Crash Course: US History

Crash Course: US History

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John talks about the Native Americans who lived in what is now the US prior to European contact. The Spanish have a long history with the natives of the Americas, and not all of it was positive.

What were the English doing in America, anyway? Lots of stuff. In Virginia, the colonists were largely there to make money. In Maryland, the idea was to create a a colony for Catholics who wanted to be serfs of the Lords Baltimore.

In Massachusetts, the Pilgrims and Puritans came to America to find a place where they could freely persecute those who didn't share their beliefs.

At Jamestown, Captain John Smith briefly managed to get the colony on pretty solid footing with the local tribes, but it didn't last, and a long series of wars with the natives ensued. This pattern would continue in US history, with settlers pushing into native lands and pushing the inhabitants further west.

Old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it? English people just liked it better that way, and when the English took New Amsterdam in 1643, that's just what they did. Before the English got there though, the colony was full of Dutch people who treated women pretty fairly, and allowed free black people to hold jobs.

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  1. Shado

    I wish he speaks a little slower.

  2. Ali Cbac

    This is what happens to those who put their good, hopeful expectations in/powerless, inaniment God(s).

  3. Ali Cbac

    This is what some humans do when the devil causes the FEELING of desperatation, greedy, poverty, etc....even though Christ taught FAItH

  4. Vladd

    There is something about reading all these comments that makes me want to find the guy in the video and hurt him just to watch him scream.

  5. Juci_Shockwave

    I find it rather ironic that the very people who left England and all other nations of Europe due to being persecuted for their differences, only for them to be persecutors themselves against the natives of the lands they sought refuge in. >_> Hypocrisy of white Europeans with "Christian" values of loving one another and respecting each others' differences. I wipe off these excrements of humanity.

  6. Truth

    First: Despite popular belief, Catholicism does NOT equal Christianity ...just saying. Watch a documentary on the formation of the Catholic Church before you consider them Christians.

    Second: This documentary would be okay for an 8th grader trying to get a very brief explanation of what happened between the Spaniards and the Native Americans.

  7. kafka11

    totally unwatchable, unless you have snorted 10 lines of coke this guy will give you a migraine in about 30 seconds.

  8. Jon

    The paradigm of this documentary would have shifted dramatically had it stretched its focus on Spanish history prior to the discovery of America.

    Spain had been under the rule of the Moors for more than 700 years. The Spanish population was forced to convert from Judaism and Islamic religion using military tactics rather than by faith missions or evangelicalism. Even today this issue of Conversos is relevant because of the lack of Christianity or Christian values among what is supposed to be Christian societies spread across Latin America or in places where Spain used the cross for political conquest.

    Fact is the Spanish Inquisition had been effectively managed by people who were likewise converted too and not really time tested Christians. Thus the distasteful thought process that personify Catholicism and Spanish rule in this documentary. Imagine a whole territory that got 700 years of history instantly changing its official religion then shortly sent to the New World to convert natives from their pagan ways.

  9. sjml

    I love when documentaries provide to me new information and make me think. What I will be thinking about this week is how our current US are refusing to a growing number of people in the US are defying government rules, religions in the US (and around the world) have become considerably more extreme, and people are feeling as if they no longer have a say in their government, even if that isn't totally true. History really does repeat itself. Fascinating.

  10. Jane

    Biased much?
    Aren't documentaries supposed to represent facts and different ideas (bolth sides of the argument), at least that is what they look like where i come from.
    This seams to me just a justification of someones personal apinion. I agree but that is irelevant! History should be represented, objectively with all the relevant facts so that each individual can make his own opinion. I know that my history profesor would be appalled. Is that how we want to teach the next generation, teach them no to thing for themselfs and try to force on them OUR opinions???

  11. Joni Sen

    I just can't watch this guy.. what age group is he targeting????

    1. askew2

      Well then don't watch him. I like it a lot and so does my son (so that's 45 and 9 if you're keeping score).

      How old are the commenters complaining about him? Is his music too loud too? :)

    2. yyy

      The age who is watching considering you

  12. fred schulman

    Cannot watch this guy. Wonder where he got his information?
    I know where he gets his view.

  13. z.d.

    you guys are complaining about the "craziness factor" of the narrator, which is valid, but it's that this is.. what.. he does. that's john green. how do you not know who john green is? he vlogs and writes YA novels, among other things, but this style is what MADE HIM.

  14. Diana Goldenberg

    Yes, I agree great video, but you should try to speak speak slower. You have great information and valuable you should try to get everyone to not just hear you but understand you (every word). History is so important and people today take it for granted

  15. Sierra23

    I know you are trying to keep it in-between a certain time limit, but it's very hard to take notes on someone that speaks this fast. If you could have a longer video, I would recommend slowing it down a bit.

    1. temporalTech

      you could pause?

  16. therapy

    thanks for the history

  17. therapy

    pt pleasant 1774,' lord dunmore's war, and hanncock dressed up as a tea party indian to settle an old score against a prominent loyal nantucket merchant ship buisnessman.

  18. therapy

    you forgot the paxtang boys march against the liberal quaker government in philadelphia after slaughtering the connestoga savage indian spies.

  19. therapy

    shock therapy great idea tantamount to scalping

  20. therapy

    great presentation. fast furious fantastic and fun.

  21. therapy

    please do not skip over the 4 fatiguing weeks spent floating in the english channel by the jamestown voyagers in 1606. also john smith was held in irons before reaching the mouth of the cheseapeake bay.

  22. maryE.T.

    I'm not sure whether my (rather lengthy) last comment did post. I would like to see a documentary on JUST Native American history, and some deeper research to back it.

    1. over the edge

      i do not see another post from you but Disqus loses them sometimes. as for the above post. if you are directing it at the makers of this series i do not know if they visit here. posting this on their you tube channel may produce better results. i am familliar with their channel and they are one of the better ones for answering/listening to their fans

  23. vishnu

    what do u mean indians here..? are they hailed from Indian sub continent( indus valley)?

    1. Zahida Al Khelif

      indians are just native americans when people talk about "indians" in america. the reason for this was because when christopher colombous discovered america he was originally looking for a westward route to india and he remained convinced he found one although it obviousley wasnt

    2. MillermanHH

      Rubbish! He discovered the Islands which he called the 'West-Indies' (Jamaica,Barbados,etc),because he thought he was close to the East-Indies.This has nothing to do with the American continent.

    3. MillermanHH

      'INDIAN' In this context means an Indigenous race of people who originally Inhabit a country or region. This Is why the English-speaking world called the Indian sub-continent 'India' In the first place. It's an English term. 'INDIAN' simply referred to the Inhabitants,hence we called It 'INDIA'.

  24. John C. Randolph

    This guy has the most irritating lecture style I've seen yet. What's with all the f*cking jump-cuts? Isn't he able to record more than one sentence at a time?

  25. bumpercrop

    The script of information in this documentary is excellent but the narrator's
    delivery is manic and unrelenting. Personable narrator, just take it down a notch.

  26. fk_censors

    Guys, stay on topic please!!! This documentary was about US history, not about Catholicism!!!

    Regarding the documentary itself, the presenter is a bit silly, his biases are very transparent, but overall I found it very informative. On the other hand, the audience is probably assumed to be younger and not too intelligent (I guess this is how adults think they can relate to children these days?) But I think children are better at realizing they are being treated in a condescending manner than adults think, so I would have toned down most of that silliness. I liked the overall pace covering the topics.

    1. Kateye70

      I agree about the silliness factor. Watched the first segment, but the presenter's rapid-fire speech and convoluted presentation made it sound like he was making one point when he was actually making the opposite. Lost my interest in watching anymore.

    2. askew2

      Right, that's it. John and Hank Green's videos are all about appealing to dumb people :)

  27. Christopher Scot Brinda

    crap little was told about the americans which inhabited the north eastern us


    the christian are the lie that they think never was.

  29. Guest


    1. Achems_Razor

      Hi newbie, do not write in all caps lock, sounds as if you are yelling, and do not post any personal info such as email addys etc: Otherwise you are welcome to TDF.


      thanks .

  30. Wayne Siemund

    Real revolution is possible when the people are able to trick the wealthy into thinking they are acting in such a way as to think they are doing so in their own self interest when in fact they are acting on behalf of the people.

  31. oldfox

    How do you get a nun pregnant? Dress her up like an altar boy.

  32. Dean Edgington

    Religion poisons EVERYTHING! I can't be that absolute. I love CH but to declare the NET effect of religion is negative is without foundation IMHO. I’m all ears on this point.

  33. Nickolas

    It is amazing to me anyone will still publicly claim themselves either Christian or Catholic. That's like saying I molest children and am proud or I commit genocide and am a loving person.

    1. Dave

      I believe that you are mistaking "Christian" and "Catholic" for "pedophile" and "nazi". The vast majority of Christians and Catholics are not involved in the molestation of children, nor genocide.

    2. I AM POP SLAG.

      i dunno ...indoctrination of children into both these spiritual cults is definitely child abuse and the control that churchs have over their cult members psyches is tantamount to a facistic hierarchical system.
      so he is not as wrong as you may think.

    3. Matt Kukowski

      But, when you give money to these churches you are voting that YES I support peds and nazi. So, maybe it is high time to rethink this.

    4. Brian C. Snyder

      Boy we are sure reaching for straws here. The church and "Peds" here is liking apple juice to piss. They are both yellow and liquid. The church got the press but you can bet any church group has its dark secrets , or your government rep. Bet they have a nice little place somewhere that they can get what they want when they want it with no trail.Hell don't pick on someone until you have cleaned your own back yard. I guarantee that it is in every aspect of our society.

      As for "Nazi", I don't see much correlation there,but to each his own. What about the Pres. of the NRA, sure looks like Hitler with a shave, and Rush Limba, Sure sounds like Heir Goebels, Hitler's propaganda minister,and spouts just as much nonsense. In My Humble Opinion as a foreigner from Canada

    5. nellskies

      come check my backyard. I've hidden all my paedophiles next door.

    6. Nickolas

      It's like claiming proudly that you are Nazi but not racist. How can one be a Nazi and not be racist? When you have a leader of Catholics like the pope who protected the actions of child abuse who is claimed to be the leader and all holy I think any other group would be persecuted. It just goes to show how vague the bibles are and how dependent on observation they are. It's all quite ludicrous.

    7. Unity

      Not necessarily so. If a person claims publicly to be an "American" (USA), is he/she saying they are proud to invade and occupy other countries?

    8. LoggerheadShrike

      No it's totally different. You don't have any choice what country you're born in, and it doesn't say anything about your beliefs or what you support or oppose.

      But if you choose to follow an idea, such as a religion or political movement, that's a completely different story; you're choosing to associate yourself with a set of beliefs and a worldview, so it does say a lot about your beliefs and choices.

    9. carter lee

      I would venture to guess, that most Catholics were already Catholics, by the time they were old enough to make any sort of informed choice

    10. LoggerheadShrike

      Brainwashing children is another topic altogether.

    11. Dean Edgington

      Its a big mistake and very unfair to think of catholics etc as peadophiles or mass murderers. BTW, I'm an athiest who dislikes religion but I also can't stand the misrepresentation of facts, that does no one any good.

    12. Dean Edgington

      there are many good people in all walks of life...despite dogma.

    13. hernandayoleary

      WTF, what part of the bible says to molest kids? I know your type, the far left who hate religion and want to legalize gay marriage and take all guns. Yeah because the athiest and pagans are so blameless throughout history, the biggest mass murderers are the athiest like the communist lenin, stalin, mao, and tojos.

    14. Nickolas

      Ha ha yeah right let it out. You know my type? Based on what a few comments? Well guns I don't care. Good luck with that. My point is that you have a pope who protected and was a defender of a crime( molesting children is a crime) the pope not some dude who claims they are Catholic but the pope, the man who is all holy god's right hand man the almighty leader of the catholic church what he says goes but hey protected molesters of children, it's not a big deal. Were not all like that. Is that how we treat all other races and people around the globe? I am communist now too and the devil I bet? NO? I am an environmentalist and the pope has stated I am the enemy! Why? Because I want a world that my children can live in with the right to clean air, water and food? Because that is so much to ask for or demand? We kill for oil and our gluttonous ways, certainly we can save a little for future generations even if you choose not to have kids, after all we are all human? I think I know who is the devil and who is not. So concerned about abortion but not sustainability or the future for mankind. More concerned about money and control that is what the actions show and that is what they have shown for hundreds of years. To call oneself catholic is to associate with ones actions collectively especially when it's the proclaimed leader of such a group. duh

    15. XxxYODAxxX

      That's like me calling someone a racist slave owner simply because someone recognizes himself as a white American. Kill yourself.