Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

2009, 9/11  -   198 Comments
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With the departure of the Bush Administration and the arrival of an era of transparency, opportunities are arising for the disclosure of new information that may shed more light on the events that took place before and after 9/11/2001.

Dramatically narrated by Daniel Sunjata, an outspoken advocate for the First Responders, Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup first examines mysterious and infamous events that reshaped world history from the Reichstag Fire in 1933 that catapulted Hitler to dictatorship - to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 that led to the Vietnam War, and then takes viewers on a turbulent journey through several pivotal moments in history before delving into the most significant catastrophe in recent memory, 9/11.

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown.

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14 hours ago

Judeo Masonry is alive and well, VERY well in all our major departments of government

2 years ago

How this site is still alive?

2 years ago

The columbine report released may 2001 and before that klebo and harris were going to take plane and fly to NYC.

3 years ago

Everyone looks at the facts of 911 when all I have to do is look at what happened as a result. Our government more than doubled in size, we got the awesome "Patriot Act", homeland security, the TSA, etc etc etc. Dont look at the incident, look at what happened as a result. That's the real rub.

3 years ago

I like this guys voice and narrative

3 years ago

Smedly Butler was a Highly Decorated Marine... Not in the Army as this Docudrama states.... How many other inaccuracies are there.... ????

4 years ago

Last commenter was correct. Once in awhile the original / real video surfaces. It’s definitely not easy to find.

James Hannum
5 years ago

Why does this video leave out the following?:

Pres. Roosevelt didn't merely withhold info of where the Japanese would "most likely" strike, as this video says. It's much worse. It came out 30 years after the War that US Army scout planes flew right over the huge Jap. steaming armada, at such low altitude so as to be able to identify the types of warships. It was steaming on a direct line straight for Pearl Harbor. When the fleet was spotted, and reported up to superiors, the fleet was still a day away from Pearl. The reports were squelched and nothing whatsoever was done. The video shows part of Admiral Kimmel's testimony, saying that the navy & army at Pearl Harbor were given no information as to when and where the Japanese WOULD PROBABLY strike. Kimmel was vastly understating the problem, either for the sake of his own career, own neck, or because he was part of the plot to get US into the war himself. Documents & interviews now show that the US government knew EXACTLY when & where the Japanese were striking.

The atomic bombs US dropped on Japan were unnecessary mass murder of civilians. Japan had hardly any navy left. The Japanese mainland could have been stormed, after the usual bombing & naval cannon barrages had obliterated Japanese defensive implacements. No atomic bombs needed to be dropped on the large civilian cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. The real purpose was to "shock & awe" the world, make everyone fear the US. For the purpose of US imperialism.

The omissions I'm mentioning here would be no big deal if the video simply didn't discuss these topics. For example, if the video didn't discuss Pearl Harbor. But the video discusses Pearl Harbor in detail and the omitted items are the key elements in the Pearl Harbor story, it is strange indeed that they were omitted. Ditto the below omissions.
From 1913 to 1917 the US & its lapdog press lied that the Germans were bayoneting babies, raping women, etc. in order to get the US to declare war on Germany, Austria, & other countries. The Germans were no worse than their opponents in WWI.

This is not a complete list of important facts not included in this video. Some inches below the video is a picture & link to the original Loose Change documentary. Watch it to see most of the things I list here as omitted from this video.

The man posing as bin Laden in the 2006, and his voice, have been PROVEN to not be Bin Laden. Bin Laden had to have debilitating kidny dialysis machine cleansing of his blood supply daily. The US gov't claims they were hunting for Bin Laden but it came out that he was hospitalized in the American Hospital, in Iraq I believe it was, and while there was visited by a CIA agent.

The FBI published the list of "9/11 hijackers" within a couple days of 9/11. So fast, and so complete a list, as to look suspicious. It seems like the list never changed all these years, despite the fact that as the years went by many of the "hijackers" surfaced alive and well throughout the Middle East, professing their innocence. Some gave alibis of where they were on 9/11, but to me the alibis were unnecessary since all the hijackers, according to the US gov't, were blown into a million bits.

The video does not state that Janell Bryan, the Flordida USDA loan officer, ever reported Hani Hanjour's suspicious behavior to anyone else in the US government.
The video shows & discusses Andrew Card leaning into Bush's ear at the FL schoolhouse, during My Pet Goat, but does not disclose that Card was telling Bush the 2nd WTC tower had just been hit. Nor does the video point out that Bush goes on reading My Pet Goat for many more minutes after Card's whisper.

The video says the gov't has given us "no clear images" showing the alleged passenger jet liner heading toward or hitting the Pentagon. This is an understatement. It should say we've "no images showing anything that remotely resembles a winged aircraft of any kind."

Video doesn't mention that the day before 9/11 Sec'ty of Defense Rumsfeld gave an interview (see it on YouTube) where he bemoaned that $2.2 Trillion had disappeared at the Pentagon, and that the exact place where the "jet liner" hit was the office auditing the books to find the missing trillions. The accounting computers etc were destroyed and from what I saw, no further mention was ever made of the missing trillions; at least, the money was never found.

The video does not mention that the 9/11 truth debunkers claim that Flt 77's wings "folded back" on impact and entered the 20' hole along with the body of the plane. This is important because it shows the debunkers admitting that the hole was only 20' wide, and shows that they have no explanation of the missing wings and engines other than the absurd "folding back" assertion.

I'm too tired to finish this list. The above omissions occur in the first 44 minutes of the video, and there are probably more in the rest of it. Why did they name this video "Loose Change"? It's stealing the name of the real Loose Change. Could it be to divert people who want to watch the real Loose Change into watching this, a weak sister? It seems unlikely that the author(s) of this video, who went to so much trouble to make it, would have been so negligent to omit the above gravamen elements in the 9/11 story.

I noticed tonight that the several editions of the real Loose Change have almost all of them been removed from the internet. Why, after so many years? Is the USG getting ready for the next false flag op, against Iran or Russia, and doesn't want such a detailed & damning documentary as Loose Change to be available to the public?

Last week there were 4 young US Army men in camouflage fatigues just standing inside the local super market. I was appalled to see 4 different people go up to them and say "thank you!" Americans just don't want to see that no one is attacking the US, the soldiers are not "keeping us safe." It's we who are droning, bombing, invading, and occupying them. Those Middle Eastern people & soldiers who resist our aggression are mislabeled "terrorists."

- - - Do NOT Support Our Troops - - -

harley creel
5 years ago

The anthrax is probably the least mentioned aspect of this happening. Building Seven didn't make the official story. I took physics. People believe what they want to even when the facts say otherwise. The ruins of those buildings were riddled with nanothermite.
Truth will out? We'll see.

michelle snyder
6 years ago

These relations, under Confucian principles, were bonded by filial piety. Because members of a family remained strictly loyal to one another, they were considered responsible for crimes committed by any member due to guilt by association. Lets wake up Americans and bring it back for the Bush's, the Clinton....more it wouldn't be hard list the rotten seeds in America deserving the "Confucian principles" like the banking cartel, am I right, of coarse I'm right. It wouldn't be hard to carry out this excellent plan either since we have great military forces. Huh our military working for the people not just to help kill and cover up the people.

6 years ago

loose change is literally the dumbest movie ever made. notice i didnt say documentary? almost every element of evidence put forward is based on a high school understanding of science and engineering. this piece of ass is an insult to all intelligence and free thinking. if you believe this nonsense you ate a *****, plain and simple.

6 years ago

if fires can consume a building, then we need to make buildings out of the passports they found in the rubble.
If things falling at free-fall speed is such a constant occurrence, then we need to revisit the LAW of physics.
I was there, I heard the planes, saw the bodies, and wiped the f*cking dust off my body. I also heard mini explosions before the collapse, I was across the street from building 7 in Fitterman-hall a section of the BMCC campus.
Why was Fema there the night before, I SAW THEM WITH MY OWN EYES.

6 years ago

B. I wholeheartedly feel for you and the fact that you had to experience such a thing. It is very important to ask the question How and Why and question everything. Like you there are survivors who had an experience which mainstream narrative has completely ignored. They too like yourself, deserve to be heard.

Sweet Canada
6 years ago

Just tell the truth. Please. We don't believe Kennedy murder and we don't believe that building can fall straight down. Who can blame us for being angry while our faith is so challenged. So many lives lost and hearts broken. Now a world at war. Dear God forgive us.

7 years ago

Video has been taken down by the copyright owner. =\

7 years ago

Seems like We are not ready for the truth

7 years ago

Found this after seeing the description on Netflix. Don't think I'll be seeing the documentary, because nothing that is said and done... whether by those who survived or "Truthers"... will undo the events that occurred that day. Shouldn't the focus be on a dialogue to overcome blind hatred, racism and xenophobia? Once we stop projecting our own fears and insecurities on others, the world would be a much better place, I think.

7 years ago

As a survivor and someone who has obviously done extensive research on 9/11, I am shocked at the callousness of so-called truthers. No one seems to want a real conversation. I have been mocked and truthers try to knock me down because I won't feed into their conspiracies.

At the end of the day, humanity must reign. So if you are searching for the "truth", make sure you are not doing it at the detriment of those suffering as a result of 9/11.

youwish wish
7 years ago

i dont really buy the crooked stories of "bystanders" and "eyewitnesses" ... cause some asses just wanna be on the news!!! dont believe me google the lady who didnt have nobody of her die and still managed her way upto the "media sensation" and she has been missing ever since!!

Rusty Bullet-Hole
8 years ago

WTC tower is 60m by 60m. A 767 has a wing span of 48m. At approx 33mins when the first plane hits I can't see 48m of Boeing. I know the camera resolution is poor but we can see by referencing the WTC what 60m looks like. The initial impact is a tiny area. Am I missing something?

8 years ago

It's pretty funny that people would insist something produced by college dropouts who intended to make a fictional movie until they realized the value of making a film they could say was fact is something that is factual. There are so many holes in the Loose Change theory that it's really an embarrassment to proclaim it as fact.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

I don't need a video to tell me who did 911. It was a Jew thing cooked up by Mossad and finger prints galore for this Zionist outrage that launched a war against Muslims enemies of the Jews of course. That is the story of 911. Dig that!

Heir of Aileach
9 years ago

Documentary? Well...nope.

Rebel Yell
9 years ago

I strongly suggest watching Loose Change Second Edition. It's very, very good and very detail orientated.

9 years ago

When u invent things to prove a conspiracy you really are making idiots of everybody that does question these things. wtc hit by jets cut 1/2 - 2/3 of their supporting beams located in centre of bldings fire did the rest. fact. U guys are just stupid & make idiots out of yourselves & everyone else. thermite between your ears

9 years ago

Doubters that it was an "inside job" demonstrate that the idiocracy is in full bloom. You do understand that the NIST report is a "conspiracy theory," no? "19 hijackers... blah, blah..." This is a theory of multiple players "conspiring." Get it?
There are 47 documentaries RIGHT HERE under the section titled "9/11." Do a little research - you are not required to begin hitting those keys on your computer machine every time you watch a film on a topic you clearly have no depth in because a thought bounced around your head.
Doubters, dig in and hold on to your seat as your world turns upside down - there's a truth movement sweeping the world that is ready to catch you when you're ready to let go...

Ricardo Mountabong
10 years ago

I love this part about ushering in "an era of transparency" with the election of Obama. Ha ha ha ha ha, what a joke! Obama has been the most un-transparent president ever. And here I thought Bush was secretive. But I guess they couldn't have known that back in 2009 when this was made. Everyone (including myself) thought that Obama would be different, that things would change. The only thing that's changed is the presidents name - he's just as corrupt and dishonest as Bush ever was. It makes me sick to think how many people he fooled. There's a special place in hell for you Mr. President. When Matt Damon (who was a huge Obama supporter) says Obama "has some explaining to do," then he knows he has serious problems.

10 years ago

The two most interesting things as of late have been the conclusion from Richard Clark that the CIA probably had a few of the hijackers in their sights and were trying to bring them to their side, funded them and then had them not switch and use the funds to carry out the attack.

And the other, the admission that the CIA now claim that Abu Zubaydah had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, Al Qaeda, or OBL. This is extremely problematic, as the 9/11 commission mentions him several times and the CIA cites him as the source of their intel that OBL and Al Qaeda were behind the 9/11 attacks.

CIA seems to think they can have it both ways...maybe they're right.

10 years ago

I am just giving and idea as to how it could have been done. It ia a reply to your saying that it could not be done. So if I say it could have been done is not proof but you say it could not be done is proof.The elevator shaft gave anyone access to the center support columns and out of view from the public.The possibility that it could be done was there which is more evidence than you saying it could not be done. Keep on sleeping in the NEW WORLD ORDER,of fascism

10 years ago

Any war is a great money maker, those that finance, finance both sides and profit from both sides. All governments are puppets of the global war machines. This is man the most educated mamal on the planet. God still sits around and watches. LOL

10 years ago

Take it easy on batvette his contradictions go both ways pro-gov and anti-gov just loves to contradict

10 years ago

As for the flights, I guess this is where the real CT comes in. In order for any agency to do this and not commit mass-murder at the same time a mass cover-up and or mass brainwash program must have taken place. In the original version of "Loose change" made in the wake of the event, they briefly touched upon this. Now remember, we are talking about trillions of dollars at stake. A war-machine and intelligence center of the world such as the US would most likely have able programs to cope with handling 2 half filled flights of passengers (Around 400 passengers, though in the case of these flights I believe they weren't even half of that if my memory serves me right). In the original version there was a theory that the air-crafts were exchanged to empty ones, and the original passengers were all relocated and supervised.

10 years ago

Although I am more of a humanist than engineer - I cant but agree with slpsa's conclusion through viewing the collapse on the structures in multiple videos. I wouldn't think myself biased in anyway either, since I too am an EU citizen (albeit with part-american origin). To most educated people in Europe at least, it would just seem ridiculous that the towers would be hit and then fall first an hour afterwards, let alone fall at all (That tower 7 would fall due to debris is just a bad joke, lots of other buildings should have fallen then too). Apparent demolition, just too apparent.

As to how did they set it up. No witnesses. It isn't too difficult to imagine a very keenly intent governmental faction to be able to cover its tracks if they had some years to prepare. Lets not get too hyped about secret agencies, but who watches what cleaners do up the towers all day long? Or who looks after all shifts of security guards all night long? According to one account there actually were witnesses of extra security going through the buildings days and weeks before the incident. No proof, but weighing likelihood - my bet is on inside job rather than some unheard of international terrorist group managing a tightly arranged attack with military precision. Just hitting the pentagon like that is not easy, that takes a long education and years of preparation if it was piloted. The point is, its out of any actual terrorist league. The gain of such an act for any terrorist group is next to nothing - whereas the cost would be putting yourself at international wanted list no #1. The economy and organization required for such an operation is more or less an impossibility for a terrorist group much different from what main media wants you to believe. The terrorist label is like a bad novels title - which is exactly what ran through my head when I saw it 12 years ago. I could go on about Bin Laden being a puppet, but enough of controversial claims.

The only comfort Americans can get I suppose is just that most likely the intention by whichever secret faction of the government who orchestrated this, was for people to escape the building during this hour. Though this is speculation, one could think that if there was a fire, for instance, in the building there must have been some sort of protocol stating how long it would take for the building to be evacuated in a crisis. Probably no one (or at least as few as possible) was meant to be harmed... we all know the tragic outcome however.

10 years ago

No matter what you think of Obama - he is a divider - by race, by religion, by class warfare....it may have been plausible at one time for him to blame Bush, but now we know that Oblama just blames....anyone....worst President ever.....

10 years ago

" This is un-possible. " @ 00.28.10... Maybe not correct wording....

10 years ago

Too funny "era of transparency" ... 0bama ... really ..... I do not think he knows what transparency means, he seems to think it means the opposite of the dictionary definition with a heaping helping of propaganda.

10 years ago

Ali G asked Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon) - you know those conspiracies and all... and Buzz was already: yes, we went there... - but Ali G asks him: Does the moon exist?

so I ask the same: Did airplanes really exist?

10 years ago

Here is the plan: lets demolish a building in middle of NY, with all potential witnesses, blame it on Afghans, and then go through all the loops to attack Iraq.
Wouldn't it be easier to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
Very poorly planed conspiracy, if you ask me.

10 years ago

PRIOR to either Tower collapse, Barry Jennings made it clear that WTC-7's lobby detonated; later (in the week of the release of the NIST WTC-7 report) Mr. Jennings (New York City Director of Emergency Management) disappeared...only to be later confirmed that his death was a police matter. Plainly put: Barry Jennings was murdered; remembering that neither his testimony, nor even WTC-7 was addressed at all, in the 9-11 Commission fraudulent Report. Danny Jowenko, a leading world demolition expert from the Netherlands (also murdered in...July 2011); in his interview, confirmed the implosion demolition of World Trade Center 7.
Ted Gunderson former FBI also confirms before his death that the government was involved with the 9.11 attacks.

Even Larry himself admit they had to "pull" building 7 in the end of the day.

Many people seem to have come forward but payed the ultimate price to tell the truth.

NIST completely fails to address prior knowledge of the building’s collapse,
including why news outlets like the BBC and CNN reported that the building had collapsed an hour before it actually fell, and the original collapse has never been shown to the public.
If the collapse of WTC 7 came as a result of a “new phenomenon” and an “extraordinary event” that had never happened before in the history of building collapses, then why did news stations and ground zero workers know it was about to happen a hour or more in advance?
We are actually being asked to believe the impossible - that WTC 7 was the only building in history to have defied all precedent and suffered a complete and almost instantaneous collapse from fire damage alone!, despite this being an impossibility if one accepts the basic laws of physics as accurate. The building collapsed in 6 seconds that is free fall, i believe floors have more resistance than air.

This on its own completely destroys the very foundation of NIST’s assertion that a “new phenomenon” was responsible for the collapse.

10 years ago

Why would Larry Silverstein lease buildings that he knew he would have to pay at least 3billions for asbestos abatement?? because the towers were iun due for some major upgrades and the buildings could not be destroyed and because of the asbestos they could not be upgraded. WHO WOULD WANT THAT BURDEN? lol

10 years ago

There is not one piece of evidence that links Osama bin laden directly to the planning stages of 9.11.

Reason 1 to believe the hijackers are fake:
We all heard them say a paper passport fell out of one of the towers and was picked up in the debris by a police officer on the street. this plane flies into the building explodes with jet fuel the passport goes out of the guys jacket through plane through the fireball out of the burning building fire shooting out, and comes down to the ground in read able condition. for 6 months they reported they had this passport they got this prove and suddenly Like many of the suspected hijackers this guy stood up and was alive! in the middle east (BBC) and they pulled it and said aaaah that was a mistake, and the story just disappeared. ;D

The FBI has not revisited its list.

According to special agent flagg has explained that the FBI knew almost immediately the names of all 19 hijackers because they discovered a piece of Luggage was left behind by muhamad Atta which included not only a terrorist manual but the very convenient list of the 19 hijackers lol I would say that is quite stunning considering 5, 6 or 7 of this guys has turned up alive and well oh that's 6 more reasons to believe the hijackers were fake How can u explain that? And that incidentally gives new meaning to the word False Flagg.D.

No evidence has ever linked any of the dead or alive "hijackers" to Osama Bin Laden.

10 years ago

SO how come NORAD couldn't manage to take down 3 planes when they were doing Simulated attacks a year in advance with the same scenario that happened 9.11??? and all the planes during this test's were taken down!

10 years ago

people in new york in the world trade center, have offices, and consider it work throughout the day. some of them, or a lot of them may have had computers, and a telephone. so that is considered middle class for most, but some had less, so they were considered lower class inside the world trade centers.

those middle class people and the lower class people were in charge on september the 11th 2001, and especially in charge of airplances around there office space.

next up was the passengers who did want to fly around new york on september the 11th 2001. mohammed atta, was in my opinion, one of the poorest passengers on that flight. he spoke of god in a book, because i think he was hearing someone on a satellite link, above the air traffic controllers, about how he did not care what mohammed did, he was an atheist.

mohammed had some partners, with him, for support.

next up, was betty, a flight attendant. she handle some equipment for the passengers. had a pretty voice in my opinion. to me a chinese woman, with a good american accent, meant that they was another transmission on that flight american air 11, that made her voice carry especially rich. i feel sorry for her.

then john and his co-pilot were in charge of the airplane. but i think they heared someone over the air traffic system telling them, quote "don't those guys look like terrioist on his flight?", and his reply was, "john, don't take off you have terrioist on board". and john's reply with his lips closed so his co-pilot wouldn't hear it was, "you are not in charge of my plane, i am". and john took off, just barely with airleron control, that could have jammed after takeoff. then the same voice as before told gene "you better give those 2 pilots a good shot, so they will know we mean buisness". so gene said "ok", and shot them both in the cockpit on takeoff, so they could not move there arms or change any of the controls in the cockpit.

gene later in 2004 or 2005 came to longville, as he married my friend next door. he let me drive a van, filled with pipe fitter tools to do some work he had a contract for. i drove him and helped him for a year or two before he left longville, and went back to lake charles.

i forgot to tell you, that i possible could have been connected to this link, with a camera link, but i did not have any of the audio, i am telling you. my story comes after the fact. i was home here in longville,louisian, at this time, most of the time with little of nothing, exept a lawn chair outside. i was also followed in lake charles by a man, who was president of the policy jury in lake charles. his name is gene whittler. he had a surveillance link in lake charles, that shot me in the back of the head after he saw me pick up a girl on the side of the road. he would shoot me in the back of the head when i got home. it felt like a lot of bb's hitting me. i finaly gave up on the girl and moved back to longville. i was in transition from moving from lake charles, to longville. i was on the same level as the people in the trade centers that morning.

so a man i call curtis dove, was the one who told john ogonoski, not to take off that moring, after a man from scotland, named paul mccartney mentioned to curtis, "don't those look like terrioist on board his flight?". i tell you there names because these voices are talking to me right now from a satellite link, since 2006. they are also shooting me like they did ogonoski on his takeoff from boston. the whole 9-11 scheme was made up by a man from scotland, who had equipment made in the u.s.a. and he had a game where if the pilots, plus mohammed could not disengage the auto pilot then 9-11 was bound to happen. but i don't think he realized that gene's shot did let them do anything to change the controls after they were shot in the heart.

this all started with john lennon and mark chapman in 1980. when someone told paul i was a conspirator in john' death. he saw a clip of me in a practice session here in louisiana at that time, and that is when mark had to shoot his way out of there. paul, had a special doppler like spot light surveillance camera, supposedly to get john inside his apartment without any air interference from night to night.

so now paul tells people he is a atheist and that is how he hooked up with mohammed atta, and also i think he set up the passengers and crew of american airlines 11 to make fun of mohammed as he turned off the transponder, to there key satellite, and beamed a signal that took over there auto pilot systems and pin pointed point b to the world trade centers.

people on the ground, are the most responsible. they can cast blame on episodes like this one. but i hear, people like paul and curtis, trying to blame me,mohammed,and mark chapman for all the trouble. these guys curtis and paul are behind satellite systems, and are at the back of the pack, and have not right to blame anyone but themselves. but they are trying to fool people into thinking they are in charge. but they are rich with electronics and do not control anyone. and they cannot blame anyone either.

10 years ago

9/11 theories are ADDICTION!

Merrylynn Allison
10 years ago

I am so thankful to G-D that I live in Canada!!
People are wakeing-up now and are now realizing the truth.
Isn't it insane how many times the American Goverment has declared war on it's
own people and still there is no justice no one held accountable.
Thank G-d I live in Canada.

10 years ago

There is obviously emotion involved, but from the outside and another country one is somewhat incredulous at the volume of individually highly improbable events aligned on the same day. Albeit a statistical argument, how reasonable is it that a multitude of highly unlikely 'firsts' occur on the same day in the process of the same attacks? It is sound (not conspiratorially driven) to ask reasonable question regarding events and investigations, the latter presumably of the highest possible calibre historically given the unprecedented and enormous importance of these crimes (applying open minds and the best investigative and forensic approaches, leaving no stone unturned as it were). To close the case, is it scientifically verifiable and/or reasonable that:
i) not 1 but 3 steel structures (designed to withstand significant damage) collapsed roughly into their footprints at or near free-fall as a sole result of aircraft impact and brief kerosene fuelled fires, arguably for the 1st time in history and with WT7 never impacted by an aircraft?
ii) the official analysis of the destruction of the towers/ WT7 (based on forensic data and scientific modelling - the pancake hypothesis) soundly and effectively explains the free-fall, small footprint collapses?
iii) the official report concludes no explosives were uninvolved when this was never forensically tested?
iv) physical evidence available for forensic interrogation of 'collapses' was removed, against procedure and law?
v) investigations concluded there was no evidence/reports of explosions prior to collapses, despite emergency staff, survivors and other witnesses reporting such explosions (and who were not interviewed)?
vi) a 757 was maneuvered by an inexperienced 'pilot' at high speed, a handful of feet above the ground, precisely into the Pentagon?
vii) this 757 collapsed in upon itself to leave a small penetration of the Pentagon, devoid of visual evidence of wing, tail and engine impacts to the building, with little debris?
iii) of the many cameras, and the film footage taken into custody, only a single largely illegible video purporting aircraft impact is publicly released?
iv) the attacks fortuitously occurred at the same time as multiple military trials, negating aerial intervention despite a prior history of effective intervention for 'missing' aircraft?
v) an intact aircraft ploughed into a field leaving little to no debris, evidence of explosion/fuel consumption, or groundwater fuel contamination
vi) that debris be located >5 miles from the site if the craft remained intact to the point of impact.

The attacks occurred, the questions are how they occurred, how the physical evidence and damage came about, and ultimately why? Investigations do not solely test the obvious, nor are pre-determined in outcome, are required to test multiple hypotheses (eg. was destruction facilitated by means additional to aircraft?), and must seriously question - for the public good - why such buildings physically responded as they did. Crazy conspiracies aside, the number of physical improbabilities, historic firsts, and apparently biased official explanations, do not appear to eliminate reasonable doubt.

10 years ago

To the makers of this doc:
When are you going to understand that 'no plane at the pentagon = no planes at the twin towers' in the minds of the average person who has not looked at this issue. That there is a well funded disinformation campaign associating 911 truth with misdirection and nonsense. (i/e 911 Hoax= no planes, holograms nonsense etc)

If you were a lawyer you would not mention such a thing. You be familiar with large body of evidence that shows that flight 77 did hit the pentagon. Regardless, You would focus instead on the most cogent facts: the large body of well corroborated and documented evidence that prove wtc 1 2 & 7 came down in controlled demolitions as a result of preplanted explosives.

Jomo Gaston
10 years ago

I find very very little that I agree with about the official story, with testimony from people being there, video images being used by scientist to show how its possible to do a controlled demolition on such a massive scale. It makes me sad to feel that 911 wasn't what the media portrayed it to be.

So many questions never to be officially answered, I guess that's what the people deserve. NO. But I will always side with the people (everyday man) then government/media spinsters. Peace to all who suffered as a result of 911 and your government who spin the truth to you.

Peace and love to all scientist putting there neck on the line for what they believe, even though its cost some of you your livelihood. xx


10 years ago

Lastly on this subject, I want to say I am saddened, that many posters, many of whom I have the utmost respect for and value their opinions on many subjects, have bought the official story, and maintain there is no evidence to the contrary, to suggest the official story is anything but factual. I am just sad. I can tell you, unequivocally, there is. Some of the most basic laws of physics were changed. To suit whoever was telling the story. It just makes me a little dark inside to know people who have no clue about engineering, or even basic physics, cannot spend the time to educate themselves on the impossibility of what they say happened. I leave it to you people now. The debate will never end. Nothing else to add. There is no fixing peoples lack of knowledge.

10 years ago

he never started with poland at all now what bull****, he walked into austria before ww2 started