

    I really missed the taste, the chewing and the atmosphere of eating with others. And it was fun to realize that my thinking slowed down.

    After 10 days I felt fit, energized and ready to eat. 

    1. Jim W.

      An excellent description of the master cleanse. Well done. Would you please describe what you ate at the end of the cleanse for the first week.

  2. Goldie

    This is pure propaganda from the biggest money making disease (Diabetes) in America, courtesy of big pharma. If Metformin did anything they said it did, diabetics would be healed and live longer. As it turns out, the medicines never heal them and they die younger anyway. I wonder what other drug(s) they are going to say is good for us. I'm not buying this. And that 5 day regiment? Let's see how long she actually lives. And no, not just shorter of the species lives longer. Read the Blue Zones, or listen to Dr. Wallach.

  3. Maria

    This is super interesting, I can't fast though cause I'm hypoglycemic and short term wold not be sustainable, hopefully I'll live long though cause I'm short XD

  4. Francisco

    As mentioned superficially in this doc, the problem of this diet of low protein/glucose is for those who make sports regularly. I made this diet but when I jog twice a week or play tennis, it's harder to run. Shall I give up of running ? Maybe simply walk ? I've 57 y.o. and run all my life since a kid and that's a difficult choice.

  5. john smith

    Not sure, but did something similar in Koh Samui, Thailand some years ago.
    No food at all for five days. To tell you the truth, they gave you a purple soup to drink at 7am each day and then you were sick.It's very very hard to do this, after 3 days you feel like hell.I wouldn't suggest it.Just fast for 24 hours each week, it's much more manageable.

  6. Pankaj

    What is the "program name" or "supplement names" which Anja Taylor undergoes for five-day fasting diet??? All i could understood was Anja Taylor went for a five-day fast consisting of soups, teas and extremely small portions. What are those soups and teas which i can try? Anyone has any idea?

    1. tony

      see details on Catalyst website