Should I Smoke Dope?

Should I Smoke Dope?

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Should I Smoke Dope?Although it's illegal, over 15 million people have tried cannabis. Even politicians admit to having smoked it in their youth.

But, in the press, there are more and more frightening stories about the effects of the drug, and there's a growing debate about whether cannabis should be reclassified as a class B drug.

In Should I Smoke Dope, journalist Nicky Taylor is off to Amsterdam to investigate. While there, she helps out in a coffee shop selling cannabis and discovers firsthand how the drug affects daily life. Back in the UK, Nicky finds out about the genetically modified cannabis called "skunk," which is cheap and increasingly sold on the streets.

Can marijuana make you crazy? Is it worse than alcohol? And is it stronger than it used to be? Nicky takes part in a groundbreaking medical trial to answer these questions. Her month-long experiment is both disturbing and revealing.

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  1. The look on the face of the cool prig in the hash museum was priceless as she giggled at all his lovely hamster fluff. Gotta love this woman, so much humour, life, beauty, spark and humanity to her ---- she made this damned entertaining. Really hope she'll knock off the tobacco


  3. Quick qualification: smoke appx 1.5 oz/ month... Colorado and California high grade marijuana w/ preference to Haze (all strands), Durban Poison, Sour Diesel and Jack Herrer (to name a few).

    First, she is so naive that I find it absolutely adorable; absolutely fell in love this woman.

    I don't see this as being a definitive documentary. She is a very experienced user of Alcohol and Cigarettes. Conversely she is a novice/rookie marijuana user and while experienced with one substance, she is then attempting to compare those with something she has no experience with.

    Nicky qualified herself as smoking pot in college. How often? Did she attempt a couple puffs at a party after getting ripped on alcohol and then claim to have smoked? Or did she really sit down, pass a joint, and experience being high.. Based on her reactions; Definitely not. When you see her in the coffee shop playing 'hand-slaps' with the manager, she is acting completely wasted compared to all the experienced smokers around her who (in the background) act normal.

    She is 'hamming it up' ... Which I understand for the sake of viewers; Unfortunately it blurs the truth.

    I believe she honestly attempted to approach this in an objective manner. My reasoning is that when Nicky interacts with people it was very friendly, subjective, and neutral.

    Unfortunately for viewers a documentaries objective is often slanted by the shows EDITORS and not the journalist... The editors have the final say as to whether this documentary will be pro marijuana, anti-legalization, or completely neutral. On this matter the British government and it's cohorts at BBC have proven that they will always opt for anti-legalization slants.

    This should not be blamed on Nicky. I want to hug her while passing a joint.

  4. Seriously...... Cannabis HAS BEEN STUDIED...... Read the Anglo-Indian Hemp Commission Report of 1895 and also please consult the LaGuardia Report of 1929 I believe. And of course the famous Richard Nixon ordered report of 1972 that he simply trashed, because it didn't agree with his opinion. Remarkably, it seems it was the efforts of one man, Harry Anslinger of the FBI, who pushed through international laws and treaties to ban Cannabis from medicinal research and use. He did this through propaganda, and refused to allow input from the medical profession. Peace......

  5. I love the part when she steps out of the car after not hitting a single doll, and the voice over tells of how dangerous it is.

  6. What a load of bollox...

    Hard to know where to start criticizing this rubbish so I won't bother.

    I'm off to roll one. Thank Christ I don't live in the UK.

  7. No you should not smoke dope because dope is heroin not marijuana get that shit right.

  8. Yeah this is horrible propaganda especially the driving at baby dolls in the road experiment at exactly 70 kilometers per hr because that will happen in real life.

  9. This isn't propaganda? I've smoked weed before. Yes, you do get anxious. You may get dry lips. You may get a burning sensation in your mouth linked with pasties. The first time I did it I got a burning sensation in my mouth, but I didn't get any "white stuff" in my mouth. I did indeed have short term memory loss, I was laughing over nothing for 30 minutes and I can't even remember it. Plus we used a home made bong and the hose didn't even go in the water, and had alcohol to drink, both mixed in with cola and shots of what I think was "Bundy Red" I don't really get the munchies the 2nd time I did it, chicken flavoured chips tasted really good, but the morning after it just wasn't as tasty. Then I smoked more weed later that day, this time it wasn't mixed with tabbaco. I had two cones, went inside from the garage, I fell on the ground laughing, i could hear my self breathing heavy, it was really trippy, then I was later glued on the floor just infornt of a coach seat, but this time I didn't get short term memory loss even though the stuff I smoked was certainly stronger, and I had a real bong too, it cost me $35. The weed I got this time had a really strong smell.

  10. THC is one of the 60+ cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. She is talking about CBD (Cannabidiol).

  11. The majority of doctors in the world are still misinformed, it isn't really their fault, but the truth and scientific evidence is coming out at an exponential rate. I would not blame this young doctor immediately, but suggest that she read books written by other more experienced doctors on the subject eg. The Pot Book by Julie Holland 2010 contains some of the most up to date information/clinical studies etc. Also books by Dr Lester Grinspoon and others. I will end by saying that when an honest person discovers that he is mistaken, he either ceases to be mistaken, or he ceases to be honest.

  12. THC is one of many cannabinoids. Although the ratio of cannabinoids other than THC and THC vary in weed "Skunk" has as much of other cannabinoids as other weed if not more. Testing pure THC versus THC and other cannabinoids as a measure of "skunk" versus other weed is a terrible experimental procedure. A better procedure would be to test an extract of so called "skunk" weed versus an extract of regular weed. Basically in the study shown they were testing a pharmaceutical like marinol, the pure THC, versus a representation of the normal composition of a naturally occurring cannabis plant. Their study showed nothing about "skunk" weed because it inaccurately represented "skunk" weed. They basically showed that a pharmaceutical had a worse effect than a substance that in its natural form is safe.

  13. Her biggest mistake was going to hash and spliffs. Don't smoke something as strong as hash, or a mixture of tobacco and weed if you are a new smoker. Both are terrible ideas. Start out on mid quality weed and take it slowly.

    1. why start out at all?? Just another thing to waste your money on and spend the rest of your time justifying it bitterly to yourself and others.

    2. It's not as black and white as good or bad in my opinion.
      Psychedelics, like cannabis, while not necessarily suitable for everyone at every time, do often have their beneficial uses.
      Cannabis, for example, can be used for things like enhancing introspection, meditation, self understanding, creativity etc.
      Psychedelics are tools, and like most tools it all depends on how they're used.

  14. that was awful

  15. "I have a medical team standing by" PLEASE. hahahahhaha

  16. What a ridiculous piece of propaganda. FAIL!

  17. Oh my god. this has really put me off smoking forever.........NOT!
    That's like taking a woman who has never had alcohol in her life and getting her paralytic, she going to feel ****!! whats more, im not sure smoking weed knowing that your doing it for an experiment will put you in the right state of mind for smoking. Give the ***** some mushrooms and tell her to sort out her perspective on conscious enhancing drugs!!

  18. The worst herb documentary ever!!!

  19. The irony is that this first joint that Nicky Taylor smoked - not 'skunk' cannabis (i.e. sinsemilla bud). Just old fashioned seeded, leavy Jamaica brick weed, with tobacco. I know, because I've bought it. It is seeded, pressed to reduce volume for export, outdoor sun grown weed. Not sinsemilla bud. It has viable seeds in it, which can be grown out into plants.

    Is weed stronger than it used to be? Consider these lyrics from the 1920s:

    "Man what's the matter with that cat there?"
    "must be full of reefer"
    "full of reefer?!"
    "yea man"
    "you mean that cats high?!"
    "sailing lightly"
    "get away from here
    "Man is that the reefer man?"
    "that's the reefer man"
    "I believe he's losing his mind"
    "I think he's lost his mind!"

    "If he said he swam to china, and he sells you south carolina"
    "then you know your talking to that reefer man"

    "If he said he walks the ocean, any time he takes the notion"
    "then you know you're talking to a reefer man."

    Now that's pretty high. And that's from the 1920s, your great-grandfather's weed. Remember the Cheech & Chong movies from the 1970s? Tell me they didn't get high in the 70s. :)

    But the argument that 'this is not your parents marijuana' is of course just as old. Hemp got banned as the 'strange new drug that is driving people insane', by calling it marijuana. Which was an obscure slang term for weed, as most slang for weed is pretty obscure. And then there was 'The Skunk'. And in the Americas, 'The Kush'.

    The more things change...

  20. From 2:30 onward the doctor is speaking rubbish. Smoking cannabis actually TREATS schizophrenia; it doesn't lead to it. Bull**** is coming out of her mouth. Falling down? Who the **** ever fell down from smoking pot? Maybe on a couch, but that's about it. There is not proof whatsoever of the doctor's claims. She obviously watched Reefer Madness and believed it...Sleep disturbance and nightmares? Where is that idiot doctor getting her 'facts' from? Again, it TREATS insomnia; it doesn't cause it...I'm not even bothering to watch the rest of this ****. If you want some real medical proof gathered from 20 years worth of research, make sure you see 'What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?' and get the REAL facts about cannabis and what a wonderful medicine it is.

    1. okay, well marijuana has had studies that show that adolescents who smoke and have a predisposition to schizophrenia are more likely to get it. now this can be that pot causes something to trigger it, or perhaps people who do have it are more inclined to smoke
      next, being really high can make a person light headed, dizzy, and/or disoriented (usually not for long) but this might not be from the weed itself but the process of smoking it. meaning from the deprivation of oxygen to the brain (aka holding your hit in as long as you can) which would cause someone to stumble and fall, so it's possible
      and unfortunately marijuana can have the affect of insomnia. after all, smoking does cause one's heartbeat to increase and that may make sleep more difficult. simply stating i believe that smoking all you can smoke will most likely put someone sleep rather quickly (cure for insomnia, sorta) however i believe when someone smokes a little bit (say just to get a buzz) i believe the reverse is true and that it rather can keep a person awake by keeping the mind alert
      finally, unfortunately for both activists and prohibitionists there are seemingly many hypocritical properties and effects of marijuana that aren't fully understood. hell, just go to your medicine cabinet and read the back of your aspirin bottle, do you truly understand that?

    2. There have been studies that prove it can increase the chance of schizophrenia if you have a predisposition to it

      You are misinformed

  21. I thought it was a fair review overall (I trust what she was doing was real ad I have seen and felt the same experiences). I also thought it was honest that they showed the experiences of several others (young and old) to be positive experiences. For me its been great and it has been a life saver for me with my arthritis (reduces pain for a while and also inflammation). I have gotten the munchies but I find it no different than after drinking and I get the munchies too. Point is like everyone discusses here is that the experience is different for some people (same a drinking).

    There's no doubt that it should be legalized and I hope everyone here spreads good word about the health benefits and try to keep things positive. Don't go with the "propaganda" twist because I think it would have been a lot more negative towards cannabis use if that was the case.
    Last point, there is definitely some "science" misinformation.

  22. I wish my tolerance was as low as hers. 1/10 of a g and you're blown? An eighth would last me forever! Either that or I haven't been smoking the right stuff haha.

  23. Feels like this documentary was funded by an alchool or tobaco company...

  24. I think it's important to remember that all the experts in this doc have it in their best interests to tow the company line and remain mainstream. The doctors are certainly bias toward pushing pills and it would be unwise financially to promote a plant . Its a weed, toss some seeds around and it would be hard not to grow rampant. It's only been recent that people have had the nerve to actually speak out positively of their experience with THC. Notables like Carl Sagan and Pierre Burton managed to keep their little secret from us, I believe they would have had some valuable insights to share . Imagine the howls that historians will have with our societies conundrum with the weed enigma. We will seem ridiculous that laws sanctioned all the really bad drugs like tobacco, alcohol, prescription pills and a harmless plant was demonized. I'd like to see a Mythbusters episode on the effects of tobacco vs weed on the lungs. That 3 to 1 ratio seems dubious. If fear of lung disease is your issue then quit whining and eat the stuff in a delicious brownie .

  25. Not very good.. 4 out of 10

  26. lol, just another excuse to get hi. for a month.

  27. This documentary was mediocre at best. I am always up for hearing both sides of the argument; but I found this documentary to have a lot of information that has been left out. I did not like how she totally let's her inhibitions go; not with just weed but alcohol too. Also, I've never heard anything about how 1 joint = 3 cigarettes (sounds like B.S. considering everything tobacco contains compared to marijuana). Another thing that bothered me about the documentary is she never fully followed the directions of her experiments; such as her smoking a whole joint instead of taking 2 puffs and waiting 15 minutes, she never actually tried to put the table together, and she made really abrupt stops when she was driving on a closed course; most people who smoke would tell you all the things she was told to do are not impossible tasks when your stoned- they may be challenging but certainly not as much of a challenge as she made it out to be. A really good documentary on marijuana is The Union: the business behind getting high- there is a huge amount of information.

    1. I can tell from the perspective you've shared of this documentary that it's obviously... full of it's self, for a lack of better words. From the details you gave, from a scientific perspective, it's all baseless claims with nothing to back it up. Sounds like it spews misinformation with no actual data to back up their claims. There is no real scientific value in that and should be disregarded.

      In other words, you shouldn't watch this. You can tell It's bull**** baseless misinformation without even watching it.

  28. weed is s*** in my opinion... i'm neither for nor against it now but i smoked it from the age of about 14 or 15 and i'm only 22, off it maybe 6 months and couldn't be happier i don't need or, even want it anymore... and before you say anything i don't drink either through personal choice, but thats the real dangerous one when any idiot can have it, even though 95% of people can go out and enjoy a few or a good few drinks, 5% can't handle s*** and f*** the place up every weekend. i would think it would make more sense to legalize grass and have drink illegal but i wouldn't want that and its never gonna happen so i don't waste my breath just seems like the logical choice of the two options if you had to ban one, and i'm Irish saying that. still cant get over how much money and time i wasted with weed, it was great for the first few years then it starts to become a chore and really unsociable, and the paranoia and all that other B S it was causing while i was high... but everyone's different some people can smoke for 50 years and enjoy every minute of it, so basically its personal choice at the end of the day.. its a part of society so its not going anywhere so make your own choices, don't be one of those people who take their whole opinions from documentaries, especially with titles as moronic as this one.Its definitely not a gateway drug in my opinion compared to booze And all these ridiculous numbers people throw up are just plain ignorant aswell. Skunk and other potent strains is known to cause psychosis and in some people other underlying mental illness's which could lead to suicide, not to mention the weed that is grown with harmful pesticides and not harvested, cured and prepared properly... the stuff that is sprayed with fiberglass and sandblasted to weigh it down by irresponsible growers can cause serious damage to the human body, or even the crime side of it with shootings and killings, so i don't believe there''s been no deaths form weed in the strict sense of the term but it is by far the least lethal by a time line get 60 to 80 years on this planet, if your lucky. if you want to have a joint go ahead. if you want to have a million joints, knock yourself out... just use your brain, and know the pros and cons and do what makes you happy. but i'v already spent enough of my time, wasting it with quarters and oz's and now i'm happy.

    1. At your age you are more mature and on a better path to success than some video game playing weed addicted 45 year old, kudos to you man, you have your head screwed on right! :)

  29. Those docs are f--kin liars!!

  30. "If I smoke tobacco regularly, my chance of dying is 500 in 1000. That is 50%."

    ....Everyone has a 100% chance of dying.

  31. wish i had a big fat joint

  32. yes to some no to others...WAKE UP UALL the facts are weed in UK is a money spinner for the legal system specially so in US where they have it to a fine art you can go to a megga jail for 30 years for a £10.00 bag of weed (WAT THE F*** IS THAT) here in UK reason why they are so slow to change the law is the same everyone makes money from it from the time police take you to police station to the time you walking out of jail same goes for all illegal drugs,
    legalize no not even...decriminalize drugs cut crime and a lot of people will be out of work plus jails will be empty and we cant have that,
    decriminalize weed and we will grow our own so they cant make no money from it in tax so they wont do that no sir

    1. Just a quick note Adam, the working tax payer pays for the police force and the justice system including the jails. There isn't one uniform type of law being practiced in the UK legal system there are many more types for example, commercial, criminal, property, human rights....ect ect to name a very few.

      People will still go to jail because some are mentally focused on crime whilst others will take risks in other area's. I could be sentenced to six months for refusing to pay an on the spot fine for example, if I am unemployed I will still need legal and if I go to jail I will of course expect to meet the usual crowd of criminals that frequent in such a place..... so in conclusion I think your theory is flawed but it's just an opinion.

  33. Excuse the last sentence of the first paragraph (for all you critics out there who sit in front of the computer and criticize everybody's grammar), I meant to say "You make yourself lazy and stuupid by not taking the action of.... etc".

  34. @ RUE: You haven't increased your intelligence because you're just obviously lazy. Just like Joe Rogan says, it doesn't maek you stupid or lazy. YOU make yourself but not taking the action of educating yourself WHILE you're high as f-bombs, at the time you are the MOST open to ideas.

    Go watch more documentaries please.
    The doctor in the first part is obviously crazy and is probably a dumbass that sucked her way to med-school. If she were to deserve any credentials, I'd like to see a Part 2 documentary series where she revokes her idiocy and lights a joint up on screen.


  35. daniel > that's fine that you no longer wish to smoke it, but alot of others do, and personally i don't have time for the zero tolerance bullshit and other mis-information like pot causes mental illness or is a gateway drug.

    It should be like alcohol, available to those that wish to use it. The government could basically fix alot of problems with society with alot more tax money, like the homeless problem, schools, hospitals and roads and more police on the streets. Tax it and let people buy it who wish to. People who don't want to use it don't have to have anything to do with it.

  36. What a bunch of right-wing propaganda bullshit. Ok I myself will admit that I get sketchy on pot but I still enjoy my high, usually when it starts wearing off and I keep smoking its all great. But to the degree that woman acted is absolute bullocks. I have an anxiety disorder, depression and god knows what the hell else and I still enjoy it fine like the rest of the world. She ordered the WEAKEST stuff off of the menu mixed with tobacco. 10 minutes timing to hit her with tobacco seems a bit off since when I smoke with tobacco or rather Newfie style it hits me in about 2 minutes.

    Anyways enough personal expirence I thought this would be a decent documentary but its all a bunch of propaganda bullshit.

  37. that was avery clear, unbiased, and informative documentary. I don''t understand what all the potheads in this comment section are so worked up about. in no way was pot demonized.
    their comments are so vile and persecutory towards this documentary i think that they are biased in some way. I started smoking pot at 13 and quit when i was about 24. I have gone thru the whole range of experiences this lady had while she was smoking pot. and i think this documentary was really enlightening. i also think life is better without the weed.

  38. I love weeeeeeeed :)..

  39. Very entertaining documentary. Unfortunately the bias bleeding through with ill-written phrases like "most of the children don't always fall to harder drugs" and the casual use of the prohibitionist phrase "dope" took away any perceived credibility and reduced the piece to an offensive, vulgar bit of unprofessional propaganda in my mind.
    @Jen, wonderful post, substantial points made in a clear delivery, thank you.
    @Vlatko are the release dates of documentaries generally listed somewhere that I have not spotted yet?

  40. "i just don’t trust the government. they would probably put additives in [weed] to make it addictive just like tobacco in ciggs so they could sell even more of it"

    AHAHAHAHA ignorance can sure be entertaining. Your government doesn't sell tobacco to you, private industry does. Unless I am drastically mistaken, the government is the only that (in the mid 80s) required big tobacco to disclose all additives, and then determined which ones were actually "safe". If you believe your government is intentionally trying to poison you without any justifiable reason, you are probably just paranoid and possibly a schizophrenic.

    Are they just spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt by latching onto genetic modification in regards to weed? Let me think this over while eating a sandwich of genetically modified tomatoes.

  41. Well, where to start?
    Maybe a shake of the rag doll with my troll teeth? Or better yet! A long tappity-tap filled with redundancy and ill-minded point(s) of view?

    Most of these comments are as misleading to the readers as the lady in this "documentary" may seem to several of you.

    Humans have and will always do as humans do. We are creatures of habit, be it drugs, food, or a recent media joke, sex. Whether or not some one does, or doesn't do something is just the effect of themselves and nothing else.

    As an American, self employed, who's income roughly $32,000 (before taxes), age 25, college enrolled, 38 credits with a 3.76gpa and user of recreational marijuana. I personally would like to see decriminalization, a set age limit, and a possible, like wine and beer, amount a person could produce for personal consumption without necessary documentation.

    Well. where to end?

    Webster defines Drug as.. """(3) : a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body """

    Marijuana is a drug.
    ... and Jeremy Perkins stabbed his mother 70 something times and the only drug he did was vitamins. Vitamins then must do bad things to you. Don't take them.

    Trolls, all of us.

  42. The peace,bliss,spiritual insight and freedom gained from deep meditation is so much more than from marijuana or any other substance.

  43. Wow... I thought this "documentary" was bias and full of ignorance. I smoked weed for about 15 years at least 6-12 joints a day until one day I woke up and decided to quit, I also enjoy my occasional drink and if i had to pick between one of those I'd pick booze. Don't get me wrong Cannabis is MUCH MUCH safer and If someone that hasn't tried either or asked for my opinion I'd recommend pot, but hey to each his own. It just makes me sad that stuff like this is out there simply because it misinforms people who are trying to find out about pot and its effects. I HATE that people blame pot as a gateway drug! It's NOT the pot that make you try other drugs It's the people you surround yourself with! I speak from experience luckily for me I also had good friends that steered me away from the "hard drugs"... So basically my point is don't judge something because of what the media or hearsay tells you (Do you know what the tobacco companies used to say about smoking).. Research get your facts straight then make up your mind. Oh And don't think that 100% Right As we all know technology changes and in time we'll find out the truth..... TILL THEN ENJOY YOUR SMOKE/DRINK OR WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO HUST DONT JUDGE OTHERS FOR CHOOSING THEIR PATH IN LIFE AS LONG AS THEY AREN'T HURTING YOU OR OTHERS LIVE AND LET LIVE... THANKS

  44. Here's the answer to the question in the title:
    Everyone should smoke weed. Don't listen to this government propaganda bull s@#$.

  45. First off, if you are thinking about watching this, DO NOT!!! Makes me sick about the b@##$%^& propaganda they have put into this so called documentary( probably funded by big Pharma). Second off, how can you refute the negative effects when your puffin on your cancer stick and pourin back your wine by the glass, HELLLLLLLLLO!

    Two of the biggest killers in the U.S. and weed has not a single death on record, come on. the sheer mix of weed and tobacco ups your risk for lung and airway problems by 2.5 percent so why the f@#$ don't you just cut of the cancer stick and stick to the natural meditative medicine called CANNABIS! If you wanna watch a real truthful unbiased documentary watch the Union: the business behind getting high or How weed won the west!

  46. Honestly... if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that dope makes you schizophrenic, I'd have ten dollars! However, both of me disagree!

  47. What Dr D said.

    Grow a brain JohnA. Oh that's right, you can't because you're killing it with booze.

    Weed is bad for the mental health of those who don't use it.

  48. Hopefully you're joking, JohnA.

    If you do any research at all on the substance, you'll find alcohol is far worse. 'Dope' didn't make Clinton a vegetable, or Obama, or Schwarzenegger, or Galafianakis, or Willie Nelson, or.... I could go on and on.

    I'd much rather smoke cannabis than drink alcohol.

    I don't like getting violent, throwing up, losing control of my coordination, or having a hang over the next day. I also don't like liver disease...

    But hey, I won't stoop to your level and judge you for what you do at home in your free time, which you so eloquently did for all us cannabis consumers.

    Have a great day, you darn alchy.

  49. You darn stoners, DOPE IS ILLEGAL because its bad for you.

    It serves you all right though, you'll turn into retarded vegetables.

    Why not live a normal life and just stick to alcohol.

  50. I have smoked pot for years man. It's great.

    Nothings wrong with it. Use a vaporizer, it's better for you.

  51. Yeah this woman has no clue, and she can't even get her facts right. For example when she goes into the lab to be injected with the pharmaceutical versions, she describes them as pure THC on one hand, and 'THC + cannabanoid' on the other. Firstly she can't can't even spell cannabinoid properly, and secondly, THC *is* a cannabinoid. The second substance is actually CBD, or cannabidiol, which is another kind of cannabinoid. Sigh.

  52. haha, what a theatrical performance. very bad documentary.

  53. this is an absolute disgrace of a documentary

  54. @all above
    well I agree with most of the parts but sad to say I became a little delusional and paranoid after months of smoking a certain strong Indian strain of Marijuana and then it turned into full scale delusional schizophrenia when I took LSD in my f--ked up state..
    well not to blame the drugs completely as it was taking at the wrong time that this happened. but cant say that Marijuana is totally harmless either..
    later when I was hospitalized I found that some other patients were in for Marijuana induced psychosis as well and a close friend too later started developing similar symptoms due to daily marijuana use.
    At the same time I know dozens of people doing the same(smoking up daily) and having a great mental and physical health and fulfilling careers.
    P.S. you dont know what actual marijuana is until you try the Indian variants(I mean f--k hydro and skunk, its better)

  55. I'd give her the old 3 pump and an apology

  56. @Pacha

    Yeah 11 is way too young to start - kids should wait till voting age before they consider it, as getting stuck into it younger, may, as you say, stunt you in certain ways. I actually read a recent study somewhere suggesting this, that you should wait till you're 18.

    But there is no such thing as weed that is too strong - it's total BS. All it means is that you should use less of it. And if you're smoking it (as opposed to vaporizing or cooking it) it also means you're sucking less toxic smoke c#$% into your lungs. And yeah maybe you could encourage your son to use a vaporizer if he must use weed - at least it'll spare his lungs.

    But there are such things as different strains, which have different ratios of the various cannabinoids (THC, CBD etc), which yield their own particular highs. Maybe you'd prefer more of a sativa strain to the indica varieties which are so popular these days.

  57. i feel like she was unbios while doing this documentary. i think she was openminded, especialy while doing her first smoke well above the shop owners recomendation. I feel like usualy these documentaries are eather for or against weed so this was a breath of freash air for me. i smoke weed everyday and have descovered its realy actualy different to everyone. She may get lazy but wen i smoke i feel like jogging or working out...especialy working out because every set is like a fresh start aposed to being sober and dealing with the repetativeness...I feel like weed has made me a better person aswell and closer to god

  58. Lee
    You make some good points there.
    I started smoking aged 11 and now, aged 45 I really wished I hadnt. My son is 13 and has just told me he's started and the idea of him messing with his brain is horrible to me.
    I feel like my emotional development and capacity to learn were stunted when I started.
    On top of that I've always felt addicted since I started smoking heavily around ages 21. I live in a place at the moment where it's really hard to find anything to smoke. Partly that's a blessing to me because I go a bit looney tunes if I smoke 24/7. I can physically go without but the other side is me thinking about where and how to score 24/7 and has been for weeks.
    When i do manage to score I smoke and then wonder why I have because I dont really know which way is up anymore. Weed these days is way too strong and is definitely dangerous to drive on to operate machinery. J-rock mentioned driving really slow on weed. That was actually one of my very first experiences with skunk. Just couldnt understand how to drive.
    As I've said elsewhere on this thread I am 100% pro legalisation but strong weed does come with some dangers which people need to be made aware of.

  59. Seriously? This movie was obliviously made around typical myths about marijuana. ANYTHING IN EXCESS can have consequences, yet ironically enough, most marijuana users are loving, grounded, and sane people.
    What really disappointed me about this movie "scientific facts" to which it's based on. A misguided production using doctors, academics, and other resources that are obviously going to side with the pharmaceutical companies. I also feel as though the producers had the host stage or "spice up" the marijuana effects. A few scenes were blown way out of proportion (Driving 26mph/kph). You may notice how the coffee shop employees were mildly annoyed by her "high" behavior.
    Without any knowledge of who made this film, I can only bet the studio who filmed this company is under the umbrella of a powerful multinational corporation. ;-)
    TO paraphrase the buddha, "when it doubt, find it out"

  60. What i cant understand is, why so many people cant function through a full day without having to smoke weed, If its not addictive why so many people have to have it on a daily basis. It does cause mental problems my brother smokes it, and hes all calm, but when hes not had some hes a horrible person,paranoid and aggresive etc, and has stolen in the past. My cousin smoked it he too was so paranoid. Alot of people seem controled, or owned by the drug, IE all they think about is their next joint and were to get it if they dont have it. Theres a guy who lives up my street who smokes it all the time, hes turning into a rite looney tunes. I often get the impression aswell people who smoke weed, seem to be ultra defensive on the subject like its the best thing since sliced bread, yeh tellin me that with your devilish red eyes and horrible stench, and artificial state of mind. Sure people have freedom of choice, and we also have freedom of opinion, im sure all the weed smokers will read this and say haha what an idiot. but i dont care!

  61. pot has different effects on everyone. you cant say it for sure doesn't make anyone psycho because you haven't met everysingle person in the world who smokes. i think it should be legalized becauise of all the innocent people being cut up into pieces in mexico right now, but i also think it can be pretty addicting if you're not in the right mind set going into it, just like anything else can be addicting.

  62. You are absolutely right Shugga.

    This ducomentary isint a DOCUMENTARY!
    Comeon do people really believe smoking weed prevents you from assembling a fu*king table!

  63. This is so true!!!

    True bull****!!

  64. Where I live(in Canada), it is not a huge criminal offence to smoke weed. Mainly what cops do if they catch you smoking weed,they will take it away. If you have more than a certain amount on you, then they can say that you are selling it.
    I like the way it is run right now, I just wish it was okay to buy it. Then at least it would be safer. I remember buying weed off the street, I went to bust it up, and BAM! There's all this white powder in it.
    I don't think our government would try to make us addicted to it, as "k" said they would, but we could be living in different countries so I don't know about that. Sure the government might tax it, and price it higher, but I personally would feel safer buying from a coffee shop, like in Amsterdam, than some kid on the street.

    P.S. I went through the whole of my last high school years smoking weed, and only after a while, could I do normal things with out bursting into giggles.

  65. I found her annoying and very rude.She really wasted the guys time in the museum,the one place she could have got some real knowledge on the subject.She barged her way into the old ladies house and went through her cupboards!!Honestly she does not seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.I would not let her behind the wheel of a car and as for putting the furniture together,come on common sense with the hammer!!Really should have used a different person for this documentary.

  66. Ganja is simply a recreational herb, i wouldnt call it a drug, because its not chemically produced, it grows from the earth.. i wouldnt say it is bad or good.. we shouldnt be putting much of the pressure on the herb, but on the person who uses the herb.. these conservatives made these type of documentary because they are afraid that people generally would shift out of the usual living culture we have.. but in my opinion the living culture we have now is already a wrong turn made at one point, one clear evidence.. look how the way we live now have damage the earth. Back to talking about ganja.. it isnt bad neither good. it is how we individuals bring it to be.. like alcohol! why dont these conservatives make a documentary stating all the harsh and negative effect physically and on the society, im sure it'll be a long hour documentary.
    p.s i do smoke ganja from time to time because it get me to relax and it balance me out. and its fun!

  67. nick
    You're living in fantasy land if you're trying to convince people that smoking dope makes you energetic and concentrate better.
    It's true that some types of grass give you a short lived energetic buzz and also true that you can get really into a project, at least for a while.
    But don't fool yourself. I am a long term smoker and I either suffer now or have suffered from every adverse effect that's related to smoking. If you carry on, your brain will become slower and you will eventually start buying lesser quality products because you just want to get high.
    Smoking's great, don't get me wrong but after 32 years of smoking, these days I feel like a junkie, when I score, when I smoke and when I'm coming down. I get incredibly stressed out if I can't score, I often get aggressive when I'm high, I'm forgetful, I drive dangerously, I find it impossible to study or to take in any information apart from watching movies or something. I still enjoy it but I often wish I could stop for good. My brain feels fried to be honest.

    As a responsible adult with a lot of long term adult pot head friends, I can tell you with 100% certainty that smoking lots of dope has plenty of drawbacks in life.
    So, please continue to enjoy it but don't try to convince the rest of the world that it's all good.

  68. kittkatt i can't agree with you i am sorry smoking made you lazy and stupid but it doesn't with the rest of us i honestly do better when i am high i used to go high to school every day and i think it help me out with my ADD i could pay more attention and do my work it made me concentrate more i got a lot better grades because i tend to work harder when i am high.
    i had so many teacher say i was doing great and tell me i got a future you know so i really don't think that they see me as a lazy forgetful pothead i am just another person who happens to smoke weed but its true if you smoke to much you do get stupid its called being stoned but it goes away when your not getting baked the best thing to do is just smoke a little to get a buzz. one beer will make you feel good ten will make you beat up your best friend you do to much of anything its bad for you

  69. Listen to this angry vile comments from the pro-weed crowd on here. I have RARELY met anyone who claims a healthy productive life and regular usage of Marijuana. I smoked for 5 years almost everyday. It's no enjoyable. It's makes you unsharp, lazy, forgetful. But the biggest trick the drug plays on you is making you think you are on key, sharp and productive. The truth is that overtime you appear unkempt, tired, forgetful. This is what we call a "Pothead" But they never see how they look to the outside world. We DO NOT need "Liberal Utopias" like Amsterdam. WAKE UP- These drugs slow you down, take you off guard, de-masculine men, make women loose. This is what governments want. Stay high, stay loose, stay lazy. It's the PERFECT storm for tyranny, dictatorial governments etc. They want you to have these angry liberal views, keep smoking, keeping believing your free. Your a sucker feeding into a world governments plan to make you lazy and stupid. Then you wake up one day and they have declared martial law.

  70. @rue i find that if you smoke alot and read and exercise your brain alot through forcing different thought experiments then writing it down into full essays. For example you can do university assignments completely wasted and then continue to practice doing that. Eventually your brain will adjust- but constant exercise is essential. How do you think the high power people get there.. they do drugs just that they also didnt let themselves relax cause their greed was stronger than their high. I hope my greed will be stronger than anything else in my life. Except of course god.. dang i shudnt be greedy. But i stand by my original statement cause although i shouldnt be greedy; greed will keep ur brain moving faster than marijuana can slow it down.

  71. No-one can use the anti-smoking argument against weed anymore. Not with quality vapourizers now available. And besides, you can also cook with weed.

  72. I know it's common, but i would never ruin good weed by mixing with tobacco. That s*** is grown with radioactive fertilizer and is WAY worse for your lungs. Combining the two negates any scientific validity. Watch the union and pay close attention to the part where a guy with multiple sclerosis smokes. It's night and day.

  73. It's natural, so it's safe. If you really believe this stupidity, eat Digitalis purpurea! It's a joke. Please, don't do that. You could die.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  74. the argument that because things are natural they must be safe is ridiculous.
    there's plenty of naturally occuring things that can kill you.
    Haven't watched the doc yet and dont really want to after reading the comments.
    just nipped in to give my two cents worth :)

  75. The lies in this documentary makes me sad. Although I do smoke pot, I don't endorse it to any body but I also don't invent effects that it does when you smoke.

  76. Wow of course if a retard smokes weed they are still going to be retarded. She definitely was a true "blonde."

    And what's up with rejects always saying "It's a gateway drug!" Smdh, maybe if there was a legal,safe place for people to go to get their weed from, they wouldn't be around the street dealers that carry everything cause they don't make as much money of of weed and will always try to push it onto the kids who normally by marijuana. Terrible documentary, that chick needs to go finish grade 12 for real.

  77. A whole lot of propaganda!. First I cannot find any studies linking smoking pot to holes in lung or any kind of lung damage at all. All I can find is a independent Harvard study saying that marijuana inhibits lung tumors. Also he says that lungs can't repair themselves. Also BS! Anyone that has ever put a hole in their lung with a broken rib can tell you that it heals. The Physicians that where paid off in this documentarys should be triped and thrown head first down a flight off stairs. I smoke weed my wife smokes cigs. I train in Muay Thai and can run a few miles. My wife can run around the block and then pukes. If marijuana effects the the lungs in negative way. Then way do so many professonal atheletes smoke week. Allen Iverson, Mike Phelps, Ricky Williams just to name a few.

  78. @j


    I believe that addiction is all in the mind. If you don't have self control then you allow yourself to become addicted. Sure, there are chemical additives put in certain drugs to make the body become dependent on that substance, but marijuana is not like that.
    I have been smoking weed for about 4 years now. I know that I'm not addicted. I do smoke nearly everyday, but not all day, everyday. Most of the time it's after I get off from work or before I go to bed. It relaxes me to help me sleep. But when I do smoke I do not allow it to effect me in a negative way. I can still function as I would if I were sober. It just takes that edge off of things.
    There are days where I do not feel like smoking at all.

    Every drug, including prescription drugs and alcohol, has different effects on people. It just depends on the individuals mind set and surroundings.

    I do agree with you that you do not know what has been added to the marijuana, but its not likely that you're going to get a hold of any that is laced. First, If you're buying, you shouldn't be dealing with anyone sketchy. Real pot heads wouldn't try to harm other pot heads,(we stick together)lol. And second, if anyone did have drugs like, pcp or coke, they def wouldn't waste it by lacing weed they are selling to someone else.
    Now, you may never know what was used to grow the marijuana, but the most harmful thing I can imagine would be Miracle Grow or Round Up. But, if you eat non-organic vegetables from the supermarket you are more than likely getting a higher dosage from those than you are smoking a joint here or there.

    Marijuana induced Schizophrenia? I can't and won't believe that is an illness. Schizophrenia is a word that describes what "society" thinks is an illness.
    Schizophrenia: characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality.
    IN RESPONSE TO THAT, what do you think makes us all individuals? its our perception of reality! we all have different experiences in life, and how we perceive those experiences make us who we are. So who can say what makes a person normal. WHAT'S NORMAL? it's all about the "rules made by society"......

    and that gets me to my next point


    In your eyes the "best of life" is what you think would be best for your life. I'm a completely different individual than you because we have had different experiences in our lives. So my point is, "people" should not be categorized as a whole, everyone is an individual.

    well until you have the experience of an acid/lsd or mushroom trip you will continue to have no idea...
    I wouldn't say that this life is terrible. But, when you have a hallucinogenic trip it wakes your mind up, or "makes you think" as society would put it. And to society "thinking" is bad. Because when you "think" or become more aware of the real things that should matter in life (or what I like to call "loosing the ego"), that goes against society's set of rules for being "normal".



  79. @J

    Sorry to hear about your husband, but I hope you understand that a diagnosis like that is very very rare and you should not judge the plant based on his case alone. If you read up a bit you'll discover that anyone with a condition like that was at higher risk of developing schizophrenia regardless.

    It's actually not our "right" to do that or even our privilege too because marijuana is an illegal controlled substance. This is the point I was trying to make with the heroin comparison because THC is illegal yet opium is very legal, controlled but legal, so I don't think it is a valid comparison.

  80. oh and to answer your question i did know about the use of the opium plant in legalized morphine etc.
    i just think that people who buy pot from others also do not know what has been added

  81. @ young

    i was married to someone who was a pot smoker so i have heard all of it. i watched an intelligent man who had goals and dreams turn into someone who has recently left a psyciatric hospital with the diagnosis of marijuana induced pschizophrenia (sorry about the spelling). it saddens me that a naturally grown plant can not only do so much damage.
    i could no longer sit by and watch the father of my children dreg out on the lounge after a smoke.

    i feel that if you are young and have no responsibilities other than yourself and you want to spend your nights dregged out on the lounge with the munchies than perhaps that is your right.
    unfortunately people do not see how this drug can cause problems for the people around them.

  82. This woman is intolerable..

  83. ^When you speak of danger, I think you're trying to say that danger comes from a misunderstanding (or complete lack of understanding) about the substance in question, the way in which it should be taken, as well as the purpose it is taken for. IF that is your statement, allow me to disagree and point out another side:

    Someone, like say a doctor, on the other hand, who knows the dangers, understands the substance, knows how and why it should be taken, etc. can still develop a dependancy issue. Medical personel have access to morphine and other highly-addictive pain-killers. The fact that a percentage of these people get addicted to these substances show that the real danger is inside of people and you can't legislate morality. This is why cannabis should be legal, regulated, and taxed. People are going to do what they want and right now a lot of people want to have access to cannabis. So America needs to stop spending money trying to enforce prohibition and instead needs to make some money off it. ...Like big pharma would let them anyway... but, we will see.

  84. "why do you waste your one chance at life by missing out on certain experiences?"

    Very true, drugs, dangerous as they may be, can change your view of the world completely.

  85. This is so fake, she smoked 1 joint and she says that she is really scared and that it was her worst day ever in her whole life. This is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. It's just funny to see her talk about it, she makes it sound worse than heroin...

  86. @j

    Heroin is not natural. Opium is, and then that is extracted from the poppy buds and treated with chemicals to create heroin. Do you realize Opium is a legal controlled substance in most countries around the world? Where do you think morphine and codeine come from?

  87. @lois why do you feel people who like to get high o drunk sometimes are as you say "destroying themselves"?

    there are many people who live completely perfect prodcutive lives while drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis.

    why do you waste your one chance at life by missing out on certain experiences?


    1. The sum of these comments represent equal truths. any mind altering substance can unlock life for you, or bury you into a wretched existence.

    2. Respect for them, and understanding their power and observe the rule of moderation.

    3. and drugs could really be the food our souls require in no way less important than the food of the body you feed.

  89. i must say that no matter how i feel about pot, the "its natural, so it is good for you" line, is that the same for heroin. that to is derived from a naturally growing plant!!!

  90. this is the most ridiculous, audacious piece of propaganda I've ever seen.

    I got suckered into watching the whole thing...if you are too, please take it with a grain of salt and inform yourself through other sources.

    The information presented in here is laughably inaccurate. Do your research.

  91. U kno marijuana is not for everyone and this dumb british lady dont have no business smoking marijuana

  92. She needs to smoke :)

  93. wow this is so gay weed is good 4 u not bad

  94. what i think of this is that weed doesnt have a pleasant effect on all the people, i am a daily smomker and i love weed, since the first time i somked it (3 years ago)until this day i havent had a bad expirience. but i know some people does, a friend of mine used to smoke until he thought he was going crazy but i think its all psycological, he thought that but it wasnt really happening. i think weed for me did affect my perspective towards everything, in a good way i think, now i care for the things that really matter, now i know what do i really want for me in my life, i think i see things now from a different point of view. and this women in this documentary simply is a person whom weed didnt had a pleasant effect, her experiences were paranoia and stres so those things molded her opinion towards weed, just like my experiences molded mine.

  95. Most of us smoke the green without realizing the power it has. The power to do better and not worse. lol. The only reason Alcohol and Cigs are legal is to depopulate the human race. The only reason Marijuana is illegal is because of its tremendous power to change life. There is a major agenda on this as more and more people are smoking it and growing it. Recommend it to EVERYONE! Some people might disagree and say oh so why is Heroin illegal too? The answer is because it generates more money than ganja. The Governments make that money. If they had ganja legal yes they would regulate it but still they wouldnt make as much money and they have the problem that MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG, its a life saver. lol. We are not junkies so none of us are going to kill for a joint. lol. Even if they make it legal. Grow your own and dont worry about the trolls who are trying to feed you lies. We all know what they are up to. Just simply grind it, roll it, toke it and blow the smoke up in the air and say "aahhh". Lovin it.

  96. I think this had several instances of fairly major and fairly annoying misinformation, and certainly seemed to be slightly biased against marijuana in its overall presentation of it. And her conclusion, "Street skunk is definitely off MY menu, and I'm back to MY drug of choice . . .", as she settles into a bottle of wine. Uh, okay, thanks for that . . . you only took a baby's head off on that stuff, and only mentioned skunk at the very end of the program. What was the point?

  97. I think this had several instances of fairly major and fairly annoying misinformation, and certainly seemed to be slightly biased against marijuana in its overall presentation of it. And her conclusion, "Street skunk is definitely off MY menu, and I'm back to MY drug of choice . . .", as she settles into a bottle of wine. Uh, okay, thanks for that . . . you only took a baby's head on that stuff, and only mentioned skunk at the very end of the program. What was the point?

  98. the only problem with cannabis is that it is illegal!

    society is the problem, not the plant!

  99. haha firstly, this "documentary" is based on no actual evidence. i find it funny how ignorant people are about cannabis in all respects; effects, history, culture, etc. there is huge amount of information if you search for it...for example, every strain gives a totally different effect on the body and mind, some plants (more medically designed strains) can have next to no effect on the mind or body other than simply pain relief.

    secondly, i like the concept that they have in Spain. they prefer you to grow it yourself and smoke it out of public view. this reduces the dangers of buying unknown products, reduces dealers and is virtually unknown that someone is a smoker.

    i have lived in Spain for a few years and found it fantastic. never had any trouble with police or anybody and friends were happy because we new exactly what we were smoking and could control the effects (as well as save money) from home. weed should be a personal choice, as for the cultural, social, physical effects...weeds better than alcohol and doesn't lead to stronger drugs.

    it is the social surroundings that create the problems. Basically, i believe people should be able to choose if they smoke or not but whats important is that your smoking doesnt effect others.
    anyways, smoke up and enjoy

  100. Follow around a person who is used to smoking weed and you'll see, once you get over the beginner stage, there are no negative side effects. Many successful people smoke weed. You have to get over the stereotype that anyone who smokes weed is a lazy stoner with no ambitions. Many, many, many successful people enjoy this wonder plant, natural, plant.

  101. I Have The Munchies,

  102. I agree with K's comment, I dont think it should be legalized. Alcohol is legal and I personally, and many of my friends have gotten into legal and personal trouble because of it. On the other hand weed is illegal, and I smoke it everyday, anywhere I want, on the city streets without discrestion and I have never come into any personal or legal trouble because of it. So I don't really consider it to be a big issue. It is illegal, but so is driving over the speed limit. Your not really breaking the law, but bending it. Their is a level of toleration recongized by everyone in our society, from citizans to authority figures.

  103. This was absolutely awesome. People ought not be so passive in the way they consume information. There were so many interesting points available to witness here, albeit unintended by the broadcaster's and presenter; on an social and anthropological level. This is a fascinating insight for instance into what the BBC feels they can get away with broadcasting, and also how a naive middle aged woman responds to the various situations she was in. If your expecting absolute truth or unbiased revelation then I'd recommend watching and reading from a more refined and less restrained media source than BBC3. If you can liberate your mind from a drone-like subjective method of consumption and think about this whole show; from idea-pitch to final edit, then its a brilliant reference to common consensus. AHHH I DON'T AGREE WITH SOMETHING I HEARD NOW I'M MAD, grow up. Today was wake 'n' bake, and what of it?

  104. yup. Very terrible movie. She is really dumb

  105. This movie is terrible, the presenter has no idea what shes talking about. This IS THE WORST DOCUMENTARY ON WEED EVER

  106. damn that one kids jaw is huge when they are talking about skunk... lol this doc is bull.

  107. Man made alcohol? Alcohol is naturally produced by fermenting fruit. Science has taken it to the next steps. I watched a documentary on elephants a few years back and one particular herd was found to have gone yearly to a fruit grove. They wouldn't eat the fruit on the trees preferring instead the mushy remains on the ground. They were observed to get drunk and seemed to enjoy it.

    Who do I trust? Alcoholic elephants!

  108. The doctor tells her she will go crazy smoking bud and the women ends up tripping her first time out. That was the worst way to go about this. You'll notice she actually enjoys it once she understands what shes in for later on.

    To Graham who I noticed while typing this out. You could say in that God created everything with a purpose. It could be possible that cannabis has it purpose and so do natural poisons. Cannabis for enlightenment (or just getting high) and natural poisons for weeding out the dummies (or just some kind of natural defense whatever). Point is you can't discredit him because you don't agree. You don't know why "God" did what he did if he did it.

  109. @ cajunbeau.. that's such stupid logic. If "God" created cannabis then why aren't we going around taking all the natural poisons he also created?

  110. @ cajunbeau:

    None of them!

  111. Man made alcohol
    God made cannabis
    Who do you trust?

  112. This woman can't think for herself and lacks the intelligence and mind for me to take this seriously in any way.

  113. I absolutely agree wuith Dr. Dunkleosteus

  114. It sooooo obvious that alcohol is REAL gateway drug.How many hard core drug users start with alcohol. Remember, smokers get the munchies, Drunks get the PUNCHIES.

  115. Her experience on the first day is much like what happens to me when I smoke too much weed. Anxiety, panic, slow poke mind. But I can smoke just a little, or eat just a little, and I am just fine. Which comes in handy if I feel somewhat depressed. In my teen years I could smoke and smoke and smoke. I think I had a record of biggest bong hits...which I don't remember much of. LMAO.

  116. Not a very good documentary. This is is a movie of a lady who has made up her mind about marijuana, and acts the way she thinks she should when high. I wouldn't call the content an experiment because that would imply more science than is contained in this documentary. It was neat to see someone getting high for the first time (clearly what we're seeing here) though.

  117. I agree 100% with rue no other way to put it all

  118. There's no reason to explain it in detail, but this "documentary" is a real shame. I'm not even going to be able to finish watching it. Already they've stated an abundance of invalid information; I know what the deal is and this definitely isn't it.

  119. @ k, one may grow their own tobacco if they wish or brew their own beer....

    If it is legalized, taxed, regulated, and controlled then yes there would be manufacturers who would make products similar to cigarettes which contain flavoring, additives, etc that I certainly wouldn't trust either (I think everyone would agree on that). However, since growing smokeable cannabis is as simple as keeping only female plants until they bloom, cutting the blooms, and letting them dry out... who wouldn't do this at home? Sure you can make the process as complicated as you want, but for the average person, why can't they simply have one or two "house plants" that they water every now and then and keep by the window?

    With legalization comes the freedom to grow it yourself! Let the government and the tobacco companies make all the money they want off of taxed and regulated "commercial" cannabis. More power to them and it might even help stabilize our economy!

    As for myself, I'd be happy to keep a couple different strains as house plants and occasionally buy a pack of Camel Cannabis light menthols (coming to a gas station near you) :)

  120. @K - liked what you said, I do change my idea of how it should be from "legalization" to "decriminalization". Basically, the Holland-Model.

    Damn, I love that place... Should go there again, sometime.

  121. Right at the beginning she states that she smoked cannabis in college. She then carries on with her experiment and behaves as if it is a brand new thing to her - which I suspect it was. Obviously we expect journalists to lie to better promote their own agenda and this was the feel I got from that point on.

    It's all about money and government control. Alcohol causes massive problems; not just health wise but anti social and violent behaviour. Cannabis has been found to have beneficial effects and I`ve yet to meet a stoner that goes running round in public smashing shop windows, getting into fights etc.

    It should be legalised and whilst I mainly agree with "K" I disagree on the whole "Government would put additives into it" argument. If they wanted they could do that to any of the dozens of common daily used consumables. It would be even easier to dose the water supply and if we consider the fluoride additive then they already do. As it stands some really dodgy characters are involved in it's production and the solid form (hash) has been found to contain all sorts of cr^p to bump up the weight. She mentions in the doc that some skunk has been found to be dusted with powdered glass....

  122. My gripe is simple. Why do the brodcast companies insist on finding sweet and good-natured people, who just happen to be naive and uninformed to host these shows about legal issues and scientific experiments? It's like taking a random person off the street and asking them to lead an expedition through Africa.

    Any "evidence" or "insight" that comes about by programs like these should be completely thrown out. Good or bad.

    I believe the danger in cannabis comes from the lack of truthful, factual information provided and the overwhelming ammount of misinformation, slander, libel, and propoganda that other people (who typically end up being the same good-natured, but naive and easily influenced/corruptable people) supply as defence against what they've come to understand as a severely dangerous substance.

    I'm still waiting for the documentary that gives answers rather than stirring up hype and introducing more questions... I guess the later just makes for better television.

    Google "the union" under videos. It will be the first video to come up and it is the best documentary on cannibis I've personally ever seen. It might even be on here somewhere...

  123. This documentary is not legit.

  124. I certainly hope that the majority of British/English women aren't this stupid...The new 2010 Anti-Reefer Propaganda Queen!

  125. I'm about 12 minutes in and this chick reminds me of a dirty turd full of corn just lying on the ground covered in butter and ants.


  126. She tried hard but her ignorance came through.

  127. I really don't how weed makes people lazy it does the opposite for me. Its hard to believe but it actually motivates me to work, workout, clean the house and run errands etc. At the end of the day I know it's somewhat bad for me but it makes me happy so life goes on lol

  128. hardy, i dont agree with you. i dont think marijuana should be legalized. its not because i am against it, its quite the opposite, i love it. i smoke on a regular basis(at least once, if not more, everyday). if it were legal the government would still have control over it but in a worse way. first of all, they would tax and regulate it to try to get the most money out of it they can and second, i just don't trust the government. they would probably put additives in it to make it addictive just like tobacco in ciggs so they could sell even more of it. they don't care about your health, thats not why its illegal. if they gave two ***** about you alcohol and ciggs would be illegal, its a proven fact that those two do more damage to your health than marijuana. they love it when the dea makes a huge drug bust, the government gets all the money they confiscate.

    those right winged Christians need to just face the facts. it is a ****** plant!! it grows from what they believe "god" created, then they want to make it illegal. it makes absolutely no god damn since.

    the solution to this problem is to just decriminalize it all together. there should not be a law against growing, selling, possessing, or smoking something that is 100% natural!!!!!

    1. I never thought of this in that way @K. Well said.

  129. Two words: Legalize it. It has proven to lower the consumption rate, but still our politically-correct politicians can't rationally look at the topic. One example I like to bring up:

    If I take LSD regularly, my chance of being mentally ill/genetically predispositioned and ending up with a psychosis because of the drug is 3 in 1000. That is 0.3%.
    If I smoke tobacco regularly, my chance of dying is 500 in 1000. That is 50%.

    Its all about the social stigma, it prevents us to think logically about these things.

  130. I think both of you took this doc the wrong way. I thought it was actually really well done, fair and it gave you the good and the bad of weed culture. Didn't you hear what the guy at the end was saying about the extremes in how people think about cannabis? I smoke a lot of weed and I can obviously tell you that I haven't gone psychotic but I can also say that it hasn't increased my intelligence or made me any better. It's just a drug that's fun, not harsh, no hangover but at the same time if you smoke it constantly it really does make you dumb. The public just has to hear both sides of the story because all I ever hear is people praising it and pulling out all the facts about how it has no terrible side effects blah blah or people talking about how it's a gateway drug and anyone who smokes it instantly gets lung cancer. I think if people really want to understand they should just experience it themselves because that's really the only way to judge the drug and the culture.

  131. OK, done watching this filthy little piece of conservative hypocrite propaganda.

    Thx for posting Vlatko, we need to see what these douchebags bring to the table.

    As far as the argumentation in this video, it's of poor quality to say the least, factually AND ethically wrong on MANY issues. (EX>: cannabis does NOT lower blood sugar, this evidence has LONG been refuted, on multiple occasions by research at a renowned Israeli Medical University.)

    The insinuations made in this video are almost a modern day version of 'Reefer Madness"

    We are dealing, first of all, with a women that is JUST STARTING TO SMOKE, people who start out NEVER smoke weed on a daily basis, NEVER.

    Secondly, I saw a big bottle of gin on the table of her apartment, yeah, HELLO, BIG RED LIGHT PEOPLE!! WTF Is that? She shouldn't be drinking during this pseudo-scientific adventure of Scientology-like proportion!

    I could go on and on, don't believe the hype folks, don't believe the hype!

  132. 5 minutes in, and already I'm incredibly pissed off!
    That so called doctor that claims outrageous physical effects from cannabis should be executed. how dare a medical authority spread these false claims. 'It can cause schizophrenia' NO IT CANNOT, and EVERYBODY who knows ANYTHING about this, knows that the research she is referring to only proved a link in the speed with which schizophrenia gets worse in people who smoke weed, NO MENTALLY SANE/HEALTHY PERSON HAS EVER GOTTEN SCHIZOPHRENIA FROM SMOKING WEED.

    "Personally, I wouldn't do it", well, you ignorant piece of ****, you probably shouldn't drive to work than, should you, since that kills millions of people each year, of course weed also kills a lar..... oh no wait, nobody has EVER died from smoking weed, so why shouldn't I do this again?