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Mongolia is one of the highest places on Earth, located between Russia and China. It is characterized by seemingly infinite plains and by the nomadic tradition of its peoples who continue to live in tents. They are completely dedicated to their herds as their ancestors were. With a continental climate, temperatures in Mongolia range from 40 degrees Celsius below zero in the winter to 35 degrees in the summer. Since the end of the communist era, visitors have experienced a secure and stable environment making Mongolia paradise both for business and leisure.

We visit the Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, the dynamic capital of the country, the mesmerizing natural beauty of the northern regions, even the mythical Gobi Desert where we will encounter huge dunes and the main dinosaur fossil digs in the world. We'll encounter its welcoming and generous people that will turn this journey into a unique discovery and an unforgettable experience. Here, one can experience the flavor of unknown territory without any preparation, without dressing and with a spontaneity that is certain to leave a lasting impression. On top of their horses, Mongols gave the world the largest empire that had ever known in just 25 years. Larger than the Roman Empire, larger than all territories conquered by Alexander the Great, Mongolia was forged under the leadership of Temujin, known as Genghis Khan - the emperor of all men to his men who venerated him and still venerate him today.

In 1206, Genghis Khan was able to put together the most powerful and disciplined cavalry ever known with warrior horsemen capable of mobilizing for war in an instant. Genghis Khan created the feared flash warfare, a tactic that modern armies still use. This national hero and his successors conquered all of Asia and European Russia and they established armies even in Central Europe and in Southeast Asia without ever abandoning their families that traveled with them in their years. Genghis Khan's conquest were a major reason for the genetic mix that took place between Mongols and other people. It is said that the greatest treasures for the Mongols were the two key elements for life on the steps, women and horses. It is also said that one out of every 200 people is a descendant of Genghis Khan, although, only Mongol children are born with a blue stain on their back that disappears after their first year.

Along with a tradition of liberty and free movement that characterizes nomads and during a period of time known as Pax Mongolica, the Mongols covered an open and secured territory for commerce and for the free practice of religion that began in the Far East and ended in Europe. An area that voyagers and explores such as Marco Polo took full advantage of. After the death of Genghis Khan and of his eldest son, nothing more was known of his audacious cavalry. The Mongols are still the only people to ride on foot which enables them to cover long distances without tiring out the horses too much. Since the horseman eases each jumps with his knees and also allows them to rotate their torso completely in order to shoot arrows against the enemy in any direction.

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    Bob Trees
  1. Bob Trees

    Nice doc and thanks for making it. Makes me want to come to Mongolia and travel by train and bicycle. :-)

  2. Michelle
  3. Michelle

    I would like to live there if it only it wasn't so cold in the winter.

  4. 1concept1
  5. 1concept1

    Good Doc! I'll watch this one several times. Thank You!

  6. atur3866
  7. atur3866

    Fascinating! Thank you

  8. Sebastian Daunt
  9. Sebastian Daunt

    most of the Mongolian the narrator spoke was either completely wrong or mis-pronounced. And he completely missed the fact Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is the most polluted city in the world. Guinness book of records! and also over run with street crime. Other than that, not bad show. albeit quite naive

  10. bringmeredwine
  11. bringmeredwine

    Thanks for that additional info.
    Will keep that in mind when I watch the doc.

  12. bringmeredwine
  13. bringmeredwine

    Struck me as a tourism ad, but nevertheless had some great panoramic shots of the Steppes and an endless sky.
    The Tibetan temples were gorgeous!
    Most interesting moments for me was meeting the sha woman, the singer (the narrator wouldn't shut up and drowned him out), and the doctor who hunted with golden eagles.

  14. Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
  15. Nalinaksha Mutsuddi

    very interesting documentary on mongolian life

  16. Plenum
  17. Plenum

    Some French people have a large spot, or stain, on their skin at and above the lumbar area of the back. I've read that the Mongols occupied parts of France, and 'intermarried' (it was written, but probably raped...) women who bore children during the short time they were there. If I ever go to a beach in France, that's what I'll look for.

  18. Oggy
  19. Oggy

    Very nice Doc about my country, I am
    Proud to be a part of it. Those who haven't
    Visited in Mongolia, I strongly recommend
    You to see the beauty of the country with your
    Own eyes.
    All the best

  20. Murali pat
  21. Murali pat

    Great people and country and very beautiful too. It is good to see they practice Budhism

  22. Luka
  23. Luka

    What a wonderful country!

  24. a_no_n
  25. a_no_n

    ok...the Mongolians never actually got to France. they stopped at the Holy Roman Empire which is modern day Germany.

    Secondly, even if they did get to France, it was hundreds of years ago, their genes would be so mixed in by now it would be almost impossible to tell.

    Thirdly, mixed race inheritance doesn't show up as blotches in the've confused people with Pokemon there!

  26. Randi Cramer
  27. Randi Cramer

    Was in love with the silly notion of moving there until I heard the average low temperature in the winter, lol. I am still in love with the land, but from a distance :)

  28. Saleko
  29. Saleko

    Wonderful documentary, i really enjoyed it watch it. I must visit this amazing country one day

  30. Aisha Freelove
  31. Aisha Freelove

    Beautiful country and I love the documentary. I learned a lot considering I knew minimal about Mongolia before watching this. They have a very unique,interesting culture.

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