Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

2011, Society  -   236 Comments
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If you take your time and compare the language and the vocabulary used by the Zionists or the Neo-Nazis, you'll see there is no difference between them in justifying their actions. Communists, fascists or Islamic extremists use the same type of justifications as the groups mentioned above. They all see themselves as right and everyone else as being wrong. Regardless of the their politics or religion, the extremists are the same thing: people who want to harm others because of their perverted ways of justifying irrational thinking and actions.

Through the lens of Louis' journalism, both Jews and Palestinians appear to be the most fanatical and delusional people in the world. It's like the whole Middle Eastern region is caught in a time trap, they are so bogged down with questions of religion and morality that they cannot move on to creating an advanced efficient society. Civilization has been in this region longer than any other region on the Earth, and yet they still have the mindset predominant in ancient times.

What's behind this mindset? Is it narcissism and an antisocial disposition, a sense of entitlement, elitism and blindness? Is it imagined mandate from the heavens to be separate and a desire to eradicate or completely destroy anyone who is not like themselves? Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear - such people are the collective enemy of the rest of humanity because our social progress is stunted by their beliefs and actions.

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1 year ago

Wonderful documentary. Thank you. It really is obvious to anyone with a heart and mind that there is no difference between Jewish/Zionist radicals and Nazis in their philosophies that manifests in cruel and inhuman behaviors towards innocent people in the form of apartheid, collective punishment, denial of human rights, etc. It is important to note that many Jewish people do not support such barbarity in action and ideology this day in age, but this serves as a reminder that we share this world with some dangerous people and must educate one another on this threat to our humanity, which this documentary serves to do.

1 year ago

the description under this video is a bit unfair and dishonest, in that it implies some sort of “both-sides are wrong” aspect to the narrative. fortunately the documentary is extremely fair and accurate; it shows that the zionist settlers and the illegal apartheid state called israel are the true villains here. the palestinians are brutalized and tragically oppressed.

2 years ago

It’s fine to move people out of their family homes as long as you over-compensate them.
To not do so is so clearly wrong and the moral justification for Arabs uprisings is therefore justified.

2 years ago

Amazing that here we are in the 21st century and there are still so many losers obsessed with Joos.

2 years ago

And yet X'ians have commited more evil acts throughout history than every other group combined.

Cris Sale
2 years ago

I am a product of an inhumane Catholic Spanish colonisation in Asia. My forefathers became catholic and so do I. Jesus is/was a Jew and therefore I am. Does it mean that I have also some right in the land of Israel (or Jerusalem) as promised by Abraham?
I suppose we all have a right in that small piece of land if we argue based on faith.
I am convinced that it is no longer about that promised land.... but a dirty politics based on a dirty deity. There are plenty of inhabited land in the world... why Israel/Jerusalem?
I can't see no bright hope to this promised land. NADA. Abraham support killing & butchery and it will end forever like that.

Kira Blakeslee
2 years ago

Does anyone know the production company of this documentary

Kira Blakeslee
2 years ago

Does anyone know the publishing company of this movie?

3 years ago

Am I the only one who see's a bunch of actors?

Mr. Middlefinger
3 years ago

I am ashamed that we supply the jews with what they need to rob these people. They forget what it feels like when the Nazis took there homes and tried to destroy them.........

3 years ago

May the Lord Ahura Mazda helps and Iran cure this cancer one day.

4 years ago

When is the BBC going to send a reporter into Gaza?? This is a fairly good documentary but it still doesn't show the whole picture. What is the BBC trying to cover up? If you are trying to pretend to be doing real reporting on the situation, then let's see it in Gaza where the real genocide is happening.

ziad abdel fattah
5 years ago

Continuing on my last comment, i just want to say that the muslims aren't perfect, they have surely committed wrong actions and have a lot of flaws in their current ideologies but we have to separate the completeness and perfection of the religion and its virtues from the actions of the people, the only perfect example is prophet mohammed pbuh, the muslim's biggest flaw at the moment is that they are not living up to the words of their sacred Quran and teachings of the prophet... However hopefully truth will prevail and justice will spread once again...

ziad abdel fattah
5 years ago

If you want to truly understand what is going on, you need look at the history, what brought the jews here in the first place and then go way back and see the truth about jews in the Torah, Bible and the Quran. You'll find it clear that the Jews are currently the exact opposite of what they claim to be. They say they are chosen but the fact is they are chosen to be damned for ever, They have been given so much and blessed with so many prophets and blessings but instead of being thankful they managed everytime to break their oaths and promises and divert from the straight path, they changed the word of Allah to match their worldly pursuits and demands.

They sold themselves to buy a cheap dream of returning to a land forgetting that the whole idea behind this is not the land or any other worldly matter as this is all temporary, it the relationship with Allah and true connection with the divine, wherever you are. This is what they have done with moses, jesus and finally prophet Muhammad pbuh, they denied the truth and chose rebelliousness against justice and truth. By the way prophet Mohamed is the rightful descendant of Abraham from Ismail's bloodline and what is israel is doing now is actually fulfilling the prophecy but the irony here is that the prophecy states that the people of justice and truth are the ones who will earn their victory by establishing true peace and justice on this earth and respecting Allah's real law, those are the real submitters to Allah's will, buy the way muslim means submitter and islam means submission to Allah.

They are deceivers and will get what they deserve sometime soon as did every oppressor and liar throughout the history of this earth!!! Muslims are the only ones who truly accept Abraham, Moses, David, Soliman, Jesus and Muhamed Peace be upon them all as true prophets of Allah (God as known in English although i am often skeptical about the origins of the word so i use Allah just in case). And because muslims are the only ones who accept these prophets they are the only ones that can establish the true peace, the Truth will always have its deniers while its holders are simply trying to establish it for the benefit of everyone but little do they understand and blinded they are by their arrogance and greed.

One day it will be as clear as daylight sun to all and the truthful will be on one side and the deniers will be on the other and Allah will surely support the Just and rightful... Now even if you don't believe in all this looking at all this from a political perspective you should look at how Britain, France and Italy invaded the middle east and Africa region, look at the history of the ottoman empire and how it fell after the first world war and then how the US developed its power after the second world war and how Britain declared the land of palestine which was already occuppied by the brits as the land of the jews without any rightful ownership to the land. Read about all this and filter the bias that's scatter around this issue and then judge for yourself, or just wait around to see how ALLah will surely just-fully gives everyone what he/she truly deserves...

5 years ago

@Rick Solodian: Amazing you got out. I truly wonder what that tipping point was which made you see.

I would never trust a Jewish Zionist nor a Muslim because they both have the same corrupt egotistical mindset: Zionists call us "goyim". Muslims call us "infidel".

Then there is a similar mindset among the world's richest families (some of them Jewish) who consider us "cannon fodder", "useless eaters", and "pawns" to be used and disposed of in any way that brings them more money and power or feeling of superiority.

Then there are the gangs, thugs, and bullies which unfortunately include in their ranks CEOs, Policing agencies, Intelligence agencies, Judges, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Professors, Teachers, School Boards, Religious zealots, and unaffiliated persons down to every level of society.

What do they all have in common? The mistaken thought that they are more important than me ;)

"Whenever there is a problem between two or more people, it is almost always the ego and/or selfishness or one the other or both." --DustUp.

There are much fewer sheep than most of them realize, it is just that the seeming sheep are confused since not wanting to believe such a mentality exists. It may be for some they don't want to see it in others for fear they would have to see it in themselves at a point in their past; and their ego doesn't want to see that. It could be for some they know judgement is wrong but don't understand discernment is necessary, the difference is emotion, attaching resentment to discernment is judgement. With resentment it is difficult to properly act.

If it weren't so sad and messed up for all the worlds pain it has caused, it would almost be humorous, the mentality which cannot see that thinking they are entitled to take advantage or put themselves above for whatever reason, begets the same. And if not, by an enlightened soul whose non reaction causes the high minded to see themselves, then by the rest to simply prevent them or to punish those who are unrepentant or without remorse.

For example what corrupt mentality tells banksters it is fine to steal from others and/or cause massive layoffs so they can take advantage of that, because they have their minions in govt so likely to get away with it? It is the same or similar corrupt mentality of muslims who rape and pillage in Europe because the govts prevents retaliation and prevention of more by the victims and their families and neighbors. Unfortunately there are sheep or they would find a way to rid themselves of such a problem and such a govt.

Hats off to the Swiss for staying out of the corrupt EU and keeping the rapists out. Unfortunately they didn't keep the banksters out.

For all those ninny socialists who point to Europe as a great example of how to be... Each able bodied Swiss man has a military rifle in his closet and has been trained on how to use it. That is what the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution had in mind. Please move to Sweden if you think such a govt is your friend. Cling to your guns, it is the ONLY thing that keeps you somewhat free. That is why Socialist-Communist-Progressive leaders want to confiscate them. They want total power over you instead of you over them. Ask Lenin, ask Stalin, ask Hitler, ask Mao, ask all those mass murdering Socialist Communists, ask Obama, ask the Clintons, ask the Democrat leadership what they intend once they get the guns. No, really, ask them. Same as the Progressive Republican leadership: New World Odor in which you are the slave, they have the whip.

They will herd many off to their demise "for the good of the human race". And most socialists will agree to seeing those evil Constitutionalists eliminated, right up until many of them, the useful idiots, are herded right behind them in the population reduction to "save the planet".

Fortunately that scenario won't happen since there are too many citizens which would not allow their guns to be confiscated. And you think they are messed up for preventing your demise. Brilliant.

5 years ago

Boys who fight over toys, take the toy away. Nuke the mound

Rick Slobodian
5 years ago

At this time of year I have hand many friends feel they need to go to Israel. For some they just want to see, some think their god will be pleased by it or reward them . Some are obsessed about Israel before they go , other become obsessed about Israel because they went ..... This video shows what people do because of religion and nationalism , The fruits of ultra anything , and I mean fruits !
I am so glad I belong to no religion any more . To think ....about 10 yrs ago I was into messianic Judaism and was being seduced to become a pastor ... I Am glad I got out out out of it..... before it consumed me and turned me into a jihadist ..... People turn Religion Country Nationality into deities ....That.... and the sense of Entitlement - Exclusivity . . all of which they will rationalize legitimize with their holy books claiming that their god ( deity) sanctions and/or commands this .....All ego ego ego .... and the result is pain suffering destruction and bloodshed
Nationalism and Religion become sicknesses that feed upon themselves all which are extensions of the ego ...

6 years ago

I had a very bad experience with these Jews in America. What this man and this woman do are complete nothing than greedy , lie, lust, leech ... Brrr . I hope there are some good Jews somewhere, but so far ...none

6 years ago

I had a very bad experience with Jews in America. I can only say that I never see such kind of greedy and nasty people like them!

6 years ago

For your edification:
Palestinians rejected the Partition Plan (UNGA Res. 181, Nov. 29/47) for entirely justified reasons based on international law. While Jews made up just 31% of the population (90% of foreign origin, only 30% had become citizens, thousands were illegal immigrants) and privately owned only between 6% and 7% of the land, the Partition Plan (recommendatory only, no legal foundation, contrary to the British Class A Mandate and the Atlantic Charter, never adopted by the UNSC) outrageously recommended they receive 56% of Palestine (including its most fertile areas) in which Palestinians made up 45% of the population. (10% of Palestine’s Jewish population consisted of native Palestinian/Arab Jews who were vehemently anti-Zionist.)

48% of the total land area of mandated Palestine was privately owned (‘mulk khaas’) by Palestinian Arabs. As noted, total Jewish privately owned land was only between 6% and 7%. About 45% of the total land area was state owned, i.e. by citizens of Palestine, and it was comprised of Communal Property (‘mashaa’), Endowment Property, (‘waqf’), and Government Property, (‘miri’.) (The British Mandate kept an extensive land registry and the UN used the registry during its early deliberations. It has in its archives 453,000 records of individual Palestinian owners defined by name, location & area.)

Although Palestinian Arab citizens made up at least 69% of the population and to repeat, privately owned 48% of the land, the Partition Plan recommended they receive only 42% as a state. (The 2% of Palestine comprised of Jerusalem and Bethlehem was to be placed under international control, a corpus separatum.)

No wonder Palestinians rejected the Partition Plan. Indeed, it proved so unworkable that when Polish born David Ben-Gurion (nee, David Gruen) et al. declared the “Jewish State” of Israel effective 15 May 1948 (after Jewish forces had already dispossessed and expelled 400,000 Palestinians – e.g., 30,000 from West Jerusalem in March (and a further 30,000 in May), 60,000 from Haifa in April, 75,000 from Jaffa in late April and early May), the UNGA was in the process of shelving the Partition Plan in favor of a UN Trusteeship.

When war erupted due to necessary intervention by reluctant outnumbered/outgunned Arab state armies to stem the accelerating expulsion of Palestinians, a US proposed cease-fire was accepted by the Arab League but rejected by Israel.

During the war Israel seized 78% of Palestine (22% more than the Partition Plan recommended, including large portions of the proposed Palestinian state, e.g., Jaffa), expelled 400,000 more Palestinians for a total of about 800,000 and went on to destroy over 500 of their towns and villages, including churches, mosques and cemeteries. It was only the beginning.

6 years ago

Zionism is racism. Zionism is theft. Zionism is fascism. Zionism is doomed.

Bottom line: Foreign Jews had the same right to take over Palestine as Irish Catholics and Mexican atheists, i.e., none whatsoever.

Israel: 68 years of trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.

In 20-25 years there will be about 3 billion Muslims worldwide. There will also be over 600 million Arabs, including 10-12 million Palestinians between the River and the Sea as well as about 150 million Iranians and 150 million Turks. Can there be any doubt as to where America and the world's long term economic and geopolitical interests lie? Certainly not with Israel, an illegal, brutal occupier, a thoroughly documented serial/escalating violator of hard won international humanitarian law and an increasingly heavy millstone around America's neck.

The handwriting is on the wall. Regrettably, Israel and its supporters refuse to read it.

Ella Dyer
6 years ago

Shame on America....but, you built the USA on the backs of slaves after committing genocide against the Native Americans! @LibertarianParty!

6 years ago

BS propaganda.

22+ Arab/Islamic nations that align with the Islamic state/Saudi Arabian justice systems to varying levels of degree. Dozen Christian majority countries in the West (until unchecked immigration changes this). And a single secular Jewish nation on the land they can prove their ancestors lived for at a minimum of over 3,000 years (likely more since it is believed that Israelites began as a persecuted sect of Canaanites that rejected polytheism). We have records from an Egyptian pharaoh 3,000 years ago on the Merneptah stone talking about a battle against the Israelites, coins from the united kingdom of David, Roman records about putting down the Jewish rebellion in the first century, pictures of the Jews of Jerusalem in the 1800/1900's, and British records proving Jews were a majority in Jerusalem during their mandate.

The 1 Jewish state is the only place in the Middle East where there are no dhimmi's (whether official or unofficial) and with equal rights for Arabs, Jews, Christians, women, LGBT, atheists, etc.

Don't blame Isreal for not allowing themselves to be wiped out after accepting the UN's division of land into Trans-Jordan, West Bank/Gaza strip, and Israel. EVERY surrounding Arab nation invaded and with the Arabs residing in the mandate of Palestine started a war to wipe out the nascent state instead of agree to live next to them peacefully.

If you start a war you better be ready to accept the consequences of losing.

6 years ago

Min 7:14 Sarah Silverman?

7 years ago

God willing, the synagogue of satan will be destroyed.

7 years ago

I think jews learned from Hitler a lot of things. I cant explain this barbarism either way. Another century our boys and daughters will discuss Palestinian genocide. I want to go Palestine for activism. I hope that day come quickly.

Max Power
7 years ago

my god is bigger than yours, and I have the gun power to prove it

8 years ago

You know..I'm not against or pro any party, but the truth is if you read the Bible you will read "the land of Philistine" which is The Arabic word for Palestine, so the Palesinians can argue that God told them it's thier land too. Also, the fact that the Jewish people have an army,police and weapons(including nuclear weapons) and the Arabs have nothing to fight with except stones..that's quite alarming. And the attitude of the Jewish people is extremely arrogant...I mean to insult the presenter for being Athiest is quit rude really. And what bothers me the most is that the Jews keep talking about the horrors of the holocaust...but aren't they doing them same to the Palestinians?? Statistically, the numbers of Palestinians killed by the Jews far exceeds the number of Jews killed by Hitler.

8 years ago

Look at the surrounding Muslim/Arab world before throwing stones at Israel. Viva Israel.

Troy Taylor
8 years ago

It's either steal the Palestinians' land or go back to "the ovens of Auschwitz" ("or the shores of Australia"). I didn't know the Holocaust continued on for another 60+ years or that Australia was as bad.

8 years ago

such arrogance and sense of entitlement on the part of militant Zionists, it's revolting.

Jimmy Jackas
8 years ago

lot of foolish people out there that would like to pretend the universe was made for them and whoever thinks like them

8 years ago

This journalist is brilliant! I wanted to just check out the documentary and watch it for 5 mins then go to sleep, but couldn't stop.

I live in Israel for a bit over a year,before coming here I called myself a Zionist. Living in the country and getting to know Israelis, their country, their views and politics opened my eyes. Now I refuse to prioritize any religion or nation in any way, even though I respect other people's believes, conclusion is that those factors just separate society and raise hatred towards each other. I have to say that Israelis are great people, very open, very kind and actually very worldly... and those facts make it ridiculous that they don't see what is happening in front of their noses. Israelis just don't understand that they are actually taking some people's freedom away. Jews, that Louis is talking about, are not the majority of Israelis, they represent not a big group, but that group turns out to be very influential.
I would really want to see more about Palestinian government and actions towards its own people( Louis doesn't mention it, but Palestinian government doesn't treat its citizens any better than Israeli Government treats them). Sorry for mixing all the information together, but there are so many things that can be said on this topic. I just keep hoping that Israelis and Palestinians will find peace eventually, because they are so much alike, it's irony of life. And again: great, great documentary made by a real professional who is not afraid to ask the right questions. (Please pay attention that it just covers a part of the whole conflict).

11 years ago

Oh David Lynch, why must you do this to me?

11 years ago

i'm looking at a comment posted 1 hr. ago and now the doc is no longer available?? david lynch? what gives???

11 years ago

This documentary was alright. I liked this Gonzo Journalism style. Yet more evidence revealing the sheer aggressiveness inherent in Israeli's/Most Jews. All I can say right now is...Today, Zionism is the ultimate definition of Evil!

11 years ago

I think it should be pointed out (and Theroux has said this in all interviews) that these are the hardest of hard line jews. I have met alot of Israelis in my travels around the world and alot (especially younger ones from Tel Aviv) feel what they are doing is wrong. Mind you others cant say the word "Muslim" without saying the word "Terrorist".

11 years ago

I found it quite surprising that the Jews in this docomentary come across as scary Religious fanatics...the chrisitans, from Denver, come across deluded religious the fantics ....but the Muslims, who we all know ARE Religous fanatics (im being sarcastic)...do not ONCE mention Allah, or the Koran or religion...yes they are angry, but not once do they come across as relgious fanatics...they just come across as people have been treated badly and are angry.

11 years ago

f***ing david lynch!!

12 years ago

Blocked, wish someone would update the ones that we aren't able to watch

12 years ago

Religion is just as silly as money to argue over. Both were created by man as instruments of power out of ignorance. In order to survive humanity must overcome these deadly obstacles

12 years ago

Knowledge is key

12 years ago


12 years ago

Let me just say that Louis is a fantastic reporter and documentarist. I leave the intractable Israel/Palestine problems to others.

Lary Nine
12 years ago

I stand by what I said in #184 because after rereading yours [#183] again, I'm not persuaded that I forgot how to read for content and meaning. You claim I missed the point completely but you didn't make any point in #183 resembling what you're saying in #188.

Your quoted text in #183 was:
"You gotta ask yourself after watching the utter irrational sense of entitlement these Jewish settlers have, did they foster the same type of hatred in Germany? Did they just push too hard for too long and foster the type of hatred that got human history heading down it’s darkest path?"

If I missed the point here---then it's because you didn't make it---that point is MIA. It still looks to me like you're blaming Europe's 'pushy' Jews for 'fostering' the Third Reich's "final solution to the Jewish question".

12 years ago

@Lary Nine
No, Lary, I'm not. Way to go. You've missed the point completely…or did you just decide to ignore it because the possibility was a little too intimidating for you, perhaps? What allowed the Third Reich to do what they eventually did was a deep seated hatred among the general populace towards Jews and that just didn't come out of thin air. Nor was it manufactured by propaganda, built on, yes, but not manufactured. Now, just stop that thought right there. I'm not offering an excuse here for the Holocaust, just saying, that from watching this doc you gotta ask yourself…are what we are seeing here, is it in anyway representative of how Jews acted then? Were they religious fanatics with no respect for the lives of other people? Did they maliciously seek to undermine their neighbors whenever possible? Did they seek to destroy their livelihoods in the hope that they would just give up and go away or just submit? Were they racsists? I'll say it again, because you generally have to when discussing anything that questions Jewish acts, I'm not offering an excuse here for the Holocaust. Even if the answer to the above questions are all yes, it wouldn't in any sane man's mind vindicate Hitlers actions. Hitler was a madman, yes, but what initally allowed a nations empathy to run dry, embolding him forward? Did we just see it?

Phil Atio
12 years ago

@mitsy 138
'“Most people are completly (sic) unaware that the jews (sic) want to control 100% of the west bank and commit genociede against the palestinians (sic), this was na ey opener for me.”'
"Most people are ‘unaware’ of the idea because it is completely false. Most Jews aren’t involved in the situation at all. Most Israelis are not in the least interested in owning the West Bank – just look at the results of the Israeli elections and who wins the majority of the votes."

From what I see the israelis want to take all of the west bank. If it is untrue, then the other israelis have moral obligation to stand up and condemn those israelis in the west bank just like mustlims have the obligation to condemn terrorist who abuse islam to bomb innocent people.

"Do you even know why it is called the West Bank? Because it was the West Bank of JORDAN. They appropriated it in 1947 and refused to allow the Arab refugees there the right to settle anywhere else. They kept them in small, dirty, crowded refugee camps in order to put pressure on Israel. At the same time Israel settled hundreds of thousands of immigrants in housing, provided jobs and made good citizens of them. BTW – Immigrants thrown out of the Islamic culture countries outnumbered the number of immigrants from Europe.
The West Bank came under Israeli jurisdiction because Jordan joined the war against Israel in 1967 and in 1973. They lost the lands in the war – now suddenly it is Israel’s fault?

Phil Atio
12 years ago

"If israel or the Jews wanted to commit genocide against the palestinians it would have been done a long time ago."
Its going on right now!
" Israel has the weaponry to do it many times over but it has never been the intention and probably never will be either.
If you want a real “eye opener” go to Israel and see it for yourself and don’t let OPEC- opps I mean the BBC i"
Israel doesn't want to bomb them because that is too obvious, they want to do it slowly and over time like in this film so that people do not stop them and the un doesn't condemn them

Nick Sporek
12 years ago

Reply @ Levap

Wow, I feel sorry for you. The dark side has really taken a hold of you inside and out.

I don't deny that there are Jews that have some contempt for Christians (read some of our history and you'll see why. I recommend The Jews, God and History by Max I. Dimont he's a non-Jew)
But "hate" is way too strong a word. Many Jews even marry Christians, believe it or not. As for what it says in the Torah about Jesus, well thats where you really gave your self away. You see:
Jesus was a Jew, he learned and taught the Torah because it was WRITTEN OVER A THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE HE WAS BORN. So how could the Torah be referring to Jesus as "dirty dog" or a bi.ch as you say? There is no mention of Jesus in the Torah at all. Somebody really brainwashed you. Get some help.

And No, I don't "believe" what I said about Jews valuing human life about all else because believe can be changed, I KNOW for a fact that Jews value human life before all else. I am a Jew and that was the way I was taught from day one. Israel has the military capability to wipe out our enemies from the map but hasn't even threatened it because that isn't our way. Nowhere in the Torah does it say that Jews are humans and non-Jews are made to serve us, no where. Why do think the Jewish farmer was so surprised to get served by a Christian? It must say that some where in the Christian "new Testament" but not in the Torah.
No where was it written in the Torah that the world must be Jewish for god to love them and Judaism doesn't teach that either. FYI- most Jew regard the Torah and the rest of the bible as mythological metaphysics mixed with history and don't believe it or practice it.

Why was Israel first in line to help out Haiti last year? Do you think we got paid for that?
Why did Israel send aid to the Tsunami victims in Indonesia (A Muslim country I might add)?
Israel would do a lot more for the world if we didn't have to spend the vast majority of our resources on security. Look up "tikun olam".

You were taught to hate us by someone that was jealous and feared us. They way put all Jews into one sweeping category show how you probably never even met a Jew and never finished jr. high school.

Use your brain and spell check next time please.

Lary Nine
12 years ago

Are you actually blaming European Jews for their own partial extermination?
What crime would ever warrant such an utterly wicked solution? Being too smart? Too educated? Maybe too successful? Oh, right...they 'pushed too hard'. I forgot that part of the Third Reich's penal code.