Me, My Sex and I

Me, My Sex and I

2011, Sexuality  -   159 Comments
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Me, My Sex and IWhat is the truth about the sexes? It is a deeply-held assumption that every person is either male or female; but many people are now questioning whether this belief is correct.

This compelling and sensitive documentary unlocks the stories of people born neither entirely male nor female. Conditions like these have been known as intersex and shrouded in unnecessary shame and secrecy for decades.

It's estimated that DSDs (Disorders of Sexual Development) are, in fact, as common as twins or red hair - nearly one in 50 of us.

The programme features powerful insights from people living with these conditions, and the medical teams at the forefront of the field, including clinical psychologist Tiger Devore, whose own sex when born was ambiguous.

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7 years ago

What is sad is the so called 'white-man' (Esau/Edomite) is a disgrace to HUmanity of 'Two-Spirit' People. We NEED to STOP following the Edomites/rednecked/white-man and go with our OWN cultures. The reality is there is NO culture of Edomite/rednecked/white-man, they just rape and conquer then build museums. They want to tell every one who they are and how you fit into the edomite/rednecked/white-man world. WAKE up all you Hebrew/Israelites, who live right here in America. The yoke is off my neck and I AM awake!!!! Stop disgracing the spirit of people as individuals and learn to accept the differences in creation of the Most High!

kat westermann
9 years ago

I feel most of the real problems that were spoken of during this documentary were of attitude not of medical "complications". Why is this such a negative big deal? Why do people feel the need to harass others? If all that effort went into fighting injustice this world would have been in a permanent state of peace for decades.

vicki bartlett-burns
10 years ago

3/16/13. Can't seem to access this doc; anyone know how to remedy? I showed it, a few months ago, to a Sociology class I teach, and I was hoping to show it today...plan B had to be located, pretty quickly.

10 years ago

this movie was filled with tehcnical difficulties. All the words were backwards (how funny...)...and then half way through it, the visual goes dark and you just have the audio left. I sure wished I could have seen the second half of this is amazing, fascinating and it is very important that our kids are taught about this in school...1 out of every 200 births is an ambigious genitalia so it is NOT rare nor is it is natural and it happens and parents really need to educate themselves on this before allowing a doctor to cut away someone's identity and future.

10 years ago

? i no what it is. yaw it happens chick your DNA with your girl ore your boyfriend yes i no you love hem ore here.oooooooooo. like you.yes you Tricia Petersen.yes it will be a interesting journey(: how do you think M.J came about.but we love hem so yea love and lit live stop fussing and fitting enjoy life.

10 years ago

I feel miserable that this should be such a problem. That there is such unwarranted shame and fear. Why should people either feel terrible, or be made to feel terrible, by saying "my child was born intersex ... I guess our child will let us know as he or she grows!" My gut response to that is a shrug, and a comment like "I guess it will be an interesting journey!"

10 years ago

It is amazing how the whole US thinks of themselves as 'the whole world'. There are 258 other countries in the world, with very different cultures, belief systems, caring for children etc... The US is now morally and financially a 3rd world country. No education, no healthcare, no money... Just sad how they still think they rule the world. Then again, the whole country is based on superficiality.

10 years ago

I really thought the statement the lady made was memorable, "If you hear someone crying, you know it's not me."

11 years ago

What causes the person to be transgender, gay or normal....

normal person
male (XY)
x=50 y=50 (no gender disorientation or tendancy towards gayness)

normal person
female (xx)
x=50 x=50 (no gender disoritentation or tendancy towards lesbianism)

transgender person
male to female (XY)
but x=70 y=30 (gender disorientation and tendancy towards becoming female)

As you can see in the case of 1.1 the question of gender disorientation is impossible and no tendancy towards being gay. IMPOSSIBLE to be gay.

From figure 1.2 the question of wanting to change sex is at its greatest and the person is unable to cope and cannot function with the disoritentation. Tranvestism, crossdressing and effeminate are qualities displayed.

The evidence here suggests nothing of fantasy or anything perverted.

11 years ago

Wonderful documentary. Absolutely loved it. Leave it to the British to come up with something so genuine. :)

11 years ago

I'm a Trans woman. I have had corrective surgery, and live a normal life as a woman. I find it very odd, and somewhat disturbing that people who claim to have such disdain LBGT peoples and lifestyles choose to seek it out, and voice their inner self hatred concerning the subject. It's obvious to many that these people have an inner conflict themselves, and harbor "secret" desires. Yet to many, there is no secret. Foolishly, these haters believe that by spouting their hateful mantra, they'll convince themselves of their "straightness" and in turn, divert any suspicion from others of said desires. However, this is not so, these actions immediately identify them as one that secretly harbors homosexual desires, These people feel that for whatever reason they can not act on these desires. So they strike out in anger at those who are free to do so ,and those that support us. Study after study has found this to be true. I feel sorry for these people, for they'll never be truly happy. No matter how deeply they steep themselves in the kool aid from which they drink. To those in this thread that support me and my LBGT brothers and sisters, I applaud you. You're more Christ like than any Christian posting here. Oh, the irony :P

11 years ago

A true light of the world died, Christopher Hitchins. It is truly sad to see these god mongers here having such a righteous field day. The problems of the world spring from the righteous religious of all stripes.

11 years ago

I know of an actress that had an operation. She was born with a penis and vagina. My husband worked at the hospital that she had the surgery at.

11 years ago

I hate when I have to check m or f as well.

11 years ago

If there are more men than women it would make sense to have some gay guys, male sexuality is (I think) more urgent than females, Some creatures can change sex to meet the need, obviously humans cant do that but they can develop a liking for the same sex. That way there would be less fighting over the women that are available and an outlet for the sexual tension. Or I could be talking carp again, its perfectly possible. I am still thinking about spiders a bit.

11 years ago

ouch... I think that All PEOPLE should be accepted... I hate the fact that WE as human nature decide to segregate those who aren't exactly like us... ONE LOVE = ONE VIBRATION.... We all share it... the earth shares it with us..and the universe shares it with us... I LOVE YOU! yes... YOU! I LOVE the person that is reading this.... MWUAH!

His Forever
11 years ago

Gumdrop: No,I don't think homosexuals are more promiscuous due to persecution or descriminaiton of any kind. In San Francisco, it's quite vogue to be gay, etc. I think it's a psychological/spiritual malfunction that is allowed to supercede every other part of a person's life. When you abandon self-control, you have well . . . . no self control!

Gumdrop, I've had my share of psychological difficulties too. In brief, coming from a religious background, perhaps you remember the story of the woman bound by Satan (bent over and crippled for 18 years)? God gave me insight into that story once 8 years ago. I had been angry at God for years and years of psychological dysfuction. I angrily blamed God for taking so long in helping me. He spoke to my heart about this story. It was very clear, like speaking to another person---He said, "Charles, do you remember the story of the woman bound by satan 18 years?" I litterally held my breath, as I knew an answer was coming . . . "Yes!" The Lord spoke again and said, "When she was healed, did she bitterly complain that the healing had taken 18 years or did she dance for joy?" "Lord, I think she probably danced, right then and there!" Then very clearly the answer came, "Then dance, Charles, Dance!" I've been dancing to the best of my ability ever sense and never looked back.

Gumdrop, have you ever wondered why it says in Revelation "To those that overcome I will give . . . ."? at least 7 times in the first 3 chapters? It's because individuals such as yourself choose for one reason or another to turn back and never do overcome whatever causes them to loose faith. I encourage you to regain what you once lost. As long as their is breath in your lungs, it's not too late.

Mr Razor/Vlatko/Epic: I didn't mean for this thread to become so heated and off-topic. It's not fair to the doc. I'm still surprised when people react so strongly to what I feel are solid reasonable conservative thoughts and observations. When things conclude, maybe we would could transfer these comments to The Bible Tells me So or some thread such as that. Then it would be very much on-topic.

Peace to all,

Charles B.

11 years ago

Weird how often these discussions come back to religion. I admit I had a hand is steering this conversation awry, but I won't claim total credit.


Whoops! Sorry!

11 years ago

@ C_and_N. Does your god accept ignorance as an excuse? If a group of people, all of them kind, loving and giving, living a life isolated from all religious teaching were to engage in same sex love, would they be excluded from heaven? Would god be that petty or would he forgive them?

11 years ago

Charles : Thank you once again for obliging me with your reply and thank you doubly for leaving religion out of your answer, It makes it easier for me to understand your point of view, which I obviously do not share, but such is life :)

I must argue however that the harmful things you describe are as a result of unsafe sexual practices, not homosexual behavior, and anal sex is not confined to homosexual males, neither is oral sex, or promiscuity. With care each of these activities may be performed safely. I think that because typically, homosexuals are more or less reviled in many groups religious, social, or national etc. that their natural behavior is pushed into the underground, where safety concerns tend to take a back seat as it were, thereby leading to the higher incidences of passing infectious diseases and the like within the ostracized homosexual groups, as well as the higher levels of sex outside of caring relationships.

I think you are a well meaning person however if a little misguided (in my opinion only) and not in a serious way. You seem to find the idea of homosexuality distasteful and having been a heterosexual teenager myself I fully understand that feeling. What cured me of it was 2 of my friends leaving this life before they had lived it because they could not endure the torture they were subjected to by their peers every day at school for their sexual natures that they were born with. Believe me, at my school, no-one was ever encouraged to be that way, and there were scarcely more than a few words spoken about it in the limited sex education we received in GCSE biology. I can't help feeling if objective education about these subjects had been more forthcoming these 2 deaths might have been averted. Still, children are certainly cruel, and there is no way of knowing for sure.

Peace to you too kind sir,


His Forever
11 years ago


You said:

"I encourage you to answer 3, because you should not need to involve god in a question about who is hurt or damaged and how - these are observable effects on people and if you really perceive them then you should be able to articulate them to me."

3. "Who does homosexual behavior hurt or damage, and how ?"


I do have a gay friend who spent 10 years in prison. He recently told me that his intestines were falling out of his anus and that he had to have his anus carterized (burned) to stop them from falling out. On top of that, his lover had anal cancer and was HIV positive, both. That's just the physical damage from long-term homosexual activity. As well, I read an article that HPV causes throat cancers. When you engage in oral sex with multiple partners, you are extremely likely to contract HPV in your throat. In fact, perhaps that is what the anal cancer was from also. It seems to cause cancer wherever it's found for long periods of time, not just in women.

Bi-sexual men are one of the main cross-infecting agents of women for several sexual diseases such as hepititus and HIV. At least in the past (but demegraphics are changing now as more peole are infected via heterosexual contact). Also, homosexual men have statistically been more promiscuous by and large than heterosexual men of the same age and economic status with more risky behavior such as unprotected anal, oral, and then occasionally vaginal sex. Lifestyle choices are more reckless and "angry" at the world by and large.

On top of that, the emotional trauma associated with homosexuality can also be quite extensive. Suicide rates are higher among gay young people, and discrimination is also high (even from non-religious people).

Yes, #4 about why I would not approve of homosexuality personally is that is dispeases God, along with any sin. It's not the worst sin of all times like some people try to make it out to be. I hope that was helpful for you to understand me better.

Peace to you,

Charles B.

His Forever
11 years ago

Very interesting documentary, but I'm sure, like the comments below show, that the gay and lesbian community will use this medical condition to advance their own militant agenda.

11 years ago

This throws the lense on how hopelessly nuerotic the system and we within the system have become about genitalia. It is excrutiating to imagine the sense of stonewalling, the pain of 20 operations and the aftershocks, the whole parade of clinicians and crazy psychiatry the child is subjected to is utterly heartless. I'm skeptical regards the intense interest the scientific medical field takes in this phenomena. After all, if a high proportion of shemales are created through hormone interventions (covert and overt) they would be tracked to ensure that they could not reproduce; mission accomplished. Not saying that all by any means of shemales are created this way but I have no doubt that a growing proportion are.

So whilst shemales may push for legislative recognition and equality (I'm agreed if that's what they want) the PTB can and will use this legislation, bit by bit to introduce an ever widening circle of equals which are not even romotely human in the way we understand ourselves to be.

As our genetic blueprint is being manipulated via GMO and our biology distorted into a non reproducing hermaphrodite 'ideal', the elites have to start induction training for eventual acceptance of this messing with our genes by being made equal to everything else. No individuality will be tolerated.

Thank you for uploading this insightful sharing of experience and whilst I deeply empathise with the participants and admire their tremendous courage, I cannot allow my emotions to cloud the predictive programming inherent in all BBC/mainstream productions.

11 years ago

It's funny as I was thinking about whether the labels we are taught to identify ourselves by and with have passed their sell-by. Instead of humans, males and females; Shemales makes sense as all males come from she as well as all females and variants. On the other hand you have Heshes which doesn't have the same kind of ring.

11 years ago

You are either man or woman..... look at yourself or remember what you changed from. Yahuwah doesn't make mistakes.... but humans do...

Aaron Seyer
11 years ago

Many native american and asian tribal societies recognize 4 genders, men, women, men who act more like women, and women who act more like men. In these societies, it wasn't common for a man who identified with women and was attracted to men (what we would call a gay man or male to female transgender)to fulfill a woman's role in society and dress like a woman. These societies realized that the physical gender of a person didn't always reflect the way a person felt and acted. It wasn't something to be looked down upon, or considered perverted. Transgender people were often considered to be special, and were often shamans. If these societies could understand that some people might feel like their "soul" or "mind" was a different gender than their bodies, can't we? Shouldn't people born with male and female genitalia be allowed to decide for themselves whether they feel more male or female? I think so.

I think people need to just let each person decide what gender they identify with, whether they are born with mixed sexual organs, or transgender. Those who think that being gay, or trans, is a choice, who think that a person would willingly choose to subject themself to the discrimination and bigotry that trans people face in this society need to educate themselves. I think that being bi, gay, or trans is generally not a choice people make, they are born or brought up to be that way. I feel sympathy or anyone who is born mixed sex or their family, and I hope everyone in this documentary finds someone to love, who loves them back, regardless of how they were born.

Interesting documentary, though. I'm glad someone posted it. I feel for these poor people that had such hard lives. It is time to spread education and understanding so everybody can be accepted fr who they are as a human.

Anthony Williams
11 years ago

Aren't the sexes simply a mechanism that promotes diversity of genetic traits through competition? thought that was obvious, as with anything in nature if it works it, well works...