Living Plain

Living Plain

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The Lancaster, Pennsylvania Plain Community, consisting of Amish and Mennonites, has preserved its traditions and simple way of life for centuries, emphasizing faith and strong community bonds. The community practices adult baptism, symbolizing a lifelong commitment to their faith and each other. They use horse-drawn buggies to limit travel and foster reliance on their community. Their avoidance of modern technology, such as electricity, helps them maintain humility and connection to their beliefs.

Despite misconceptions, the Plain Community has various divisions and affiliations, such as conservative Amish and more progressive Mennonites. Their commitment to simplicity is reflected in sustainable practices, like the adoption of solar energy. They value forgiveness and non-violence, evident in their response to the Nickel Mines school shooting in 2006, where they showed compassion to the perpetrator's family.

They adhere to traditional clothing, gender roles, and large families, with divorce being uncommon. Education is limited to eighth grade, as higher education can expose children to worldly influences. Modernization, tourism, and alternative industries have presented challenges to their traditional way of life.

The Plain Community's resilience lies in its unity, commitment to tradition, and ability to adapt to modern influences while preserving its values. As they navigate modernity, they remain steadfast in their identity and faith, striking a balance between preserving their traditions and adapting to changing times. The strength of their community bonds and adherence to faith continue to define their unique and enduring lifestyle.

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