Should I Smoke Dope?

Should I Smoke Dope?

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Should I Smoke Dope?Although it's illegal, over 15 million people have tried cannabis. Even politicians admit to having smoked it in their youth.

But, in the press, there are more and more frightening stories about the effects of the drug, and there's a growing debate about whether cannabis should be reclassified as a class B drug.

In Should I Smoke Dope, journalist Nicky Taylor is off to Amsterdam to investigate. While there, she helps out in a coffee shop selling cannabis and discovers firsthand how the drug affects daily life. Back in the UK, Nicky finds out about the genetically modified cannabis called "skunk," which is cheap and increasingly sold on the streets.

Can marijuana make you crazy? Is it worse than alcohol? And is it stronger than it used to be? Nicky takes part in a groundbreaking medical trial to answer these questions. Her month-long experiment is both disturbing and revealing.

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jonnie luscombe
2 years ago

The look on the face of the cool prig in the hash museum was priceless as she giggled at all his lovely hamster fluff. Gotta love this woman, so much humour, life, beauty, spark and humanity to her ---- she made this damned entertaining. Really hope she'll knock off the tobacco

5 years ago


6 years ago

Quick qualification: smoke appx 1.5 oz/ month... Colorado and California high grade marijuana w/ preference to Haze (all strands), Durban Poison, Sour Diesel and Jack Herrer (to name a few).

First, she is so naive that I find it absolutely adorable; absolutely fell in love this woman.

I don't see this as being a definitive documentary. She is a very experienced user of Alcohol and Cigarettes. Conversely she is a novice/rookie marijuana user and while experienced with one substance, she is then attempting to compare those with something she has no experience with.

Nicky qualified herself as smoking pot in college. How often? Did she attempt a couple puffs at a party after getting ripped on alcohol and then claim to have smoked? Or did she really sit down, pass a joint, and experience being high.. Based on her reactions; Definitely not. When you see her in the coffee shop playing 'hand-slaps' with the manager, she is acting completely wasted compared to all the experienced smokers around her who (in the background) act normal.

She is 'hamming it up' ... Which I understand for the sake of viewers; Unfortunately it blurs the truth.

I believe she honestly attempted to approach this in an objective manner. My reasoning is that when Nicky interacts with people it was very friendly, subjective, and neutral.

Unfortunately for viewers a documentaries objective is often slanted by the shows EDITORS and not the journalist... The editors have the final say as to whether this documentary will be pro marijuana, anti-legalization, or completely neutral. On this matter the British government and it's cohorts at BBC have proven that they will always opt for anti-legalization slants.

This should not be blamed on Nicky. I want to hug her while passing a joint.

7 years ago

Seriously...... Cannabis HAS BEEN STUDIED...... Read the Anglo-Indian Hemp Commission Report of 1895 and also please consult the LaGuardia Report of 1929 I believe. And of course the famous Richard Nixon ordered report of 1972 that he simply trashed, because it didn't agree with his opinion. Remarkably, it seems it was the efforts of one man, Harry Anslinger of the FBI, who pushed through international laws and treaties to ban Cannabis from medicinal research and use. He did this through propaganda, and refused to allow input from the medical profession. Peace......

James Grisham
9 years ago

I love the part when she steps out of the car after not hitting a single doll, and the voice over tells of how dangerous it is.

Brendan Ryan
10 years ago

What a load of bollox...

Hard to know where to start criticizing this rubbish so I won't bother.

I'm off to roll one. Thank Christ I don't live in the UK.

10 years ago

No you should not smoke dope because dope is heroin not marijuana get that shit right.

10 years ago

Yeah this is horrible propaganda especially the driving at baby dolls in the road experiment at exactly 70 kilometers per hr because that will happen in real life.

10 years ago

This isn't propaganda? I've smoked weed before. Yes, you do get anxious. You may get dry lips. You may get a burning sensation in your mouth linked with pasties. The first time I did it I got a burning sensation in my mouth, but I didn't get any "white stuff" in my mouth. I did indeed have short term memory loss, I was laughing over nothing for 30 minutes and I can't even remember it. Plus we used a home made bong and the hose didn't even go in the water, and had alcohol to drink, both mixed in with cola and shots of what I think was "Bundy Red" I don't really get the munchies the 2nd time I did it, chicken flavoured chips tasted really good, but the morning after it just wasn't as tasty. Then I smoked more weed later that day, this time it wasn't mixed with tabbaco. I had two cones, went inside from the garage, I fell on the ground laughing, i could hear my self breathing heavy, it was really trippy, then I was later glued on the floor just infornt of a coach seat, but this time I didn't get short term memory loss even though the stuff I smoked was certainly stronger, and I had a real bong too, it cost me $35. The weed I got this time had a really strong smell.

11 years ago

THC is one of the 60+ cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. She is talking about CBD (Cannabidiol).

11 years ago

The majority of doctors in the world are still misinformed, it isn't really their fault, but the truth and scientific evidence is coming out at an exponential rate. I would not blame this young doctor immediately, but suggest that she read books written by other more experienced doctors on the subject eg. The Pot Book by Julie Holland 2010 contains some of the most up to date information/clinical studies etc. Also books by Dr Lester Grinspoon and others. I will end by saying that when an honest person discovers that he is mistaken, he either ceases to be mistaken, or he ceases to be honest.

11 years ago

THC is one of many cannabinoids. Although the ratio of cannabinoids other than THC and THC vary in weed "Skunk" has as much of other cannabinoids as other weed if not more. Testing pure THC versus THC and other cannabinoids as a measure of "skunk" versus other weed is a terrible experimental procedure. A better procedure would be to test an extract of so called "skunk" weed versus an extract of regular weed. Basically in the study shown they were testing a pharmaceutical like marinol, the pure THC, versus a representation of the normal composition of a naturally occurring cannabis plant. Their study showed nothing about "skunk" weed because it inaccurately represented "skunk" weed. They basically showed that a pharmaceutical had a worse effect than a substance that in its natural form is safe.

11 years ago

Her biggest mistake was going to hash and spliffs. Don't smoke something as strong as hash, or a mixture of tobacco and weed if you are a new smoker. Both are terrible ideas. Start out on mid quality weed and take it slowly.

imran zafar
11 years ago

that was awful

11 years ago

"I have a medical team standing by" PLEASE. hahahahhaha

11 years ago

What a ridiculous piece of propaganda. FAIL!

11 years ago

Oh my god. this has really put me off smoking forever.........NOT!
That's like taking a woman who has never had alcohol in her life and getting her paralytic, she going to feel ****!! whats more, im not sure smoking weed knowing that your doing it for an experiment will put you in the right state of mind for smoking. Give the ***** some mushrooms and tell her to sort out her perspective on conscious enhancing drugs!!

11 years ago

The worst herb documentary ever!!!

11 years ago

The irony is that this first joint that Nicky Taylor smoked - not 'skunk' cannabis (i.e. sinsemilla bud). Just old fashioned seeded, leavy Jamaica brick weed, with tobacco. I know, because I've bought it. It is seeded, pressed to reduce volume for export, outdoor sun grown weed. Not sinsemilla bud. It has viable seeds in it, which can be grown out into plants.

Is weed stronger than it used to be? Consider these lyrics from the 1920s:

"Man what's the matter with that cat there?"
"must be full of reefer"
"full of reefer?!"
"yea man"
"you mean that cats high?!"
"sailing lightly"
"get away from here
"Man is that the reefer man?"
"that's the reefer man"
"I believe he's losing his mind"
"I think he's lost his mind!"

"If he said he swam to china, and he sells you south carolina"
"then you know your talking to that reefer man"

"If he said he walks the ocean, any time he takes the notion"
"then you know you're talking to a reefer man."

Now that's pretty high. And that's from the 1920s, your great-grandfather's weed. Remember the Cheech & Chong movies from the 1970s? Tell me they didn't get high in the 70s. :)

But the argument that 'this is not your parents marijuana' is of course just as old. Hemp got banned as the 'strange new drug that is driving people insane', by calling it marijuana. Which was an obscure slang term for weed, as most slang for weed is pretty obscure. And then there was 'The Skunk'. And in the Americas, 'The Kush'.

The more things change...

Firstname Lastname
11 years ago

From 2:30 onward the doctor is speaking rubbish. Smoking cannabis actually TREATS schizophrenia; it doesn't lead to it. Bull**** is coming out of her mouth. Falling down? Who the **** ever fell down from smoking pot? Maybe on a couch, but that's about it. There is not proof whatsoever of the doctor's claims. She obviously watched Reefer Madness and believed it...Sleep disturbance and nightmares? Where is that idiot doctor getting her 'facts' from? Again, it TREATS insomnia; it doesn't cause it...I'm not even bothering to watch the rest of this ****. If you want some real medical proof gathered from 20 years worth of research, make sure you see 'What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?' and get the REAL facts about cannabis and what a wonderful medicine it is.

11 years ago

I thought it was a fair review overall (I trust what she was doing was real ad I have seen and felt the same experiences). I also thought it was honest that they showed the experiences of several others (young and old) to be positive experiences. For me its been great and it has been a life saver for me with my arthritis (reduces pain for a while and also inflammation). I have gotten the munchies but I find it no different than after drinking and I get the munchies too. Point is like everyone discusses here is that the experience is different for some people (same a drinking).

There's no doubt that it should be legalized and I hope everyone here spreads good word about the health benefits and try to keep things positive. Don't go with the "propaganda" twist because I think it would have been a lot more negative towards cannabis use if that was the case.
Last point, there is definitely some "science" misinformation.

12 years ago

I wish my tolerance was as low as hers. 1/10 of a g and you're blown? An eighth would last me forever! Either that or I haven't been smoking the right stuff haha.

12 years ago

Feels like this documentary was funded by an alchool or tobaco company...

12 years ago

I think it's important to remember that all the experts in this doc have it in their best interests to tow the company line and remain mainstream. The doctors are certainly bias toward pushing pills and it would be unwise financially to promote a plant . Its a weed, toss some seeds around and it would be hard not to grow rampant. It's only been recent that people have had the nerve to actually speak out positively of their experience with THC. Notables like Carl Sagan and Pierre Burton managed to keep their little secret from us, I believe they would have had some valuable insights to share . Imagine the howls that historians will have with our societies conundrum with the weed enigma. We will seem ridiculous that laws sanctioned all the really bad drugs like tobacco, alcohol, prescription pills and a harmless plant was demonized. I'd like to see a Mythbusters episode on the effects of tobacco vs weed on the lungs. That 3 to 1 ratio seems dubious. If fear of lung disease is your issue then quit whining and eat the stuff in a delicious brownie .

12 years ago

Not very good.. 4 out of 10

12 years ago

lol, just another excuse to get hi. for a month.

12 years ago

This documentary was mediocre at best. I am always up for hearing both sides of the argument; but I found this documentary to have a lot of information that has been left out. I did not like how she totally let's her inhibitions go; not with just weed but alcohol too. Also, I've never heard anything about how 1 joint = 3 cigarettes (sounds like B.S. considering everything tobacco contains compared to marijuana). Another thing that bothered me about the documentary is she never fully followed the directions of her experiments; such as her smoking a whole joint instead of taking 2 puffs and waiting 15 minutes, she never actually tried to put the table together, and she made really abrupt stops when she was driving on a closed course; most people who smoke would tell you all the things she was told to do are not impossible tasks when your stoned- they may be challenging but certainly not as much of a challenge as she made it out to be. A really good documentary on marijuana is The Union: the business behind getting high- there is a huge amount of information.

12 years ago

weed is s*** in my opinion... i'm neither for nor against it now but i smoked it from the age of about 14 or 15 and i'm only 22, off it maybe 6 months and couldn't be happier i don't need or, even want it anymore... and before you say anything i don't drink either through personal choice, but thats the real dangerous one when any idiot can have it, even though 95% of people can go out and enjoy a few or a good few drinks, 5% can't handle s*** and f*** the place up every weekend. i would think it would make more sense to legalize grass and have drink illegal but i wouldn't want that and its never gonna happen so i don't waste my breath just seems like the logical choice of the two options if you had to ban one, and i'm Irish saying that. still cant get over how much money and time i wasted with weed, it was great for the first few years then it starts to become a chore and really unsociable, and the paranoia and all that other B S it was causing while i was high... but everyone's different some people can smoke for 50 years and enjoy every minute of it, so basically its personal choice at the end of the day.. its a part of society so its not going anywhere so make your own choices, don't be one of those people who take their whole opinions from documentaries, especially with titles as moronic as this one.Its definitely not a gateway drug in my opinion compared to booze And all these ridiculous numbers people throw up are just plain ignorant aswell. Skunk and other potent strains is known to cause psychosis and in some people other underlying mental illness's which could lead to suicide, not to mention the weed that is grown with harmful pesticides and not harvested, cured and prepared properly... the stuff that is sprayed with fiberglass and sandblasted to weigh it down by irresponsible growers can cause serious damage to the human body, or even the crime side of it with shootings and killings, so i don't believe there''s been no deaths form weed in the strict sense of the term but it is by far the least lethal by a time line get 60 to 80 years on this planet, if your lucky. if you want to have a joint go ahead. if you want to have a million joints, knock yourself out... just use your brain, and know the pros and cons and do what makes you happy. but i'v already spent enough of my time, wasting it with quarters and oz's and now i'm happy.

12 years ago

Those docs are f--kin liars!!

12 years ago

"If I smoke tobacco regularly, my chance of dying is 500 in 1000. That is 50%."

....Everyone has a 100% chance of dying.

12 years ago

wish i had a big fat joint

12 years ago

yes to some no to others...WAKE UP UALL the facts are weed in UK is a money spinner for the legal system specially so in US where they have it to a fine art you can go to a megga jail for 30 years for a £10.00 bag of weed (WAT THE F*** IS THAT) here in UK reason why they are so slow to change the law is the same everyone makes money from it from the time police take you to police station to the time you walking out of jail same goes for all illegal drugs,
legalize no not even...decriminalize drugs cut crime and a lot of people will be out of work plus jails will be empty and we cant have that,
decriminalize weed and we will grow our own so they cant make no money from it in tax so they wont do that no sir

12 years ago

Excuse the last sentence of the first paragraph (for all you critics out there who sit in front of the computer and criticize everybody's grammar), I meant to say "You make yourself lazy and stuupid by not taking the action of.... etc".

12 years ago

@ RUE: You haven't increased your intelligence because you're just obviously lazy. Just like Joe Rogan says, it doesn't maek you stupid or lazy. YOU make yourself but not taking the action of educating yourself WHILE you're high as f-bombs, at the time you are the MOST open to ideas.

Go watch more documentaries please.
The doctor in the first part is obviously crazy and is probably a dumbass that sucked her way to med-school. If she were to deserve any credentials, I'd like to see a Part 2 documentary series where she revokes her idiocy and lights a joint up on screen.


12 years ago

daniel > that's fine that you no longer wish to smoke it, but alot of others do, and personally i don't have time for the zero tolerance bullshit and other mis-information like pot causes mental illness or is a gateway drug.

It should be like alcohol, available to those that wish to use it. The government could basically fix alot of problems with society with alot more tax money, like the homeless problem, schools, hospitals and roads and more police on the streets. Tax it and let people buy it who wish to. People who don't want to use it don't have to have anything to do with it.

12 years ago

What a bunch of right-wing propaganda bullshit. Ok I myself will admit that I get sketchy on pot but I still enjoy my high, usually when it starts wearing off and I keep smoking its all great. But to the degree that woman acted is absolute bullocks. I have an anxiety disorder, depression and god knows what the hell else and I still enjoy it fine like the rest of the world. She ordered the WEAKEST stuff off of the menu mixed with tobacco. 10 minutes timing to hit her with tobacco seems a bit off since when I smoke with tobacco or rather Newfie style it hits me in about 2 minutes.

Anyways enough personal expirence I thought this would be a decent documentary but its all a bunch of propaganda bullshit.

12 years ago

that was avery clear, unbiased, and informative documentary. I don''t understand what all the potheads in this comment section are so worked up about. in no way was pot demonized.
their comments are so vile and persecutory towards this documentary i think that they are biased in some way. I started smoking pot at 13 and quit when i was about 24. I have gone thru the whole range of experiences this lady had while she was smoking pot. and i think this documentary was really enlightening. i also think life is better without the weed.

12 years ago

I love weeeeeeeed :)..

12 years ago

Very entertaining documentary. Unfortunately the bias bleeding through with ill-written phrases like "most of the children don't always fall to harder drugs" and the casual use of the prohibitionist phrase "dope" took away any perceived credibility and reduced the piece to an offensive, vulgar bit of unprofessional propaganda in my mind.
@Jen, wonderful post, substantial points made in a clear delivery, thank you.
are the release dates of documentaries generally listed somewhere that I have not spotted yet?

12 years ago

"i just don’t trust the government. they would probably put additives in [weed] to make it addictive just like tobacco in ciggs so they could sell even more of it"

AHAHAHAHA ignorance can sure be entertaining. Your government doesn't sell tobacco to you, private industry does. Unless I am drastically mistaken, the government is the only that (in the mid 80s) required big tobacco to disclose all additives, and then determined which ones were actually "safe". If you believe your government is intentionally trying to poison you without any justifiable reason, you are probably just paranoid and possibly a schizophrenic.

Are they just spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt by latching onto genetic modification in regards to weed? Let me think this over while eating a sandwich of genetically modified tomatoes.

12 years ago

Well, where to start?
Maybe a shake of the rag doll with my troll teeth? Or better yet! A long tappity-tap filled with redundancy and ill-minded point(s) of view?

Most of these comments are as misleading to the readers as the lady in this "documentary" may seem to several of you.

Humans have and will always do as humans do. We are creatures of habit, be it drugs, food, or a recent media joke, sex. Whether or not some one does, or doesn't do something is just the effect of themselves and nothing else.

As an American, self employed, who's income roughly $32,000 (before taxes), age 25, college enrolled, 38 credits with a 3.76gpa and user of recreational marijuana. I personally would like to see decriminalization, a set age limit, and a possible, like wine and beer, amount a person could produce for personal consumption without necessary documentation.

Well. where to end?

Webster defines Drug as.. """(3) : a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body """

Marijuana is a drug.
... and Jeremy Perkins stabbed his mother 70 something times and the only drug he did was vitamins. Vitamins then must do bad things to you. Don't take them.

Trolls, all of us.

12 years ago

The peace,bliss,spiritual insight and freedom gained from deep meditation is so much more than from marijuana or any other substance.

My Name Is?
12 years ago

Wow... I thought this "documentary" was bias and full of ignorance. I smoked weed for about 15 years at least 6-12 joints a day until one day I woke up and decided to quit, I also enjoy my occasional drink and if i had to pick between one of those I'd pick booze. Don't get me wrong Cannabis is MUCH MUCH safer and If someone that hasn't tried either or asked for my opinion I'd recommend pot, but hey to each his own. It just makes me sad that stuff like this is out there simply because it misinforms people who are trying to find out about pot and its effects. I HATE that people blame pot as a gateway drug! It's NOT the pot that make you try other drugs It's the people you surround yourself with! I speak from experience luckily for me I also had good friends that steered me away from the "hard drugs"... So basically my point is don't judge something because of what the media or hearsay tells you (Do you know what the tobacco companies used to say about smoking).. Research get your facts straight then make up your mind. Oh And don't think that 100% Right As we all know technology changes and in time we'll find out the truth..... TILL THEN ENJOY YOUR SMOKE/DRINK OR WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO HUST DONT JUDGE OTHERS FOR CHOOSING THEIR PATH IN LIFE AS LONG AS THEY AREN'T HURTING YOU OR OTHERS LIVE AND LET LIVE... THANKS

12 years ago

Here's the answer to the question in the title:
Everyone should smoke weed. Don't listen to this government propaganda bull s@#$.

12 years ago

First off, if you are thinking about watching this, DO NOT!!! Makes me sick about the b@##$%^& propaganda they have put into this so called documentary( probably funded by big Pharma). Second off, how can you refute the negative effects when your puffin on your cancer stick and pourin back your wine by the glass, HELLLLLLLLLO!

Two of the biggest killers in the U.S. and weed has not a single death on record, come on. the sheer mix of weed and tobacco ups your risk for lung and airway problems by 2.5 percent so why the f@#$ don't you just cut of the cancer stick and stick to the natural meditative medicine called CANNABIS! If you wanna watch a real truthful unbiased documentary watch the Union: the business behind getting high or How weed won the west!

12 years ago

Honestly... if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that dope makes you schizophrenic, I'd have ten dollars! However, both of me disagree!

12 years ago

What Dr D said.

Grow a brain JohnA. Oh that's right, you can't because you're killing it with booze.

Weed is bad for the mental health of those who don't use it.

Dr. Dunkleosteus
12 years ago

Hopefully you're joking, JohnA.

If you do any research at all on the substance, you'll find alcohol is far worse. 'Dope' didn't make Clinton a vegetable, or Obama, or Schwarzenegger, or Galafianakis, or Willie Nelson, or.... I could go on and on.

I'd much rather smoke cannabis than drink alcohol.

I don't like getting violent, throwing up, losing control of my coordination, or having a hang over the next day. I also don't like liver disease...

But hey, I won't stoop to your level and judge you for what you do at home in your free time, which you so eloquently did for all us cannabis consumers.

Have a great day, you darn alchy.

12 years ago

You darn stoners, DOPE IS ILLEGAL because its bad for you.

It serves you all right though, you'll turn into retarded vegetables.

Why not live a normal life and just stick to alcohol.

12 years ago

I have smoked pot for years man. It's great.

Nothings wrong with it. Use a vaporizer, it's better for you.