The Most Extreme Animals

2002, Nature  -   13 Comments
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Each episode of The Most Extreme series focuses on a specific animal feature, such as strength, speed, behavior, anatomy, or diet, and examines and ranks ten animals that portray extreme or unusual examples of that quality.

The rankings serve only to give a broad depiction; a scientifically rigorous procedure is not employed to quantify them.

From desert rats to Mexican jumping beans, from miraculous lizards that walk on water to super swift sharks, from anthrax-eating vultures to blood-licking bats, The Most Extreme series examines fighters, gluttons, lovers, jumpers, and more. It also asks who are the top 10 dads, moms or disguises? What about the top 10 body parts?

If you think you're sneaky, just wait until you see the dirtiest rotten scoundrels in the natural world. Are chameleons really the masters of disguise? Are foxes as cunning as we think?

Nurturing 30 babies with only four nipples, laying one of the world's biggest eggs, travelling 4000 miles to find a mate, and literally breaking your back to give birth are just some of the extraordinary reproductive feats of the natural world.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. DustUp

    I've come across some extreme animals...
    Barracuda are smaller than I thought but kept a watchful eye on me from his shallow made crater in the sandy bottom. Half his length was teeth. A 6-7ft, 3inch Dia water moccasin taking a break on shore from a downpour flood. Glad he was big enough to where I could keep behind him. Neither as scary as some two legged (technically mammals but not entirely sure) I've encountered.

  2. Dorel_C

    So 8 km/hr is actually faster than 320 km/hr......that's sad !

  3. Inferior

    People should just appreciate the desperation and effort of those creatures who would even die for their offsprings.

  4. dewflirt

    If it wasn't for the enthusiastic presenting, matrix style graphics and engaging music, all these animals would be really really boring.

  5. Kristoffer Monument Svedlund

    You do realize the "man" who jumped over the two jumbo jets must be something like 4.7" ?

  6. jennirn2005

    Thanks so much for adding these. This is a good show with lots of intersting animals and facts. Also my son and I used to watch it when he was little and when I found it on here last night we watched together for a few hours. Thanks.

  7. earlcarlson

    How about the flying fish? According to Wikipedia, this little fellow, less than a foot long, can travel up to 400 meters.

  8. AdamDocherty

    I agree that the doco is more like something focused on getting you hang around watching the commercial breaks waiting for the next in the countdown. I think this is a lot why I like watching British documentaries more than American ones... the British docos seem more engaging while the american ones seem a bit trashy

  9. oQ

    It's not that the subject is boring, it's the way the docs are made that makes them boring.
    As he says: "If you think you haven't seen...just wait".....i'll pass

  10. Chrosmata

    Woah, couldn't get past 20 mins, this show is dumb.

  11. Paul Gloor

    Damn nature.. you freaky !!

    1. AntiTheist666

      Yes we are.