Loose Change

Loose Change

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Loose Change, Final CutThe original Loose Change and Loose Change 2nd Edition have been viewed at least 50 million times over the Internet, making it one of the most watched movies in history, but the Final Cut goes above and beyond, making it not simply the third in a trilogy but a completely new film with oodles of unseen footage, commentary, interviews and eyewitness testimony.

In an effort to be the catalyst for a new independent investigation of 9/11, the film features new and exclusive interviews with firefighters, EMT's, first responders and other officials who were all eyewitnesses to multiple secondary explosions in the twin towers and around the ground zero area.

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  1. I just love a free-speech internet. Desiderata quotes "listen to the dull and ignorant... they too have their story", or some such

  2. "Loose Change" was produced by people with loose screws and political motives. It is total rubbish.

    1. You’re beyond ignorant and have your head in the sand if you cannot sed that the criminals in the Bush Administration and a whole lot of bad actors executed 9/11. Total inside job by Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc. Every one of them psychopaths that should be rotting in prison.

  3. Oops it wasn't SEVEN times but you get my point :-)

  4. I agree with @kayaker and @pyrrhus

    I also think @goughlewis quote is hilarious.... rude.... but also hilarious "Everyone is entitled to be stupid but he is abusing the privilege" LMAO

    Our US government's Warren Commission gave us "The Magic Bullet Theory" to explain how one bullet could enter a body SEVEN times to explain the death of President John F Kennedy

    I have yet to meet someone who believes that theory. So if we can agree that the government is capable of cover ups then...perhaps we can agree that we have not been told the whole truth about 9/11. I would just say let's all keep an open mind ....always.


  5. The time will come when the truth is in the light and the hangman and firing squads will go after those who have ... invented a bunch of lying bulls*it conspiracy theories to make money from national tragedy.

    1. Or expose the real truth to people like yourself, it’s not easy to see the truth because of the lies we’ve been fed

  6. The time will come when the truth is in the light and the hangman and firing squads will go after those who have betrayed the American people. May god have mercy on their soles for the people will not!

    1. Nothing worse than a conspiracy theorist who can't spell

  7. i knew the air was bad thats why i never went down there , now so many fireman are suffering , and recently they just found even more remains downtown , thermite has been found in the dust , where did it come from , bld 7 was always a mystery to how it fell and it still is , it like the kennedy assination 25 years later congress finally had to admit there was more than one shooter , always remember folks WAR makes money thats why they are contribed ............

  8. 3 educated and savvy JUVENILES make a documentary with little to no scientific evidence which feeds the hysteria and paranoia of loosely hinged individuals. Its a success and they milk the hell out of it by making 2 more revisions as most of their claims are proven to be bunk. Hell I couldn't make this crap up if I tried. I'm sure these guys are laughing all the way to the bank. There story is like shifting sands in a desert as each of their claims get debunked. The rest of the world watches with amusement more than anything at the level of intellect which would entertain that 9/11 was anything other than a well co-ordinated terrorist attack. But I guess if they were not obsessing over this they would probably be scientologists

    1. It's a free movie you id!0t. Most of their claims are proven to bunk?.. Proven by who, where?.. Wich of the claims do you disagree with?... Have you even seen the documentaries?...or like many square heads don't care to see them because you don't believe in conspiracy theories..

      And please TRY to explain why WTC 7 fell... (and at free fall speed) ...if you can because no on else can. As an architect I can tell you WTC 7 is the ultimate proof that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      "Conspiracy theory"?... how does "Conspiracy proof" sound.

    2. Self proclaimed "architect" proves conspiracy theory. Umm we will be reading that.....NEVER!

  9. How could a b52 crash into the empire state building in 1945 if the first one flew in 52?
    It's fun making up theories ain't it

    1. Making up facts happens quite a bit is how CT . September Clues claims that the government used JASSM missiles to attack the towers and the pentagon. The problem is, JASSM during it's developmental stage was very problematic, there were 4 failed tests between 2002-2003. Why would they use a missile that at the time was about a year old and unproven... Not to mention it also claimed that every video (news and amateur) is a fake and they had super imposed a jet over the missile before releasing video.

    2. it was a b25 bomber, not a b52

    3. ..it was a B-25, dolt!

    4. bc it was really a B-25 first flight 1940? Not funny at all but proves the stupidity of conspiracy theorists. They erode reality where there could be real conspiracy as does the above skunkumentary.

  10. When we are hooked on the drug of GOD FLAG AND COUNTRY it is impossible to see nothing but blind blissful goodness. Anyone questioning that is from now on going to be called un-American. The blind good little sheep method is not easy to break away from, you first have to realize that just because " it's our country " doesn't means its all good. And all good blind little sheep won't even look at any evedence they take the so called leaders word for it. Blind faith equals blind injustice.

    1. You do realize that a fundamental symptom of paranoid delusions is the arrogant notion that anyone who does not share your beliefs must be less courageous, lower in morals, and less intelligent than yourself?
      The 95% of the country who does not believe the government performed a controlled demolition of the WTC are not "blind sheep".
      You're just wrong.
      We looked at your "evidence". It wasn't.

    2. @batvette....you a d*mb *** that knows absolutely nothing....b*tch be gone

  11. I don't understand why it is considered "un-American" to question the 9/11 attacks, when obviously there are too many discrepancies with the story to count. In my opinion, to be a "good citizen" we should keep our government in check and be allowed to hold them accountable when there has been an issue that affects our lives in so many ways, like the attacks on 9/11. Power without accountability leads to chaos. We need a non bias investigation of the events that have created so many conspiracy theories... if that's even possible. If the government doesn't have any secrets to hide and everything that the mainstream media has told us is true then our government should be the first to make sure such an investigation took place to clear the air of any questions and to earn back the trust of so many Americans who believe that this was an "inside job" I just want some simple answers to some simple questions and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

    1. " I just want some simple answers to some simple questions and i'm sure i'm not the only one."

      I'm pretty sure the answers to them are already out there if they were valid questions and you looked.

  12. wow that is definitly a way to get the people stirred up.we already think the u.s. government is corrupt and this is a way for them to have population control

  13. lol....reports made by the so called experts hired and pay by the u.s government...=))

    what do you expect batvette???...to tell you those "experts" pay by the government,that they have doubts or to tell you what the government want???

  14. If you honestly believe the official story of 9/11, just explain ONE thing to me and I'll believe you. World Trade Center 7.

    1. Plenty of reports exist with full explanations, it sounds like you are using your own ignorance as evidence to convince yourself.
      Like "I don't know how an internal combustion engine works, therefore I don't believe my car is a form of transportation".

    2. I have to admit when I first heard of any conspiracy about 9/11 I started to look into it as well. The problem with all these conspiracys is, if you look hard enough you will find what your looking for. Just ask the first conspiracy m*rons that had youtube full of 'orbs that attacked the trade center'. Yes orbs and yes millions of m*rons believed that crap. Hell even now when I look at the original footage, some of the reflections remind me of the s*upid orb concept. Only instead of seeing orbs now, I see the sun reflecting off of windows and steel. I cant possibly tell you what happened to tower 7. Better yet, nobody on the planet earth can tell you Harleigh. If you really look into tower 7 like I did, you will hear the following:
      1. There where large UFO'S attacking from the east of bldg 7. (abc news interview with 3 people just after the tower 7 fell)
      2. The blacks did it. (firefighter from ny stopped while running from the tower just after it fell)
      3. I saw 14 cruise missles hit bldg 7. (interviews from 5 people just 100ft from where the bldg7 fell)
      I could go on you know!
      I know this doesnt help you with your issues on bldg 7. And to this day I still wonder what could have happened. You see the problem is people see and believe what they want to. If this pathetic video alone doesnt tell you then ??? Now more than ever I see that people are sick inside and have mental problems. As I type this there are at least 1700 videos available on how the Sandy Hook murders really took place. Again, if your looking hard enough for something, youll find it everytime. So what happened on 9/11? We were attacked on multiple levels. I dont believe this government had anything to do with it. The story lines are pathetic. Take flight 93 as an example. What they dont show you in this video is that 200ft from where they show you the 'small damage', you would see all the plane debree including the engines. The coroner they quote as not having seen any bodies is a complete lie. Those are not his quotes at all, he said there were so many body parts that he believed the official count exactly. Last time I will say it, look hard enough and you will find it. Very sad that men and women have enough time on their hands to create these hoaxes and lies to create more conspiracy. Then you never seem to know what is really true. Sound about right, yep I thought so...

    3. That's funny, the only thing I heard so far is fire from building 1 and 2 debris, or controlled demolition. You sure you weren't looking for UFO'S, Blacks, or cruise missles

    4. Buildings 1, 2, and 7 were not the only buildings to sustain damage and collapse, builds 2, 3, 4, and 5 either collapsed or sustained damage. There are plenty of satellite photos, unless you believe everything is fake except for this documentary.

  15. My God,you Yanks really ,you can not be that thick,that stupid.You should be concerned with the family's pain and suffering for there loss which all so has turned their lives into a living hell which in turn makes them victims.You must be the only people,nation which cant see whats right in front of you.If your government was not so bloody dangerous your gullibility would be hilarious.Your not scientologists are you,idiots.

    1. We're idiots who have the capability of using correct grammar. And what about the London Bombings? I don't see the British people rising up over their government looking for the truth. We're all in this together and we're all confused, but bashing nations isn't going to solve the problem. We're all humans struggling with the battle between our inner animals and inner pacifists. But that's not to say we have no control. Bottom line, don't be a prick and bash people you've never met. Chances are you're just as misled, although you would like to believe otherwise, just like the rest of us.

  16. this film is 100% correct... if you disagree, you're either an id**t or you're working for them.

  17. This documentary and several others has convinced me to dismiss completely the "official" version of what happened on 9/11. Also, it should come as no surprise that the purpose of mainstream media is to misinform; instruct people to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  18. George Shsssss,Dumbasfelt ,Chaney and Rice et al tell the truth.

  19. Took me awhile, but I read all the comments. I conclude, none of you will have the answers you seek no matter what your stance. NEVER will the truth be found. Its not in any doc, youtube video or even one mans hand. Conspiracy will follow this event forever. If I was a man working for a company contracted to do work in the towers, days, weeks, months prior, never would I admit it to the possibility that I may have had a hand in this event. Everyone would want me too, but all for different reasons. And the result of me coming forward would change nothing at this point. People will still believe what they want, and I would probably be murdered.

    I am in no way saying "let it go", fight for answers. But realize, the controversy will out live all of us.

  20. Removing this documentary means only one thing. They are getting scared!
    Ye true Patriots, keep doing your thing.

    1. "they are getting scared" yeah right more than ten years after the event there still is not an iota of evidence to support any of the ideology fueled, outrageous conspiracy theories that Americans did this crime to themselves just to get rich invading middle east countries.
      Many people in this world have been looking for excuses to topple the king of the mountain, that's the way humanity works. Telling them we did this gives them all the moral validation to bury us economically, and every other way they can think of. (never mind giving Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters moral support to continue fighting our troops!)So when you look around and see homeless and jobless people, and lament the lost fortunes of a once proud nation, you conspiracy theorists can pat yourselves on the back for being a significant part of it.
      You're like a passenger on a liferaft we're all adrift at sea on, and you're in the corner dumping all the drinking water overboard and stabbing at the fabric with an ice pick. It's getting pretty old now, sooner or later we'll figure out a way to toss you off if you don't stop working toward all our demise.

    2. You're bitter and hateful, and you spread this hate around with every word you type.
      Before you go around and start bashing conspiracy analysts, let me warn you that labeling anyone "conspiracy theorists" is a convenient way of dismissing a fresh perspective that may reveal something we did not know. In all your posts you have repeated the same sour drivel about "paranoid conspiracy theorists", which only proves that you are the one who is paranoid. You are obviously smart and well-informed (or at least very good at pretending to be as such), but you make extreme generalizations during discussions thereby turning the debate into a game of accusations. And judging by your other comments, you support the government and all information with an "official" label, which anyone can claim with some decent production quality.
      The more you rely on authority and force, the more you alienate yourself, and the more destructive division you end up with.

      And before you dismiss the demolition theory completely, check out "9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak out"
      Remember that cameras and physical evidence surrounding the events were confiscated by the Gov immediately after the towers collapsed and NEVER RETURNED to their owners. They are trying to achieve a monopoly on information. If you can't believe the non-government experts and scientists, maybe you should contact them yourself and voice your depressing doubts to them personally. If you're so confrontational, let's see how tough you are in direct contact

    3. Your entire reply is nothing but an angst filled ad hominem, with no rebuttal toward any topical issue I may have raised.
      I will however ignore the insults and rise above your level of discourse to address several new ones you mention.
      First off there is no "fresh perspective" being offered by "truthers". For ten years we've had to sit through claims that amount to grasping at straws or vague hints of damning evidence that's supposed to be out there, like your "check out 9/11 Explosive Evidence.." (which if YOU checked out, you'd see I have many more comments in than here!) If WE just "did the research".
      Well Gage and friends have the same whole lotta nothing you've all had. It's no fresh perspective at all, and it insults our intelligence when you see his "architects and engineers" have very few actual licensed architects and degreed civil (building) engineers in their ranks.
      (standards were lowered to include unlicensed employees of architectural firms and degreed engineers of any field)
      Fact is his group probably includes about 1/10th of 1 percent of those with the claimed qualifications in the US, and thus rejects the consensus presumably held by 99.9%, that think it's ridiculous a controlled demolition event was the explanation.
      So after 10 years of saying "look, we have evidence" it's getting a little tiring. Abuse is what you give people who just. don't. want. to exist in the same plane of reality the rest of the world exists in.

      On this:
      "Remember that cameras and physical evidence surrounding the events were confiscated by the Gov immediately after the towers collapsed and NEVER RETURNED to their owners...."

      What are you claiming? That you would have all the evidence to prove the government did it but they confiscated it? What did the cameras capture that give credence to the preposterous theory people snuck in while no one was looking and planted the many thousands of well placed explosive charges to accomplish what is NOT shown in all the films that day- haven't you read the damn FAQs/Q & A by the NIST that tells you people WHY they didn't approach their investigation from a controlled demolition standpoint?


      There is PLENTY of video and photographic evidence which support the NIST conclusions. The government conspiracy did not provide it. Film showing bulges in outer columns long before the collapses, photos shot in long zoom detail showing distortions of the framework, what more do you need?

      And on your last comment, it's too bad the moderators removed that last word. I don't find those things offensive and instead like that they discredit the whole post. We know what you said but please refer to the TOS of the site which contains the masterful line, "the moment you have to resort to name calling, you've lost the argument". I guess you were thus smart to save it for last.

      On a personal level you think my position is filled with hate that I spread, what about the position that tells the world we did this terrible crime to ourselves to start wars on false pretenses? I think that's nothing more than hate you're spreading around the world- hate you encourage the world to feel toward US. If it had substance fine, but it doesn't.

    4. As an architect I can tell you that WTC 7 had no reason for falling. It is obvious that you are unaware of the possibility that your government might be somewhat naughty... let alone criminal; wake up!!

    5. It is quite a leap from government being naughty to mass murder and coverup.
      But let's get back to that architect thing. What skyscraper projects have you worked on? How have you expressed your position on this conspiracy using your professional channels? Have you submitted some form of research paper in rebuttal to NIST to a professional society? Or do you just spout off in the office about naughty governments knowing if you touched any technical aspects you would be fired in hours like Jones? Because funny about those AE911truth guys... None of them bothered to provide any professionally relevant arguments in their signatory submissions. Architects and engineers offering their expertise in condemning evil politicians and that was about it.
      The collapse of bldg 7 has a detailed analysis. If you are qualified then tear it apart. If its valid someone in the media will be interested.

    6. Batvette,
      this is slightly off topic, as I tend to be agnostic on theories of direct US government complicity on 9-11--although, I do have questions regarding the collapse of Tower 7, and I admit that I am no engineer (hence, if you have a good explanation for that particular event I would sincerely be glad to listen)--but the comments about Allende (who was murdered while in office on Sept.11 1973--a coincidence, yes, but metaphorically interesting since he too was killed by terrorism, of the official, military variety), don't address the close connection between the US and the murdering junta, or the fact that we backed Pinochet, at least tacitly, for years afterwards. Similarly, Mosaddegh, was overthrown in a CIA backed coup, with the help of the British, who were angry that he nationalized Iran's oil production, thus helping to curtail Britain's already incrementally shrinking Petroleum Monopoly. Consequently, as a strategic move, which had little or nothing to do with the competence of the aforementioned, democratically elected leader of Iran, the UK government uttered the word "communist," to the Dulles Brothers and Eisenhower and the US responded like a well trained dog and began planning his overthrow, which included a lot of misinformation regarding his competence, creating a credibility problem with both the exaggerated accusations, and Mosaddegh's particular political style, which tended to be histrionic, although he was certainly not psychotic, nor was he an idiot. Subsequently, as you well know, he was replaced by the Shah. Mohammad Rheza Pahlavi, whose cumulative repression of dissent, by the Savak, and one-size-fits all attempts to "modernize" Iran (largely successful, but done in a manner reminiscent of political brutalism),alienated a good portion of the population and paved the way for the 1979 revolution, which brought a fundamentalist Shite cleric named the Ayatollah Khomeini to power...We definitely have a way of creating our own enemies, if you look at who we support in our often short-sighted and benighted foreign policies. Hence,the idea that the economic programs of Allende, and to a lesser extent Mosaddegh, somehow destroyed their economies, and led to the equivalent of a populist upswelling of anger, leading to grass-roots movements of widespread dissent, and justifying the involvement of outside nation-states as players, is at best hyperbole. Both took chances, some of which had mixed success, others that were highly controversial: one in the name of nationalism, and the other in the name of socialism, and both had their share of open detractors within their own countries (the reality of politics always being more complex than sectarian biases tend to acknowledge); but in neither case were the methods used to topple them from office legally, or ethically, justified. Moreover, propaganda--and the US government--played a large roe in both, which is not a conspiracy theory but a very well documented historical fact

      Of course none of this has anything to do with 9-11, where I am largely in agreement with you, although the number of actual structural engineers and other scientists who asked legitimate questions about the collapse of 3 steel-frame structures in one day, when none had ever collapsed before, included lots of people from related professions who actually tended to have credible opinions. This doesn't imply that most of them were leaning towards a conspiracy angle, but for a few years afterwards, the letter and correspondence pages of many science magazine, both popular and technical, were filled with queries, missives and theories questioning/explaining how tower 7, in particular, could have come down , despite its not having suffered a direct hit.

      I mention this merely to point out that, for a time anyway, there was a real debate, and it often involved people who had real credentials in structural engineering and related areas. Although I admit to not having a sophisticated understanding of engineering, nor having seen the particular documentary in question, which may people believe is propaganda of the 9-11-truth.org variety (which doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't bring up some legitimate questions, although I would have to see it to find out).

      In any case, this may be the wrong forum to bring up American interference in the foreign affairs of other nations. There is no doubt however, that for the 19 hijackers, who slammed planes full of jet fuel and innocent passengers into the towers that day--a rare example of a public trauma intersecting with a personal trauma--there was a great anger towards the US, much of which was as political as it was religious, despite whatever George W. Bush might have said in his subsequent speeches, after he appeared again in public a few days afterward. Needless to say, despite our long, ambiguous, history of meddling and trying to mold American style "democracies" in the middle east, while also selling weapons to various factions in wars that did not involve us directly (Iran/Iraq, and the Afghan and international Mujahedeen vs., the Soviet Union, to name a few (it was CIA Director William Casey, I believe, who once commented that he would rather have millions of Islamic fundamentalists than a communist government in that region, famous last words, I suppose).

      And while our broad based military aid was not necessarily redundant in Afghanistan, the Pakistani Intelligence was already providing weapons and information to the resistance, who, with our added training and support, became more and more emboldened. Ultimately, I wonder if conspiracies are even necessary given the tendency of the US to create enemies as quickly as it capitalizes on various political events throughout the world, with motives ranging from humanitarian to flat-out self-interest; although I believe the latter--even in the most ambiguous cases--is the more prominent motive: that, and sheer misguided policy decisions, like the internationalizing of the drone wars in every country where someone possibly connected to a "terrorist" organization (or our definition of one) has left even the faintest footprint. Invariably, our own actions cause their numbers to grow and spread, which is the real gist of my partially irrelevant point.

      Finally, since the comments I am responding to are over 6-years old, I'd be surprised if you had any reason to respond, especially, since as I am reading your other posts, it looks like we are actually, if not on the same page, certainly in adjoining chapters of the same book, although I wouldn't blame conspiracy theorists (whether they turn out to be correct, totally wrong, or occupying any of the vast Colorado sized spaces in-between) for the American tendency to gain enemies. Powerful nations have always used their power--military/economic/cultural--both dynamically and consciously to push their various agendas. That's just a fact of history, regardless of which world power one is talking about.

  21. EXPLAIN W T C 7 demolition=inside job.period..WAKE UP wikipedia is run by the LYING media that hides the TRUTH....BUSH and CHEYNE are guilty of MURDER ..with the rest of the main stream media....DEBUNK WTC 7.....DEMO=INSIDE JOB!!

  22. Americns,so gullabel,so LOST,so stupid,Bless.

  23. This film is propaganda, misleading information, cut n run journalism and set up editing abound. There are PLENTY of documentaries out there from credible organizations that thoroughly debunk Avery's flick. He even admitted in a couple press releases that it was for pure shock value and none of it is really factual, just re-edits and voice overs to make it seem so.

    Just wikipedia it, really...

  24. I don't know the truth of what happened on 9/11 but what I do believe is that what we have been told by the government is 100% not the truth.

    1. bereft of any reliable information to counter it, this would be a position entirely based upon ideology- intense distrust and contempt of government. looking at the few entities which you could counter or expose bad government with, (corporations, media) each with similar potential for fault, you're only left with believing in the random grass roots level leaders who promise you they will be the rare ones to rise to power and fix the ills of society without falling to the corrupting influences along the way. invariably we see they do, or when they get to a position of influence, their policies are revealed to be stupidly misguided and destructive. (Ron Paul a good example, he's been telling people what they want to hear but if he were elected he'd soon run the country into the ground, which is speculative but for historic proof look at the governments of Mossadegh and Salvador Allende)
      hate to say it pardner but government's all you got.
      just accept that our middle east/Iraq/Saddam policies of the '90's killed a million muslims, mostly children, that was the reason Al Qaeda gave in 1998 and it's disingenuous to believe that wouldn't piss someone off enough to do something like this. if you like, hate the government for THAT.

  25. Can the admin of this site please set up some sort of "Five Star" system for voting on videos because most of the comments below these movies on this site are not very informative.

    Simple stuff, one star is a bad documentary and a five is spectacular.

    Pretty please:)

    I'm a regular topdoc visitor.

  26. My compliments, now hope to see dear George not hanging like Judas, with dignity from his neck, but you shall be hanging from your ballls, or striked in your Texan electric chair, asvell conected to your balls. You are a bad lier, your forhead lets everybody know. Watch the doc FACES and you'll know

  27. @Sparky, I am proud that you realize that it is your generation, same as my parents, 55 less or more who is in charge of the financial debt crisis and terrible acts against U.S. citizens' liberties and freedoms as well as those of others in other countries. But I can assure you, the real is on the rise for our youth. I know without a doubt that young people like myself are assuredly going to be the future eminent revolution. @Margaret, a conspiracy or collusion is an agreement between two or more parties to deprive a third party of legal rights or deceive a third party to obtain an illegal objective. Now what about the truth? The hard facts are there in plain view. It is up to the viewer whether or not he or she sees a conspiracy or true facts, some hidden or not. Question everything. Unlimited thoughts.

  28. The most disturbing realization to me, at 55yrs old, is, that its my generation that is sending our sons and daughters to these wars, even though it is MY generation that cut its teeth in Dallas, Memphis and L.A. and became men and woman finding truths about Nixon and Watergate. Being a voice that brought our older brothers and his friends back from the money pit that was Vietnam. "where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you...." Where have YOU gone people, you don't remember anymore? If it looks like it smells and it resides at the rear of a horned beast, you can bet the farm, its BULLSHIT!!!

  29. It's not a conspiracy film, so conspiracy haters have nothing to go on when voicing an opinion of this film. Why ? Because this film asks ONLY for answers to the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. The producers aren't blaming any one person... all they want are what we all want; an undeniably truthful explanation.
    I am certain, now more than ever, that that will never happen. Because any one person with a vested interest in any illegal operation will lie and back up that lie with their last breath to keep the truth from surfacing.
    If our own U.S. government was not in any way involved; then why the deceptive and misleading answers.
    My husband has denied me any agreement that there ARE unanswered questions regarding 9/11... after watching this film, I just asked him if he would watch it with an open mind because it's not like other conspiracy films (like I said, it's not a conspiracy film anyway), in that it simply asks for answers to questions that are still out there. He said he would watch it...
    David, if you did watch it, then you'll probably read some of these commments...
    Now... be honest..babe... do you see where my own uncertainty comes from?

  30. I nearly bought into the official version of 911 and the unofficial dismissal of its critics, such as by the CBC's normally reputable "5th estate" just this past week -- until I watched this brilliant, detailed and very provocative documentary. The others look like a product of Walt Disney in comparison.

  31. after a crime takes place, the first thing to establish is "who benefits from the act". How about 2.8 billion dollars for an insider insurance modification on his lease, just prior to the attacks.... No investigation, no arrest or or jail term. The man gets a brand new building with 90 years more lease.... oh yes and did I forget: No Asbestos! Wake up America..... follow the dots. This is the biggest LIE that has ever taken place since Pearl Harbour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. @Yannick Dierens

    I just want to say that you don't have to believe the "government CAUSED 9/11" for this to qualify as a false flag operation, especially when you use this as a means to justify the argument:

    "It is a disgrace that so many people believe 9/11 was set up by the government.
    The explanation is simple: it would be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to pull that off and leave no trace. And by trace I mean a real evidence that it was in fact a set up, not some outrageous claim which doesn't make sense."

    ...I say this because the much more probable possibility is that the government simply ALLOWED this to happen after receiving plenty of intel that would have made it possible to stop the attacks, not necessarily from happening, but from reaching their targets and compounding into the eventual collapse of the buildings. The difference in the complication involved with keeping a military secret a secret and actually planning and carrying out this attack is night and day. The only slap in the face to the victims should be the utter disregard that the few american (visa vie, world) elites have for average citizens. It was an AVOIDABLE TRAGEDY, that our government used as a golden opportunity for a hands-clean false-flag op.

    1. "...I say this because the much more probable possibility is that the government simply ALLOWED this to happen after receiving plenty of intel that would have made it possible to stop the attacks,"

      But that's not what this film or conspiracy theorists are claiming, is it?
      So please let us ridicule them for all they are due for proclaiming more reasonable citizens "sheeple" and they are of the blessed enlightened.

      For one thing every person who claims the towers were dropped by controlled demolition deserves special contempt.

  33. The explosions in the basement and the 2000c+ puddles of moton steel that the thermal photography showed...... Thermite???? lots of it???? enough to weaken the strong points of both the towers and indeed the building 7. The secret services hideyhole where hundereds of top secret investiagtions were closed after its demise.....

    C'mon, Someones running free here, The people aint stupid and they deserve justice.... If there is such a thing in the world our govenments have stuck us in.

  34. After first watching this Documentary and then reading comments posted by other viewers I think it's a crying shame how many still believe that this film is nothing more than lies. You, Like I can plainly see and hear the cover-ups left and right. We can also see and hear the outrage of regular Americans who want answers and have still been refused them. I believe those who see this and hear this and who STILL believe this is NOT a cover-up on behalf of OUR Government are the same individuals who voted for G.W. Bush and will defend him and his administration till the day they die. Go ahead defend him all you want. But it cannot and will not erase the pain and suffering HE and HIS people have caused the American People. Because of him OUR Country and OUR Lives have been put on hold and we are living in a time where NOTHING will change until HE and HIS administration are held accountable for their actions. There is nothing in this film that was not already seen and heard on Radio and TV and YET STILL you people refuse to see and hear it for what it truly is A COVER-UP!
    G.W BUSH the worst President in American History will one have to account for ALL he had done in his lifetime. But WE will not witness his judgement. Thats GOD'S department. May God have Mercy on his soul!

  35. If 9/11 was an inside job then it is by far the best kept secretin the history of the American Government, how they kept the 100's if not 1000's involved quite without a single leak is just astounding. Especially considering the incompetence of those leaders involved.

    I don't know about you guys, but when I think about that, the conspiracies become fiction on a cartoonish level.

    1. This "the best kept secret in the history of the American Government" is leaking like Dick Cheney tells lies... Jesus, it's leaking like a cheese cloth. Time to get your head out of the sand. You have been lied too..

      False Flag / Stand Down operation.

    2. Would you care to provide some citations for those claims?

      Actually I'll accept them from anyone, it doesn't have to be you.

    3. This is what he said:
      "how they kept the 100's if not 1000's involved quite without a single leak is just astounding."

      This was your reply:
      " is leaking like Dick Cheney tells lies... Jesus, it's leaking like a cheese cloth."

      Produce ONE person. ONE.

    4. So where did the thermite come from?

  36. @ Yannick Dierens
    "This stuff just upsets me, so I become a little emotional about it sometimes."

    We all of us become a little emotional about 'it' sometimes.

    I certainly do.

    Forget that crummy documentary.


    Turn the sound OFF. And concentrate just on the footage of the three collapsing buildings, WTC buildings 1,2, and 7, then tell me their collapses were not due to controlled demolitions.

    I have no theory(repeat: I have NO theory) as to who, how, or why.

    Just look at the footage.

    Look at the footage ? sound OFF ? from several documentaries. Forget
    about everything but the actual footage of those three buildings going
    down. And consider, please, the following:

    Newtonian Mechanics dictates that the free-fall collapses of World Trade
    Center buildings 1, 2, & 7, were each the result of controlled demolition.


    F = ma, where a ? 32'/sec²
    F(due to gravity) = G[mM?r²] ? T(for WTC bldg's1&2) ? 10 sec.

    ~ Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)
    ACTUAL time of collapse, T ? 13 sec.

    And the USA PATRIOT Act was ready and waiting long before 9/11.
    Consider the following:

    The USA PATRIOT Act, at 342 pages, consisting of 156 separate sections,
    under 10 discrete titles, covering 350 subject areas involving 40 different
    federal agencies, was written within the three week period prior to its intro-duction to Congress, on Oct 2, 2001, at the average calculated rate of 16
    pages per day. During the ensuing 3 weeks, subsequent to its introduction
    to Congress, while the act was being read and debated, a series of anthrax letters was sent to news anchors, leading Democratic Senators, and to the Supreme Court. The bill was then passed by both houses of Congress. Then,
    on Oct 26, 2001, 45 days subsequent to the controlled demolitions, the USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

    Patriotism is supporting your country all the time,
    and your government when it deserves it.

    ~ Mark Twain


    1. You're missing the whole point. Who said the towers should be falling much slower? Oh right, the conspiracists. Ever seen a video of an avalanche? Not much seems to be slowing it down right?

      And then another thing: "F(due to gravity) = G[mM?r²]" ???
      That formula has absolutely no use here, it's suitable for calculating gravitational forces concerning other planets and stars. Just the fact that you write it here shows that you don't know what it means. (And Newton didn't die at age 24 :) )

      Anyone can google "gravity", but it doesn't look like you have a good understanding of physics. So you definitely don't have to try to explain high school physics to me.

    2. @Yannick Dierens,

      Your statement that Newton's laws apply only to planetary calculations, and the like, is just, plain, false.

      Newtonian Mechanics is used for everything from building bridges(and skyscrapers!) to Apollo moon missions.

      The only exceptions are things like black holes(there we use General Relativity) and the subatomic level, where we at present have no theory of gravity.

      My calculations for World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, & 7 are correct.

      Your objection is invalid.

      Didn't you say somewhere you were an engineer?  Perhaps you did not.  Perhaps I am mistaken.  But if you really are an engineer of any kind whatsoever, you know all of this.

      Read what I wrote again, please.

      It is correct.


      Thank you for pointing out my typo. I've fixed it.

    3. @ 0zyxcba1 (below):

      I didn't say you were wrong. And I surely did not say that "Newton's laws apply only to planetary calculations", my statement was more subtle than that.
      I know that Newtonian mechanics work well just about anywhere. Your second formula however, is the general gravitation one, so you won't find it in any regular engineering handbook. I actually am an engineer so I should know. F=ma is the translation of it that applies to objects on Earth (where a = 9,81 m/s², the gravitational acceleration constant for Earth)), so it gave me the idea that you did not actually fully understood what you were talking about. It says how two masses attract each other, and since gravity is EXTREMELY weak (look up the value of the constant G), and you need mass in the order of a planet or something to actually observe the effects of gravity, it has no use here. Theoretically, the twin towers would be pulling on Earth gravitationally, but since their mass is negligible for gravitational pull, the formula you wrote has 0,000% of interest here, you see? That gave me the idea you just looked up "gravity" on some search engine, without really understanding it.

      And again, the more important question is: who invented that the buildings should have collapsed much slower? It's absolute nonsense. Really.
      Think about a martial artist who smashes through a pile of concrete plates for example. Is his hand slowed down in the process? No, it isn't. Maybe this helps to believe that no explosives or something were required to take the building down eventually in a short time. There is actually a very, very simple (and correct) physical explanation for this: momentum.

    4. get you butt back here, you are needed!

    5. Your whole theory is based on a blatantly false claim:

      "Newtonian Mechanics dictates that the free-fall collapses of World Trade
      Center building..."

      They did not collapse at free fall speed. SOME debris from near the impact zone DID fall "nearly" that fast as it was ejected outside of the footprint of the building. Significant parts of 40 stories of each tower remained standing for nearly a minute.

      Unless you are proposing that every bit of debris hit the ground at an equal time the whole assertion is absurd and beyond dignifying with discussion.

  37. Even after 10 years, one third of Americans believe 911 was a false flag op.

    1. @ Achems_Razor, FYI:

      The USA PATRIOT Act, at 342 pages, consisting of 156 separate sections, under 10 discrete titles, covering 350 subject areas involving 40 different federal agencies, was written within the three week period prior to its introduction to Congress, on October 2, 2001, at the average calculated rate of 16 pages per day. During the ensuing three weeks, subsequent to its introduction to Congress, while the Act was being read and debated,
      a series of anthrax letters was sent to news anchors, leading Democratic Senators, and to the Supreme Court. The bill was then passed by both houses of Congress. Then, on October 26, 2001, 45 days subsequent to the controlled demolitions, the USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush.


    2. Yes, thanks for the info, but even though am Canadian that is something I already knew, wonder how many land of the free Americans know this?

    3. @ Achems_Razor
      "...wonder how many land of the free Americans know this?"

      Look upstairs. I am educating one poor soul(figuratively speaking (lol)) right, now.

      I think part of it is due simply to ignorance even about the most simple rudiments of Newtonian mechanics.

      And I also believe that, for understandable reasons, the idea that somehow something American either arranged for it and then was complicit in that effort, or actually 'did it', is too much for them. It is not that many will not see the truth, it is, rather, that for many it is literally impossible.

      And the question haunting me is:

      What do we do about it?


    4. At least 60 wpm,,, not too bad for a shore-house on Pennsylvania ave.

      ach-med's_dull_razor still trolling as always.

      After 10 years, my memory is fading fast, insofar as The Patriot Act having been introduced to congress months prior to Oct 2001, but soundly rejected.

      remember sept 2008 ?
      paulson and shrub on various staged news release sound-bytes, repeatedly beating fist on pulpit : "economic fundamentals are sound !! ".
      Then, in mid sept after weeks of news satire - paulson trots-out with an 800 page document - allegedly cooked-up in a couple of weeks ???

      At least 60 wpm on that one too.


    5. It's so good to have a population with such great TV! Sorry gotta go watch, "My Favorite Hermaphrodite" BRB......

    6. @ oddsr
      "...gotta go watch, 'My Favorite Hermaphrodite'..."

      oddsr, are you drunk


  38. You guys are the RETARDS! What will it take for you to WAKE UP! wake up! You only believe what you want to believe, not what is true! Do you think i want to believe the government is against us! I do not want to believe this but I do, why? because its reality.

    wake up!!

  39. I only came here to say to all you conspiracy believing RETARDS that this fictional movie is nothing less than an attention seeking effort of some kids who need to get a life. It is a disgrace that so many people believe 9/11 was set up by the government.
    The explanation is simple: it would be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to pull that off and leave no trace. And by trace I mean a real evidence that it was in fact a set up, not some outrageous claim which doesn't make sense.

    Having said that, the real evidence on the actual events of that day are clear: it was a terrorist attack. But sadly some people just don't want to listen.

    The reason I get upset with 9/11 conspiracists is that it's a slap in the face for people who lost friends and family on that day, or all others who were just horrified by the events. With all these claims made it just got worse for a lot of people to deal with their mourning process. Besides, possibly no one of them buys your shit, because they are usually better informed about the events.

    To the owners of this site, if they happen to read my comment, I would like to say that I don't really like that this film is on your site. Usually, there are good documentaries to watch here. But this can't even be considered a documentary, it's pure fiction which is not so implicitly claimed to be fact. I think you should have at least some quality standards on what videos are linked on your webpage.

    1. Poor kid, wake up...can't you see the evidence ?

      The truth is right in front of you but you just don't want to see it

    2. I don't need you calling me "poor kid", I could shoot that phrase right back at you. Actually, I am an engineer with a decent job, so please don't imply that I am some ignorant kid or a lunatic who doesn't know what he is talking about, that is very shallow of you. As a good example, I won't imply you are either.

      The evidence is actually right in front of me (and all of you), thanks for noticing.

    3. @Yannick Dierens:

      Your an engineer? And you can not see a controlled demolition on the towers? especially WTC7?

      Plus a myriad of other evidence that should be right up an engineers alley.

    4. @ Achems_Razor:

      Have you ever built a house of cards? If you-re not careful, placing a card on top makes it collapse at a speed as close to free fall speed as cards can fall. That's because the momentum of the falling objects on the ones below compromises the structural integrity. The structural damage to 1WTC and 2WTC made the top floors fall on the ones below destroying them, leading to more and more falling debris onto the lower floors. 7WTC was severely damaged by falling debris, mainly at the bottom, which is why it may look like a "controlled demolition" when it came down like it did.

      It is a complete lie that the buildings would have collapsed much slower compared to a controlled demolition.

      And do you have any idea how a controlled demolition is carried out? You have to strip the whole building, drill holes, lay many miles of wire... It would have taken an army of workers months, obviously you can't do it unnoticed in a busy building... But apparently you guys think this would have been no problem. It's ridiculous.

      Many conspiracists are not experts, engineers, scientists at all. They just can't believe what's happened, and they look for their own answers, which are readily refuted. I mean, are you a structural engineer? I haven't heard a single self-respecting structural engineer claim that these building were taken down by controlled demolition. Because the collapses by structural damage are proven despite what some think, and most of all it is a ridiculous claim because it is absolutely impossible.

      Clearly you are no scientist, engineer or expert of some kind, because you wouldn't be saying this if you were. Or you should be ashamed of yourself.

    5. Who pays you to write this dribble ?

      Oh,,, I forgot, Yannick isnt a person,,,, its a digital virus,,,,an algo with multiple identities,,,quasi-personalities,,, part of the "cloud",,,, smoke and mirrors,,,,NOT flesh and blood,,,NOT of this world,,,,,,a co-opting corporate entity,,,,,LIKE many puppets on strings.


    6. "And do you have any idea how a controlled demolition is carried out? You have to strip the whole building, drill holes, lay many miles of wire... It would have taken an army of workers months, obviously you can't do it unnoticed in a busy building... But apparently you guys think this would have been no problem. It's ridiculous."

      This is a very good point, except, the stripping of the building is for safety and recycling. Two things that would have no consideration in a false flag operation. Also I have to ask, how busy were the buildings, another doc claims among many other problems for the towers is that occupancy in the buildings was slumping for years. Drilling holes, I'm in construction and property management. Converted a concrete department store into condos. Sitting there watching tv and hearing someone hammer drilling into the concrete isn't even questioned. Someones doing renos. hanging a fan, lights, whatever. Hearing someone doing renos and knowing there is many vacant floors, rooms would not cause any concern to me. No matter what building or where, the last thing to enter my mind is to jump up and yell "Holy sh1t! someones drilling holes they must be planting explosives!" lol

    7. have you ever considered the possibility that the key materials needed to demolish the buildings were built into them during construction?

    8. Considering it was the buildings' own mass driven by gravity that caused the collapses, that is obviously correct.

    9. @Yannick Dierens:

      You say you have not heard a single self-respecting engineer claim that these buildings where taken down by controlled demolition? You have not been looking!..You say, Drill holes, lay wires? passe! there is such a thing as remote control these days!

      Some demolition experts that do demolition as their work emphatically stated all three buildings came down by controlled demolition. It is on one of the many docs on 911.

      A person does not need any degrees to see it was controlled demolition, just common sense. Look at WTC7 being "pulled" again!

    10. Yannick Dierens,

      I have heard and read plenty of arguments of Faithful Protectors of the Holy 911 Bush et. al Fairy Tale, but comparing the fall of the buildings such as the Twin Towers and the WTC7 with a house of cards was original by any account. Thank you for refreshing the somewhat rusty stock of similar scientific arguments elaborated by your predecessors hitherto.

      Yes, it is an interesting phenomenon that the Faithful Protectors invariably claim to be in possession of absolutely undeniable relevant scientific knowledge in the case of 911 or to be outright experts in concerned fields (knowledge gained by playing with houses of cards, e.g.) or that they have a host of experts, unnamed mind you (or better, it's actually every expert who respects herself/himself), that, according to their accounts, have already stood up in support of the official 911 religion. Skeptics are not allowed such statements because those they may call experts are certainly and exclusively charlatans who desire attention and/or have probably fake credentials (or are simply mislead idiots).

      In addition, it seems that you also understood how using the term 'conspiracy' now and then may prove beneficial to your argument, isn't it Yannick, because you believe that the generally accepted negative context related to that term will bring you an advantage and provide some imagined superiority (quite cheep, yes, I admit, but I must give you, you learned the lesson well, it's potentially useful).

      Who cares about the people who heard explosions at the Twin Towers before the planes hit them, who cares about the traces of thermite, who cares about the molten metal at the Ground Zero, who cares about remains of steel columns cut in professional demolition manner, who cares about the little tiny hole in the Pentagon building much smaller than a Boing 757-223 that hit it, who is asking themselves how can human bodies be retrieved from Pentagon but most of the plane can evaporate at the same time, who cares that all the surrounding cameras that could prove what happened were confiscated by the government and never shown to the public, who cares that Hani Hanjur, a failed Cessna pilot, couldn't have possibly made such a maneuver, almost impossible even for experienced professional pilots, who cares about the fact that Dubya refused to speak in front of the 911 Commission without Cheney, refused other witnesses to be present and nothing was to be released to the public, who cares that 911 Commission never mentioned WTC7.... We, the Holy Protectors, heard these quasi-arguments so many times, there is absolutely nothing there to convince us that our faith is at fault and it's becoming so boring... Oh dear...

      What is important is that the scientific measurements comparing the fall of the house of cards and the Twin Towers proved to be absolutely consistent...

      Congrats! You win... All of you, Holy Protectors, win, there is no way to beat you really...

    11. This Yannick guy is literally too stupid to insult. Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but he is abusing the privilege. It's nothing personal Yannick, I just can't stand the opinionated dumb. You're the kind of man that is a blueprint for building an idiot.

      To quote you, "It is a disgrace that so many people believe 9/11 was set up by the government." Well Yannick, false flag operations are as old as rome, and they got caught running one. The empirical evidence is absolutely overwhelming and unassailable. Look dummy, the laws of physics did not take a holiday for Dick Cheney or CIA asset Osama Bin Laden on September 11th just because they asked nicely?

      911 was a stand down/false flag operation... Sorry, but we all got to find out sometime kiddo. Let me guess, you probably think Santa Claus is real as well... No? Yes? Maybe? Well, that is a lie your parents told you... sorry kiddo, got to learn sometime. Grow up, governments lie and conduct operations like this all the time. Go learn something. Read a book, a little history.

      If you have the guts my opinionated and breathtakingly ignorant friend, watch 911 Mysteries on this amazing site. If not, why don't you slip into something a little more comfortable, like a coma...your half way there already.

    12. Well, thanks for the insults.

      I hope you don't regard this film as "evidence" of your paranoid beliefs. And please, oh please, don't make the mistake of regarding the actions and decisions of the USA government after the events as "evidence" for a false flag operation.

      There are false flag operations no doubt. But the attacks of 9/11 are not one, couldn't possibly have been. It's that simple. And of course the serious science behind it proves it. Anything that came in the aftermath of that day, like the invasion of Iraq, does not mean the attacks were carried out by the Bush administration, have some sense.

      But I am out of here, there is no possible way to beat some sense into your paranoid monkey brains, so I walk away from it.

    13. I don't believe it was a false flag op. I don't believe it was a straight forward terrorist attack either. I don't know what it was and I'm not going to draw any conclusion based on pseudo-scietific methods of research.

      In hindsight the claims made to justify the invasion of Iraq were rediculous. But the claims made to justify what this doc claims make the Iraq invasion look like semen on the panties.

      Keep in mind theories are like a chain. If just one single link in that chain is broken the whole theory fails. This documentary is a chain 10 miles long with each link representing massive odds against the final conclusion.

      And Yannick, there are many documentaries on here I don't hold in high regard, a lot which fall into the reality TV category as opposed to the documentary category. But just because you or I don't agree with it, don't like it and/or believe it to be propaganda doesn't mean it shouldn't be hosted by this site. Especially one like this which obviously has a lot of support.

      We're givin the oppurtunity in the comment section to voice our opinions on said documentary which in itself can open the eyes of those who may have been blinded by the subject matter of it.

      So to conclude, if you don't like it, just keep speaking out against it's subject matter, but don't try to silence it, because that will just make it stronger.

    14. Okay, you are actually right. This stuff just upsets me, so I become a little emotional about it sometimes. Trying to silence it really does make it stronger, so I apologize for that.

      And there are other poor docs on this site, that's true. For starters under "9/11" and "conspiracy", I just tend not to watch those or care about them :)

    15. @ Yannick Dierens
      "I only came here to say to all you conspiracy believing RETARDS that this fictional movie..."

      "The reason I get upset with 9/11 conspiracists[sic] is that" none but two of them are Bush and Cheney.

      The Bush-Cheney Conspiracy Theory is the only conspiracy theory I put stock in, despite the fact that it's more full of holes than is Swiss Cheese.


    16. The slap in my face is that all human life ALL LIFE is a treasure and your mendacious attempts to call into question the seeking mind of those who feel left out of the process, maybe view the film "everybodys gotta learn sometime" Also on this site...I believe it is a couple years prior to this film...any way good night and good luck. By the by it's Occam's razor (or is the other fellow a play on pun?)

    17. It's people like Yannick Dierens that our government thinks it can do whatever it wants and get away with it. He shoots his mouth off because he has no idea what he's talking about!! I doubt he's even an American

    18. Wow, I see a lot of blinded, foolish, delusional people, that would much rather turn a blind eye, because their intellect can not possibly fathom that their elected politicians could be corrupt, or that they implemented a false flag operation for several reasons, including placing the blame solely on the same man the American military funded weapons to in assisting Bin laden in fighting against the Russians attempting to invade Afghanistan many years prior to these attacks. Perfect skape goat for the Bush administration to invade Iraq?.....wait what?....why Iraq again if Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks on 911?

      How many wmd's were found again? But wait what about the unexplained trillions of dollars missing that Rumsfeld announced the evening before would be thoroughly investigated, yeah sure the Bush administration would love that! Oh and wasn't it one of Jebb Bush's security firm's that was in charge of the trade center's, or the countless eye witnesses stating of the constant flow of unmarked vans allowed to travel in and out of the trade center's lower level, was an uncommin and strange occurrences weeks prior to 911.

      Are you still believing a "plane" hit the Pentagon? And am I supposed to believe that the Pentagon has one grainy cheap security camera and that was the only footage captured? Oh wait, what about the thermite?and the buildings falling in a controlled demolition, collapsing in its own footprint, Come on people, wake up! Take off your "ignorance is bliss rose tinted glasses" and see our evil governments for what they really, population control, martial law, stock piling tons upon tons of ammunition and guns, excuses for invading countries rich in oil reserves, false flag ops, Assassination of whistle blowers, the official commission report on 911 is an absolute joke, and an insult to our intelect.

      There's so much more evidence, proof, and plausibility to the theories of an inside job, flase flag op to instil fear into the American people, garner popularity by pointing the finger at the general area of tge country they want to invade,p follow the money, it's a deep rabbit hole that one, missing trillions of US dollars no one could explain, there's so many evil moving parts to all this, and all of it points the Bush administration's knowledge and even hand in bringing this death, horror and fear to his own American people to control there sway and allow the so very corrupt Bush administration to pick and choose the oil rich Arab countries they wish to invade for control, wake up wake up wake up!

      The sheep of this world only believe what mainstream media and the government feed them, fake news, manipulating and twisting truths to suit their agenda it's all different shades of f*#ked up, revelation is upon us people, we all have free will to choose our beliefs, what we do, how we conduct ourselves, freedom is a God given right, what gives these evil men in power and politics the right to dictate and bring genocide upon it's own people, for its own greedy power grabbing agenda.

      Once you finally see all the duckies lined up in a row, and the truth of it all sinks in, the official 911 commission report can only be then be used for kindling, butt wiping situations, origami, paper cache projects and perhaps even lining the kitty litter tray.
      Anyway thats my 2 cents.
      Cheers, ta, thanks mates.

  40. watch the german movie about False Flag operations.

  41. This film is sponsored by the attackers! Remember if it doesnt mention Israel It is bologna.Why would they do this? BC when all the evidence is building up against you confusion and saturation are your friend.

  42. all 9/11 debunkers have been debunked so why is there still an argument? it was an inside job thats a fact so get over defending a government that could give to shits about you

  43. Lads,
    Leave Jamie boy alone. One of us would have to kiss him to wake him from his dream, as the truth obviously can't.
    As oddsr said, just ignore him. What evidence does he have "There are many false claims made in the videos I don't have time to go through them all but if you click on the links I posted about Molten steel you will find a very long list. " and that the " film makes fabricated most evidence" ok, so they fabricated the evidence they show as the 9/11 report, satellite images, first eye witness accounts, etc. Oh wait, the government used those... Dont listen to this kid.

  44. More and more people are coming around to the view that 9/11 was an inside job.


    Not because we are looney fringe nut jobs like the Mel Gibson character in movie "Conspiracy Theory," but because we are like the little boy who cannot deny the evidence before our own eyes -- the Emperor has no clothes.

    For the record, the looney fringe nut job in "Conspiracy Theory" turned out to be right.

    1. Quoth the Bush baby: "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories regarding the attacks of September 11..." .. Pretty much says it all.

      Osama bin Laden Tried, Convicted and Sentenced all in the same day; resulting in not one but TWO wars. Ten years later, and over a million dead. Probably closer to two. That's a lot of meat.

    2. On 9/11 a friend of mine with an art gallery in Manhattan's SOHO district, near Ground Zero said, "Everything has changed."

      Boy was she was right.

      In the decade since 9/11, America's transformation from a Republic to an Empire accelerated at a rate previously unimaginable.

      Two months after 9/11, the tv series 24 premiered. The series has turned out to be an uncannily accurate reflection of America's slide into a police state.

  45. Seriously James,

    Your comments in ALL topics are complete trolls. You need to start arguing based upon facts instead of the lame points that make up your responses. In another post, I personally asked you to address a issue, from ground zero that was reported in main stream media, denied by NIST and completely ignored by the 911 commission report.

    You instead chose to ramble on about nothing in particular and everything about how you had the inside scoop.

    Until I see a cohesive argument. I will call you Mr. Popular Mechanics, nee NIST.

    I will also ignore you.

    1. tell me again i didn't notice it was a question, I don't know why you have to keep this up, it really is like the same behavior as Christians when people talk about Noahs ark, OK maybe 9/11 is a bit more believable because these guys have made a polished job on the conspiracy, however in order to get their story they have altered evidence and fabricated most of it, example in loose change they go on about how the airplane could not possibly have fitted into the hole they show at the pentagon and go on about where is the damage due to the engines, however the hole they show is not where the airplane impacted. That mistake would be impossible to be made by accident by the makers of the movie, its simple fraud. There are many false claims made in the videos I don't have time to go through them all but if you click on the links I posted about Molten steel you will find a very long list.

    2. Well James, since the Honorable ODDSR has found you in contempt (and probably would have you disbarred.... if you where a Lawyer) I will attempt to explain why he may be ignoring you potentially in the future James. So, here we go....

      In a criminal trial, once the prosecution has presented its initial case, the defense asks the judge for a dismissal on the grounds that the prima facie case for guilt has not been presented. However, if the judge declares that such a case has been made, then the defense must rebut the various elements in the prosecution’s case.... If the defense fails to offer a convincing rebuttal, the prima facie case is presumed to be conclusive....

      The 911 Commission, Popular Mechanics, NIST, FEMA report all had the opportunity to rebut the experts in Engineering, Intelligence, Military, Alternative Theory 9/11 Researchers, Scientists, Architects, Demolition Experts, NYFD Officers, Physicists, and countless eye witnesses who question the “Official Conspiracy Theory” laid out by the Bush Administration.

      They have completely failed to make their Case, beyond the initial presentation of the Official Conspiracy Theory, and explanation for the empirical science that contravenes this Case.

      If you do not want to Join the factually challenged over at Fox News, James, all you have to do now is act like a Professional and do some scientific research. Nobody needs to hear any more of that Gibberish Emotional blind faith in our leaders official story (Dick Chaney never lies...Right?) or, how hopelessly unpatriotic the scientists are who have serious questions about 911.

      We need real rebuttals to the empirical scientific evidence presented James, not nonsensical emotional high school debating techniques; “mines bigger than yours” ...prove it.

      What was it about the events of 9/11 that convinced you the government's conspiracy theory is true?

      What we need is a real investigation into the events of 911, have these questions answered, and find and hold accountable the perpetrators of this darkest of days in American history.

      Ever fascinating how people live their lives, incognizant of the fact, as establishment mouthpieces that accept everything they are told for fear of looking foolish in the eyes of imbeciles.

    3. in reply to Gough below, you are now resorting to the tactics employed by politicians when they are in big trouble, complex double talk with the aim to divert readers away from the evidence I presented and maybe to make them believe you sound as if you know what you are talking about. A bit like Steve Jones maybe, why if what these people are saying is true then why do they fabricate evidence, there is no getting away from that fact and I don't think in a criminal case that a judge would say ok it doesn't matter if you fabricated some evidence we still believe everything you are saying. Everything would be under review which you are not doing.

    4. give two answers to this , what is thermite doing in the dust of the word trade and bld seven collapse , and dos war make money for the military industrial complex and those GREEDY BANKERS , that you and i have to pay back in intrest ,through MORE TAXES , how else can you pay it back , the rich get richer and , well you know the story ......The fed since 1913 , what a great scam .......

  46. It's pretty obvious to me that all the 'truthers' out there don't seem to understand the simple fact that there are a LOT of questions...unanswered questions. There is no 'smoking gun' as they seem to think all conspiracies try to show, but a large amount of information that just doesn't make logical sense to any educated person. I will say it again...logical sense. People never want to believe that their gov't or people in it would be capable of having any part in something like this. I know I don't want to believe it. Still, there are way too many questions that no one is willing to at least even TRY to answer. No answer is not by any means a guilty verdict, but it's also not an innocent one. In fact, it actually makes the guilty verdict seem to carry more weight. Yes I know, that is not how 'justice' is supposed to work here, but let's be honest with each other for once...this IS how justice works every day...in courts with people like you and me sitting on juries. Reasonable doubt? Think about that term for a minute. Can anyone out there actually admit there is not the slightest bit of reasonable doubt about all of this? Anyone??? We will never know the truth here, we can only accept what we are told. Told by the commission and told by the media. We just simply need to ignore all the other people that were there that day hearing explosions in the buildings and seeing lobbies and basements blown all to hell. Yeah...all of those people must have been in shock and delusional. That must be it.

    1. you havn't been looking in the right places then, all the conspiracy videos use editing to keep up the conspiracy, search for this on youtube ( 9/11 Debunked: WTC "Pre-Collapse Explosions" Identified ) & ( 9/11 Debunked: WTC Accounts of Bombs & Explosions Explained ) there is tons of videos to prove loose change etc to be liars and masters of propoganda.

    2. Wouldn't it have been funny if the official NIST, FEMA, AND THE 911 COMMISSION REPORTS opened with the line, "The evidence that 911 was an inside job is overwhelming. Most people who examine this evidence with an open mind find it convincing, or at least profoundly unsettling." But, of course, this did not happen.

      What we DO have is the usual misinformation outlets (like Fox News, NIST, CNN, BBC, 911 Commission Report, Popular Mechanics, etc) rolling out the Government approved "story & science", and the dummies that don't believe there lying eyes when presented with the hard empirical data contravening the "official conspiracy theory". Critical thinking and discernment are in short supply these days it seams, especially when confronted with potentially paradigm shifting scientific empirical data.

      Even if you think your elected leaders would not lie to you, or conduct false flag operations on American soil, you must admit that Psychological Intelligence Operations exist. Government Intelligence Operations execute operations to influence policy, opinion, misinformation (polite word for lies), special agendas, to scientifically inflict policy propaganda on unsuspecting nations and the people of the world.

      David Ray Griffin’s new book, Cognitive Infiltration, systematically shreds the specious arguments advanced by White House advisor Cass Sunstein on the best ways to undermine the 9/11 truth movement without disproving its main contentions. Sunstein, former law professor at Harvard and Chicago, released a document in early 2009 calling for infiltration of the movement as a way of discrediting its many credible challenges to the official story. One of Griffin’s strongest arguments is a call for a televised public debate on the issues.

      I think I might have run into Cognitive Infiltration individuals on YouTube, who are paid to write counterpoints to evidence that contravene the validity of the "Official" conspiracy theory rolled out by the Bush Administration.

      Oh, James del Valle the correct way to spell the word Propaganda is "Propaganda", not "Propoganda". It helps to know how to spell it, if you are going to "debunk" serious 911 problems with the "government approved story & science" raised by Scientists, Architects, Engineers, Physicists, and Family Members in Loose Change, and label all parties involved in the movie as "liars and masters of "propoganda"". Jesus James...LMFAO

    3. @ GoughLewis
      "Psychological," not "phycological," incidentally... (lol)
      [only picking at you!]

    4. Thank you Pysmthe haha, corrected it.

  47. Nothing odd there, in fact someone looked into the stock market trading on AA, and found out several times that year the same thing happened with put options when AA lost it's value, and that the trends showed the same thing was going to happen even if the attacks had not have taken place. A put option is a gamble on stocks that are expected to take a dive. This was going to happen anyway.

  48. What about the "Put-Opition" on all the airline stocks. There was millions made there.Or the insurance poilcy that was taken out on TWTC. That had a clause about a terrorist attack with a plane hitting the towers. I am just so happy people are taking notice to what these insane tryants are doing. The new "BOSS" looks alot like the old one.

  49. @ryu
    maybe it's just cuz you guys are up there, and we're all down here, but i've always had a soft spot for canada. seems so (i don't know)... 'wholesome', comparatively speaking :)

  50. Bush and his "buddy's" should be put on a plane and blasted into space! What a slap in the face for the american people!!! Same gov that gave you the magic bullet theory!!
    Wake up americans!!
    p.s..... pyrrhus... is it really that crazy??? crazy as the bullet theory... someone had to put this confused/physic defing attack into motion..
    wow glad i dont have to believe the american gov.... just the canadian gov which is just as bad.. but not really!!

  51. P.S.: The craziest conspiracy theory I have yet to come across is the Bush-Cheney Conspiracy Theory!

  52. In addition to Loose Change, I have viewed two similar documentaries. All three depress me to a degree rendering it difficult to carry out even routine, daily tasks.

    The USA PATRIOT Act was written, submitted to both legislative houses for review, and for debate, and was then (according to Wikipedia) "[s]igned into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001" -- a mere 45 days after the attacks.

    (I did not know, until consulting Wikipedia, that the USA PATRIOT Act is short for: "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001." Wikipedia states further: "The acronym was created by a 23 year old Congressional staffer, Chris Cylke, who was recognized for his contribution in William Safire's book The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time.")

    At 342 pages, consisting of 156 separate sections, under ten discrete titles, the USA PATRIOT Act covers 350 subject areas involving 40 different federal agencies.

    We are asked to believe that the writing of this bill was accomplished in just three weeks before its introduction to Congress on October 2, 2001, at the average calculated rate of approximately 16 pages per day (and that assumes composition commenced immediately following 9/11 and continued daily without pause for reflection or potty breaks).

    A mere 22 days subsequent to its introduction to Congress it was then 'read', 'debated', and voted on.

    During this three week period anthrax letters were sent by 'terrorists' to news anchors, leading Democratic Senators (in the then Democrat-controlled Senate), and to the Supreme Court forcing the Justices to convene in the old Senate building until the Supreme Court chambers could be 'decontaminated'.

    It is, for me, IMPOSSIBLE to imagine a bill of this length and of this complexity springing into existence out of nowhere, ready for signing into law by the President, a mere 45 days subsequent to the attacks. The USA PATRIOT Act simply MUST have been waiting in the wings BEFORE the attacks.

    The careful deliberation necessary for writing such a complex piece of legislation would, in my estimation, require at least one full year. My personal suspicion is that the Patriot Act was 'ready to go' even BEFORE George W. Bush had been selected for the presidency by the Supreme Court.

    All this, taken together with Newton's F=ma, leaves no doubt, in my mind, that 9/11 was an act of high treason.

  53. Two words, the first starting with the letter 'I', and finishing with 'nside job'

  54. Hi Fly :0)
    I do appreciate you view, but you can understand how I might be alittle wary of just taking Proff Greenings word for it.
    How about 1356 VERIFIED Architects and Engineers that all believe that it was controlled demolition! Or the 68 scientist at Scientist for 9/11 Truth or
    •Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
    •Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
    •Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth
    •Lawyers for 9/11 Truth
    •Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth
    •Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth
    •Patriots Question 9/11
    •Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth
    •Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth
    •Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
    •Scientists - Journal of 9/11 Studies
    •Researchers - Complete 911 Timeline
    Pretty sure many of these people are appart of"the scientific community"
    My point is that there are alot of people who smell a rat here!We are talking about the US government and they are not beyond covering up their dirty little secrets at ANY cost!Any evidience of thermite wouldn't be the 1st to disappear and they can call it "The Patriot Act" all they want, but it still amounts to the loss of YOUR civil rights.(maybe you prefer "for the greater good")
    There are still ALOT of other questions. The Pentagon, the plane crash in Pennsylvania, WTC 7,the prior knowledge of the government, Bushes connection to the Bin Ladens. In history there has never been a building to collapse in such a mannor until 9/11 and it happened 3 times in a row. Coincidence?

  55. The official explanation of events has way too many holes. Investigation by the 9/11 commision was a joke which created more questions than it answered. Osama is still free and Bush was never charged with war crimes. Not saying that 9/11 was an inside job, all I am saying that it is a stretch to assume that Al Qaida could pull this off without any help.

  56. 4 I think we need to ask ourselves, is find out the truth necessary to prevent this from happening again? Are those who died and those who lost loved ones going to have any justice if someone isn’t held responsible? If we go on allowing the people in power to do things like this then we are the fools!!
    If this is all crazy conspiracies then where is this “overwhelming evidence” that it wasn’t an inside job? The Pentagon videos, the steel from the towers, the fight recorders etc etc.It would be very easy for the government to produce these things and silence the critics, but they don’t. If you have proof to the contrary then where is it? I think it’s our jobs as citizens to question those we put in power because WE are their boss,not the other way around!!

  57. @fly

    yeah, its impossible for the WTC buildings to come down from controlled demolition. And I fear its also impossible for you to understand such matters.

  58. @Joebobe
    Dude, you carry a still of the World Trade Centres collapsing around with you? Like in your wallet with pictures of your family? I would imagine the facial expressions of people you show that to would be one of disgust. Sort yourself out.

  59. Elena,

    What you wrote is really wonderful and right on. I often think the same thing, if women and mothers had more of a voice in this world, it wouldn't be so f*&^ed up. Hopefully someday it will change. I live in Japan which has some of the most nurturing caring women and some of the most competitive closed-minded men. And as usual, the men are in control. Asian countries are all like that I believe. And its not even close to changing here. Since Asia is where a great deal of economic development is happening now, I really can't be optimistic for the future, its going to be a lot of men and profit and war coming up real soon, wait'll you get a load of this! Asia is competitive, male-based, nationalistic and xenophobic for the most part. Its going to be horrendous, just wait. Sometimes I wish women would just take over and help create a more sustainable, nurturing world.

    In the mean time, its going to be a truly awful next 50 years or so, just awful.


    There appear to be a group of men who control this world seemingly for their own benefit. For a long time they have tried to brainwash us into thinking that we live in a just and civilised world run by their good selves. This is a world of "goodies" and "baddies", "them and us" and guess what - they are always the "goodies". It is world based on greed, power and the love of money. These are the Gods they have worshipped and continue to worship.

    However, the balance is shifting and these men are losing the PR immoral high ground. Their motives and lies are being exposed. The rule of oppression will not continue forever and neither will their brainwashing techniques - designed to keep us in the dark and them firmly in control. It might even be that one day they will themselves tire of the whole evil fiasco they have created. They might ask themselves "Surely there is a better way". Ultimately, peace, compassion, love and equality are much better feel-good concepts than war, competition, selfishness, division and hatred.

    It is good that questions are being asked and that people in power are being scrutinised. Thank you for taking the trouble to make this film. Another piece of the jigsaw is the "suicide" of the weapons inspector David Kelly in the UK. We all know that his death was not an accident.

    The men who are in control have pathological mindsets and worldviews. They believe in competition, dog eat dog, winners and losers, cowboys and indians (note the word boy here as opposed to man). However, this sort of pathological mindset will lead us nowhere but along a path of destruction - and make no mistake about it the destruction will be widespread unless things change for the better.

    This film indicates that things are not as they seem. The American men are in bed with the Saudis and the Pakistanis. Who knows they could also be in bed with the Iranian authorities. It is all so complicated and the truth is hard to come by. We are living in a world of confusion, corruption, deceit and paranoia in which it is hard to trust and believe in authority and in qualities such as sincerity, truthfulness and pure motives.

    I propose that the answer is WOMEN. Women have certain qualities which are much needed in the world today and until and unless women assume positions of power and leadership in the world, the current pathological model will continue. Women tend to operate along different psychological principles - the principle of co-operation rather than competition, for example. They tend to want everyone to win, rather than pushing others down for their own selfish benefit. They tend to be more compassionate, caring and equitable. Of course this is a generalisation, but I think that most people would agree with the basic gist of it. Women tend to be more peace-loving and to have more skills in this area. The qualities and skills which they possess are absolutely essential to the world today.

    I belong to the Baha'i Faith which teaches the equality of men and women and that women must enter fully into the affairs of the world, including politics, in order to promote a culture of peace. Indeed it is predicted that women's full involvement in the affairs of the world is a necessary prerequisite for world peace. Men must become advocates of women's rights and promote the advancement of women as part of this process.

    Let us all become peacemakers as opposed to war mongers because, as it says in the Bible "blessed are the peacemakers". Let us fight for unity and peace!

    "The well-being of mankind, its peace and security are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established."

  61. Please change the statement about hundreds being effected by 125 deaths in the pentagon. thousands were affected.

  62. @Michael

    "The military’s reaction to the events was just as confused as everyone elses. Just what I would expect from an unexpected suicide attack using jet liners."

    WTF we have BILLIONS in equipment and protocol to stop this exact situation. Look it up man dont just repeat what you hear. And I may not be a demo expert, but I am a physicist, University of Maine 2000. Buildings dont come down this fast or violent without some energy source besides stored ( potential) energy. Planes and fires are not enough. This comments section wont let me put in equations, but its Newtons Second LAW of motion, as well as a BUNCH of other physical realities. So either all of physics is wrong or you are.

  63. @JoeBobe, that doesnt really apply to the dust cloud or the laws of momentum. A few "clusters" of material hardly account for the TONS of concrete and steel that had to move. And the energy provided by a plane crash and fire + the energy of the collapse does not = enough to do the damage done. Your proof is about as solid as the idea that a black smokey fire and jet fuel did it. But I supose your clever since you say "Troofers" and I'll bet your smarter than DOZENS of engineers, physicists and demolition experts. You cling to that picture as long as you can.

  64. @richard

    Ok richard, why doesn't the US government release some proof? there must be 200 cameras or so around the Pentagon and if there were a plane why not just show me and stop that "rumor" in its tracks? Not to mention the LAWS OF PHYSICS don't allow for a building this size to do this from a plane to the top. Read a book think for yourself, or why bother? I mean 1/5th of Americans interviewed in a recent pole thought the Earth was the Center of the Solar System! Not to mention a large number of people think the Earth is 5000 to 5800 years old, they also say they can "debunk" science and physics. Forget Loose Change or Popular Mech. Just look at the evidence. What are the odds of two building 110 stories tall coming down the EXACT same way, on the same day in the same place and barely hitting other buildings?
    There is a principle in Science called Occams razor it basically states "the theory with the fewest new assumptions is the right one." (assuming all else is equal) Am I too assume that physics failed at the WTC 1,2, and 7, the first 3 steel framed buildings ever to collapse from fire all happened on the same day, and that it was achieved with a force the building were meant to withstand, or that Thermite was used? Easy choice for me.

  65. @Catalina Misty
    Why would you post that here?
    And also people can do what they want banning everything and making laws is BS. We need more responsibility than laws. Your idea of a "mortal sin" has no meaning to me, the atheist. Maybe if you tried a friendlier approach? I think people should be able to do whatever they want to themselves as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

  66. @richard...popular mechanics..haha dont make me laugh

  67. they got the explosives into the building by having george bush's brother as the head of security for these buildings (fact) and they closed off the buildings for 10 - 12 days for "repairs" right before the incident (fact)

  68. Pay attention. The investigation for 9/11 is exactly like that of the Gulf coast oil spill. The media is still on blackout and no one seems to be talking about it except for the residents who stayed. No one was allowed near the BP oil rig area and they're trying to cover up the amount of oil with poisonous dispersant. They haven't told the clean up workers about the hazards involved or given proper masks and they're experiencing significant respiratory and skin problems. History will continue to repeat itself if we allow it.

  69. I always laugh when the Troofers yell FREE FALL. It's pretty obvious in the video shot from north of Tower 1 that huge clusters of debris, detached from the top of the tower at collapse, have fallen about 30 floors below the collapsing part of the building. That debris is in free fall, not the building. I even carry a still of this around with me to show the more -in your face- Troofers, so I can see the look on -their- faces when they realize what chumps they are.

  70. Ok, did anyone notice that Alex Jones is the executive producer of this? Is it any wonder that the word 'Israel' never made it on the vid? or PrisonPlanet? Alex is a plant. He revs people up about stuff (that is, for the most part true), but he leaves out the root of the cause.

    I wondered what it was about the bullhorn I didn't like...


  71. You Americans have a lot of explaining to do.

    Trillions spent worldwide fighting a fake war. There has never been any evidence Bin Laden is connected. Billions of dollars lost in the commercial aviation industry. And now a worldwide recession caused by Wall street. You're greed has no limits.

    The one year anniversary is coming up, what will you tell your representatives to do???

  72. @John
    I would normally bother getting into a decent debate regarding your narrow minded point of view seeing that purpose of this comments sections is to voice out ones opinion but in your case I wont bother. You`re a dumbass

  73. OK,.. the only problem I have with this whole 9/11 conspiracy thang or the 9/11 Omission Report is how in the world did Osama Bin Laden and his rag-tag-fugitive fleet of head bangin' bad boys manage to get all those controlled demolition charges into the trade center buildings without anyone catchin' on to their dirty deeds ? Huh ? Did they pose as the cleaning staff ?

    No matter whatcha think, 1350ft steel reinforced structures DO NOT FALL TO THE GROUND AT FREE FALL SPEED SOLELY AS THE RESULT OF A MULTILAYERED PANCAKE COLLAPSE.Floors below those which collapsed would present a significant resistive force in an opposite direction to counteract and diminish the velocity of the downward collapse from the impacts of the superior floors, and this would be independant of the physical load. (F=ma)

    Thus a free-fall collapse would be physically impossible without first strategically cutting the core columns of the floors below, using a rapid control fired sequence. It's elementary dear Watson !

    If the official story is true, then the very laws of physics which govern our universe were violated on that terrible day, and so were the rights of over 3000 souls with families and lives of their own ! Rest in Peace, one day justice will be served to those responsible. Good liars never last.

  74. When watching this doc, I'm reminded of a time long ago when Americans used to ask for proof or evidence before accepting whatever is told to us by those in power. This has been a great exercise in rational thought. What's next?

    I believe the planned hijacking of two planes (WTC) by terrorist was fact. I also believe this plan was monitored, followed and allowed to happen. Those who had the most to gain piled on other incidences and occurrences that would give the greatest fear-mongering and war rallying impact. Then add several anthrax scares and yellow cake and you have a nearly instant $10 trillion contract with american taxpayers over the next 10 years and priceless oil reserves for the taking.

  75. 1. they seemed to come down like an explosive controlled demolition.

    Pure conjecture. That's YOUR opinion. Are you a demolitions expert? Are you an expert on what happens when a Jet Liner hits a major skyscraper?

    2. the media told me almost an hour before the 2nd plane hit “another plane could be headed this way” but the worlds no:1 military/airforce was unable to intercept.

    How do you work that one out? The second plane hit approximately 17-18 minutes after the first. The media were as alarmed and in the dark about the day as everyone else. As one might expect, people were in complete shock. Rumours spread like wildfire when there is panic and a lack of information. Check out the tsunami of 2003 for the same sort of reaction.

    The military's reaction to the events was just as confused as everyone elses. Just what I would expect from an unexpected suicide attack using jet liners.

    3. (and this is the 1 i’m scared to admit)
    i saw what appeared to be doctored footage of 1 of the planes entering the building on tv that day. probably 2nd plane.

    Once again, utter and complete conjecture. "What appeared to be" does not impress me as evidence of any kind. The two hits on the WTC towers were filmed from every conceivable angle, by hundreds of cameras. Do you seriously think that every single one of those videos was doctored? I saw two planes hitting the WTCs, end of story.

  76. "far fetched and untrue" ? it seems more accurate to my observations than the official conspiracy theory.

    i remember at least 3 observations i made on the day that are, in my mind, irreconcilable with the official claims.
    1. they seemed to come down like an explosive controlled demolition.
    2. the media told me almost an hour before the 2nd plane hit "another plane could be headed this way" but the worlds no:1 military/airforce was unable to intercept.
    3. (and this is the 1 i'm scared to admit)
    i saw what appeared to be doctored footage of 1 of the planes entering the building on tv that day. probably 2nd plane.
    as the wing and fuselage went through the walls i saw the walls reappear just behind where the wing meets the fuselage (right side). just for a split second. and only the once on normal tv.
    i remember saying "hey! wtf was that!?" to my step mum, who just looked blankly at me and said "what?".
    i've seen the same footage years after here on the net. in a much grainier format. but it can't be a coincidence that someone made it up after the fact.
    i'm not saiyng the planes weren't there. just that it looked like doctored footage.
    the official story stinks of BS.

  77. This movie is extremely far-fetched and untrue. Stop being persuaded by biased and innacurate coincidental nonsense. It's an outrage that the producers of this exploited such a tragedy of terror.

  78. Thanks everyone for your comments here and watching this documentary.

    I am a mature Muslim. I was shocked when WTC 9/11 happen. I was watching live but my mind was wandering and didn't accept the fact that its done by Muslims. Whoever did it but not Muslims. Official news and their home made evidence were so strong and strongly populated as well that depress me. I prayed to God since then that May Allah tell me or show me the TRUTH. When I came accross these documentary and some others, I thank Allah that I was right that its not done by Muslims.

    Though I condemn till date that it was an evil act but at least a corner of my heart is satisfied that its not done by Muslim(s).

    I believe from the bottom of my heart that American citizen are very innocent but unfortunately they got evil Government. If you look the documentary "The Arrival", you will find that all government officials are free mason. They worship GOAT once in a year. They follow the teachings of AntiCrist (not Crist). And in fact they are impatiently waiting for Anticrist. If you don't believe, watch "The Arrival" here. Also how the CIA control marines mind and heart and brain wash them, must watch "Mind Control" here. You will surprised to know the TRUTH.

  79. Dance my dear puppets!! Dance!!! Mohahahahawhaw! >:D

  80. Top documentary. It is amazing how people dance to the tune of the media piper- many don't care about this at all, and continue to believe the official line. This has all happened before- did we need world war two or world war one or Vietnam?
    The narrator sounded like Dick Grayson alias Robin of Batman and.

  81. @Catalina Misty
    Ban coffee!!??? Coffee is great, I drink it every day. Its delicious, and it wakes you up!

  82. This is the documentary that work me up. Every time i have a friend make fun of me, i show him this video and he isnt laughing anymore.

  83. It is such a relief to see all the comments here , since that day ,11 sep 2001, i was hated by everybody in my town ( I am Pakistani by the way ) and i rememebr even my teachers asking me if i prayed everyday and if i had TALIBAN friends, lol, i was just 14 that time , but guess what, truth can not be hidden for long ;).

    with love from France

  84. I recommend "Money Masters" as a documentary that should be watched along with this one. It clears up some of the motives of our governments

  85. If you liked this and found it only raised more questions, Please watch "Endgame", "The Obama Decption" and "Fall of the Republic".

    The events leading up to 9/11 and the events that are taking place now after 9/11 were nothing but a chess game. Where every move was carried out by the government. Obama, like Bush is no more then a puppet. And the Banking Elite are the puppet masters.

  86. Everybody please write your congress for a federal controlled substance law banning caffeine, it's a mortal sin to drink coffee and it's bad for you, please respond with your own comment if you have one!

  87. Even if it is not true that the USA government initiated all this chaos for whatever economic reasons they still are extremely guilty even if only for hiding evidense and ignoring public safety for the workers.
    By hiding evidense and misleading their own people I find the USA government of that time not a bit less terroristic than whoever initiated the attack.
    My heart goes out to all who had to suffer by this world wide.

  88. How extremely odd. This is the first time I ever heard about the WTC7 that building that went down without a plane but most certainly by a demolision.
    In greece we were told ONLY about the the twin towers and we were told that we know 100% Bin Laden did it.
    This shows they were even more misleading with us than they were over there in the USA.
    The pentagon destruction and that missing airplane debris were never mentioned at all. What a backward world we are to kill our brothers and sisters like that...

  89. The day the "events" occurred I was too stunned to disbelieve. It was only later, with time and reflection, that I had some questions. This documentary verbalized what I could not and gave graphic descriptions of the things I had no idea about, helped clear up many questions and pretty much convinced me that we'd been lied to. I have friends who went almost violent when pressed with the evidence! They don't say that I'm wrong but they are unwilling to accept that their own government may have played everyone for a fool with deadly consequences.

  90. In regards to the Pentagon, I'd like to ask why there are dozens of shots of what sometimes seem to be random people, just strolling about a "crime scene."

    Wouldn't everything have been closed off? Right before the doc. goes to explaining what was inside the destroyed part of the Pentagon, you can clearly see some dude in a short sleeve shirt just wandering by, observing as if smoke coming out of a building was an everyday occurrence.


  91. One of the most important documentaries ever made. I've recomended it to most people I know, those who've watched it have passed it on, but others won't watch it because they don't want to know...and I can't blame them, if this is the truth (and I believe it is)...it's enough to alter their reality...

  92. I like that site.