Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist Christianity
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Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist Christianity

Ratings: 6.96/10 from 25 users.

Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist ChristianityLouis Theroux's Weird Weekends is a television documentary series, in which Louis Theroux gives viewers the chance to get brief glimpses into the worlds of individuals and groups that they would not normally come into contact with or experience up close.

In most cases this means interviewing people with extreme beliefs of some kind, or just generally belonging to subcultures not known to exist by most or just frowned upon. It was first shown in the UK on BBC2.

In first episode of Theroux's Weird Weekends, in Dallas, Louis meets TV evangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb, and joins a group of hardline Christians called "The Family" as they visit the Deep Ellum entertainment district. (Excerpt from Wikipedia.org)

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6 years ago

if i were looking to be convinced for any particular belief, lost hopelessly within the dungeons of insecurity,i would take up saundra g`s religion. lets love more and segregate less.

Alv V
10 years ago

Brilliant! <3

11 years ago

The WBC are not Evangelicals, they are old-world Calvinists. They are not Evangelical because they have no intentions to evangelize.

elektra kandilidou
11 years ago

Louis is such a prat, taking the piss like that! By far my favourite documentarist,I don't think many people can look as childishly innocent while asking the most preposterous questions, especially when it comes to those delusional born-agains!

11 years ago

I like your Christ, I don't like your Christians / Gandhi

11 years ago

The "Lamb's" are some of the most phony people I've ever seen!

11 years ago

These people are so full of ****! Angels on your body!! LMAO!

11 years ago

That man from the TV show reminds me of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, he's got the mustache and the voice as well as the evangelicalism.

11 years ago

Faith, It starts out intimate and warm, then you pray and with a more positive attitude with this knowledge that Jesus is right next to you. It's all fine when everything seems to be going your way then bam! You hit a snag.
Then you start hearing for the first time the utter hatred coming from seemingly kind people who were one moment praising the Prince of Peace and the next moment are saying the most horrible things about people. Then you give them excuses like they are entitled to their opinions and you could almost overlook the wrong they were saying.
Then after being alienated because you actually read the Bible and find out that so many stories in it are conflicting. Especially when it comes to Jesus words and what the church is putting forth as doctrine, you start reading Jesus teachings to your children in a home Bible study. Then you read that the God of Love has ordered his people to do horrible acts, the very things the church condemns people for. Then you realize that the Jesus and the God that the church is worshiping are not even the same warm and kind and compassionate one that saved you. Then you wonder what is going on, ask God for wisdom and you realize that once you get wisdom that the church is filled with intellectually challenged, hurting people who have bought into self inflicted misery and are strangely happy about it. Two words come to mind; Hypocrisy, and ignorance. Strange and funny that the very people who used to invite you to a new neighborhood with a homemade apple pie are now the ones peering out from the curtains with suspicion filling their eyes.

11 years ago

I like how the reporter keeps it respectful, despite his clear feeling that these people are somewhat deluded. Strangely refreshing.

12 years ago

These people are wannabes, who find themselves indulging in emotional highs, and make a mockery out of true Christianity.

Sabin Russell
12 years ago

''its not a brain thing''

12 years ago

America: WTF!?

Sincerly: The world...

12 years ago

i am starting to think mankind is just inherently insane ... everyone believes something! lol

12 years ago

Marcus and Joni Lamb make me sick! Nauseating1 This is a pretty solid documentary if I can stand to watch those two.

12 years ago

Big Money in being saved.

12 years ago

boen again christians seem harmless in comparison to the westboro baptist church, I just watched both of Louis doc's on the subject, and Im thoroughly appalled by the behaviour of those westboro folks

12 years ago

"With sin on my mind" ... I have to say Louis' subversive if not clandestine condescending method of approaching a story is always refreshing & entertaining.

12 years ago

Well, they are friendly people. Delusional, of course, but friendly.

"At least I could still smoke pot and go to gay bars"- Greatest comment ever.

12 years ago

oh old school Louis is hilarious

12 years ago

@ Charly
From 325 AD, at the Council of Nicene, whence Emperor Constantine decreed his Holy Roman and Apostolic Catholic Church be both the embodiment of all Christendom as well as supreme and absolute sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire's first and only ever 'State Religion', right up to October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his "Ninety-Five Theses" to a church door, if you were Christian, you were Catholic!

A theocratic dictatorship if ever there was.

Charly, if you ascribe(as it would seem) to the laughable notion that fascist 'Pax Romana' social structure is the unique base upon which 'progress' might flourish("...If the Catholic Church had not been around, you would not have had any progress that you enjoy today..."[25]), then you, Sir, are just that: fascist.

12 years ago

ah - the rapture.

when christ takes his believers away to the mothership and leaves the rest of the world alone. i only ask that he takes all believers. he can leave the shinto and wiccans i guess, but the rest are fair game!

t enricco
12 years ago

I love you Louis; hurry and make some more of these great documentaries. No one compares to you!

12 years ago

I actually find these humorous portrails of religes (in this case, christians) to be very disturbing.

I honestly cant belive that in this technological age people still cling to these ancient & outdated beliefs.

Are so many people (particularly in america) really that snowed?

Are people really so content to just swallow anything theyre told without any type of real tangible evidence or rational judgment?

Mabye people are just content to belive fictional tales instead of thinking coherently (or mabye at all?)

Or mabye theyre just happy to delude themselves because they havent really been given a decent, subjective education.

Mabye having false hopes about magical fairylands appeals to people who have undergone some kind of traumatic event in their life.

Or it might be the simple fact theyve been that indoctrinated since birth theyre incapible of change.

Louis is a bit bland but i like where he goes with his themes & you do get a giggle from time to time.

Oh and the brunette in "the family" all i can say... always makes me sad when i see such potential spoilt, what a waste :(

12 years ago

I could stomach Louis' arrogance and belittling attitude throughout the majority of the documentary, but I have completely lost all respect for him after he completely ridiculed the foundation of Christianity by pretending to pray the prayer of salvation and made hell seem like a fun place to go. Not impressed at all.

12 years ago

"But I could still smoke pot!" haha love this.

12 years ago

@Havvan gotta a massive brain hard-on for him, in a girly way.
God told me to stalk Louis Theroux so I can get more body angels. *wink wink*

12 years ago

Gotta love Louis Theroux massive bro-crush on him

12 years ago

I just really hope that the people who produced and watched this documentary don't believe that this is what Christianity is about. I'm glad the title of this documentary is "Fundamentalist Christianity".
Specially the "angels on your body" people are very off.

12 years ago

@6:25 "they will end up in a place called Hail..." never heard of such place. LOL.

Robert Allen
12 years ago

The incessant message of these bellweathers is Don't Use Your Brain (i.e., don't think), Use Your Heart (i.e., just feel)! It's amazing how much wealth is accumulated through exultation of the ignorant and desultory. I guess a congregation is not called a flock for nothing.

If anything, this documentary unwittingly proves that faith is humbug.

P.S. Mr. Theroux comes forth as an juvenile embarrasment, guitar and all.

Ien Carlson
12 years ago

Now I know why the Christians followed Bush into war. All you need is faith and the WMDs will really be there. It also didn't hurt that the victims were Muslim.

Kara Kittle
12 years ago

@Achems Razor

I know you are a funny guy, so I will give you a funny answer.

If you don't like to hear it, don't listen....

No, we don't get extra points for converting people. Well perhaps some people do think that way. But no, we don't get points. And we are not all Catholic and don't give our money to the Catholic Church.

And again, in this country we have the freedom of religious expression, or non-religious expression. This documentary is clearly tongue-in-cheek, but a cute way to present the way people do believe. We can laugh at it, but then we would be laughing at someone's faith system. Not cool.

12 years ago

I always find these things a little scary. The girl at the end kinda weirded me out she just looked like she was mentally ill, rocking back and forward talk about she used to be sick. Seems kinda scary to me but either way whatever does it for em I guess

12 years ago

That dark haired girl in the family was hot.

Louis was great in this film, like always.

12 years ago

It's funny how people generalise and stereotype. A lot of the comments on this page a broad statements at the 'Church'. It's important look deeper than the people. There are many people who claim to be christians but lead a life full of sin. In the the same way their are politicians who claim they will make changes, but then lie through their teeth. People like this will give others a bad name.

No Con
13 years ago

Favorite line occurred around 45:00
Louis: You need a joint, some pot?

That is priceless!

13 years ago

It really amuses me how bent out of shape some people get... What makes it better is how stupid some people are - I grew up in a Catholic school, it's probably one of the most hateful religions out there; actually almost all Christians are like that.

What I really love was someone's comment about the Catholic Church helping shape the world - sure they helped shape the world, after the killed thousands and thousands of people. Oh and did you forget about them killing a bunch of enlightened scientists who would have shaped the world for the better?

Yeah I didn't think so.

13 years ago

never understood how people can get so crazed about something...
great documentary!

13 years ago

So I am a non-christian person and I couldn't really fault the people in this film. They were all at least polite, if not genuinely friendly and wanting to help. I also found it actually quite sweet when those women were so happy when Louis started saying the prayer. Some could say his willingness to bring joy to a person he just met is important in itself.
I guess like any group, most people are nice one-on-one. Its always those mobs you have to worry about....

On another note...How cute is Louis in this early show?! ;)

13 years ago

I just adore Louis Theroux,there is smt unique about him and his docus :)))) i find them funny...Louis rules!!!

13 years ago

Is evolution accepted by the church yet?

Just curious.

13 years ago

An interesting spoof on the mentality of believers in Christ; they were sincere in their mindset and desire to reach others for the object of their faith, or so it seemed to me.

13 years ago

Aye, Religion is hypocritical on so many different levels you could spend hours listing them and still forget a few.Its a very sad system with all of them.

However ,I do like Louis.Every doc Ive seen with him was a good watch to me.He makes me laugh. He has , like you said a way to get his point across w/o being nasty. I like how he was being nice to that angle lady but on the inside laughing at her and her fellow churchies.

13 years ago

Religion restricts any journey towards your goals of future advancement. Into technology, or applies the tools and methods you need into an advanced culture. No bible on earth offers this. Like any infectious disease, it's always introduced by an evil within, which mainly acts as an obstacle. To feed off and control humanity. Behind the scenes of reality lie those who are not out for the welfare of any and all human beings. Their plan started from the beginning and will go until our end. Unless you turn around and look within yourself. At no time no invisible outside of the body God intervened into preventing any inhuman act to assist any of earths humanity. Faith and beliefs are the masks of the non existent. Live a wonderful life with what you have within, at no other place can this happen.

13 years ago

you guys do need to get laid like a mofo in the pooper!

13 years ago

i think there's too many bible thumpers ignoring the obvious here (naturally). The Catholic Church, in fact, ALL churches, are rich beyond belief. They pay NO taxes, snidely twist government workings to suit their agendas, collect cash from their followers, and always want more.

Jesus was all about (plainly) lamenting the rich and greedy, and blessing the poor and indigent. As soon as Theroux walked into this 'family''s home, I instantly knew it was bullshit - and am surprised Theroux made no mention of it - the fact that, for a God-fearing, Jesus and poor-loving people, their home is WAY above the standard of a true, humble, and Jesus-following stature. It's exactly the same with every evangelical, born again, and self-righteous religious freak I've ever met, seen, heard, or read of. I actually expected the Phelps family to practice what they preach; live simply and humbly, but even their homes, property, and possessions are exactly the same way.

The part with the young couple by the nightclub really made an impact. Five months pregnant, no shoes, living on the street, accepting money from strangers for the chance to eat a meal that day, and being the only ones happy to stand and listen to their Partridge Family-esque biblical impositions - I should have expected the family would just let them walk away barefoot and actually say that since they've 'found Christ' they'll magically come into money...

Those people should have taken them out to dinner, found them some help, maybe offered them shelter in that gigantic suburban home of theirs, or even handed over the leather shoes from THEIR OWN FEET to exemplify the power of Christ and humanity. The goal of the church they frequent, or any church, should be to make use of monetary offerings or the millions saved in taxes every year and build some homes, buy some shoes, and cover some pre-natal costs. Instead, isn't it ironic the one indifferent guy that makes this doc showcasing the weird, stupid, and illogical ways of mostly religious idiots would be the only one to actually shed tears and complain about the couple's well-being in the real world, after the so pious religious family dismisses them and their plight like so much dirty trash, with some ridiculous attempt at justification to boot.

I didn't expect this doc to be much more than some whimsical musings, but in a few ways, it spoke even louder than Root of All Evil or Religulous. Now I understand that whether heavily devout or casual, Evangelical, Catholic, born-again, or Baptist, kind or hostile, musical or wordy, signs or guitars, old or young, family or not, ignorance, vanity, vileness, greed, arrogance, and cold, soul-dead inhumanity is all that truly lies at the heart of religious institution and the deplorable sheep that blindly follow it. It is very strangely, a lot like the antichrist they so love to warn about: come on innocently and openly, spread lies and false hope, then morph into power mongerers and greedy taskmasters, with serious hurtful, hateful, and violent repercussions for any that dissent.

People like this, and a vast majority of religious and devout peoples, do more harm than good. Interesting how in Theroux's far less religious country, a poor street-living couple wouldn't have to pay for health care, child care, or worry about finding a suitable home with low or no income. Some serious laws and regulations regarding religious practices and institutions need to be enforced by the greatest minority, those that are admittedly non-religious, and stop the utter madness.

Linda McGuigan
13 years ago

Just watched this documentary and it was good, I like Louis he has a way of getting his point over without being nasty.
I then read the comments, what can I say, I live in the West of Scotland where we are devided into two group's wheater we like it or not Catholic and Protestant we have seperate schools and the people you live next door to will ask you which religion you are before they ask your name I have an Irish surname because my husband is of Irish decent we are non religious. It is not very christian like on both side's to judge people because of thier name or what school they attend before you get to know them if what I have experianced growiing up and through most of my adult life is christian I am glad I am a non believer. That is accepet better than attending the wrong church on a Sunday. I have known people to be refused jobs because they are the wrong type of christian and as for the roman catholic church here is what happened to my mother in law in 1961, she was left a widow when my father in law was killed in an industrial accident at work. She was left with my husband and his twin brother at the age of 4 she recived an electricity bill for about £8 not a lot of money but at that time she had nothing being of the catholic faith she went to the priest and asked for a payment from the st vincent de paul fund (ie) for the destitute and was refused hence with two small children her electicity was disconected how christian like of them. Both major religions in Scotland are full of hypocricy one law for the rich and another for the poor as for me I will takemy chances as a non believer these are my own views and no disrespect is ment to anyone else.

Linda ;-*

Loves to Spooge
13 years ago

You all need to go get laid... Born again, stop making things up, go out, meet a member of the opposite sex, or whatever it is you desire. It's better living through chemistry.

13 years ago

hahaha i laughed so hard when he started playing George Michael's Faith.