MonsterQuest: Season 3

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MonsterQuest: Season 3Throughout history there have been countless sightings of mysterious creatures, from Megladon, the father of the great white shark, to gators in the sewers, a result of the rising gator populations clashing with human encroachment, and on to the Snow Beast of the Colorado Rockies that is thought to be hunting the elk population while fleeing man.

Most of what we know of these creatures comes from campfire stories, blurry films and grainy photographs. Season 3 of MonsterQuest, brings science and technology to bear on these creatures of legend and seeks confirmation of their existence.

Combining open-eyed historical research, state-of-the-art equipment and high-tech expeditions, each episode examines the best evidence available, from pictures and video to hair, bones and actual eyewitness accounts.

From pilots to policemen to ship captains, a number of seemingly credible people have seen things they can't explain.

One part history, one part science and one part monsters, MonsterQuest discovers the truth in these sightings, and the legendary creatures behind them.

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    Lee Sun
  1. Lee Sun

    Monster quest is always a disappointment, they go out and look for the "monster" but do they ever find it? NOPE, well the episode i have watched.

  2. Adrian Izquierdo
  3. Adrian Izquierdo

    HAHA, too true.
    I would be amazed if they actually found some hard evidence of any kind, And i mean HARD EVIDENCE! like the corpse of a yeti or an actual giant squid...

  4. tomregit
  5. tomregit

    Oh ya.... well I shot a chupacabra prowling in the back yard. The neighbors dog went missing too so I probably didn't shoot it in time, but now chief Wiggum is snooping around here. Seems the neighbor's complaining...... stupid Flanders!

  6. Nick Heard
  7. Nick Heard

    Not only that, but the factual accuracy of the narration or even the 'experts' is suspect at best. A man claiming the whale shark they filmed weighed 20,000 tons? Um, no. Starfish don't live in temperate waters? Wrong. Honestly, half of what is said is utter gibberish.

  8. cheats31
  9. cheats31

    Having watched the 3 seasons of monster quest, I'm AMAZED at how much money must be spent tracking down so called "Ape men". Instead of poring all that money into investigating trigger happy red necks crap hunting stories, put the money into conserving the animals that we know exist in the wilderness, such as the Grizzlies and Black bears that these dicks target for fun. Get a grip Monster Quest...

  10. talashea
  11. talashea

    Remote Okanagan lake what a laugh that is: Kelowna is at one end with small communities bordering both sides all the way to the other end where
    Penticton sits. The way they say it it's like it's in the middle of nowhere.. What a joke.

  12. Achems_Razor
  13. Achems_Razor


    Precisely, have not watched the doc, but if that is what they have said, then they are completely wrong, if this is a US production they probably don't even know what "mukluks" are.

    Okanagan lake is 90 miles long, a very deep glacier lake, many substantial communities boarding its shores. It is definitely not in the middle of nowhere, a person has not lived until you traverse the lake in a major storm and run out of gas in the middle of it as I have, since it is a lake has short high waves.

    Sightings of Ogopogo go way back, to sightings on the news in Kelowna as we speak.

  14. SirSweetieSarah
  15. SirSweetieSarah

    ! 35 years just studyin a lake? please-im pretty sure nessie could have existed at some point in history,but most defintley could not be alive at these present times. there are just to many factor to disencourage this matter....

  16. Staind716
  17. Staind716

    What I love about this garbage is they tease you with "new evidence" just to get you to watch this crap and EVERY single time they then admit their "evidence" was wrong.

  18. urban deadite
  19. urban deadite

    hmm there are Giant and Colosssal Squid bodies in Museums we even have footage of living Giant Squid and we have dozens of bodies and thousands of beaks they are scientific fact like a whale or a bear is not myth.
    As the rest of the things NO Hard Evidence as per usual.

  20. urban deadite
  21. urban deadite

    how come Dinosaurs that never came extinct in the meteor strike evolved into Birds yet according to some these Jurassic Dinosaurs remained unchanged and survived in large numbers ( which you need for a stable population over 65million+ years) in these places???. There is so much wrong with living Dinosaurs its not funny.

  22. sknb
  23. sknb

    I visited Lock Ness in 1997. Even at 13 years old I could see that Nessie is clearly a tourist trap and a way to draw commerce to the area.

    The way this series constantly uses the word "beast" is so ridiculous.

    Ha! The Jersey Devil! I'm from New Jersey and remember having to do a report on it in civics class around maybe 1994. It's pretty deep in the psyche of New Jersey. I think the idea that it could be a Great Horned Owl is pretty true. The people who live in suburbs would definitely not be used to seeing any kind of large bird and we know that distance is skewed when you look at something in the sky. After Hurricane Irene hit (so bad FEMA was called to my parents house) I also saw what I am fairly certain was a Blue Heron. First my mom saw it in a neighbor's yard and told me she saw a huge vertical standing bird (she was saavy enough to know it was a bird). Then I came and visited about a week later and I saw it a town over on top of a roof.

  24. bdoon
  25. bdoon

    The Jersey Devil idea has been in south Jersey since prior to the American Revolution. Lenni Lenape and Naticoke tribes conveyed this idea to Euros who moved into Jersey.

    The notion is not as prevalent as you think. I grew up in north Jersey (Hackensack, Hawthorne, Glen Rock, Fair Lawn) and never heard of the Jersey Devil until my family moved to the DC Metro area when I was 14 years old.

  26. johnnyringo
  27. johnnyringo

    Yeah,this show was fun for a minute until you can no longer entertain yourself with all the inconclusive Monsterquest evidence against your own highly conclusive evidence of BS.

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