Miss Tibet and the Limbo of Exile

2012, Society  -   19 Comments

The Miss Tibet beauty pageant claims to give women a platform to highlight Tibetan issues, drawing attention to the the plight of the its people as well as the brilliance of the lifestyle and culture.

For Director Lobsang Wangyal, the event is not just a beauty pageant, but a political act, "celebrating our identity, our culture and our proud tradition", whilst "implicitly asserting" Tibet as a nation and Tibetans as a people.

But does the pageant really empower its women, or simply exploit them further? The film tracks Dolma, a 24 year old Australian-Tibetan woman on her courageous journey from Melbourne, Australia, back to her refugee community in India to compete in the controversial beauty pageant to win "Miss Tibet" and fulfill her dream to be an activist role model for Tibetan Women.

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  1. bringmeredwine

    I don't like beauty pageants either, but I am nosey.
    I was very disappointed that Tibet's political issues weren't discussed in any detail and that I didn't get to see the D'hali Lama (I really like him!).
    The young women weren't helping any Tibetans by tripping all over the rocks in their stelleto heels and tiny bikinis.
    The contestants did look very beautiful in the traditional dresses.
    Why didn't Dolma write articles about the plight of her people or join them in their protest movements instead of entering this frivolous contest?
    Why did the young women freak out when a winner was selected? Talk about sore losers.
    Couldn't the women see from the beginning that Lobsang was a sleazeball?
    The only enjoyment I got from this doc was seeing the traditional costumes, and hearing the vet's comments about being use to judging dog shows!

  2. Luyang Han

    For all propose, this just shows the "traditional" Tibetan culture is even more "polluted" in Dharamshala.

  3. Scott Harrison

    It seems to me he chose the Woman with the smallest ego, probably most representative of a true Tibetan Woman

  4. sknb

    I have not watched the documentary (I find pageants very depressing) but I would be interested to know if these women would have won as the most beautiful woman 200 years ago in Tibet. Do their stilleto and bikini thinness reflect the original type of beauty as seen in Tibetan history? Anyone know?

    1. a_no_n

      for the longest time the Tibetan people were slaves to the Monks who made up the countries elite...things like Beauty probably came in second place to things like "What am i going to eat after i His holiness and his minions take my harvest"

    2. Viktor Klou?ek

      When one lives in servitude and draws his happiness this way, one is totaly fullfilled by service to others. Especially in a country where everyone knows we are all one Great being. Western science explains this phenomenon using fractals. The service to others has its own rewards. Thinking about slavery, inequality and these things come from judgement. One serving others is free of judgement (ego mind) and therefore totaly happy.

    3. a_no_n

      Wow...seriously? The slaves were happy?
      I suppose you think Song of the south was a historical documentary too don't you?

      It's amazing how easily good hearted people can be blinded by such simple things as a robe and a title!
      I don't think i've ever read such a statement of pure ignorance as the pro-slavery cr4p you just spewed out.
      And just like the Dhalli Llama you think speaking in ones and thees and Thys imply you're speaking with depth when infact they're as shallow as buzzwords when you actually examine what has been said.

    4. TashiNobu

      Before criticizing others, I suggest you examine what YOU have said.
      Where did you get the idea that tibetans were "Slaves" to the monk elite?
      Is it something you have historical proof for? Or are you just parroting CCP propaganda? (Propaganda that you CHOSE to believe, with absolutely no proof whatsoever.)
      IF, tibetan commoners were indeed slaves, and were living MISERABLE lives... then WHY did they fight the "Peoples Liberation Army".
      Why the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the Chinese?
      Why do Tibetans EVERYWHERE want the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet and the Chinese ("Liberators") to get out?
      Ask yourself these questions before you choose to believe and (worse) SPREAD lies.
      I find it hilarious how you talk about these "slaves", as if you KNOW that tibetans were slaves.
      "Wow...seriously? The slaves were happy?" HAHA, As if you cared about what TIBETANS actually want/need.
      "examine what has been said", Try taking your own advice.

  5. Matt Kukowski

    Goddess :)

  6. windship

    Beijing will try anything to bury the dignity of old Tibet under it's avalanche of industrial modernity and flim flam. When will the first beauty queen set herself on fire?

    1. Peter Ho

      I'm sorry to say that these Tibetans are those people who supports Theocratic state. To me, that's setting humanity backwards and should not be allowed to progress any further. Frankly, it's worse than current Chinese Government.

    2. TashiNobu

      Funny you should say that..... since what you've said is a complete Lie, and could not be further from the truth.
      The Tibetan Government in Exile is currently run by an Elected Official (Prime minister). The system is a very Democratic one, and collects Votes from Tibetans living All over the World.
      I'm in Canada and i voted for the current Prime Minister.
      And all this happened quite a few months BEFORE you posted your comment. Which means you were either LYING, OR you did NOT know what you were talking about.
      I don't see how this exiled government is "worse than current Chinese Government", but i suppose you have your preferences.

  7. Courtnee Robinson

    Did no one see that coming from a mile away!!!

  8. Imightberiding

    Curious how different cultural events & production values & ideals are often more cringe inducing than they are interesting or relevant to the outside observer. Rest assured there will always be controversy & corruption where ever you go. (& heartbroken, insecure young women with shattered dreams)

    That Lobsang dude producing the event was only slightly less greasy than my uncle Larry's hair.

  9. Jack

    well, that was interesting, not!

  10. oQ

    i suspect there may have been a little baksheesh passed under the table.

  11. megatron_mcdaniels

    And in my opinion she was the prettiest.

  12. megatron_mcdaniels

    I'm pretty sure the dude that puts this thing on is just picking the one he wants to bang. Nice racket.