Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

2010, Conspiracy  -   155 Comments
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Invisible Empire: A New World Order DefinedIn the tradition of his first Internet blockbuster, Loose Change, which has had over 100 million visits, Jason Bermas has created yet another outstanding documentary film, Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined.

This film documents very clearly that some of America's most powerful elected officials, including all recent presidents, have been part of an international cabal to establish a socialist New World Order that would eradicate national sovereignty and many of the God-given freedoms vouchsafed in the Constitution of the United States, making all citizens mere slaves of the state.

It has an amazing collection of video footage of these leaders stating their unabashed ambitions to establishing this New World Order. It also shows just who is behind this international cabal and their nefarious intentions and true sinister nature. It is deeply troubling and very important.

Again, its relevance to Free Energy technology is two-fold. First, these same forces are behind many of the instances of suppression of breakthrough free energy, which would empower the individual, contrary to the NWO agenda to enslave. Second, the emergence of breakthrough free energy technologies will help unseat these criminals. It is a powerful antidote to the poison being administered.

Another point of relevance is that the film touches on the fact that Al Gore is one of the New World Order insiders helping to accomplish their objectives by politicizing climate change and using it as a reason to impose global carbon taxes; all while personally becoming super wealthy from his various involvements that include serious conflicts of interest. He should not be seen as a hero figure in the free energy movement.

Directed by: Jason Bermas

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155 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Send for sercet hidden demand deposit of the right of$ individual at the m1 money supply package from the usa newest constitution article:16 to congress new budget pre-planning era.

  2. Bush sr. - "... the illumination of a thousand points of light."
    This is a reference to Lucifer. It is alleged that the Bush family are Luciferians ... as are the Clintons and the Obamas ... as well as other elite-status, prominent people.

  3. Limited shelve life once the vatican comes to call, right David Icke.

  4. Now surreptitiously, as many of the potential gullible as possible, hypnotize them to see the royals in a new way.Crazy lone gun assassin potential, right David, as if you will live to tell the tale.

  5. The non existent aliens will solve our non existent overpopulation problem for happy picnicking ,right David Icke.

  6. You wanna know why most if not 99% of people do NOT believe these 9/11 videos? They are so PACKED with information in the Internet Age, that OLD people simply can not follow.

    Interneters really are THINKERS... we can process information quickly, because of Reading tons of text all day long. Mst people can not process information faster than a few Ideas at a time... all of this seems too much TO BE TRUE. But, all of it is True.

    New World Order is actually an American Dream that is a Night Mare.

  7. Issac Newton predicted the World will end in 2060, so if any of the previous dates don't work out, we have that to look forward to.

  8. how can infowars and prisonplanet claim to be the resistance whilst at the same time supporting trump and his rascist nationalist and even fascist agenda?

    1. 4 years later and i have to say something. Trump was never a racist. Stop watching CNN. They screamed about russia and peeing prostitutes for 4 years and it was all false, and somehow they still have credibility to folks like you. Im sure you're a well-intentioned person. But im afraid youve been egregiously misinformed and manipulated. They are using people like you to create this division across political lines in order to control us. We're all victims of it. The sooner we wake up to this fact, the sooner the new world order agenda will fail.

  9. People, go listen to the 5 minute speech that got JFK killed. what he describes in it, is the cabal that are the elites that do seek to create one-world govt. I believe that JFK is specifically talk about Bilderberg and its arms of the trilateral comm and the Royal Society. Just who do you think calls for all of these obvious false flag ops ?

  10. Interesting, well worth a couple hours of one's time. I particularly appreciate the background information on the Bush clan and the extraordinary evidence of government involvement in the first WTC bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing.

    However, think for yourself and consult other sources. I think the film in many ways reflects a reductive philosophy. 'New World Order' is a very flexible term and could mean many, many things to many different people. Certainly, the elitists that have been pulling the strings for centuries and who still mostly control the planet's economies, political systems and media are up to no good, and when they use the term, we should be very wary. Yet, we could have a NWO, including some sort of sincere, public-serving global government, that would truly serve mankind. It would be nice if people could see themselves as humankind more than as competing nations. A legitimate global government would not have much to do, because only a few issues would best be tackled at a global level, but it could deal with things like air and water pollution, climate change, sharing of the seas, interaction with our celestial neighbors (who are among us - another truth that's been suppressed), and establishing and protecting a few basic rights that should be respected everywhere. Of course, this body would have to have very strong controls to keep it from expanding its mandate or abusing its powers, but I wouldn't rule it out just because we have a cult of lunatics that have given the very idea of government a bad name.

    Also, I don't think 'collectivism' is necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn't go too far. It certainly is ridiculous that the vast bulk of mankind struggle for the basic necessities while a small sliver of the population lives very well. I think it's a good idea to balance the interests of individuals with those of communities, to support as great an amount of personal liberty as possible while still making sure that most folks have a reasonable ability to get what they need and nobody is poisoning the commons.

    Another quibble is that I think the climate change portion is weak and that Climategate was overblown.

    Changing the subject slightly, I can't help but imagine how fantastic life would probably be by now, had not these creepy elitists been subverting the aspirations of most of humanity all these years. This incredibly productive planet, along with the brilliance of man, could long ago have reached a point wherein virtually every person could easily meet their basic needs, live a vital, creative life, and enjoy a healthy natural and human environment. An interview from another documentary, "Gashole," sticks in my mind. David Blackmore, who headed Shell's fuel economy lab for decades, stated that his team, working with the automakers, crossed the 1000mpg barrier in the 1970s. Sadly, this kind of fuel economy was contrary to oil industry and auto industry (because the innovations that increase fuel economy tend to dramatically extend the life of auto engines) profit maximization, so these advances weren't implemented. No doubt, many other innovations that are inconvenient to the elitists have been suppressed. Similarly, there is much hand-wringing over the balky progress of 3rd world nations that our elites are ostensibly trying to help develop. If these efforts were sincere, almost every nation would be prosperous, and almost everyone firmly in the middle class by now, but as we know from the work of people like David Korten and John Perkins, the elites have been preying on the developing world while pretending to help it.

    Yet, I suspect that many in elitist circles don't like what the conspirators are doing and would like to break away from the cult, but are finding it very difficult (The cult is incredibly ruthless and knows its strength depends on near-total loyalty and secrecy). Too, it may be that some politicians and business leaders are simply going along with the conspiracy to the extent they have to, while hoping for an opportunity to bring it down. Accordingly, our energies are probably better spent dismantling the system than attacking the people caught up in it.

    Just some thoughts. Reach your own conclusions.

  11. Global technocracy, I'm for it.

  12. Just started watching this, and I'm disappointed to hear the same old propaganda about Hitler - that he wanted to take over the whole world with himself in charge, etc.. That's a lot of crap. Hitler was a fierce nationalist who loved his country. His interests were Germany and the German people. He practically stood on his head to keep his country out of war and to stop the second world war, to no avail.

    1. Lol....Tell that to Poland

    2. You must be unaware. He was bent on reshaping mankind in his image of the fatherland. He broke every treaty he ever made. Ask any German if they are sorry for what their country did in WW2...the answers will amaze you and let you see that the ideology lives. Trouble is German's can't think outside the box, that's why they lost two wars. No abstract thought.

  13. This is the best video of this genre that I have ever seen.

  14. America was the last great business venture for the house of Rothschild and it took them a long time to finally get a central bank installed to control the money, because money is the access to everything. It has no value other than a promissory note backed by debt, but if I can tell you what money is and I can tell you who God is, I own your culture and whatever it produces. And control of access is the point. If you hold the access to everything people need to survive, you own everything. If you can force them to carry your debt to use it, you own them, too. Welcome to the a** end of a very long ball family business plan. And it ain't gonna bet better and you best believe that they're dismantling this joint and re-assembling it in China. The serfs here have gotten too uppity and since the bankers they already own all the wealth, it's gotten sort of same-o. Strap in, y'all.

  15. what a scam!

  16. "mastered mortal combat" hahahah

  17. Useful documentary, if you try to isolate the facts and ignore the opinions of its creators.

    This was interesting and provoking up until somewhere between the condemnation of global warming, and the condemnation of homosexuality. These conspiracy buffs claim to fight for personal freedom, yet they so often seem to come out as's bizarre and it creeps me out.

  18. This documentary deeply affected me. It feels horrible to have all the knowledge I've gathered since 9/11 confirmed once again, backed up by plausible and credible documentation.

    That said, I know this documentary would've become endlessly long if they discussed all issues in greater detail, but I doubt this will convince people who do not have as much foreknowledge on the matters. Nonetheless, a documentary worth spreading.

  19. Toward the end it takes up the idea of Global Warming being a fraud. Even taking Ted Turners words and suggesting he was calling for 'mass liquidation' of the worlds people. The doc. was interesting up to that point. I think they tried to take 'A Bridge Too Far'. Now I feel silly for watching an hour and a half of it.

    1. Man made global warming is a fraud. The earth has gone through hot and cold cycles, that is normal and has nothing to do with humans. Pollution on the other hand is an issue. GMO is an issue... CO2, the stuff plants breath in and humans breath out, get real, it's all about Eugenics. A single volcano gives off more CO2 than all the nations on Earth in an entire year.

    2. You have to take a geography class to know your wrong, take a course at a community college for cheap then say it's a fraud. Mankind has a huge impact on the environment.

    3. Terry feels Modest. Maybe he should Repin it.

  20. Very well explained, thank you for making the light to the world

  21. Why would people who so obviously like having more money than others and so obviously enjoy things like scapegoating foreigners, want to bring about a one-world socialist government? Just look at the age-old question -- cui bono. Who benefits. Because under a system like that, it sure as hell isn't them.

    Then as you're watching the film, notice all the ads telling you to support the filmmakers and fight the new world order by going to the website and buying stuff.

    Cui bono -- who benefits.

    1. Well that isnt really thought out. First of all you seem to have a very naive conception of socialism. In reality socialims always results in a society in which the ruling class owns just as much, yet the masses don`t have the means to free themselves... in contrast to capitalism where you and i at least have the theoretical possibilty to become successful and effectuate change. False Flags and the "outside threat" you cite is just a tool for the elite to bring about the changes they want.

      Just look at history and you will see that global dominace has been the goal of every ruling class since the dawn of man.
      We have to understand that the so called elite is a group of people very different from you and i... their ranks are literally filled with socio and psychopaths.

      In addition i dont understand your critism about them plugging some site or dvd.. do you have that same standard about the mainstream media ? This people invest ages producing their documentarys just so people that watch them free can bitch about their attempt to break even ?

    2. Theoretical is key word.

  22. little mention of Reagan in the old Iran contra scandal..

  23. didn't Dylan Avery make Loose Change?

  24. The intro style is take right from Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Check it out. At least half of this is taken out of context. If you want to believe it tho go right ahead. There maybe something going on in this world but this is taking advantage. Don't be a sucker.

  25. I was on board with this documentary until it brought up climate change. As someone of science and a firm believer in the peer-review process, the consensus is that climate change is real and has something to do with man made CO2 emissions. Sure, the Earth is equipped to deal with this emissions but we have systematically deforested the world by 50% over the last 100 years. These forests were essential to the recycling of CO2 out of the atmosphere. These climate change deniers are almost on the same level as people who don't believe in evolution.

    That being said, there is much evidence that carbon tax and carbon credits do absolutely nothing to help solve the problem and people like Al Gore are getting rich off of this scam.

    Human-influenced climate change = real.
    Carbon tax and carbon credits = false.

    Also, what is up with the talk of homosexuality within these groups at the end of this film? What does that have to do with anything? If they ended the film at the 1:30 mark it would be a much more powerful film instead of going down the drain into pure conjecture.

    1. you dont think it has anything to do with the sun being hotter arnt all the planets hotter

  26. After minutes of stuttering, Obama insults the intelligence of the one questioning him, by making sarcastic remarks about not having a secret handshake. typical

  27. Regardless of our opinions, it’s clear there are forces behind the scenes that for all intent and purposes operate in plain sight. To ignore the message of this film with trivial comment would only serve to amuse the power elite, and by definition help deliver their agenda. Being oblivious to the scale of crime that continues to unfold such as 911 and Iraqe & Afganistan for example, is a convenient pain killer for the feeble and terrified masses. This feebleness is the subtle enemy of us all blindly leading us to pass our responsibilities to invisible rulers, and thus give away our very being in all that it is.

  28. i really liked the way they put the pieces together, but what's up with the last half hour.

  29. Poor filmmaking and unconvincing arguments.

  30. ....

  31. Kissingers' voice makes skin crawl.

  32. Pity one can only wear one tinfoil hat at a time ...

  33. 9/11 the ultimate wake up call

  34. Anybody that says Global capitalism is a socialist conspiracy has rocks in their head or are paid by the CIA to manufacture misinformation. Either way the opening paragraph is ridiculous.

  35. Collectivism does not fit under the definition of NWO you are attempting to piece together here. I know the North America defines itself as an individualistic society, but brandishing collectivism as sameness is completely inaccurate.

  36. If they are so much into drug money why didn't they discourage the anti-smoking campaigns? What a waste of revenue!

    1. Why would they want to discourage the anti-smoking campaign? There is more money in getting people hooked, and then the drugs to get them unhooked again. Tobacco use and quiting is a vicous cycle until you claim your own life and refuse to let others (or other substances) have lordship over it.

  37. Revolution, it is time to act!

  38. There has been a New World Order since 1945 with the U.S.A leading it. We’ve been living in it since then. The collapse of the Soviet Union seen the end to the last holdout at the time. The United States controls the world almost completely now with money and military power and they strive each day to keep that position. What country has military bases all over the world while no others can say the same? Why? Control allows the rich to become richer and to keep living the lifestyle they want. They know without control that they risk losing this. Spreading democracy is just another name for globalization making money off another country's resources or utilizing their workforce for their own benefit.

    When Al Qaeda crashed airliners into their intended targets, it wasn't a U.S. conspiracy per se but I do believe that a few insiders knew something was going to happen and they were ready to take advantage of it when it did. What structures were targets? The Twin Towers representing money/capitalism; the Pentagon representing U.S. military power and the Capital Building representing the U.S. (world) government. Although I abhor what they did due to the loss of innocent lives they were showing everyone, symbolically, who the real villains were. They were wrong in their actions but were they wrong in their belief?

    As a citizen of Europe or North America you share some blame in this although the brainwashing of the population does account for much of our willingness to go along. We benefit too from this NWO. Many of us have a better lifestyle than 99% of the world's population and not many of us are ready to give that up. Oh sometimes we give it lip service but take our lifestyle down a little and you'll see an ugly change in people. We're seeing it now as the filthy rich go for the gusto even eating its own body. It's capitalism gone mad and the game plays on. For how long nobody knows for sure.

    The U.S.A. = the Roman Empire. If you are an American you are as the ancient Romans were. Not necessarily corrupt but enjoying the benefits of the corruption. Think about it. Think and read about how the Romans lived and you may see yourself. Will it all come to an end some day? Yes but the powers that be will hold on for as long as they can. The root of all evil is the love of money. How much do you love having money? In our society it is “THE” measure of success. Nothing else really matters as much to most. I'm not a religious person but how can one argue that money is not "the mark of the beast". What are you able to do without it in our society?

    Looking for bombs exploding in the Trade Towers or missiles hitting the Pentagon only distract you from the truth and the elite know this and want you to continue down that path as they know you won't find what you're looking for. The Occupy Movement is leaning in the right direction. Join them and help create a different world order, one that puts people before money. Only then will you see the change you seek. Otherwise, it's business as usual. Good luck, we’re going to need it.

  39. "god given freedoms"??? I was under the impression that you stole them from George III, who owned America east of the Mississippi by divine right.

  40. There is also a book "The last waltz of the tyrants: the prophecy" that talks in even more details of how a group of very powerful people have been gradually enslaving us through The NWO since Napoleon times (Rothshild's sponsored). The recent introduction of an Access Card in Australia is part of their plan (which didn't work out): the card is to be approved everywhere in the world to keep the track of every person's life on the planet and so suppress our freedom. Alex is right - we all care only about celebrities' life, food , and TV - our ignorance is destroying our natural way of evolution which is based on the right to make a choice. The theory of equality had already been put into practice by communists and it didn't prove to work.

  41. we all learned in school how f***ed up history was, they will think the same in the future when our children learn of our history...

  42. ...Who knows, maybe it will be a good thing.
    We just have to let go of our old way of thinking, and come together.
    We all SHOULD have a part. We should all come together, we should create more equality between the peoples. It could be good.
    Maybe its all in how we think of it.
    LoL. Just because they refer to NEW WORLD ORDER, doesn't mean much but a better way of ordering the way the world works. It almost NEEDS to happen.

    1. wow ..concentrating power always leads to tyranny !...hope you were kidding
      LE i just saw you are a little girl..don't want to be the one who tells you santa close isn't real :)

    2. @vvindred:

      What did I tell you about trolling and spamming? You just replied too and attacked a 6 month old post. Will delete any others unless you watch the docs and talk about the docs in question only!

  43. I haven't even watched this for thirty minutes and already I am enraged that these so-called NWO theorists are really planning the takeover by force after all others submit and bow to this NWO only to be duped and enslaved.Now as i watch Alex Jones trying to beware us of what is in store I am in total Agreement with him and some of many issues he has brought to lite.Corruption,lavish lifestyles,Fraud,Lies,Infighting,Murder. These are only a minute amount of items that are being kept away from the public.It seems that when the people need to bailout the Banks, Wall Street,The Mortgage crisis ETC.This is when the Government has the Balls to tell the public about the grand theft and that the taxpayers should be patriotic and help there fellow Americans so they can continue to rip everyone off as there lifestyle never changes.They still have there Jets. Mansions,yaughts as well as the guts to pretend they are remorceful, executives,Ceos,ETC, ETC.Hitler came very close if it not for Japan bombing pearl Harbour,We quite possibly would be living in this so-called NWO.Only to find ourselves much worse than todays society. The Middle East is in the process of change and they not only risked there lives but gave there lives so that the children of the future can have a non dictorial government. What is so different here? Power and those who will not under any circumstance give it up.One example of power that will not cave-in is the power that held the U.S.A. during 9/11.As the world was in shock watching it all unfold,There were many,many who had already planned for a congressional hearing and without a doubt Practiced over and over what they had to answer for and those who answered to nothing.Why? Power and murder,The administration in the past was without a doubt the most cunning and calculated men who Knew that nothing would happen to them cause any or some who tried to expose were met with one option not two,DEATH.It is really a scary thought that so many will start a revolution based on the NWO. Anyone who gets in there way well u get the picture.This is a rogue government that runs the show as we all step back hold our breath and pray tthat there are those out there who will do whatever it takes to prevent being enslaved,Or murderd in the name of,THE NEW WORLD ORDER.One thing is certain,We must not let this happen

    1. don't get too enraged...besides words Alex Jones hasn't a shred of evidence to prove his insane claims.

    2. Uh, yeah, that is not true at all. Alex Jones may be sensationalist. But he backs up everything he says with solid evidence (including your precious mainstream media reports) and will back off a claim and admit error.

  44. Indonesia is not part of BRIC , it's India. Quite a mistake..

  45. The intuition is right but he feels it's all wrong and tries to make 99+1 equal to it. We need to stop poisoning our minds bodies and the earth. Live a life that does not cause suffering for other sentient feeling entities including ourselves. Work in tune with others and nature. Make decisions and plan comunualy and with great empathy wisdom. Power of the few over the many is insane patronising and just plain stupid and tends towards apathy.

  46. The intuition is right but he feels it's all wrong and tries to make 99+1 equal to it. We need to stop poisoning our minds bodies and the earth. Live a life that does not cause suffering for other sentient feeling entities including ourselves. Work in tune with others and nature. Make decisions and plan comunualy and with great empathy wisdom. Power of the few over the many is insane patronising and just plain stupid and tends towards apathy.

  47. wow i just read 3 comments before I realise its always the same guy speaking, hey! write a book!!

  48. short qabalah of 322 (Skull & Bones) :

    300 = vast movement (any vast movement; can be fire, or something else, certainly MUCH energy).

    22 = perfection & chaos (when something attains perfection, it crumbles - perfection implies chaos, chaos implies perfection). 22 (2+2) is associated to 4, which is associated to 13 (1+3), which is associated to 400 (Tav).

    322 is associated to 7 (3+2+2) which is associated to 16 (1+6) which is associated to destruction. Like the maison-dieu, for instance, the tower destroyed by lightning (tarot cards).

    Very much "Skull & Bones..." and wtc towers ...

    22 is associated to 4 which is associated to 13, which is associated to 913 (9+1+3), which is the number of Beith(2)-Reish(200)-Aleph(1)-Schîn(300)-Yod(10)-TAv(400), which is "Bereschit", which is the first word of Genesis in hebrew, which is usually translated by: "In the beginning ..." and which seems to imply that the end (Tav - 400 - associated to 4 and to 13 : see tarot card 13, skull and bones, literally) is included "at the end" (Tav) of that "beginning" of the Law (Thorah), which begins by 2, followed by 200, then by 300, ... which can be explored as 322, 223, 502, 7, etc. One follows one's intuition.

    September 11 2001, if you add the figures : 9+11+2+1 = 14, which is associated to 914 (9+1+4), which certainly means something in relation do "911" and "913."

    913 is 911 + 2, or 912 + 1, etc.

    914 is 913 + 1 ...

    On "911" - which should be read "914," we've crossed the treshold of a powerful new cycle.

    The deepest sense it has can only be found in the deepest realms of one's heart, where the best in us is waiting for us. And it's alive.

    I made a little research long ago. I like figures.

    Good luck to all.

  49. Skull & Bones vs Christianity. At the end of the day, religions, all kinds ("evil" or "good"), or creeds (and atheism is also a creed - in an unproven non-existence of something), seem to exist for a dominant, central reason (it's not the only one, but it is probably the most important): they exist to fill the deep-seated need in people to protect themselves against their most prevalent and often self-denied fear: God itself - and God is freedom.

    By reducing God to their own narrow and comforting conceptions, biblical, "satanic," denied, or otherwise, they miss both God and Freedom.

    So many slaves at the Top (usually wearing ties .. - to show they've been hanged? By whom? Is it self-inflicted?).

    And so many slaves down the end of the road - or down the proverbial garden path.

  50. Great documentary (except for Alex's godfatherlike usual egotrip - but we're used to it - and some other irritants). Useful. I watched it when it came out. And now, again. And as for any documentary, one has to carry on its own follow up, which I'll do (and refrain from too much biching :-))


  51. Is it such a monumental task as to simply put the NAMES of the people, interviewed or mentioned, in PRINT!!! Or is that movie just a cosy family affair? And other elementary chores for a good and professional DOCUMENTARY ...

    On the other hand, many of the things mentioned in this documentary are worthy of much attention and meditation. Don't listen to short, knee-jerk reactions. Listen deeper... to yourself: «Toute connaissance est réminiscence» (Socrates).

    And I made a decision while watching this doc : I'LL (finally) READ Quigley's Tragedy & Hope and Bernays' Propaganda (those were clearly shown and mentioned - names and titles, thanks). But what is the name of that guy involved in the Contra thing (young lad with a moustache)? I'm sure he wrote something (the name is mentioned, but not shown - so how is it spelt?). And when did the interview took place? And ... REFERENCES! It's kind of irritating.

    Besides that, whatever is said, you worked hard and it shows. Rythm is good. But, once again, this is not a pop song : this is a DOCUMENTARY!

  52. What an empty and useless "documentary"! After watching real documentaries in the "Economics" section of this website, "Invisible Empire" looks like an amature film made by kindergartners.

  53. Isn't order better than chaos? I don't understand how this would work. Do they really believe that corporations could take over the world? Why would they waste their efforts on lowering quality to meet the demands of the poor? Why wouldn't they simply plan on producing the highest quality goods and services and letting public sectors take care of the nuts and bolts of life and living? We could all win.

    1. If you can understand the thinking of a Psychopath then most likely you are one yourself. It is only about power and domination. ZERO EMPATHY...thus, psychopathy. Many Psychologists understand the Idea/theory/belief that as a species we can not 'get' more emotional growth of that of an 8 yr old. If you ask me,I can see that as extremely likely. Now compound that developement with a neglectful and/or abused childhood,either physically and/or mentally add lots of $$$$ and /or power(money begets power),ask the real 'money masters',(good documentary) and what a 'combo of cruelty'.LOOK AT THE WORLD AND WHERE IT IS HEADING my friend.'Just know'(REALIZE) it is going bad quickly,you do not have to understand how 'they' thinkFleshbug02.

  54. How the freak can a cabal of international capitalist be trying to institute socialism. Somebody has a real loose screw here at least the person who wrote up this review.

    1. That is the hook,dumb-ie...We don't count. They count.(this is like romper room...),

  55. what a pathetic documentary.

  56. Why does nobody consider the real need for the actions of the government? CEO'S of corporations make decisions all the time that are beyond the scope of the employee's responsibility or comprehension. Perhaps if you were completely informed of the circumstances surrounding some of the issues in the film you may have chosen the same solutions. I am not blind to the issues described in the film nor do I respect some of them, however I am able to separate my ignorance from my pride.

    If everyone were to have their personal lives and comments reviewed on television or any other media source I would assume the majority would be less than credible.

    People mature and their ideologies evolve and change as we educate ourselves. This is a good thing.

    1. Enjoy your stay at CAMP FEMA ...! One thing for certain,you'll never become bored...Maybe you'll get to shine the boots of the guards there too...!

  57. Alex Jones probably loves this stuff.

  58. And, Dr. Ted Turner, espouses his theory on population control. How many kids do you have, Dr. T?

    Ah, but they are "better" genetic specimens, never mind.

  59. Barrack Obama. (July, 2008)
    “In this New World, such dangerous currents are swept along faster than our efforts to contain them. And, that is why we cannot afford to be divided. No one nation, no matter how large, or powerful can defeat such challenges alone, but the burdens of global citizenship, continue to bind us together. In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more; not less. Partnership and cooperation between nations, is not a choice, it is the only way, the ONE WAY to protect our common security and advance our common humanity. That is why America, cannot turn inward, that is why Europe, cannot turn inward. America has no better partner than Europe.
    Now, now is the time to build new bridges across the globe as strong as the one that binds us across the Atlantic. Now, is the time to join together through constant cooperation and strong institutions and shared sacrifice and a global commitment to progress that will meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

    Wow, just in case you thought the Black face, brought change…and “Hope” is NOT a positive word. I so hoped that Barrack was the face of change. But, I was sadly mistaken.

    1. why? Was free healthcare not enough for you?

      did you think he was going to shake his voodoo stick and put a jolly african de-curse on the country?

  60. "every type of electronic communication is monitored"

    ...scary knowing all the emails i've sent regarding the mother of all coverups.

    That puts me on their list of terrorists...

    ***puts duct tape on mouth...throws away keyboard***

    1. lol, don't worry about it mate. I used to worry about that, but I've begun to realise that there are so many of us, they cant do anything. I'm kind of happy to be another anti-US statistic in the CIA database because if they know how many people are waking up then they must be shitting themselves. Just keep spreading the word. When we reach critical mass, which wont take much longer, we'll take these f--kers down.


    3. exactly

  61. At 39 minutes 23 seconds, they talk about dictators, and show a picture of Hugo Chavez. Chavez nationalised his nations oil supply so the profits would go to the people instead of US oil companies. Ever since then, the USA has been trying to get rid of him through a CIA coup and numerous assassination attempts, and accuses him of being a dictator harbouring terrorists. If the makers of this documentary have fallen for this propaganda, then I'm very surprised and extremely disappointed. Chavez is a hero. There are many true dictators that they could have used here, and most of them are supported by the USA.

    1. You know when you live there in Venezuela and see the reality the day by day afther you talk but if you don´t know what is going on in Venezuela you have fallen for this propaganda Hugo Chavez propaganda!!

    2. You can't blame that on Chavez. The country was poor long before he came to power, generally because the USA has been exploiting S. America for decades. At least he's trying to help the poor instead of the rich. The Venezuelan media hates him because he's anti-capitalist, and the media is owned by very rich, pro-US elites who have no concern for the poor. If he was a dictator, do you think he would allow the media to say what they say? You really have no idea what you're talking about mate. Watch "The War on Democracy" by John Pilger. It's on this site. Watch the whole thing.

  62. Try watching AlJazeera, then you get another input about the real world.

    O no, thats not possible in you'r "democracy". :-(

    1. Watch it a lot of the time for the "Arab Awakening" online

  63. If just 10% of the video is still quite a frightening prospect. I'll keep an open mind.

  64. Well, ignoring the bit about climate change, this was interesting. The little blurb on climate change was a joke, however, completely devoid of any evidence (substantial or otherwise). Just because plants use CO2 doesn't mean it won't f*cking kill us.

    Additionally, the fact that the planet has been hotter and held more CO2 in the past than it does now is correct. The problem isn't the volume, it's the speed of accumulation. The world can adapt to CO2 build up over a long period of time; in fact, the ocean is like a big-ass CO2 scrubber. The world can NOT adapt to CO2 at the rate we're currently pumping it into the atmosphere.

    Anyway, there's a significant body of research and subsequent data regarding this. Google it. Get a subscription to National Geographic. Read a book. Otherwise, interesting vid.

  65. Who knows....

  66. interesting vid

  67. Leakybucket,

    Still hatin to be a troll, but since you insist, here goes.

    No evidence? The 2nd minute has mass media excerpts. I wont go any further on the evidence front for reasons to be explained.

    I was mocking your spelling of "drivil" and "alligations" ( The red squiggly lines under your words mean you need to work on your spelling.)

    Your statement about "unsubstainable" (you could have copy & pasted my spelling) claims informs me about your education and attention to detail.

    With that in mind I didn't see fit to go beyond the second minute.

    I never claimed this was a comprehensive evidenced case worthy of bothering a grand jury with (do you get the grand jury link?). Just that your claims seem rather indolent to the point of hypocrisy considering that the maker did provide some evidence to some claims and made clear that some things just didn't feel right based on what he had seen/heard/read/understood.

    Preempting accusations of "spelling Nazi" its good to check your rebuttal (another grand jury link) before posting if the desired impression is that your argument is fact based.

    I rest my case (another grand jury link, I'm on fire)


    P.S. This time I am trolling (with intent).

    1. It is fear has no advice or direction..and little evidence to support its bizarre claims. Everything he said is true.

      You don't have anything concrete to refute this with and now you've reached, desperately, and resorted to getting personal; attacking someone because of their spelling.

    2. *it's

  68. That was terrible. Blind alligations. Fear mongering without any advice direction or plot. Just drivil

    1. Hate to be a troll, but your denunciation does not carry any weight. Just an unsubstantiated "alligation". Without opposing evidence it is just "drivil". I first watched this a long time ago and noticed some questionable issues amongst things that I thought seemed absurd. But i also noticed things to be concerned about. Recently the "Arab Spring" has fallen into the endless war trends described and made me wonder. Now I see the wars (conducted in manners that will not provide simple victories) as testing grounds that will not raise civil rights issues for the great "wars" to come. The war on terror may be followed by the "war on disorder". In that one you will not need to be a cave dwelling terrorist to be on the wrong side of freedom. " you are with us or you are with the forces of disorder ".

      Our future lies "somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep".

      It used to be a line in a favourite S.O.A.D. song until I thought about the lyrics and began to fear that either they are trying to warn us or covert NWO heralds for things to come.

    2. You said "without opposing evidence it is just drivil". I called it drivil becasue I saw no evidence presented in this film. Just unsubstainable alligations, thus it does not carry any weight. I can go into further clarification but clearly this film lacks documentation of its ideas

  69. wow makes you think,,good information thou..i seriously doubt this will happen any time soon,,,least not in my lifespan..of course the rich will get wealthier,,,and harder for the poor,,,its true that the the U.S. is controlled by the 2% that have all the wealth, and government and presidents are just puppets...thanks for posting.

  70. utter ideologically driven drivel. Blatant bias that anyones with an IQ not in single figures will spot . Wont even fool the 14 year olds its aimed at. This rubbish takes focus away from the real yet more mundane geopolitical problems existent today. Love this site though!

  71. Interesting film, thanks for posting, Vlatko. This is a brilliant site and I appreciate all your hard work in finding and sharing these documentaries. I make sure to click your ads a few times each time I visit, know how beneficial they can be :)

  72. to much speculation

  73. Are you Kidding me?!? At least Loose Change had some "Loose" basis in fact. The film maker is drawing conclusions from disparate bodies of evidence and calling those conclusions established in fact. If you have ever studied logic, or law, or debate, or any science you would realize that this is bad factual reporting and piss poor journalism. Did anyone else notice the that the organization that put out the film were soliciting donations in the bloody film itself?

    Yes, I will grant a grudging concession, deals are made behind closed doors, eant to know why? negotiations are boring, they are time consuming, they involve compromise (and no likes to know that their side has had to compromise). But Co2 is good for the planet? Because John Kerry and George Bush wer in the same club in college there is a work wide conspiracy? Because the President was asked to speak at a GD club meeting there is a master race of douche bags contolling our every choice? Go build a cabin in the Ozarks and stop making this clap-trap trying to seduce more people into your dooms-day cult, and that's what it is, a cult.

    1. Tim are you a Lawyer? Really? Are you pretending to be someone or something your not... Are you James... hahaha

    2. Gough, do you think before you type? Really? I honestly have no idea what the hell you are talking about, and I suspect you don't either. Let me be clear, If you want to believe this nonsense then great, more power to you, John Edwards is performing a psychic sugery down the block at the church of scientology and they woul love to have you. Just don't drag others down there with you. And, yeah, my earlier comment about not attadking you personally has gone out the window since you decided to lamely attack me personally. My chosen profession has nothing to do with this idiotice piece of crap film, it was an example of what positions people are willing to accept for money. but f*** that, i promised that would attack you personallyso here goes... you believe a pile of rubbish because in the pile of rubbish they tell you that the pile of rubbish is the truth, yet you continue to believe that that pile of rubbish is gold despite the fact that everyone who should know tells you that the rubbish is, in fact, garbage. well, you say, that is part of the conspiracy, they want me to think that this rubbish is not gold, I think, and some douche bag filmaker told me it is gold so I will hold on to this rubbish. meanwhile the filmaker takes off with your bundle of cash that you gave him for the DVD of this pile of rubbish. I am not your enemy, the film maker is because he is trying to make a lot of money off of the idea that we Americans can' hold our own government accountable, and as a lawyer, I can promise you that we can. I know I promised you that i would attack you, but I just don't feel like doing that right now; you are a victim of these film makers as much as anyone else.

    3. Hi James. This an interesting quote from the Matrix.

      Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

      Neo: What truth?

      Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.


      Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
      Morpheus: You've never used them before.

    4. Is a quote from a Hollywood movie supposed to prove anything?

      First off, let's put The Matrix into context. The Matrix was a shameless rip-off of a groundbreaking comic book by Scottish writer, Grant Morrison. It was launched in 1995 and one of Morrison's ideas was to take many aspects of the conspiracy sub-culture that had surged in the 90s and mix it with influences from his fascination with magic, superheroes and sci-fi. And he was doing this to poke fun at the conspiracy theorists.

      So when you use The Matrix to justify your conspiracy theories, you're citing a poor adaptation of a satire of conspiracy theorists. And those who are in the know, are sitting here laughing at you.

    5. Everything is literally entangled, it can all be communicated with and affected 'at a distance' because there is no distance, only a simulation of apparent separation which our limited consciousness feeds us second by second at 11 bits. The 'telepathy' which brings people together is no more or less supernatural or unlikely than the 'telepathy' which brings two of your fingers together when you think about it. Patience, participation and constant close observation of what's going on, on the inside and on the outside will soon make you a fine sorcerer, if that's what you want to be.

      Grant Morrison

      I like that

    6. spoken like a true government tool, spreading misinformation and straight out lies. Just remember, only sheep need shepherds

    7. Arthur, as I said to Gough, not only am I not a government tool, but I make my living by challenging the government. If you choose to believe this utter bullshit then fine, the world needs idiots, just don't drag down your friends and neighbors with you. you know what, go to montana, and build a shack and wait for armegeddon, I and the people that have an active brain will be glad you are gone.
      Go back to cooking meth and thinking that the worms in your brain are plotting against you.

  74. It's clear that a few men at the top are trying to manipulate the public in order for them to remain in power. However, I do not know if it is that clear cut.

    The documentary points out that the media is controlled by this 'New world order' group, and then it goes about showing the media uncovering several conspiracies that the New world order was trying to cover up. Wouldn't they simply censor those particular stories? Most corporations already censor unfavorable stories about them, I'm sure the New world order could easily do the same.

    That is my only real gripe about this documentary. The speeches by Eisenhower and JFK are real telling, but they do not hint at New world order... but instead about powerful shadow groups that probably control cash flow more than anything else.

    1. Eisenhower was talking about the military industrial complex. like the free market there is a force that when private companies realize how much there is to be made on wars and supplying the military they will inevitably choose to supply the military because there is one thing we humans will not stop doing is killing each other over stupid crap. In the interests of brevity, if you extrapolate the idea of a military industrial complex to today's world you need think no farther then Blackwater. I.e. a private military beholden to no government, and therefore ungovernable. If the leaders agree by contract with the private military that they will not be tried in the courts of their home country then they are impervious byond that of even our real military. What these film makers have done would be laughable if they weren't getting such a positive response by what should be logical and sane individuals who shoose to spend their time watching documentaries as opposed to porn.

    2. Tim1980, I think you are not looking at the bigger picture. Now act like a Professional and do some research on the subject.

      Start with Carroll Quigley, an American historian and theorist of the evolution of civilization. Read Tragedy & Hope.

      When President Bill Clinton was nominated by his party for a run at the Presidency of The United States of America he thanked two people.... John. F. Kennedy & Carroll Quigley.

      When you have graduated from Carroll Quigley, give consideration, your time permitting, to researcher Alan Watt.

      Alan Watt might be able to Illuminate you.

      if not.... good luck with that.

  75. Has anyone watched "Iron Mountain - Blueprint for Tyranny?" I wish this site had it. I saw it at Even though it's an older (1993) documentary, it is absolutely chilling in it's foretelling of exactly what is going on now and goes into great depth -- sometimes too much. If you can get it on this site, you'll be glad you did.

  76. Was thinking what can do about this i am just one man?
    so what i have started doing when i see anyone wearing a trench coat or a suit i kick them in the knee cap. figure bound to cripple someone that deserves it at some point right?

  77. Excellent film.

    History that you will never be taught in Elementary School, or University for that matter, unless you do a Masters Degree on the subject.

    It helps if you understand that there are people and groups that direct policy and wealth on this planet well beyond the President of The United States pay grade.

    Kind of spooky in a way, but gripping and well researched.

    Two Thumbs UP. Cheers all.


    PS: Strong on facts, but I must say I found the first ten minutes a little... something. The filmmaker tries to give you his background, humanize the film, share his evolution.... god bless you Jason Burmas haha. That said, a highly recommended film.

    1. excellent film? I trying my hardest not to attack you personally and just attack your comment. This 2 hour pile of crap was anything but well researched, nor was it strong on facts. It was strong on fantasy and dillusion. given the opportunity to watch this film again or have a lobotomy, i don't know what the difference would be. Let me give you an example of the the evidence presented to the conclusions dran from them: "I know O.J. is guilty because Leslie Neilson went to high school with a girl named Nicole who dumped Lesile's brother for a guy named Ron."

      Ridiculous right? of course it is. I emplore you, for the good of the country, watch this steaming pile of monkey spunk again with a critical eye, and when they say "this establishes..." ask yourself, "why does that establish anything?", is there any reviewable scientific information in the film? Is it Backed up by anything other than the film maker's own posse, or a limited handful "experts?"

      I am a lawyer, and I can tell you byond any doubt, that you can find anyone willing to sit infront of a camera and say just about anything, so long as they are paid, and you say nice things aobut them.

    2. Without getting involved in your little spat here, I have to say that for a lawyer - someone with higher education, I am amazed at your inability to spell. Too bad the film didn't connect the poor standards in the US education system to it's apparent lack of need by the NWO.

    3. You are not a lawyer. You cannot spell, you cannot even put a simple sentence together. You apoparently aren't even aware that the first word of a sentence should be capitalized.

  78. Okay, I saw The Big Picture, now this Invisible Empire, so what do we do? Buy your film and spread the wealth ... er, spread the word. It could very well be theorized that this very film is itself a conspiracy to indoctrinate the masses into accepting and not rejecting the New World Order. We are being hazed at the beginning and end of this movie with those three words over and over. Does this make us stand and fight or do we merely grow accustomed and dulled by them? Any psychologist would argue the best place to hide the truth is in the open, actually announce what is going on and the goals of these Illuminati, and again, does it make us stand and fight or lay back and watch another film. Yeah, we need more input, duh.

    Give me a break. When will some clever film writer come up with ideas for vigilante groups, underground councils, counter terrorists, whatever.
    After 9/11 I tried to disseminate material to people informing them of the truth of that day and I met with such hate I almost got into several fights; I can't do it. By the time people wake up it will be too late and may be already. I've always said the only time people will change direction is when they are in pain and suffering. Welcome the revolution; can't wait.

    1. I agree with you trumpsahead, it is already too late. If people can't see 9/11 as in inside job after 10 years then there is no telling them. They are happily domesticated farm animals. They cannot take time from their lives of comedy, partying or persistent entertainment (chewing the cud); to stop for a minute and ponder in silence at the horror that is happening to them on the farm.

      But the sad truth is that the herd are happy in their delusion that the farmer is a nice guy, and they have become so relient on the farmer that they could not survive without him. Indeed, they can't even imagine life off the farm.

  79. After a mere seven minutes I give up. The final straw is the absolute lack of understanding of the difference between the definite and indefinite articles.

    "I'm calling you a liar because you are a liar." Long on words, short on facts.

  80. If the doc. has G howard Griffin, Peter D. Scott in it, and reveals CFR, Trilateral Com. a new world order, then its for the elightened, ever learning, awakening, open minded, and most likely, non-MSNBC, CNN. or even Fox news adherents.
    Its not a bunch of little conspiracies stacked one on top of another,
    nor is it a riddle rapped up in an enigma, but a genuine global rulling class, that refer to you and me as the "Useless Eaters". Theres the rulling class of Bilderbergers, and then theres everyone else,,,, and your everyone else.

  81. This is 2 hours of the same "globalist conspiracy" material that's been floating around on the fringes for at least 35 years with groups like the John Birch Society, Lyndon Larouche, and survivalist militias. I did not like the director's previous work "Loose Change" - it was smarmy, rhetorical, and patronizing - and while this one is not quite so sophomoric is does have some of that same ambiance. The only interesting and revelatory news here is the director/writer's wholehearted rejection of the global warming and especially the cap-and-trade scams, both of which were (and continue to be) promoted by globalists to skim $$$ from the the rest of the populace by monetizing the air we breathe.

  82. I love George Bush. He should be the leader of the New World Order. I would buy that paperview.

  83. while it has many of points that already have been discussed by other ppl in a less ludicrous way, i give it a thumbs down, i think Alex Jones is an idiot.

  84. There is so much Bullsh*t in this "documentary" I implore Penn & Teller to dedicate a show to it. presenting quasi-logical conclusions of the film-makers as evidence is not only fallacious and irresponsible, it gives the viewer no real evidence of whatever the film-maker is trying to get across. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, and minute facts laced together with non-credible conclusions presented as hard evidence is is not only irresponsible, unjournalistic, and inflamatory, but grossly negligent, and reckless.
    By the way George H.W. Bush was the 41st president, I thought you would at least get that fact straight.

  85. Everybody is in on the conspiracy ....... except me. I gotta get out more.

  86. But I have to admit....Arnold you took some interesting arguements and moved into the "wacky" realm.

    I have to agree that your diatribes are verbose and only in some cases valid and well thought out.

  87. I'm Arnold's boyfriend....Staggeringly great response. Keep up the good work there, Roy.

  88. Sorry Arnold. The world ends Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayans had a premonition long before you did. Although, I suppose the world could end twice. That would finish off all those who hid in bunkers and escaped the Mayan Holocaust.

  89. maybe if a word/idea is repeated enough ppl will get it. Remember "Terrorism", "Weapons of mass destruction", "Al Quida" ? CNN, Fox and ABC the best comedy since 1900

  90. Ok, you've convinced me that the CFR is orchestrating the creation of a New World Order. Now go ahead and convince me why that's a "nightmare". Will towns be sacked? Will women be raped? Will children be abducted and experimented on? Just because Hitler was an evil bastard, doesn't automatically mean that all attempts at world government are doomed to end in atrocity.

    1. I'm with you on this although the reality is that the USA and the rest of the world as we know it will become exstinct within the next 50 to 100 Years and become replaced by a society where men can have sex with little kids, women get raped and cant do a thing about it except recieve 200 lashes and a lot more evil depraved acts in the name of the devil himself. There will be no freedom of thought and so the world will revert back to the stone ages and beyond, American History is being rewritten as we speak inside the schools of these savages, (did you know that American Indians spoke Arabic, this is taught to not only change history like has occurred many times in many countries since the conception of this evil cult but it would also motivate victims of this evil ideology that again America is evil and the invader even in their own country, I think the creator of this might be in on this plan. ). I personally would rather see a Nuclear Holocaust than for this to happen, I would press the button myself with pleasure.

    2. Ahhg! Runaway! Run and hide! The Barbarian Hordes are coming! The conspirators are everywhere! Oh no-oo!

    3. American Indians spoke Arabic? I agree Islam could pose a threat to our freedom but Arabic speaking Mohawk is a little out there. I'm sure they would be surprised at their Muslim heritage; especially those going to church.

    4. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", that big enough of a nightmare for ya

  91. @Vlatko...i tried to use the CONTACT to send a question concerning my file but i don't see where the send box is below the three boxes NAME EMAIL COMMENTS...perhaps my old computer, my bad connection or just my lack of attention...or am i on the wrong page.

  92. If that's the new world order bring it on, it sounds great nationalism is a terrible curse on humanity. Was feudalism really that great? Of course not the Nazi World order but the order will come in the future whether people like it or not.

  93. This long 2:14:01 was followed by trying to read the 2:14:01 of Arnold's schpeel.
    I agree you like to hear your high Self speak inside your mind. If you look just above the box, it says comment not thesis. Keep it short and you will gain more attention. People tend to quit reading after a few paragraphs, specially if it is red with l'ego blocks.

  94. @Arnold Vinette:

    Are you aspiring to be another Nostradamus by your self proclaimed prophecies?

    Why don't you tell the people the real reason why you are writing these long winded prolific comments?

    And that is try to garner interest and using TDF as your platform to sell your own published literature of your prophecies of the future.

    Come clean man!

  95. secrecy ,greed,and nonexistent corprit morals make this credable.

  96. I have compliment docugeek on a well thought out and intelligent response to Arnold Vinette’s post. Well done.

    But I have to ask you, did you actually read it? Or just smoke a joint a pick out “fun” words? I have to say that I agree with everything that Arnold said. We live in an illusion world…well most of us. The last banking crisis was “CLEARLY” manufactured. The Bail-Out was effing unbelievable! If you could see past what these corporations who ate the government in 1913 with the “Federal Reserve Act” are actually doing, and how they slowly but surely erode away any legislation or Act that might hurt them during one President’s Term and then start the Scam in the next generation of puppets.

    The repeal of Glass/Steagal during the Clinton Administration, created the wide spread looting of America, during Bushes Term which in turn created the most recent Banking Fiasco!

    And yet? No one went to jail….go figure. Where is everyone else’s bailout?

    And now I see the Media have found the real culprits. It’s TEACHERS!!!!! Those greedy Bastards having been bilking the system for like 30 to 50 k a year + benefits!!!! Definitely look to that corrupt bunch to fix the problem. I mean, what the HELL do they need a Union for???

    USA! USA!

    1. " I have to say that I agree with everything that Arnold said."

      Really? So you believe that North America will be blown away on aug 17th as well huh? You guys must really be depressed, I would be.

  97. @arnold: woah there. "work credits"? premenitios? sentient universe? i'll have some of what you're smoking.

  98. Correction: Human beings are now at a level of development where this is conceptually possible.

  99. Thanks Vlatko for adding this new documentary by Jason Bermas has created yet another outstanding documentary film, Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined.

    It is obvious that an awful lot of time was spent going through video clips past and present to put it together.

    Despite the importance of the material I found myself getting bored and almost falling asleep as a topic or theme is repeated over and over again.

    However that said several new topics were brought up that I had no knowledge of with regards to the Bush family being in charge of financing world arms to all parts of the world including Nazi Germany. That was an eye opener.

    I also reveled in the fact that time had made Hitler its “Man of the Year” twice before the outbreak of World War II. Funny how that is not made public very often. Joke! I had no idea until you mentioned it.

    The other item was a global currency that has been brought up and that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev displayed a new world coin in either June 2009 or June 2010. I cannot remember the exact date.

    The idea of a global currency surprised me as I brought up this concept in December 2009 and mailed white papers to President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. I also published on the internet as well so this can be easily proven.

    My concept of a Global Currency however was around the concept of “Work Credits”.

    In a “Work Credit” based society a country's money supply is determined by the number of its citizens. Everyone is assigned a certain value in order to do work for their community, city, state, and country. It is impossible for a country to run out of money to pay it's citizens to work because the people themselves are the basis for their money supply.

    In this way poverty, homelessness, and unemployment are eradicated.

    And because the value of a country's money supply is based on its people and their ability to do work then the absence of fossil fuels or other forms of energy do not affect a country and the ability of its people to do work and get paid for it.

    The entire concept of “Work Credits” came out of the problem Russia was having in its North Caucasus area with severe unemployment. The new financial concept of “Work Credits” solved this problem not only in Russia but all over the world. The specifics are below.

    Money is an invention of man as we have all been learning and so why not make man the only person who needs money to be the source of its value. The concept of “Work Credits” means that a country can avoid the massive unemployment that is expected when our current industrial oil age ends.

    The financial concept of “Work Credits” avoids massive civil unrest and unemployment when the oil age ends and thousands of jobs are lost as they are no longer compatible in an age without oil based transportation. Why? Because people will have the power to create their own jobs to benefit their society be it their community, city, state or country.

    The financial concept of “Work Credits” also makes it very easy for people to migrate to other parts of the world because they are seen as a financial benefit to a country not a financial liability.

    Many new types of jobs will be created in a “Work Credit” society that are simply impossible today. The reason is because the people themselves are the source of their value and income. This is not true today and so tens of millions of people are unemployed costing their capitalistic countries trillions of dollars in earned revenue, spending power, taxation revenue, and infrastructure projects.

    With the use of global money this is almost here already today with plastic bank cards.

    I live and earn income in the United States and Canada for example, but I love to take my summer holidays in Russia. Using only my bank card I am able to withdraw funds in Russia to use for my holiday purchases. It is seamless and transparent as of today.

    So without even a global currency this is possible. However it only makes sense in the long run to have a uniform global currency. Only Nationalistic values would stop this.

    And again I can see this point of view. I have worked both in the United States and Canada and I have to be honest I like the look of Canadian money better. Each type of domestic currency reflects its national pride and many people would hate to see this change.

    The best global currency is the plastic bank card.

    Over the past few years since September 11, 2001 I have become completely aware of false flag operations due in a large part to the online video “Loose Change”. This documentary change everything for me when the obvious truth of the events was revealed.

    This information would then reveal the startling information of “Peak Oil” in early 2006 and then the connection of the pipeline through Afghanistan in 2010.

    To temporarily solve the problem of “Peak Oil” and spiking oil prices the United States would take control of the oil reserves in Iraq. The importance of Afghanistan was to secure a land route for a pipeline to move oil and natural gas out of Turkmenistan down through Afghanistan, and down through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

    Worldwide Peak Oil was reached in June 2006. For the past five years the world has been at the top of the worldwide Peak Oil curve. Beginning in 2011 the world begins its descent down the Peak Oil curve. What this means is that it will be harder and harder for worldwide oil supply to keep up with worldwide oil demand.

    The present forecast on oil supplies and consumption scenarios show a collapse of all worldwide industrial oil economies by 2030. This will all begin with spiking oil prices in 2015, getting very serious by 2020 and collapse in 2030.

    However compounding this scenario is another disaster that I have had a premonition for in the United States that will occur on August 17, 2028.

    This is an asteroid strike in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park that will destabilize the Yellowstone Super Caldera resulting in the largest volcanic eruption in mankind's history.

    To get an idea of what could possibly happen on August 17, 2028 based on my premonition watch the documentary on this site called “Super Volcano” or “Yellowstone Super Volcano”.

    Include with this scenario a tremendous asteroid impact throwing up huge volumes of dust and impact debris into the atmosphere, a devastating earthquake of unimaginable magnitude, and a compression wave following the impact that will sweep across the continent of North America at the speed of sound.

    There is no happy ending in this premonition. All life in North America is wiped out by this duel natural catastrophe.

    However there is a safe zone in Russia between Yoshkar-Ola and Kirov. Here the United States government and the Canadian government will need to work with Russia to build asteroid and volcanic fallout shelters to avoid the worst of the effects of this event if it comes to pass.

    Why I bring this up in the first place is that it does not matter if there is a centralized hidden government in the United States and Canada which many people now suspect.

    On August 17, 2028 there will be no one left to manipulate or govern. World population is going to decimated from 9 billion people back to 1 billion people. All infrastructure will be destroyed of our modern based economies.

    All the money in the world, all the power in the world, cannot stop nature when it decides that it is time for a global change.

    This has happened before in 10,000BC in North America and it will happen again sometime in the future.

    My own premonition needs to dates to come to pass. Spotting the inbound asteroid in 2024. Determining its impact site in 2026. If both come to pass the impact date is August 17, 2028 in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park. The governments of the United States, Canada and Russia have been warned about this potential impact event. Everyone is taking it seriously.

    In addition to the possible impact of August 17, 2028 there is the possible impact in 2029 and 2036. These dates are well know in the media.

    Having a centralized world government is good if the people running it can get beyond the simplistic needs for absolute wealth and absolute power for world domination. What is needed is a mature world government that is concerned with the general health of the world's population to work at tasks they love to do that move mankind forward in ever greater discoveries of science, technology and universal understanding of how all living things work.

    This means the elimination of poverty, homelessness and unemployment through he simple use of the concept called “Work Credits”. Give human beings the world over a value with which they can be paid to do work that values their community, city, state, country and world. In the end this is all that really matters. Value everyone equally and everyone will prosper and live healthy fulfilled lives.

    Human beings are not at a level of development where this is conceptually possible.

    However world domination for the sake of absolute wealth and absolute power is a complete waste of everyone's time. You cannot take wealth or power with you and so there is absolutely no point to even trying to achieve it. Instead strive to achieve universal goals for mankind to excel and prosper in terms of science, technology, biological understanding, and happiness to be completely fulfilled in doing tasks that one loves and that can benefit their community, city, state, country and world.

    Otherwise the universe as a sentient being will simply replace the human race for another species and start all over again. This has happened on countless occasions in the past and without a doubt will happen again in the future.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. Wow!! You feelin alright man? This seems a bit more "out there" than your usual offering. Not trying to start a fight, to each his own and all, but do you really think the US is going to be completely destroyed on aug 17? That would be a hard thing to carry around I would think. Whats the point in work credits if were all dead in a few years?

  100. what an completely ludicrous idea! It is the neoliberal, free market agenda that is so actively promoted by the US that is the New World Order! Doh, what is wrong with you ppl?!!

  101. "America's most powerful elected officials" and "establish a socialist New World Order"? Surely that's an oxymoron? What an absolutely ridiculous concept! In America the word socialist is a dirty word! Don't be so stupid! Wake up people,Neo Liberalism's the New World Order!

  102. a zillion and one documentaries later we're still watching documentaries and little else... aaaasgggggghhhhhhh

  103. You can use all this world power for good, the problem is so much power for this individuals that are known for beeing so corrupt.

  104. thanks for another great doc vlatko.

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