Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France
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Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France

2006, History  -   46 Comments
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Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of FranceMarie Antoinette, the young and beautiful Austrian princess who was strategically married into the most prestigious monarchy in Europe, was to become the symbol for the wanton extravagance of the 18th century aristocracy and was to be France's last queen.

This is the story of a callous monarch, swept to her death in the torrent of the French Revolution. It is also the tale of a fragile young woman struggling to find herself during one of the most turbulent moments in human history.

Filmed in France and Austria, with rare access to Versailles, Le Petit Trianon, and the Austro-Hungarian palaces of her youth, Marie Antoinette will tell the intensely human story of the often misunderstood monarch who was beheaded during the turbulence and horror of the French revolution.

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peruda hudson
2 years ago

much like the parasites in england, there you have the so called queen spouting off about poverty etc whilst wearing a multi million quid crown, and woe is me having to get rid of staff because of austerity, yet keeping her multi million quid horses etc.

9 years ago

Good documentary, but i find it a little too pro Marie Antoinette. Killing her and her family might seem horrible to us, but i bet being a starving peasant, watching your children die off, and reading about her building her own little fantasy village because she was bored is worse.
They keep talking about her being a lot smarter then she was given credit, yet they defend her spending by saying she didnt know about how her people suffered. A smart queen would at some moment during her life have inquired about the french populous, of that i have no doubt. So either she was stupid, or she really did not care about the starving people outside her walls. Either way, non excusable, and her being punished was not a tragedy. Her son being left do die in jail, on the other hand. Thats horrible. No child should ever go through that.

9 years ago

Had the world not gone thru a a small ice age at that time things would have been much differant. People didn't understand about things as we do today. Neither the King or she had the education to lead a nation. Louis XVI did good for the United States and had they not done so I think the out come of our begining would have turned out much differantly. I have most of the books and CD's with all the documentary's that have been

9 years ago

She was no hero. How about doing a documentary on one of the people who starved to death when she was feasting and gambling? This obsession with aristocracy, and there counterparts in the U.S., the Wall Street Billionaires, perpetuates their existence. We want to be them, until we become the second course at their dinner table. The violence perpetrated on the aristocracy was wrong, but what can you expect from starved, uneducated citizens?

10 years ago

A well-made documentary. Very interesting had me entranced. Perhaps we should blame the pamphleteers - the media of the time!

11 years ago

there ought to be docu's like this on all the main school history subjects.
and have them in the right order.era colour coded as a proper set,and compulsory viewing in schools..history is so dull in books.this is a better story than most so called fiction entertainment..and its all true.
I for one,have learned more history from this doc site than ever i did at school.

11 years ago

A very interesting doc, full of details I never knew before.
But part 5 never loaded for me, which was so disappointing!

Albie Farinas
11 years ago

She had a lovely run and in the end death waits for us all....

11 years ago

if they would have drove an old beat up bucket they would have made to Austria. Oh well hind sight is always 20/20

11 years ago

I can't help but feel sorry for Marie because she was going into a country by herself without anyone else from her homeland except for Count Mercy to help guide her after being born and raised in Austria. I also can't help but feel a little bit sad for the way she treated France before and during the French Revolution.

11 years ago

Ah the French!!!

Angela Velazquez
11 years ago

very nice documentary. worth watching. historically accurate. Definitely sympathetic to Marie Antionette.

11 years ago

heart-touching. a real masterpiece.

11 years ago

I feel bad for Marie Antoinette. She was a byproduct of her society. Also be fair, she was a woman and at that time women had the same status as a house or the chair one sat on. Yea... she was Queen of France and lived better than the poor, but don;t mistake that with having the power to control a nation. After all, the fact still remain... she was a woman during the late-1700s. She wasn't given the same power and authority as the men within her courts. She was just there to produce hairs for the King and for appearance of Frances' power. There wasn't much she can do for her people, even if she wanted to. The people of France at that time overlooked at that fact. They forgot that women at that time couldn't speak up and it didn't matter of their husbands' status they were still factories to make babies and couldn't possibly be responsible with what happened to the country...that was ALL on the MEN!!!! Men were the ones making and enforcing the laws of society and how it ought to be conducted at that time period. Therefore the people should had just punished the repugnant, over-privileged, aristocratic men, and left the women and children alone.

12 years ago

this doesnt take place too long after the Marquis de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom

12 years ago

That would never happen to a ferro...they knew how to retain power...unfortunately (for them) the stream of change is sometimes even too powerful for them to resist. It happens, its called novelty or newness. The event horizon is near...thats why people everywhere...

12 years ago

Oh and treason??? For what? Remaining true to the country she was born into? And having an affair? Woopty do. Prince Charles had affairs but he wasn't punished.

12 years ago

I don't think her death was justified! All because the poor wanted to be their own rulers? We have that here and its not all its cracked up to be. My neighbor is right maybe we do need a monarchy instead of a democracy.

mark gaboury
12 years ago

Horrific, touching, and tragic. What an interesting woman! And I like all the French clips of excellent speakers. It gives this doc the right tone. This is a masterpiece documentary.

12 years ago

If the Bastille could be stormed, why not then the Federal Reserve?

12 years ago

Great doc for sure.

12 years ago

(@far) Actually, Marie Antoinette washed daily, but almost everyone else in France washed more like once a week or less.

MA was actually looked upon as strange for bathing so often.

However recent studies have shown that the possible reason for the dramatic rise in allergies in the world are due to the human race being too clean and immune systems aren't building up resistance to allergens etc. (See recently added Horizon documentary: Allergy Planet)

So you can look at it from either viewpoint.

12 years ago

Very interesting doc.

12 years ago

The paintings show all that pomp, grandeur and romance but we know from hygiene habits of the time they must have smelled like pigs!

This documentary shows much of what happened in public but aristocrats at the time where worse then they are now.
I am sure those unflattering pamphlets had more truth to them then anyone would admit.

12 years ago

Thank you for obtaining the video! It was great!

12 years ago

true true

12 years ago

Eloquent little documentary. Try it on if you are interested in this time period.

Sieben Stern
12 years ago

the last three minutes of this video tries really hard to redeem the first hour and fifty seven minutes. as interesting as it was, i have little pity for the 'poor little rich girl' that this docu portrays. did she suffer? i can't say she didn't, but not in the way that her lifestyle and that of her caste created for the poor and the serfs with their opulence.

if the people are starving and so crushed by the upper echelon of their hierarchal society that they lose their own humanity to lust for blood (more than just dethroning the royalty and creating a republic) then there was suffering greater than we can understand.