Loose Change

Loose Change

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Loose Change, Final CutThe original Loose Change and Loose Change 2nd Edition have been viewed at least 50 million times over the Internet, making it one of the most watched movies in history, but the Final Cut goes above and beyond, making it not simply the third in a trilogy but a completely new film with oodles of unseen footage, commentary, interviews and eyewitness testimony.

In an effort to be the catalyst for a new independent investigation of 9/11, the film features new and exclusive interviews with firefighters, EMT's, first responders and other officials who were all eyewitnesses to multiple secondary explosions in the twin towers and around the ground zero area.

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Roger Andout
7 years ago

I just love a free-speech internet. Desiderata quotes "listen to the dull and ignorant... they too have their story", or some such

Bob Guzauskas
7 years ago

"Loose Change" was produced by people with loose screws and political motives. It is total rubbish.

8 years ago

Oops it wasn't SEVEN times but you get my point :-)

8 years ago

I agree with @kayaker and @pyrrhus

I also think @goughlewis quote is hilarious.... rude.... but also hilarious "Everyone is entitled to be stupid but he is abusing the privilege" LMAO

Our US government's Warren Commission gave us "The Magic Bullet Theory" to explain how one bullet could enter a body SEVEN times to explain the death of President John F Kennedy

I have yet to meet someone who believes that theory. So if we can agree that the government is capable of cover ups then...perhaps we can agree that we have not been told the whole truth about 9/11. I would just say let's all keep an open mind ....always.


9 years ago

The time will come when the truth is in the light and the hangman and firing squads will go after those who have ... invented a bunch of lying bulls*it conspiracy theories to make money from national tragedy.

A. A. Arsenault
9 years ago

The time will come when the truth is in the light and the hangman and firing squads will go after those who have betrayed the American people. May god have mercy on their soles for the people will not!

michael golia
10 years ago

i knew the air was bad thats why i never went down there , now so many fireman are suffering , and recently they just found even more remains downtown , thermite has been found in the dust , where did it come from , bld 7 was always a mystery to how it fell and it still is , it like the kennedy assination 25 years later congress finally had to admit there was more than one shooter , always remember folks WAR makes money thats why they are contribed ............

10 years ago

3 educated and savvy JUVENILES make a documentary with little to no scientific evidence which feeds the hysteria and paranoia of loosely hinged individuals. Its a success and they milk the hell out of it by making 2 more revisions as most of their claims are proven to be bunk. Hell I couldn't make this crap up if I tried. I'm sure these guys are laughing all the way to the bank. There story is like shifting sands in a desert as each of their claims get debunked. The rest of the world watches with amusement more than anything at the level of intellect which would entertain that 9/11 was anything other than a well co-ordinated terrorist attack. But I guess if they were not obsessing over this they would probably be scientologists

10 years ago

How could a b52 crash into the empire state building in 1945 if the first one flew in 52?
It's fun making up theories ain't it

10 years ago

When we are hooked on the drug of GOD FLAG AND COUNTRY it is impossible to see nothing but blind blissful goodness. Anyone questioning that is from now on going to be called un-American. The blind good little sheep method is not easy to break away from, you first have to realize that just because " it's our country " doesn't means its all good. And all good blind little sheep won't even look at any evedence they take the so called leaders word for it. Blind faith equals blind injustice.

10 years ago

I don't understand why it is considered "un-American" to question the 9/11 attacks, when obviously there are too many discrepancies with the story to count. In my opinion, to be a "good citizen" we should keep our government in check and be allowed to hold them accountable when there has been an issue that affects our lives in so many ways, like the attacks on 9/11. Power without accountability leads to chaos. We need a non bias investigation of the events that have created so many conspiracy theories... if that's even possible. If the government doesn't have any secrets to hide and everything that the mainstream media has told us is true then our government should be the first to make sure such an investigation took place to clear the air of any questions and to earn back the trust of so many Americans who believe that this was an "inside job" I just want some simple answers to some simple questions and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

Tania Dewitt
10 years ago

wow that is definitly a way to get the people stirred up.we already think the u.s. government is corrupt and this is a way for them to have population control

11 years ago

lol....reports made by the so called experts hired and pay by the u.s government...=))

what do you expect batvette???...to tell you those "experts" pay by the government,that they have doubts or to tell you what the government want???

11 years ago

If you honestly believe the official story of 9/11, just explain ONE thing to me and I'll believe you. World Trade Center 7.

11 years ago

My God,you Yanks really ,you can not be that thick,that stupid.You should be concerned with the family's pain and suffering for there loss which all so has turned their lives into a living hell which in turn makes them victims.You must be the only people,nation which cant see whats right in front of you.If your government was not so bloody dangerous your gullibility would be hilarious.Your not scientologists are you,idiots.

11 years ago

this film is 100% correct... if you disagree, you're either an id**t or you're working for them.

11 years ago

This documentary and several others has convinced me to dismiss completely the "official" version of what happened on 9/11. Also, it should come as no surprise that the purpose of mainstream media is to misinform; instruct people to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

11 years ago

George Shsssss,Dumbasfelt ,Chaney and Rice et al tell the truth.

11 years ago

Took me awhile, but I read all the comments. I conclude, none of you will have the answers you seek no matter what your stance. NEVER will the truth be found. Its not in any doc, youtube video or even one mans hand. Conspiracy will follow this event forever. If I was a man working for a company contracted to do work in the towers, days, weeks, months prior, never would I admit it to the possibility that I may have had a hand in this event. Everyone would want me too, but all for different reasons. And the result of me coming forward would change nothing at this point. People will still believe what they want, and I would probably be murdered.

I am in no way saying "let it go", fight for answers. But realize, the controversy will out live all of us.

11 years ago

Removing this documentary means only one thing. They are getting scared!
Ye true Patriots, keep doing your thing.

11 years ago

EXPLAIN W T C 7 demolition=inside job.period..WAKE UP wikipedia is run by the LYING media that hides the TRUTH....BUSH and CHEYNE are guilty of MURDER ..with the rest of the main stream media....DEBUNK WTC 7.....DEMO=INSIDE JOB!!

John Briody
11 years ago

Americns,so gullabel,so LOST,so stupid,Bless.

11 years ago

This film is propaganda, misleading information, cut n run journalism and set up editing abound. There are PLENTY of documentaries out there from credible organizations that thoroughly debunk Avery's flick. He even admitted in a couple press releases that it was for pure shock value and none of it is really factual, just re-edits and voice overs to make it seem so.

Just wikipedia it, really...

11 years ago

I don't know the truth of what happened on 9/11 but what I do believe is that what we have been told by the government is 100% not the truth.

11 years ago

Can the admin of this site please set up some sort of "Five Star" system for voting on videos because most of the comments below these movies on this site are not very informative.

Simple stuff, one star is a bad documentary and a five is spectacular.

Pretty please:)

I'm a regular topdoc visitor.

11 years ago

My compliments, now hope to see dear George not hanging like Judas, with dignity from his neck, but you shall be hanging from your ballls, or striked in your Texan electric chair, asvell conected to your balls. You are a bad lier, your forhead lets everybody know. Watch the doc FACES and you'll know

11 years ago

@Sparky, I am proud that you realize that it is your generation, same as my parents, 55 less or more who is in charge of the financial debt crisis and terrible acts against U.S. citizens' liberties and freedoms as well as those of others in other countries. But I can assure you, the real is on the rise for our youth. I know without a doubt that young people like myself are assuredly going to be the future eminent revolution. @Margaret, a conspiracy or collusion is an agreement between two or more parties to deprive a third party of legal rights or deceive a third party to obtain an illegal objective. Now what about the truth? The hard facts are there in plain view. It is up to the viewer whether or not he or she sees a conspiracy or true facts, some hidden or not. Question everything. Unlimited thoughts.

12 years ago

The most disturbing realization to me, at 55yrs old, is, that its my generation that is sending our sons and daughters to these wars, even though it is MY generation that cut its teeth in Dallas, Memphis and L.A. and became men and woman finding truths about Nixon and Watergate. Being a voice that brought our older brothers and his friends back from the money pit that was Vietnam. "where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you...." Where have YOU gone people, you don't remember anymore? If it looks like it smells and it resides at the rear of a horned beast, you can bet the farm, its BULLSHIT!!!

Margaret Hall
12 years ago

It's not a conspiracy film, so conspiracy haters have nothing to go on when voicing an opinion of this film. Why ? Because this film asks ONLY for answers to the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. The producers aren't blaming any one person... all they want are what we all want; an undeniably truthful explanation.
I am certain, now more than ever, that that will never happen. Because any one person with a vested interest in any illegal operation will lie and back up that lie with their last breath to keep the truth from surfacing.
If our own U.S. government was not in any way involved; then why the deceptive and misleading answers.
My husband has denied me any agreement that there ARE unanswered questions regarding 9/11... after watching this film, I just asked him if he would watch it with an open mind because it's not like other conspiracy films (like I said, it's not a conspiracy film anyway), in that it simply asks for answers to questions that are still out there. He said he would watch it...
David, if you did watch it, then you'll probably read some of these commments...
Now... be honest..babe... do you see where my own uncertainty comes from?

12 years ago

I nearly bought into the official version of 911 and the unofficial dismissal of its critics, such as by the CBC's normally reputable "5th estate" just this past week -- until I watched this brilliant, detailed and very provocative documentary. The others look like a product of Walt Disney in comparison.

12 years ago

after a crime takes place, the first thing to establish is "who benefits from the act". How about 2.8 billion dollars for an insider insurance modification on his lease, just prior to the attacks.... No investigation, no arrest or or jail term. The man gets a brand new building with 90 years more lease.... oh yes and did I forget: No Asbestos! Wake up America..... follow the dots. This is the biggest LIE that has ever taken place since Pearl Harbour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago

@Yannick Dierens

I just want to say that you don't have to believe the "government CAUSED 9/11" for this to qualify as a false flag operation, especially when you use this as a means to justify the argument:

"It is a disgrace that so many people believe 9/11 was set up by the government.
The explanation is simple: it would be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to pull that off and leave no trace. And by trace I mean a real evidence that it was in fact a set up, not some outrageous claim which doesn't make sense."

...I say this because the much more probable possibility is that the government simply ALLOWED this to happen after receiving plenty of intel that would have made it possible to stop the attacks, not necessarily from happening, but from reaching their targets and compounding into the eventual collapse of the buildings. The difference in the complication involved with keeping a military secret a secret and actually planning and carrying out this attack is night and day. The only slap in the face to the victims should be the utter disregard that the few american (visa vie, world) elites have for average citizens. It was an AVOIDABLE TRAGEDY, that our government used as a golden opportunity for a hands-clean false-flag op.

12 years ago

The explosions in the basement and the 2000c+ puddles of moton steel that the thermal photography showed...... Thermite???? lots of it???? enough to weaken the strong points of both the towers and indeed the building 7. The secret services hideyhole where hundereds of top secret investiagtions were closed after its demise.....

C'mon, Someones running free here, The people aint stupid and they deserve justice.... If there is such a thing in the world our govenments have stuck us in.

12 years ago

After first watching this Documentary and then reading comments posted by other viewers I think it's a crying shame how many still believe that this film is nothing more than lies. You, Like I can plainly see and hear the cover-ups left and right. We can also see and hear the outrage of regular Americans who want answers and have still been refused them. I believe those who see this and hear this and who STILL believe this is NOT a cover-up on behalf of OUR Government are the same individuals who voted for G.W. Bush and will defend him and his administration till the day they die. Go ahead defend him all you want. But it cannot and will not erase the pain and suffering HE and HIS people have caused the American People. Because of him OUR Country and OUR Lives have been put on hold and we are living in a time where NOTHING will change until HE and HIS administration are held accountable for their actions. There is nothing in this film that was not already seen and heard on Radio and TV and YET STILL you people refuse to see and hear it for what it truly is A COVER-UP!
G.W BUSH the worst President in American History will one have to account for ALL he had done in his lifetime. But WE will not witness his judgement. Thats GOD'S department. May God have Mercy on his soul!

12 years ago

If 9/11 was an inside job then it is by far the best kept secretin the history of the American Government, how they kept the 100's if not 1000's involved quite without a single leak is just astounding. Especially considering the incompetence of those leaders involved.

I don't know about you guys, but when I think about that, the conspiracies become fiction on a cartoonish level.

12 years ago

@ Yannick Dierens
"This stuff just upsets me, so I become a little emotional about it sometimes."

We all of us become a little emotional about 'it' sometimes.

I certainly do.

Forget that crummy documentary.


Turn the sound OFF. And concentrate just on the footage of the three collapsing buildings, WTC buildings 1,2, and 7, then tell me their collapses were not due to controlled demolitions.

I have no theory(repeat: I have NO theory) as to who, how, or why.

Just look at the footage.

Look at the footage ? sound OFF ? from several documentaries. Forget
about everything but the actual footage of those three buildings going
down. And consider, please, the following:

Newtonian Mechanics dictates that the free-fall collapses of World Trade
Center buildings 1, 2, & 7, were each the result of controlled demolition.


F = ma, where a ? 32'/sec²
F(due to gravity) = G[mM?r²] ? T(for WTC bldg's1&2) ? 10 sec.

~ Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)
ACTUAL time of collapse, T ? 13 sec.

And the USA PATRIOT Act was ready and waiting long before 9/11.
Consider the following:

The USA PATRIOT Act, at 342 pages, consisting of 156 separate sections,
under 10 discrete titles, covering 350 subject areas involving 40 different
federal agencies, was written within the three week period prior to its intro-duction to Congress, on Oct 2, 2001, at the average calculated rate of 16
pages per day. During the ensuing 3 weeks, subsequent to its introduction
to Congress, while the act was being read and debated, a series of anthrax letters was sent to news anchors, leading Democratic Senators, and to the Supreme Court. The bill was then passed by both houses of Congress. Then,
on Oct 26, 2001, 45 days subsequent to the controlled demolitions, the USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time,
and your government when it deserves it.

~ Mark Twain


12 years ago

Even after 10 years, one third of Americans believe 911 was a false flag op.

12 years ago

You guys are the RETARDS! What will it take for you to WAKE UP! wake up! You only believe what you want to believe, not what is true! Do you think i want to believe the government is against us! I do not want to believe this but I do, why? because its reality.

wake up!!

12 years ago

I only came here to say to all you conspiracy believing RETARDS that this fictional movie is nothing less than an attention seeking effort of some kids who need to get a life. It is a disgrace that so many people believe 9/11 was set up by the government.
The explanation is simple: it would be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to pull that off and leave no trace. And by trace I mean a real evidence that it was in fact a set up, not some outrageous claim which doesn't make sense.

Having said that, the real evidence on the actual events of that day are clear: it was a terrorist attack. But sadly some people just don't want to listen.

The reason I get upset with 9/11 conspiracists is that it's a slap in the face for people who lost friends and family on that day, or all others who were just horrified by the events. With all these claims made it just got worse for a lot of people to deal with their mourning process. Besides, possibly no one of them buys your shit, because they are usually better informed about the events.

To the owners of this site, if they happen to read my comment, I would like to say that I don't really like that this film is on your site. Usually, there are good documentaries to watch here. But this can't even be considered a documentary, it's pure fiction which is not so implicitly claimed to be fact. I think you should have at least some quality standards on what videos are linked on your webpage.

12 years ago

watch the german movie about False Flag operations.

12 years ago

This film is sponsored by the attackers! Remember if it doesnt mention Israel It is bologna.Why would they do this? BC when all the evidence is building up against you confusion and saturation are your friend.

Nick Cerce
12 years ago

all 9/11 debunkers have been debunked so why is there still an argument? it was an inside job thats a fact so get over defending a government that could give to shits about you

12 years ago

Leave Jamie boy alone. One of us would have to kiss him to wake him from his dream, as the truth obviously can't.
As oddsr said, just ignore him. What evidence does he have "There are many false claims made in the videos I don't have time to go through them all but if you click on the links I posted about Molten steel you will find a very long list. " and that the " film makes fabricated most evidence" ok, so they fabricated the evidence they show as the 9/11 report, satellite images, first eye witness accounts, etc. Oh wait, the government used those... Dont listen to this kid.

Bevin Chu
12 years ago

More and more people are coming around to the view that 9/11 was an inside job.


Not because we are looney fringe nut jobs like the Mel Gibson character in movie "Conspiracy Theory," but because we are like the little boy who cannot deny the evidence before our own eyes -- the Emperor has no clothes.

For the record, the looney fringe nut job in "Conspiracy Theory" turned out to be right.

12 years ago

Seriously James,

Your comments in ALL topics are complete trolls. You need to start arguing based upon facts instead of the lame points that make up your responses. In another post, I personally asked you to address a issue, from ground zero that was reported in main stream media, denied by NIST and completely ignored by the 911 commission report.

You instead chose to ramble on about nothing in particular and everything about how you had the inside scoop.

Until I see a cohesive argument. I will call you Mr. Popular Mechanics, nee NIST.

I will also ignore you.

12 years ago

It's pretty obvious to me that all the 'truthers' out there don't seem to understand the simple fact that there are a LOT of questions...unanswered questions. There is no 'smoking gun' as they seem to think all conspiracies try to show, but a large amount of information that just doesn't make logical sense to any educated person. I will say it again...logical sense. People never want to believe that their gov't or people in it would be capable of having any part in something like this. I know I don't want to believe it. Still, there are way too many questions that no one is willing to at least even TRY to answer. No answer is not by any means a guilty verdict, but it's also not an innocent one. In fact, it actually makes the guilty verdict seem to carry more weight. Yes I know, that is not how 'justice' is supposed to work here, but let's be honest with each other for once...this IS how justice works every day...in courts with people like you and me sitting on juries. Reasonable doubt? Think about that term for a minute. Can anyone out there actually admit there is not the slightest bit of reasonable doubt about all of this? Anyone??? We will never know the truth here, we can only accept what we are told. Told by the commission and told by the media. We just simply need to ignore all the other people that were there that day hearing explosions in the buildings and seeing lobbies and basements blown all to hell. Yeah...all of those people must have been in shock and delusional. That must be it.

12 years ago

Nothing odd there, in fact someone looked into the stock market trading on AA, and found out several times that year the same thing happened with put options when AA lost it's value, and that the trends showed the same thing was going to happen even if the attacks had not have taken place. A put option is a gamble on stocks that are expected to take a dive. This was going to happen anyway.

Wild Willie
12 years ago

What about the "Put-Opition" on all the airline stocks. There was millions made there.Or the insurance poilcy that was taken out on TWTC. That had a clause about a terrorist attack with a plane hitting the towers. I am just so happy people are taking notice to what these insane tryants are doing. The new "BOSS" looks alot like the old one.

12 years ago

maybe it's just cuz you guys are up there, and we're all down here, but i've always had a soft spot for canada. seems so (i don't know)... 'wholesome', comparatively speaking :)

12 years ago

Bush and his "buddy's" should be put on a plane and blasted into space! What a slap in the face for the american people!!! Same gov that gave you the magic bullet theory!!
Wake up americans!!
p.s..... pyrrhus... is it really that crazy??? crazy as the bullet theory... someone had to put this confused/physic defing attack into motion..
wow glad i dont have to believe the american gov.... just the canadian gov which is just as bad.. but not really!!