The Magic of the Unconscious

The Magic of the Unconscious

2011, Science  -   46 Comments
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When you look at a person for a first time, whether you want or not, you've already passed judgment. In a split second you've already decided if you find that person trustworthy, competent, or likable.

Your brain is a state-of-the-art marvel, managing 90% of everything you do without letting you know regardless of whether you're awake or asleep. When you think you have an idea your brain has already had that idea. Something in your head navigates you through the everyday adventures of modern life, something that decides things for you before you can think about it, because your brain is always on automatic.

We're driven by our unconscious mind. So much of what we do is unconscious. Decisions we make are almost dictated to us. So the question is who is in charge here? Who is running the show? How much control do we really have?

All sorts of gaps in our perception and outright confabulations that our brains are making for us are in order for us to exist, because it's easier to do that than actually to try and make an accurate representation of the world. It's faster and easier for us to estimate what the world's going to look like because it usually works just fine.

However, some people are ought to fool us on purpose. People like Apollo Robbins, a magician and the gentlemen thief of the dessert town of Las Vegas. Apollo not only deceives our eyes but more importantly our brains. On a good day Apollo even steals the show from the city of illusions itself.

Apollo shot to fame in Caesars Palace Casino. Once he even snatched wallets and watches from secret service agents guarding the former president Jimmy Carter. Ever since then he also consults security experts. Magicians like Apollo Robbins take advantage of our automatic mode that otherwise, like an autopilot, navigates us smoothly through life.

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  1. Geo

    @1:10 "in a split second you've already decided whether you find her trustworthy, competent, likable" @1:18 "your brain is a state of the art marvel, managing 90% of everything you do without letting you know" @2:04 "something that decides things for you before you can think about it" Alan Snyder: "We are driven by our unconscious mind ... the decisions we make are almost dictated to us; I often wonder who's in charge here; how much control do we really have?"

    All the above statements are conditionally true ONLY for those adults who CHOSE to remain in their animalistic state. For thinking people, none of those statements are true at all. You have as much control as you decide you want. Interestingly the same is true for the people vs. government. If you are the type that says, "there is nothing I can do" then one has to wonder if you also abdicate your authority to your unconscious much of the time.

    @2:34 John Bargh (Yale, home of Skull and Bones) describes how they are finding that the unconscious is in far more control than they ever thought. That is only true due to the policies of the likes of Rockefeller gaming the education and media systems through professorships and ownership; purposefully causing as many as possible to be emotional reactionaries rather than thinkers using logic. The purpose of course is to make socialist-communist (Marxist) zombies who react as desired to emotional stimuli, much of it false.

    @2:55 Stephen Macknik "There are all sorts of gaps in our perception and outright confabulations that our brains are making for us, in order for us to exist, because its easier to do that than to actually try and make an accurate representation of the world. Its faster and easier for us to estimate what the world is going to look like because it usually works just fine." Basically describes how lazy minded most of us are and then ascribes that it usually works fine. Does it? Maybe for some minor things but how is it the world and people's personal lives have so many problems, "if it usually works just fine..."

    Just because people choose to suppress from themselves, the fact that they can see and observe and can choose NOT to go along with their impulsive or animal-ish desires, doesn't mean much of what we do is now "unconscious". It means that we have not yet seen the benefits of choosing the other path. Or we are weak and fail until we are tired of failing to choose correctly. Some make all sorts of justifications for giving in to the semi-human functioning animal. The long book store shelf of self help books or books on psychology are about becoming more aware of ourselves, more conscious. This is to mean that it is a choice whether we remain unconscious.

    Jumping to conclusions after your brain makes confabulations does what? It is a major, if not thee major factor in most of the problems people face on a personal, work, community, country, and world level. Because we are lazy minded and fail to do the level of homework necessary to see the actual picture.

    If you are seeing/dating another person and you like the way they are, do you care if YOU would good for them, be a good match for them, or only focused on what you desire, or what you think is important to you? If not, then you risk them finding out about the real selfish self centered person that you are, far too late; your risk of divorce is much higher. Because they too may be only focused on what they THINK is important to them. However, if they were truly "thinking" they would have a much different list.

    Do you as well as the other person even have a capacity for love. After extended periods of irritation and disappointment are you and are they the type to figure out a way to work things out ...or either of you the type to say, to hell with that, and find solace in something (booze, work, hobby, etc) or someone else? For instance, why is it that many times a divorced person will get back into shape in order to look for their next victim but not for the person they were married to? "They should love me anyway" ...but not the next one? "They don't deserve it" ...but the next one does, right up until they tick you off, or until you tire of staying in shape and find a way to get them to tick you off. And of course replace "staying in shape" with any other issue that can cause turmoil.

    The question remains, Where Is The Love? Did you or they ever have real capacity for it? Some don't. They are users of others, period. If someone no longer serves or suit their purposes, they discard them.

    Just because the Globalist cabal, which Yale University and many other so called educated types are a part of, wants you to believe that you have no choice but to follow your pre-wired brain, which isn't pre-wired at all but comprised of input, much of which the Globalist cabal has influenced over the past many decades, doesn't mean it is true.

    You can take control over yourself when ever you decide it is important enough to you to do so. If you need help to do that, you will find it.

  2. Tom Carberry

    The video I had access to had Greek script. When it started asking in English how I could still understand the script even though jumbled up, I realized some technical glitch had occurred mixing written and spoken languages.

    I'll come back in a few days and try again. It sounds very interesting.

    I do know the phenomenon of recognizing jumbled script. People have world championships with set rules in scrabble, a super hard game that people spend years developing. I love scrabble type puzzles and other puzzles, as do zillions of other people.

  3. Samo Soviett

    Happy to see lot of people love Documentary, WE ARE THE BEST

  4. Juls

    I was watching this documentary to learn and prctise my poor english...after the second part, i almost didn't remind it wasn't in my own language. It is very interesting and fascinating.

  5. cyberfrank

    most tricks did nt work on me, and I could nt judge as fast as mentioned, seems like I conditioned myself or something. still fascinating though.

  6. paramare

    with greek subs? Thats a pleasent surprise.

  7. jaberwokky

    A really interesting and informative doc, I like it.

    I had to pause the part near the start where it said "Why sohuld you wacth thsi flim atbou yuor barin?" and think about it way too long, I actually couldn't see anything wrong with it for ages :(

    Edit: Thought I'd update my comment in light of the last few hours. This doc sent me off on a hunt for more docs to update my knowledge of the human brain. That is all.

    1. NX2

      Lol, when you start thinking you don't keep your attention on the initial perception. Ages of fun :)
      If you haven't already, perhaps you could watch a very similar series on National Geography, it's called Brain Games. I believe it's up to three seasons now.

    2. jaberwokky

      That does indeed sound interesting. I've found a link that has the better part of 3 seasons so it's now on my 'to watch' list. Cheers :)

  8. Contemplate Now

    The mind does not have to stay unconscious. To do so or become conscious is a choice. Once the mind becomes conscious, we can remove the taught, socialized responses. Therefore freeing our minds and discovering/uncovering the inherent wisdom and peace within.

    1. Jacek Walker

      It is also called deconditioning or meditation, where the later in itself is a greatly misunderstood term.

    2. Paul

      I agree Contemplate Now. Meditation can enlighten the unconscious. Well said.

  9. Mark Mewton

    "When you look at a person for a first time, whether you want or not, you've already passed judgment. In a split second you've already decided if you find that person trustworthy, competent, or likeable." If I can take my own self as an example, this statement is incorrect, for the most part.

    1. Jacek Walker

      Well yes, it may work with people who pay too much attention to the outer appearance. Otherwise not really.

  10. Kansas Devil

    but what if you are not like anyone else? Will the world hate you? Will you be invisible? Can you commit a crime and get away with it?

  11. Horst Manure

    This is nothing to the wool the feds can pull over ours eyes.

    1. Pysmythe

      With the MSM as the pretty girl assistant.

  12. WTC7

    How did he get this guy's watch off his wrist so easily?! Admittedly, I had to rewind to be able to see the exact moment when his watch was off but I still am puzzled. It's not an easy thing to take a watch off someone's wrist without any pressure, without that person noticing it.... Still, the magician did it with a couple of jerks... Unless it was a magnetic buckle, I really can't get it... Although it was pretty obvious once one knew what to look for.

    1. Pysmythe

      Slick the way they do that, isn't it? Along with practice and trade secrets, like misdirection, etc., I think those dudes also just have, or eventually acquire, a greater allocation of brain cells for each individual finger than most folks... or something, lol. Their fine-motor skills are pretty impressive, probably from the get go. A long time ago, I saw the magician Doug Henning demonstrate some of the finger exercises he used to warm up for his act, and it really was rather awesome, frankly. Like watching a row of dominoes fall over and then stand back up again, over and over, very fluid and smooth.

    2. WTC7

      Hello dearest Pysmythe :). It is indeed impressive how some people acquire the ability to play with our minds and succeed even when we know they do it. Only once in my life, in Thailand, have I seen a tandem of magicians performing some (rather amazing) tricks and I was flabbergasted. Despite the fact that I knew these were tricks and made a conscious attempt not to be tricked, watching suspiciously every move they made and tried to observe as much as possible the stage as a whole instead of focusing on the object of their trickery, I still could only see the illusion i was intended to see :). I seriously highly respect the magicians' skill to fool our perception :) and it scares me somewhat because it implies that my eyesight is not a sense that I can rely on at all. Or was it my brain? Really scary...

    3. Pysmythe

      They take advantage of the way our brains have evolved, the rascals.:) Surely it isn't as fun if you know how it's done, but I still always look for it, anyway, by trying to look where I'm not supposed to. I rarely see anything remotely suspicious, and, even if I do, I'm still impressed. Obviously, we WANT to be fooled. Not to overreach here, but I think the delight of it is akin to when we were kids and didn't have any real sense of the way the world works. Everything must have been magic then, and these performers bring a little bit of that back to us for a while.

    4. WTC7

      Very nicely, and accurately, said :)

    5. oQ

      You just reappeared like by magic, nice to read you again.

    6. WTC7

      Thank you az :). It's really good to 'see' you and Pysmythe again!

    7. Achems_Razor

      Hi, WTC7 a pleasure to see you again!

    8. WTC7

      The pleasure is all mine dear Achems :)!

    9. Alvis

      Hi WTC7, its quite interesting, the magician needs to apply pressure to the watch before removing it, you can see him squeezing it for several seconds before taking it off. This leaves an impression on the mind and touch sense that it is sill there when its actually gone. And must also allow for the effort to get it off to.

    10. NX2

      The watch steal is a classic one, and quite an easy one actually (not on all type of watches though). With a little bit of exercise anyone can do this. Just check out some tutorials on youtube.

    11. Tom Carberry

      John Scarne, a famous card magician and master of card games, could do all sorts of magical things with his hands that beggared belief. But he never hid how he did it. Everything took thousands of hours of practice.

  13. Fabien L

    Very interesting, I need to start mimicking everybody I meet to see if that will make them like me more! :P

  14. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Time to test out my new cherry mx greens!

    {cracks knuckles}

    The Magic of the unconscious was pretty darn informing in a well defined exploration of the human unconscious.

    The ending was the bast part. It sorta inflected that even I could be happily in love, even just next week! Holy shit I gotta clean!

    But the guy was in bed alone at the ending which I don't understand...
    What happened? Was he fappin? Or was it all a dream of his subconscious?

    The truth is approaching.

  15. Pysmythe

    I liked the love story. :)

    1. oQ

      Reminds me of a few i have had that started with instant attraction. That's why internet flings rarely work, some exceptions as with everything else.

    2. Pysmythe

      For a moment, when they were on the escalators, it looked a bit like one or the other was going to blurt out "WTF are you looking at!?" I understood the point of the scene, I liked the scene, but... lol.

    3. oQ

      later when they meet near the stairway, makes you wonder how come she didn't trip and roll down the 3-4 steps.

    4. Pysmythe

      White knight opportunity! And then when he knocks his wine over like a doofus and it cuts to her laughing, and then doubtfully looking aside, I thought, "Oh, noes!" Lol... amazing how invested we get in love stories... Somewhere there really are little cherubs firing arrows at all of us.

    5. bringmeredwine

      I found it funny that he found a woman who was always using her cell phone so attractive.
      I was surprised she wasn't still looking at it during her date.

    6. oQ

      He'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't.

    7. Pysmythe

      oQ beat me to it, lol.

  16. User_001

    I had to google "Allan Syder university of Sydney" just to see if I was being played. It ended up I wasn't. He really does wear his hat like that! Sure would like to know the story of this!

  17. bringmeredwine

    This doc was really interesting, then poof! It ended so suddenly. I never saw THAT coming!

    1. Pysmythe

      You've still got your watch, though, right?

    2. bringmeredwine

      I'm proud to admit-I never wear one!
      I can't walk and chew gum, either. Lol

    3. Pysmythe

      I'd really like to see him steal Flavor Flav's watch... lol.

    4. bringmeredwine

      Or make him disappear?

    5. dmxi

      .....with brigitte nielsen!(+rocky>smirk<)!!