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Lugovoy Lie Detector Test: Who Killed Litvinenko?

2012 ,    » 18 Comments
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Lugovoy Lie Detector Test: Who Killed Litvinenko?State Duma deputy Andrey Lugovoy, who the UK considers the main suspect in the killing of former FSB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko, did not commit the murder, a British lie detector test shows.

Lugovoy was asked several questions in connection with the 2006 death of Litvinenko by the British Polygraph Association in Moscow. Asked if he had directly or indirectly contributed to the death, and whether he had dealt with polonium, he replied "no" to all questions.

Aleksander Litvinenko died from poisoning by the radioactive substance polonium 210 in November 2006 in a London hospital. British authorities accused Lugovoy of being involved in the murder, while he maintains his innocence. The incident seriously damaged relations between Russia and the UK.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Far Spam

    who the hell gives a sh#t!!!

    seriously all the people that the British have killed and torchered in
    Iraq/Afghanistan and wherever else!!!

  2. a_no_n

    the polygraph has been proven time and time again to be a total sham as a lie detector.

    It measures certain changes in the body, but that is it.
    The changes it does measure can occur for a whole host of reasons, many of which are as easily triggered by being put on the spot and strapped into a machine as they are triggered by lying.

    What you're essentially testing with a polygraph is: Does this person feel stressed out by being strapped into a machine and asked awkward questions by a judgmental third party.

    Interpreting those changes into meanings is totally down to the opinion of whoever is doing the interpreting.

    Woo-woo fluffy thinking!

  3. dewflirt

    I heard that if you clench your bum cheeks you can pass these tests. Not even sure this is a real one anyway, I've seen CSI and it's not like this. He didn't even break a sweat :)

  4. AntiTheist666

    @Far Spam

    ”who the hell gives a sh#t!!!

    Well I do for a start. I hope you don’t have a problem with that?

    "seriously all the people that the British have killed and torchered in Iraq/Afghanistan and wherever else!!!”

    I think your description of “torchered” is quite illuminating.
    Yes the brits have lots of sick history but we are not on our own here! Perhaps your country has a squeaky clean record in that regard, though I seriously doubt it?

    The Tortured One

  5. BetsMcGee

    yeah, your right. but don't they usually film these tests and check for micro expressions and other hard to control body language that match up with any of the anomalies in the test. it would come as a surprise to me if the polygraph it's self was the sole thing they were looking at.

  6. a_no_n

    you can beat the polygraph by clenching your arse...seriously, that's it, that's all you have to do, is clench every time you're asked a question...knowing it's that easy to manipulate, i just can't see it's use whatsoever outside a hospital.

  7. BetsMcGee

    I wasn't arguing with your point about the polygraph being unreliable , it's been an established fact for a few decades now. which is why it would surprise if it was the only method used of extract information out of the suspect during the interview.

  8. a_no_n

    I didn't mean to come across like that, sorry. I could probably have edited that last comment into the first one and that would have been clearer, but it would have messed with the continuity.

  9. JezusVanNazareth

    Sooooo... nobody learned ANYTHING about Penn And Teller? Lie Detectors are....Bulls*&@!!!!

  10. Gabriel Malaguti

    everything is ok, lets get back to business. russian propaganda!

  11. Greg_Mc

    Just going by your excellent spelling, I would say you are Anerican Spam, oops I mean American.

  12. Greg_Mc

    Ok I have a question. I do not have a lot of free time to watch these docs, is this one worth watching? Or should I try to find one of the 100's that are good on this site?

  13. dewflirt

    Don't watch :)

  14. Greg_Mc

    Thank you dewflirt, I appreciate the heads up.

    It is too bad, considering the topic this could/should have been a fantastic doc.

    Too many docs with captivating storylines or topics are either poorly made or are made by the wrong people. Thereby what we get (or have) to see is a version that is heavily slanted one way or the other.

    Or can that be said about what we would call a good doc? Maybe it is good because the slant put on it coincides with our views or beliefs.

    I would like to think that myself, and many others on here (I used to be a regular on this site, and I know there is a good number of very smart people - much more intelligent than I am - who watch the docs and leave comments) are not so easily manipulated as to fall for that.

    I may not have been on here for a while but one thing still holds true. If I have some free time to watch a doc more often than not I will spend that time making comments instead of watching something.

  15. dewflirt

    Evening G,
    Should have been good, was actually a let down :(
    I have just watched the Cuba prostitution film, top of recently added. Miles better if your still looking for something :)

  16. Greg_Mc

    Excellent dew, I happen to have some time tonight so i will check it out. Thank you very much for the heads up, on both doc's

  17. Chris Jones

    It's hilarious that anyone can believe his passing a lie detector test means anything. Lugovoy is a trained KGB agent and is supposed to be able to beat that test. It's not even hard to beat that test. That's why it's not admissible in court in either Britain or the US. Lugovoy is a crony of Putin and an assassin who got away with cold blooded murder on British soil.

  18. Andrew

    This entire piece is the product of RT, a Russian state owned news network. I'm skeptical of anything this network puts out.

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