A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

2003, Technology  -   177 Comments
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A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free EnergyMachine to Die For is about the search for perpetual motion and free energy.

Conventional science claims this is impossible, yet generations of inventors have been mesmerized by the promise of an engine that powers itself.

The world’s reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on.

A Machine to Die For showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest.

The documentary could be used as a resource when studying motion and simple machines in secondary science and physics.

It could also serve as a springboard for discussions about inventors and inventions and the history of scientific endeavors. It would be suitable for teachers of middle to senior secondary students in Science.

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  1. As Tesla state regarding the 3 phases of an electric motor, in order to harness energy from an electric generator would mean that each phase of the turn be supplied by an input of energy sources of which have an abundance in nature. The Sun produces energy as it burns and could supply enough energy in each phase to complete the turn needed to rotate an electric generator, heat, wind, and water would do the trick.

  2. Today I have made public in video film perpetual system with gravity inside thermodinamics laws under name,Fatmiri gravity free energy.

  3. If this days confirmation is positive from university than all the ingieniers of the world can to come to my country to take model of prototipe or to copy model os perpetual system,simply i dont want to patent this discovering in name opf Bhascara and all popular scientist and individs around the world.

  4. I am waiting confirmation from enginering university work of perpetul system inside the thernodinamics laws ,the system will produce max 10 MW,The system dont need any source to started them he is autonom system .

  5. For 20 years I have done 7 experiments on perpetual machine,two of them i have published in my book published in amazon,calledTHE DOCTRINE OF CHANGE ,but I come to conclusion this machine dont have force and sped to move turbine .Momentum of force and sped in generator definitivly are two importants component they gone together,if you dont have this componenents than is faillure,and for that thismachine are impossible to give energy.

  6. Mathematicant called Bhascara invented big idea ,he in that time didnt now for thermodinamics laws,but he has given humanity something big,to many people,popular scientist and others also and to mee was obssesion,but without this people ,without this obssesion the idea didnt have sucsesed,so its last time to prove that perpetual motion is possible just inside thermodinamics laws and that in big scale.We have to thanks him and every scientist and individs who tried to build such machine.20 year this motion have obssesionirt to mee ,but I come to ende is impossible to work something without force or to build machine in perpetual motion .But inside thermodinamics laws is everything possible,just we have to try to build systems not machine,engine,but systems which when started will not stoped to big freze,but big freze will never comen,it was just one time big freze not any more.FOR EVER

  7. Dont try with water,dont try with magnetism,with inertia,with elektricity and other sources in small scale they are not usefull ,the turbine need big force and speed and must bee industrial system to produce max 15 MW than is ok and some bory will bee hapyness man in the world,he solve the mostly big mysterie and done big favor for planet.

  8. The science some time is like religions,they said perpetual motion is impossible,in other side say nothing is absolute in universe,this are two diferent theories,which to believe,the time is not stoped,so and new ideas will never stoped.

  9. Its no need to lose time in building in perpetual machine,they are impossible ,only we can to try to use gravity force to build systems which will working and doing reality perpetual motion,just this systems are possible,never say never,everything is possible and dont stop dreaming,this day will come very sun.

  10. Without big forces perpetual systems dont work ,but they dont need any source of energy to started them.but just in boundary of thermodinamiks laws.And this energy will not be free energy ,will costed to build the systems ,reparating,workers,and many things ,we can to calculate just burning derivates will be rejected from cost .And if perpetual system are not industrial producing of energy than this systems have not future.

  11. The perpetual motion is possible without violating physics laws.

  12. The device using magnets to get "free energy" does not take into account the tremendous amount of energy to make a magnet.
    Even the production of a simple iron bar magnet takes tremendous amounts of energy. From finding the iron ore deposit to mining, to final smelting, to drawing the bar, then it takes an electric coil to energize the magnet. The production of exotic materials magnets uses even more energy. So any device using magnets must produce enough energy to make more magnets, with enough energy left over to provide energy for other uses.
    I have a friend who has been working on free energy machine for 40 years. It basically is a falling magnet device. The idea is original with him, as he started this long before the internet. He hasn't gotten it just right yet, but any day now...............

  13. Free AC energy is easy to multiply using mechanical devices like pulleys. You expend one spark of DC electricity to rotate a DC motor with one large 100cm circumference pulley only once, and this gives you 100cm of belt. You then run this 100cm of moving belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, multiplying your # of rotations by 1000=10X100. If you then attach AC generators to each of the mini-pulleys, you would get a return of 1000 units of AC electricity,,, all for the cost of one spark of DC electricity. That’s multiplying your electricity by 1000, as for 1 spark of DC electricity, you can through the use of pulleys, gain 1000 sparks of AC electricity.
    Please, somebody build this GEM of an electricity multiplier, either using physical means, or you could build it on an electronic simulator. I happen to have been disabled in an automobile accident, and my hands are too shaky to build it for real. I have been on disability pension ever since, so I cannot afford to purchase an electronic simulator, nor can I find a free one that will do the job. GEM = (Geometrical Electricity Multiplier)
    This simple technology could help save our economies and environments, but it is being hidden by evil spiritual warfare. Just look at the simple logic of this technology, how large pulleys only have to be rotated once, which can be made to rotate mini-pulleys hundreds and even thousands of times. AC electricity is created by rotations, so if you can multiply the rotations by simple pulley mechanics, so can you multiply your AC electricity.
    Torque is not a problem, because torque is caused by power, which is voltage times current. These AC generators are only being used to wind up massive voltage, and practically zero current, as you only need one spark of current output, to drive your DC motor once, to make this a self powered mechanism.

    1. AC electricity multiplication is an easy + simple way of using pulleys to multiply free AC energy. You put the slight amount of power in to rotate one large pulley of 100 cm circumference a single time. This would give you 100 cm of moving belt, which you could easily run past 1 – 10 mini-pulleys of 1 cm circumference with AC generators attached. This simple device would freely multiply one single rotation into 100 to 1000 cycles of AC electricity.

  14. Lets get the facts right here people... And let me welcome myself to the disussion. Lets put things into perspective. Physics is great! Its awesome. But its a science. And to take it a step further its actually more closely related to math. And generally speaking if you actually took a physics class once in your life you would actually know this. Math is a means to an end as is science. Its about theories not facts. Can you actually see a valence shell...?! No you cant! Theories my friend, that you consider facts, are merely no less subject for scrutiny than the angels that walk with us along lifes journey here at the center of the universe! Oh yeah, we can thank hubble for that! As recluctant as he was to so readily admit! Soo keep your astrology, your evolution, and watch us like minded individuals who have a firm grip on reality pave the way once again as pioneers toward a future who's energy isnt limited by simple physics. Come on!

  15. A machine which requires no input to start or run on its own indefinitely or till the parts deteriorate due to rust and such is possible and would not need to use its own power created to sustain itself; the power generated would be to either create electricity or do physical work. This is possible but its not about creating energy out of nothing, God already did that; its more like harnessing the power that's all around us already which God created and creating a device which harnesses that energy and converts it into a use able type. Thank you, Norm.

    1. Wow very touching came right from my heart!

  16. A 1 hour long film that never says anything at all. Pretty impressive kind of like watching the news... all fluff and no facts.

  17. People still insist that Tesla invented a way to get free electricity. Naturally they will say the power companies prevented him from using his invention. That is what all the failed inventers will say. Most people don't bother to think, they just react.

    1. Naw ur wrong victor grabenikov is my hero

  18. Another inventor thrown in jail...

  19. Conventional science tells us that making energy out of nothing is impossible and yet it promotes the big bang theory, where all of the energy and matter in the universe came out of nothing. I can't figure out the contradiction.

    1. That is not what the Big Bang theory tells us. It did not come from nothing.

    2. Your full of it Einstien!

  20. Perfect example of good disinformation. Hooks ya, then convinces you people smarter than you have tried and failed. This one is even comical, they found nuts all around the world that don't bath and need to be committed.

  21. This is one of my favorite docos. Well worth watching. I feel sorry for the inventors though, what a waste of a lifetime.

  22. look people... all energy has to come from somewhere. its mathematical.
    theres a sum and an equals sign... any one can be left to figure out using the other numbers.
    if your pushing another person with a force and that other person is pushing back with the same force and neither is moving the answer will be zero.
    the opposing forces cancel each other out.
    now lets take a finely engineered pendelum type contraption... this looks viable. but it really is nothing more than art and engineering creativity... the fact is this will never power anything.
    the opposing forces principal applies here too.
    if you had a machine that swung back and forth and was capeable of generating enough power to charge a 1.2 volt battery the moment you hook it up the pendelum stops... why?!! because the battery is fighting back.
    the work still has to be done!

    if someone handed you a winch that was supposed to pump up water but didnt connect the gears you could crank that winch as long as you liked... but your not doing anything... nothing that constitutes work taking place anyway...
    now he adds the gear... and the water comes up slowly... whats the other part of this sum? ah yes the force... its harder now... now its work and you probably wont be doing it for ages either as its very hard and tiring. thats why someone invented an electric pump.
    the fact is the work must always be done. if it takes little input to make it move it is only gonna give little output.
    so lets work on hydrogen or cold fusion there more worthwhile that a pretty pendelum

    1. wow another fundamentalist.... i avoid fundamentalism, fundamentally. hehe

  23. I recently heard entropy may not be a cosmic law after all. Have you seen the "free energy" machines developed that tap into the torus field around all living objects.

    1. I recently heard that there's an old man living in north pole, wearing red and giving free present.

  24. ENTROPY!! It's a cosmic law.

    1. There is no such thing as absolute knowlage just as there is no such thing as cosmic laws The people who wrote those laws did so a long long time ago and were not perfect. I for one will keep my mind open and and look to the next broadning of our horizen

    2. There is one thing we can know with absolute certainty: we all know with absolute certainty that "I am", even if we may not know what "I am" is. We all absolutely know "I am" because we are all aware that "I am". It is a self-evident, absolute truth.

    3. Welcome back Descartes

    4. fundamentalist...? are you a tiny wee human a cosmic master, you know the cosmic laws. cammon the fact that the phrase "cosmic law" even exists in our science is a a huge failure on our parts as humans to be humble and in awe of how mysterious life and the cosmos really are.

  25. Google 'stan meyers water powered car'

    There is MASSIVE cover ups and murders of dozens of inventors of energy for all.

    Thank the Oil companies.

    1. If oil companies actually killed men claiming they can run a car on water, I would actually thank them for improving the gene pool of humanity.

    2. Hitler is that you?

  26. An Observation: Not one of these devices was shown producing the energy claimed they could produce. I saw a lot of "All you need to do is hook it up to a generator and you get free electricity" yet none had.

    Another Observation: Not having a patent doesn't stop the device working or from being put into production, there are plenty of devices sold around the word with "Patent Pending" written on them. I suspect these devices aren't in use in every home for a different reason, that is, they probably don't work.

    Aldo's Wheel is a nice idea, working on a difference in torque, however the gain you make in the torque is lost in moving the weights vertically against gravity twice, and that is before friction and load are taken into account.

    Discussions on why Dark Matter and Dark energy actually fit into Einstein's Theories are too long for a comment but there are a number of documentaries on this site that describe the current scientific position, suffice to say that these are required to make our various laws based on the Theory of Relativity work and do not prove them wrong.

    Not saying that inventors shouldn't invent or tinkerers tinker, just that if they claim that they have found some new and unknown force that can be used to provide power don't be surprised when they are asked to prove it.

  27. Normally, I would reject these claims but then I think about quantum physics. I think about electrons moving from one orbit to another instantaneously and doing so without traveling the distance between orbits. I think about how probability is used to predict where an electron might be because it is a particle and a wave when it isn't popping in and out of existence. Something so odd that even Einstein couldn't wrap his mind around it.

    We should challenge the youth of this country to produce such a machine. Even if they can never build one, at least they will learn something about mechanics and physics which is a lot better than what they are doing now.

    1. Nickelthrower, wouldn't give a penny for that thought. A good education is what we should give the youth. Lies are not a part of that.

    2. Um, exactly where did I lie? I clearly state my position and my skepticism with regards to a free energy machine. A challenge, such as the one I propose, is more valuable than the current system which attempts to measure proficiency by administering a standardized test.

      You couldn't design a worse system if you tried. No, if we do not start challenging our youth to build something other than fat cells we, as a society, will be doomed.

  28. Christ all mighty!!! this Documentary is embarrassing and should be removed from the site.

  29. Jeremey Shepard:
    "Edit to add: Look at magnets, they produce a kind of energy that is "free" simply because we don't have to burn anything or use our own energy to make the magnet attract or repel other magnets. Solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and others can be called "free" energy."

    There is a fundamental flaw in your thinking on magnets. They do not produce any energy, the energy produced when they repel has to be put in to push them together and the energy of them attracting has to put in to pull them back apart. ie Net sum:zero

  30. How long does something need to continually move for it to be considered perpetual motion?
    How long has the planet earth been spinning around the sun? How long will it continue to spin around the sun?
    The earth and universe will be in perpetual motion during my life span and possibly billions of years to come.
    Perpetual motion exists when you consider extremely large systems.
    But i doubt that any man or woman will make a machine that will ever generate free energy. Although the laws of thermodynamics may not be 100% correct there is something to be said for them. Free energy does not exist in any form. I'm very comfortable with the first law. You will only ever get out exactly what you put in, you don't even need to be a scientist to know this rings true.

    Aldos wheel does not work.

    1. "We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up to now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future." Max Plank

      If you didn't know how a solar panel worked and somebody showed you it you would think that the energy came from nowhere.

      Free energy doesnt make something from nothing. It makes something from something that isnt very well understood or understood at all.

      You and many scientists say that something cant be made from nothing yet the best and most commonly held view of how the universe was created is that it came from nothing at the time of the big bang.... Hmmmm

      THe only thing we know for sure is that anything that we think we know can be proven wrong by new information, seeing as we cant know everything, so in effect; we cant really know anything for sure..

      There are no laws of nature. Just human laws based on limited knowledge. They are just the best that that person or group of people could come up with, with the information they had at that moment in time...

    2. Have you tried to replicate Aldos wheel for yourself or are you just speculating?

  31. I think people have the wrong idea of what is meant by "free" energy. Zero-point or dark energy is something that exists and is all around us, yet we cannot see it and it doesn't affect any part of our daily life.

    Nikola Tesla and many others like him have tapped into this new kind of energy, which is overly abundant. Einstein himself talked about there having to be an "ether" in order for the universe to function properly.

    Ether is also mentioned in ancient times along with alchemy, something else that we are starting to see today.

    To call these people crazy or stupid is to insult yourself.

    Edit to add: Look at magnets, they produce a kind of energy that is "free" simply because we don't have to burn anything or use our own energy to make the magnet attract or repel other magnets. Solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and others can be called "free" energy.

    Something cannot be created out of nothing, but just because you can't see it and it is hard to measure at this present time doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

  32. How do they find these people. Did one of them invent some sort of divining wand for crazy?

  33. The problem with the online capaign for free energy is that we dont represent ourselves correctly. You need to march on the streets, hang huge banners and overwelm social networking sites.. Without vilance

    By the way Britain is the best lol :)

    1. then we need to quietly go into our garages with the people we meet and secretly make and spread the technology safely the way you would with any other prohibition known or not.

  34. There's no shortage of ignorance here.. but then that's not surprising. The Nationalist Darren is "sure' ...funny thing about us Americans, at this point we rank well below almost all of the western industrial nations on almost every single matrix. From test scores, to life span.. America is suffering and in retrograde.. and yet there is one thing American kids are #1 at... "Confidence" they don't know why, how, what or where.. but darn it "WE ARE THE GREATEST"..Its almost as if the slogan sucked all the reality out of the statement.
    Industrialists embrace the rhetoric of Free Market-ism but in reality do everything they can to suppress it. The historical technological landscape is dotted with promises of wondrous creation, only to be debunked in a Popular Mechanics issue 3 years later. Are the technologies faked, with their patent apps and their independent academic reviews? Or is it when they get into a corporately funded lab the threat of the device sends ripples of fear down the backs of the technicians that get 110% of their financing from the "Energy" industries, the "DOD" etcetcetc...

    Think Tank is a euphemism for "New Think/New Speak" corporatism.

  35. im pretty sure the quest for perpetual energy is a fool's journey. And by the way, your in america, cuz were american, greatest country in the world.

    1. Never say never, it is simply to early in the field of science to disregard the idea of perpetual energy, and goodness darren, patriotism can be a good thing, but that last comment is simply b*llocks and is also one of the reasons why the world over american people are disliked. your arrogance irritates me

  36. OMG vvindred please stop posting I DREAD your comments. Yeah man if this was really invented "they" would never let it get. IT would stay secret and no one would ever know... and if anyone ever did get mind of it the MIB would erase there memory before heading back to Area 51 to hang out with the Roswell alien. lol Get a life, not everything is a conspiracy by the government.

  37. To Krieg and all folks saying it can't work cos......
    Pls explain the bigbang theory, dark Mather & dark Enegy
    in relation to the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

  38. I don't think it's that inconceivable that an "average" man could make a discovery. All it takes is an ability to observe and experiment. People did that hundreds of years ago did that without our current volumes of information or today's "experts".

  39. I DO believe people are killed or threatened by those in control of current energy. I have a great deal of doubt, however, that only the guys in tinfoil hats are the ones that figure stuff like this out. There are too many brilliant people engaged in any given hunt to say that only guys wearing Nikola Tesla shirts are the ones that figure this out. Or guys who believe aliens visited them.

  40. I think this video gave me a brain tumor...

  41. According to Tesla the need to "make" energy doesn't exist. The way that his free energy is attained is to just tap the electromagnetic field of the earth by isolating energy from the atmosphere. Not only does he have many documented experiments that prove him correct but newspaper articles can also be found that verify his claims.

  42. Energy conservation must be true, or the entire universe would not exist, as it would be too unstable. If people are finding free energy, what they may really be doing is extracting remote energy from non-lineararities or tapping into nuclear or chemical energy. Of course, gravity and magnetism are just forces and not sources of energy. I have analyzed every free energy device I could find since 1994 and most are fakes. 95%. A few, including cold fusion and ZPE devices are actually doing something interesting, that warrants further investigation. My opinion of cold fusion has changed throughout the years and I think we are getting closer towards a practical device than any other way I have seen.

  43. I find that typically it's the people that claim that somebody else is ignorant that has no idea what they are talking about. Any successful scientist in history (you know the ones that reshape entire perceptions of science rather that work for ten years according to another person's "law" and make some insignificant discovery) will tell you that imagination was their precursor and their most valuable asset. Even Einstein asserted this...... many times. If you don't believe that try reading into Tesla vs. Edison. Basically to be "ignorant" is just to lack the biased instructed perceptions of textbooks in the same capacity that somebody that doesn't believe in god is perceived as "ignorant" by Christians. Its contradictory to use that word to begin with because in order to "discover" something you have to be "ignorant" of it in the first place and so every brilliant mind in the world is ignorant of the meanings and implications of what they are going to discover making sheer ignorance what makes them so brilliant. "free energy" isn't something that has to be procured by means of perpetual motion, it just has to be attained free of charge and consequence. With that in mind there are plenty of proven, built, and tested ways for this to happen.......like hmmmmm radiant energy; proposed by Tesla and proven by Tesla using means that adhered to no scientific "law" just like he did with A/C current despite Edison's "law". Again close mindedness aims to cease any kind of progression in society. Why don't you all ponder this:
    The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
    -Albert Einstein

  44. All I can say is, if you see a machine that claims such, don't buy it. You are being scammed. It's a nice idea, so is star trek, but don't expect to find Ewoks.

    Oops, yes daniel, star wars.

    1. That's Star Wars...

  45. i think is not stupid or ignorant to have dreams or ideal ideas that can change the r way of living,also this ppl r just persuing what they thing can b a break though for all humanity, just that idea alone makes me excited,an perhaps a perpetual motion machine would be nothing than a idea for us......wait a second at the beggining of the video they show the planet as an example of... perpetual motion machine? if thats the case the whole idea of making a machine like that is trying to make gods work an that ppl is just impossible no wonder y ppl have gone crazy thinking about this...

  46. =YAWN!= People ignorant about the laws of physics have believed this was possible for well more than 1,000 years: they were not stupid---- just ignorant.

    Free energy is impossible for exactly the same reason 1>2 is impossible. Every is not a "thing:" it is a "how much." Energy is the ability of a system to perform work; "free energy" would be the ability of a system to perform more work than it can perform: a logical impossibility.

    But that doesn't stop crooks from selling "investment opportunities" for the imaginary technology; that doesn't stop the ignorant, greedy, and gullible in being defrauded.

  47. I love crazy inventors - the optimism alone is attractive :) - alas, as I suspected I've already seen this one somewhere/some when. Watch it "just for fun".

  48. Ok, for a person that claims himself to be a scientist, he doesnt seem to do many scientific experiments to diss-prove the machines being perpetual. I can understand he has his opinion, their his, but the basis of the WHOLE of science is to test theories, if they can be scientifically dissproven, then they are rejected, if not, they are accepted as being true, until someone disproves them.
    The 'perpetual motion police' wanker, is just that a wanker!
    In terms of the old dude in france, build a big f--k-off shed around the machine, this cuts out light and wind, then test it. Residual friction?? Ok, let the machine stop for a day or 2, this should remove any "risidual friction" then see if it starts to move again with no assistance!
    Im a third year biochemistry student, even i can see past this wankers scientific credibility!

  49. man i hate when people say "there is no free energy". if energy is there this means something must have created it, and if it has been created somehow, it means there is way to create free energy. its just that simple... lol

    1. Stop being proud of being ignorant: it's embarrassing to watch.

  50. Yeah this doc was hilarious. Friction. That's why none of the machines would work. There is no free energy. Or maybe it's the government(s) that prevent them from working!

    1. (There is no free energy) yet electrons spin for billions of years at a time, the planet spins, the solat system and galaxys spin... actually everything is in motion and vibration, light ,sound matter all different frequencies of vibration.sounds like a lot of free energy to me just a matter of tapping into it

    2. if you 'tap' the energy, it is 'tapped'. You cannot see its earlier version once it is completely tapped.

    3. It takes zero energy for a body in motion to stay in motion. Try to think being sharing, m'kay?

  51. now i feel like an idiot i thought i was the only with these ideas such as using magnet for free energy and stuff like that. man why the fck is this s.hit soooooo underground ???????????

    1. Magnetic fields are not sources of energy: they are used to convert one form of energy into other forms of energy. The net sum is zero.

  52. what better way for the POWERS TO BE to retard the emergence of FREE POWER, than to than to stick a DODGY LOOKING BEARDED PESON[looking like your OLD SCIENCE TEACHER to give him credibility]in a documentery offering 10,000 DOLLARS for people to prove FREE ENERGY does exist and then either paying for the technology to the co-opperative INVENTORS[which costs MONEY,and as MONEY IS THEIR GOD, i very much DOUBT that is going to happen] or as the shaded out man said[might not be AGENT X , but does not matter] they are quite capable of MAKING PEOPLE DISAPPEAR [having YEARS OF PRACTICE] or at least THREATENING YOUR CHILDREN[remember these people are SICKOS].so THINK VERY CAREFULLY before you tell anyone about it.i might be paranoid but thats a healthy paranoia.FREE ENERGY is out there

    1. my opinion 2 !

  53. the sun hitting one side only and expanding metal making it turn or the wind? did i just listen to your documentary like if you were a scientist? cause a scientist would realize what foolish claims these are. it's gravity i think it's real it just needs to be cleaned and oiled once in a while.

    1. the freakly little man with the beard is just a wanker!! Expanding metal my arse!

  54. I completely agree with these old men that perpetual machine is possible to make and use it for generation of free energy.
    some fools might think that its waste of time.. this same thing happened when Einstein published his first article. scientist felt that some moron was joking.. but he grew up and stood in his theory and became greatest of all scientists...
    so i req. young generation like me to put some effort and jst try to imagine that yes, we will have free energy one day..

  55. I dont think it will ever be possible to create a perpetual motion device. However, by these men trying, they have still created some wonderful machines that could perhaps be used in the future as some sort of high efficiency engine, like the one with the ball spinning round and round. A very clever man indeed.

  56. Why waste time in this documentary on schizophrenic sufferers?

  57. Free energy is a impossible. However, that weel is based on gravity. Gravity is a weak but eternel energy. Even more than the sun. I understand clearly how this wheel could keep on turning forever... Well as long as the earth keeps having gravitational energy. Now duck my sick u freaks.

    1. I feel sorry for your father, to have a son like you.

    2. No: there is no energy in gravity. Gravity is a force, not a source of energy.

    3. and it will keep turning and your right... but...what good is that unless it can actually give us energy... fact is when you attach say a starter motor off a car that needs 14V to run... that perpetual motion is going to stop in its tracks... why... well the starter motor would be like a massive boulder in front of a baby clapping its arms...
      just because it claps and looks like it has potential does not mean it could actually have any force on anything.
      as soon as something needs to draw power the numbers arn't there to do it.

  58. it seems to me if the powers that be are stopping the inventions that would make free energy from coming to pass then some one should build a town that is off the grid using these princapals and inovative idea's to not only prove but to set as an example and prove that it all works. such a town would be an insperation and draw the finest minds of our time to bring new idea's to the our century.
    just a thought!

    1. The machines is amazing, but it cannot produce free-energy. There's always be some subtle physic that prevented the machine from running indefinitely (such as friction). -But of course the machine is amazing, but nature is always much more complex than anticipated!

      But I do understand the effort that these men had put to build this machines. It is like programming. -It involve building a very complex system using a know set of law; except that nature has infinite amount of law.

    2. Understandable the laws that bind us but if we always stuck to the laws we would never have had any new inventions! transport a cell phone back to the 1700s and they would tell you thats inpossible or an Ipod all that was against the laws as well in that time. if we dont look and search and try we would never get advancement. regardless of how complexed some one always finds a loop hole. its to those people that are not afraid to think outside of the box that my hat goes off too. Nothing ventured nothing gained, so when that wall seems to stop you find a way around it or through it. just my thoughts.

  59. Why is it that only men seem to end up chasing this crazy dream?

    1. Lol. Men are much more likely to think outside of the box and challenge the rules and establishment than women. No offence meant but as a rule the boys are more individualistic, creative and anti authoritarian and the girls tend to play safe and within the rules of the game.

      It's Darwinian or something:)

    2. There are a few ways to answer your question, but you seem to believe that men are limited to this nonsense because only men were featured on this film. However-

      One- because gender roles on society result in a male domination of science and engineering.

      and Two- I find women to be more practical. Yes, practical. As an engineer, the FIRST thing you learn based on the principles of thermodynamics is that a perpetual motion machine is IMPOSSIBLE, and anyone who tries otherwise is either a con or a dunce.

  60. "The fellow from Norway sounds sincere enough, but I really don't think he can come out ahead with just magnets, wires, and wheels."

    So that's it? Policeman of the free energy movement debunks a machine which he clearly doesn't understand (just as the original creator doesn't!) and has never thoroughly tested with one sentence? So much for validation and proof. I don't see how a machine which has allegedly been spinning that ball since 1996 isn't worthy of a fair evaluation from Mr. Krieg.

    The fact that the pioneers of radical ideas are viewed as lunatics (and heretics, in earlier times) and then as innovators is horribly prevalent in this documentary. There will always be frauds mixed in with the true innovators, and it's unfortunate that terms like "perpetual energy" (as stated by Kevin Stott) are synonyms for "crackpot".

    These documentaries and accounts regarding free energy enthusiasts are always biased for one side of the other, my question is where is the one which gives facts and figures? None of these give any objective measurements of power input or output (except a quick glance at a voltmeter connected to who knows what), schematics, specifications, or any other testing.

    There are always two cryptic messages apparent in all:
    1) "This machine may or may not work...
    2) ...but the possibility is still there."

    1) I think these documentaries need to enlighten people to the current state of science in terms of attempting to achieve the goal of unity and overunity with power systems. We don't need a lingering sense of hope as much as an objective and detailed account of methods which have and haven't worked toward achieving this goal. It'd be nice to have a neutral scientist with an open mind who doesn't dismiss ideas based on theoretical laws without first observing the systems built and attempting to explain them in physical terms.

    2) Of course it's still there, the possibility will ALWAYS be there because of the limits of scientific knowledge. Every single day the boundary of what natural phenomena can be recreated, understood and proven is growing, but we need to understand that the boundary will NEVER include everything there is to know about the universe. The more we learn about a specific element of nature, the more uncertainties that arise from it. That's why science is a constant undertaking, and unfortunately many scientists believe that science reveals absolute truths which it doesn't. History has shown that almost everything that has been accepted as absolute truth has been subverted and proven false at some later point. Classical physics is violated at the quantum level consistently. The laws of thermodynamics only apply to closed systems, and not every natural system is closed. These are NOT absolute truths, only estimates which hold for a very limited range of (usually ideal) circumstances.

  61. I am not a trained scientist, but have been fascinated by the concept of "free energy" for almost a decade and have scoured every website and book I could get my hands on (many of them, indeed written by potential schizophrenics and/or con people). It is my personal opinion that the term "perpetual motion" is a derogatory term used to discourage any interest in the idea, such as when Nikola Tesla was told by his college prof that an alternating current motor without a brushed commutator is "perpetual motion" in order to mock him in front of the electrical engineering class. Of course, he went on to pioneer just about every underlying invention that led to our modern world of convenience. He claimed later on in his life that he had figured out how to "convert" cosmic ray energy to usable electricity, and I feel that this terminology fits the endeavor much better, it isn't "free energy" but instead is "energy transformation" or "energy conversion" such as stepping up AC to transmit, or inverting AC to DC and vice versa. Or, heat being converted into electricity in a thermocouple due to the inherent properties of two unlike metals on a subatomic or atomic level. Hopefully we will find this holy grail, for I think it would be the step which finally frees our enslaved species/planet from the dinosaur teat, and of course Big Business, blah blah blah (insert anti-government conspiracy rant here). End of my soapbox moment, thanx.

  62. that "perpetual motion police man" is a turd. i bet 10 to 1 he has learned all his knowledge at a university and would die protecting what he learned.....even if it isnt true and just theory!

  63. Nice one, great program, very funny. One of the best docu-spoofs I've seen.

    1. why spoof ? explain please!!

  64. Get a bunch of fat people in the London Eye, make them run back and forth and rig the generator up to a doughnut making machine. Et Voila.

  65. @ Ethan

    I'll bet the robber stole his cold fusion machine and sold it for scrap metal.

  66. THEORETICAL does not mean the same thin when used in the scientific field.

    It is a fact that if you drop an apple on earth it will fall towards the ground. The THEORY explains how it falls and why.

    Theory explains the facts and or empirical evidences. Ever heard of the ATOMIC THEORY?

    Mathematics is the tool used by science. Most subatomic particles were proven to exist theoretically before they were discovered.

  67. I dont know if perpetual motion is possible, friction being what it is anything placed to harness said power would and should to my thinking always slow the power source down.

    Do not quote physics as fact though, physics is theoretical mathematics, Note the term THEORETICAL. we have a long way to go, but i do believe one day we will have cheaper energy. Nothing comes for free, people must be payed to run the power plants. materials must be bought, working parts wear out. friction causes damage over time.
    I think solar, wind, geothermal energy will play a much bigger role. They are building a huge wind farm in the north sea, i wonder if they have had the forethought to place tidal and current turbines at their base to further harness power.

  68. I detect a hint of sarcasm.
    Anywho the way I see it, nothing trivial is worth being angry about.

  69. This is not science. This is worth no more than a face palm. Oh wait, my mind is probably just held down by the global elites. I must be closed minded. I was tricked into "understanding" science. I just don't get it. I am a fool. Thanks Internet commentators.

  70. That guy from Canada, when he was talking, I thought he was trying to hypnotize me in a Charles Manson sort of way. The documentary was not demeaning to its subjects, so I liked that. And that flying carpet made of popsicle sticks... um, yeah.

  71. It's fatiguing to discuss a scientific problem with those who has absolutely no idea how to think in a scientific way. Those perpetualists are just examples. It's an endless argument between facts and belief. People is free to believe whatever he chooses to believe, but a firm belief on something does not make it factual, even when the belief seems logical.

  72. ethan, You watch too many conspiracy theory movies. :)

    1. i think you don't understand the true impact this kind of thing would have over the world and i'm quite sure that something this important ,if it was really discovered, it would be kept in the dark

    2. Yeah, just like electricity and antibiotics were kept in the dark...

  73. ummm, yeah right, he was flying around at 1000 miles an hour on popsicle sticks. never gonna happen.
    and its impossible to just make something for society. the government has a hold on energy, and will sue you to keep you from selling things that hurt their businesses. i live in CT, and a man who was on the cutting edge of cold fusion was recently killed in his home, by a supposed robber, who didnt take anything.... hmmm. i say it was a government hit. cold fusion is death to energy companies

  74. @ Danby: Any proposed perpetual motion machine that relies on gravity is just silly because we couldn't use it in spaceships. Nothing lasts forever, not even gravity or a theory that something is impossible :D

    @ Yiannis: I can take 1 apple, cut it 4 times then I have changed 1 to 5. Elvis lives in the underground city beneath the Pentagon.
    Thanks for explaining thermodynamics a little, I see where you are coming from, it is very sad to think it would never be possible, I prefer to keep optimistic.

  75. There is always the possibility of 1 changing into 5 without adding anything to it! Heck there is a possibility that Elvis lives on the moon and lady Gaga is an alien!

    Billy Bingbong you don't seem to have a grasp of physics and although I admire your ability to dream on (very important when it comes to innovation)but the 2nd law of thermodynamics is not something one can just wish away without changing the constants that allow the universe to exist in its present form.

    Unless you can change these constants then the 2nd law of thermodynamics will always rule out perpetual motion.

  76. I'd like to see the french guys ferris wheel scaled down and put in a vacuum chamber. That would solve this once and for all.

  77. MR energetic: "...even if a magnet motor can be made to work (and the energy comes from the magnets power (force)) its not free energy since the magnet is built from material. Material allways has a cost."

    My god man! You people are coming across as insane! Damn your negative thinking, perpetual motion will always be a possibility, especially if you consider technology that us in our primitive state have not even dreamed of yet. Yes that's right, we are in a primitive stage. Our technology may seem cool to you, but what about our technology in 1000 years - imagine that!!?! To say we as humans cannot possibly innovate perpetual motion even in 1000, 2000, or even 10,000 years is ridiculous, close minded, and downright negative.
    You people think you know what the future holds because of some fancy paper one man wrote, you need to think outside the box here.

  78. Magnadrive rare earth magnets have a half life of 2000 years. So do not quite last forever, but pretty close.

  79. It's good to remember the oil guys cannot stop the earth from turning and the oil guys cannot stop the sun from shining. At least not yet.

  80. What I know about magnets is that they are not for ever. But even if a magnet motor can be made to work (and the energy comes from the magnets power (force)) its not free energy since the magnet is built from material. Material allways has a cost. Tho wind is free = free momentum.

  81. Perhaps people should be more focused in reasearching ultra cheap energy like energy created with highly efficient wind, wave, solar, tidal and geothermal systems.

    And I dont entirely count of the magnets either. Naturally nothing is free sice you need materials to build it.

  82. what about Cold Fusion? just went and saw the comment's on the documentary Cold Fusion: Fire From Water. Similar comments old pessimists..... check out Viktor Schaubergers levitation engines

  83. You cant take this documentary seriously , its the same story like Thomas Edison's propaganda against Tesla.

    Go watch some documentary about Nickola Tesla than this shit, this documentary is not reliable.

  84. Do magnets lose their frequency?

  85. Newton was not aware of Quantum physics. Newton's laws break down at the quantum level because gravity plays no role at the plank level. Newton's laws only apply to large bodies.
    The second law of thermodynamics rules out perpetual motion. Even light losses its frequency.

    1. wouldn't it be possible that we haven't discovered everything there is to know, this documentary sucks and it's made just for money...but you have to keep an open mind don't be arrogant and think you know everything, i'm just saying you can't be so sure of anything no disrespect intended

  86. I don't want to start another debate, but just the idea that Einstein proved Newton wrong (matter of opinion), shows that you shouldn't set things in stone so easily with one theory.
    We haven't been around very long, it is hard to imagine technologies that have not been thought of, but they will be coming, and who is to say that none of them could assist perpetual motion.
    I am so surprised at the opinions here.

  87. (Billy Bingbong 43

    What the hell are you all talking about saying it’s impossible? How can you possibly know what discoveries do and don’t lie ahead.)

    2nd law of thermodynamics; That's why!

  88. MYTH BUSTED! This is not science! This is QUACKERY!

  89. I am surprised at the close mindedness.

  90. Yeah and Elvis lives on the moon!

  91. What the hell are you all talking about saying it's impossible? How can you possibly know what discoveries do and don't lie ahead.

  92. Rotating ether?!? Not much of an expert.

  93. Quackery!!!!!

  94. @Waldo Perpetual motion seems to be achieved in an atom, otherwise the electron would crash into the nucleus at some point. Electrons are particles with mass and dimension and it turns and turns even at almost absolute zero.

    As far as free energy goes. just green, cheap and scalable would be enough doesnt have to be free as in beer. I dont think we have to reinvent physics but I would be surprised if there was not more to discover. My bet is on Cold Fusion and the theoretic work of a guy called Frank Znidarsic. The Los Alamos guy actually works in the field but they never introduced him for what he does.

  95. I did not math on the big wheel when I first saw the program (in highschool), it does not work. In a system with no wind, that wheel would not spin. The amount of energy generated by the difference in balance on the two sides is exactly equal to the energy required to load that spring that pops in and out. All that guy created with an inefficient wind turbine.

  96. If you think you can't walk, why bother trying? Though countless false claims have been made in this field, it's certainly worth looking for new undiscovered grounds. But there is no hope for those who think they already know it all.

  97. LOL @ everyone below. This was interesting but far from great. The idea of free energy~ is a worldly persons dream and a nightmare for underground power x tree mists. It would have been nice to learn anything in the last hour or so. LOL. Well worth a watch if your bored.

  98. Most of these inventors are just salesmen selling an idea. They should really realize they will only be taken seriously if they can provide a working model and the measurements to prove their theory. Most any electronics tech knows how to measure power and most any mechanic knows how to measure torque. Conspiracy theories be damned.

  99. I was interested in watching this documentary, because i thought it might be a little interesting and maybe show some interesting theroies. But i just couldn't take it seriously. And i can only imagine this documentary was made by the same kind of enthusiasts as seen in the film. Kind of like watching a documentary about ufos, made by ufo lovers.

    The documentary is overall extremely biased towards endulging mentally ill people in their fantasies, while turning a blind eye to obvious logical flaws. Much like Intelligent Design and scientology.
    The people who claim to have made these machines all seem to also believe in aliens, mystical pyramid forces and other weird crap. If you're a serious person, this will not be a documentary for you.

    As we can clearly see in this film, most of the people interviewed, are not just eccentric, but are also completely retarded. I dont even mean just dumb or somewhat stupid, but completely retarded and mentally ill and unable to even hold a job.
    If you dissagree and think these people are not clinically mentally ill, i dare you to ask any normal looking psychologist or doctor, if he thinks these people do not suffer from mental illness. I For one am absolutely sure what the majority of phychologists would say.

    It is so incredibly obvious throughout the whole film, that all the so called inventors were all reluctant to have any kind of accurate measuremeants done on their machines to prove the output. Nor did any of the people show their machines well enough to the camera to rule out cheating outside power sources. You can even see how they keep them locked in waults for no one to discover how they cheat.

    That one moron with his device that would gather energy from thunder was the final blow for me. The person thinks so illigically and doesnt seem to realize that his whole vision and consept doesn't even qualify as perpetual motion. Even if the idea worked!. So i ask, why don't you just go do a documentaryabout windmills? It gets the energy from the exact same place as the winds and thunder, the fu*king sun!.
    The other guy with the big wheel didn't even count in wind and weather as a variable. You can also see hof fast that massive wheel accelerates when he starts the machine.

    Just the craftsmanship or handywork some of these people are able to to, is on the same level as some 8 year olds, and revealing enough about the rest of their skills.

    I don't know what to tell you people, whu believe this kind of crap. The same kind of crap as aliens, the snowmnan, lock ness and other fantasies. You're just lacking intelligense, general knowledge and critical thinking.

  100. Edit to add: I realize a ZPE device would not be a true over unity device since it would not be producing more total energy output than ZPE input. Rather it would only be over unity in the sense that it would have more energy output than conventional energy input.

  101. I wish the principle of tapping into ZPE would have been discussed but never was. If a perpetual motion over unity machine was powered by ZPE then no law of thermodynamics would be broken anymore than a perpetually moving windmill would break any laws of physics.

  102. I am tired of the subject of free energy. It's just nonsense. And I will not argue with someone who believes in free energy. People have the right to believe whatever he wants.

  103. Well it`s clear that the REAL objective of this documentary was reached! :)
    It says: It could also serve as a springboard for discussions about inventors and inventions and the history of scientific endeavors ..
    and that is exactly what it has achieved here. I clicked on to watch it but started to ready the comments and continued reading them ... and as a result decided not to watch the Doc. but thanks guys your comments are well reasoned.
    Of course, if the current Membrane theory is right then we`ve all been barking up thew wrong tree as we can merely upset our neighbouring parallel universe and nick some extra gravity from them ? lol

  104. perpetual motion would that be like the earth turning in its own magnetic field so the sun rises and sets for billons of years.would the helium 3 the sun uses to heat and lite the solar system with fusion be free energy.the only question i have is if the poles are moving every 100 thousand years will the earth turn a different direction if they move to the equator and will the equator become cold.

  105. wait, take a look at the base of finsrud's machine.
    Why is it so thick at the bottom?
    maybe an electric motor moving magnets that in turn move the pendulums?

  106. Free Energy = More Advertising

  107. The film shows a lot about human nature and how easy it is to believe that you are a genious and that the rest of the world is ignorant.

  108. Sounds like the guy with the popcicle sticks and dead bug wings had some triped out trip with some weird ass mushrooms

  109. Psuedoscientific bull****.
    'nuff said.

  110. Meanwhile, none of them seemed at all interested in designing or producing a more efficient engine, say 70%, and halving the energy wasted ..... (although overunity guy could go that way)
    Also, I wasn't impressed by the skeptic leaning on 'thus sayeth the Laws of physics' so much, as if it's mere dogma without justification.

    Besides, my invention of ether-channelling glyphs written in quantum-entangled alien ectoplasm renders all previous knowledge obsolete.

  111. I must thank the skeptical commenters. I almost hoped it would be a contemporary look at the problem of energy costs, and the potential SCIENCE involved.

    Alas, pseudoscience reigns supreme yet again.

    I will skip this one, and try and find something credible.

  112. they say it will be a race for the heliem 3 on the moon i dont like breaking threw the atmasphere with rockets who knows what this will do.i dont like total dependency on solar volcanos could make them unefficent like the 500 year mini iceage.i liked the element rods on u-tube.i liked the microwave coil giving cars plasma spark igniting water with a carberator.i dont like h.a.a.r.p. system or cell phones.i love fuel cells no polution and pure water as a by product.i like hydrogen cars ether fuel cell or propane carberators like a fork lift.

  113. The quest for overunity and free energy may not provide any real results, but it will pave the path towards simple and renewable energy that is so close to free it hurts.

  114. Loved the doc. some parts extremely funny. Free energy will happen some day, not a question of will it? but when?

    Anyway have to get me some bugs wings, and popsicle sticks. (LOL)

  115. @Vlatko this is great if we can find Voltas,Ben Franklins,Willmhursts,Seimens,Hippolite pxiis early electric experaments and of course Teslas and Herman Andesons,Dan Dingles,StanMyresPrints or videos on water powered cars and fuel cells as a group we could solve the problems in the world Thank You Vlatko.

  116. Free energy = Industrial hemp

  117. @V

    your totally right, I admire their enthusiasm as well, and the doc was very playful with the subject, it went briskly from the serene to the absurd I was laughing one moment, then had to pause for thought the next, for example harnessing electricity created from natural storms doesn't seem to outlandish a principle. If you consider the innovations of fractal mathematics when designing an antenna... Also the over unity motor, which uses a simple reed switch to harness the energy that is usually wasted in an electronic motor. That seems like a simple efficiency innovation, rather than an outlandish theory, but I'm certainly no electronics engineer so I wouldn't have the faintest idea of the veracity of the those claims.

    its a great doc however with some really interesting machines however absurd some of them appear. It is funny to consider how long the principal or rather dream of a perpetual motion machines has been with us, from a social perspective.

  118. Free energy is a myth... The next energy source will be solar generated microwaves from orbiting satellites....This will happen in the next 30 to 40 years and yes we will pay dearly for it.

  119. over unity systems have been developed but the powers that be like their fossil fuel revenue too much...

  120. I'm studying maths btw. But have a great interest in theoretical physics. I'll have to see where my way leads me, but I'm definitely trying to get into academia.

  121. @Waldo:

    Thanks for correcting (Noether's thm). English is not my first language and I must have gotten confused, since for example in algebra there are Noetherian rings, so I assumed Noetherian should be right in all cases. ;-)

    I have yet to learn some more maths (and A LOT more physics xD ) to be able to understand such marvelous topics as QFT, but I'm on my way!

    I actually only know Noether's thm from classical mechanics, but I found the idea simply wonderful that the laws of conservation actually follow from such simple principles as homogeneity of time and space, which are very intuitive to everyone. It's a shame not all people know about this stuff - considering what a beautiful insight into the workings of nature this is!

    It also seems that the "laws of nature" are presented in a wrong way in school: If everyone knew that they come from symmetries, it would be much easier to accept them.
    But normally they are just stated as laws which are derived from experiment - which is not untrue, but a bit unsatisfactory nonetheless.

    Well, it certainly is a shame people should waste their time pursuing such a thing as perpetual motion. (although I like the machine of the Norwegian guy - simply considered as an object of art). But - to be honest - many (if not all) of them seem a bit crackpottish.

  122. @ Sam

    Well stated friend, but you mean Noether's theorem, it states that any differentiable symmetry of the action of a physical system has a corresponding conservation law. The action of a physical system is the integral over time of a Lagrangian function, which may or may not be the integral over space as well. In this case it is both, no matter when or where you setup the device it perfomes the same. If a physical experiment has the same outcome regardless of place or time then its symmetric under continuous translations in space and time; and by Noether's theorem, these symmetries account for the conservation laws of linear momentum, angular momentum, and energy within this system. Thus excluding the possibility of a perpetual motion device.

    These are not all my words, but a mix of mine and stuff copied from wikipedia. They did a nice job of explaining the concept I thought. Do you happen to be a physics major or work in the feild? I am a physics major myself, and I am impressed to see someone have such a good grip on these concepts as yourself, good job.

    We covered this theorem first in qauntum field theory, which made it seem more complicated than it need be. It applies both to the world of quantum theory and relativity. Well, I should say THEY covered it in quantum field theory, I have yet to take that class. I ran across this theorem while studying Einstien, he praised it as a brilliant mathematical insight.

    In my mind perpetual motion is like alchemy, science mixed with fantasy. I will say that we have gotten some great advancements applying to the reduction of friction and other opposing forces out of it though. Still, what a waste of resources and what seems to be otherwise capable and imaginative minds.

  123. Most people don't realize that conservation of energy is intimately linked to the homogeneity of time, that is, if it does not matter at what point in time you conduct an experiment, then conservation of energy follows and by conservation of energy the impossibility of a perpetuum mobile of the first kind follows.

    Look up "Noetherian theorem", "homogeneity of time".

  124. haha :D what a waste of time this was lol..

  125. Perpetual motion is a fools errand, not possible. The law of conservation of energy forbids it. Nothing is being done with the wheel because the second you put a load on it, it will fail to keep turning. As a matter of fact I'll bet you anything you want to bet it doesn't take a work load, only time to stop that wheel. If he has done his work well a long time, but still time will win in the end.

    We are in too seriouse of a situation to start reinventing physics to please a pipe dream. We need real results that provide renewable energy, there is no such thing as free energy or free anything else for that matter. I enjoyed the documentary, but know better than to think energy can be created from nothing or that the forces such as friction and inertia can be negated completely.

    Physics 101, energy can never be created nor destroyed, this means due to friction and other forces the kenetic energy of any device will be lost to heat energy, sound energy, etc. and of course the work the device is actually supposed to do takes a huge chunk of the kenetic energy as well. This means if energy is not introduced into the closed system, to be a true perpetual motion device requires a closed system, all energy will eventually be used up and dissipated leaving none. This is a law of nature that we will never brake in my opinion. Even fusion, the most efficient means of making energy we know of, uses up its fuel eventually and stops.

    One thing they did get absolutly right is that you do not want to threaten the profits of the utility companies lightly. I had a close friend that I helped set up a huge generator that would power up to six to seven homes. He and I built a floating foundation for it and set in a fairly large creek that turned a water wheel which in turn turned the generator. Our objective was to supply power to my friends home and as many neighbors as he could, for free. We got it turned on and producing, but the power company (Alabama Power) that serviced that area came out and said we had to remove it or they would take legal action as we were threatening the wildlife in the creek. That is a bunch of bs, that very creek at that same spot had a water wheel that powered a grist mill, for grinding corn into corn meal, for decades, with no ill effects to the wildlife that was detectable. Besides, the power company in question produced power by damning the Warrior River and setting up huge steam plants that really did threaten wildlife and pollute the atmosphere by burning fuel coke (a coal derivative).

    So, we told them to stick it were the sun didn't shine, and they took action. We were visited by the police within the hour with warrants in hand, and told that if we did not remove the generator we would be arrested and fined. They will never let us be self sufficient. My friend has been battling them in court now for over ten years with no results in sight and a small fortune wasted. Watch Garbage Warrior on this very site for clarification. These people are not worried about safety or the environment, only profits and power.

  126. haha that Dr. Hessami was my lecturer for thermodynamics, he gave a half an hours worth on why perpetual motion is nonsense.

  127. The tough part is to get everyone to see past the quackery and crap that they use to debunk it to actually pull some coherant thought out of this stuff. Free energy via perpetual motion machines as they may or may not exist today (depends on who you talk to) may not be practical but its a start.

  128. why doesn't someone with more money than they know what to do with do something productive for society ?

    How much would it cost to build a bunch of these giant wheels .. chump change.

    Alas .. the wheel keeps turning and nothing is being done with it .. SAD

  129. Levitating-popsicle stick-platform that allowed a Russian man to travel in our Earthly atmospheric environment up to speeds of 1000 mph?! These guys don't really understand aerodynamics or G-forces or anti-gravity mechanics; dead insects will never fly or levitate anything. I enjoy their enthusiasm and creativity, but sadly, none of these guys will never ever create a free energy device. The artist guy, Reidar Finsaud was a cool cat though; reminded me of a Renaissance character living in our present space-time. Yet his device will not work neither beyond anything but a stationary platform and doesn't really produce high-yielding energy. Then again, without failures there are no successes!

    1. my Father has shared the simplicity of free energy

      it is all done with pulleys

      you put power into driving a large pulley only once

      and it is connected to many small pulleys with generators attached

      thes many output pulleys turn tens to hundreds of times

      this is how you gain free energy

      you are using pulleys to multiply
      your rotations

      and with electricity, rotations is electrical power

      effectively you are multiplying
      rotations = power

      it is truly that simple

      just try it

      it just has to work