Medical Marijuana Corruption

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Medical Marijuana CorruptionWhether you agree with it or not there are over thirteen thousand people in Canada who have a medical marijuana license and they can legally smoke pot.

It's allowed under a federal program created over ten years ago. Health Canada doesn't charge for a medical marijuana license and the program is supposed to be easily accessible.

But 16x9 investigation has uncovered numerous cases that put its legitimacy into question, like doctors who demand hundreds of dollars for seeing patients and filling out forms and patients who then use that license to grow and sell marijuana on the black market.

This is an investigation into Health Canada's medical marijuana licence program that reveals some doctors and lawyers profiting from the program - and 16x9 exposes an underground market for the illegal drug.

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  1. fonbindelhofas

    the question is- why its illegal in the first place?

  2. John Jacquard

    it is a mind altering substance that is detrimental for personal development. you think the government would want it legal

  3. Carl Craven

    Just like alcohol? Even tobacco is mind altering.

  4. John Krisfalusci

    Marijuana is Illegal because it is considered a schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. This means it is addictive, dangerous, has no medical use and is a gateway to heroin. This stuff is poison, and probably worse than alcohol, cigarettes, meth, crack whatever you think of.

    I mean think about it, all the prisons in America are because of marijuana related crimes, and all the addiction clinics across America are topping the list for marijuana related problems.

    It causes crime, violence, and God knows how bad this will cause brain damage over the years, and causes cancer and smoking anything into your lungs is NOT considered 'medicine'.

    And all this mumbo jumbo about "Medical Marijuana" is just a poor excuse for pathetic drug addicts to satisfy their addiction. Seriously, do not vote for the 3 states this November Ballot . This stuff will be the downfall of our future children and we just don't need it. It has no purpose whatsoever on Earth.. TRUST me~

  5. Malchik

    Blaming global warming on marijuana has just as much footing as the spew of fabricated nonsense coming from your mouth.

    And no, I'm not directing this at you personally -- I get the joke, but I KNOW people who believe just this.

  6. Malchik

    Ever since the privatization of prisons, corporations have made huge amounts of money locking up stoners. That's the reason this stuff is still illegal. Big business is making great profits from your tax dollar and government subsidies.

  7. John Krisfalusci

    What are you talking about? This has NOTHING to do with Global warming and how is what I said nonsense?

    Seriously, go back to school and get educated. People like you just make me feel even more sorry for our future.

  8. SurvivorVeteran

    Epic sarcasm...

  9. Jake Brennan

    wow really, worse than meth?

  10. John Krisfalusci

    Listen to me, we learned at school that marijuana is dangerous, it causes brain damage, it causes cancer, increase in unwanted violence and crime and we just don't need it. Our Congressional Leaders/ Presidents tell us it's bad, and even the Bible says it's evil. Seriously, why would you people try to legalize this stuff when it causes nothing but misery? It just makes no sense and my teachers at my school are already sending letters of Petition to Congress to stop the Marijuana Laws from passing in November. Open your eyes America.

  11. John Krisfalusci


  12. pillgore666

    lol of course the bible that's a good source of evidence.

  13. Johnny yi

    "increase in unwanted violence and crime"

    lol really? have you even dealt with pot smokers?
    let me tell you they are a lot more laid back then drinkers

    You can't critique something you have not tried
    that's called being bias. Do you actually think the government tells you these stuff for your best interest ?

  14. Anthony

    Wow you have no idea what you are saying. TALK ABOUT ALCOHOL LIKE THAT. Alcohol is way more dangerous than pot you wierdo.

  15. Anthony

    first of all John Krisfalusci, you cant just go around spouting nonsense facts that you made up. You need to be able to back up your claims and you haven't. You are making things up that are not true. You are a straight mind-controlled individual. YOU WAKE THE **** UP!


    The Bible? lol
    Here is a good one for you. If God is the creator of everything, then didn't he(she) create Marijuana?

    If everyone took the Bible's word literally then I would love to see a world with Leviticus as the gospel of morality.

  17. Kateye70

    Don't just 'think about it' do some research and find out the real history of the 'war on drugs' and why certain drugs are illegal while equally harmful substances are not.

    Many plants have pharmaceutical properties; just because one has gotten bad press and placed on a list doesn't negate it's possibilities. The only real 'mumbo-jumbo' is what you seem to have been fed and swallowed, hook, line, sinker and fishing pole.

  18. Travis Unknown

    If it had no purpose on our planet, why the F*** does it grow wild than?

    Go take your prescription anti depressants you mindless drone....

  19. stevenbhow

    In the United States, tobacco use is responsible for about one in five deaths annually (i.e., about 443,000 deaths per year, and an estimated 49,000 of these smoking-related deaths are the result of secondhand smoke exposure).1

    Alcohol abuse kills some 75,000 Americans each year and shortens the lives of these people by an average of 30 years, a U.S. government study suggested.

    A recent analysis by the Los Angeles Times found that drug deaths now outnumber those killed in traffic accidents, and prescription drugs are largely to blame.

    Annual Drug Related Deaths in the US – Marijuana Ranks Last … With ZERO

    John, if your teachers are really telling you that marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol than they must be HIGH!!

  20. awful_truth

    @ John Krisfalusci: I would be impressed if you could show me in the bible where it says marijuana is evil. Furthermore, if you are a true Christian, and you want America to open it eyes, ask yourself the follwing question. Was Jesus Christ a gun toting capitalist? (give me a break) Personally, I think Americans need more dope, and less guns. Perhaps than you will quit listening tto the propaganda, and start thinking for yourselves!

  21. fonbindelhofas

    no John, i will not "trust" you, you sing old boring song everyone knows is 100% not true

  22. fonbindelhofas

    its all a LIE. period.

  23. tomregit

    I'm going to assume that you're being humorous a la Andy Kaufman; you know, just taking the piss, making outrageous comments just to wind people up.
    I love your statement "increase in UNWANTED violence and crime". As opposed to WANTED violence and crime?? Pretty damn funny. I'll bet you just finished burning one before you commented. I'd like it if one day, we could share some of mother nature's bud and have a laugh. Seriously, you crack me up man!

  24. WiseGapist

    John, when you get older you will understand why your teachers and possibly even your parents present marijuana to you in the way that they do. But, if you want to take on a more mature perspective I'll present it this way...
    Your teachers are totally correct to steer you away from marijuana while you are still at school, a number of studies have shown that weed effects the younger, still developing brain more substantially than the brains of adults... I smoked during my mid-teens and regret starting at the age that I did...

    Eat healthily, exercise, read, don't start smoking tobacco or weed, or drink too much and continue/finish your education...

    Then as an adult, do (almost)all of the above, but also go get yourself some easy-ass Canadian medi-weed and get high after work. (:

    P.s. Good luck with the first part.^ - Alcohol, weed and indulgent food are all excellent in moderation, just make sure you go for quality over quantity with any of them ;)... and stay off the tobacco, that is connected to cancer, not weed.

  25. dewflirt

    I'd rather be in the company of tokers than drinkers and I don't believe blow is a gateway drug. I do think it might be true that people willing to try something are more likely to want to try all sorts because that's the sort of people they are anyway :)

  26. Rodney Holmes

    It's not. Never has been. A very clever tax stamp scheme made anyone applying for a said license present the marijuana, which you can't legally possess without the stamp. Making dealers rich since 1937.

  27. Rodney Holmes

    Substitute the word Bible for Marijuana. Far more accurate.

  28. Rodney Holmes

    I am never surprised by the depths the nannies will go with their lies. The Psuedoamphetamine they give half the kids in America IS meth. In states with strong patient rights, like Colorado, edible products are affordable and available. Vaporizers have been around for years. There is no need to smoke anything, even cigarettes. I have yet to see a bar not full of drunks on the jones for a fag.

  29. Rodney Holmes

    They legalized MTV.

  30. Nathan Daniel

    LOL, you are either a troll, terribly stupid and intellectually dull, or a grossly mis/uninformed propaganda guzzling sheep. Possibly all of the above. Get a clue, please.

  31. KsDevil

    Clueless politicians. Arrogant doctors. Opportunistic lawyers (well most are any way). Free market entrepreneurs. Black marketers. Self medicating citizens. All perpetuating a broken system. It suggests intent.
    But the US can't chastizes Canada for this sine the US is just as opportunistic of loopholes as any other country.

  32. John Krisfalusci

    What is there to troll about? Think about it, why do you think Marijuana has been illegal for almost a century? Has it ever occurred to you that if this stuff had any legitimacy that it would've been approved and passed by our leaders decades ago? Even as of 2012, there is no scientific merit to Marijuana and we live in a technological society. Again, prisons and addiction clinics are #1 in guess what? Marijuana so sorry to bust your chops. I mean statistics never lie and I'm just pointing out to the truth. To anyone that says Marijuana is considered "medicine" is simply delusional. I won't even go there...

  33. John Krisfalusci

    @WiseGapist I NEVER do any drugs whatsoever. I don't smoke cigarettes, I don't drink any alcohol, I don't take any pills, NOT even Tylenol, barely any sugar and barely and meat and you know what ? I am healthy and smart as ever because I don't kill brain cells. I am just giving out important advice to those who don't know any better and this is a great way because people are so ignorant these days in America. It could possibly be from drug use and our School is campaigning for a drug free Society. If you are telling you get 'high' after work , I am truly sorry for you. That shows major incompetence in responsibility and if I were your son, I would be disappointed beyond belief.

  34. John Krisfalusci

    @awful_truth Trust me it's there. And even our whole panel of Pastors tell us it's evil. Seriously, ask ANY religion Christian or not, you expect me to believe Marijuana isn't evil? And what is this gun toting capitalist have to do with this? Don't even try to put nonsense into this argument because you simply won't win.

    Yes, guns should be illegal too. Things like the Colorado shootings and the Sikh massacre etc etc would NEVER happen but I won't even go there.

    And you say "Americans need more dope" Please, don't make me laugh because you are literally hallucinating. I will stop there because reading the rest of your garbage just wastes my time and shows how low your intelligence is. Good day~

  35. WiseGapist

    Feel sorry for me do you John? I'm sure there are more people on this site who feel sorry for you ;)
    I don't have any children yet (thankfully) but I often give consideration to the way that I would raise them...
    Will I feed them blatant lies about the nature of drug users and the effect of drugs in order that it might deter them from experimenting at too young an age... In a way, it might do the child a favour, he might get a scholars education, be a professional success and die rich all because he didn't touch marijuana and loathed people who did...

    But here's the clincher John, the human journey isn't about closed minded strict living, devoid of sensation and extraordinary experience... Nor is it about guzzling tons of junk food and getting so f--ked on drugs you are worthless to society... There is a balance, and it is a balance that some achieve and some don't. If I saw my son displaying your ignorance I should be quick to correct his view before he made himself appear a fool in public ;) - Our massively flawed and unequal social structure drives people to crime and hard drugs, not happy, intelligent people smoking some herb.
    Also, have you ever been with somebody when they've smoked weed? Or been around in many bars with drunks?

    ...I smell the conditioned and sheep-like brain of a Christian... Did I just see you use your local pastor as a source of truth?! loool :')

  36. IndustryOfBlame

    John's comments remind me of just a few years ago when I was in highschool, and a police officer came by to preach about the universal, unquestionable dangers of substance abuse. I had never previously had any information about drugs blatantly delivered to my face like that, and with the force of authority behind it, the message instantly lodged itself in my adolescant brain as truth.

    For a few years following, it did untold damage to my social life. Because if everyone does it, you're the oddball who won't face fact. But I eventually learned, though it took alot of careful searching through relevant facts and ultimately some knowledge about the basics of pharmacology before I was able to just accept and enjoy like everyone else around me.

    I guess it all depends on your upbringing and social surroundings, what choices you make concerning drugs and what information you choose to take to heart. If I had lived in an oppressive community, not just from the government but the very people around me, I would not be able to sit here today admitting that for a very long time, I was wrong.

  37. lakhotason

    Show me your evidence that weed "kill(s) brain cells". Or are you just saying that. Well I'm calling you on it.

  38. desertsailor

    Dear John,
    Yes its a "dear john letter" Your ignorance is the perfect example of brainwashing. Check out the youtube video 50 Quotes of Important people about Marijuana. Abraham Lincoln was an advid user of cannibis along with many other people that would surely shock you. You and everyone else who looks to Humans and not their own conscience is still being lied willingly.. Remember how you felt when you realized Santa wasnt real, well Stop relying on others to show the so called truth. Read the Sermon on the Mount It will remind you of why you are a Christian and not a Pharisee. you know abou them dont you. Our Creator put all we needed on this Planet MAN controling MAN changes the rules.

  39. CHumphrey

    I've been reading your comments and at this point I just have to respond. You seem very, very concerned about this matter and you may have good reason. However, you do not back up any of your assertions with any data. As one of the other comments noted, the Bible is not a source of evidence for anything. Saying that marijuana is a gateway drug is a tired old argument that commits the fallacy that correlation means causation. You might as well say that milk is a gateway substance since everyone who smokes marijuana also drank milk, Perhaps you yourself should go back to school and take a course in logic or statistics.

  40. desertsailor

    Marijuana was made a shedule ! drug becuase of a smear campaign by Hearst , JP Morgan and the timber industry!!!! its people like you that are destroying this planet. And all you need is a Mail order Pastors Degree to convince people that are ignorant to mouth off untruths.. Read Sermon on the Mount, you need it. If you dont like marijuana dont use Simple leave the rest of the world alone

  41. desertsailor

    really you believe the Gov? God forbid anyone in your family is sick and marijuana is the only way for their suffering to be helped Could you look them in the eyes and say Im sorry I helped keep this medicine from helping you . Forgive me!!! You need a serious bitchslap from the universe!

  42. CHumphrey

    I have been reading your comments and now have to reply. You seem very concerned about this matter and you may have good reason. However, you do not back up any of your assertions with any data. And as someone else commented, the Bible is not evidence for anything. You also commit the logical fallacy of confusing correlation with causation. If marijuana is a gateway substance than so is milk. Anyone who smokes marijuana probably started on milk. What about all of us who have smoked pot who have never gone on to heroin or any other drug? It seems to me that you should follow your own advice and go back to school to take a course in statistics or logic. And consider the very real possibility that your teachers were just wrong or misinformed.

  43. John Krisfalusci

    @desertsailor What are you trying to say? Am I not supposed to believe in the Government? And with a nickname containing 'sailor' which implies the fact you might be or did serve in the Military, not trust the Government who back the very same Military you are affiliated with ? Desertsailor you're delusional, you wouldn't even know what's right or what's wrong. On top of that, someone of that status should not even consider arguing aoubt drugs and Marijuana, that is completely off grounds to you and for SHAME.

    Please go get help, I'm done with you.

  44. John Krisfalusci

    @CHumphrey Why is everyone considering Marijuana users and milk drinkers? Who cares? The point is Marijuana causes cancer, causes premature death, it's addictive, causes crimes and violence, countless gangs and cartels.. I mean I can go on and on but ENOUGH. I haven't heard anyone suffering these kind of conditions with milk. I'm tired of arguing. I'm trying to let these lesser informed people know the dangers so we wont be so mis-informed like we do so much from the media.

    And seriously, all the pot smokers who have NOT gone on to heroin or any other drug STILL needs help. I am most positive there is a direct correlation between brain damage with Marijuana usage.

    They and I am sure people out there, including yourself and @WiseGapist say that occasional use is fine, but that simply means addiction in layman's terms. It is sad because people who say they use it for "recreation" use, cannot admit the fact that they cannot stop using it and you are literally opening your weak selves to more violence and Meth and crack and who knows? Enough..

  45. CHumphrey

    Just give it up, John. You cannot win this argument.

  46. IndustryOfBlame

    I think we can really do without your point of view when it comes to who goes to hell and who doesn't. There's not much assessment to be done about a statement like that, rather it invokes the sense that you're not even taking your own religion seriously, at least not on an intellectual basis.

  47. CHumphrey

    You missed the point, John. Right now I'm not surprised. Again, take a course in statistics or logic. They will help you understand what I meant. And would you please provide just a little credible evidence to support the assertions you are making over and over again? Please? Repeating them does not make them credible. Seriously, dude, you've got to provide some real evidence.

  48. CHumphrey

    OK, John, I will say it again. Correlation does not mean causation!!!! It is a logical fallacy, Can you just please, please, please give us some direct evidence that smoking marijuana causes brain damage?? I beg of you.

  49. CHumphrey

    Consider this, John. There is a very high correlation between the number of churches and bars in any town or city. What can you conclude from that?

  50. docoman

    John, you sound like you are high on life. :) It's quite amusing reading your dribble on a subject you actually admit you have no experience with. Yes, your point of view and comments have been assessed, and in my mind found to be sadly lacking in knowledge, logic and reality. Highlighted by your reply to the request asking 'where does the bible say MJ is evil'.. 'trust me, it's there' being your inadequate reply. You are the one that should feel shame.
    As someone who has been a non-user, a recreational addict, a medical user, and back to a non-user, I find your expressed opinions rather silly and childlike to be honest. And you can shove your hell implications where the Son doesn't shine ;)

  51. John Krisfalusci

    @docoman I am just stating the truth and insulting someone with childish remarks will not win you arguments. Nor spelling points for that matter "Sun" shines "Son" is not correct.

    I'm sorry but the Truth hurts and sometimes it just needs to get out there by confident people willing to help others. I am one of those people. Thank you.

  52. docoman

    The truth? OK, so, in light that you have to earn your trust not just ask for it, where exactly does the bible say MJ is evil? I find your telling someone they're definitely going to hell quite offensive, hence the reply. Edit.. Doesn't it say in your bible that it's Gods job to judge, not yours?

    Where is your evidence backing up MJ causes cancer... MJ is a gateway drug.. MJ causes brain damage ect. ect.
    Confidence doesn't mean correct. As you yourself stated, you have no experience, so where/how do you arrive at your conclusions?

  53. John Krisfalusci

    @zatarra How about just admitting the fact that brown , white, black, yellow or whatever has no prejudice with drugs and that Prisons in America are because of Marijuana related offenses, and all the addiction clinics in America are because of Marijuana abuse regardless of race?

    Stop trying to make this a racial issue and just say that Marijuana is the reason for violence, senseless crimes, and all the unwanted gangs in America and is probably the number 1 problem in Society today?

    If you think 2 out of 3 people under 35 are for pot, then 2 out of 3 people are drug addicts with brain damage. Our school is sending Petitions of letters to Congress to make sure the 3 States in America will not pass the Legalization mumbo jumbo this November 6th. And you watch, I also wrote letters as well and we are the younger generation for a drug free America and we are making for a better tomorrow in all of us. Just TRUST me~

  54. docoman

    LOL. After reading your last post, don't bother replying to me. Trust me... the most common words spoken by liars. Good luck to you John, believe as you wish without the life experience to know any better.
    Edit.. btw.. Son was on purpose. ;)

  55. CHumphrey

    I am serious, John. The evidence please? You will simply not persuade anyone without it. Why in God's name do you persist in saying the same things over and over without providing a shred of evidence? My informed and very well educated guess is that there is none for you to provide.

  56. Jesse Heineman

    john everything you have said is incorrect. i feel sorry for you

  57. SieglindeP

    For anyone who is curious, click on John's name. It will take you to a Facebook page that gives you an idea of how old he is - somewhere between 13 and 16. He is also a Texas Hold 'em player, and dabbles in other forms of gambling online. John is in denial of how gambling destroys lives, marriages, finances, and is a "gateway" habit that can lead to chronic addiction to the game and money loss. John needs to know that many people in prison are there due to their addiction - not of marijuana, but of gambling, and they got caught stealing from others to support their addiction to, and inability to quit, gambling. John also needs to know that gambling, in all of it's forms, are linked to mob violence, animal abuse (horses, greyhounds, cock fighting, dog fighting, etc.) John should know that gambling causes people to seek out more and more pleasure in winning, and often causes serious crime through robbery and illegal activities to support the habit. Our prisons are stuffed with gamblers. John, life is not as you see it right now in your very young years. But, you are too sure of yourself to know that you are way off track. You are a child. You see through child's eyes, and you do not have the experience to get perspective. But if you want to know the facts, read up on marijuana, don't take someone's thoughts as your own. That is not knowledge, that is slavery. Best luck to you.

  58. Papilo_Ulysses_Ulysses

    @John Krisfalusci

    Marijuana worse than Meth ... What on earth are you on dude! lol..... Actually if you did your research before you tell people to listen to you, then you would at the very least know the true facts about meth and pot! And when you quote from the bible make sure you have the facts there too, cuz I never saw that bit, from what I can remember god gave us all seed bearing plants to use, but dont quote me on that cuz as far as Im concerned the bible FOR ME is not true and correct either.

    Everyone has a vice in life dude, be it sugar,drugs or excercise and certainly nothing in life is a hard and fast rule... If you had any experience at all, you would know how these different drugs affect people differently. Im a person who cant drink, but just because I cant drink doesnt mean to say I cant have something else to relax cuz sometimes yoga or meditation doesnt quite cut it for me! I choose not to take meth or heroin I choose not to pop pills, I'm addicted to donuts but they're bad for you too so I choose to not eat donuts all the time.

    Pot can affect people mentally indeed but it certainly doesnt cause "brain damage" unlike meth does and thats documented fact, it truly depends on the user. There are alsorts of things in our world that are linked to cancer, doesnt mean to say that cancer is what you get for indulging "moderately". Its like my friends Grandma, she smoked a pack of ciggys everyday for years... know what she died of? OLD AGE she was 103! Another friends Grandma never smoked a day in her life, never indulged in any "evil" drugs, she was a religious nut to the core and she died early from lung cancer. Things affect people differently!

    So it doesnt matter how much you profess to know about the "evils" of pot and/or "drugs"... if you dont make sense and if you are going to make the statements "listen to me" and "trust me" and you havent even been to my hell and back, then there is no way on this earth I would listen to some one like you, yea no worries get it out there dude, but most sane people can see that your facts are incorrect and not worth listening to.

    The old saying goes "never trust someone who says trust me" and I always had a problem with people on power trips or crusaders, who are you to tell me whats good for me and whats not. If you have a need to crusade and warn people on the "evils" of life then you really need to look in your own back yard. You dont have to worry about my back yard mate, its taken care of so rest easy Son shine!!!

  59. docoman

    I realised that after reading his last post about his school sending letters... debating something with a child that is regurgitating uninformed opinions taught to them is a waste of time. If he's lucky, he'll avoid some of life's 'bytach slaps' and be able to keep his current views.
    I do find your gambling revelations kind of amusing.
    Naughty boy John... if you're gambling real money you must have lied in your applications to the gambling sites. Not only illegal, but how does that sit with your bible preachings? I guess by your standards you'll get so see what hell's like too then. A tid bit from your bible John, John 8:7 Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    But in typical religee style the rules are applied selectively it seems.

    "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy" monty python. :)

  60. Achems_Razor

    More 13 year olds, face palm.

    A suggestion, stick to your classes, do your homework, read your bibles if that is what you have to do, and leave this grown up stuff to the grownups, you will be much better off, (trust me)!

  61. Pysmythe

    Some months ago, one of the regulars here ( @Samuel Morrissey ) had quite a long debate with John about this subject and just absolutely destroyed him, calling him out on many of the same things you are, which he didn't answer any better then than now. And it was a thing of beauty, too, watching Sam take his "arguments" and "evidence" apart so thoroughly.

    You know, I really think this is a nut that can't be cracked.

    P.S. I just took a few minutes to look up the doc where they had their fascinating "debate," just in case you might be interested. It was Drugs, Inc.-Heroin... on this site, of course.

  62. John Krisfalusci

    @Achems_Razor Age has nothing to do with this argument. And please don't be offended by someone that is younger than you yet smarter and more educated; with the useful knowledge and Intelligence that you failed to obtain and achieve during your educational years, if you had any.

    And I can tell behind that half-complete comment you somehow uploaded that you are trying to ridicule me in a subtle way using my own unique word usage.

    Nice try but going back to my point, yes I will stick to classes, and I will do my homework and you know what I don't even know why I'm bothering to respond to this comment but thank you for nothing LOL.

  63. CHumphrey

    Thanks, Pysmythe. I'll check it out.

  64. John Krisfalusci

    @docoman , I don't gamble I don't know where all this weird accusations are coming from. If anything, I only play facebook games and one of the games is Texas Hold 'Em with play money. Again, PLAY money, not real money heck, I am not even old enough to be gambling real money nor will I EVER intend to. And please don't get me started on that because gambling is Illegal and of course I am well aware of this ,and yes to @SieglindeP Gambling is evil as well.

    Besides, why is everyone always trying to switch the subject when this is about Marijuana and how dangerous it is for us? Seriously, people are throwing in Racism, Gambling, Age, Milk, this is just mind boggling really.

    I know I am smarter than most here because I don't even go to a public school and I already know my position with this, and I am pretty offended by how people try to throw ridiculous left-field topics that has nothing to do with my point to justify any reasoning whatsoever when the topic themselves are sensitive...

  65. Pysmythe

    high on bull$hit mountain

    Lololol! Have you been watching a little Jon Stewart lately, by any chance? :)

  66. CHumphrey

    Smarter and more educated? I have a PhD, John. Let me know when you catch up. Then we can talk.

  67. Achems_Razor

    Ha,Ha, funny post there kid, wont berate you because you still have so much to learn, but kudo's for standing up to the grown ups, and good luck.

  68. CHumphrey

    Still waiting for any credible evidence, John. If you don't have any, show me the courtesy of telling me that you don't. Then I can finally dismiss your opinions as just that - opinions.

  69. docoman

    Well, you've been asked to supply any evidence for any of your assertions, which you refuse to do. Claiming you are more intelligent because you attend a private school is one more false assertion.
    No, you are not more educated then Razor, by a long way. No, your word usage is not unique. And no, most of your assertions about MJ are just plain wrong. You are speaking about something you have absolutely no experience, or knowledge in.
    Silly child.

  70. Pysmythe

    Omg, he's that young?! Now I feel kind of crappy... and am pretty impressed with his chutzpah, lol.

  71. WiseGapist

    Don't feel crappy, people who talk ignorant sh*t need to be informed of the fact, regardless of their age. I used to talk in a similar way to this kid when I was younger... It took my older brother and other adults who were better informed than myself, constructively arguing against my dumb opinions to make me stfu and think about the methods I was using to build the world view I'd been so certain of.

  72. Pysmythe

    Oh, don't worry, I've raised two sons to young adulthood already (with a third -unfortunately!- on the cusp of his teenage years), so I don't feel that crappy, lol. And I can even just remember what I was like at that age, too... Besides, this kid does seem pretty capable of handling himself, even if he is obviously flat-out wrong with a lot of his information. What freaks me out more than anything is wondering where he might be getting some of these "facts," and whether or not he'll be able to broaden his views later on to accommodate a more reasonable position on any kind of substance use whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever. He seems awfully fanatical about this subject, and ANY kind of fanaticism always worries and annoys the hell out of me.

  73. Jerry Garcia

    You seem so intelligent, or so you think buddy... why did Time magazine release an article about hemp being the most useful plant with over 12,000 uses in the early 1900's? Why are there many M.D.'s that adhere to the fact that it is one of the most useful medications with the least amount of side effects? Why is industrial hemp which is not psychoactive illegal? Why do you think a black market exists? Why would you deny people a medicine that helps them? And finally, why was a research paper just released that shows MMJ actually inhibits the spread of breast cancer?

    Hmmm I guess you are on the leading front of medicine and science.
    The reason why scientist cannot study the effects of MMJ is because the DEA blocks their requests. Your pastors demonize MMJ because it may allow you to break your conditioning and see they are full of s*it.
    Uh oh, I am telling you that organized religion is a means to control people... Can you handle the truth that you are living a life of lies... Probably not.

  74. John Jacquard

    those are legal too

  75. John Jacquard

    so does the poppie plant. :D

  76. John Jacquard

    its true.

  77. John Jacquard

    i can allow you to prove it to me instead! here we go . go take an online IQ test for free snapshot your screen with the score post it, now go smoke a bunch weed repeat process.

  78. oQ

    Sounds like it's much easier to get a licence in BC than in Ontario, doctors every where are willing to sign papers in BC because doctors everywhere smoke.
    What i have been noticing though, is that most (past) prescriptions or licence to grow allowed for an average of 20 plants, now some doctors (and yes some of these "special" doctors charge a fee to beat the system) have found a way to prescribe up to 100 plants or more per grow cycle claiming that it is to be transformed into oil instead of smoking the buds. Many growers who were illegal growers are now applying because at a 100 plants per patient it is now more viable to become legal and continue with a similar production to what they were already doing.
    It may be called medical marijuana but pot is mainly sold for recreational use... and of course for medical reasons too.
    Looks to me, this is the way the government is slowly legalizing a substance they can no longer emprison people for.

    Most comments are replies to John Krisfalusci. I say let him believe what he what, he's been convinced by an old system, time will tell if he changes his mind even if he swears he never will toke. How many did that very same thing with alcool production, now as legal as milk.

  79. CHumphrey

    John, there is so much wrong with that I do not know where to begin nor do I have time to educate you on intelligence testing and research methodology. Again, it squarely upon your shoulders to provide the proof of your assertions which you simply have not and cannot do. BTW, do you know anything about burden of proof?

  80. CHumphrey

    Seems to me that this is as good a time as any to teach him how to think for himself instead of regurgitating the opinions of those who are as uninformed as he is. He strikes me as quite intelligent yet quite ignorant, at least in this matter. That can be overcome with a little thinking and a much broader reading of the literature. Of course, that's work. It's much easier to post inane assertions in a forum like this.

  81. oQ

    Ok...but then i would like to read a few comments concerning what the doc portrays.
    As for me, i am well informed but i am interested to know how accurate this sounds to others depending where they live.
    Zatarra is the only one who mentionned the aspect of the subject discussed here.

  82. lakhotason

    That's your evidence that weed kills brain cells? That's all you got? That ain't evidence. It's bullsh*t.

  83. lakhotason

    Doesn't sound too accurate to me. This is about the sloppiest reporting I've ever seen come out of Canada. For some reason I failed to see exactly what the point is they are trying to make. Is it the system they are exposing? The Doctors? The law? The growers? What?

  84. fonbindelhofas

    go and make a painting or graffiti or other art, now go smoke a bunch weed repeat process. much beter;)

  85. oQ

    It seems to me they are exposing the doctors that are charging a lump sum of money to sign a prescription, something that should be free (in Canada). They claim to charge to fill forms, have you seen the forms? Even a stoner can get through them easily (lol). Those doctors are benefiting from the fact that still most doctors (in the east) won't sign a prescription even though the law allows them to do so.
    The doc is not about the pros or cons of pot itself.
    In fact you are right this is not a doc, it's a report. A doc would have gone way deeper.

  86. Imightberiding

    Is it just me or did everyone except the cranky woman doing the interviews seem to be high?

    Far from a hard-hitting, investigative doc this is really nothing more than an observation of the state of Canada's Health Care system. As @oQ mentioned in her previous comment, this is a "report". I am certain many of the viewers outside our borders are scratching their heads at what this was all about.

    If you are not a Canadian it is difficult to explain. In our fine country we are not necessarily supposed to have to pay above & beyond our Health Ins premiums or above a certain amount for prescriptions after hitting a deductible & certainly we are not expected to pay an extra fee for services from our physicians. It is true that doctors can & due charge to fill out forms but the meat & potatoes of this "report" or observation is just the simple fact that if something is part of Health Canada then it should be easily acquired by any patient in need with no extra costs involved. Although we should not have to pay extra for fast attentive services, you can wait for months to get a CT-scan or an MRI. That is unless you are willing to pay for it yourself at a private clinic. One's financial standing should not determine one's medical treatment in this country. Tell that to all the professional athletes who have scans & MRI's the day after an injury. Our health care system is generally fair to all Canadians but is always more fair to those who can pay extra. Once MMJ becomes more universally accepted the extra costs & troubles will no doubt be absorbed into the system. I know south of our border our American friends are scratching their heads at the fact that we theoretically have free & easy access to marijuana through our Health Care system & we are whining because it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to get to our happy place, let alone worry about years behind bars for having & doing the same thing in your grand nation. I love the U.S. Lived there for many years off & on but I've always been a Vancouver Island kinda boy.

    Personally, I never realized it was difficult. Mind you, I live on the southern tip of Vancouver Is., BC. I also have a fairly young, excellent family doctor who also happens to be a pain specialist. I struggle on a daily basis with ongoing health issues from many motorcycle accidents but unfortunately Pot does little if anything in a truly beneficial manner for me. It is not for the lack of trying, believe me.

    As weak as this expose' was, it was interesting for me to see what my Canadian brothers & sisters are going thru. It should obviously be of no surprise to anyone that some of those with a grow license are going to find the temptation to make some extra money on the side just a little too strong & easy. No comment from me on that point.

  87. lakhotason

    I live in Oregon and we too have medical marijuana. Of course we don't have national healthcare but our system appears to work much better. One just goes to a doctor and gets a prescription and then pays $125 (US) to the state for a Medical Marijuana Card and you're in business. Takes less than a day with no hassle whatsoever. I live a couple of blocks from a marijuana dispensary and it's sorta like a 7/11 for weed.

    One of my housemates has a card and he has assigned his growing rights and receives 2 oz a month from the grower. Killer weed.

    I don't have a card because I never saw the need. This is after all Oregon and weed should be our state flower. In any case I sometimes send my housemate to the dispensary with a shopping list to buy small amounts of 4 or 5 types of weed or I can buy an oz from the housemate's grower for $100.

  88. lakhotason

    I understood the reporter to say that medical marijuana is not included in the Canadian Healthcare System.

  89. lakhotason

    Or if I should take his little test and my IQ actually improves after smoking. Does that mean instead of killing brain cells I am giving birth to new brain cells?

  90. Imightberiding

    It very much is included in the system & is supposed to be free for any patient who qualifies to obtain a MMJ license. Not even $125 USD (as you mentioned to Az) or about $120 CDN. Ha! Sorry couldn't resist that last little dig. All in fun mate! Cheers!

  91. lakhotason

    I was thinking that Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia should become an autonomous governing region if only for the currency. Hell I've got so much Canadian money (coin) laying around I could probably afford a nice weekend in Vancouver.

  92. Dick Prennoke

    "The point is Marijuana causes cancer"

    Interesting. Considering that the largest government funded study ever (National Institute on Drug Abuse) headed by Dr Donald Tashkin over 30+ years, found that those who smoked an average of 3 marijuana joint every day, for at least 15 years had a DECREASED likelihood of lung cancer compared to non-smokers of anything.

    I now expect you to research that information for yourself then subsequently work to quash any petition your school comes up with on the subject.

    And from me to you whether private or public, schooling as it functions in our current society today, serves to create an institutionalized mind quarantined from critical thought. It is unknowingly fueled by layered manipulation and is our biggest mechanism of public control. The sooner you realize this and question everything for yourself including authoritative bodies, the better chance you have at lifting the veil and learning the true nature of life, happiness and our overall purpose. :)

  93. Imightberiding

    I do know that after countless WA drivers getting & ignoring speeding tickets in BC (vice versa as to BC drivers in WA) there are now laws in place to prosecute for these infractions committed while in a foreign country. (points towards your license, higher insurance rates, & loss of license are but a few penalties until said speeding fines have been paid) I know this from experience when I lived in Seattle & got a couple speeding tickets outside of Vancouver & on the Island.

    So in a sense at least two of the places mentioned do have an autonomous governing region. Sorry to all others, this is hardly on topic other than pertaining to laws in Canada vs other places. Perhaps that keeps it close enough to the film shown. Actually we could almost add California to the list as well. Well maybe Northern CA. A friend of mine from Vancouver was recently in CA on business & with a little help from an associate was able to get a CA state MMJ license while down their. When asked to show his ID he produced his BC driver's license I said he was in the process of moving. Paid a nominal fee & had some jane for the rest of the trip.

    Any way, if you venture up this way, drive safe & obey the laws, check out some of the Cannabis Cafes & most of all have fun.

  94. Jack1952

    Good for you for your healthy lifestyle but you have to get a grip. If you have statistics let everyone know where you got those stats. Show us official studies to back up your claims.

    If you make a law people will break it. In Canada we have a product called the Kinder Egg. It is a chocolate egg with a small toy inside. It is illegal in the United States. American tourists not knowing this have bought them in Canada to bring back as gifts for friends and family in the States. They have been detained at the border and may face fines for the possession of these eggs. A silly law. Marijuana laws can be just as silly if applied too rigorously. Common sense is what should be applied and it isn't all too often where pot is concerned.

    There is absolutely no way that marijuana is more dangerous and harmful than meth, crack or heroin. Anyone who makes such a claim has not made any attempt to fully understand how any of these drugs affect people. I have seen the crack and meth addicts. It is sad how quickly they deteriorate physically, emotionally and financially. This type of downfall just does not happen to pot heads.

    I do not smoke pot or tobacco nor do I recommend it but I don't make wild statements without knowing what I am talking about.

  95. Epicurus

    I thought you were joking at still a little shocked that this has no hint of sarcasm.

    Cannabis has many medical benefits and has not been shown to cause cancer in any study.

    the only reason the prisons are full is because its easy to catch people for since they are not violent, the rehab centers are full because when someone gets busted they sometimes have the option of jail or rehab so they choose rehab because its easier, the crimes around it are there BECAUSE it is illegal, just like when alcohol was illegal.

    I really think you should do some research before you display this type of ignorance.

  96. Epicurus

    how old are you?

  97. Epicurus

    Cannabis does not cause cancer and has not caused a single death.

    do you enjoy lying?

  98. CHumphrey

    Bravo, Epicurus. Finally some credible evidence!!!

  99. lakhotason

    The reason I was mentioning currency is because in this region the largest agricultural cash crop is marijuana. Now if your largest cash crop is weed it would be economic suicide to try to eliminate that crop. So what do you do short of legalization? You have medical marijuana. It's a ruse and a sham and everybody knows it.

    This region of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia is knotted together economically by the marijuana industry alone. If weed fails the economy fails. Medical marijuana assures that weed will not fail. And it increases the probability that the trade in weed of that area is in the form of export rather than import. That money then enters the market legitimately where it can be taxed.

    With that in mind I see nothing wrong in what the lawyer and doctors were saying - essentially we are joining this economy. I think the reporter was so dense that it never occurred to her even when she was being told that was the situation.

  100. Epicurus

    are you saying there is no medical benefits to cannabis?

  101. Epicurus

    come to Toronto. not as nice as Vancouver but im here!

  102. Epicurus

    variety is the way to go. have you gotten into smoking oil yet?

  103. lakhotason

    What I'm saying is although there are medical benefits medical marijuana goes far beyond those benefits. The respective governments are acutely aware of the benefits of marijuana. I truly believe that they understand this is a large part of the economy.

  104. lakhotason

    My Dad was from Toronto. And by the way, medical marijuana benefited him greatly in the last few months of his life.

  105. lakhotason

    Well hell yes marijuana does grow brain cells! Perhaps I should get to "fertilizing" my brain right now.

  106. CHumphrey

    Bravo again, Epicurus. What do you think of that John?

  107. Epicurus

    i know there are certain people out there making crazy claims about the abilities cannabis has to heal (Rick Simpson is one who comes to mind). and then you get people who think it works the same for everyone. and ya BC is well aware that some of its cities are completely funded by the cannabis industry.

    half the reason the vote for legal cannabis didnt pass in california is because those places that depend on the market as it is voted against it....all growers. they know they make more money through the black market. a shame really.

  108. Epicurus

    i shall join you with a dab of jack herer oil made last night!

  109. lakhotason

    I don't think the growers were thinking of more money than they were thinking of maintaining the status quo. The weed industry is a very stable industry with very little fluctuation in the market. Prices for weed have pretty much remained the same for more than a decade. Good for the customer and a very profitable business for the manufacturer. It's almost a perfect free- market economy. Almost.

    That's where medical marijuana works its magic. It is the stablizing force. It takes away the grower's incentive to over-produce by limiting his customer base. Now I'm not talking about the mega-growers. This is where the flip side of medical marijuana works another market force. With so much being grown legally it leaves enforcement with more resources freed up from chasing small-time growers to concentrate on the mega-growers. Another market limiting factor. So medical marijuana also gives the government some subtle tools to exercise control. I think the growers and the government and most importantly the customer are happy with this arrangement. Why change it?

  110. CHumphrey


    Do you see what Epicurus is doing? It is what I have been asking you do. Can you explain why you're not doing that?

  111. oQ

    It "sort of" work this way in BC (except the fee to the doctor) too for prescription but what if you are a grower? Is it that easy too?

  112. oQ

    Outdoor weed used to sell for 2000-3000 a pound in BC, that's before 9/11 when people walked it accross the mountain into the States, this year you're lucky if you can sell it for 1300 a pound, last year the market even went under 1000 because there was so much of it.
    Trimmers used to trim for 200 a pound (one could trim 3pounds a day pretty easily), now you get paid 25$ a hour and machine trimming is taking over.
    Indoor is at around 2400 a pound and trimming is paid 20-25$ depending for who.


  113. lakhotason

    I take it by "grower" you mean those who grow the medical marijuana for card holders.

    A card holder has two legal options. He can grow his own or he can assign his grow rights. On the face this was done because there are some too disabled to grow their own. But it also serves another purpose. In Oregon if I'm a grower I can have in my possession seven plants for every card holder for which I am growing provided I have REGISTERED with the state the names of the card holders. Another subtle control of the market by the state. It now has weed production facilities that can be monitored by the state. They allow this knowing full well what is going to happen to the enormous over-production. It's going to enter the market and further dampen illegal production.

    Just makes you realize that there's more to medical marijuana than appears.

  114. Achems_Razor

    John boy is a child, 13 or so years old, says even by his his own words is far to young to even gamble on line or elsewhere, and I suspect is in a private religious school.

  115. lakhotason

    Oregon was a big customer for BC weed once but no longer. We grow our own excellent herb and now Oregon is a net exporter of weed.

    Hmmm. Wonder why?

  116. John Krisfalusci

    @Epicurus You're wrong, the reason why the War on Drugs failed is because the Laws are too lax and too vague. If there were harsher penalties and stricter regulations then people won't even consider doing marijuana or other dangerous drugs.

    All across the 50 States as of 2012, there are petty penalties ranging anywhere from 50 to couple hundred US Dollars for Marijuana Possession. If the War on Drugs is continued into the next 10 years with updated Violations to $10,000 per incident and even more years added to jail-time, then everyone will understand NOT to do it and avoid suffering the consequences.

    My teachers who are in contact with certain Congress members in California told me that the $10,000 fine is not a joke and is currently in underwriting for 2013 or 2014 consideration. In any case, if we set harsher restrictions on the War on Drugs then we will see a difference. Just trust me, I know.

  117. lakhotason

    This is funny. My housemate just walked by and handed me a matchbox of medical weed gratis. Cinderella 99.

    PS How long has it been since you've heard the word "matchbox" as a measurement of weed - if ever you have heard it! That goes way back.

  118. John Krisfalusci

    @Achems_Razor Again, age has nothing to do with this matter and stop trying to imply that youth equals no knowledge or experience.

    And whether or not I'm in private school or religious private school or playing games or defending what is right or whatever, that is NONE of your business. Leave me alone and I'm done wasting my time with you . Thank you!!

  119. lakhotason

    On second thought disregard what I just said John-John.

    EDIT: You know guys if John is a minor then we should exercise some care. We don't really know what's lurking out there - legally or otherwise.

  120. John Krisfalusci

    @lakhotason If you honestly believe smoking carcinogens into your healthy lungs results in "brain cell growth", I am not the one, who is out of touch. Lakhotason you are ridiculous in every way and scientific studies show that "smoke" inhaled into healthy lungs over time results in a damaged, less capacity lung than what it once was.

    Please don't make it any more harder for others as it is. You are making it painfully obvious you don't know any better and please study and go back to school to understand the basics of common sense.

    In fact, there have been continuous confirmed results from scientific data even way back into the 70s and 80s that the THC content now in 2012 is drastically different than what it was decades ago. What does this mean? Well, in all concluded studies, THC potency has been linked to psychosis and schizophrenic like behavior therefore it is even MORE painfully obvious that THC today might be dangerous.

    Here's another interesting fact, remember that face eating zombie that made headlines months ago in Miami? Well guess what? When everyone was saying he was high on 'bath salts' doctors examined all blood tests , stomach tests, and found NO traces of bath salts in his system whatsoever but found POT instead.

    Could it be that , by pure coincidence, psychosis or schizophrenia or any mental disorder from THC potency today, resulted in his crazy demonic episode? Seriously, it's a no brainer and NO I am not lying please Google it because they did indeed find just Marijuana in his system.

    And no, I don't advocate the usage of bath salts either, my point is, people are just too naive to understand the harmful effects of Marijuana or ANY drug for that matter. Yes even caffeine. And no, I NEVER take caffeine either. Thank you.

  121. lakhotason

    I should go back to school and learn some common sense? I see your problem now son.

    Common sense isn't taught in school. Common sense is what you gain away from school.

  122. Epicurus

    your teachers are wasting their time. every country and every professional panel whose job it is to look at these polices argues that harsher penalties dont work.

    perhaps you should look at places where they have legalized it and you will see that use has dropped.

    so John, YOU are wrong. your teachers are wrong. you have not yet provided ANY evidence for any thing you have said. I have presented you with paper after paper showing the medical benefits and also links showing you the harms in the drug laws.

  123. Epicurus

    John how does smoke in your lungs harm your brain cells?

    Well according to a study conducted by the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, the effects of marijuana on the brain are everything but detrimental. Let me explain.

    Professor Xia Zhang and some of his colleagues at Saskatchewan University decided to test a synthetic form of THC (HU210) on a group of test rats to observe the effects the drug has on neurogenesis (brain cell formation and generation). They gave these rats HIGH DOSES of the THC-like compound twice a day, everyday for a period of ten days to get a good idea of THC’s effects on brain cells.

    It turns out, this synthetic THC-like compound actually INCREASED the rate of brain cell formation in the hippocampus (neurogenesis) by a whopping FORTY PERCENT!

    Not only did the rate of brain cell formation INCREASE, but the rats also appeared to be less susceptible to observable symptoms of anxiety and depression. The hippocampus is the area of a mammals brain that controls memory, learning, anxiety and depression. So it makes sense that increased brain cell formation in this area of the brain would prove to be beneficial for people suffering from problems associated with these brain functions.

    You have shown that you have no clue what you are talking about. you have been lied to by whoever is feeding you this nonsense.

    now smoke inhaled into healthy lungs is harmful. what about vaporizing the cannabis? do you even know about that? what about eating it in edibles? what about concentrates like oil that enable you to only need to smoke a very tiny amount?

    "THC potency has been linked to psychosis and schizophrenic like behavior therefore it is even MORE painfully obvious that THC today might be dangerous."

    THC has only been shown to bring out schizophrenia in people who are predisposed to it. this is a good thing because it is better for it to come out earlier in life than later.

    "Here's another interesting fact, remember that face eating zombie that made headlines months ago in Miami? Well guess what? When everyone was saying he was high on 'bath salts' doctors examined all blood tests , stomach tests, and found NO traces of bath salts in his system whatsoever but found POT instead"

    .....holy $hit....did you know that they dont have toxicology tests for MPDV (bath salts) and that cannabis can stay in your fat cells up to 6 months. so once again your ignorance about a topic is SHINING through.

    seriously, where are you getting this information? who is lying to you like this? i need to speak to them.

  124. Epicurus

    youth sometimes does equal lack of knowledge.

    youth very often includes gullibility and lack of experience. it appears you suffer from both of those.

  125. Achems_Razor

    Well no, it is my business on this site TDF.

    And it would probably be a good idea if you did go away, you are too young, a minor by your own admission. And this is not the arena for rug rats or ankle biters.

  126. CHumphrey

    Hey, John Boy, you keep making references to the literature without ever actually citing anything. Forget any ambitions you may have for graduate school. You wouldn't last a week - if that long. Trust and believe me, lad, your opinions would not be accepted without question and they would laugh you out no matter how intelligent and articulate you might be or think you are. Here's a good opportunity for you to learn how to construct an actual argument. We're trying to help you. Come to the light, sonny. And learn how to take defeat like a man. You'll get the respect I do not presently have for you. And there may be a graduate degree in your future after all.

    Methinks you also protest too much. Look up Reaction Formation in the dictionary if you have one. I doubt that your "teachers" will know what it means. Nuns and/or priests, right?

  127. CHumphrey

    Joun boy, you have a great role model in Epicurus. Learn from him.

  128. lakhotason

    THC-like compound? Why not THC directly from weed?

  129. Epicurus

    because testing with that is damn near impossible because of laws. so ways around that is to use synthesized THC. same thing though.

  130. Bran__Man33

    John, buddy, put away your preconceived notions brother... If anyone at all does a minimal amount of research (with a non bias view) its plain to see propaganda has grabbed hold of ppl and pushed your exact view.... Dont trust propaganda, talk to ppl that know...Not just ppl that are against it in the first place...

  131. WiseGapist

    John is a prime example of the dangers of private schooling... The damage that will be done by waves of these indoctrinated and self-righteous upstarts with well stroked egos, confident that they are better/know better than anybody who wasn't also privately schooled.

    A couple of classes you should talk to your pastors about introducing...
    - Empathy & Appreciating the fallibility of all men, especially yourself.
    - How to avoid hypocrisy (though the pastors can't help you there as religious hypocrisy is as old as religion itself)
    - The importance of citing credible sources.

    I'll leave you on this thought... Whenever you think you have more intelligence than somebody because of your schooling, remember, there are plenty of dumbsh** kids with rich parents that attend private schools, as well as many bright, intelligent ones that couldn't afford it. ;)

  132. jimmy kraktov

    It was Einstein who said "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

    He also said: "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

    Thr arrogant blowhards to whom you refer should try to remember both. I'm sure Einstein had them all in mind when he stated these simple facts of life.

  133. jimmy kraktov

    He was nuts before he got high.

    You should remember this, John, that what you have written are merely opinions, not facts. And as we all know, opinions are just like a$$holes. Everybody has one.

  134. jimmy kraktov

    1968. I cost 5 bucks.

  135. jimmy kraktov

    Pardon me, I just got here, and I must say I've not seen nonsense like your ramblings since the '60s.

    "I know a guy who knows a guy who said that his sister's teacher's half brother's pet dog's previous owner's best friend bla bla bla garbage!"

    Why don't you try facts!?

  136. dewflirt

    Guys honestly! He might be teetering on the edge of some high and mighty opinions but credit where it's due, he's punching well above his weight here and still standing. Let him learn, all your collective knowledge must be something of a revelation. At his age I'd have been thrilled to bits to be challenged this way, to be shown new ways of thinking. And besides, it does a kid good to land on his backside now and then (I think that's inevitable). As my Grandfather used to say, any idi*t can ride but you're not a horseman 'til you know how to fall :)

  137. Achems_Razor

    Thats all fine and dandy, except for some posts that say to the child, get some MJ and DMT and lock yourself in a room and try it, that to me is contributing to a minor and dangerous even if it is a suggestion, I for one will delete and have deleted those types of posts.

  138. Kateye70

    This problem is way more complex than you are ready to understand, based on your posts. But kudos for trying to understand.

    I won't argue marijuana (or THC) use with you. However, it is not physically addictive. Consider another drug:

    The tobacco industry legally sells a drug product (nicotine) using a carcinogenic delivery system (cigarettes). They have continued doing this for many years after they became aware of its health risks and addictive properties. In fact, an industry report referred to cigarettes as a 'nicotine delivery system' while denying this to the public.

    Nicotine affects mood. Unlike THC, it is an addictive substance. From the Wiki article on nicotine, consider this:

    "Nicotine's mood-altering effects are different by report: in particular it is both a stimulant and a relaxant."

    "...the pharmacological and behavioral characteristics that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those determining addiction to heroin and cocaine." (Notice that marijuana is *not* mentioned.)

    "The nicotine content of popular American-brand cigarettes has slowly increased over the years, and one study found that there was an average increase of 1.6% per year between the years of 1998 and 2005. This was found for all major market categories of cigarettes."

    Unlike marijuana, medical use for nicotine is limited primarily to help people stop smoking.

    In fact, tobacco has been used as an insecticide since the late 17th century (and still is, though use is declining as products less harmful to mammals has become available).

    There are economic reasons why marijuana became illegal and tobacco has remained legal. There are economic reasons why pharmaceutical companies stopped manufacturing Quaaludes (before your time!) but continue to produce products with ephedra, the active ingredient in crystal meth.

    As I said, drugs and drug use are a very complex subject. We've barely scratched the surface here. I by no means advocate the use of mood or mind-altering substances by minors, whether legal or illegal.

  139. oQ

    What i think is that John opened a facebook account with three of his 10yrs old photographs and then his file was stolen by his dad who is the real one writing on here. If he was the real John in private school where when would he have time to spend so much time on the net at all hours of the day.

  140. dewflirt

    Must have missed that one, sorry Blue :)

  141. CHumphrey

    So extremely well put, WiseGapist. If you don't mind, I'm going to quote you.

    Pay attention, John.

  142. CHumphrey

    That occurred to me too.

  143. Kateye70

    If he was home-schooled and taking classes on the internet, he would have plenty of time on his hands. This may even be the work of several youngsters posting together. Or, as you suggested, an adult posing as a kid.

  144. fonbindelhofas

    no damnit, i will not "Just trust me, I know." crap;)

  145. PaulGloor

    I can say this after the first 5 min... Until it is completely decriminalized there is gonna be a huge illicit money making niche.

  146. oQ

    Decriminalized and legalized are two very different outcome.

  147. Sheldon Richard

    @ John K... I do wish you'd had the opportunity to discuss marijuana related brain damage with Professor Sagan. In any case, alcohol abuse has landed more people in prison than any other substance I can think of, and it's perfectly legal. You are being intentionally lied to and, if that is indeed the case, then the real agenda of those you are listening to is worth looking at, don't you think.

    As to governments... haven't you ever wondered why one gets so little time as a result of a drinking and driving fatality in comparison to robbing a bank(?)

    Perhaps, you should inquire as to how odd it is that alcohol, which does not grow naturally in the wild, is held in such high regard when marijuana, which is in fact a natural part of the ecosystem, is held in such disdain by those you are listening to.

  148. docoman

    Very true.
    I've seen an Aussie tell you it's legal in some places here in Aus, it's not. In a couple states/territories it is decriminalised. Last I saw the more lax laws were 2 plants, outdoor, they'll get pulled up and you get a fine. They tried 14 plants, then 7 plants, but they found commercial growers could still do it with those numbers hydroponically. Nothing allowed now under artificial lighting. Only a small amount dry. (Somewhat up to the police in practice, under an oz. and you're safe [on commercial] unless they're after you. I know someone who got busted for .2 gram) In the past I was fined $700 for 2 used smoking impliments..MMJ. LOL, raided me when I was in hospital, interviewed me when I got out, looked like I was on my deathbed. Coppers actually looked like they felt bad, said they had to or they'd get their azz's kicked from their boss after signing a search warrent :( (dumbazz me bought some MMJ seeds online.. the seeds got through customs, but the transaction was noted and put me on a list to check out when the next big 'operation' happened. A handy stat. to add to their numbers is really what I ended up to be for them. They didn't find any MJ or seeds in their search;) Where I live now nothing is legal, growing is zero tolerance, so I'm back to percription meds :( )
    I've lived under both kinds of laws, where you could get away with only a fine for growing some, and where you couldn't have any. There was still a black market in both places, only the price was slightly cheaper (tad more homegrown on the market, lower price plus lower average quality at times)
    Harsher penalties don't stop people from growing/using, it's been proven time and time again. (the laws are not why I'm not growing or buying MMJ now, it's other reasons)
    Edit- damnit... if it didn't get so damn cold I'd love to move over your way, wish I could get paid for trimming :(

  149. docoman

    Some of what you say I can agree with, some I can't. For some people, MJ can be a contributing factor, along with others, for e.g. Tobacco being a much more common one, as a risk factor (the likelyhood of it happening) to contracting a mental illness. I have a family member with schizophrenia, and for him MJ is bad, it makes him unwell. So he doesn't touch it. But this is a small percentage of people. Every drug, penicillin for e.g (which has saved many lives) have people that react badly to it. We are not all the same in that respect.
    It has also been shown in rats, (there is a doco here on TDF showing it), that THC can do damage to the memory function in a developing mind, however, an adult rat returned to normal after the drugs' affects wore off. It also showed that exposure to MJ doesn't increase the drive/need for a harder drug like heroin in rats, the reported effects on humans being the same.
    There are multiple compounds in the MJ plant, some, like THC delta-9, the commonly known psychoactive one. There is evidence suggesting that some of the others, CBN, CBD, (and there are many more) have other properties, there may well (my brother has looked into this as a treatment hope for the future, but the research keeps getting blocked) be an antipsychotic component that could help some mental illnesses, not to mention multiple anti-cancer properties being observed. It is not disputed scientifically, that there are many aspects of MJ that have not been researched properly, that there is evidence that multiple treatments could be possible from the plant, for multiple problems, among them mental illness (one you claim it causes).
    So, the conclusion for me is, there is a risk that it may not be good for you (same as every drug. Peanuts kill some people, the first time you ate one it was a risk... are you one of the %?) For every young person, it should be illegal, same as tobacco and alcohol. I agree, the research and common sense and the law dictate that.
    Just banning it, not looking into how it helps, and using that to help people, that doesn't make sense to me. But that's the result of the sort of laws your school is calling for. What if you, or one of your family gets sick, and the medicine that could help them isn't available, because of a law you helped bring about? I don't agree with that. Just making the punishment harder against a recreational drug the public is going to use regardless, google the 'prohibition era', and see how history has proven that approach turns out.

    A little of what you say I agree with... excessive use is not good for anyone. Smoking something is not a good way to take any medicine. There is a risk, for a small % of people, you'll react badly to it. All young people should avoid it, the laws should reflect and enforce this.

    But some things you say are wrong mate. There are multiple uses that are not a bad thing. It does help some medical problems, I know this because I've got 20 years personal experience with bad health, some of them using MMJ, some not, using the tablets from the doctors, and using nothing but healthy diet ect... I've tried many things for my health. MMJ is a real thing, and needs to be researched and used in the good ways. Bringing in the ultimate penalty of all, the death penalty, didn't stop murders. Making the laws harder isn't the answer. Proper research, and regulation/use is.
    I don't agree with what your school is calling for not because I want it to become legal to get high, but because it's proven that that approach won't work, and causes more problems then it solves. It exasperates the bad side you mention (associated crime), and stymies the good things (medical uses). It stops the potential of doing some good things for some people that need help in the interests of trying to stop some people, (that are usually going to do it anyway) from getting high. Big deal, you're loosing more then you're gaining with that approach, by a long way. That's not smart or clever when there are better alternatives.

  150. docoman

    Not trying to twist my shoulder patting myself on the back, but some of my own story. I've done IQ tests, the usual student and online ect. when not using MJ, and I've also (hehehe) done a full blown, ' controlled, psychologist administered' IQ test when stoned as....
    I, when not under the influence, do ok, score above normal. When stoned, I scored average, in all areas tested.
    So in my experience, of course you're not at your peak when you're stoned. Of course you are impaired, derrr, you're stoned. (sidetracked and hungry) But test me again, when the effects have worn off, and I score the same as I originally did.
    As far as drugs go, MJ has less harmful, less permanent, less addictive side effects then many drugs that are routinely perscribed by doctors, all of the opiates for e.g, which are very useful, but addictive and potentially harmful.

  151. docoman

    There's a scene I like out of the movie 'Good Will Hunting', that this thread with John reminds me of.. goes something like, 'you can read a book about Michelangelo, and tell what you've learned about the Sistine chapel, but unless you've stood there and looked at it, you can't tell me what it FEELS like.."

  152. lakhotason

    Don't Bogart that joint my friend
    Pass it over to me

    "Don't Bogart that Joint" - Wagner/Ingber

  153. awful_truth

    @John Krisfalusci: Sorry for the delay, I work for a living. As far as your response, "trust me, it's there",(regarding marijuana as evil) I don't have to because I have read both the old, and new testament, and I can gaurantee you, it doesn't exist. (no trust involved) Alcohol however, does have reference in the bible, and it isn't good.(includes Jesus accused of drunkedness, drinking feremented wine) Since you are young, you need to understand a couple of things.
    1) medicine - of all the drugs out there, marijuana is by far the least dangeruous, with the most benefits. After you learn about the history of money, research the history of drugs for confirmation. Unlike your comment,(trust me) I say, don't take my word for it, research it yourself before you decide what is real, and what is not.
    2) My question regarding 'was Jesus a gun toting capitalist?' was to remind you that Jesus was non violent, (pacifist) and drove the moneychangers (the goldsmiths) from the temple. (3 0f 4 gospels - anti-capitalist)
    Ultimately, you are too young yet, to understand that nothing in itself is evil, it is what motivates us, or the item we use that determines it's value. (or lack there of)
    You are right about 1 thing. If someone tries to tell you that marijuana is a good, they are lying just as badly as when someone tells you it is bad. I do apologize if you didn't see the humor(contradiction) of what your American government personifies. (marijuana bad, guns/war good) Since the entire American economy is based upon war( exploitation of the weak) it is your responsibility along with allother Americans to start thinking for yourself, and trust no one. (If you wish to trust the word of Jesus, that is great. Just make sure it is his word, and not someone else's interpretation of it. Think for yourself, you have a brain, use it. Best wishes, and live long and prosper!

  154. Johnny yi

    LOL are we seriously still debating with a stubborn, bias, close minded person? Judging from his responses he is way too arrogant to admit his flaws and admit his " I am so well educated and you're not " claims as utter garbage

    John you maybe knowledgeable about some things but trust me buddy
    you my friend are not wise at all

  155. dewflirt

    YouTube and type in 'oph (a weed song)'

  156. lakhotason

    Yep. That's my Prez tokin'. Makes me feel not all is lost.

    PS Love Raphael Saadiq.

  157. dewflirt

    The chap with the hat? Oh how I wish ours would do that now and then, not sure we could drag the silver spoons out long enough to get one in though :) Kind of surprised you know Raph, but he must be more famous there than here I suppose.

  158. lakhotason

    Raphael isn't famous, just good. Any politician our age who says he/she hasn't smoked a bowl is either lying or not worth voting for.

    But he is kind of famous. Remember Toni, Tony, Tone? That was Raphael.

    Don't be surprised if I understand what and who good music is.

  159. ?????? ?????

    wtf is wrong with smoking pot? u should look at the statistics, compare weed with that liquid drugs called alcohol (its worse then ghb) u americans are really stupid, how can pot be illegal? its only illegal because it makes u think, and go against society, its a substance that unslaves u, rather then makes u more stupid like alcohol, ur all noobs in life

  160. ?????? ?????

    have you ever seen an agressive person high on weed? have u ever seen someone high on weed hit 'n run? in fact i did my driving exams high, because its a fact that u are more focussed. how many people died due to DUI? how many fights started by drunk fools? this is a r***** documentary. hemp was growing everywhere 100 years ago. its a natural weed. im glad i live in holland where people are smarter then r****** america... this doc makes me puke, r****** are the vomination of earth

  161. davjosmes

    Your comment seems to contain some aggression.

  162. toddy potseed

    in regards to John krisfalusci when i was your age i also had similiar views. Yet i found them to be wrong. I was raised in a very christian household like wise. The changing point on regards to cannabis was when i was 17 i had a migraine/ cluster head ache( I suffered them up to this point for quite some years) my room mate in college suggested i try some to alleviate them( i had no otc pain killers at the time nor i had a scrip for the medicine i normaly use to take for it) just to walk to store was not possible because of the pain. Well i thought why not after he said that his aunt used cannabis to treat hers. To make a long story short after a few moments he asked how it was and i realised i no longer had a head ache( to this day i have not had a single episode of that intensity and its been over 25 years). Now as an older person due to the profession i have chosen my knees are giving me issues and cannabis helps with the discomfort far better than any pain killers it works quicker and for a longer duration. It also improves the mobility of my knees. I have also struggled with sleep problems longer than i can remember, Hard to fall and stay asleep again cannabis helps. I can fall asleep quicker and instead of 3-4 hours of sleep I can sleep a solid 7-9 hours. TRUST ME WHEN YOU SLEEP 7-9 hours it does wonders. I' m also prone to depression again cannabis helps with the bad thoughts and gives me a brighter outlook on life. TRUST ME when i was your age i prayed hard on healing over these issues yet nothing happened.

    The only reference to cannabis in the bible is possibily in the OT and it's in reference to being a ingredient in incense used in the Holy of Holies( That is open to debate). More than likely it was the resin glands used as the ingredient( AKA hasish) If that is the case then there is no condeming of it.

    Alas one more thing if you think guns should be illegal, let me say this the Bill of Rights 2nd amendment allows us the American citizen to bear arms. Remember that guns don't kill people kill.

    Just because you go to a private school it does not make you more intelligent than any one else. Life for me has been the biggest learning experience than school could ever be.. I have self taught myself many things over the years, so keep learning even after the schooling years are done. In other words think for yourself and do not blindly follow some one else's ideas. TRUST ME.

  163. scott zagoria

    perhaps it's simply a case of blood lust

  164. scott zagoria

    if you simply add the 'y' and the 'o'...then you will in fact be spelling the word 'you' correctly. that would help a lot of us. wtf?

  165. scott zagoria

    u r too old yet?

  166. scott zagoria

    for what it might be worth, this movie reminds me of the mccarthy days. it's been a while since we were so simple minded in the west coast. i assume this lady is from toronto. the movie would have been better if she hadn't gone off half cocked midway. please don't bother convincing us it's not medicine when you're making a film of this kind. it seems kind of duplicitous. oooh.

  167. Mike Mathwig

    Alcohol is more detrimental. Do you think the government wants it to be legal? Overeating, gambling,over work for money, over dieting, over sexing,etc,etc,etc. The society is the government. Unless you are in north korea.

  168. Mike Mathwig

    I would like to say "good day" to you too but somthin' tells me theres more of you lurking down below where I'm about scroll, bub.

  169. peternel

    I had to stop this silly documentary half way, its just more stupid propaganda from gready idiots who have destroyed our planet over the last 80 years, STOP this nonsence, we the people of the world are no longer blind to your stupid properganda, we know this plant is the most wonderful plant on earth and that it does no harm what so ever to humans, in fact it is healing millions of people, from the horrible illnesses that are caused by the gready people that are the root of this horrible propaganda crap, and if i had a chance I would pay the the solicitor $1000 for a persciption, its better than living in fear of jail, for smoking a joint of medical marajuana, were is my freedom, we are not living in a free world, we dont have the right to choose, shame on the media showing this CRAP,

  170. Ant Angelo

    didn't even bother to watch. LEGALIZE it. Clearly.

  171. seamus watson

    Me either. I'm a little disappointed that TopDocs has this here.

  172. Bjørn Jørgensen

    Why does murder still occur when some states have deathsentance c",) would people with urge to try weed not just travel to places where they could,.... is legal in California - get a marijuana card for $100.

  173. el Turko - Europe

    Best country''s make soft drugs & prostitution
    Legal , No 1 country can stop drugs and prostitution.

  174. Smig Robustus

    "Medicinal" marijuana...ha.........ha...........hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahahhahahhahahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahaAHahhaa!

    Really, in all honesty, that is a PERFECT statement.

  175. Sune Haycock Jensen

    its wierd that it can take so many years to get an approval of its effect, how many years have they had to investigate now? compared to the time it takes to investigate an approve 100 thousands of chemical prescription drugs. This is Denmark!

  176. peternel

    Hi, I love your passion, and once upon a time, I felt the same, stupid Americans, and then I woke up, and I seen these special special People Stand Up to the federal government in there own Country, and I realized how Wow these people are, I am as passionate about Ending prohibition as you are, in my home in Ireland, and we cant even convince a load of Stupid Silly old Farts that prohibition is wrong, but yet the American People, Wow they take on the federal government, and the People are winning, so your thing should be with the federal government, or even better, the horrible illuminate, as this is were it comes from, Not the People.

  177. coryn

    Ditto... Berkeley, 1964, matchbox of clean weed, no stems, 5 bucks......

  178. jimmy kraktov

    My guy wasn't so smart. His matchboxes came with twigs and seeds so by harvest time I didn't need him for months :)

  179. jimmy kraktov

    The older I get,
    the more I recall,
    how little I knew
    when I knew it all

    It will take 30 or 40 years John, but eventually this will make sense, even to you.

  180. Bongstar420

    Cannabis is a decent replacement for other drugs, but does not qualify you as "drug free"

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